Brewers unable to get the sweep after 5-2 loss against the Phillies

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Sunday, July 16th

07/16/17 Milwaukee Admirals Baseball Postgame Show: Tim Allen is joined by Bill Schmid and Bart Winkler to discuss the Brewers after a 5-2 loss against the Phillies. Also on the show, what is the best or worst giveaway item you've received at Miller Park? 


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I. Now stay with us and for this special program. First fans get ready for passion perspective and your chance to react it's time for the longest running. And post game show in Milwaukee this is the Milwaukee have. Admirals baseball post game show built by blaze started fleet now is a great time or your hat trick package include. A stylish limited edition hats plus tickets to three out. Rose games for only 69 dollars. Go to Milwaukee admirals dot com for more info now a baseball guy who tells it like it is your fans host Tim Allen. Final it's a file from Miller Park as the brewers fall in game three of those three games sat. The series and the homestand ends when a 52. Loss and not necessarily heartbreaking fashion but. Tough pill to swallow and it sure wasn't fun after the excitement of the bottom of the fifth inning welcome everybody. It is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate. Tim Allen bill Schmidt Greg Janet Chris is behind the glass over there and radio brewers 52 loss. That you thought was. He thought I won't say in the hands of Vegas thought there yet again they were gonna come away with a victory today I was feeling good Matt Garza real good map guys and your thought Craig Counsell may just announced. Ending move. In that fifth inning Matt Garza goes five innings three hits in Iran a decent season for Matt Garza. Those of you scream in bed maybe he's on his way out or whatever I mean I don't know. I don't know if he's gonna end up in the rotation by the end of the year and be continues habits like this he probably will end up in the rotation that's hard argue. Yeah I mean Diego five innings and allowed three hits in just to run now the insisting thing is that one run in the fifth. Just like yesterday's game. The brewers answered back in the bottom half and what a move to lift Garza there. Go what Brad Phillips with two outs and a man on was an outstanding move from Craig Counsell yet again. Again he's been just you know a move in the right chess pieces and however it didn't work out. In the next inning. Because rob scale after that Brad Phillips two run pinch hit two out home run to give the brewers' lead. His first career can we hear that guy last year that we're gonna need to hear that can be. Pinch hit two allowed to run down a run to give the brewers the lead at that time anathema. Well well well the six innings shows up and we'd like to avoid that we like to just skip that sixth inning then Libya brewers to one visual arts do it. Yeah all right let's go brewers against the mark but Gary Lockett down on the bullpen takes it from there. Now it was our rob SK hill base hit. Rob SK hill base hit rob scale. Base hit. No you're not on repeat that actually is what happens. Greg council goes out to get Tyler well. First pitch. I don't wanna hear the highlight the would prefer not even think about it but first Spitzer Grand Slam. Why what sub buzz kill. Gods that was a tough one. It was you know I was I was at Miller Park today and I was on my way home during this whole fiasco. And it sounded like Uga was like a used car salesman how he was talking about but be in a great salesman he did talk about anything and he was like a cool why watch out it's only the sixth then ignore what else are now all there was a lot of jokes we want well. Yet know how does not give up gold for balls. After the Grand Slam Tyler Webb base hit Tyler web based CNET six straight men. And six straight hits for the Philadelphia Phillies I told you guys now. This Philly team those those little nav cell bill step pompano by jet. They will and they got him today SK Yelp. It just didn't have it and any let the known. I don't know. In a one run ball game if skate hills kind of the decision there but again may be out of went with web to start the inning and it. Would be the only question mark that I would have in the bullpen management but nonetheless. The brewers go on to the 52 loss it did rally a little bit of a little bit of a chance at the end there a couple of men on two outs in the eighth in a couple of men on nobody out in the ninth any kind of thought. The end maybe a little magic will Sunday magic today. You had that you had the thunder sticks out here your bang it around in the studio I was I was hoping today's the day they're gonna get come from behind victories this year guys say are. How does this open today was the day. It just didn't turn out to be the day. Couple of basis a lead off the inning then vote. And the boys they just couldn't get it done utes hole opened right there vote RC and then things at the end there I want to that often. A loss there's still ten games over 55242. Those that are scoreboard watching. Yet the cubs they'd they swept the Orioles in Baltimore. Was listening to some sports talk out of Chicago. Yesterday and this morning and and their back. The cubs according to those guys that we are there at their back and Ron in their back in the 2016. Form. Going to be the World Series said champion cubs again that there are back it is up by the way guys that trades it first by governments in the ring. Have you guys seen in the ring okay you probably if you watch brewers baseball you've seen the jazz are replica ring they gave way to act. We have a a source that got us some rings. We can't say anything inside back gentlemen we have well you saw what happened we have a source in the back channel there. That got us ranks knocked on the doors on Greg eating Gail once our. I apologize data back channels all full terms knowledgeable cartoons now we like that out of it took it right now all. I know you don't but I gave in my own bag channel he might have to figure out of your own back channel yeah. So. The ring. This thing is super super cool it fits on that for perfect. For either right on the middle finger. So even your finger in my things your afraid no liners on the ring finger hole and bring figured out autos on the middle would be really good you know me I'm a brewers spam and number one home was on the ring finger now that my mind. You know fit absolutely he's sausage fingers but yet I think is cool okay so let's take inventory and on our body bill's been over here Greg shall we Yury go okay frankly ninety applicant at Christmas I am. And I. Friday night they gave away the Palmolive assert yes got like a five accident didn't fit. Now I'm signed only a four all right now he got the biggest one headed in that. In you gave it to who'll. Why on earth you would do that I just don't know. I'm sure the bill and span as you don't don't that they are allowed ski now. What you thought this is a little bit Neil would fit right arm so he hit it needs to build a little bit differently more. Who that you're humor bigger in the upper body or he's more bigger in the middle about it. He's more big in what in about what on earth does that mean you've got a bigger figured chest and shoulder area larger word. Are lackeys. Luka belly is kinda OK okay. And it and has backed him understanding lower half so. That the milder surge didn't didn't pitches he had to give that away to kids in Carl Davidson and Rami Mac off its. Really know how eager and every blue shirts I won any any bogeys and where it yeah he put it on with the cubs had. If that's great. And so now we fast forward to rile two today and you get the ring giveaway and you got the largest one there and it didn't vet. Well it's one size fits all that