Brewers stroll into Chicago today in first place!

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, May 19th

05-19-17: Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Brewers start up a three game set at Wrigley Field this afternoon but it is the Milwaukee Brewers who are coming in at the top of the NL Central.  Our 3 trends as well as Bart's conversation with the Brewers Eric Sogard.


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It's. No chocolate we blurred. Live from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. During. Two on with your player and take a look at steal our National League central. Detonated standings. In first place for that second day in a row. You're Milwaukee Brewers very use the brewers who have won nine of eleven a three game winning streak. And it. One of the best records on the road in. In the nationally. Tony for an eight team and they are game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals they Cobbs two games back there aren't three game winning streak. After taking care of the Cincinnati Reds of big series looms in Wrigley between Milwaukee and Chicago. This weekend the reds and four games back and the pirates. Five and a half bad but again it is not a mirage your eyes do not deceive you the Milwaukee Brewers still in the first. Place. After bravely yesterday in San Diego. They weigh in 321 I was able to its retreated to able to catch the end of that one on TV chat you were howl. All I have my ways. People say and the score was fortitude solid unit right for them on the third try having scored a run in the NASCAR is supported Theo you aren't you I end up watching this game I didn't watch the schemes it was on the fox sports Wisconsin. You don't lion of listening to the scheme while Warren live in the Mira. You can't get in Hebrew were affiliate Ayman where I live because the arm fifty miles away here from the big station. And you know no other area including finally can I get the station in clear enough in my house. I I I've come so is because usually don't Tamils on the radio. Is armed through my cap you know the WS SP app which I write I listen I stream through house against so used to streaming. Radio and radio stations through my app. That I don't even Iconia fighter radio my house yesterday. And when I did I tried putting on the station on the dial and I could get an. So there's a stationary front like that we've both worked at yeah of the games yes it could not get it didn't you can get the final like signal in my era Knoll. Or no doubt in my car Kim but in my house I can't you know maybe it's because of them. The structure of the building whatever I do brewers games that stream on the radio. Can't know yet we give them yet. You have to go to the MLB site. And you have to beauty you could purchase. Streaming of all the games all of its IC good about that fund like station. I'm sure they streamed yesterday illegally tried. They did and now. Try to. A tribe eight trust B I Lewis flying around that I was trying stations around the state. And retirement. I hear while we keep. Because of when Daschle who could because commitments we cannot error the broadcast of the game and yes like Tippett giving an era when I hurt. Let brings voice everywhere. So old arm yeah I couldn't get that couldn't get to give so I'm basically down at. To watch the game online com. On the CBS sports play by play where the dispute to the root. You're watching what happens through script I'm a strike one strike two. So guard to run double a watch that's tough watching the game I feel like him in 1940 re watching the game no TV no radio. Well in 1943 speak I actually got to see the moving pictures. On DirecTV. There's the MLB extra innings package yep which I don't have sharp but they have a channel called MLB mix. And for whatever reason. That's available to everybody. Even if you don't pay for the MLB extra innings while yes oh that channel I got home in the ninth inning because as at Miller Park in the afternoon once I do wanna tell you about I got to disarm very cool. I was a home in the ninth inning and I thought I'd give that a try I first went MLB network. As they do there. Seven hour studio show at night I thought well it's ninth inning maybe they'll go to the game. They do that but they didn't in this case so the MLB mixed channel seven toi mean. It was the brewers out of split screen and then. Just like a direct TV logo on the other split screen and as able to watch. Corey can enable at the saved. And do the honorable net tally Feliz walking the first batter surely save situation sure they walked in and he's keeping that streak alive yeah. I was able to watch that. On TV while OK if you want nearly got the idea further denied him. I was going on I was going on that's a free tip for everybody channel seven Swanee if you have DirecTV. And this situation comes up again which in the year Tony seventeen sure it really shouldn't