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Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: Pella Windows and Doors On Deck Show with Ramie Makhlouf gest you ready for Game 1 of Brewers and Cardinals.


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It's game day brew crew fan. It is and where here to get you ready before first batch will have today starting lineups and will debate the hot topics in Milwaukee. Plus you'll hear from the skipper now. It's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Yes it is and while the main brewers' fans Robbie Mac loft getting ready for the first of a four game set between the brewers and the cardinals will hear from Craig Counsell and mere minutes baby Tauscher and Bob brainer. A fox sports Wisconsin will join me for the roundtable at about 618. And Mitch Ross goes one on one with Jacob Barnes we take you inside the clubhouse at 630 fibers come home after a nine game road trip you'd have to consider successful. Despite a bitter and the crew took six games on the trip but it could have easily been. Seven or eight as for the second straight day yesterday the cubs came back to race a substantial brewers' lead. And take the three game series at Wrigley Field Tommy Malone with a solid outing. Going five innings allowing just one run on an Albert Al Mora solo homer in the second inning as after Malone was spotted a three run lead courtesy of Travis shot in the first inning on the. When we achieved show off with a drive to right field that is hit well that is gone. Throughout this tall. Wheel and run. Once again and the brewers strike in the first inning and jet bandy in the second suits and the brewers continued to rack up big. Could soon. Lose home run sure. This graduate nobody on them being. We nearly not permitting but another changeup. Did anyway back nicely on the changeup and golf is gone having your. 41 brewers at that point but it was all cubs from thereon Wilson contreras and RBIs single in the sixth to make it 42 birds Addison Russell a single in the eight to drive in Iran make it 43 birds. And in the ninth inning Chris Bryant. Singled home at John Jay to make it four to four. And just a couple of batters later with two men on. It was Anderson Russell at the plate for the car. Sorry to naval gave up a run in his two thirds of inning of work in the eighth Pedro Feliz finish that Nathan kill the cubs' threat but police. Giving up those four runs. In the ninth for a seven to four cubs win over the Burris now the crew comes home. Break ten game homestand which gets going in just over an hour from now out at Miller Park. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the is batting first here's today's look around the diamond and what does starting lineups. Start with the visitors in the cardinals come to town tonight. For the first of this ten game homestand and former cub Dexter Fowler will lead off. And play center field allowed missed the as the shortstop will bat second batting third and playing first. As Matt carpenter Stephen this study is in right field here as cleanup duties Yadier Molina. Is behind the plate and batting fifth gen Jericho he's at third base he'll bat six batting seventh and in left field as Randall great chick. Second baseman Colton long we'll bat eighth pitcher Carlos Martinez the cardinals ace on the mound and batting ninth had a bizarre out. Last Saturday struck out eleven while walking eight. Had particular trouble commanding the sinker 218 pitches in the outing Sony may be limited in how DP can go tonight. Against your birds speaking of the birds leading often at second base is Jonathan VR Eric fame is a bad second he plays first. Ryan brought on as usual he's in left field and batting third cleaning up and at third base is Travis shot Domingo Santana will be in right field he bats fifth batting sixth. The shortstop heard and reds. Kirk new and iso bat seventh season center field batting eighth the catcher. Jet banned in on the mound and batting ninth for the Burris is that Davies the good news for Davies he's been here before is ERA after three starts is 879 nearly identical. To his 878 start after three starts last year before he turned the corner. Davies went eleven and four with 8354. ERA in 25 starts the rest of the ways so we'll see if we can have a repeat performance from Davies and can turnaround starting tonight. At Miller Park so here those audits for you one more time quickly for the cards. It's Pollard Diaz carpenter has Scotty Molina Jericho degree chick long and Martinez. And for the brewers DR Ames brawn shots Santana Perot as new and highs bandy. And sect Davies. