Brewers get win 4-2 in San Diego; clinch series

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Thursday, May 18th

051817 Milwaukee Admirals Baseball Post Game Show


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Worst fans get ready for passion. Perspective and your chance to react it's time for the longest running post game show in Milwaukee this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill. Don't buy blaze started fleet now is a great time to order your Tony seventeen Tony eighteenth season tickets and take all summer to. Go to Milwaukee admirals dot com for more. Are involved now to baseball guys who tell it like it is your fan hosts Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and Tim Allen. Fans say final from San Diego the game in the series sandy. Brewers come out on top again how about that welcome everybody it is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by boys farm and fleet. Tim Allen and the post game meets the big show we knew this this the big posts today. As of the brewers get another win we Roy Butler. I was more to say about him and I'll smoke. Ellison over a year Rami Mac glossy Sparky Pfeiffer again for the next couple minutes here. As the brewers get another win now 24 and eighteen it's all these numbers out there here. They're 2.4 and 186 games over 500. In their last 35. They're not see here. Since the two and five start. On bad one and two and thirteen. Talking Rami how about that 22 and thirteen in their last 35 games to work creep back from Massachusetts should not yet I was gonna it's gonna drop. On view here in just a second thought I was. Aaron first place here heading in the mid nineteen tomorrow in the 2017 championship Cesar brought the club the beat goes on be careful what you wish for they got three against the cubs and Marlins have through. And it and there are starting to be heat heat up a little bit here so. Eric so garden. What about this guy what about this kid does he play a fronted Jonathan VR indefinitely here that's we're gonna start out the show with Mitt. Just overall just around Robyn Lee right know that you've been. Really supportive and and backing the brewers we all have a different degree but expectations for you. Are they any different now that newseum here at 24 and eighteen. And there's while very optimistic. They've been heard bras been out you know you got a couple guys you know RC is not playing up to you know. You know being started out hot and all of a sudden a lot of it was hot and he's come back to earth is a different lineups like every day. It is in their winning games and the winning games and some would say it's a bunch of misfits winning games they and I'm a ride this wave on not much of a sort of a black people don't serve way and a wave is already. Are right. So buried here what he did it may serve. Hello. I do go to Washington. You know we know we talked today. It. Just. Inches. To. 20 holes. We we projected. To close. It. Out of human prediction no margin which is. No one's all the polls now know once. The game and okay. So predicted a ruling it. And not mean between 88. And or maybe of maybe year and maybe your mates hey. That's a bit now. And when do. I should tumor cell. Don't. It was known just jumps back and enjoy. What. I mean it's unbelievable that's super fund is one that it's super fun. Enjoy that whatever where to go to games so relax your right over the coming out and here's what people start doing note to him now because of your knowledge org to so you're saudis. The Padres series right before storing or just doing a mean game and I mean during. If they go 31. Sweep. Right north of Narnia play Annika right so you're seeing yourself. Right about today's game right it just one just tomorrow's game as well today. Today but this series that this series while. For the cup series and wiggle room you come oh yeah. Yeah and Robbie what do you think now Utley brought up a good point that. You are hurt yet you're still 24 and eighteen. You do have guys under achieving the got a few over achieving I get that that's tends to balance out but at 24 and eighteen on your thoughts just live in the moment. Just live in the moment don't try and project this out although we did yesterday on the beach on being a hypocrite when I say that can we ask the question do you think they can keep up its own 88 when pace that's all right I would advise Bruce fans to not try and project this louder. And talk playoffs or you know puffed their chest out too much when they go to play the cubs in Wrigley Field this weekend. Is just the moment enjoy this win today enjoy that you're in first place. Today and then tomorrow in and if they win enjoy that and so on and so forth don't get too far ahead yourself and tiger like you said they. Evan number of guys that are playing over their head right now and they continue to do it quite possible I'm not saying they can't. But with with the pitching that they have. Something tells me. Bet the the bottom somewhat is gonna fall out of this thing eventually. I'm not saying they're gonna fall flat on their face drive but I don't think that they can keep up this peso and threatened enjoyed not live in the moment. Yeah I'm gonna go with Craig Counsell we're trying to win today's ball game. And and that ought to do that's where he's NC Sparky Pfeiffer. Now right now do you 24 and eighteen I mean I'm going crazy on a two run double by Eric so guard in the seventh inning on May eighteenth did you see that torments. I know. Odyssey of self aren't going our eyes is over are going four for four either in getting on base five times I said earlier on the big show. That I found myself being like you for the first time in a long time last night where. All of a sudden the brewers win atop the nod they take the lead again with so volatile but particularly. And what did I do something that I yell at you for forever I go look at the scoreboard in the middle of may deceive when the cardinals did to see if diversity of first place and they're able to hold laden I just started laughing. Yeah I realize that remain for and they are neighbors buzz to startle and Ari lost. It and in you look at Sosa median some some folks are saying a man who's so you got to one day in first place this year and joy. Well now it's too. Yeah I don't care how many days it is nobody saw this coming if we would have said on the air not go to be knew nobody would yell at duke but it would have been Gary's in this mile Roy Iraq me. Saying in spring training you know what. In the Miller made the grameen in first place in the cards are going to be chase and on. Everybody laughed at us everybody is we're driven to collate your budget idiots is solid the flagship that's all gonna happen. I look at engulf. Goodness gracious how long can this gone it's just it's just a nice little run there on now again at six games over 500 they haven't been in this a territory since. Well about three years. Eight tomorrow. Andy you talk about build and rebuild and things like that Gary how would you like to be the San Diego Padres who have. Couple a 21 year olds I think 321. Year old on their 25 man roster. Yeah yeah I mean you know course here and there and reveal their arm insults or we. But that we're doing a better I mean I don't in any of these things that we got to figure out once you're going to. Do we do. David Stern's a little bit more credits as far as I mean now Ashley you know without these guys that we do do I mean this is done as early book. This up and we're not talking about it we had thought about our on our short all either bark. If these guys to do what he's doing what because your rights of adults as. Up. I don't tell and regular Doug winter week starts and David Stern's is already. Doing a really good. Who are these guys it's almost like deck coming into the season got to remember Riley. What is it a guy like Jeb Mandy got like. A Travis Shaw guy like Manny Pena a guy like Gary claims. Nobody knew but Gary's right in that. David Stern's new currently sees looking Goldman right now you know some Niles Gary is right about ginger contractors he has now Reggie Albany law. Definitely younger for injuries genetic hundreds of guests come and appear. Shortly on Jason would take care behavior. Houseful problems. New rules side indoors and because JJ country who wanted to redundancies in Milwaukee Neary tour. A remodel homes. Are they get to hold an event at the winning house is being is the Neary Lombardi cancer cancer house. Oh we're raising money for the Vince Lombardi cancer foundation. May nineteenth which is best tomorrow from six to 9 PM once you're in particular the proceeds going for great calls attire is guarding Procter. Location of this unbelievable house using green dale. When you go to Milwaukee near dark or