be but it should never happen. You should be able to watch your favorite team on TV when you lot especially in this like there and first. Like a so I I I didn't I could hear about a radio. Obviously couldn't get a TV so I was going to the CBS sports app and then. You know is that maybe couple seconds Chrysler with the Twitter to some calling the Twitter. And watching everybody who's maybe covering the game watching the error. Analysis as we go to some media instead of watching or hearing it. Just simply get out. What I can't liberal estimate had to do this first off it was a regular brewer San Diego game where the brewers were. Each team's low of 500 mark I can live without but I mean obviously when her first place you'll extra attention from streams. And you know and I. I just I I couldn't it was amazing and just could not could not watch it could not hear me. Hopefully were never meant position ever again. While we shouldn't be this weekend the brewers in Chicago for three games said this is a big one well given that our brew crew review coming up. I as I mentioned I was at Miller Park you know a case so I was doing the EPA announcing like rob Edwards does. And I was doing the PA announcing for my cousins. Baseball game they do this at Miller Park a few times at the seizure. They let these high school kids in middle school kids complain baseball there and he is a great idea it was awesome just like they let. Basketball team despite the Bradley Center right it was the Middleton cardinals against the West Bend thunder and soul. First of Albany went to extra innings. And with two outs in two guys are on my cousins up to bat. Game winning RBI single all you have already had a he edit right field right field single case so he's like the one. Waiting caller and our entire wing clerk crew that has real athletic talent other than soccer. Yes I didn't sack and he's like he's pretty jacked for his age to OK so that was a great moment to see you said Milton beat who Middleton beat the West Bend thunder if you wanna put that in your update when spent founder was this school it was a flights club TOK okay as a sake has west been has yet to schools. Yeah something to ourselves the thunder OK so you're cutting the Middleton cardinals they are the cardinals and they can lean and K now tell me how you got the gig. While my ankle two months ago said a word replying. We need an announcer Kenyon do it so the brewers held a where risen charge on middle inside the key you give us an announcer you need to provide your announcer to. Right in West Bank provided they're out announcers well guiding jail so you're going back and forth right you got today. All that the greens today. Now bad day number six Parker white power and that I would have to take an I guy. And put his walk music up to the money all did you go away sided view that. All but everybody. For all the batters and so each kid he gets its electoral walk up music at her after. Put it up that I've. And but Joseph and I paid the guy Hamlet were were doing this and we noticed that the scoreboard is being. Operated. In work talking to ourselves throughout the game who is doing honest. What is going on here would be the score is being opera hits Ron score all can I mean the scores right out there hop on the Jumbotron and we can't figure out who's doing it. So we go throughout the game. And after the game has done. You know I'm in that press box from time to time and I tell them what I do I'm in the radios is not a unfamiliar territory I mean I tried to get my little tour. Just a little tour OK and I said here's where you are sets. Here's the TV sets but all the doors or why it might tourist Freddie away day all of a set in this older gentlemen believe his name's Larry. He's an all any says what are you guys doing as you archer. Why in all at the attack and is that what you guys doing that I'm just it's showing he goes you wanna see the scoreboard operation room. Ago she or her so we want to emitted and urban in this room I don't know if you have but it's the rules were. All the operations are set up to operate that giant scoreboard on center field yeah and saw Larry was in there. Doing the score the whole time and we got to see obvious difference governor's school I'd never been in their room all yet again a team guys and they're doing it yet it was just layer yesterday give a normal liver using a whole crew got thirty Eisen and but he's this guy that. Worked at ME TC in 1980. They got a cult that all right we are talking about classes. Yeah I don't Larry yeah I I met this guy okay gave us the tour he's been there forever guy and hull now. Almost forty years now in his eighties he said doesn't look at dale now seven you're absolutely no he doesn't look pedal. And so was cool and this joke I mean he's the world there. And here I am I thought I was giving immature 'cause this is the behind this door is where Bobby eucharist at our Larry