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Tuesday, September 12th

09/12/17: Milwaukee Admirals Baseball Post Game Show


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Worst fans get ready for passion perspective and your chance to react it's time for the longest running. And post game show in Milwaukee this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill. Don't buy blaze started fleet now is a great time or your hat trick package including a stylish limited edition hats plus tickets to three app. Rose games for only 69 dollars go to Milwaukee admirals dot com for more info now a baseball guy who tells it like it is your fan. And host Tim Allen. Did say finals for Miller Park in the results are good. Brewers' victory 52 with a final welcome everybody it is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm and fleet. Tim Allen my main man mayor Mitch is along side as the brewers get a 52 victory. All much needed. All big wins they they just. They did what they they could do with this game you can't control act cup match game you can't control the cardinals game. You could control this one and they did that in a sort of a bullpen game. Now by the way the brewers have announced that chase in assume we'll start tomorrow that may be another bullpen game as well so will get two more on that. Little bit later on throughout the show over the brewers get a win their 76 on the season now with just. As it writes a seventeen to play here at 76 and 69. Wow. Two and a half game deficit heading into tonight's ball game and it looks like the cardinals as I said they're winning. Looks like the cubs. Well they are winning. And the cardinals are winning so it do what you gotta do what they got it done tonight Brent sooner he got it done tonight. Mets a nice when they're all big now I think a little sub dude nature at Miller Park last night while that happens when you lose seven zip permits. A big bounce back victory. And they've they needed it. Yeah I definitely and you know the last night too they gave away what 5000 tickets are free less than there are still 27000. I believe was was was in the park last night so. Well that was the paid well reverence that however they gauge that 27000. Tonight 30000. At Miller Park but it. They look around in. Is there a 30000. Bought it at the park. I don't care who's in the park all I care about as the brewers' victory and they got it done tonight 52 with a final. They got Corey can naval by the way just locked down as 35 save of the year is think about that. 35 saves here and take over 'til the month of may. When Neftali Feliz couldn't get out of his own life I mean that's your all star right there. It's your bone wrapped in the all star game this year was scorched enabled in get in the ball game but he was here representative. And rightly so that just wasn't a token well we need a brewer and there. I mean he was deserving of that he really was and at the strike out streak of appearances going to talk a little bit about Corey can naval and as well as such Travis job because I think those are the two leading candidates for your MVP of the season I do. I don't know if anybody else's in the mix there. Outside a Kregg counsel you maybe. He may be candidates for this. He is they are fight tooth and nail for everything they get this year. They really are in and outs idea after after the dust settles this year arm Armon have a blast. Throughout the offseason certainly heading into next spring training just kind of dissecting what has occurred this this far or this season. But still a ways to go here two and a half weeks of baseball left. Of the 2017 championship season seventeen games left and the brewers out worse they're going to be two and a half games out. It really appears to me. That Mitch is is gonna come down to. Really the head to head matchups and that's this entire cross pollination on the schedule. Between the cardinals cubs and brewers. Cardinals play the brewers for a three game sat cardinals play the cubs in seven remaining games cubs play the borrowers. In four remaining games so really that little trifecta. And you you'd just kind of slide that into the schedule and slot that in that really is what it's gonna come down to because. You know you saw what the brewers did over the weekend in Chicago. And so it could come down to eighty Ceres. And whether or not it's a series against the pirates eight and I don't know the brewers QF four games left against the Pittsburgh Pirates three remaining against. The Marlins three against the Cincinnati Reds three against cardinals organs comes. There's your season right there but this really appears to me that that huge. Huge Ceres. Cubs cardinals cubs brewers cardinals cubs cardinals brewers. The entire shoe match is gonna come down of that and I'll tell you what as I told Steve Sparky Pfeiffer last night. I don't know whether the brewers economic playoffs or not. You can call what you want and over achieving team you can call went to a all I know was this was seventeen games left in terms of the post season can they make it. The fact is that it's an absolute fact folks. They could. Would you would you agree with that Mets. Yeah I'd I was gonna say with the way they played. Against top level competition this year especially the cubs and even against the cardinals to some extent the Syria I think it's. Obviously still play in and it is this team should not be written off yet. There is as inconsistent as they as they are you know I still think that it's it's definitely in play. Target figure out how you lose to some of these teams well yeah you know part of that part of that as baseball we discuss it last night that's part of it part of its press and part of its youth in development but there's a lot of factors in there why you go to Cincinnati ditch butts kicked. That turnaround beat the Chicago Cubs world champs I hate saying that but that that's the reality and. And I was we have to be there on Sunday yet you're there on Sunday it was that it was it was great you know Wrigley. I still you know don't like the fans and and I don't I don't like the cubs but Wrigley Field and the whole surrounding area in the neighborhood. Is really cool it jesus' and it's it's charming and its old as baseball history. And a I don't like it. All right let's let's let's go over this one. As the beat goes on for the Milwaukee Brewers don't want a seventeen they get a victory over the pirates evening up the series. At a game apiece. And yet Brent suitor neither team's scorers in the first inning suitor a scoreless second. And in the bottom of the second inning that inning they really need this guy to step up down the stretch here they really really need Eric things and he did that the second inning. Oh into the count and and you need to shut down inning on a Brian Souter in the third inning. No that didn't happen he allows a couple of runs there. As a McCutcheon Pete can we stop throwing him the first pitch fastball. Derrick Johnson. In your pitching staff. That's McCutcheon over there yet hasn't been the same McCutcheon is MVP McCutcheon of years past. But it's still a first it's pitch fastball on these attack and you guys yes that's that's is the reality of it. Anyway the pirates get on the board with a couple runs to take the lead at two to one. I'm big time nervous at that time. But the brewers back at it in the bottom half of that third inning leadoff base hit by Keon Broxton. They live suitor right there after fifty pitches for the pinch hitter Brad Phillips. And Phillips steps in with a base hit two on nobody out table is set with the brewers down to Dejuan. Eric so guard draws a walk to load up the bases and now the brewers are in business and do locker room little hick up there with a strikeout. However Ryan bronze step to the places steps to the plate and played so Ron. Post season play as a well that ties the game right there too. To. As at least for wanna get set thing in play gets the game tied. And then they walked Travis shot a load the bases with a one out bases loaded tie game domain goes Santana with V hit of the night. So I want Santana. The jacket. That was big time you heard mark got an CO in