invite your ticket you would keep the actress but trust me. This whole house we moderates were seen good food summit entertainment RB their loan center undocks and couples raise money for Vince Lombardi council foundation. May nineteenth. Go to Milwaukee Mary dark or remorse for image. I've you guys who get into the nuts and bolts of the ball game in terms big show lose the only at the song Rami explode on you on each side is I mean you can just do it when I did the vote own. The ego I'd stick around here is act Davies of the quality start his first on the year and it's Eric so guard day or is it airing sends old guard. Nerd power lives. And we'll talk about a brewers' victory don't go anywhere it is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by planes farm inflate. We'll get into the nuts and bolts of a 42 victory stick around the fan. Where things go right. Boring well not so much where did this game turned. Time for today's turning point of the game this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show. Built by blames farm and fleet. Ford's U final brewers get another victory in the beat goes on welcome back it is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by blames farm and fleet Tim Allen baby to house Bill Smith is here. My main man mayor Mets in the month of may as alongside as well and here we go the beat goes on gentleman. Eric so guard big data day again and it does beg the question and no not necessarily. On one Jonathan VR. Which you have to wonder. If if some of Hebrew were fans. Our sand start Eric so dark over Jonathan VR at second base and ask a couple of ways you can do ability you can go with Ames in the outfield. And at that keeps tag you are in the lineup this is this is while bronze out obviously he could you could. Keep Agnew bag you are out of the lineup and he goes so guard you don't somewhere at third and Perez to the outfield so there's a couple of ways you can do this if your Craig Counsell. Armed you just can't keep the got to sit Tutu and then an up. A PS at the top of the lineup all year out of line or be on base at 277. I mean it's it's if you're. Handled OK fair enough if you're gonna seize the moment then that's done that's probably what they're gonna do would you guys do it. 7991250. Year excel guard a big big day today if you're just getting out of work no TV game today. As a burst get a 42 victory so guard four for four in the leadoff spot today drew walked knocked in three. Of the four runs in a huge. Huge two run double that's our turning point this happened in the seventh inning. So. Yeah the centerpiece. He shot a look and feel this is more. Yet they attack on one in the ninth inning as a big dorm for the 42 victory that is aide turning point has heard. On Padres television. 7991250. Would you start so guard every day over BR not viewed turn the page John. On the largest event consistent starting lineup Craig Counsell says that just a couple of days off to clear his head some mental break and and you go from there. All right that turning point is brought to buy edible arrangements base shore and I've sampled these ID bought a couple of a week ago. Couple of the edible arrangement bouquets and one for my mother one from my girl. And go to yeah I know and but well worth that a good deal something different and it really just. Well in the the thing is to Timmy with edible arrangements Fisher you don't have to you don't be a big bowler as Lavar ball would say. To a Ford in edible arrangement you can give a couple of nice bouquets for your mother. And your girlfriend and not break the bank and your girlfriend and your wife if you choose. OK so the turning point at today's game Roger medical arrangements based short. What you screwed up. And that would be a screw up in May maybe you need to say sorry to one of them or bolt. How sorry are you say it with a delicious chocolate dipped fruit arrangement for edible arrangements base shore call 4149889423414. 9889423. Or go to audible dot com and then just type in. The big short outset. Yeah and if you need to get a hold of us to get that number you can certainly do that. Again I'll guarantee you you sample. Some of the arrangements I guarantee it oh yeah I doubt this is not one person feet and I don't know why I sampled both of them. Upon. I obviously again. I'd 7991250. The victory today let's recap real quick for those viewed that didn't get a chance to catch the whole game indeed tales act Davies today. First quality start of the season. Six innings five hits a couple earned runs two walks and three strikeouts in the performance he really needed that now the other day we celebrated. The Jimmy Nelson holiday holiday that states said Jimmy saved the season holiday. Canadian and he did just that out Willy on the other hand that's just a little bit different but offensively. I gotta be honest with you guys I I am not a big fan of this lineup right here in the 23 spots I know things is out I know brownies out. But the up parents in the to a nag you are in the three just I -- it just doesn't feel right to me. It was and they scuffled for runs last couple of nights it was a little bit weird at air and on Perez had such success in that three hole. With Ryan and shot down and do why would you mess mess around with offensively is just one thing really to talk about his Eric's old guard he's four for four with a walk three RBIs seat. Had tied the game in the fifth inning the brewers were down one zip Zach Davies. Allowed a run in that second inning but to so guard with a RBIs base hit in the fifth tied it up Davies gave it right back in the bottom half. Not a good shut down inning right there brewers were down two to one until you just heard it right there on the seventh inning. Couple runners aboard and Eric so guard with a double to give the brewers to two 32 lead at that time. And they go on nod to attack on a good insurance run in the ninth inning. Jonathan VR with a fielder's choice RBI groundout this is nice couple of bad bounce off the bench for VR the last two nights you do have that. Off the bench if indeed you decide that so guards start every day. At second base. The bullpen. Torres Barnes can naval slam the door now it was a low interest sting in the ninth inning Torre got himself and did some trouble and they are relief pitchers for the brewers. Can you stop walking the leadoff man. Seemingly they all do it. But they wiggle out of it at least Corey did in this case earning his third save of the season 7991250. Would you go with Eric so guard over VR will start out what that today and scariest on this. Look at the stats for V last year. Nineteen homers sixty plus RBIs yet to 84 and I think that was a little bit. Of of a skid toward the end there for BR ED did much better than a 284 down to eighty or 300 flashier than it was 285 to Eddie Foy of 280 fives pretty good batting average but it was better than that for the bulk of the season would you at this point. Here 42 games in. Go with seizing the moment going with the hot hand to bear excel guard. Paid off today. And if so guard doesn't start this game. The probability rate that they'd lose this base running good probability rating I don't think necessarily that your can't bring the development of either these guys. Let's tuning a little. It has to be a full Bluetooth but Eric so garden he's begin more reps. At second page you job or you are is going to be getting to ten you did have an air clean citing last night he ended up in the pinch and earned the job. On deck circle. And he did not pinch hit at that there was a little bit of a and today I thought it may have been a and he might have gone around to our Jonathan VR from the right side off the lefty but not the case things did haven't equality yet that. At a deep fly out off the lefties so it's good to see Eric back in the medium over the weekend against the cubs let's go to camp. In West Bend can your on the a post game show you what's happening canning. It did declared all whites you fired earlier Barbara additional. All right how many Beers in you very. It was a flaw after note I gave myself the F they're also bought like twelve but one thing. Facing yeah exit date drink and yeah. But I want the small batch were about as they have won that British. We get the first place boom orders. In the ML central. Outstanding yeah it's on my am. So there are a couple of richter. First thing has the Bogart they have a liar yes all the years there where all my wife by winning softball team. You which your best guys in the light up employee gate in the agent put out data. You know what though can just play devil's advocate here at I think you could make the argument that Jonathan VR is a better baseball player the and so Arden house Eric so are hotter yet. Here to you know. It wins game