I think has two sides I'll really Galilee and give me an offer back channels kind of just plugged abut. Eight you know it's call eight it sits perfectly in this stand up like just keep it right am I right am I mental you know call long call me crazy but. I think and in a way that times. You're aware of that thing. Every single day I don't know a lot of TV today by I don't know about every day I got my other rings he's gonna have it on in the he's gonna go to your shower and put it down but make sure it's it's perfectly ops would says Milwaukee Brewers 1982 American coach holder on it do you put on your little show hell yeah it's really super cool and really as securely check any been how much at thing is worth not a novel and I'm gonna sell her mind you know this curious. Dollar earlier in the year you were looking for member be Leah. To be like a does this signify this that this season from that you'll souls of the season yeah that could be that could be that in studio. And that Brad is already the world's here's. I'm one where it's at their own anatomy where. We don't wanna ride that they and their own 11. Well after today's loss. Mr. but I'm just curious how much that is because we checked on the I take that on his picture we checked on the ounce. Motorcycle Bobble head. And that was on sale prior to the even prior to the giveaway. To banks and a bit of back channel yes but how much that ring as. I'm aghast at fifteen bucks 1520 bucks I would thank. 4295. Really spurs won of Fortuna and you fell from other ones are you starting bidding at about one box. Wow well I posted this from the press box. Who somebody's going to be Hong-Chih. We're need. All it whoever did that stop doing that because then they won't get more out Chris make us all look bad spoil it for everybody to believe me the first money on this the person who has forty to 95 courteous seventy sold. Who has seventy of these talk went back channel man that's we need to be hanging out with. If I did not say what if on the older I take a look into this summons. When they were unloading at at the loading dock. All these ring giveaways is boxes cases cases KS somebody found some is yes somebody approximate the other direction. Got a veteran and that's exactly what that means who's got seven million these for it really. Amman. Mohammed there's somebody that has there's a picture on eBay and you know you the pictures of the the item. It is from them in the upper deck with the scoreboard in the Bagram all the in the ring any cell and it gets on right now and I'm at a night. Pol you know what guys started jury senator he gets some you mentioned there you go there you know this this this is a pretty cool giveaway and I'm just that's going to be one of our questions today. On the show is what is and has been the best giveaway ever. I also wanna note we're also gonna if you call in in this is it are you gonna Wear it. Are you gonna Wear that ring if you guys coming up 4100747. At Miller Park today what an outstanding. Gate over the weekend for this three game set his super super cool. Brewers fans have stepped up that's for sure mr. on an Ozzie said today told everybody's very thankful for all the fans we absolutely well I should be you have a kid you bought a product that was 220 million ounce worth about a billion. Okay should be thankful. I'm not digging around a sand right now that's that's a pretty great base nice three point out though that people are resilient should birds dead Eagles lose money on now we genuinely cares he's very yeah that's there loves this man he loves this team he does and I tell you it. When you go back in in in the years. Bad day they don't do that anymore because everyone's afraid of everything happening with a baseball bat yet were out running around the neighborhood shoot each other but. All I don't forbid we give away a bad at a baseball game could Lauren. Say don't wanna do that. Baseball's people can't control themselves in the stand they act stands they act like savages of just all the baseball the first and that's right call. There's about 38000. Baseball's a flaw and I didn't feel what so I am forbid we don't wanna get away baseball's what. In Philadelphia that through batteries that they'll pull out yes yeah. This ring right here is heavier than a battery yeah dead somebody is gonna knock somebody I didn't even think of that. I'd even think of that but. So he knows try throne of baseball's Roger gen X thing and logged more. Deadly force where they stepped up I thought where they stepped up was some of these giveaways was. With the Ryan brawn. Bobble head that have these sound in it for the rest of the button sound part of it that's what I knew giveaways to stepped up in knots. And that was what 1010 years or so years ago while six are able to go early in the minors they're gonna labor Philip chase around a possible with it with his lap fun it was to our lineup BI in the right here on the Derrick Turnbow. Press the button that day you know it's. My favorite one is the Bob you career. From Major League the movie Major League just a bit outs idea of talking. It up Bob you are bobbled then that. Of alarm clock the Bob you could no alarm clock. There's there's been some bad ones. There have been some bad ones the nesting doll set. So door though quiet. The nesting dolls that Sammy and all of the men. No I don't I didn't I don't understand it and I think he's getting that that time. So there is Foreman this is an and I hate to take ticket sales away and really do. But this magic eight ball. Can wage the. He connects employees. Someone give me the canal why am man because all the rim but it has nothing to do with the eight ball would roll out you. It's all of murder you if you could you look Lipton. If you believe drug. Be currents and eat. Even know what. Candy you Ian you. Mean why don't seem so from the seventies. You don't know what it it all in this. If you look at a lot of the group promotes them they don't have a star on the team there. They go to the younger. Yeah out and louder. It does and that's what it says they do do don't do enough Islamabad's envoy Raymond noises are out there has every year the boys so many Uga Bobble heads again come over some know last year the alarm clock on -- here's a magic game ball and got about 50000 singing concrete Bobble heads to pick employer will look what the Mosul every. Two years coming up this Friday night at the box take on the timberwolves. Put him to step but it's. US and magic eight ball giveaway since. I don't know I'm mad eBay I'd I don't get I've I don't get the connection but okay 79912. In all seriousness will take about we'll take your calls on on the best and worst I give her ways. In brewers. Giveaway history if you well. And then also I after the break you are wanting to go and I'm not on what the brewers need as we saw the nationals make a trade today you know they've picked up a couple of bullpen pitchers and they definitely need. Bullpen held there that they have the worst bullpen in the major leagues and so they made a mobile what would be the need for the brewers. If you wanted to chime in here 7991251. We have some other. Giveaway ideas. Coming up but there's been some bad ones I get it. There's been some good ones super good ones like day one day a glove day. Awesome I will sponsor in the middle I grabbed and Mark Loretta glove from your garage denied still sitting in my car. That was from glove day noon and that was school years ago. Any grand am rule bigger yeah you can still play with a that was not a dime store club and it was sort of a glove blog and you could actually play ball what that glove. Well. Little kids your. Late game if you're playing Little League Baseball at Sunday did you absolutely could guess 7991250. Get his up on FaceBook and Twitter. Eleven in studio guest in studio