the boom that there he's at every way comes on the broadcast the brewers' offense to seems to. Always crazy. It is. It really is yeah and and I like that little trend little superstitious that way and in a lot of cases but. Yeah the brewers take that four to two lead. And Eric names Domingo Santana had a big night three gets in those two RBIs generic name stepped up of multi hit game. Knox in another run. Santana. In his clubhouse take a look. With the I'd there's another base running will this color commentary from the owners there till he each of the fact that it's cool. I I I don't wanna be so negative but I got a call an out Domingo. To. Ron. Run fast run as fast as you can't run hard. Sly. Was anyone tell him to get down. I mean I don't know. The other day you had I think last night's game you had. Was that he's seuss. Played first base. Any stretch in pro ball with his back leg. At the center of a first base. Again minutes I think we know enough about baseball. Point a to point B is shortened up the closer you get. What I'm take it. All they saw Jimmy Nelson died back in the first base of the night and cost himself the season like up five year old yeah. Unnecessarily to. That's just crazy bad I eat out of wanna get negative brewers do I'd take that 52 lead with a four run third inning right there. And we ordered pretty much assuming this was going to be a bullpen game and indeed was as suitor goes three innings allows a couple of runs on three ads. I'll walk in three k.s. That's threw fifty pitches in his performance Jeffers in an inning and two thirds gives way to Oliver Drake couple hits no runs. Two thirds for Drake. And he gives weight to a Jared fuse two thirds of an inning and sworn Zach won the third no runs and Josh hater two thirds of an inning. Still go on and then there's Corey can enable. With an inning nothing and as scoring locks down save number 35 there's your Burris when as the beat goes on in 27 team. The championships these season still alive here. As the brewers even up the series at a game apiece and they're all must win games in a manner of speaking right I mean if they if you lose to bother me in the season's done but. You sort of go into each game as an and we got to witness that's what a pennant race is all about. And Andy they need to get that win tomorrow. I mean they could they could lose the mound on the cubs and cardinals lose and you just lose time. In that regard you don't gain any ground but the brewers at 76 and 69 with his victory 3000331. At Miller Park. As the brewers get the victory 7991250. Your thoughts on this brewers. Win and also lower your throw this out there on social media as well. There it is. There's the there it is finally you maestro the beat goes on here and. Twenty seventeens championship season. The beat goes on to a mark of the 7616. I was seventeen Y. 52 victory at. Like here in the zone. Mean. It does go on and 52 brewers get the win scoring could navel with save. 35. And I thought it was an issue with the Travis shot was going to be the brewers when he seventeen MVP. Really did. For a large chunk of the season. I gotta be honest with the folks. I'm starting to rethink that right now and it just may be Corey can naval. Is he that team MVP certainly made probably going to be reliever of the year probably pitcher the I would think. Those kind of numbers are pretty gaudy. It really are will take a look at his numbers but. Shaw or can naval. They're both gonna get their accolades that's for certain we'll check up both their numbers you're reaction here after the brewers victory the schedule came out for next year. Later on this old take a peek at that we'll hear from Craig counsel hear from you a brewers 52 victory the beat goes on here listening to the Milwaukee admirals. Baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate here on the fan. You're listening to the fan baseball post game show. Presented by Blaine is probably want to Reebok's Chile's cash delisting the shockingly good tomorrow morning at 835. And know that Chile's MVP to win. Chili's chili's and 75. Here's Tim Bush today is Chile's MVP. Yeah we do this each and every night on the post game show for the morning showed giveaways and free food from Chile's put down a little bit bigger picture here are sick about this earlier today in this. Matter of fact. The quit topic of Corey can naval came often opts idea. As much as the brewers have been through this season guys I don't think I've spent and I'm remiss if that's too and I apologized Corey about this. But I just have not. Focused or we just as brewer fans have not focused enough on Corey can naval. As to what kind of season he's put together for a guy that didn't expect it be the closer. I don't know if the date I mean they signed Neftali Feliz coming into the season's anybody remember that. He did I believe. Feliz was like six of his first seven in save opportunities they weren't real pretty. I did give up the long ball quite a bit. But. It doesn't appear that they expected Corey can able to end up with closed job back in April. So that was a shift on the fly kind of deal for Corey and now you look at it. 35. Saves team as 76 victories 35. Of them saved by Corey can naval. And I was just taken that Travis dollars a shoo in for the team MVP this year. I don't know if they separate that. It served them BB pitcher whenever and and position player. There's been over all MVP of this baseball team. According to you guys would it be Shaw. Or would it be Corey can enable this pretty close we'll check out the numbers here in this the second 7991250. We've before we get to the chili's and BB. Let's give Bruce in here Bruce here on the family thing brewers win 52. I do. Art is due. I'm Bob Mann. I'm done doing good didn't you know I got a lecture me about smoke and tonight aria. What went. Don't know where they're. None underdog now I'm I've been cut down good so who would. But if you had to choose the MVP here is a Corey can able 35 saves or is it Travis on the pretty decent offensive numbers. I'm over the driver struck out Obama and 29. I don't want our MVP. I'll forget that you've got to pick one that's the way this works. I'll. Say it I'm always. I'm gonna go out on public query all that I wonder if it you know well. In upper it's. No. Will get to I wanted to get to that to him where he stacks up. With with the brewers franchise as a whole Bruce anything else on your mind. Comment at the data are credible or they aren't aren't. Want to poke at stake here in Atlanta. Com. So the other end and don't. Out came out. How outlook out of the matter is. It. I credit that proper permit a cop. Out. Notre operatives. There are quick. Yeah I've got Earl wow. Yeah well that most of all I should say most of Osama will be Bruce thanks for the call ma'am be careful tonight 7991250. Corey can naval 35 saves. Travis shocked when he nine home runs ninety's knocked in 274 batting average 351 on base. 2990. There's still seventeen games left so you look at at a I would think at 3100 guy. Does that that impressive around baseball this year maybe not it's still a bit still impressive but is that what it used to be maybe not. But that's still 3100. To 75 plots. 