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Sunday, July 16th

Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show: Tim Allen gets you ready for game 3 of Brewers vs Phillies.


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It's game day brew crew found. It is and where here to get you ready before first pitch we'll have today's starting lineups and will debate the hot topics in Milwaukee. Plus you'll hear from the skipper now. It's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And good afternoon brewers fans you are listening to the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell bill bio Zeng get together building batter my name is Tim Allen getting you ready. For game three of this three game weekend series between the first place brewers in the Philadelphia Phillies today's game features Matt Garza. Foreign 4398. Earned run average opposite Phillies righthander Jeremy Alex and who comes in with a even market as well at five and five NE 449. ER today. But before we get to today's game let's go to last night's victory. As the brewers take game two this sat. Jimmy Nelson and the brewers take care of business last night a 32 victory if you wanted runs well wasn't going to happen in this one at least not early. Jimmy Nelson and Erin knoller silenced each other's offense. Through four innings with the Phillies get on the board to take the lead in the fifth inning. And the brewers they bounce right back with the job bottom of the fifth inning two out magic. As a Jonathan VR had a base hit stole second base. And was standing right there what's allowed sand Eric fame set a bad news sand. Seventeen stolen bases tonight. It's going to be done. He had didn't take long for the brewers to untie that thing in the bottom of the sixth inning air non Perez. You prepare right now that is spinning they're not threats. My last. Nice my. Lead two to one at that point the 1982. Celebration week in continue to Nyad band old levee. In the booed during that Perez home run two to one crew at that time Jimmy Nelson then surrendered one it was only two runs served up. In the top of the seventh inning and the brewers were tied at two Nelson exit. Exits in that seventh inning six and two thirds of three hit two run ball. Oliver Drake would get the brewers to the eighth inning in a tie game. Jacob Barnes however top of the eighth inning was into some trouble with a couple walks. How about the pitcher's best friend to get him out. And it stays 22 at that point to the bottom of the eighth inning. The brewers MVPs. Thus far and 27 team. Travis jockey on ties it. Number two want me on the year for Travis Shaw and certainly has had an outstanding season thus far. Corey can naval would lockdown save number sixteen. And run a strikeout streak to 45 straight games and thus a brewers three to two victory to run the mark to 52 and 41. And an opportunity to sweep here in game three today. Manager Craig Counsell since we had the 1982 AL championship celebration over the weekend. He had some comments comparing this year's team to the 82 squad. What they were good it felt like they were so close and then there role of players but they were close they had a tough on planet candidate. They were great teammates together. This on this group has created for sure but it's it's an honor for us to be compared at CNET the act of baseball team. And so the brewers look for a sweep here in game three at Miller Park over the Phillies and it's a couple right handers go on at a Matt Garza for the crew. Opposite Jeremy Alexander let's get the rest of today's starting lineups. You're listening to the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin on the deck show our. Batting first and here's today's look around the diamond. With a starting lineups sponsor my Waukesha sports cards we. We have an upcoming charity event to fund raiser called 2625440959. To find out how they can help. Waukesha sports cars has a great selection of authentic autographed sports memorabilia. And let's get to be walkers just sports cards starting lineup for today's game three match up brewers and Phillies will start with the visiting Philadelphia Phillies who are managed by Pete Makinen. And come into today's game where they 29 and sixty mark good for last place in the NL east. 24. And a half games back of front running. Washington. Leading off of playing center field is owed doable Herrera. Batting second as the shortstop Freddie galvanized. Batting third for the fills is left fielder Daniel Nava cleaning up as a third baseman Mike cal Franco. Hitting fifth and doing the catching is Andrew Knapp. The first baseman Tommy Joseph self will hit six for the Phillies. Batting seventh is the right fielder Nick Williams batting eighth and playing second base is tie Cali. And batting ninth and doing the pitching today for Philadelphia is right hander Jeremy and Alex and who comes in with a 505 mark in a four point 49. Earned run average. He does not want in his last six starts dating back to June 4. And he'll be making his fifth career start against the crew he has two and one with a two point 74 earned run average. Today