guest today. With the Bart went Wheeler former insane cushion made McCall's corrosion and we're gonna have to get to that another hour man of the I have I have some autographed shoes don't know what is in 1980 question. I career catches a six year. I have got sick I would got a great story from Christian I got you get got to hear that I got it right this ahead nonsense written all over this this was this was interest in this may have. Taken the cake here will take a break or you're listening. To the middle ordered out admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm and fleet brewers fall five to will be back on the fan. Let's add this one out brewers fans time to go inside the box score proxy by Dave and buster's won't Sosa. Eat drink play and watch sports this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze farm inflates. IBurst fall five to final and a Phillies salvaged a game at least the brewers did nap take. Be in a situation to salvage area cool good for them take your calls at 7991250. Best and worst giveaways that you've experienced. I believe that this ranks for me at least this ring today. This ranks. Top three easily for me easily from a guy is needed I don't know where ranks of view. But what will take some calls in just habit just run through a couple of numbers highlights here Brett Phillips two run bomb. Nobody had multiple hits for the crew to David Jonathan VR Julio Santana Ryan brought all with a hit as well with Aron on Perez a pinch hit job. I just like you said their maverick playing Billups a solo pinch. I'm knocking in the only two brewers runs today. 92 on the night Garza five innings. Three hits one run it was earned three walks or strike out. Rob SK EL yikes three adds three earned runs doesn't allow any of them is they all came on a Grand Slam given up. And from our boy Tyler Webb one inning three hits. One earned run as he gave up bag overbought Carlos Torres ER Carlos Torres two innings of one hit no runs nice day for him and Oliver Drake comes in. And pitches a clean ninth inning as well brewers. Get only two runs on seven hits the Phillies win the game five runs on ten minutes no lawyers asked and worse souvenirs and also what needs for the brewers at 7991250. Let's go to Joseph your joke. You're on the fan wants avenue. Joseph are you are a lot different areas and yet I remember going in question night way to act win. And it's funny how like thirty or forty years ago we wouldn't think of wine a cushion on in the field or baseball bat and it and it. Without somewhat commonplace and get away you have that anymore baseball they anymore maybe and you know I think the worst thing Everett and it was timing. What part of it was an opening day about twenty years ago and it gave up baseball. Yet that debt Eisenhower that very well I remember that the look like a snowstorm out there. My favorite one of my favorite giveaway bill with in 1981 had a light side Paul ought to poster. And it had a measuring stick print on twit to a collapse site posted a miss Europe. A school delegate broke chart kind of thing out the area that does that a couple of times okay called the very good Joseph thank you I know beyond the box also did one without with young and it's just recently a girl little chart kind of thing up so cool I was seventeen years old want to push tonight. And we met some girls that county stadium retreat and drink and it Piaf I don't sorry I was eighteen damage was eighteen so you met some girls met some girls and many they have rolled. It don't say can you sign this for us and that we we exchange and I signed their cushion they signed my coalition and everything tended to side yes. That's cool so that's sort of was. And so I didn't read them or word and toward the end of the game and they went there's several ways and it's. And I read the the cushion on the cards and turn this car around man. There are stated at the holiday now on the are all potent. Is set the road number in the hole this okay. And driving around the streets of Milwaukee lagoon for the holiday am I still have that cushions putter phone number on their two US actually call it suits she's up to good week. I don't. It's stored so so 7991260. Also the need for the brewers. You can chime in on that you. So you have us some really good giveaways and some really crappy ones those of you just get not a Miller Park I mean no offense to the brewers by this but the nesting doll thing I didn't really that didn't catch hold real well. The coolers they're cool. It seemed to be a trend here with. Oliver Drake contains in can navel with their owned specialty beer comment on it. They have a cooler bag a twelve pack bagged that's come and I notice a theme here drinking. Good man makes sense it's that's interest in what you want it rulers you name is brewers you play at Miller Park they don't sell soda that's true. That's true legend Joseph is right though on on that flowing and things out on the field like I guess I understand rampant. I mean Doug those those many bats them little bats though little wooden ones. Those are weapons to man. Yes sure are you stick it out all my friends of those things. Nice let's go to Pete V your next on the fan what's happen. Later. More important you are. There. Our current standard chartered out there promo item there yeah whatever number it rains is the oh. Court it's outstanding isn't it I I was surprised by and I was. What you expect there'd be plastered. Catchy beats its medal you're out of nowhere. My hand right now. And will Wear out numerous times because. I'm old enough to have appreciated 1980 troupe put it through it's it's definitely by far the best than it ever given now. Yeah I. At least I might it might climb up to number one or two by the time the show is on for me that is super super cool I did not expect this I thought it was. Gum ball machine I don't know if that's dated to dude too we still have gum all machines no. I have I understand that. I mean you you understand it but a lot of folks don't because he for the quarter and turn the crank and and it's a slides up a little. Based on them there is not a quarter anymore about a dollar those who say we can you know with the quarter. Up eight sorry about it at. Is the only bad thing. Aren't they work effectively lots. That's the worst part of the day I guess I'd thanks for the call Pete 7991250. I did expect it to be plastic I kind of did. And it and it's not and it's actually count I am so tempted aware. It it's one of those things where I was. I got I've said my girlfriends a Chicago fans she's been down in non. Add Blackhawks games for long time they obviously won three Stanley cups they did of a replica. Raying you but it's like dependence so it's it's more of a necklace but it's got the the whole ring facing and they had a bunch diamonds and there's the same thing I I expected it to be blast against its heaviest metal it's. Just in beautiful condition so they did a great job with this thanks in no bonuses I know sponsorships are part of the part of the war room part of the promotional world. And he doesn't have one on the ring itself. It just doesn't. And that's colts there's no American family insurance printed right on the side of it now. Mel and there's not like gold helmet day old held a day with schools go to Griffin Griffin you're next on the fan it's evident. I don't emperor opera like you'd. There ought. Number from. I know geez if she. I wonder what seeds I was quiet got a better women and Greg Janet can I know so I've been dead who know I don't Mel's I don't know. Well all right so I actually would that the game today and our. Bills bills. A friend of mine. In the ring and I'm articles because it's such invite range and I want. For myself but I thought about it. Ebert you know you've got to manage your feet and then you wonder how good yeah. I