comes out of the shadows. And shows its guises and little areas now so that was that was cool to see some of the inner workings of Miller Park yesterday and that's great that's great prompted the dome. So he just one game he'd brought just to them just the one game there were two games yesterday but the second game was two different teams your. So I could easily deal rumors dad's got to do that's for anybody you'll you know art event. I've keep came close and there was one kid says they'll pull I mean there are a lot of like rarely good hits yeah I mean these kids are impressive okay these kids are pretty impressive yesterday might as I believe my cousin what's club teams that right. I don't I'm pretty sure it's because that's Middleton cardinals but their high schools the cardinals I would big club he was probably the best players. And that west ban would be a club and I think they dispersant of their high school sure. Fight I'm just I was surprised to see a member. All of my family have that much at fighting capability I'd not seen my cousin play baseball ever I know he's okay and got an ML team team. Is winning games but it was a it was impressive that's it that's a community in the Madison area that really commits sports. Yeah that's and I'd like milk and I our love letter but that. At the vet areas grown so much over the years seven weeks to stay out their for the high school desk we'll turbot. Every year I in all the hotels up there and every year we travel out there for the state tournament. And you can just tell how that plays that that every year we come back in that city would continue to grow and grow and grow. And now we're I was up their last march feels like me and this is nothing like it was twenty years brought here yet the beautiful area. Yeah it's changed a lot there on old sock wrote it up now Middleton this is a it's a mile Goran a lot of those hotel property yet you know maybe stated a couple of yards it'll probably because my family when we grew up reading go camping we've gone vacations. My uncle would open a new hotel sure and we would go stay there for a week and now to the all that are just managed they managed it which is to his group parents aren't. While I was free 99 as we same final. Free NT 939. DNC. Well from did you rush to voice an early history soldiers feel the better I went to bed at 7 o'clock you and I both almighty god. Yes. So I spoke it may delay school yesterday Allen and all but that. I spoke at middle high school coach daddy's class there and dead calm. You know I didn't have a nap but I think you may have the day before as we have the golf. And Erin hills. And it was a sold long two days and I came home with us to take a little nap. And I slept from 530. Are right at the brewery amended I was laying in bed and I did just set my alarm for 4 AM. And also my job at 1130 and I could not pull back sleep late friendly deal with and a half hour okay well I don't happen to reduce debt to go to bed you'll fall sleep and then you give up about 111130 kick back to sleep I woke up at one last leg of their has been robs. Literally I want dream. I I don't know all I think it starts is a dream in and I think I hear noise and Hayward and super parents and their divert blame bad too and also do you think he's yours but the door. Yes you like. Nobody could be robbing anybody in the Byron that never happens. Then get up and you look at where you wonder he should give up the looked. Yeah and then you're brave enough now. So there he had been there too but not the minister soy get them out they wanna get a good night's sleep like death warrant protection up. 11 of the armed finally does go off at 4 o'clock am tired and more turbulent normally them. Oh yeah I mean you set up for a vote. 910 now you know why is it if you sleep that long you feel more tired when he wake up. Soil you probably finally gotten to IAC the probably use I don't think you get into that Rem cycle much lobbing any of us who do the morning's Dubya he's got to get into that Rem cycle and I only on weekends now. You gotta be asleep like 45 hours to get I don't know that's. That's a killer went literal a literal killer when I don't do sensibly though I had today asked about. My sleep was not equal induced however OK so there was no sports frost who I have to cover glanced at the brewers play in the afternoon. There was no NBA. So I guess I I wouldn't brilliant miss anything and there's hockey. Will we over the coming predators lost in overtime Jiabao Permian we recover that Europe show. Sorry. So Paulo I apologize to me. Now it's everybody else that wants to hear Iraqi although I did put out a tweet guys that's the slim resume really small sliver is don't be texted me and in EB Ellen Haas for those him the silent majority. I put out between last night I said. Word for word I think is that I'm putting together tomorrow so quick before I go to bed super early. What should we talk