he makes his nineteenth start of the year. Once again for the Phillies today it's a rare gal this not about Franco nap jealous of Williams Kelly and Alex and and now for the home standing Milwaukee Brewers who comment what that 52 and 41 mark in are managed by Craig Counsell. That mark of course good for first place in the National League central five and a half. Over the second place cubs. Leading off and playing second base is John than VR. Hitting second today and playing right field is Domingo Santana. Back first third straight start in left field and batting third is Ryan brawn. Cleaning up as per usual the brewers third baseman Travis jaw hitting fifth as first baseman Hayes whose Agha Lar. Batting sixth and getting the start behind the distant day has catcher Manny Pena batting seventh is center fielder Keon Broxton. Hitting eighth as the shortstop Orlando Garcia. And batting ninth and doing the pitching today is right hander Matt Garza. Who today has a foreign for marketing three point 988 earned run average. They'll be making his fourteenth start of the year and in his career against the Phillies shows a two inch to an 82 point 32 earned run average. Once again for the crude today in game three it's BR Santana brawn shot and you are Pena. Broxton Garcia and Garza. Craig Counsell in his first plays brewers got to be pretty plays just a short time ago he addressed the media let's get the scoop from the skipper. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show what's Greg council have planned for today's game. Let's find out what today's scoop from the skipper on moral 57 FM the fan. Can you feel like the momentum was this team from. Fan perspective we. Packed houses in this of those everywhere in the in the tunnels walk demand in the stands. Did did you feel all of it as America's team did. Yeah I mean it takes. When you when you play good baseball you know that's. And your site seated before here. So it's it's certainly news fans would starts. Taken up bonnet and common and green you know just adding kind of today atmosphere around the team and and that's all part of this in so part of you know I don't what's next and most common. And that's part of what you know you look at sports and it's it's enjoyable and sits makes everything more enjoyable makes more fun. Makes the highs iron a little slower enrollment that's part of the part of the ride. It's actually helping him. Yeah I mean I think. I think there's certainly. Now think he's the only one and I think he's been you know one and again. One of our more consistent presences in the line above the city's dominant force. All year I think he's probably been there maybe a couple times and says. So that is it's news comes through a lot of big situations as the bus and I think we I think everybody notices they. He's. This solid presence in there and I guess he's just the consistency is vanity. No I guess when you talk a certain time but consistency is boring almost. It's the same thing but that's what stratus is doing it since then so solid. But you don't take it for granted because it's your right a lot of it's a bad. Big heads. He laid any heads. You know game changers. Giving guys a wrong now and communities excel. Not mean I think. You know you got to be yourself you know unannounced. Travis is an understated guy uses a quiet guys. Seems he didn't he grew up in baseball low he understands. He then has lived through the you know. Many seasons it'll be even though it was that hasn't been a player for her a big league player for that long so it's. You know I just think desk personnel and I don't I don't think. She doesn't need to change it's easy feeds off. You know the other eye he feeds off the energy and the other guys given his own way. And that's that's a that's that's perfect that's that's very good fun. Yeah it's. You know it's it's important for the next seven games and they get so this much is anything but but. Weren't sure and stretched them you know I think any time you wouldn't played so. You know August. The healing injuries are a factor sexiest actor. Obviously always. We always gonna keep here I am and that's the Clinton and try to keep. You know players it's good places you can do as far as. Team you know mentally and physically fresh. And we'll use our depth to kind of would seem to achieve them. So. But the new road trip smears is more or just today. You know I think 1010 games on the road is. It's our livelihood so long history of the year. It's. I think we had an increasing chipper early history say chips are server hardware sales and tips it LL is and on August. It's really big ones coming down here and loan scandal. Yeah let's. You know. Part of the schedule that's part of the schedule. Well all tech heavy suitcases. Richard yeah. Hi we I think we've been in the you know consistency and it's been eating. There hasn't been really big you know Oklahoman roads does not day. You know not been for you guys that point now and Tuesday's day games. Night games after day games and nothing. Pretty good looks I don't know about it say Osama. Yeah. Love it bounced back after most balls bouncing. But