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on that show what's Craig Counsell have planned for today's game. Let's find out what today's scoop from the skipper on 1057 FM the fan. Sent down to Miller Park in here would Craig counsel at the same for the first in this four game series with the hated St. Louis Cardinals. I don't have any news conference. Mean I guess I was Matt's going to be activated here in the next week. But we have not decided. You know what we're gonna do when. We've got to there's couples and aerials and I think it's important that it's. You know we got it it's dated day as far as kind of what's going knowledgeable and everything Sowers could try to stay flexible. All he's good enough does that say it's a given but he's going to be active yeah. Today I don't. Blessed is the one. Event. Next thing. Well they had they had tough bodies yesterday mr. You know deadly ice attacks. And I mean every now every. Every player's. I treat every player has known individuals in that regard so it's it's. You know that's tied Feliz is not. Frankie Rodriguez or Terry Jeffers is it thoughtfully is so it's they're just a different guys. So there. You know whatever the case if it's two days and Rowan near. Needed day off yesterday Isner of the sport is Earl that's one tough outing you know yet you just have taken consideration burglar got. Try to get through. No 262. Game season where it. You know. Very few off days. So. That we and its April 20 basically I think so we will. You know all those things are gonna go into the equation of how you gonna make decisions with those guys. Not much ridden you know either it's individually sounds and different necessarily. But but if she's Sanofi is certain to back off. We've not heard him sore back off. I think you'll look to us via. Yeah. I I don't think that I think we just you're just trying to play well. The source and do every night. We've played well in Chicago. I think we've played I think we played very well they. You know last night yet lose that. They they shoulders they showed you last night a lot of the world champs then that's that's tough it was a tough game to win they made it tough on us to win that game. But I'd I was probably there guys play we played good gave up I'll take that game tonight. Split same game tonight when we'll win that game. Chart from. You know we're we're. We're trying to produce runs for sheer hands. I think we have. You know I think we're in a stretch where where we're headed to much of home runs. You know I think. However we score runs he knows how we score runs. You know it's going to be it's going to be different on different nights that they you know we've used stolen base score runs. But I think it's from times from time to time you know the home runs going to be away we score and it's this. I think at the game is becoming you're seeing more runs scored via home run in the game. So it's. I think we're a little bit kind of ahead of the curve right now and Madison were had a lot of home runs. But that's and its. It's easy I love the city planners at home runs but everybody that's the plan for everybody you'd like to try to do it. You know I think we know we have guys that are capable of it. And and that's that's I doing sort of put it in the best situations seated. I'm certainly hope it continues. Well he's he's doing a really good job of that right now certainly. Think that's that's is kind of the foundation for every hitter you know. It's exciting to me strikes and balls it's going to be the first foundation stones at the start of every hitter success so. It's a good place to start its implicit Venice you know mom and you'll have success of fiercely if you figure out you know the pitches going at and it's not. It's you know he's he's making he's doing it at a very high level right now. You know it's it's not that easy as he's making and these negative liberties the ball strikes them right now. Yeah it's boxy sees it boasts the opposite Steelers you know base it's the opposite field recent balls all over the field hasn't been just one place so. You know it's a pretty. Solid consistent overall approach right now. Yeah is that the best the best time. The first day of the road trip I walked into the clubhouse and Toronto on about. I was I guess I walked through the clubhouse at about 2 o'clock in and Manny and jet were sitting together talking. And having a baseball conversation. And I think that was to me this is something that makes that makes you happy to those they're just working together trying to help each other. Bounce things off each other and it's all it's just it's you know it's receiving things and handling pitchers and what are we trying to do here so. Just the sharing of information to me is it is an help and each other's. The great thing that's going those guys right now. Yeah well you. Minute they do a great job on them both sides of the ball and that's there that offensively you. We got a because the top of the league and in what they're doing. So you know that's that's a little unexpected. But you know I think we thought they deftly provides something the third they've been outstanding so far. Yeah if I think it's anything really flipped for us to me it was is our defense that's how well we've played. You know on the road vs. The first homestand. And it it makes a big difference I think it. You know it it. It makes the pitching look better. You know it makes the