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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, October 22nd
Faith in the Zone with Brian Swole from Western Days Christian Ministries

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Walk and defeat the zone on sports Radio One 057 app from the fans. I'm might be gearan flying solo today passer can tell you there will be back in studio with me next week. So I talked Hedo professional golf and hockey baseball basketball football I think we volleyball. I I I kind of run the gamut on this show and if you listen to some of the other shows I do what I'm most comfortable in the baseball basketball football world. But with faith in Sony with the youth sports show that they do it kind of try to stretch out a little bit and find some some other guys that are. They're trying to spread the word. In in different Arenas. That's solved when the big guys have really excited about today show your Milwaukee we don't it's we don't talk a lot about rodeos. And this time your blocks boxer playing pact is your plan. And I found in western days ministries it's a Christian rodeo that they're really doing good work in Michigan. And I got a chance today to talk with brine sold Wilbon asked to repeat commodities had been kidney of course so our special guest for the entire showed today. Is Brian sole western days ministry it's a Christian rodeo he Brian may doing today. I'm good I'm really good there. While I appreciate like I said your willingness to come on. Secular sports station we talk a little bit rodeo and we talked how you guys utilizing that platform. On the Bryan let's start a little bit with your background in how you got involved in rodeo and worry gross stuff like that. Well I grow up in Michigan was born and raised there and my dad my own poll were identical twins and both of them were involved and rodeo and and horse racing fellow colleagues around. That type of atmosphere. And and I got my first bull when I was fourteen I wrote anything that would stand still long enough for me to grow a lot and visual. But I entered my first rodeo and got a much effort will not looking. You were hug hug too early Alia. Yup. Yup reverend Al Gore during. Man that's that's awesome when when you were a young man at at that age obviously there's. There's there's kids that you are going to school with that are more involved in what I would say you know they had the the every day sports of football basketball baseball. A maybe hockey. Many of the kids in your neighborhood your friends that you went to school with proving involved in rodeos well. I know I was pretty much the only one in fact that the air probably girl some album not Wear that. Arm and I enjoyed football baseball and played used sportsmen and sports and school but there's just something about. You know the action of them does ride bulls would be in rodeo Koppel. So when I was a kid. We would go up to place called walk tackle Wisconsin. I we go apply to this is called a charge turned a resort in one attack on pine lake. And we go up for two weeks in and once a week we would they would take this horseback riding as a kid. And I gotta say Bryant went on and off I was ten and eleven years old the first week. We're walking before we get to run in my sister's sources who run of mine and a horse kicked mine. And mine bucked me often decent note it might you gotta get attacked on that horse so I got back out the second week we went or walk him. And it thundered out. And mine kind of went up and then took off but I couldn't hold that back. And it went through these these woods now is all bloodied up and I got off that horse when they finally got to stop. And I said now they see you gotta get back on it should never again met. And conquer barber they show where you have to give back I sell locked patrol back Amaechi guys back. I'm never get now more of these animals again and I'll tell you pride this year the pork. Courses are are such beautiful animals and so powerful and and I I'll watch him on TV and I'll stand next Toobin I'm not kitten up on one anymore. All that still might happen someday we'll probably should let you know one. Yet that it better than your crib better be you're really strong horse to give for my size up on it. I Al Linda bugs some YouTube video that people laughed at all over the world. I'm not out there's there's no chance our special guest today is Brian soul. Western days ministries go to western diss him ministries dot org. As we talk about this is a number of ways that. That you can reach on the we'll talk to Brian about some of the ways that that we can helpers from you you'd be feeling glad as we do this to help these guys continue this ministry. I think they're doing great work. And when you go to their would do to their website and take a look at some of the stuff that they're doing. I think that your gonna agree with with me you can also go to western days ministries dot word press dot cop. We're talk more about that in in in as we do the show but there's a couple of blogs have been written that I think you're just really well written. And when you when you go to that web set western days ministries. That word press dot com. Make sure you've got 1520 minutes to put aside. Does your neck and go to that website certain greens some of these blogs and then just walk away his jugular really want to read more of them because it's it's just really good stuff. He Bryant. Went into now you're professional rodeo tyra a professional bull rider. Yup yup I competed in all rodeo event but my heart literally into the bowler nine and that's where. I spent most of my time. Mostly in them. It is very. Is your money to be made there was that your living in. Well. Partner I am also a professional or sure by trade so. You know the blower was more of passion you know they're a handful of guys it'll get rich doing it but it. It's it's just something about the challenge. Boy that you know if I'm if I get nervous you know and horse. There's no chance and get on a four iron. It set back that yes they can be a little intimidating. But you know all about overcoming fear. Yeah not at my age men it's about not break in my body and half this what Chris what the issue is at this point. Bride you still get on balls. Know there. 