we've been pretty Vanilla mint aspect we haven't been I don't think that we've gone to a lot of extremes and then dividends. Most of those that's okay cozy statistics. The system. Only you and the Astros winning record. If somebody wanted to. Yeah that's an existing one. I think it's I think it's. Those are those are always challenging games and thinking I think the games were here you know 12 runs down what's spread probably the most those games are. Those those are tough games and things. You know. And higher power figure out how to use their mobile playing guys and I wish you guys to use and fight back and things like that so it's that's that is a good good straight out like Dallas for sure. Extended period. Doesn't seem like you've made big. Roles are right that's part of it he's off on its. Just kind of innovative. But now that we think he's gonna help. Yeah I think that's. Been the biggest it's and I and I think I. Preview that I sought to games wouldn't change a little bit sad and you would. Because we just gotta stretch of games where we play it you know we've played. Three weeks of games that war one and two run games and it felt like every night. You know and enunciated baseball season's gonna give you some different tenants so we had some games we don't win or Louis where it it just is different NN. Allows a little bit. No more clear cut. You know places that we can use guys. And it and it got guys rest and they also say our starters. It's it's a bunch of innings in this stretch to. I don't know what the numbers are but I think you might just feel good as they've missed much innings severe illness. We'll today's weather affect the game let's get today's field and conditions brought you by your neighborhood based hardware stores locally owned with the everything you need to get ready for the big game. Starting with help this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the fans. Our about 47 minutes away from first Fitz is the brewers try to sweep the Phillies out of Miller Park in cap off. A nice little homestand that would be an understatement. Whether it. A little bit on the cooler side some would say compared to yesterday but look at partly cloudy skies today should be a problem here. As a high eight in the lower seventies right around seventy no major problems are that would get to the round table. Kevin Holden from CBS fifty A will join us next along with. Our way cooler from chuck in a way clerk that's next on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show build bio saying get together building better. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding. The crew get ready for the roundtable. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the. Brewers and Phillies are gonna go added at Miller Park today final game of the weekend sat and final game of the 1982. AL championship celebration. Which I think is outstanding. Matt gar so let's see if he can continue. A decent season I think that's who we can call. Matt Garza thus far 398. Earned run average in 84 and four mark holds the brewers in the game that's for sure. At the roundtable portion of the on deck show on let's welcome in our gas from CBS 58. And now Milwaukee is Kevin Holden and also from chuck in Wayne corps. He has CO win close side of that equation is Bart went learned Kevin let me let me start with this. Washington Nationals so out of you discern in the last couple minutes news broke that they made its trade. You'd draft for needs sometimes sometimes you draft the best talent in a lot of other sports in the trade season and baseball. You simply go after need the nationals have a horrendous bullpen and they just picked up a couple of relievers. Kevin I'll start. What is the brewers need this strays trade season. It is. No question about it and it. With the caveat that this is strong. Pitching team certainly be expected to this point but expectations to this point. Where Burris seventy win team value chain expectation. If you're at ninety win team your playoff team you've got to have gap in the rotation and art I've talked about this some on morning shows you. You have got to have. A rotation that can run against the nationals of the world it has its three beeper or deep that you could throw out there and right now I feel comfortable. Brawley chief Anderson out there as long as he's healthy and I guilt certainly comfortable throwing in the Nelson out there. Another starting pitcher would be a tremendous need but they're in big balance because as we learn with the cubs acquired it in product. It cost a lot you you got to pay a lot in terms of prospects. Out of your minor league Pittman to get a starting pitcher but still that it meet 11. More front tight BB Mittal irritation at the start. Yeah and you mentioned the cubs their cabin Bart I'll kick it to you cubs had a need at the starting rotation position nationals have a need. Add to the bullpen position and brewers need in your mind bar. First that I wanted to say how Hispanic and Indian traffic yeah I. Couple weeks ago I wanted to cover game on Sunday on all right I'll leave it nude I did it right well. And I did and