you cannot afford to give out error hurt or some miscues here and there what would your hitting clutch. The way to escape it our all star witness on Monday night looked at daughter crying on the Riviera what you know about what really bubbling at bases loaded you didn't get it done. It's like he spent little ticked off simply didn't do this kid is looking at the ball accompany him like a beach ball right now. It is not at UC I gotta say Kenny he has some. I truly believe this I think is the most fundamentally sound baseball player on the 25 man roster. All right so then saying that that you can not predict yourself. Abide by your first statement by saying no our PR that are based. I don't know I just say some people could make that argument that VR is a better overall baseball player I I would I would entertain that argument. I would I would and I would say this here's the beauty of this for you at what would Stearns is not. He has been able to put together a group of guys that have tremendous chemistry. And you know a lot of it would out he's been doing a great job with managing these guys properly soul. What I would say to that is simply this. You have your utility guy in air and I'm pairs. So if we are become pure utility guy on the in the infield and tell is that gets better yeah sloping. Yeah that is a switch to switch hitter I think that comes in handy too off the bench. You actually can work him into the wind efforts situations. That. That get hit me and get get in the second light up all I am when he gets dark turn in his hands over better. Candy right now. Right now and I think the reality as you go with your top players were bought and Chicago. And I wanna see them win this series because they'd better not sit here. Goal should be to win that series I don't care what anybody says I'd I didn't mean okay. I would agree and I'm output it as if they if state sweet spot. Drinks be it for 24 hours straight for you liability. I think deal and Don. Piper yeah Iraq they could thank you 57991250. You know it's a while you hurt while you're. Taken energy and Jamie are kit while Kenny right there Cheney on the ABC audio video flat panel and a network had days stat of their. Had three columns smooth sailing for two teams that have got it. Nailed down right now the Astros and nationals and surprises the Yankees and one other team in the shoppers. The Minnesota Twins in the Milwaukee and the brewers. That was your expectation well that's that's what I wanna see and only goal here coming into the season for me was I want the baseball world. To say hey man these brewers aren't that bad. And so far so good aren't that bad might be an understatement at this point now I'm not gonna get too far ahead here. But arts that they are what they are and and at morning for an eighteen. You look at the big sample size and those that say well they need to do this firm. Another one out Vermont there all star break whoever you have. Since being two and 522. And thirteen. Can they start out 215 remember the first week of the season in a four game set to open up at Miller Park. A seven game home stand four game set against the Rockies three games against the cubs the end of going to win five in that homestand. Since then 22 and thirteen. Nine games over 500. Mazen in that stretch of 35 games. And they are games left on the table in that first series two there were two of the other war. And I talked a little bit with chuck and wake learn they'll have a lot of brewers baseball talk tomorrow morning as well. I talked to those guys this morning about where I was a second mentally where this this thing got going really. And you saw some chemistry and and for council's term can activity is sought some of that in in merry go. But I I'd look back at the a Saint Louis cardinal series in which the brewers it was a four game sat one was washed out to rain but they won that series two games to one. It took that series in in that series game one you had a Travis shot three run bomb in the tenth. Game two he run in the Carlos Martinez buzz saw and you lose two to one. And in game three. That was the Hayes whose tagged you our first home run of his career there in the bigs pinch hitter the app as a pinch hitter in the seventh inning for a brewers 54 victory in that once they win the series. Craig Counsell after that game and said it's a happy as he sees as a he has seen his team thus far. I think and that one right there if you look at it now they did bump there. Bumped their heads a little bit in Pittsburgh and then the first two games and in Atlanta shortly after that then got a role. Just to not sell this thing they yet take the last game against the Braves at Miller Park date. They take two of three against Boston and some would say they should've swept down they then sweep the New York Mets. They then go out west and take three out of four and in theory. In a year you have the big home run by so guard in the ninth inning on Monday night you lose in ten. By a walk off home run so. Think you're right things video a little bit better than they already are right now and out with a pitching doing what they're doing. I EI I see them being competitive continually hear I know it's a cliche we touched on it last night late night. That this next man up is this so much of a cliche. But it kinda is appropriate for this team has a net yeah. If it's the billing there really does 7991250. Today air show guards where four for four with a walk three RBIs the game winning two run double in that seventh inning. Would you start him every day at second base over Jonathan VR. Will hit the hit it up Bob FaceBook and Twitter and you can and join us is 7991250. Brewers are 24 and eighteen where they. Ford to victory once again you're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by blames farm inflate. Right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back it is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by planes farm and fleet. You just have to smile here don't you brewers went four to six games over 500 at 24 and eighteen. And in first place them in the National League central heading into tomorrow's date may nineteenth that right there have the dates right the all this late night stuff. This got me a little cronies all over yet Camille Little confuse being on the air as the second show I've done today. Right yeah death bird I've been on that yet that's Jude three for you see but yeah it's okay though when the brewers win. We will be here or lose will be here to talk about a 7991250. How will later on we'll get to the up front office question that I EITs for you last night and really insisted. In get a spin on that as well but let's go to up Pete. In Appleton we'll go from Appleton swinger so Michael hold on after that Pete what's on your mind you're on the fan. Yeah I don't let more support now you are armed accurate again that night as it. Al. Understand of people 10 are to be. It ought to start I think right now it'll that would public. Get a career theory of. It's snack pop. That 41 career you as well all its not like it's Alec. A young guy that we should add up in the minor league that we get moderately but. It would if they're because he could accurately. And I I think your I think your on the sub here I think you do ride this thing out a little bit but boy what a bench player you do have been him ultimately. Exactly enemy can play multiple positions. Or I took it there. Haven't been bad air and obviously. Witness this. You got a lot of I don't mean what nickel or whatever. Well it was sold for three you resolve for three last night with a walk. What yeah. As I didn't think unpopular yet here at issue are right but you all and then. But he did have a great. Dad really dead all I think that aspect the one got a lot of play a little while. What happens. You know let BR clear it's. And then and then get back into Erica went yard pitch at bat again in illegal. Like you can opt will be back up back to the metal yeah I mean you get to the pitchers let up he looked like to opt for me. Wake up called DR. Then maybe he'll realize now he's got a part in all people report what is it that way and back to pick up the Bay's. And stop freaking out on a ground ball V just as has grabbed the ball and do what you gotta do ma'am because she's a little sketchy a little. Little sketchy it's a based. Although a different position got to remember he job is most comfortable at shortstop so they they've injected him around a little bit and I had maybe I should use that term but yet he played third base late last year and then they move on the second. Can I mean you intrepid at the second it. Yet he should be a little bit better than he is his second defense of. I don't like I think he's still a little upset with that he'd. Adequate cure that