pitchers throw last pitches. Have to have to be in you know less high leverage situations less pressure. Must stress sound so. That was that we converted outs and I think it's going to be a big key for us throughout the season is just continued to convert outs it's not. You know it's not always the great play it's just convert outs that we do we have access to make. You know we when we get gloves when we get a glove on the ball convert an ounce and that's that's that the simple little ago. We'll we'll watch yesterday. Dreams it's the way they were like 1012 it's at some. And I think that's that's that was kind of my point yesterday isn't. The the considers that a great job I mean you do you hear Evan tenth pitcher that walks ten pitch at bat walks. And we had you know Corey struck out a moron I think eleven pitch at bat I mean those that are. Those are 22 battles for sure true you know got a great match Simpson. The hitters and hitters had fouled off some tough pitches and at some point in those at bats some very quality pitches ends. In that case of these attackers got severe accident today that are. Well today's weather affect the game let's get today's field and conditions brought you by your neighborhood ace hardware stores locally owned with the everything you need to get ready for the big game. Starting with help this is that Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the fan's prayers guys. A cold in Milwaukee tonight at least for baseball it is. 56 degrees right around the time of first pitch so rueful likely be closed its gonna feel like 51 with temperatures dipping down. And to the low fifties high forties before all is said and done. In game one between members and the cardinals out at Miller Park quick break and I'll be joined by bill baby town Schmidt. And Bob brainer to fox sports Wisconsin that's next on the Pella windows and doors on deck show with the round table and on sports Radio One 057 FM defense. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for the roundtable. Brought to my McCormick law office Wisconsin's neck and neck injury attorneys this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the fan. 45 minutes away from. First pitch between the brewers and the cardinals in the first of four Zach Davies goes to the mound does a 12 record 879 ERA against cardinals ace Carlos Martinez. With the know when to record 357. ERA it is time to discuss all the days crews matters. On the roundtable first guest he's right over on the other side of the glass and he's the host. Of the Milwaukee had not host producer of the Milwaukee admirals based calls post game show problems in taking Tim's job yet it is. Bill baby Todd Schmidt bill I do this afternoon fantastic just about to get out a year and go to Bucs win yes sir are also joining us seize on the great midwest bank hotline you know from timber rambler is play by play UWM basketball high school sports on Time Warner Cable sports channel he does at all that's why column the Renaissance man. Of the Milwaukee Sports Radio media scene he is. Bob brainer Bob all of the pleasure thanks for a few minutes I don't. My murder and were you there aren't in your court. See but yet you gotta watch both that's why have two TVs and Ireland and I've been ridiculed that picture that given it my blog and ridiculed for having to TVs right there in my living Herm Bob but it's nights like this attack comes in handy and I'm the one laughing all the way to the bank. Up Bob let me let me start with you in a discussion that we had earlier today on the Wendy's big show as a listener tweeted add Sparky yesterday that. You know you paraphrasing you gotta be glad that the brewers are 500 at this point in the season when you look at the teams that they've faced. And Sparky reach we did it and an agreed with the listener. And both Sparky and that listener took a lot of heat. Because brewers fans seem to be upset that this team isn't above 500 with two wins. In your back pocket before the cubs come back and take them both to us and neighbors to 500 in back home for the ten game home stand. Are you satisfied with the 500 record at this point Robert do those two last two losses staying just a little bit too much. Yeah I'm satisfied and and I don't I don't understand. Those flat in the big greedy yet here we had yeah I mean you've had the world champion on the ropes a couple of times but you know it. Long ball up and happened what. Here's what you do. Rewind is scheduled to see one opening day and you look at the teams they're facing in the first two weeks and then you say to yourself what kind of record would you say. All in knowing what you know what the brewers knowing what you know about the opponent what a record would you take Alberto. He's nine out of him people were easily say 500. Even redeemable 500 I would take it knowing that you're gonna hate the cubs white night that the cardinals. Where I'm from themselves were coming in the Miller Park this weekend so I think they expect anything above beyond yeah it's. It's proper in