graphic here so people are starting to show up your curriculum but not about that a few moments ago I'm excited Ian interpret it right now that. That first of all they need they need got to be pitching if you ask. I solid pitchers you're gonna need that depth look at what the brewers have done. Which they're pitching staff throughout the season are ready to Garrett hasn't been what we hoped he would be in now he's struggling on the DL. I beg Davies in the same way he's getting wind belt so. Giving it it would run support he admittedly that he could be pitching better. They have guys like Brent shooter come out and they'll and they have guys like Apollo SP you know given for any. But even if you're happy with K you mean in Garza who I think he's an advocate or. You don't need that you'd need more you can never have enough aging clinic comes to a point now. Go and your other arm are all there Sonny gray and and that only to strengthen your ball into new and starting pitchers so. Pitching in the definite need year offensively I mean happened on the line up even on Sunday lion is gone Arctic front will. Pitching and pitching in the needs starting pitching would be the as a front runner. Kevin you do both the radio on the TV side of things have you seen. A masks. I guess following here as of late for the brewers that we just heard Craig Counsell talk about. Does this thing heats up that's part of a season like this is that people start to jump aboard we year Travis sharp since. You know it's time to buy in Milwaukee and have you been have you been in in your endeavors have you been seeing that Kevin and all is is their ground swell here finally. Yeah I think if you talk about it the benchmark maybe for casual and some non casual fans and media all star break that's been nice forty stretched. Where things don't change you know and in baseball season the dynamic for six months. You have the stretch where the standings don't change the averages total homers total RBIs don't change that really nice way. In the middle of the summer for baseball and this stop and say who's good and who's not and I think what you sound as we approach the all star break and during the all star break. What's not in Milwaukee. But around the country you actually saw these national writers saying the brewers. Have earned it they are where they are not because of some sleep because we packed the number of games or see them like it is a fluke. These guys deserve our wanted to tweeted that they deserve to get an acquisition at the trade deadline because this team is that it now. He gets something done that I think got the support of local bands. I is it has been strong but I also think that we're entering a very interesting period which is. Training camp for the Packers starts in a couple weeks so the rumors will be competing for the attention. About local sports fans the more. They win out what more can build up in May August and September meaningful the more people care each 111 was a terrific year. In terms of fan support and I think it would be if they stated it. About coming up on forty minutes away from first this final game this weekend series brewers and Phillies the on deck show Kevin hold on CBS 58. And bar when color of chuck and way cooler in the morning here on the fan. I'd last night guys on the post game show we'd talked about the 82 celebration the AL champion brewers. I throughout the question. That that I was. Someone answers saying we have some fun where that if not the 82 team that's that your favorite mom I'll start with you Bart if not the 82 team. What year is your 82 team. If if you go back and say well 92 was so was it kind of a fun year and they made a run in 92 obviously 2008 breaking out. The playoff drought 2011 as Kevin just alluded to. Was so it was a fun season to to the NLCS but if not the 82 squad Bart I'll start with you what is your favorite team. I would say for now artery contain my version of the 82 team would be in 92 brewers achievements. The 92 brewers I was eight years old during that time I was. Kind of going back between the cog in the brewer that like both being available by EB BitTorrent differently the big base spot guidance in this elaborate. Protect these that's where there really. Began to be 100% brewers for me at all my letter Robin out right on it some resemblance to my dad. I was born on the nineteenth of months site. Identify with Robert yeah our little more that I just felt fine and I was so and you're young boy. Our team could win 92 games. And not not get rewarded for that so I've always had like. A little spot in my heart of hatred for the blue to commit a court. I'll let her go to the blue jays that 93 all star game in Iraq and tell it like that and blue jays and now it. And milder one I needed absolutely mean because that'll on the nine executing. Amazing Bart I'll turn you loose not negate Kevin's answer but I enjoy the game today all right. Yet it did then you look back later. I you got it bar will join us on the a post game show after the ball game. Kevin I I agree with them that 92 team was was pretty cool elves ridden by Ozzie go you know going