7991250. Tomorrow morning chuck and went clear that I've. Pretty insisting show this morning. Not gonna go into detail. You can pick up the pieces along with a Bart. Tomorrow morning rights attuned to that into my you hear about the Packers here but obviously this brewer team. But there was some I don't know if it was nonsense is the good word. Is the right word but there was something going on this morning I I haven't gotten all the details yet. But they're gonna ask you who is the Chile's MVP in the brewers' 52 victory first person correctly identify the players they regular right now. Wins the free food from Chile's. I think you have a couple of candidates and I'm leaning toward one aims I had a multi hit game. Including the home run two RBIs. You also had Domingo Santana. This ride a three hit game. Yes sir. Two big runs knocked him to untie a ball game at 22 in a pennant race I gotta go Domingo three gets too RBIs. Domingo Santana has your Chile's MVP of this game. Know that tomorrow morning and win some free food from Chile's right now I just and again those of you just tuning in. I don't know if and I hold myself responsible and accountable for this I just don't know we've been given Corey can naval enough. Law. In fact I know we haven't. 35 saves. Breaks a Major League record. With the consecutive appearances with a strikeout start a season. That is truly amazing from a guy that really I mean people talk. Big picture that's fine room we do that a lot too big picture nobody expected the brewers to be to map out a seventeen play. Get all. I don't believe there's anybody expected. Corey can naval to have 35 saves seventeen apply. And I hold myself remiss in that. That Corey is ranking as one of the top pitchers and top closers. In the nationally top one of the top relievers. In the National League in all of baseball really when you think about it. 7991250. Let's coats I'm sorry is it wrecked her neck. Let's go to nick on the side nick what's going on but it. Pay that they might call. It's a minute that we're going go toward court and able thirty they've. Set. Good baseball teams can win games with only one or two run then you really rely on our quality pitcher. Help us feel the victory when we can only put up two runs and keep the opposing teams. Zero or one runs though. You know what nick though that but baseball fans and and normally. You know like hardcore baseball fans we get that but it's just like the chicks dig the long ball some more or less an offensive banning her. Yeah now who gets the big hit in the seventh through the eighth inning and we rarely. We rarely are impressed for the masses are rarely impressed with values is t.'s the closer he's good. Is good but. And then fill in the blank but this this Corey enable I don't know where they'd be without him right now. Exactly yeah most Americans have been calls calls you know when you let him come in and clutch at the end and provide enough so that action boot and you know our feeling that he'll sort that out of the game is is great for us. They're sending Libya if if he you if you had to choose a team MVP. It would be Knuble oversaw. Yes yes. Some now there are still like one more game but I believe but 717. Games sucks seventeen yeah. Eckerd change whereas right now. Able that we had my vote. Good we you I want to give them some lava and tonight's show awesome next thanks for the call man 7991250. Missouri candidate that I'm missing here. I mean after. A parole. If thirtieth. You would've said Eric things right. I would yeah. I didn't see how he's handled. All big time I think most people would have. And then after that it's sort of from. It's sort of went away. Brawn. Hop there for a while many gained up with the injuries in that they definitely. Definitely not a big yet you also have to throw on the defensive. You know prowess if you will of Travis show off. And he's been outstanding defensively as well. I'd just as and it's gone through some struggles here himself. Not only with the bat but his personal life we all that's well documented but through all of that. Dudes got 29 home runs ninety RBIs and sit in 274 like that averaged come back up a little bit. But and on base of 351. And will take data on the clean up that are every single season I would take that out of the cleanup hitter. Is he the MVP. Would have thought that until we look at Corey can naval look at his numbers mets' lead that ERA check that out. It is 35 saves that speaks for itself again. To me that's that's a big time season and it I think the bars like thirty. At thirty saves and any team that's that's pretty decent year. 35 saves a one point 32 ERA this year with a 115 strikeouts. In the how many innings pitched here. 68 innings pitched and ERA of one point 323. I mean think about that this this guy. This case for an outstanding that is you make it though little insisting once in awhile went to a phase there I think he's getting actually batter throughout the season I do you. He went through a phase there earlier this year where was. Dude you can't walk the leadoff hitter all the time OK once in awhile I understand you don't get a call you can't locate. Cheek here. You can't walk that lead off guy. All the time and annie's get away from that a little bit but one point three how many appearances. It even has. 69 appearances. The C 69 appearances and wanted to capture video it's 36 walks. Four home runs allowed. Our other with a record for neighbors saves wise 46 by John expert back in 2000. Via that you its need to save a lot of games in the way out here as well anchored but. He is on that pace though that's the thing. You get an extra month he's he might get it this year but. It looks like he's gonna end up around forty if you pace the numbers now up is yet thirty out of half the wins. Would be saves for a naval. It look at the winds at 76 saves in 35. So that being said was seventeen remaining you'll get down. 87. So that's gonna put him in the lower forties. I mean maybe. Who knows a doubtful. Doubtful that he would set that mark but 7991250. Is diversity 52 victory. Let's go to Mike Mike you're up next year on the fan nice victory tonight. Oh and determine when Bernard nurture that's for sure yeah Uga. I would go with Burke an able armed. I would I would have on the staff summer or near Obama old I mean got a 150 insert not you know X 68 innings pitched. So I think that put in my expert behind Davies that 119 and then Jimmy Nelson who's on people whip of 109. Mean. To do that in the short on time you know he called on an inning need all of it more than an inning by Anita. Again it's. I would have maybe. Earlier in the year or golf with Travers sharp when you're sitting around to nine the by now right down the 270s the mean. He could drop orbit more but he can also bring it back. The could bring it back up and you would hope he does and just finished with a little bit of a flurry I would love to seat Travis and up. Anywhere to eighty loss I think that's a good barometer. Mike let me ask you this why is it. That it takes some epiphany for me earlier today is them walking around the house in. Why don't I love Cory can naval more than I've been given him. But this. It's out of the Blue Ivy. It's 35. Saves year might why. I think it's because he's been so consistent. Throughout the season seemed at that. But overall consistency from person throughout the year you kind of from a backer had back your mind knowing like all they can come valued gonna do it because he's. He's gonna blow people away is gonna get that they can go. You know just beyond the game as to where from the boat guys that come out take commander like current Wal-Mart seeing today. But it anytime Mack. Got the center of the meat balls up there and hope that Bieber kitten in all put some numbers up there to keep more bad day from losing the game. I think he I think you're on the summit that we just come to expect it this year on a Cory can naval. And the and I think it what is the F five blown saves the one in New York against the Yankees. Was at Diamondbacks and Dodgers. And say one of those theories I mean I. You don't beat courier remember really. And then if he took the mound as the group called nervous to start the year. You know he what not to say that he wouldn't have been able to convert them also say what they have like eleven they've combined between all the other relievers but. Or I I think he believes broke as I said please I think he was six for his first seven or seven for eight. To start out. Yes but you guys you can get a grip on pace this year to be that we call the sixty. All this year. You know now next year. Where he's going to be there it's. I'm gonna I'm almost expecting him to hit it he may be more. If he stays healthy it might cure right great conversation might take it easy the war are again yep but. He's under team control. He's affordable. If he stays healthy might might be your right. In that out of the suit given an opportunity that curve ball and I mean throws gas we we all know that he's upper ninety's guy. He recorded his first save back on May fifth may fourteenth. That was Mother's Day yup I believe so yes it was there was the 119 