Bob McGinn "Vikings & Lions are close"

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Tuesday, September 12th

Green Bay reporter Bob McGinn says although the Packers impressed many with Sunday's win over the Seattle Seahawks, don't count out the improvements made by the Minnesota Vikings or Detroit Lions. McGinn has a new website at 


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Joining us now other great midwest bank allied legendary Packers writer. Now as the website Bob McGinn football dot com the aptly named Bob McGinn joins us now Bob. I don't know if this is true or not somebody and somebody told us that this is this is through secondhand information. That you pick the vikings to win the division and said the Packers wouldn't make the Super Bowl is that correct barber where your words misinterpreted. That's correct I picked the Green Bay Packers to reach the Super Bowl each of the last two years. And that didn't work so I try to different does the stress different plan this year and that the bike to win the division. Is that just your way of sort of changing the mode horror horror horror do you see something in the vikings on the Packers that makes you think this is the year that there is a a shift in the in the balance of power in the NFC north. Well you know just one game separated these teams including Detroit sure what the last three years so I mean their clothes and I think these teams are common and you know prior to Seattle game. I didn't really like much about green Bay's defense. You know we talk about this Packers defense a Nazi out you were timeout earlier that day had more to do with the Seattle offensive line. A more to do with an improved packers' defense when you watch the tape what did you see. Tremendous hustle intensity. Dominance like do you sit and against their offensive line. Just control enormous scrimmage playing well keepers had that group fired up and it was very very impressive. About offensive line play in this league are sub teams are struggling right off the bat right Indianapolis. Wasn't all bag or their offensive line play Seattle obviously struggled. Is it just lack of talent goes starting offensive line talent that that seems to be an issue with some of the teams in the NFL this year. It is the hardest position to find them scotus said that not just did this year every year cut down date of the color to what we mentioned that to me that you know this is the hardest one to find more linemen get claim and any other position. Why politics size to play the position. It takes time you know hole. Good coaching. You can't it's hard just to fit into a system right away more coaching having goes on in the old lion. In that. At any position on the QB. So I don't know all the it's just hard position you need big people can move their feet you know. So Bob legislator recusing France one goal I was pretty surprised by the more about the go somewhere else other than defense line. Yeah you were thinking maybe tipped into would go you're. In. Which it'll for a 314. Six. You know I. It's a tight call but you know it goes to the six foot corner who runs under 45 Gary. Mean. That's a yes or you can always you more goals. Yeah Chris watt got a major and sort of dialed got some age so. You know I can see it. Alibaba get a Bob McGinn football dot com and and rob rush good very job writing stuff on the Packers doing all your luggage checked out website. Make sure to do so Bob if this thing for me is. Montrae is Adams I think could be a wild card in this whole thing public did you like Kim coming out of college and and how do you see him fitting in Muncie is able to play. I did you know based just on what those seminary scholar told me about him you know he had not played well early in his career at Auburn until last year. And in a light went on he played a lot harder. In Asia goal. The ability to play hard is so crucial in the defense of why did you give it up you're getting hit every down and you get through expending so much energy and every snap. So Adams had a pass rushing nearly got some quickness. You know he was compared by more than one guy to Roger roll worthy. And the second round pick from Michigan State who also beat people off the ball wouldn't get away and initial quickness. And that just didn't work against NFL guards so I'm really eager to see Adams but we just don't know. As you've watched the game on Sunday the Packers. Seahawks game won't surprise you the most out of a game Bob. Would C. I guess focus for the defensive front stuff did not surprise me. No good. They did it they didn't last year's game gearing really quite the other two games Atlanta boy dominated that front. So. And surprises the area. Offensively was earning surprise here half. I mean I thought the blog thing might really damages the Packers say injury. But you know it practiced Murphy all week. Apparently did a nice job and Kyle Murphy did a nice job so I guess that would be surprised. What about Randall Cobb this as a guy that is it is under a pretty big contract and I'm not sure if he's quite performed a contract the last couple of years or not and there's a lot of ads that look at route got to know maybe this will be his last year agreement may be though. Get out of that contract after this year do you view Randall Cobb the same way that maybe he's got a plan for his giggled in the next year. I never really thought of it like that. He's a good player he's been damaged by injuries get up there he looked quick the other day and is. I mean you got to pay somebody. For her awfully well for a under the cap and then cobb's certainly did enough to deserve that deal when he got it. You've got to pay somebody in this league they're making a lot of money you know somebody's got to get it and I I don't begrudge him or anybody else in either cash. So Bart if you when you look at this Seattle team there and really a lot of people have them some people had only Indian of CO RP rhythm and no talked with preteens but as wells watching the game is just looked like. All of their players. Defensively they have a large chunk defensively but they shouldn't be a little bored of talent on the opposite side of football. That type of Oswald didn't play Gary that top top guy was twelve for 67 last year here in December but I'd like that guy he's a cable and tapped rule those are good coaches I mean I think he'll get. You know you get Seattle snapped code on your side. And they're going to be a tough team they're gonna win eleven games I think. I think Seattle will be there they got a lot of pride Richardson will play better. And I think what's wrong they'll be able to run the ball. That's Bob McGinn of Bob McGinn football dot com he'll join us. Every Tuesday at 348 right here. On the Wendy's big show check out his work along with rob Bryson let's get that Bob McGinn football dot com appreciate a bubble talk next week I Margaret garner Brock.