about tomorrow now one person said hockey analyst thirty responses in west Salem but of accusation we talk hockey at a sure tomorrow. You give them a thirty responses to a be all thirty people wanna talk about it people want us to talk about actions came Nakamura who. A wrestler on smackdown. Did don't know where that is I said I betcha I can convince brewers fans that he's your starters today okay. People wanted to talk about you on us which you'll get into whom are right away in our three trends big honor for him. And a lot of people just want us to talk about the first place Milwaukee Brewers. Will do that more coming out well did anybody her quest my and answer story at all. Boy Bobby Knight let me see anybody and as matter not being he now. Not shocked I'm sorry don't know my stories I got enough then came. But that's right 'cause they're so fresh in everyone's now mind. You do yen. I I think what we could just wave came. Let it let it breathe navy navy on Monday. All right we get you ms. brewer you mr. because there's a new guy on the scene who's taken Milwaukee by storm let's do that we will hear. All about Eric's old guard and I did talk to Eric so that last weekend. So here for other Eric's old guard. In about thirty minutes of a more on this brewers went over the Padres. Now that I've got it right ported to the final score more checkpoint the next. Brewers coverage. This just chuck it way cooler so got business done on the field this segment has brought to you like Granville improvement district grand bill. Feel the energy and power Granville business dot ORG. So again soon. You've shot a look I feel this is what. Ever saw somber the Padres announcers they now have lost three straight fifteen and Tony eight the brewers record. That's it's more important warning for an eighteen and once again Eric so guard a big reason why. Three of the four Iran's word because his bat three RBIs for so guard. Four for four on the day the brewers will afford to now Tony for an eighteen and a game up. In the NL central right now it's the cardinals in second place. A sketch is unbelievable. And look like maybe his career was coming to win and it missed all of last season you know at least by Oakland. Respect him up. This is another David Stern's move very near Kabul the justices. You know maybe ten to the Eric themes were worried they pick the guy who. Medium might have been left for dead in a themes in the going to Korea. This guy didn't know worker is headed Vick pick him up beside him in the wintertime. Will minor league contract which just an invite to spring training he put on the Tripoli roster he gets 330 -- point. And last week our work talk about guys are gonna bring up the fill the rush brought we need to bring the sky yup. We thought all right don't bring up. In all our relief pitcher yeah. And they bring up so Arnie put him in the lineup already last Friday now he's been on the team for a week to see his inaugural season. He was with the club in spring training so wasn't like and now average rate situation or was a trader nick Franklin or it was a waivers so he knew these guys a little bit. Coming in and we'll hear from mayor excel guard I asked her about that and I eat I told them exactly what you just said. We knew there was an elf who would say we thought you are coming out on a hot for this week a he would play with the days for six years. And then missed ala Tony sixteen with an injury comes back here in Tony seventeen I met the game last Friday night I've got a buddy who's a big a's fan. And it's about 830 last Friday night I text them I was just looking at your boy Eric's older stats he sucks. As he is in the game right when council and counseled that sure 93 team I said the another text nevermind it just hit the home run. Air excel guard has been nothing but a beast offensively. Ever since. He has he's been unbelievable. In your week he's head. He had the big home run last Friday night he had to go ahead home run we thought was the game winning homer Monday until San Diego came back. Since then he's had 24 hit games amidst tough enough to have four hit game once the season the guys had to for a games. Out during one week now. Which course which begs the question here. Pot is this just a great run as he he's not because he's never had a he's never had a run like this ever before is this a great run at thirty years old after playing six years like you mentioned as he thought and these. Figured out how to play. At a high level of Major League Baseball I don't know man. But. Whatever it is and the brewers got to keep running amok Eric councils this yesterday tomb. Has so guard earned himself a regular spot on the team after such a quick impression. Fans depression and a high impression recently got to think about that in my foot Chicago tonight. He spent heavily to loaning you 24 for four games. One series. Probably is done too often. Analysts is it's gonna you just