win. So that was the same number one in mid may think about that in eleven holes before that. And he's grown an F five his last blown save was on July 19 in Pittsburgh. Now I thought the bullpen was going to be somewhat of a liability. Once Foley's kind of blew up it needed a closer to shuffle everybody back to shuffle. It can naval and Barnes and these guys back a little that so the closer could do this thing. Once Foley's blew up then can able its thrust into that situation now little more pressure from bonds he sees the brewers detected this early. They did they they really did and I got to hand it to them they made the effort to go out get. The kid died in the trade Garrett Cooper. With the Yankees is traded him offers a minor league first baseman to get. As last in his way out Tyler well. They go out and they they give him that didn't work form. And they sent the issue back there they did they went out and doubts wars act and that was a huge huge get for this team especially with what core. Corey can tables doing. To make matters you know compound a little bit that they said well let's bring chairman Jeffers back let's see what he can do back different change to from mental attitude different location. More of a comfort zone. They go on give him. They knew that the fully eased things started to snowball effect but stabilized right in there was Cory can naval and I just don't think he gets. As much. Appreciation. If you win Alan and I Apollo again I apologize for that because. I should have been all over that it is kind of dawned on me today that. Corey can naval since mid may has 35 saves up 34. Coming into today's game with 35 saves now. And it's it's lob on Corey enabled it to. And it. Really what it comes down to 7991250. I will head to a break here but that's up for the longest time Travis job would be the team MVP and I don't know how they slice and dice that thing maybe it's. You know maybe they keep those things separate because so we don't have to have these debates but it is a cool debate I thought it was Travis shop for the longest time his team MVP. And now I gotta switch set up a little bit. Where what the brewers be without can naval think about that. Who wouldn't just who in the hell would have been closing games with a as the Barnes. Torres. Q I'd like this at Barnes and about her April. You know Barnes is a little disappointment that type of there's gonna need him they're gonna need the way they're put in this pitching staff together. Down the stretch here they're gonna beat every single guy out there they are they're gonna have to chew up some miles. They're out getters are fully buy into that with Greg council was seventeen to play. I don't care what what these guys think and I don't care what they eat I don't care what their plans are. I don't care about development. I really could care less about keep them veterans happy don't care about any of that. It's all about getting outs on them around 7991250. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by boys farm inflate brewers take games shooting even the series at a game apiece. 52 with a final as the beat goes on mine it was Tim Allen there's mayor Mitch. I hear. Maybe taos is gonna make an appearance in the studio easier now he's here now. The areas the beat goes on body. It does we'll take a break and come back. At the brewers you Michael is right a couple of callers were right there all day. Seventeen to play two and a half back in the central will be back here on the plan. Where things go right. Or well not so much where did this game turner time for today's turning point of the game. This is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames pharma fleets. Welcome back a brewers 52 victory in the beat goes on for the crew as you know every win. It just magnifies. What's gonna happen down the stretch here was seventeen games remaining ability Schmidt baby house agreement it is its biggest game of the year Tammy now by far I might as good news is since world these days. You know it is assures that you stay in this thing. Until you get to those head hats and not just your own I mean it does that they've dug a hole here where they they can do with themselves for sure. But that he you know he also scoreboard watch here when the cardinals play the cubs so have been times. Seven. Matchups between the cubs in the cardinal. They have to play eleven games against the two teams that are chase and right on their heels a little senator Joseph Maddon today and a stationed south of the border. And he admitted one that he scoreboards watched. Our scoreboard watches are starting in April. So check one in the column for yes on our part. And then to reset. All you gotta do is take your your your business as the cubs and your and you're in the driver seat but has the worst you need you need a little bit helps you do need to keep pace. I think you do and it's tough to assume that you're gonna go ahead and sweep the cubs again. It could happen. It just happen approves it can't happen and they were we vulnerable as they ever would eventually won me games and twenties straight days he went in their took care business. That's the games. That you. Have to win. Via those were the ones you had to win. Yeah I agree with you and and these games where yeah you got to win these games but did just that that the big picture point here is that. You win. And you ensure that you stay in this thing and we all would've taken two and a half games back was seventeen to play in a nano second heartbeat. Back it back in November. Of two warning sixteen due in mid December we are sitting on the bench outside of Maryville baseball park I would whence he said Timmy. Think about this Brazilian meets two and a half games out on on September 12 I would have jumped up and dance the GA. Okay effort that common a lot what exactly is that the JD. Yeah what the Q we've talked now what I don't know him pretty hip person I don't think I know with the geoghan has to be honest with you. Right I don't either it's an old saying I'm Fred Meyer had just more than music I Russia maybe maybe even. Some look it up right now okay jig is a form of quietly folk dance in compound. Meter as well as the accompanying dance tune in developed in the loveable so yeah I could never easy to Helen do on those talent definitely a lot of salt danced and that's then credit your Alley. OK fair enough I'll go Argo on record now at this team does. Get back to first place. I will dance the jagr doesn't even when it just gets back into first place in the first what you can be a tie for first I don't care. If that and of course lure fans out there yet I don't know who is not living and dying every pitch deceit and ahead if I don't have a guitar army. I don't know how to dance so just see now out of them to work a lot. It 7991250. Turning point in this one. Is brought to buy edible arrangements base your you have to go to a four run third inning Burress were down at that point two to one. And you're wondering boy he can't fall much behind. Facing Cole in this one and out they didn't they bounced right back after suitor gives up a couple runs stop after the third inning. They bounce back they load the bases they get the game tied with the brawny. Fielder's choice but. The Domingo Santana had a big big turning point. Santa. It's. Good. Thank. You. Emits just play that thing one more time listening to Marc got in Nazi other brewers owner listen to him as the V you can hear in the background siege there you go check this out. So on. Santana. Weigh into it hang in on every pitch every situation that. Is what it generates is all about there's your turning point. Heard on fox sports Wisconsin. Part of a four run third inning a 52 brewers victory. In which they run their mark to 76 and 69. Has brought to you by edible arrangements base or Jimmy. Jimmy I got a chance that it's at really really understand what a pennant races tonight softball game plan out right over by Miller Park you could hear the roar of the crowd. While that was going on and were sitting around watching this game. Somebody had an apple of you know one of the TV services or sitting there watching this on a screen that has been shattered and broken. For about 43 months or else they're going yeah. On the bench while we're about we're supposed to be getting. And we're awaiting their watching giving a Santana get it a two run base at. Nothing better than that and nothing better that it sharply different arrangement over a double arrangement space shore guys I was just down their earlier today. They are lining up for fall arrangements are up at 39 dollars apiece same day delivery available. Edible arrangements base shorts 414. 