toe to toe just win win win win win I I think. Maybe both of them had a ten game winning streak and have to double checked out pretty close what is your 82 team if not the 82 team. Permeate the need to your team army pillars is 2011 and it is and it makes it things because we are. We are baseball fans so we're also professionals so there's there's a worked on what we view. And in 2011. I of course we do to gain the brewers game on Sunday afternoon so grunt element of Wisconsin which is also a shameless plug treated unit in thirty minutes and watches today will be out. I but that year in 2011. The brewers win Beijing based al-Qaeda franchise records. And we have thirteen games on telemundo that your paper reports thirteen and now we went under our. Knees. Mobile me add something that won't state what between eleven with a magical year a lot different way but. But. You know what we did from a professional standpoint I never called a lot on help it. Or white answer do game six of the NLCS then. Oh I know yet they debated dividend any any store opening all to all those playoff games on TV we would have done every single one of them we retired we don't like giving ourselves and they're good luck charm you know update sir super it is and we we're we we thought we record much. We lose him. What okay all right we got we got to gavel while Kevin have a good called today you guys get to game today than. Yeah we're we're on 1 o'clock on telemundo Wisconsin. Brewers and and Billy's been. Mentally and started new streak like we had maybe we can do yeah and. Yeah for sure Kevin Holden CBS 58 enjoy the game today have a good call Kevin. That you did have Bart drop by here so my extremely. I think eighty guide that they are Kevin hold in CBS 58. And here on the fan always fill and then it also a bar when clerk from chuck in wind cooler in the morning they join me on the great midwest bank hotline. When you're ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank. This agreement was bank debt common take the next step towards your new home. Or some brewers on the manual check injury report also bill Schmidt baby taos is Donna Miller Park standing by with the latest edition of the brewers' bullpen won't do that next. In your listening to the on deck show Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show is presented by posing get together building better. Getting ready for game three Phillies and brewers. Baseball is 90% mental any other. Half is physical so who's injured on the crew appears today's injury report on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shown. Little over a half hour from right now as brewers they try to sweep the Phillies in game three in this weekend's series at Miller Park let's check the latest injuries. By junior guerra with that bruise she and likely to return on Tuesday. And you talk about acquiring a starting pitcher. And might be the one in house already. Eric so guard little confusing situation with the ankle injury received a cortisone shots Woolsey were he has. On the men moving forward. It's an interesting scenario there with Eric so guard Brian brought according to council yesterday is dated day in definitely with a calf strain Brandon Woodruff and Willie brawl both of which are on the DL continue their rehab assignments let's go inside the clubhouse today. Now look. Here's the behind the scenes info as we take you inside the club house brought to you Mike coaches pub and grill on south thirteenth street. Good food good drinks. Good people and great fun this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show 11057. FM the fan. Yeah I get you ready for the final game of this series let's send it back to Miller Park ill baby tout Schmidt standing by with the brewers left hander Tyler Webb. All right Tim thanks bill Schmidt inside the brewers' clubhouse with newly acquired Tyler Webb teller a demand good very good dude so who moved from New York. You Milwaukee let's take take you through that a little. As you know or they'll serve America and some ways to loss in the meat to tame enough. Never got the call that I've been traded in and had to rework the travel plans a little bit yeah. Yeah I got here the next day and this senator back. So no no funny story you're Lincoln airport lunchroom or someone that ordering a sandwich in Utah caller I was I was boarding the plane so's you know walking me you know on the plan and got the call and stopped and then from. Okay that's pretty general prehistoric 'cause it's a little bit about what your roles going to be here tomorrow nudges you know. Kind of didn't yeah it's as well as I can win you know when I get in there and you know. Com. Got a great team here and I'm just trying to help anyway I can't. For amber stands in my not you know be familiar with your story coming from. Southern care or South Carolina pitch in the college World Series is back to back World Series and us championships can we do that experience had that kind of build you upper. Obviously vision for earning you know 40000 people at Miller Park pitch in that kind of climbing college just a hell yeah. It was a good experience