the luge not the last couple in the rigged field spot. A again look at your client who that your team has it exceeded expectations. Be happy. With 500 record for now because the thinking goes out really quickly. Bill are you satisfied with the 500 record at this point. Satisfied yes happy no I did it definitely should've gotten at least one of those two. These last couple days over in Chicago and you blow five not five nothing lead in the fourth inning. That's just unacceptable I know that the bullpen is getting. Better it's a slow moving process with these guys but the ability tend to be where you are with. Really three guys that you were counting content to make improvements with the bat not swinging the bat at all. And Kia Broxton Jonathan VR and Orlando Garcia. Three guys the need contributions from for them to beat. At 500 is is okay. But definitely should be higher than what Terry. Talking with bill baby Tudjman and Bob brainer to fox sports Wisconsin here on the Wendy's big Jersey me about Time Warner Cable sports channel on around ten work. I'm sorry spectrum sports is good luck roster they are ironic I'm sorry it's gonna take me a minute to get use that spectrum sports. Under Tom Warrick unused spectrum sports died and let's. Get moving a cut. Moving on now get a read eventually bowed trust me out I'll get it right eventually. Bill you mentioned those those three guys that are struggling offensively and VR Broxton. And our CO RCA gets today off today I don't know if that's just a scheduled day off for if they're just trying to get his head right and get the approach right. At the plate how long before you start to wonder if if those three players can be the guys that you expected them to be when you called them up to the major leagues. Great counsel talks went when Tim sent down with him in spring training and he he points a late this 1000 at bat mark. This 1000 to 15100 mark when you know somebody. Is what they kind of are they settle themselves into the majors. Orlando RC is far from that number he's going to be about that's about a year and a half away from what you do I've been on the bandwagon of I don't see your land or CO. On the next playoff team I think he's the move that you can Judah to really bolster this this line up. And I engage yourself over the top of the pitching staff but Jonathan VR. It means that Ruben had I think that the bat the bats gonna come around he still spas slugging really well he's hit the ball with power. Just now the average that you would like I see him coming around. But RC is the one that I think if you can get him moving. It is it's gonna allow your franchise to really open up come forward. Bob how long before some doubt starts to creep in for you with those three yes. Well. I agree we're we're electing you know with our he would rookie. You know in there you'll. You don't feel the way around and and even though he's not a true rookie army either young guy. It and and easy to kind of get settled and the guy that there were barred ER because. You know the bad these swine. You know that the strike force a client last year but you know you you. Live with the strike outs when you get the production that at stealing bases hitting for average so you can live with that. So right now he's striking out what you're not getting anything else that he'd not do. Getting on page so. It it it it progresses and kind of spiraled that he re weak lob. And you scratch and had gotten probably I'm Gretchen at saying well he's got one you know according sixteen. It was it was a banner year but he he's not that we. You in your year and I think what makes when he saw what they. Gotta yeah are at in the points sixteen to cap on moot if you're gonna complain all over the infield maybe this isn't just. You know and a guy that we're gonna what in simple rarely see differences that we can build a row but it doesn't come around and show the things I'm that he shall last year. And I think you wonder is this a building peace. For the future or that it can do that he continued digress but you show its true color sixteen. I'll let me stay with you for the final question on the roundtable both Craig Counsell and GM David Stern saying that. Matt Garza will be called up here in the very near future however they they aren't committing to a role. That he'll be and whether he'll be coming out of the bullpen herb part of that rotation when he returns from a groin strain. I personally don't see any reason for Matt Garza. To be on this team if he's not in the starting rotation because let's face it he's here to perform and hopefully get flipped for a few prospects as the rebuild continues. Did you do you have any doubt whether or not he would he should be in the rotation are few would put him in the rotation when he returns from the injury. That this is really talk because like that you would you want actual piece and you wanna give him or shall keep him tumble and if you can't end and somebody out there is going to be desperate not to say that will pick a Mac card because