the earth moved him to act and our equity capital that was government. All right so you need it to summarize then you say no hole. To starting so guard every day in front of him except temporarily you'll ride the ride the wave here. Outright it up for a little while and then go out with the younger. More let's get our younger maybe the more talented. Love talking brewers baseball with UP. Yet you 27991250. You'll go to slaying are now Michael Michael you're on the fan. Hey I am beyond all. In the eighty Noll too but I got that we. Light oil ought BR or are old are you about light long earned her life. Yeah jobs sort of indefinitely yeah I. And I'm not saying that I would do down to sing the question has to be passed. Yeah alone like Eric and I agree with the guys like they got it got all I don't think it really. Make that which I think BR like I liked it even though he's struggled I think he earned that spot last year let body oh. Agree here you ought to open up lot. You and I. You know I thought you had a great year about the derby. Don't really cool. And a late that there are struggling but. You know I think you know do I make that. Happen the light that I've burger. What what your plans are not only. He inquired but all that either because those are currently. Really right now I'm in outlook when all anybody lab outlook is actually. Pretty much been that biting back. There are certainly today was yeah sure. But you know like. I don't like this you know you're winning and winning pick the lot of things that it can't make everything better. But not like we were expecting the players don't really have nothing to loot on a clear even if you Jules. You know are about any. Why did it BR hurt right now. No you know physical he's strategies foreign. I call out there awhile then. You know you kinda. I don't know I did a tricky one but I wouldn't know I would look aren't they aren't there right like. Yet elegant though are they. Yeah I believe so art and Michael Michael thanks for the call man appreciate that it's it's not that the question is solely at second base now you can throw in. A couple of periphery shear that. You know so card can get a spot started shortstop over RC elected to the other day well the question could also be some like. It has Eric so hard earned himself aired on Perez status worker councils as we're gonna make sure we get Hernan Peres at bats. Does Eric so guard need to be in the lineup you know five times a week. Well one thing I do know is Hayes who zag you are needs to get out of the three spot news at any clever national Michael's question so are thirty Jonathan we are 26. Yes we do so you do have that it investment youth moving forward but when you're talking about a Craig Counsell. Led team here this year well really for the most part every year. He wants to win today's ball game. Now does that mean a guy goes you know two for two with a walk in and and a sac fly or something and then all the cities in the starting lineup now. But he's making. Bart Knight talked about this this morning a little bit. He's making decisions based in large part seizing the moment to win tonight's ball game you know. He has and you could go with example after example of that the so guard thing get this much playing time is one example of that. You could say that Willie brawl to moved the ball that definitely yeah absolutely it is example of that. One sir before you needed to make the move Foley's out of the closer role is another example of that. We could go on and on here he's trying to win these games and sir showed men he showed. Yemen opportunity to test to steal a season in your building year. And this is that's that's what his job is and he's what made that very very clear that his job is to win today's game it is thought the development of players. That's that's alongside but. His job is to try to win each and every game that this team takes the field and it's and he's getting it done. Didn't our buddy our cult weeded and instead been watching the burst for 35 years and in seven games Eric so dark. Has already made by top ten favorite room. It is really. Cover guy and I mean I do I do like his play and I wasn't familiar with this guy prior to this year we we talked to him enough. In Arizona. We played that what last weekend we played that interviewed him up and I we'd like demand. Off the field certainly. And and on the field he did play. Solid in not in cactus league is more than just the numbers here for for my liking of this this guy. There's a steadiness that you have with Eric so hard every time he's on the field you know. That he's going to be fundamentally sound and not hurt you I think is one way that people always say it needed give picked off today in the first though now we. Main four we have to add that in there but I do believe based on what I know of the 25 man roster as it sits right now I absolutely believe is the most fundamentally sound player that Craig Counsell has. And it's almost a reminder of himself. Think about that could be so there might be an affinity to gravitate toward philosopher Tim yeah. Two of you know I don't lean toward Eric so guard to say that a man robbed in his shoes and what I need a solid good just of fundamentally sound just good baseball player. Nerd powers mom man and that's what and pledges as a Craig Counsell as and you need guys like that to win championships you do. You absolutely do I think they're not parents to a degree he has. Pretty good fundamentally I don't I don't recalled that we've had any beef with with. You know some mental mistakes and just some some shoddy play what Perez have you not off the top my head trying to Shaw's another one a comes mine my mind. Very fundamentally sound steady Freddie over their Travis show off but he is big reason why they won that game last night. 7991250. Yards set sorted out there because. So guard has been has been dynamite and and Jonathan VR has. Manassas what it is right now the facts when your six games over 500 in the thick of a pennant race here and yes I said it I've setup from game one. You are in a pennant race. You don't look at it that way than theirs really I just haven't issue with that. You are always in a pennant race that's why these games right now. Are as big as the September 15 game. If they so happen to be playing relevant baseball at that time. These are huge games folks they're huge. Huge games if there's going to be a special season. I think got to take a look at the brewers right now stake a look at. Look at the pitching changes sect Craig Counsell Dow's winning the lineups that he does hopefully cross your fingers Eric Ames is back in that lineup tomorrow. It is about the next game. It's really cool right now. There aren't many of Fannie. That expected this the beat goes on. Goes on. Kind of theme here is a get a 42 victory Jonathan VR or Eric so guard at second base VR off the last two nights. Although as have some quality at bats off the bench year. What would you do would you just start Eric in that spot into will be targets of stuff together that might be what they're gonna do will see. You listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Or listening to the fan baseball post game show. Presented by play as far roughly 120 bucks Chile's cash deal listening to chuck and Wrangler tomorrow morning at 835. And know that Chile's MVP to win. Chili's chili's and 75. Years Tim with today's Chile's MVP. I'd a Ford soup brewers win again today. They take the series three games to one and keep reminding Lawson Monday night that bottom of the tenth inning I don't walk off. That wasn't fun now Monday. Forty for an eighteen Swanee for an eighteen. Through 42 games and the beat goes on another victory for the crew and their stared down the barrel of a three game sat. At Peewee part of the neighborhood don't. In on Chicago's Wrigley Field over the weekend whether going to be maybe some. As you crew would say a little bit Dicey yes saw Saturday is one that we're definitely an upbeat. Little cautious about idea of the weekend yes so we'll see what happens there with the beat goes on brewers get another victory. And they remain in first place in the National League central 7991250. Euro reaction here. On the brewers being in first place number one their victory today number two and Eric so guard and he was four for four today guys. Now when they walk yet three RBIs yet the RBIs in the fifth the I'd base it that tied the game at that time. And with the brewers downed two to one in the seventh inning a two run double gave them only 32 lead. You talk about a Chile's MBB tomorrow morning chuck embarked they're gonna have a lot of brewers conversation Billy you'll be in there I will be tomorrow again. Buy it and Billy talked in some additional brewers baseball. They're gonna