having known. And your team so those those are pretty cool enough to. Game industry it was a pretty invaluable as you know you don't you don't get that many fans. Now he's in the minors or anything like that so yeah. It's an Australian of that many people definitely. Helps and on the road and you know now I don't know it's as you know the jump from. This is maybe twenties to forty isn't as big as psych. You know a couple thousand snowboarding so it's print dialogue and then you know. This weekend they're celebrating the team from 1980s you're obviously here in Milwaukee that once the World Series. You've got to. To have that same feeling united different scale of the guys knew it went to school with and I'm there to the World Series to a championship they talk about the relationship you have with with those guys that you spend that we had rightly so given doctor contact a lot of those guys don't want us. You are good amount you know maybe in and texting every demo like one when I learned town or I see a couple of Amal movement. No definitely it together and pretty you know it's reminiscent ceremonies dorm but you know you have a couple close friends that you know you always talk to and then whenever every. You know anyone to town anything's been asked. Just kind of we never knew of the stories and all night. It's and you become more minutes here is Tyler Webb inside the brewers' clubhouse card teller so you you come to a team right now that obviously in first place who. Rolling right now eleven of thirteen I was coming in the feeling in the bullpen he had he picked up first and picked up celebration of the home run celebration pitching. Yeah but yeah I've picked at knowing them they knew what you know what it was going to be aside. And it pretty quick remarks he'd been I think got picked it up pretty quickly only targets or as I earlier on in the year run when it first started and we figured you know use the veteran than it's not maybe he was the one that came up with this. Knowing until the end validate what they do other. Yeah they'll let you know there's something let me know what it was so. Don't you know wants the wants a couple homers are and I are caught on pretty quick getaway and there's got to scramble looked around two and everybody else is on just copy of these books B is coming from New York to a young team this young team both are having a lot of success. What can you kind of bring to this stretch run anything. I'm just gonna you know try and usual you know where my name's called originals I can and you know. Maybe get a couple outside don't exactly know better who's gonna turn rituals like hand me down for long as I can pool their economy. Yeah love and Tyler thanks Ruth Simon appreciated and good luck Chris Lewis and. By the areas so bill baby taos Schmidt alongside brewers lefthander and newly acquired reliever Tyler will have a you're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga together building better getting ready for game three in this. Three game set now let's go back to last night we'll stay inside the clubhouse some interesting words from zagged Davies does that Davies. Yesterday's starter did well the the prior night's starter. Did have some interesting things to say. After that start winning get a chance to play this will go back inside the club house. As Zach Davies is third. In the National League in win total with eleven yet his CRA is over five. Members of issues with the demoted back to a okay we'll do that next after the break here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now appears the bus. Behind the scenes and so as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to you by coaches pub and grill on self thirteenth street. Good food good drinks. Good people and great fun this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show 11057. FM the fan. Yeah about twenty minutes away from first visit brewers and Phillies yet ready to possibly and reach another high watermark now sitting eleven games over 500. About they make it twelve let's go back over the series here inside the clubhouse sagged Davies Friday night's. Winner eleven wins is good for third in the National League and then we'll get to last night's starter Jimmy Nelson and your zag Davies after Friday night's victory. I mean if you hit it better soon. And I'm just off my performance. You know teams and running and you can't be selfish and I ask Clinton that. The upset and show it when you know the team is doing when there. Along things around me and my. Just for performance. You run my school there and it talks to you can you document for us what happened there which country. Just got out of rhythm. And the moth Nokia is given a few minutes and times and in the very down it is job dominant. Yeah there's sort of this. What do you do you have kids. That's just. Focus in the bullpen is can you do you know last few games out men some pretty good adjustments. You know similar speed on to the year. You know I coming out of discredit. You know you were found things that should be doing anything starts. That she's running going in the right direction competing