we just you know veteran presence. Turkey we watched OK on the other non. Forty bomb. To showcase cigar and I didn't see it is pitching out of the bullpen we've you know. It shows that aren't that it kind of grumbled that the wanna do that and so he'd not shall keep himself very well and keep it out of the bullpen. That's a diamond doesn't and then you know I want starter they're gonna look and say yep but we're not seen him as a starter. So that's really touchy situation for the brewers on what they do because that a lot of repercussions again if you plug them into the starting role in human shall keep them. Why didn't somebody have adult. And and right now. It so only that nobody has really emerged that that you would say okay we're descended down from the bullpen because Rick put guard in our. Something's gotta give here and I think that's what the birds are committed to being truly don't know what they're gonna do once Kirk. Tosh appear may connect colony do with Matt Garza I think he's got to be in the in the rotation I think he made a great point ease there's no use for him. On the roster eaten up the salary is that he's not the rotation. It's hard for me to wanna kick Tommy Malone out after wages didn't Chicago but. A guy that suited for the bullpen I think is Malone and I think that's were ultimately he has the most valued the team so I think he's kind of the one that gets booted out. But Matt Garza really as sold himself or sold himself I should say. I'm doing with the brewers have wanted to in the last couple years that's pitch off his off speed stuff a little bit more. And he seemed really exciting spring training to see how was gonna go down. So I'm excited to see I think that if he's able to use his off speed knowing that he's not the overpowering guy that he was in early parts of his career. I think he can make himself a still a valuable piece of the team and in a four starter and able to get at least one. You know maybe top twelve top thirteen guy in a farm system so he asked to be in the rotation for me. Either way that's village many here amount frequently on the Wendy's big show is a producer. Of the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show and Bob brain aired on timber radler as play by play UWM basketball. High school sports all on spectrum sports channel and my guess for the last few minutes here on the roundtable Bob really appreciate it but I finally got it right deny. Rob I need thanks Bob we'll talk again soon. Bob Brady joins me on the great midwest may count Lima near ready get into or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank. This great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step. Towards your new home a guy I really like out of that brewers' bullpen. Jacob Barnes will hear from him and Mitch Ross they go one on one as we take you inside the clubhouse next. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on Beck show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now appears the bus. Behind the scenes info as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to you Mike coaches pub and grill on south thirteenth street. Good food good drinks. Good people and great fun this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show 11057. FM the fan. 28 minutes from first pitch during the Burres in the cardinals in the first of four Ronnie Mac flop it near ready for it let's get right down at Miller Park as Mitch Ross is standing by with a member of your Milwaukee Brewers to take you inside the clubhouse. All right Ronnie Mitch Ross down here in the first I've got to Miller Park with her as a reliever Jacob Barnes. Jacob later today and do well. No problem so. Nine game road trip could be back home it's great obviously you know you're on the well and the me carry so we're all excited. Six and three road trip. Probably didn't and the way guys would have liked but you'll take a 63 road trip right he obviously 63 to lifted today genome we we. We had to do we thought we were we have some good chances but overall the roach it was good comes back to 500 and Al ready be you know another little streak here. You personally. Checking in Amber's here in the early going. And a third innings in the season eleven strikeouts. What what's been the key to your year's hot start here. Just a thing to stay aggressive you know trying to attack the hitters he and Golan what my strengths and just. Just understanding with the hitters trying to do to Meehan and adjusting each at bat against them and you know just I think the biggest thing I guess that'd be aggressive and cut out. Did a topic today that are Wendy's big show this afternoon. What should fans be happy that the that tempers are sitting at 500. Are you happy as a 500. The world competitive that we all we all want to win every game weren't consistent way and let. From how we started in going into the road trip and turn it back to wandered in him I think we're a good position. Com I think we're playing well I think in a lot of gains. Which which early on that's