don't go to jail and those don't we work it out you've just got to back channel. Ago. Game with and I looked airing basic it was a bit. I gotta say as a I'm on the cut than originally. Are they got. Larry had he screwed it up yet you if you're not and yeah OV thirty seconds of great work here Griffin and then you'd screwed it up no more good time out of breath on that. I. Too negative legged easy take eighties they thought they are hanging out in the Dudack today yeah I yeah I think spoke. Did you get in there know the. I couldn't get. Earlier not really supposed to go into you kangaroo really get anywhere if if you're media are weak we're told me I was aren't. Come I thought in the media can go anywhere. I'm at then you are not supposed to be here those those Donna Miller Park aren't so here's the deal we started this show many years ago in 2006 and that in 2007 I came up this idea. And MI vause at the time he didn't Gian like the idea now but I'd really we don't think it's good idea. So I wanted to do a giveaway on this show it's exclusive to the show. And each night you qualify one person. To win the grand prize at the end of the year we cut okay. 162. In the drawn for a 162 games right you've done what they would win was every time the brewers did a giveaway. One goes into the box. Into this grand prize right okay so every giveaway. All season long at the end of the year one person would win every single. I don't let that be cool be very coy a big mystery box big time. So all that the ring giveaway the Bobble heads that T shirts that poster cards all the things. Every that we get one of everything important into the van and one person would win it at the end of the year. Made sense to me I don't. No I I I think it's a great idea I'm I'm just looking for a bunch of these him or not these bees every giveaways that they've that they've had the CBS did a story on it. Paul Konerko when he when he retired from the White Sox they gave a blonde is little figure Reno them. Holding up his hand at I think as a walk off homer that he hit. It was super cold Kennedy's. Really awesome ideas man I'm told the break but we go to Chad sorry graphic like at a cut it Chad Chad here on the fan. Rule on guys what's up. The what the American record corporate where are seen perverse game is being multi tool greenback giveaway. Joy certainly fuel the wide. The mall and do. Sponsor vote Leo all right bad. But liberal blog asks shall work all your goal urged were locked it yet they're cool little weak bat. Offer all the hype both occurred in all compete for the playoffs you know like that. Yeah I still have a Coca-Cola sponsored bad giveaway laying around somewhere and it's like a full size usable bat yes for sure it's awesome. Yup. You know the following week we can have two weeks there and upon its global mobile totally there well. One other one I think is pretty cool I'd you know I'd be out from the late eighties early ninety's they also did a team. Like console gets the ball all the players on the roster. Got wobbles from like 868788. Europe. Com how was it similar to the McDonald its place mats do you recall. And I don't know if they gave way county stadium but they've bad place masses like a set of four or five. That had caricature. Drawings of all the all the main players I think that's similar. Yes similar but different out up to dig out of scrapbook enough they need email. Yeah the kind of needs and then regarding. The last year. You know no offense to back it and Jeannie in entries but. The old short term long term it it really neat tool. Dominant pitchers where they're gonna go seven meetings every outing in Italy you can almost. Locked in a win. Opt out but there again jewel. He gets hot he gets confident. Young team like discs. You know electronic Iraqi it looks you're back where they want on there yeah big role September steamrolled into it into the playoffs everything like that well. And I'd Chad did appears there are there in this thing whether they ya make a move or not it looks like they're gonna stay in the same Chad thanks for the call. Yeah I have a have a great Sunday 7991250. Best and worst giveaways it's okay. This is just opinion some giveaways don't work. At at stadium's sound Sonya I got one after the break that definitely would not of worked with my crop of friends and a dangerous off to a very good. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by boys farm inflate. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to the fan baseball post game show presented by blaze pharma. Quickly want to Reebok's Chile's cash deal listening to chuck and play good tomorrow morning at 835. And know that Chile's MVP to win. Chili's chili's and 75. Here's Tim Bush today is Chile's MVP. Yeah I kind of simple on chuck can weigh in cooler tomorrow morning they will askew was in Chile's MBV first person correctly identify the player's name are you right now. Gets free food from chili's chili's chill and since 75. And that would be Brad Phillips right and that's a no brainer. First career home run two run shot bottom of the fifth inning to give the crew. At that point 82 to one lead there issued Chile's MVB. Bite best and worst souvenirs some work some don't Sparky and I I talked about this many years ago I think it's an absolute. Brilliant idea and Miller Park and in all you guys you can steal the idea that you go to the record labels you go to the big time artists. Okay new dual Bobble head Carrie Underwood Bobble headed Tim McGraw Bobble head. And you have the little because you can put sounded these things you did and you put a clip of their new song come on now. Going to be perfect. And you give them away all cost going to epic records whoever they are CA whoever the record labels are these days I've been on loop a little bit but. That is a brilliant idea absolutely brilliant. They do that costs this is in promotions of their their albums sales. And their concert tickets sales makes total sense now doesn't make sense is as I said the Ryan brawn when he got the home run call. Remember that when you press the button home run call. What do you do when the battery runs out. Ben Ben Ben collects dust are you kidding me. But he won't make AAA battery lives in insert here yeah us. Why would they do that not to my knowledge I had the I couldn't find of and little compartment or whatever that that you contains a battery on this thing I don't believe there is one. So why would you do that. Ellipsis. When you come back and get the 12 years later. But that doesn't add to pick up what are the sound Donna that is dated and it's gonna be inundated at some point united we only hear the whole essence of the Bobble head. I don't know I just suck that was goofy all of the hysteria one of them might favor ones I think that I need to actually to alleges in both of them. Are from the Milwaukee admirals dated one Stacy Keebler bottler that we have here in the studio hi grace great decision as she looks beautiful as always. And they also had gotten Abe Lincoln won that they give away the outs and he's got the top at our he's got a suit army it looks like he's kind of like Superman used his trench coat. And he's learning and administers the underneath now. Ice that's pretty cool 7991250. Brewers fall and a five to. We're talking about best and worst giveaways that you've experience it's okay this speak your mind. Pick a marked their Greg just press a button we got a couple of marks here. We go to Marc. Good link to cool what's happening mark. Aria. More important you arm. But we're paying a lot that it directly to her. See you again a classic amateur in the wrong my and you are. All pothole work. And they're. Good time. Most. Don't know are you of being a rare letter began in are going well. I hope you sort of glad we certainly are. In the. Okay now. Marc hold on second put Mac