huge boost and and he's he's making an impact this assurance hopeless when there's no question. So he's played third base he split second base is play some shortstop. He's played second base last two days because of the yard he played third base with Trevor shot was on earlier in the week. Seoul park to get keep I mean I think he got to keep running him out. There are you got to the play that handout don't jump while clicks and get the blackjack table you got a joint Tia. Run cold and that thing that you brought up earlier in the week you wanna see pariahs and age you are in the lineup every day or you might throw solid guards name in there to do you play twelve guys. I had a I mean can you have 3-D H is she's. You know the Middleton cardinals and I was announcing for yesterday they had an eleven man lineup must band was batting twelve around of the DH you have you know designated hitter yet the extra hitter the EH. So why why can't the Milwaukee Brewers but that's a question. While we have asked that on FaceBook party get these guys in the lineup every day old go through that at 7 o'clock they are talking about it last night. On the post game show if it's old guard right now should be in their over Jonathan VR so there's a lot. Of good problems that Craig has right now audio I mean if you put so guardian at second base he's that hot. And V arched. While we get this at 7 o'clock in the mean. PR is like but no it's it's a little bit of a math problem now we've got a little bit of I mean that's like geometry is is algebra given got to put a guy here and put that guy there that who goes here blues that's on the bench he. Are struggling but you we saw what VR did last jury of the 62 stolen bases and you know easily top players the young guys nationally rookie of the year candidate. So I don't know man. You can't take Shaw out certainly in May be ours he thought. I separately. There's a lot of questions today had a problem with the bush give it's a with. Eight you are too. Right now this is the music we use for our. Wild card NL central standings so we need a different music by. This is a different segment this is the quest for 600 segment. Eric's cell guard who is batting before fifty sound. Just two days ago with that for for poor performance. He is back up to a 588. Batting average did not quite 600% of all it takes finally hit the gas. Back got the quest. 46. Hot there are right so he's got down a big night I mean to get this one and at Wrigley. Which is look at though. That the map the weather map and all sorts of rain move in the Wrigley today I thought about bonus on today delighted to. A widget where I thought the same thing. And the worst thing is to go all the way down their anonymous same all the way down I'm like we're going to Indianapolis but. Going to Chicago and fighting all that BS traffic or I get there in all sudden rained out. And oh. And that's the advantage of having Miller Park as we've said time and time again. Although to bring up yesterday again when I was at Miller Park announcing my cousins game. It rained. It was raining at Miller Park and the day over closed Mel. No it's that it was cloudy all afternoon McCain always sunny for awhile now I thought this is beautiful put 3 o'clock clouds came in you know. And I'm attacking the guy I'm doing the announcing it. Said. And normally they closed this and it's guys look like this and this is Chloe yeah it's that I start to see Mike Graham is down there. First Searle. And I start to see her leave. And it is Lehman so that the guys are re that a close them all it rate for like four minutes that it stops raining. And they played because they'll open up the rove. At Miller Park. Like on a random data so they need some daylight in that place with the natural gas and there but I saw Raymond Miller Park it was very odd to see that's on the did have a roof open. And by the time I was gonna get a little video up and show people rate at Miller Park. It's that now's a beat that they have the reform because they'd wanna waste electricity on the lights. It was dark it there. Even with the rough open date and have the lights okay the guys they probably want to save electricity there so MES threes 3 o'clock yesterday. In them a nominee valley of Milwaukee. That stadium was our yeah that's a surprising. It was like played out corps' field blowing in your Friday's winter time. In your city and they're having dinner in December. In the comes it's darkened error Alia in an afternoon the right like 4 o'clock to me that really matter what Rawls lights are made via C sound maybe now. Now we haven't even mentioned Zach Davies so well given him a little more a much better performance will get that in our three trends along the way it. We'll hear from coach shall. Talent. Al Al. I saw you on your column analysts Tim it was it was Al meets. The big show yesterday yeah a little bit. I caught the very. First part of it and he fell