askew who is the Chile's MBB in the brewers' 42 victory first person to correctly identify. Eric so guard as your MVP is gonna get the free food from chili's and just for the heck of it that's seventh inning two run double the eventually given the lead let's hear it again from Padres TV. So again soon. He shot away. 7991250. Does he stay in the lineup on. Well just for the time being basis. Over Jonathan VR. Just asking the question you know we asked the question a couple of weeks ago I outer I think you remember it is Jonathan VR in the leadoff spot. And that that's got Evan real Dicey it's got to change. Army heightened guys it's were 42 games in here. And we're not twelve to 79 on base cannot be in the leadoff spot and when we asked that question. This was. Two weeks ago at sayers brighter on the first the bank. 1012 games go somewhere in there I said given time given him a little more time but as you start approaching June. And the 13 mark you can't have a 270 on base and at that time was 265 so it is it is rising a little bit for for VR. She can't with this offense you can have your arm based guy doing that and I would. And set it at that time Jonathan VR should be your nine hitter pitcher batting eighth. Well Eric so guard keep himself on this roster and on a roster moves being made. To date to make room for Friday's start tomorrow starter pol Lois Beano. And it was Brit Souter being optioned down possibly besides air so dark. Yes suitor. He does his back and forth thing and and I think you're seeing some stabilizing of the starting rotation here. You get that. He got Garza he had as that Davies do his thing Jimmy Nelson is back on track here you would like a little more length out of chase Sanderson so. You're not in in desperation mode like you were about a week ago in about a week ago yet had to have Souter up. Just in case English you said your shorts are away from being real trouble somebody not being able to go three innings all I think are that around scale what event the one he's due out. He too. So good for you rob scale suitor Uga you'll be back. Q you'll be all right. Like he doesn't pull it Tyler cragey I think he'll be back 7991250. Let's go to new burro and a welcome and Eric kerik you're on the fan. Am I lowest you know as the next man up. I guess so if I mean it's a cliche yen and I guess she got a goal that because it is appropriate to this this team this year. There's and I'm thinking am nobody has seen this guy I think particular element up on what they can't pick I don't know what to do. To be a surprise win tomorrow. The and it might be about the often see never know Wrigley Field it could be that one of those 118 games or whenever. They quote there's Eric C undermine U Eric seems yeah. Josh Hamilton doesn't. So when you breakdown. Oh well okay. Geico I could see them if if he does. The production that Hamilton had in his heyday. With the brewers have found something there are six million dollars in me the biggest steel of the the last decade in Major League based Gary Ellis and brought up something that the you know words were thinking about Erika and any or brought up Dee at what point do you start given Stearns. Some credit for finding these guys Jimenez scouting department. You get sick and it kind of credit. I just an unbelievable. So far so good as she will. He finds these guys and they're not household names by any stretch I mean who knew who Judd and laws now. Exactly nobody knew where it favors laws for crying out well. Now. A Travis Shaw we we had a little bit and taste Travis shoddy kind of heard the name. If you do you follow baseball you kind of heard the name a little bit but yeah I think you could throw him. Manny Pena Eric so guard a lot of these guys in that category. They're catching production and then. Others signed this year. You know we're thank and I can edit outed to party in the editor at it two parties and both of them has started exactly have to give him. So I'm going to capture the economic bankrupt at the end of the year. Unbelievable. That's that's amazing so what do you think so guard over VR. I guess I guarantee you I gotta keep your right right away it was so Garrett. But. And a lot of money it's it's you know let let's O'Connor played tight anymore. They go OK I think thank you Eric thanks listening appreciate that 7991250. BR. One could argue that he had that close to if not an all star year last year. I thought he was in a maybe a little bit a driver's seat pending. You know how some other obviously players did that's at the second base position but. I mean you've if he could've replicated last year at the second base position maybe didn't make that all star team this. This year yet just about the stock could happen right now. No you can't you're not gonna be able to get back in that race now we're forty games 42 games in excuse me and into thirteen and we were two weeks away from the third mark. And it's just not gonna happen forms self. You sit him for so garden. Or do you make some some other moves year in which you say OK I'm gonna try Santana in the leadoff spot or I'm gonna go with. And one of these other guys use your idea was names I like the idea of having things of that leadoff spot but it would also make me want to have Ryan brought go to the two hole. Which is not gonna wanna do now but he didn't keep Hernan Perez. In the lineup you can go. Lefty righty righty lefty you still have a little bit of that balance in that lineup yet and get your first four hitters are probably your best for hitters. I still think they're gonna tinker with that Craig Counsell said they were it's well Greg council said they have talked about it so that's some verification that. That he he is considering at and and that is batting the pitcher eighth and I think that's a brilliant spot for Jonathan VR and then ninth spot takes the pressure off a little bit. He still was somewhat of a lead off hitter second third fourth time through. And that it sets the table maybe oh a little bit more ye you've got to have a batter on base percentage in the leadoff spot them with Jonathan VR is providing. I'm not Sam band seduce. I'm just saying let him work his way back into that position. To radeon basis. Pretty rough slide. And it doesn't necessarily you said doesn't have to be a benching of Jonathan VR you can pitted on the success that Eric's old guard is having I think this is. A great opportunity for Craig Counsell to showcase that. If you have a hot hand you're gonna play good problem that yet it doesn't matter if you are young guy like people are set on the team that you get a year run and do whatever he can't not now. To try to win ball games and if you're not gonna jump on the jump on the drain then get off absolutely and and maybe that's why the metal clearing of the head and their for Jonathan VR out there in San Diego lay on the beach during the morning are way out whatever you wanna do just cleared up a little bit. Maybe it's gonna work. Mania well and and so guard you can spiky amend their at two. At second error at does shortstop. You spike human their for Travis show off if there's a tough lefty match up and Travis wants to have a heal all the finger a little bit more over the weekend amicus spike human at third base and there's. Some double switch opportunity Mike I completely trust Eric so guard debunked. To hit behind a runner to play solid defense he's not gonna hit 380 all year for no that won't happen. But what he will do is the fundamentals in play the game the right way with what we've seen of Eric so are we should. Billy we should have actually. Find someone from Oakland. That has some experience behind seeing Erik so guard play. And get Aman Oka. A wanna know a little bit more about his fundamentals deserved to me they look outstanding. And I wanna know what what they. Have seen in in Eric's old guard for for a few years. No one. All right you're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by Blaine is farm inflate its some comments from Craig Counsell brewers to make a roster move today yes sent. Brent suitor back to triple away. Paolo as Beano is going to get the start freer Milwaukee Brewers. You say who. You recognize Jimmy Nelson's name Ryan and never heard of like. Junior guerra. Yeah I've heard of them Garza. Matt Garza yeah yeah yeah I know that as Willie per all yet have heard of this yeah I've heard that guys few different time chasing Anderson. I've used on the team last year and now you get. Paulo. SP you know. Last year. So how low those still one item one of the top names I think it is cool it is cool. I was in love to go through high school mandating column if you say I'm lady is that what is love me power low. Paulo power would have definitely I would definitely change my last name is how lotion it definitely does not roll off the town no polish Schmidt is not good. Is that Paolo or how low. It's Powell oh how are you OLO Powell O Paulo Powell well what is that well. Pale affiliates like the Greek lob tallies from Panama. Powell still. He's maybe there's some Italian. Background and that that it's Paulo SP polo but she said who is Eric so guard you said who is Jeb bandy some of you said who is Manning Pena. I did. And so now all of a sudden it's tacky and Broxton to maybe. Absolute I heard Keon rocks into that trade in fact your right knotty maybe last year. Keon who what but Broxton. Jonathan Broxton who. In his. Sometimes we slept policy Jonathan Broxton sometimes. But yes it's the next guy that you never heard of let's see if it can get the same results out of this. The blast here guys the beat goes on brewers get a 42 victory they take the series three games the one they run their mark now to 24 and eighteen. They've won nine of their last eleven. They're 22 and thirteen. Since the first week of the season. Nine games over 500. For 35 games. As big time numbers right there. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by blames farm inflate after a brewers 42 win. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's find out the Scopes from the skipper brought to my bright this trend college athletics offering athletic scholarships is six junior college sports blur. More BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans. Before and after the game 1057 FM the fan. The beat goes on for the brewers here in the 2017. Championship season. Yeah us. T that doesn't surprise you when I say that I know who I hang out with you far too often for that surprised me and when you started saying that you have to continue to say it. When they're 24 and eighteen here. In mid to late may you know Tim they have made this push towards first place. Ever since you and I found that that magical Allman for the season the. Love the glove the glove of loan. The golden global and one of my roommates play catch with that thing and if anybody wants an Oakley we were talking about one of those. Foods market gloves that they gotten back in 2000 the color is love to get away club today yeah so I made one of my 21 year old roommates play catch with me. When he was wearing that night medic first basins glove and I was just pumping gas having. Got a right on the Sheehan. Having not been to a glove day in home got ages. It's actually a decent glove loop it's the Mark Loretta Lamar erratic love. Now which again tomorrow we should get him to sign that thing for the championship season all right the scope from the skipper here are we'll get your calls here in just a second. The scoop from the skippers brought to by Bryant and Stratton college offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports you can check out the deet tails of BSE bobcats. Dot com an idea I'm a big fan of JC sports of the ju co route trust me. It works you know and it's it's about more on that you know what I wish I was an option that I would have looked into more when I was coming out of school. Idea I'd I just think it's fully healthy for for most athletes that the good ones yeah you know where you go. But you know that the decent ones who highly recommend junior college sports and you can check it out at Bryant and Stratton. Craig Counsell they didn't make a roster move corresponding move to SB you know getting the start tomorrow Brent suitor. Sent to triple A what else on nine councils quotes and he's all code for Todd Rosie X Twitter account from the Milwaukee journal sentinel he says not talk about Eric so Garnett twelve pitch at bat he had. If there was. And about a better at bats in this year this. This year in the major leagues I'd like to see it. So guard he's been unbelievable quote. 24 for four games in one series probably doesn't happen very often. And he's figuring out ways to keep playing air excelled are he says quote I'm going to have to figure something out. While this on the flight home tonight against Roger about a for over an hour now yes you do to plug in your podcast Greg and you can figure out exactly what you're gonna do yet with their so there are many options that you have to sit down with pat Murphy on the plane. Have a couple of Beers Cragg it's okay it's legal to have few Beers. At and kick around some ideas and you figured out he got to get the state creative man state creative I'd love DeVon beer pat Murphy back. Let me in the gym with a bat on purpose. Yes there was definitely a dead there because they are right there no question that 7991250. Bruce what's on your mind your on the fan. Well they play it in and I don't allow. The reason I haven't called you is that it up every night in the end after epic brewers went even the one they lost I had trouble sleeping. Because there's there are unbelievable. We say let me say this about the moved in made the smartest will be made we're putting. Peralta in the bullpen and a player like other than one game against the cardinals keep not pitched well. And you know he doesn't deserve to act and out between now and then M record against the against the cubs and cardinals is quite. Always get the it's gone beyond belief it's it's horrendous gas. So they're not opinion. He was there anything other information other than it is a little bit guy or what kind of security. You know. What what what is what kind of security at Heathrow for a lot of different it is what is. We'll get to the breakdown on I'm okay. Bruce that's great that's a great question. And by the way. A patent if he had he kept it off and on the I this email that I can't let you but he that you get. I don't know he's a clown with a Oz oh he definitely is no doubt. All right thank thank you Bruce. 7991250. We're gonna sports last year and out by the way we out we had a conversation bill you and I without a brewers right handed reliever Carlos Torres. It dark about a guy that's on filtered. Stick around for this is Ned. That's an understatement. Craig Counsell told us in Arizona that he heat yet that Carlos Torres quote doesn't like rules. The ethnic Tibetans and that's the direct quote from counsel Eddie sedar with a smile on his basement. I'd Torres is always a fun conversations or have that for you going inside the clubhouse this was a conversation we had last weekend. Wish him just haven't had time to to air this for yet I think you'll find it insisting he talks about pace of play. He talks about team times as a plenty of activity in this interview so stick around for that also. 12 just throw this out there aren't and we can throw this out there aren't on social media as well. Do you think the front office and I mean David Stern's and his staff. Do you think they believe. They can make the playoffs this year not what we believe as fans. Not what you believe as as a guy that goes and has few Beers and grabs the Bobble head on Sunday. But that front office David Stern's and his staff. Do you think they believe. At this point that they can make a playoff push. How we've discussed. You heard it on chuck and went Poehler bill Michaels in the big show. You've heard all of the conversation about how long does this last did have a shot do you buy do you sell all of these things. What it from the perspective of David Stern's the general manager of this team. And his staff whether or not they believe. That this could be a playoff run type a year and I'm not saying a World Series and that's saying billion Al pennant I'm just saying. I'd do they believed that they can play relevant baseball MP in the thick of this is quite frankly right now guys hate to inform me of this actually I love it. There are unaffected this thing. Through 42 games yes they are you can say all you want about the bottoms gonna drop out but all I know is right now they are. Does the front office believe there in the thick of tests. And moving forward potentially into the playoffs this year 7991250. Will stop and get radio sports flash from mayor Mitch here and come back you're listening to the Milwaukee admirals. Baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Let's add this one out brewers fans time to go inside the box score. Brought to you by Dave and buster's won't Sosa. Eat drink play and watch sports this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze farm fleet. Brewers fans the beat goes on as the brewers get another victory for to final idea of have the MLB at bat app on my phone and then you have this one or not but don't you gotta. He had it's a cool out there really goes and you can he would do all sorts of fun stuff where that but. Just threw something out games yet there's some that out there are generally excel and they said surging brewers. A loose a little like this surging brew your neighbors don't look