and it just digest this person. I don't know that's bigger non us and Britain and I am trying to figure this and I. Didn't it's. So you've. I don't look at baseball objectively. I mean I tried to her. A dog and I got to. I can't I it okay I'll take it oh group. Oh OK OK okay. To bring out your weight were we're not Miller park at our schools and I result tomorrow I here hairy. A lot. I very here you know copy and but we like The Blues Brothers future and I got her or. Are all out there that it. But my question is that my daughter is part that borrowers. And that that and it's been great real. Apple clay and Kershaw pitched here are like super cute packet altered. And Friday night so I'm going to get it sure promote it might. Yeah I was Jimmy Nelson Clayton curse does a great game. A record breaking game actual record books from all strike out. I'm wandering. And I don't think there was much all walk up. Because. They act that you're sure opinion out equity Kurt sure you don't get many opportune. Aren't what the money. But I think most people corporal in order to get it in well and it don't you walk out it's a one itself or. Yeah and he and I are now how much it and then. You'd pay and promotion. Or how much debate and that that the he's wearing but. That's a great question mark thanks thanks for the call thanks for the compliment. Yes thank you thank you for the compliment her. I wonder that soup. And and I think there's ways that they can measure that. Because there's all sorts of promotions not just the giveaways is that just a giveaways to the ticket deals that you can get. Throughout don't fill up your gas tanker rule whatever might be bring in your cable bill Lan are. Whatever this 50% off the five county area. I think there's a way that they measure that but I would tend to agree with you that. The bull majority have their tickets and handed target specific dates specific games and and their particular availability. Victors a lot to be said about Bobble heads increasing Sunday attendance at Miller Park here in the last decade. There's no question no no doubt about it that that has definitely been one of the bigger draws at Miller park at least. 7991250. Let's go to wreck wreck your next on the fan was evident. Bite them ago what's going on come home from the book game almost all. Yeah how would one and it is something that builds. The again. Pretty admirals they actually called it the mount Rushmore series. I had the link in my that George Bush and I pretty gross well. I'll not use and they didn't they've been but that during construct in years. And I'd never heard about the jerk person and so I don't poll I mentioned was brought. Well we have a back channel that the admirals. I don't. I don't have any. Idea bought that one yet at Beatrice and or an auto belt so I'd like to complete the collection. Rick I'm not saying your old but I will I will ask you this win when you're young what. The Fed up I. All that stuff brows go and but don't know what you're younger did they do is obviously not as many giveaways but what were some of the giveaways back in the 60s70s. Range. Now come up with the Braves are ship shall we not that. Are the players are you yeah all in the stance or an Internet. And we index slid yet we really expect there. You know you age things and trades so much. For mindless statement we'd be wed three small children. And they'd be added later it was right at. That every game they went to they would hit a baseball runs that that's well that's something to change gear not there was. There were not the non there. I I was kind of checking around and I wanna stay on topic what. I was checking around. Yes should be in edged out and bought. 82 guys get older and spoke like. And I I was sitting in it so well how would you like being. My boys were. 56 of 59 braves where. In order went to the World Series and they actually go to one for an L championships in a role with the doctors. Not the most success and in that beat nine and or run. Promenade those guys not discs on older. I figured they are organic stole my night out grand Ole area in election in via. And I I thought Jeanne currently also Crandall still alive and dynamic and he died he died this year. Until it for all. Floaters like three guys so why. From Apple's. Gypsy. Delta delta brand del Crandall still alive. Yeah I aides say he secured Ole miss your result in California. While he looked old and a says no one in 1970 you've. Three baseball card should go back. Long armed. And as far as. Might favored it way. I think this stringer. Reach right up there does mine my least favorite was security. They gave weight motor Jeanette and neck guards Gargan bowl. Well the garden gnome that's another nice one that would hell has gardens these that she's. A really. I mean and I'm. Older. And another wonderful and relive the leverage. What are my favorite giveaways ever was born in Chicago White Sox. And I got a cure inform me Bobble head and he hit his 500 career home run on the scene there. The Bobble head day I remember that it. I was very cool J. J. Hardy didn't have a walk off base that on his Bobble one yeah I did yeah I did erect I got to turn you loose man drive drive careful. I bring one more bang up job job. Okay it has support the ring small. Other championship teams like the Packers were rule 45. In a Blackhawks on street. Re cops really being. Since it's good giants. What they do hope the urged this when they won the World Series. What they do what is state decoder ring many fractures its job and sort of record. And they put out. A ring for pre and apply that it consumption EP. You know it will be quite cool with real time and cost. 6000 dollars. Orchard and get. Really really. Based chain which operate. So but that's what champions are they yet they've. Who knows they've they might have that out there and the ups please my yeah that's sure thank you want. There have been more than that insured in the cap in order. Brian morehead didn't like being there but all right Rick. Take it easy be careful of Bobble guys go giveaways connector I just question as some Bobble heads to right the ones that have them back. OK so yet his slide out that in those styrofoam mean you'd take off the lead the top part. And you have the Bobble head and then you have the bat in its own little slot on the side there yeah. It's and as you screw it in some. Does it always fall off. Why is that it's much more a you know all law you can't tell me. That these guys can't engineer these Bobble heads a little bit better well when we give up the bar wink there Bobble head and we should do that with this year. That's already fallen out to the mean certainly poll himself off. In Poland parts of it off and then you know when he's doing his morning show over the the twentieth year he's fully bald no I think he'll have a new Bob. You know ought to be without a hatchet mishandled reach up freemen need. Our outlook looked exquisite Lamar. Bonds and mark you're on the fan here now before the break on it gets in all right. All right you got it. That job 1980 Pittsburgh paper Oprah Parker is playing great field for the pirates. He's gonna contract squabble and he's struggle to get this straight in itself not yet. Well the front side did appreciate it sort of got me started on batteries Somalia and outrage yelled yeah sort of double outlet. Bird like monster because people were drawn project although I don't. Because they're acting like animals. Exactly. So all pill called body and I I don't want to visit that we brought to a pirates game at Three Rivers. Glide or not but we see them hand and so all of the wonder what they're headed out for their giveaway tonight I thought I hope it's not Barry if we get up there are. Walkman radio complete with batteries. How odd. Really I mean there are lots of was it to us on a single