9889423. They're gonna be all hooked up especially if you mention this post game show once again. 4149889423. It's edible arrangements bay shore just east of masters these and so burst. 7991250. Is the brewers get the 52 victory and a guy that really knows the future adjusted our body in North Carolina Justin. So I I don't know I'm just this off the top my hat I don't keep a list on this would do it. You say the brewers are going to be the Dodgers in the final two games of that series. You say that the brewers are gonna sweep the Chicago Cubs and headed there and get the sweep. Last night you said you know bounce back the brewers are gonna bounce back and get the win over Cole and then take the series on on Wednesday and but man have you have you been all over the saying nice victory. A pound. I got a negative and positive or use them and it got a little quick with the Vatican right maybe probably didn't write off all game. Now what did and I got man we don't have to talk about that we're we gotta we gotta good when that. We took a loss said the stadium I went all for it would've balked. A couple of errors over at third base to it was a very very poor night in the field especially defensively for David's couch. Well thank you know it got it martyred go to repair. Or where all ought to pay Al I'm all down a goal for you at any softball team that wants you here. Got to stop wiggle and at the plate I'm just sort cited the bullets a beach ball logs in the right handed batter's box. What do you expect me to do. You know your your playing baseball like Stan and outside in it's thirty below his average finish my legs started shivering lime sitting there is waiting for this thing to come to the plate. I woody got Justin. So let's get ripped apart negative real quick now we've got a call somebody yell from WS SP. One of five point savage does not beleaguered. Go back there they will fit the radio don't know what can you please set the held down and got an ally. We're all tired of hearing it ripped the brewers make it the political they've created by default the pot the pot the pot now. I don't know what that is the fall were wearing baseball game we play good baseball at night like you know. Yes. And if we if we have been weighted debated by default. No not by default you into 2000 melodic cardinals care about the ball game back would earn you don't care. Targeted the ball so like you're listed in the film Michael you wouldn't want repaid all because you've got a radio and so. They have I'm a great deal bringing. Report a record an out aren't out there aren't that you gotta you gotta rip and I do. Whatever. Well when you've got to run on third base anything anything. That that's funny you say that because I'll be filling in for bill Michael's tomorrow and a Jolo in the city the media arm caught away I'm politics. We're gonna talk with Brian Anderson used the the line the beat goes on yesterday. Owned he's predict if he says he did not book. We'll talk to Brian Anderson for fox sports Wisconsin. But will also was a chat with Chris Rose of the MLB network world events and not cost a lot a little bit that'll be fun talking to a longtime broadcast from big fan of that show. What their mom a big fan you expand a pick out my brother from another mother we'll delicate positive. The main event data that line popped it aired things that line positive. The big bad it was all caught in the pit was in fact he does well to the left field. And in all of awful fate at home bodily current account that the OK we want to forget that and selecting our appetite they've got. What are that if you're the Peco America we're going. Sir do. Ask just didn't take it easy we'll talk again gives her class here what five point seven FM the man. They know through. Tuesday guide here in the city of Milwaukee. Colin now I never done a post game in the twelve years I've been doing this guys I've never done up close game. Show season. That it had so many. My teammates call now I didn't know if maybe I'd brought the hostility the situation and I didn't want a really address it all that much. But it's gotten pretty it's done pretty rough for some of the people on staff. But I don't know Tim Tim we are talking about this little bit during the day here today I feel we've under we underestimated the power of this thing this microphone right here when people were talking about how bad this team was going to be and you wanna talk about the attendance figures. Well Hubble we we take a nice look in the mirror and understand that a lot of people on this station were saying the team was going to be bad. It yeah jammed if they weren't at jam I don't know I don't know how it's gonna be this year man now really itself through it man. I have I applaud you dude. Yeah and AM but the the organization is not innocent of that either you know sure are. And you know what now add Sandy's power brewers. When David Stern's did not use the term rebuild our give them that you he did not use that ever. And the and he is dead. Admitted that but. Still this whole patience paying and in you know we upped its a systemic issue we get a crew got to create a women. From the ground for an ex senator except setter. Did set the table little bit I mean I can only do so much you said the power the microphone I can only do so much to say that. That it's it's a baseball season Indian never ever really know never did you don't you don't ever really really known yet some indicators and I know. The numbers say what the what the numbers are and things like that but. You've never ever know man and and nobody expected this. And was seventeen to play there in this and they could they could win it they could they could get in the playoffs let's. They know the west even a better tape measure this stamp there was one game. One came out of 162. When the season's first came out that was gonna be on national television. In the last two days. We got a report on two different game changes for national television due to be brought in. To Miller Park next weekend when the cubs come to town so that Friday Saturday now and also Sunday will all be nationally televised. How old people around the nation thought this team was going to be right there that is the prime indicator. It it is an and they know that that's series potentially not an aware everyone's going to be at that time but depth series potentially. Is this season made it it could be the seed is going to be a big big for Harvard gamer. I'll outside it. I don't know. When Travis sharp hit that home run the other day. To go up 321 this tie ball game one in Chicago. I gotta admit the studio I was in the studio by myself at that time I went completely crazy to a point where I was a little bit dizzy. You started seeing some stars. No I'd just was like oh you better you better call you go to school you to. And I don't know seriously it was. He had talked only about those. Both of medical doctor in the other one too but. I did I went Wohl. But the justice system a little bit back. Three steps back that's going to that steps that being said that we can set before gamer against comes. I just got to breathe just relax a little bit here here. Let's George deep breathing exercise we don't attention we don't wanna and the hospital here and travel arrangements for each. I wanted him. Poll. Hurting kind of arrangements very page there were seven not on welfare if you want to jump in here you thank you up next though we'll hear from manager Craig Counsell. As use the bullpen boy did he ever will check out the box in and give you some happy numbers here. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by points farm inflate. Tim Allen. My main man mayor Mitch year. Billy. Schmidt baby to house has come back from his softball game he's in the house as well will be back. Brewers win 52. Dow Corning ware thanks for listening to the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's find out the Scopes from the skipper brought to my brightness Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships is six junior college sports blur. More BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans. Before and after the game 1057 FM the fan. Well here's what I have to say about the fun factor here why don't we band together as brewer fans forget about what anybody else predicted. How about we forget about what the projections were. Forget about what was said in April and may or over the offseason current spring training her. That the brewers on deck event back in January. I'm always forget a ball bought all that. And just go with the flow here that the brewers they could make the playoffs this year and that's the reality of it with two and a half. A game deficit here in the National League central and seventeen games to play head to head with. That team you're chase and you just saw what they did to them over the weekend. I'm not saying they're gonna do it again but it's certainly states that there in this thing and that that could end up in the post season. Cardinals got to play the cubs having them just all rally cry together. We'd be doing the same thing for the Milwaukee Bucks. We've been doing the same that and that's a far more special event to have the brewers are any baseball team make the playoffs compared to a basketball team compared to half the lead making the playoffs in the NBA. No disrespect added to the NBA basketball but it's a far more sacred and special thing in baseball football we all rally cry around the Green Bay Packers don't wait. As do the same thing in the remaining seventeen. Here for the Milwaukee Brewers when he seventeen championship season that we have been saying that since. Opening day. Back in April and this schedule is out for the brewers when he eighteen season I think there's some times the re shuffle around and things like that but for the first time ever I thought I read that. All thirty teams are gonna open up in the month of march. But that. Yeah it's weird that feels weird that does seem strange it's gonna push our our spring training lives a little bit back in a march though. Hopefully doesn't interfere with the Vegas strip. I don't think it well okay good just wanted to reach your goal and from Vegas to stray. You know there in the seed that I'll tell me he's gonna make sure use these days it's I. All right I think it would speak in a way it's guys. One month from why did you have to bring this this you know why not at all. You know I can't go all missed easy and I zone so Mitch you see this wound that I have right here my arm yes it's just the big shaker of salt just the she and it in there. I would get to the numbers here in just a second let's here from manager Greg councils got to be pretty pleased with the effort of all the pitchers that pitched all Swanee aid of home. Now I don't know how many there were but he's got to be pretty please let's hear from Greg council after the brewers win. Well I was I was known as a really nice city for Sharon. You know it is we put together good at bats. And then domain with a big two out hit it to about obviously double after the walk to Travis is in big big plan. Well you know he's a good job and we didn't get five runs off them and you feel like here you know we've had a pretty gets pretty good night so. That was running unit let you know get him in the stretch was kind of key input and crash Macon and make a bunch of pressure pitches and eventually you know couple gonna that's going. Critics the second time it's sort of done out you know we've pieced together a lot of innings behind Brent yeah I'll how satisfying is that for further. Those guys and even presuming. He. Well I mean look we put a Buick the six zeros after after that inning so that's a credit to the bullpen and a heck of a job. You know kind of peace pieced it together partial innings. Guys get a couple outs armored Drake and you know got a big out against Josh Bell pinch hitter. On Jerry get a couple outsource got for us tonight so. They were called the commons parliament's prospects are good Foreman did an adequate job they religion and six scoreless innings revolt in his Gasol and no word you know the situation more then it's it's gonna look a little difference you know with some of these games. But it turned out you know brats. No brats hidden in the third inning turn out to be a pretty big hit his stick keep their rest are at that rally in the first and second and and put Cole under a lot of pressure. Is there like it but everything that was missing from Monday's game was present. You play for a player. Well yeah I mean. Flipper China bottled up. Very nice in ought to ski you know that's that's what we're trying to do and but we we've got a good game tonight I'm in an and it the pitching was outstanding. That's number one is pitching was was really good and and that's. Seen tequila out of you know it's it's. It's a huge part of the game nicely but it's it's senate when we pitch well it's. Keep ourselves in a game and we give ourselves of the beginning today at four spots of you know to me at beginning. Who we play nice Boggan and. But these things happen like a productive night like this yeah Florida. Saviors are like oh okay maybe this is is that might get it going. Yeah I mean I think. Look for us to do some pretty special here. You know I think he's wanted to guide me nick and I can list off a bunch of guys but he certainly one of the guys that. We do me good three weeks from. You know we knew in a special three weeks of one of these guys and at that a special three weeks. It's good chance so he's certainly capable of maintenance and I was good start. He's a good place column physically right to finish these states fine physically. No concerns at all physically. It's. While you you know mentally we need you need to success in don't think the success builds the confidence you know that that two out hit to me is you know the ball gets through and drives in Iran Maryland's. You know the home runs obviously great but. You know I'd spa worries. You know hasn't god had a lot of success in and to get and that's spots me into marketing in schools was it was a big one. Come home with twenty year old was your rotation content scramble loan. And an offense and I have to pick up slack and just. Kind of what she did I actually have them do it's. We're gonna have nights we're and one. Like this in organ need I'm sure we're gonna have to win games and then on nights that look like this a little bit. And we can do it we're we're I think were constructed right now we can do it. Know that the guys in the bullpen are capable of that. You know we're gonna have to add some games that kind of break the right way for shirts that to get them some rest but. We're capable of it. Yeah up front this invitation now. You think him for an act or is it just circumstances. We did. It's just the circumstances and not add you know for me it was. He had one more inning at the most. It's to go back out there and then. An and when the first guy got around to me it's we got to take it shot the score. Simple symbols that are. Couldn't they save you everybody is trying to. Being good in the game where demand goes out of the play we opted not challenged what because it's too early in the gamers here guys say they did it. It is not a definite not a not a not a sure thing at all so. With the lead and early in the game. And back to office. There's you think that was. I have to look I mean most times when I think you can get there faster you know like that I know I have to look at. The replay deceived that was one of them or it's a hook slide would have been known better Oakland. Let's at this one brewers fans time to go inside the box score. Proxy by Dave and buster's won't Sosa. Eat drink play and watch sports this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show. Built by blaze farm fleet. Hi very was correct