now they're in first place in the National League central as they've won nine of their last eleven. Well MLB network also laws and same program went through all the surprising brewers jet handy Manny. Finally wraps it up with Craig Counsell guys that were known gamers as we were we don't. Trodden through the offseason here and you're like Martina Maldonado traded. Who what did you get some extra bats term baseballs or whatever that may god shed bandy. At this and then he would do little bigot you know who jet Andy was I don't think many brewer fans did but Stearns did. And he gets some credit now do you believe. That. The front office of this organization we'll talk more on the big show tomorrow. Brewers have a big game tomorrow game one in Chicago's Wrigley Field. Hubble talked go with Gary. And Stevie and and Ronnie about that as well do does the front office believe. That they can make a playoff push is that's the distinction here we believe right now I'm emotional as most of us do. That that we've seen enough to say hey you never know as is definitely of something that we would incorporate and we'd take. But do they believe does David Stern's Walid and that really is the big big big question. Great guys they results really it's his call. And he could be internally saying you know what yeah out there on a good run were on a good brought here but. No ivory baseball. In a fiber in me says it's probably not gonna last. Maybe saying that we don't know. But we know what we know now the 24 and eighteen after a 42 victory go outside the box brought to by Dave and buster's in wallets OC eat drink play and watch sports. Eric so guard the big night four for 43 knocked in and a walk followed by iron on Perez he was over five with a strikeout now hitting. To 74 adds he's been dipping a little bit that two spot get him back to the three hole why don't they move them out of their rebellion not sure aces that you are in that three hall for three with a walk. Travis Shaw one for three with a walk today. The Ringo Santana. O for three with a walk and strikeout Manny Pena. Goes over three clean Keon Broxton two for four with two runs story go yeah you do strikeouts needed he's now had 266 but an on base a 324. And grabber Keon Broxton. Orlando RC it's your for ports or more runs scored the strike out zag Davies. Was all for one in his one at bat pinch hitters Eric angels' offer one Jonathan VR over one but did score a wrong or had an RBI. On a fielder's choice ground out there in the ninth inning pitching lines. Sacked Davies six innings five hits to right and he only had 82 pages of is that days. Spot in the order doesn't come up there there are things being pinch hit that he might go out there for his probably would have corps are Carlos Torres there in the seventh inning one clean inning with a strikeout. Jake barns one inning clean with two k's and finally the lockdown Corey to enable. One inning pitch no hits no runs two walks and three strikeouts the brewers go four runs on nine hits. And no errors the Padres two runs on five hits with two airs the windows is that Davies he's now five and two. And the loss goes to Kevin clocking bush. He is now ON one for the Padres the same goes the Corey can naval it is his third and 24 and eighteen here. In the 20s17 championship season atop the National League central first place brewers before the break you're white and black mystic holy book black ethnic quite taken by an awesome name now is all right glad that wasn't mine and last name in middle school got a big beard too like he's just as big burly guys Quackenbush love it love it love it all right we get to the but mayor Mitch over here Mitch Ross had a little dig in an SP you know tomorrow's starter for the Milwaukee Brewers Apollo. As speed now Paulo SPL a native of Panama. Does the pits for the nationals organization as well as Cleveland who drafted him. In the tenth round in 2006. Guard so he's been around for awhile obviously is thirty years old he signed in November by the brewers. 2.5 four ERA with a forty to five strikeout to walk ratio in 39 innings this guy's just so have our good and in a tough place to pitch a good year in a tough spot in our t.'s. Short size 510 he works and 8892 mile an hour arranges with a heater. But also features a sinker slider changeup and a big breaking twelve to six over anchor OK so. He's got a full arsenal Iraq. Okay he's taken a spot Willie for all of for all the skill set I think works well in the bullpen guys. And and we'll see if he can league ended an inning raunchy and over the weekend I would assume he would. I could see projecting now for parole up and I don't. Every item look at the glass half full. Guys I think for altar is going to be one hell of a bullpen pitcher he fits fits the model. Emotional guy Q pitches. Good heavy sinker. Good how fast ball movement on that on that heat up. Yep like I could see him being aid a big time peace in that bullpen it's almost like they went ahead and signed a free agent bullpen arm. And it's one of those things to look at him when we look at the the minor leaguers that are coming up. The brewers might not have to make a trade the deadline to be able to improve. They may not. I agree with you quality guys that the brewers have down there in the minor leagues coming up they might be able to improve their their Major League system without right. With ouch rate making a deal the big jigsaw puzzle for Craig Counsell and he's doing an excellent job obviously thus far here in 2017. Take a break here. And come back out brewers fans pop John's your brew crew pizza party headquarters. The day after a brewers victory. Well you get 50% off fall regular menu price Pete says when the brewers win so okay they wind today for two that means tomorrow you go to. Papa John's dot com he collected on the promo code right there's generated in brewers win. As brewers win all one word for 50%. Off that's Papa John's. When the brewers win I would take a break him back Carlos Torres on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game updates as we take you. Inside the clubhouse brought to my weather cycle windows and doors received 50% off qualifying installations with no money. Visit whether dashed TEK it dot com for info this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show they'll buy blaze farm fleet. You wanna talk more about the brewers sets tomorrow morning chucked in wing color baby taos you're going to be in there tomorrow morning correct hey you know the boys died they will talk about your first place Milwaukee Brewers and course. Bill Michael's so we all over it tomorrow as well as CEO Wendy's big show tomorrow afternoon. Where the post game means the big show called the big post as other brewers hopefully get a game one victory in Chicago they need to get a victories otherwise yours to be miserable in the studio for a mean depends on how the victory or defeat happens. Really that's that's pleasurable thing about this show another one of those dangerous it's homers by Addison Russell lemon lose my mind is. Unless you're up by eight runs go with your guns. Scheme exists. I agree that seem just doesn't win and man did just that team doesn't quit so yeah my ire will. That's the potential to be up tomorrow so might be must listen to radio tomorrow afternoon. Let's go back inside the clubhouse bought brought you by whether tech windows and doors have 50% off qualifying installations. Visit weathered dash TEK dot com. And this was what about a week ago or so right yep last Thursday asked third visit Thursday night is Thursday decided you've big show. And this was the same day that I left my phone at Miller paglia a that was the final game of the Boston series yeah and that was Carlos Torres now they played a late guy in a game on Wednesday nights it just went long what else is doing baseball. And we start out the interview tonight with brewers right handed reliever Carlos Torres. In the clubhouse talking about well he brings it up. All the game time should not be a noon game here in the brewers' clubhouse a little two on one action bills read Tim Allen and Carlos Torres currently Carlos ornament. Good to say anything and out and join at 12 o'clock game but it should be a one. Gave the big talk right now yeah that's true I area that of the big talk here is the rotation. Tackled as deep as you guys want as a picking him up yes doing yeoman out for an. I mean yeah they can as the bullpen right now for that reason and it's our job to sit there and think well whenever they need it. It's early in the season and through we're looking in the future you know it means. It's not as David curry as the as the Russians you know something you might want to be carrying that at this stage year we were. We're going crazy here but in a controlled way it's a long way to go which guys are hanging in there are better than the record indicates. I'm actually unfortunately this tour record with head coach again a little bit with that. But. Its interest in because we should we have the ability to lead to win quite a few more games than we did. Are we having ways so. Just putting all the little things together really is an umbrella sucked into you know some kids in the offseason and they're like you know what secret. In the big reason holy there's a huge secret you know it's called fundamentals. You know I gave really does come into play in every game in every situation it's it's amazing how often does completely to. We we were certainly do the little things frightened when more ball games with settlers to that you know this couple that WA couple that you should go on your way in a couple of did Leo and that. We're doing better. You just talk about the development thing and features. Seen some situations you Caridad you know here shall. Bounce ideas off of she very terrible terrible story. Apparently. I didn't notice I'm 34 years old news now but I'm the oldest guy on this team. And knows them by default. I'm also the oldest guy and his organization. 