frequency. Radio because I got a lot of. Fallujah Fallujah rodeo I found out it would come fully equipped with batteries and we just look at each other and just about all of her. Sheriff's office that says brilliant market that it thanks a lot somebody on Twitter to waited it out picture of this thus set the McDonald's last said the your dog and I was is that Gorman milder in you how good the glasses have a glass is a bad did they not only did the glasses but they also did the placement debt is somebody also we are actually bunch of people are tweeting and pictures of the place mats. They're all happening Kagan looks like a Pepsi ears just real quick before the break wanted to give Boise did not that long ago was every. Baseball card every brewer card. Every player on a brewer carton it was like a sat it would came in a book it was like before Ford thing four day deal. And first day get a book and they were all perforated suited him rip him apart if you wanted to I have the books at home on untouched but. It was every brewer ever to play in a brewers uniform. On a baseball card to that date to that point in time I thought that was a cool. That was a cool giveaway you also gave way the routing out book right the 3000 pit bull the hardcover blow up. Was was really need to Robin you know baseball cards said it was four cards is first did as 1002003000. Hit. That was an Beisel set a cards they gave way to says that's a really cool. I give aways and promotions obviously some. Our I'd determined by the actual franchise. And they're there and indigenous to that to the baseball team but. Brewers have done a pretty fine job over the years some work most work. Some and Nazis and got to get to this woman doesn't work man that's right you get you gotta get now I just don't get it I just don't get it that's coming up in a bit also Bart wing cooler will join us here in just a second. Find out his best and worst giveaways as well brewers fall that 852 you're listening. To the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Where things go right. Or well not so much where did this game turner time for today's turning point of the game. This is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames pharma fleets. Heaven a little fun today. Baby to house bill Schmidt is here Tim Allen Greg Janet part wink are. Are you my friend is always good fun part of the show no I'm just saying we're having some fun today talk about best and worst giveaways. At a ball game mom and a pretty sour mood today and Billy I know they haven't been shocker Billy brought me back one of the rings they have an irate and I. I don't I'd grossly under estimated this or. I do attitude because when you put it on it was like. Did you pause for a second say. This is actually really cool there I think this is actually worth my time. It's the op. All right turning point as baseball game was the ring giveaway I'm getting. It was scary Hale's appearance and unfortunately rob. Had a base hit base that base hit to and get anything done they attacked in the ambush from pretty good three pitches in two basis got him into some trouble. And than Tyler well. Yeah well sources in a brewers uniform. Now is gone you know Asia news. You already get news on a plane ride home tenable range idiot chocolate different module a lot less than perfect media needs to juggle covered bananas and my girlfriend said she really likes those. Chocolate covered strawberries fresh fruit arrangements early entrance into the entertaining and they are not guys know how long I don't the last I didn't say box started weight and I generators are in 3999. At a origins beige short as a couple of stores down from masters seize on silver spring. 4149889423. I'd Bart let's get to a cup more calls we it to you also what one year concerns Billy you had prior to the of yeah man I got I got a big concern with with this giveaway of Minnesota Twins. Gave away a couple years ago gave away a barbecue branding iron OK so long was this thing. This was only about a foot and a half two feet long. So the idea is if you wanna have a state current chicken breasts do you use heated up and you put it right in the middle and it's and it's a Minnesota Twins chicken breast. Anybody else have concerns about people burn themselves. Is is that something that people don't do my way around it up and sticking around their bodies calf anymore when was this. We're two years ago that's didn't really get the player of the part bic lighter I'm not saying I like ankle biter in I don't know how old are littered by. I'm saying like you you're you know maybe your camping up in the north woods in new endeavor hey we're have twins. Chicken breast today and somebody ends up with a twins logo on their honor cap I. I don't know maybe that's just right and left she K that's suing people that I hang out with that would do that I feel like that would just be a bad idea us danger. 7991250. Let's go to Paula while now elicited two marks and now there's two Paul's pick a ball on south side. All on the south side you're on the fan of those or one. I Tim really enjoy yourself one of the best promotions and gimmicks the brewers had 1970. Their first your rig there's been there day. I'd still have the money Keegan bath I was there but the brewers have just gimmick where they put a guy by the name of milk meats and whom they called Bernie brewer. And head Kimmel live on top of the colony stadiums. Score board yachts. Until they drew 40000 people. Of which they never did I don't think I think they got no all I. They did well I use. I think not now. I was listening Rea son I never got to swing at him recently. And I'll keep your right here Paula you're clear clear me up on the supply brought. Yet. Recently read a story about him and he's actually the impetus behind Bernie brewer asked is what the story said. And he actually when he came off the scoreboard he went to slide down the rope. And they and all my hope that it. Ambulance. I don't mean to laugh. I don't think the left but he got hurt when he when he slid down to is this is this right. Yet that I remember I was epic game and it looked quite a game they were losing. To mitigate any Walton ended anyone remember attended a three run double and does still. Knocked in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth and then Bernie. UK and melt opened at the scoreboard and you have got all kinds roper. Rope burns and then hit the ground con hard and I was laying on the growth of at that it's all playing. I don't mean to laugh but it just figures ride the day trying to do something super cool and edited it goes that idea. While I applaud the great great story thanks thanks for the call might Keegan bat 1970. Barkley was a big fan of well I'll give away that he saw this year would you woods again WW fast lane. The helpless hair eyebrows on. Get a steal share her. Steel chair for wrestling event last aired there yet you sit close enough to the rain we had to take home the chair. Really so bill isn't the Ross design and I got to take on the chairs as fast lane march 8 there whenever the hell laws. And sit in my basement now know that I was too excited that is conical Goldberg's piece of trash or. That is kind of cool though yeah I act I got take a much here man missed his share Knight now. They actually do that in Oakland a few years ago where people just took chairs anyway. As they got the raiders were moving on let's get to another Paul Paul your next on the fan of ball. Go ahead Paul you're on the radio. No aren't put a month old now he gets another shot c'mon. Sam wait you're not. 7991250. Did we miss ball is he ready now Paul. Don't want seized on dissent knowing it's why does call back then Jun 991250. What we're gonna find out why Bart is crabby and will it. Roll into tomorrow morning's show. You figure well you don't I would like