council after the brewers 52 victory not studies say you mentioned something in their. A couple of things here first of all Bob lot. Is noticed that. Yeah he's a bottle up there for nearly going there. Of the things are not a lot. A couple of things to bottle up. Think it's I think it's a believe that was the verbatim quote. Well. I mean I I'm bottle I don't know. Cuts are what a couple of things they'll loose maybe. Bottle up like celebrate like raise your bottle. Would be my guests I'm thinking maybe pop bottles. That that's a victory kind of thing. But bottle up that you heard that. No no I can't stand baseball manager and I've loved him the benefit of the doubt but I just can't back him up on this one. Now when does it make much sense to me. Maybe he's playing games of this with his players again Maurice you know probably send payment what's the phrase I can work in in my presser today. So what's that bottle up the o's all right Al all those let's do it. A pride. The other thing you he made mention far more important is that and I I fully agree with them. There's gonna have to be a player to on this team in the remaining seventeen games that really does have a special Ron. Now whether that's it today bulls already special. Ronnie rilya us. But but a guy like Travis are a guy like here at the names there. Ryan brawn if he does have a special seventeen game run here at the end. Maybe it's Domingo Santana. You know. And that's. I I fully agree with him they're gonna need that they they really are an affair if everyone displays to their numbers she gathered at a Vienna. But to seal the deal. I think it's gonna have to be a special. A special month for a couple of these guys I I'd I thought that was very very interesting. I will check out the numbers inside the box brought to buy Dave and buster's in wallets OC eat drink plain watch sports. Mitts the biggies said Domingo Santana and Eric names. Mean a Santana three for Ford and I would two runs driven in and a strikeout. Eric fame is two for three. Two mountain man with a run scored. And a strikeout as well the brewers used seven count on seven pitchers tonight Jeremy Jeffords gets the win these three you know he went inning and two thirds two hits. A couple of walks three strikeouts in those inning and two thirds for Jeremy Jefferson was Oliver Drake shared views and that he swore Zach Josh hater and Corey can able. It's his 35 save of the year he won an inning clean with two strikeouts Amber's get the win. They are 76 and 69 on the year the pirates fall to seven meter skew me 68 and 78 on the ears of the brewers got to win tomorrow night. Yeah they do and 3000331. At Miller Park for this one again as Smith says 76. And 692. And a half games back of up front running Chicago both the cubs in the cardinals look as if if they haven't gone final. Looks as if they're both going to win the Colorado Rockies are. They that it enables one. Diamondbacks Rockies are eating fortitude now in the bottom of the seventh out there in the desert so yeah Alan and I am and yet and I can anybody give us some help. I don't know that I think I'll leave the cubs may have. A little bit this year. Well yeah I think so. By the ex Arizona. Paul Goldschmidt excuse me can you wake up and be the player that you've been every single time. You face the brewers and Dodgers aren't helping any unbelievable opponent. The Dodgers are winning their first game since I think. A desert storm apparently there up 41 in the middle of theft Bruce before we get the Brighton go inside the clubhouse here on the panel it's going numbers. Yet I heard what you said on like you don't what Ottawa where he is talking about you you've got on a diet starts he'd be pitching like. Like Sweden did two nights and get general tribal we've got to battle up and go to other bats he can't just in that we have won our you know what you want. I remember a couple weeks ago Rand there once it was put on the disabled list the partisan where the great potential in Iraq. I gotta say I'm I'm really trying to balance the right now because that guy is doing ready and under the circumstances. Are not insuring these. Are we talking about but I don't think Keaton Grant read it I didn't against the reps to be here and he's got a pitch can be because that's their bet that there weren't agents were. Will be after tomorrow it to begin with scenes derby are regret regret and are apt to be sued on Sunday. She credits doesn't it seem to you guys it's just a little Massey though doesn't it. It does but in the gonna tell you something you're gonna be sharply here this. And I went to October producing this you're going to be shot being that poor people aren't MLB you have Matt Matt Matt I'm. Yet those are the bad. Adding that against the red they had a German grain doing that our brand candy and they had I camera wasn't an option and you're talking about babies. In an episode about the eighties they could. Comparing him to get this. I am Greg Maddux. And then and I marquis is Pedro Martinez human rights. They say we because he throws group involved. That nobody else in Visio as. Keep the ball I spoke clip good spirit you know that you're looking for something and Iraq he got in the habitat smokes but he wrote clip about. And and he's like like oh I'm like great that it needs to be in Latin Martinis he's DB Martina just improper act moral. But Ito that just that would go wait outside and batters with two words ring to them so I I'm all I think that the putting that complement report about the talk about. I don't be like debt to optimize our body is comparing him to Greg medics and it will Martinis. Yeah and pinpoint accuracy. Is Davies and he's under full control at all times that he really. He started out a little rough this year and if you go back to the early stages of the season but. I've heard that comparison before he's got ways the does several wiggle and every pitch he throws what is fastballs get enough he froze Bryant from a vastly Bryant that he got in honest hands. Over the weekend but. It's just seen the guys just before the break here and I don't wanna beat super negative about this but. Point seems like the brewers it's in this rotation here with piecemeal with Souter and piecemeal and went. You know bullpen game chase going on short rest and and I get all of that and I applaud the effort in all of that unit in every ounce of that. But it just seems a little messy that they can't get a guy that just replaces starter. I'm not single out trades for somebody undersea within the system. Within the roster the way it's configured right now. Or in their organization as a whole that they can sounds high that they trust me it sounds like Tim Allen clamored for is Leigh Taylor young man again. At this point I agree with you other there can't be somebody that's been pitching at that Colorado history seem that went. The semi finals in the playoffs and there's not somebody they can give you five innings a serviceable work. And now and I and I thought for a second there that there would be forced to go with Garza just based on thank goodness it's not giro. But but it shows you on short rest in a bullpen nine every time suitors out there and possibly a bullpen with a sort of start with chase tomorrow then. They absolutely just don't trust Garza they don't. And and so that being said. Maybe their grooming someone for a spot start about it you know week or seven days herself the bit. Right now as you look at you look at homeless laid out you look how it's laid out. And that spot in the rotation that Jay Sanderson is now filling on three days' rest will come up on the Sunday of the cubs series at home. He that's that you do have an off day or two. Get the play here are some that's that's definitely going to help out but. All hands on deck. Council's doing everything you can that's that's for sure to bottle up so holds something inside especially emotion from to keep it from being expressed or released openly. You know I don't know I don't know what that means I you're sending a good phrase choice against by Craig Counsell what he saw just. Spud you know there are no I've heard the term bottle up the B ghetto he got all bottled