the biggest thing I'm. Now if that would been one to run so they were playing well I think we're ready for a little streak here ridiculous you know really. Couple games of 500 and even Steve Morton. When he played the cubs this thing World Series champions six games started is here nine games on the road I mean. I I I I would be happy at 500 at this point. Ups that you know it. You can play we played good teams you know even replace the raids at the time they were I think six and two going into it against us as a threat for them yeah with the threat for the exam and cubs we. A would be in the first night in the next two nights we had really good tips and beat them. I'm here in the whole game. So I think just things like that you know Oxley. You don't want ever lose but just being in the games and and showing that we we compete with anyone discussing just you know the defending world champions meet we are right there where from the entire series. It's a good start but what we're definitely ready to start winning those games and an and hit well above 500. Like it's more on that too you know. This you can sell the fans trying to rebuild they reload I mean you guys you guys are competitive so I guess what. What can we expect to see you know throughout the season I mean and mostly this. You. A whole hopefully we hopefully we can get a more streaks and can give. Guess it's the surprise a few people yes yeah I mean I talent wise and knocks it out of complaints of four I think I think it's definitely. Government there describe some people in in our goal is definitely to win and we as players don't think I'll rebuild that talks for now the situation. We were when we're out there were trying to do our job. And the biggest thing will be for us is to try to be consistent threat all year and I think we're if we play like we have so far. And cabinet make a couple of more adjustments that thing I think it's going to be very very good team and insult me be good for both us and the fans. You know you guys that are I guess at it and than ever rebuild there's been a lot of turnover. Even in just your your short time here and you've been up and down once or twice but is this a good spot for you. I like it obviously I think it's a good opportunity for every player that's up here right now from it. It is obviously younger team so that's what every once called rebuild them that it's. Obviously that makes sense but I'm words were very hunger hunger group and now we're trying to proved. Obviously we belong in that we compete within one. And I I think if we keep that mindset I think it's going to be a good group for very long time. And now with all that turnover. You could find yourself as a closer to. Is that something you use you relish sudden you look forward to an opportunity yeah I mean it's everyone everyone. You know once certain jobs of cabinet in the days it the biggest thing is whatever helps. You know the team the most and coming benefits as for hours just to win the team is the biggest thing I think. He holds no matter what it appears that if you're closer if you're the guy who. Yet the three or four innings to save the bullpen I mean the bullet to other very important oxy different ones one Odyssey. And everyone else size bigger but it it goes along way just everyone doing their job and so we don't really think about that and so you just. Bullet obstacles in the office and it term in you know. Yep it. So you know you wanna be put in imports a twist whether that's in the ninth inning or whether it's you know. In the fifth or sixth inning when the bases loaded Nancy come in and clean up the next well it's well run you know those people are the situations. It's obsolete and ninth inning it looked more. So. I think I think we field and keep them. And. They NH to a lot of guys a lot of relievers you see out there. Sixth inning guy whatever it is they're throwing. Upper ninety's and everybody seems to have. You know the same level stuff almost out of the open so yeah. Yeah it's I mean obviously you look at teams like like India Fleischer. They're at their best reliever was Andrew Miller who wasn't their actual closer but every time they had a big situation weather was sixth inning seventh inning or eighth inning. They brought a man and did basically you know keep get through their part of the order or. Get out of the jam whatever the case was you know it's so it's nowadays I think there are realizing that sometimes. Everyone's pretty talented that way but they they can use people different ways and just like the kind who displayed Wade Davis is now their closer when he was with the royals and they were. Obviously doing really well. He was their seventh inning guy so it's it it all works out today you know whatever sports yet and as long as do your job that's that's keeping. Real quick tonight I'd I would be remiss got in touch on the offense. This baseball team Eric name's Brian bronze. I believe are leading the league as a duo and home. And so far so that's good to see and I think the team as