to say what tomorrow morning show bike. Week we accept calls to you know. Yeah. You can see you guys and get people are on the all the time and it's great in this interaction I've got to artists know that Colin showed you. Any kind of begged her column look like Canadians how it's not about the Bruins and so I don't look William it and with the deep ball I got a break. Do you trip over yourself not to attend hello and welcome back I'm Diana and. Now here's the behind the scenes post game updates as we take you. Inside the clubhouse per. Brought to my whether tech windows and doors received 50% off qualifying installations with no money down and visit weathered dashed TEK it dot com for info this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames foreign fleets. I welcome back brewers fall in game three of this three game set they hit the road four game set in Pittsburgh it starts tomorrow and we're talking about best and worst souvenirs. That you've come across in some don't work they just I mean there are some that I've questioned a little bit but. Not a work in that world than and maybe they deemed it. The ones that I didn't like as a success overall so. I mean but at then again I'm one that will save the ones I don't like Bart Wexler joins us in studio here inside the clubhouse. Yeah out eight before the break I complained about people calling your show and not my show we gotta remember the Hillary get out there's 40000 people coming out of Miller Park that'd just watched a brewer game you know there's a morning show on the sports station fire same source solution lucky. Each edit. You guys went out to do whatever you do during the breaks. And it adds a baby touches on own damn what are you Greg will you read the text. From Billy Schmidt and mom just now. Israel hit a model cents. It's said oops. Does mark know that no one listened to the show. And. I'm not at all how am I. I'll give it a lot about well well well well thanks in position and let alone know how I mr. Tracy thank you let them there predestined and asked her if I'm. The denial. After the nobody. They're there at least I know now you know a good round they did hundreds and hundreds tastes for different people would control and kids that would make him a right front line yet. Remind you know that you got this supported me in some way Lockett. Save performed. Should fans press by phone all right in my fantastic. Not my phone's. Six to ten right here on Mary seems things are second look at this yeah hang out to his people whenever the you guys on the show tomorrow obviously gonna talk about the brewers and hand out and hit and the need to. For something. Yeah listen why you should listen to demolish show even FBI it's the first time why we're giving away money Sega 1000 dollars and seven and eight miles North Sea and hey don't give away a Monet we're giving away money you dug about things that you'd like to do we're actually giving things away tomorrow yet to win a thousand bucks. And seven and eight adamant cal is gonna join us there at 8 o'clock nice hill we'll get all the latest information on this team including talking able why. Councils pleased. About Travis job. Selling on three. Believe that phone and cedar Johnny did that at 9 o'clock this result tomorrow again you don't even have to change the dial. It down is there I feel like I'm pleading for my job you. It got on the very same station and hop group where. Eyes out by the clever ads always blows the enemy later right now I. I've already in a bad mood she's undergone back and forth with people on Twitter about a ball prospects and somebody said to me I'm not gonna mortgaged the future here we go again giving away two or three guys for Sonny gray the entire future got more to sell the farm two and a half or they're playing all right well. With the cubs did did they give up all African tanning yes did he have a great game today yes I think if you even told brewers fans. You're guaranteed to get the kind of performance and production that CC gave you back in 2008 is still would be hesitant it's not like. You know the brewers have such a loaded farm system right now part of the farm system is bringing guys up in the future shirt but it's also. Improving the the big league team now. It's also using those guys. To improve this team. I'm sorry but the MLB is not going to expand to an eight man outfield and they're not gonna let wanna guy's bat in the order these prospects are gonna get weeded out at some. Way shape or form. Your brewers team is up for a half now you solid the cubs' day with and Donna you sound he pitched today. Gold gates Sonny gray. Gold you know I'm sorry if he's not as big given name to you and Lucas are sick or even Zack Greinke was four years ago. The brewers are in a race now. Now they are in a race I ever show now those two things are true that now I don't know how. Those are OK let's also grabbed a towel. It started great and if you know well. RA IRA Barton's origin now. In. 10011000. Units around with how he route 1000. Then here we do know there really you know medical issues you know what happened to Bernie brewer and chocolate covered bananas. Has. See you breathe breathe deeply edible arrangement of any arrangements. Edible arrangements bay shores repeated and Hillary engines there. Meditation as accounts over there if you wanna therapy session. Oh. Radio therapy on the post game there's accounts literally right over there. Went with regards to us souvenirs. Before the break your Bart. There's some that like them all no matter what. I used to be like that. I don't know what I'm going to do with that nesting doll set which is sitting in a box OK is your good one I do have one jab of course because got a brewers thing out for sure furlough pollution and also I think they do more giveaways now than they may have before. Also I disagree I think they do more these days yes. There I think you're more I think now it's there's a lot alike means everything but I feel like they gave what they are more. Shirts now. While is is that lowered the were chuckling at how Friday's shirts that I think they give away more now than they do. Before. And I there's more giveaway I mean some of these Bobble heads there scrape them like the back of the is made rob scale bobbled day by the end their league. Well they're they're there's they're scraping for ideas but they come with good fun summer and hit some are not some don't yeah. Yeah for sure but I you know I'll save anything. Anything at all brewer coupon book. Okay they and that goes out nine dollars coupons old now now there's nothing in their normal human but I save the coupon book why I'm not sure. Because I got an at a burger anymore but no that's not order. That's that's a fan. I don't know what I'm gonna do it all this stuff at some point. No I'm Six Feet Under someone's gonna have to go through that and say why did it's why did sarge die dude keep up my dad keep this up. Why did hitting it. And but do you look at it all the scoreboards from his youth games do you wouldn't believe. The outside and your partner the yesterday. On the air about you know back in the seventies the media guide back and the media guide bag that was like a pamphlet. It literally was now it's like a Bible. I'd do I have the media guide from the mid seventies Sergio because sites I sought for two bucks. I think it was a late seventies media guys suffered two bucks a brewers trivia book now. Again it's dated. It's 1978. How much Serbia can there be an eight years of existence you know but I have all this stuff. So all giveaways to work to a degree. Two yes the orders. All right we're gonna hear from cried council of next you'll squeeze in GM the outskirts and Jimmy Graham and it's drags loses mind Jim you're next on the fan. And I angered. Or call and I guess that the community and they got