up your football a lot in only the half backer. Running back and I'll buy out in the back got stored up in the back field via the I've heard that with cabinet in terms of baseball. Figure in action I. Well it bottled up by knows cans and a bottle highlight raised high after a brewers win and that's that's were my bottle up as well it's notes you hold off till 1110 Jamie you can crack that bottle up open. Too big of a workday tomorrow couldn't wait to take a break or go outside the club us here from Brett sooner. On the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by planes Foreman played. Brewers win five to the beat goes on in 27 team. Needn't. Now here's the behind the scenes post game updates as we take you. Inside the clubhouse brought to you by whether tech windows and doors received 50% off qualifying installations with no money. Visit whether dash TEK dot com for info this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze pharma fleets. A 52 brewers victory in game two of this three game set they get it back to even and obviously a shot at winning the series tomorrow with a victory chasing an -- and go on short start. I should I should say yes short rest Brent sooner or not. Particularly stretched out they got three innings out of him tonight the 52 victory gave up a couple of runs three hits a walk in three k.s. But he kept his team in the ball game through the three innings and he did give up the two runs right there are. Brewers did trail at one point in this ball game two to one. Until that four four run third inning where Domingo Centennial heard at the sports last there. What the brewers couple runs up the attack on another run. Go onto a 52 victory of lets here from Brett sooner. A one of my favorite guys in this baseball team and he had this to say after his victory. And today again it's unbelievable effort by everybody making pitches and haven't some great pitches. And defense playing great behind us being guy Greg had so there are some really good players in the infield so. Really good effort overall. Sure he told. We'll start next to you getting in two and again embarrassing from good to hear that blood in that has today it was one of those days that started off you know it gives you is okay and the nets' third inning for some reason my stuff got. Loose in a much fassel was a slide rather have that tight and and and I'm like how I ended left the game with the team behind but luckily our offense is they're gonna think it's up that bottom third with a great effort against really good pitcher Gary Cole so. I was really good really good inning and we're able to get a win for sure. It's it's it's guys scramble. There. And it's. Take yes thank you know we can do it especially this full and after that we have behind us you know picking us up like that with a defense and offense come together like it was tonight we can do it. If feelings have. Yeah for sure and I felt strong you know there's just one of those things ahead of that inning thus. For some reason my stuff got loose but I felt strong all day today I felt. I feel like I next time I'll be better. Yeah it was one of those things that's going to let the team down one that walk ill timed walk and then. To some bad pitches Eragon behind three dose of Philly lets him down but luckily like this at Bolton defense real bigots out. Thanks. I'd there is Brent suitor after his performance tonight fifty pitch performance. Three gets a couple of runs in three innings of work. And you heard him say that heck yeah they get it done here at odds accords say scramble mode I I use the term messy probably. A little bit a little bit more on the negative side but. It's the reality of it and you've got the suitor in the short start mode you've got chase on short. Rest moaned. And Diego you've got seventeen games laps and like he got seven games left and really surprises me that. And they didn't have some sort of plan CD year he win when all hell broke loose and and still seventeen games to play. It's a lot to ask for but as suitors are set right there and they they can get it done. You sought tonight as. What 67 pitchers pitch in this ball game. And they got to go back at it tomorrow Jason Anderson 67. Pitches his last time out three days' rest in her right back out there tomorrow. Offensively in tonight's ballgame Domingo Santana within three hit game including a big two run double. Part of a four run bottom of the third inning but the brewers got on the board in the bottom of the second. Where they solo shot from Eric things one of his two hits and two RBIs. Was that solo home run. Big great if he was one of those special guys they imagine this an and it couldn't happen. If he finishes the season like he started. And be outstanding now would be that special kind of wrong on that Craig Counsell was talking about just a short time ago Eric names after the brewers win. You know trying to. He's been attacking me up in the zone rules and you know it's generally the head out. Words. No not at all. Not at all this. Yeah. Tone plus like Sean Aaron battle for a Little League teams are moments ago. They're to Putin's important and I think when he said the same thing and so instead of from the of the big events and that's one thing that you know in Atlanta. Can carry them from Chicago to its next month yeah. It's an interesting season as soon as you can well. Three weeks ago anyway. The team obviously it's always good. This. To finish strong in the market happened. And non when when I play in every day we went wild and it. And Netflix gets a lot of rules and change of course this season itself. And Michael to do my best opportunity. Don't know don't complain to that case you're asked him to do your job. Pleased with. Oh yeah definitely. You know I mean when playoff time so yeah I mean it's not right 1520 games out you know so you were right there so and he's. A key role. You. SC's. Only years of feel like you guys. He's coming off losses. Yes it definitely mean like. The hitters are speeding up the pictures and vice Versa you know we just know that we have checked and every time I step on the field and you know you play hard. Yeah all hands on that Craig's list all of its bench kills position players in cycles slope that you step out gators coach. Seven. That kind all. Yes awesome to. You know concede it is September so we have a lot more because people and and the moment hasn't been too and that's likely young guys older guys. Don't often like I agree with them you know what America we call in the evening and we are confident that we'll get you out situations end. Hitters and that's lacks let's kind of episodes you know. In October. I'd their areas. Eric names as he had done a couple of hits couple of RBIs solo home run. And that's gonna do for us tonight as a way that's gonna take him Timmy how long it we've been waiting for that to come back no kitten. And they I mean. This is this could gig goes it. I mean it is and it starts with tomorrow and he 7101. Pitch brewers and pirates. Tyler glass now grown for the pirates' Jason Anderson for the crew. Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on decks Joseph bill bio Zynga gets under way at six and after the last pitch you make the switch. Meet you back right here hopefully talking about a brewers' victory a series victory cardinals lost the cubs lost in Rockies lost. Beautiful. That's a recipe for too late. Bottle up with that one of the Milwaukee adult baseball post game show built by blades farm fleet thanks torque through a Miller Park. Purveyor bets. Bill Schmidt baby towels my name is Tim Allen enjoy your night I'll talk to tomorrow morning at ten on the bill Michael's show as. Brian Anderson from fox sports Wisconsin will be on the show. Chris Rose from MLB network's intentional talk regularly Justin's phone call are you. To Chris Rose now to gel boat did not probably now okay good otherwise you would have a very very tough afternoon. It's been immune to it is he would beef wreaking now. Bottle up GO kimonos bottle it up geo seventeen to play brewers to ramp back in the National League central. Does have a great night and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.