asleep until sleep BO crisis that might timer. On my arm my head for an hour and a half but I. I just caught the opening monologue by big Al me straight talker restrain me jump in and make fun of them and all that sort of thing. I'm like what else do his work now let Doug guide three you know urged carries out his own conversational turns this year is it's like. Jury senator this. That player Joker that that are now. We'll hear from the franchise. Coming up as well as getting his act Davies and a big honor for yeah I nest the Greek freak. As well it's chuckling for your three trends next on the fan chuck and going glory or three trends were from the bright and Stratton college athletics studios BSE bobcats. Dot count brewers with a 42 win yesterday you may not have heard it may not have seen it that's why we employ the likes of Tim Allen from the baseball. I was came show and boys the beat goes on another victory for the crew to run their mark to 24 and eighteen they take the series in San Diego three games to one and Eric so guard continues to shine. You talk about an old cliche of next man up and there's so there's proof of that right there. Four for four with a walk in three RBIs. Brewers were down two to one in the seventh inning. With a couple of men aboard Xerox a two run double to give the brewers a 32 lead. They attack on Iran in the ninth inning and they go on for the 42 victories act Davies a nice performance first quality start of the year for Zach. Is he runs his mark to five and 26. Innings five hits couple earned runs couple walks and three strikeouts. And the bullpen takes it from there Carlos Torres Jacob Barnes and Corey can navel was saved. Number three the beat goes on the road trip continues a three game set. In Chicago against the cubs today Apollo as speed no Major League debut for the brewers is heat. The next man up after the last bets this afternoon make the switch. To the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by a boy his farm and fleet as the post game meets the big show later today here on the fan. Tim thank you very much. And I yet another day game today and I'm Saturday and on Sunday Apollo I speed Knowles. We'll get to know him at about one Tony this afternoon and hopefully bought. Four for thirty or so won't find out if we like him we don't like the pick it and and we'll find out about. 2 o'clock if the cubs really like them or not too depending on them but this is the guy is thirty years old. You know he's never had a taste of the show. Normally those guys can come up in the seeds of batters they don't know what they're hitting against yeah hi I guess the deal with him. Is i.'s control injuries not go blow anybody away. Which are you scared when my hero. Control pitcher is coming up especially at Wrigley Field because if you don't have the pinpoint controlled so exact Davies. If he does have a pinpoint control. The balls can go along way in the other direction. Zagged Davies says to mention good yesterday six innings pitched five hits allowed two earned and three strikeouts. Lowers is he married a 544. But somehow has five wins on the season so that pitching wins that is an timing could be it's 48. If we had to audio and pitcher and a Kabul that went up five ERA. His first call we start of year. First of all we started the weigh in at its fifth win. Come on these golf so he's not two month. You'll see the quality start stat meters six innings three runs and that's the first time he's done it this year he's got five wins. I mean that's offensive support. Guess just the stats and baseball they could be adjust that a little bit that pitcher wins but again public yesterday it's not a lot of hitting. Just like the day before not a lot of hitting. But clutch hitting dumped two to one and so guard comes through. And they have survived their in the ninth inning that's truly able ma'am he walked a couple of guys which he shouldn't be doing. And that almost in the disaster we'll hear more from Eric soak aren't coming up and about. Nine minutes here on the the fan the all NBA first second and third teams announced. James Harding unanimously makes the first team and that says it. Somebody voted both LeBron and Westbrook and the second team OK. But yeah out Wuertz 12 team vote each. For LeBron now and rods now I don't know who did that I'd think you can find out if we sprite wolf full. And a whole it would be there is now. He would never do that. Coli Leonard and Anthony Davis round out the first team know first team votes for yacht as but he does get 812 team votes fifteen. Third team votes and that's good enough. To place on the second team yeah does that a coup info gets out of the all second team the last buck to be named. To the all second team while last but that was on the cover Sports Illustrated. Sit name concrete and so status. Getting to those achievements. So last time somebody was so on any of the teams 2010. Great ball