there authoring and probably one of the best. Emotions. Throughout the years that I've ever gotten agreed. Very very pleased appearing in I'm thinking about. Put a real diamonds in the middle. Oh not yeah there you ago. And Tim might think you have. The perfect opportunity to Wear that ring on your next trip to Vegas cools. Good luck charm Vegas. Speaking of which Alec I got a comment about art show no. There's so they're show I'm lit into the franchise. Art show. That's what they. Wanton. Online yeah. Just say you love well I I'm in the leg. And don't let that ball. All mime mime. The number. Her for that shell is the same residence for this show up class a law. Yeah I mean maybe rookie league I am. Wherever. And then at night. You've got a big league show what the with a franchise. Nice laugh while I'm Jim thank you I thought I'd do or. Where thank you all right thank you how Bart now I I I don't get offended that they need to dig even notice that I was on this don't know. But you know what I'm best in the league's. Bart is there anything I can do. Are you kidding you that right now no assists. What you want to do I mean I I don't want to do I don't know what to say I didn't let it. And I'll have to be caught and needs. We are a team you're. That's what I believe and I've told you that you that you that everybody here we are a team guy I need all the men and sugar and yeah. Well I'm aligning the Colin and tell me I. I'll let you know operate almighty. My goodness you were doing great and actually go all the other abusing. So how well. Do hollowed out what to do would you even dared do that the commonly bag in the Colin this post game show next summer. You mentioned yeah it's been months and I looked at what I. But baseball blog got cotton duck and run if Youngblood. Room her job you have Edwards plus got bubbly guy I putted. It may be made permits a Levy on the round do you couldn't steer it. Unbelievable. We'll be back on the. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's find out the scoop from the skipper brought to my brightness Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships is six junior college sports blur. More BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans. Before and after the game 1057 FM the fan. And I think I think. Yeah I mean that's. I mean he's a big leader evidence on his sensors on big league debut he pitched against us and a little little some situation New York so it's not. And is a lefty going up against the left it's it was a good matchup for me just knowing through breaking. In the strike zone. It is. We know exactly who knows else yeah. I think that's you know is a great moment those loans outstanding and you know I think you're going to take game in Korean. Tick ever down and you're going to be you know we've we've made those and its aggressive moved from intensive format there we took a chance there you know you're gonna. With with those guys downloadable and you're gonna have to use among relievers sit to cover twelve miles. And by the united I'd do it again you know you take it too good to one meeting we did just and work on that inning but it. You know Robin Webb get us an inning were it were set up nicely. The cover of something. Who is. Excitement about somebody that first home run as the new view that both Britain and what is LA for a guy in an effort for this clubhouse to see him get that. Well that's I mean it's it's great to me it says to me it's as real its first big moment here. And but did a study in the game yesterday is that it that's one swings go little batters and looked like stars you know can't close at bats so. It's a great moment and think you know for a rapid progress the years something that. You know you can leave now and for the rest these kind of move forward here and he's had a moment in that had some success and a big moment of success and contributed. Sounds to me like Brad Phillips is headed back to triple a its didn't say I didn't know it is that it is that is laying here in it and it maybe so regard to reactivated soon and it Bart wind cooler we have a road tax back to Billy's phone from. Tracy's Schmidt yes she goes oh my god I feel so bad tell Bart I'm sorry. OK so you have the Marlins you be good now. I'm doing good I mean she's not the demographic I get paid out and suddenly care by that guy. See now you wonder is Gregory your audience like that it's good work every listeners important all fifteen of. He's all right so Bart you what else is going on tomorrow morning. Well will be on the air whether you listener and I mean if you think your clock right did you on your bottom Brian do the same five jokes for the thirty years because you still has visited. You know it's your problem Oka and Mattel the 8 o'clock at cedar 9 o'clock game we will be. Given away a thousand bucks at seven and eight. Can I win any Packers discussion maybe we'll tell Aaron Rodgers at 848 to he had a successful weekend on the golf course he did he ended up and sort of weekend. I'll of course he beat Tony Romo or something. He did not beat Stefan curry. In a tournament although those two were connecting on passes that looked pretty good has tinkering to Green Bay I thought he under threw yeah I it didn't look that great courage over and the route far more power. How far promoted driller right I'm sure I'll I. I Danny Villa out that also is true favorite guys that your ribbon on it there so. The just just end things brewers Milwaukee Brewers baseball club you have absolutely hit a home run with his ring avoid. And I they're not the says there are cases of rings as their heading into Miller Park this should be zero reason why someone has seventy of these. Uncertainties sold. Seoul semi sold. On the day that the giveaway happens. So I don't know there's been some flam -- down there I don't know how that works maybe it maybe it's their way of generating some additional revenue but it ultimately I don't know I don't know that it's gonna get a Sonny gray I don't care if that's true. That's to our right to Eric Johnson's birthday today so maybe maybe his birthday present will be is. Old college pitcher but a big time big time success with this ring everything we're hearing is that it's cool. And I know it's awesome man the other 82 celebration over the weekend was outstanding the attendance was good. Brewers ten games over 500 heading into. Pretty long road trip guys say yeah ten gamer for in Pittsburgh in pits for sitting there. These coming into today's game eight games back date and there again. Pittsburgh if they wanna make a run up. They see the brewers says public enemy number one right I don't dangerous series look at the editor at Wrigley before the before the all star break it went to a three. But fourteen armament and in the first inning. You gotta come and those those for you play big time the first inning is huge huge tomorrow night it's the palace and don't hit that Josh Bell for God's sakes. He's the out. Get him off the plate Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Bill bio Zynga that gets under way at 530 and then of course after the last bit to make the Swiss. And we'll meet you right here we'll talk about hopefully brewers bounce back victory on the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show bill by planes farm and fleet Bart was our. In studio guests this Sunday evening art wing clerk for W ash ash peace morning show chuck and week. Will help them find Jesus initially it clearly missing in his life. I'm the fan. We love we love everybody we work with and thanks are mostly down at Miller Park for crispy on the glass Greg Janet bills mid Bart thank you for common man responds under beer that was nice my name is Tim Allen -- great night. Doctor tomorrow night after the game listen to this part. Smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.