a whole is on it is on pace just to break the record and home so I mean that's got to be nice as a pitcher. Yeah obviously you know that they've put us in very good situations. Mom is such on the throats and they they scored a good amount of runs for us. Alexy you know Ron Ron's been doing what you have been doing for a long time. And it pains you know that's ever wants all of the attic yet it's weighing in his approach and edit it. It's been unbelievable want so far and it's world press you know word. Happy form in happy as a team because you know us providing offense. And and I think girl that's what you get. A little better once some the guys who you know haven't started off as well as they wanted to sort picking up a little bit which they will. And I think I think are off and can be dangerous dangerous. Think for opposing pitchers. It's like got Fareed I'd Jacob thanks for the time and good luck tonight make your pursuit that's brewers reliever Jacob Barnes here in the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Back to your army. Banks Mitchell had a quick break and on the other side still plenty to get to got to let you know who's hot. Who is not the latest on the injury report and what's going on down on the farm. All still to come before we wrap up the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan some. The brewers are hot while some. Who's not. It was not brought to you by AJ collectibles the area's most complete lineup of sports cars memorabilia and bubble heads 7201. West national avenue. Just minutes from Miller Park this is the only station brewers fans need at 1057 FM. The fan. Fifteen minutes from Zach Davies during out the first pitch for the birds against Carlos Martinez for the cardinals in the first of a four game set. Iran iMac off get near ready for it. Hot while the birds and general as far as the long ball those 29 home runs. To lead the major leagues so far on the season and a record breaking pace at their current rate. The brewers and hit 293. Home runs this season according to Adam McKelvey air Milwaukee baseball insider. A bruised dot com that would be a Major League Baseball all time record. Breaking the mark Ken Griffey junior and the Mariners set by blasting 264. Homers. On the way to winning the American League west in 1997. The brewers franchise record. For a team is 231. Home runs as back in 2007. Led by Prince Fielder is fifty they last led the NL in home runs back in 2012 width 202. Not hot. A guy who's not in the lot of today and that's center fielder. Keon Broxton over his last five games covering a span of eighteen at bats troopers last 26 at bats. If you go back to games further any 119. Batting average on the season so far Craig Counsell says yes he's off today but will still be in center field. On most days and trying to work his own way out of that slump so that's who's hot and who's not. Baseball is 90% mental any other. Half is physical. So who's injured on the crew appears today's injury report on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shown. Council also saying today that out Matt Garza. Will be activated in the coming days but did say also that his role in the corresponding move are to be determined enough there to be determined. Or just to be told to us but as of right now we don't know if Matt Garza will be in the starting rotation our field come out of the bullpen still no word. On junior Garrett who was placed on the fifteen day DL back on April 15. And they said that it would be at least six weeks before he returns from that possible early may return. Further Burres ace with that right calf strength. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show we're no longer. On the bottom floor of the rebuild Milwaukee so what's going out of the miners gears today is down on the farm report. Just a quick check of what some of the brewers' top prospects are doing so far this season starting with the number one prospect Lewis Brentson whodunit AAA. Is betting 355. With two home runs and six RBIs so far on the season. Meanwhile Corey raise the brewers second top prospect he's done it a ball banning 273 as he comes back. For me torn ACL he's got a 333. On base percentage Lucas Irsay their third base prospect she's down at a ball in Carolina he's batting 30 sixes got five RBIs on the season. And at 342. On base percentage and second baseman slash slash source shortstop he signed Diaz eight to 22 batting average. At a ball down there at Carolina five RBIs and eight to eighty batting average Brett Phillips at AAA 318. Three home runs twelve RBIs including a Grand Slam and six RBIs and a game just a couple days ago that's in about do it for us here. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck showed no Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show tonight. That'll be preempted by the Milwaukee Bucks. Pickens say post game show after game three against the raptors with Steve Sparky five from running Mac laughs and thanks for listening to the on deck show and enjoy the game everyone.