so. Told him that if. That was Friday night's starter. Zach Davies didn't sound real pleased with some of his performance but the brewers to win it. He does get the ultimate Ron support we turn the page so last night's starter Jamie Nelson. Who's having and continuing to have an outstanding season Jimmy Nelson after last night's victory. Viewers coolant. You know fans were partnered literally wouldn't appreciate it and you guys are on death for shirts and it's always nice to. CME seats filled up. The support we've meal appreciate it real organized medicine it's. Something that we Parrish Fisher. Keep it up missing and haven't smashing cancel his unemployment the fans. It. Yeah I mean it's it's fun for us in the clubhouse you know a lot of us said we keep pretty easy it's pretty fun in here and in. You know we wanted to be dancing with the fans. Like you and if you know far energy advisors. I mean obviously the water Tora. And two it's all fallen behind guys as really three at bats fell behind acting like the ones. A locked room. And Williams hit to left. And then. Career homer. Let me just like I was hanging curveball and it was now I think he's just seem. Quite a few throughout the game and so on that's where he made a good adjustment. It gets that pitch. He had seen it seemed quite a few of them at that point and at 2121 count there it's. Fats Waller counties is there a good job adjusting to the right moment. You know no this from different yeah his is good last year and receiving much a lot of movement deception. Walk gives me a little. So yeah I notice. You go to every game trying to give up anything so. Whether it's been pensioners mr. instruments. You Szymanczyk. No. Partners yeah and now it's your job you know we had a line on break and for us it would take a few days off and come back. And continue in the manage huge. Special expert in her team. Lot of energy. Who knows what happens we can do attention. Some of the brewers are hot while some. Who's hot who's not. Rock you by AJ collectibles the area's most complete lineup of sports cars memorabilia and bubble heads 78201. West national avenue. Just minutes from Miller Park this is the only station brewers fans need at 1057 FM. The fan. You know with the brewers doing what they're doing thus far this year you can't wait for first bits about fourteen minutes away brewers and Phillies. From Miller Park brewer is attempting to sweep the Phillies who's hot who's not how about we start with the hot Milwaukee Brewers. They're 52 and 41 their high water mark eleven games over they've won eleven of their last thirteen games. That includes a yell little bit of a tough stretch their game in Chicago. And three in New York against the Yankees in fact. Over a span there are they at a game in Milwaukee a game in Chicago and game in New York on consecutive days. And they still held serve right there. About. Derrick Johnson's got to be feel pretty not right now it's his birthday today brewers' pitching coach turns 46 today. Thought I'd throw that out there for you. After a nineteen and 22 start at home. The brewers have turned things around winning nine of their last ten home games including five straight. Inside Miller Park. About the brewers and Astros the only two big league clubs with a winning record. When the opponent scores first the brewers at twenty and eighteen. And B I Houston Astros at nineteen and seventeen that's pretty insisting stat. It says maybe never say die for the crew in bouncing back. That's see here how about Ryan brawn in 63. Career games against the Phillies. This guy's hit in 373. Wood 21 home runs and 57 not Dan. And that includes a couple of grand slams in netstat as well. Since June 20 this is an inch are seeing stat here who's hot how about this for the brewers bullpen since June 20. That's a decent chunk of games for the crew. Major League leading earned run average at two point 05. For the brewers bullpen. Travis Shaw is fairly straight is now at 59 consecutive games with out an error at third base who's not how about. Now again these are small sample sizes. Orlando Garcia. In his last three games is just one for twelve the one a big one however a three run home run. Sort window of time again for Keon Broxton one for his last seven how about iron on Perez won for his last statement a big solo shot yesterday. To a tie that ball game up actually to give the brewers the lead at that time. And Zach Davies although eleven wales' who wins is good for third in the National League ERA sits at five point 08 any. Gaudy one point 50. Whip thus far this year you just heard from Zach Davies he's not happy with that. Either all right that's gonna do it for the Palo windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga. We will talk to you after the last bits today as you make the switch. Then we'll talk about hopefully brewers' victory on the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by blames farm inflate. Thanks to bill Schmid down at Miller Park Kevin hold at a bar went clerk Greg Janet here at the station. My name is Tim Allen go brewers and we'll talk GA after the ballgame today. Okay. Yeah yeah.