hit gap bogey you know. Back in just thirteen years ago there is third team. But yeah and it's a big honor for animal talk more about that. Throughout the show. The NBA's got an interesting who rule as far as contracts go pull George to losing out on about. The potential forty million dollars by now being named on any of these teams how many how much and you lose a wordy. Forty million he could lose out on forty million putty Luzon forty million for not being mean to be on B team the NBA's gotta new rule that. If you make one of these teams the team that Chirac and can pay you even more than the man acts. Soul talk what that a little Ronny clock because one time we need to. Crazy artists as much as possible or recent remarks were skidding to a contract on early and what he fought but yet this. Polite and but this reason this new sort of contract that they've come up with this season. Is why I've become the beam more comparable in thinking that maybe Janice will in fact be about forever as he says he wants to. But you know loss at Wisconsin we're always we're always concerned. World is waiting for the worst you know to happen why because it's all happened. It's all happened before body huge outer freon as an owner Mort of that throughout. The shelved NBA back and it's a night no game last night warriors and spurs again tomorrow. I you have the cavs and the Celtics. Isiah Thomas asked if he's concerned. And uses. A couple of references from the movie space jam. Well Michael Jordan to say that he's. Not very confident. My heart I. I believe in these guys like. We're not scared and green and optimize stars and of space here and I think they listen there's losers like earth they just haven't played better than us in game one. And he's got to protect home court in game two we get to win. Do you know much about space jam now but in my stars I it has moved ARA. Group of aliens and that take all the mode Joseph a lot of the best NBA players can sell these little squeeze he aliens. Suck the mode you ought to guys at the time like Charles Barkley and Mogg he bulge was in the film. And some big white stiff I can't remember which guy was at home you asking Matt Palmer cast your. Now that might have in the eighties version of space jam. But they sucked ala talent and and we're destroying Bugs Bunny in the game. But then Michael Jordan as the coach player coach was a lot of boost up Daffy Duck. And Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny to get the victory. What Isiah Thomas is saying is they're not as intimidating as the monster ours are I. You got to watch the rolling with it don't you know it sounds like you'll be able to watch it with your son went. Assuming attractive will be don't have think you'd like to I think you would too early to read about that. Yeah I beat you right I'm assuming it's gonna be a judge has the movie get it does out how shall get him out. Billy Sharon's got it yet to be a lousy weather day committee Schmidt lives in the neighborhood here ya. Data from him now bulls are three trends Rajiv Adam deputy if you're looking to buy all of whether it's your first or last contact Adam deputy. I line and Adam deputy dot com gist of mortgage equal housing lender is Eric so tired furry L. This cannot continued candidate or hear a little bit with Ericsson regarded chance attacked him last weekend. And we'll give him that question next review its chuckling Kirk served up by Perkins here on the fan chuck channeling caller we are served up by hurricanes in the bright and Stratton college athletics studios. Now Eric cell guard made his brewers debut on Friday night of last week. Hit a home run in the egg game played shortstop in all run okay. Which probably get to know this guy so last Saturday of the brewers were in town. Was down in the dugout and had a chance to talk to him. About how we never thought he was coming out and how we were surprised the at all run. And what to expect from him going forward now he's had one of the better weeks as a brewer that antibodies that an ally Al. Sold this has been very inch sting right from Eric so Garrett meanwhile their children last week in the brewers' clubhouse following third on the brewers club. Cause there's so guard Friday night big moment for you. I was in the stands at night with my wife that are having a nice little came together. This is this guy as a new guy or so apparent I was looking up your stats. Out see a lot of home runs on there. It is next at bat yet the home run what a moment I'm Fred and I. We have some of them in just in to be back on the field after missing all last year. That moment be able to contribute first day back you know that's really special time. It's a crazy thing that happened with nick Franklin comes up his first. His first game with the brewers home run. You get it to him and went on Friday night I'll quit I mean Powell you with the a's for such a long time. How old do you get