34 years old. Idling car assembled them on how much that twice and use that league as me that. I just found this out and older than all those guys yet again these in the in the bullpen and we. My idea it is and it's not one guy you know beating her one guy giving teachings it's everybody. Everybody says are talks chats if you get an idea you know he's got me talking now. Everybody is willing to communicate and learn to listen and work hard. Okay so what's going out in celebration. That after the home run ball you guys are clapping straight up in the air. This on the results picked up when guys start that all I have no clue like to sit there and clap. Choreographed in I don't know apparently out of that political school you know and I mean that to rule passed away you know when you when year old year old old an idealist and this organization yes really quite anything anymore you know like. It's certainly that's hilarious but I a decision from my understanding was guided it we're back in the you know. Early in the season and it's this is stuck within. If the rules not broke don't fix your anatomy can you come and eat the same thing every morning in you know you guys wearing the same thing every morning does not what you do so late. Nice game last night long game an idea the quick turnaround which you'd rather prefer all night games right. I'd I'd rather prefer Major League Baseball. Only allow three foul balls. Per at bat and you're out. You eliminate that that's actually we dispute the game everything else is proposing zaps your preposterous. Quit doing that eliminates. Our of the game at least today to charges it really is because. Well and not on that but it's more cost efficient Major League Baseball throughout the bulls were losing your editor at us like to it would 25. Bucks apiece I got an idea. Just tell you guys to pitch that they embodies all the time taken out there I understand it and then a thinking man's game point to a lot of time. Interestingly enough if you guys watch. Pitchers we can throw within five seconds ago Ivan walks into the box takes his time dig seeing the hotels in part away then gets ready and then we get a pitch. If they had a run up theirs is at play is going honor you know this is a place that had a run out there and get in the box you can get back I'll be true. This I mean we we give that a try it's instant I mean that's the difference is trying to me that you have a guy keep one foot in. But what happens is when a guy takes both you know there's no penalty for personality wanna do is okay well if it's your time comes you know. That time's up it's a ball you for the hitters like will put that on infinite scale. If there's a ball for the hitter every time the ball is not pitched in this game is exponentially longer than could ever imagine. You put on a shorter scale if the hitters not in the box. And he gets strike. Okay now the game's over and you don't 20/20 seven miles but actually whatever that is you know I mean. But yen to dispose of that way or moribund offense of the guy you know decides it will be out they get penalized I have never seen a guy get called the strike because he triple feel box. Yet that was a rule for one point. So it it is actually enforcing the rules which he'll never do hitters because it actually takes away from office. But you know once the intention of the intentional walk thing that release that things go in the series bottom half. It actually actually slowed down. Because. Now coaches can to take thirty seconds after every single no hold on. And then wait wait wait all thirty seconds in the act of Cano on a memorandum and challenges like we'll we'll we'll homeboy you challenge if you don't anatomy and like. Either do you don't call that day but all these pauses and you basically to take our time of the game. Minus all of this that they DBS for us to replace. And it tells what are Imus. I'm pretty sure you've seen at that time was cut. By yesterday has this huge offensive game and the problem is when you don't tune called strikes. And there's lots of offense cancer can be really long. And that's just the latest why is this price of a small this year it's such as this here if you look at Major League Baseball rules and actually baseball rules dictate and they've had. Since I've been planning. That between the waste and the shoulders. Halfway between there's the top of the strikes. But yet we have done it astronomical. Amount of pitches at the bill called balls which are actually in the middle of the zone. So it's it and not only that but to try to win the bottom of the do you move it to the top of the knows why. It's gonna go counter intuitive to it speaking at the ballgame which Major League Baseball knows what is gonna do this. Increase offense. So Reggie baseball as a whole entire. Idea is they don't they don't break it up it's play this plays the West Coast problem because they're losing advertising dollars in the seventh eighth and ninth inning. That's all my fault that out he says this has got to work on Monday through Friday humbling you know and I mean that's just the way it is an aging baseball want to attack office. Because nobody cares but our game bombs again and you know enemy and then it's exciting and it's on an appointment at the hunky dory except for the pictures obviously because we're extra nickel balls. Whatever you know. We Billy. I would pay a lot of money would be this young man as your Sadr have a lot of money but hey whatever seventeen guys got it. What do you do you're here how far. It's crazy ups and as it is actually done that you're sheets you know because you know we give seeds found that at least it's really doesn't know who were they gotten ridiculous you know enemies like that's cool what would you do. Lou that's actually good question. You're you're known around town now and you know no serious I've actually I've actually pitched a ball game. In New York got on the subway in New York where they're talking about the starter in the game which is mean I'll sit down next and the entire conversation. And nobody knows me. Clean leader in your job you know to me especially the pulpit that we nosy and you're in the bullpen is phenomenal and you cannot get young. Balls hit off the wall today closes again you know they're gonna get recognized that causes brewer fans recognize you around town. On an almost an under personable guy you know item that I'm not very approachable I mean. And again you look at you like. And it's really clothing this thank you know kind of guy you like yeah second looks a little suspicious and against me keep my head down keep blocking you know well in radio we. Perfect I got to face for radio. And Scott. And regular. Though man I'm serious I would pay big money to go out there let me few Beers with him. Should think. That would be an awesome time and on filtered there's Carlos Torres. And our conversation about a week ago tonight that's gonna do it for us the stick around mayor Mitch has a sports flash for yet. First go back added tomorrow it's game one of a three game set as the road trip continues. In Chicago's Wrigley Field. Paulo SP no Major League debut gets the start for the Milwaukee Brewers is he the next man up after the last bit to make the switch right here. To the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm and fleet. Thanks to the big show boys are sticking around will be back with them tomorrow afternoon for mayor Mitch. They beach house bill Schmidt my name is Tim Allen you guys have a great night. And remember a smile Milwaukee the world will smile back it's.