acclimated to a nuke on I guess you don't know you're you're doing right now right now obvious as that this team in spring says they have to get Sonoma bitten great group of guys you know they welcome me in. With open arms. And we feel extremely comfortable somewhere. It's nice to have what has gone up focus on the game in ninety minutes are backing. You know these guys a lot of different happens ours the city of Milwaukee. And you've been here before that today is coming over with your time and we came here once in 2013. And then. They have to play the exhibition game zone that's in many times here that. Now love the stadium and at that seems so far and Ann's been grid. You pretty much mean besides wherever your sleeping to hear the stadium. That's human lockyer and I would think that elements of our. They. Did you have any indication when you were in a come up because when we looked at bronco and on the DL we. As some may be a lefty pitcher may be a righty. Avian outfielder. And then they brought the infield. I you did you have any indication that there was going to at. Annan to and it's to set focus unplanned down there and you know get my b.s every day India and an act and now as grateful then get on. So how does that happens Rick's retirement. Bring in the office. Well we've had him on the show he. He likes to pretend that people are in trouble and then. He's doing right now and as we exit plan morning game that it's does I was home with and ran you know got a call. My agent anthem from sweetie assess. It is indeed. Google's free now understand probably staying up at the big league levels on as you can absolutely tremendous yet here help team anyway and is your. A somewhat Emma. In our start in Eric that day last week MF side. Amen to talk to air excelled our money get to know this guy a little bit and he will be back in the minor leagues when Ryan brown returns. And now you see in the week that he puts together. And it's impossible to send them down it's impossible to even keep him out of the line up. One for one. In his first appearance with that home run and a couple of locks that night doesn't play the next game. Plays on Sunday and then has started every game in this Padres series. One hit and Monday four. On Tuesday for again on Thursday. He really has banned a key reason why the brewers won some of the games that they want they're not they're not winning three of four from San Diego with Al would. Hatched egg nerds. And as a one hit that he had body you mentioned there was late alleged should've been game winning home run of can able to earn act and able. The other guided employed in the bottom of the tenth inning who was that. Al merger ought Drake yes that was straight here amber herself a shipment can able pitching spot again a second inning but dom. So guard heavy team should have been game when he hit a net gain to. So you look at this guy I mean everybody makes jokes he looks like your social studies teacher he. Looks like he can be coaching a U Ford team boys' team. He might have been on that West Bend thunder team that I was watching yesterday at Miller Park he's such Craig Counsell junior I think that yet. Yeah I mean I mean Canada he's that's incredible players and thirty years old he turns 31 on Monday. I mean is this for real this guy having Howell hall you just kind of ride its old skull and OSHA you do. It's just hard to believe that guy's been in baseball since 2010. And he missed all last year suddenly. He's learning at home runs and he's become an out great hitter because he's got that for its. Come in with him of a four game series CO2 for eight games that's pretty credible you were gonna light. Wade boss brought to roof great hitters of our time. For him to have four hits his journey then what's to what I'm there. I don't know. Why you think he should be tested no none of them and I'll. Now he's getting base hits he's not at no is not at 400 foot home rise at two over obviously cocaine but I missed there were long ones too but I'm Tanya. I mean PD says not to do tot economic thinking of all I guess sort of makes her because the way that you're saying it. People could Iran know that one yourself that's what is but how how could a guy with it was a career what 220 hitter. Also heard how might this mean I'll give him credit to 44. He Walt. He had a courier companies have an unbelievable week he should be player of the week him easily reason. I showed another brewers have some decisions to make as far as how do you. Keep putting him in the lineup you've got Verizon's playing well who should be in their every day pays his age you are the same. All of this jury which of them need to be in this every day line up. If this brewers team is completely healthy and how do you do it. Some good suggestions on FaceBook on Twitter will get to those wanna hear from you guys so guard. They heal our emperor as you got to pick 17991250. Chuck went there on the fans.