2000. Was the last one that I got on. I. And Hermione a few years prior to that not my son was born in 1997. Alike and released slovo. Unlike travel and there's always that desire to get back on and now. Let when I got on nine and one Barack nine step option. Tore my A feel the rest of the way and let pretty much and thanks very fair. I did your son is he involved. I'll know he. He was a baseball player all through high school and football player and it more under the augmentation you know he likes to cal we have cows and horses cheered and great balls and I enjoyed that. It doesn't really wanna you know which is fine with me. Hey where where in Michigan do you live. We heard an elegant Michigan which is between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Probably thirty miles from lake. So is is rodeo big in India in elegant is that a big part of that the the top owners it just kind of where you in the area that your hand. Know that skipped an area that we are they have. A rodeo a fair they've had to relent. Probably 1015 years. And or some other local rodeos you know that the line county fairs and so forth. Most other quite a few actually and. And let me read other mission statement again this is western days ministries. And their their mission statement. Is western days ministries it's aspires to bring the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard it. Our boss or straight away from it we are spell she is special interest in the cowboy rural and Al Turk communities are promoting unity. Amongst local churches. That's a really good mission statement. I gotta be honest and I love the fact that you include. Our unity amongst local churches he's I think that that's it's so important. And today's teenage we we kind of put our church of put ourselves in an island. And it's just about our church not about that churches this church let's start about when our church is still went and I think he. Yeah that the more we opened the doors and and and do things with other local churches. I I think that it's important that we do that is Christians. Via exactly you know one. I really believe that the church could ever come together and the church matters in the Baptist or her nondenominational sure whatever. But as the church of Christ they can really turn this country air. I I agree that I don't. I don't think I don't see that happen and in my lifetime. Right got to BI snow there so many different religions and and there are so many different ways to. Look I I I always you know brought up an Catholic church and Catholic school and went twelve years into a Catholic school and and and back then Brian is a long time ago but they handed me a Bible and sit hate just carry it. Will let you know what's in it don't worry about opening that. Just curious when we tell you to carry it. And now I go to Baptist Church said the and I think we've been to the book of Romans for body Euro and work you know me we're not halfway through yet. And it's it's it is quite amazing to me and I know some things have changed in in in. He religions Bradford in the one more I'm mad in different churches. The one that that in a wish pastor Ken was here to speak on it. But it is you know you've there's one way. There's one way I have and and and it's right there in the Bible I'd can't be any more clear than that prime right. No I don't disagree but it in all it it's funny how theology can get in the way out one way. It'll. And that's the thing that we really try to character. It about having a relationship. Yeah. We try to bring the churches together because when we go to these places and you know who are of that we have an altar Colin. You know that that one of the blessing for me is I mean we haven't done one of these events and I haven't stood nattering Ankara. Albert go lower crime and no artillery. At the scene people. There are broken and you know get beat up come down into that arena. And stick your face and hindered the foot of the crop there. It is amazing. How powerful is that. Yeah it's it's been. It's been an interesting ride the saint. Hey no doubt let's get to a quick break other side the break we're gonna continue with our special guest. He's Brian sole western days ministry again go to western days ministry. Dot org for more information. Or western dame ministries western d.s and ministries. Got word press dot com. When you go to their website there's a place that that's if you feel them that your lead and you wanna donate to these guys cause I know that. They'd this is a key I think that they're doing as their ministry they're now making any money on this thing I know that and they have a lot of expenses we can help them out. You know maybe we can get them to bring to sit too was not someone asked Brian that. On the other side of the break this is faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 app found the fans. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Back mean and so on sports pretty of one of 57 FM the fan. You know Mike you were flying solo this week pastor can tell there. Will be back this next swing our special guest Brian sold western days ministries. It is seek Christian rodeo proved their ministries all about. Rodeos in and horses and bulls all the stuff that I'm completely afraid of but. We we share with you may one day try to give that. He would take that away from from me if we give Brian and his group to come to Milwaukee bride you get tested today to get involved with rodeos. All over the midwest yours is strictly in Michigan. Well we've actually. Been in Michigan and then Nam we went to Canada last year. And beside the rodeo we also do what we call around my Bible and dom. It's all outlook related activities and the Bible lesson or parable of the along little and then. We do cowboy churches. You know stop oh. Now looks like their food on a lot bigger than what what we've been no effect if I knew were dormant. Probably and. You don't want to get gate. You just handed over and give out for the ride right. Exactly exactly and Brian uses something that you start. Actually. Started. Seven years ago. Whip out my sister. She should go or trying and it BA it he would have a share of the salvation not the weather or without our web site column Snickers story. Yeah I saw that. It's yours if that's your sister. Yeah that's my sister. And thus it was put on her heart to duties in one of these Bible. And then it in the time before that my uncle passed away it was a a champion bowler uttered. And become lower and one of the things they seem pretty committed to a treatment chapter in the Bible and a you know any of you realize there. You know detailed ready and we're god given it has been know it at the time. You know previous to implement in the war you know is my dad's side of that and it wasn't really a Christian background. Let the buyer. And in fact that's a great jumping off point let's if we can't Bryant. If you can share your testimony without with our listeners that would be outstanding. I tried to live up to of the cowboys. Motto back then at that time you know probably effort in the VA second but it. The quote an area in all love and during and heightened cowboys and I did my best to try to live up to that one out younger. My mom and Gabbert or when are now. A mom what to Lutheran church and dramatic indicator of not what you can curriculum and at that time you know accepted trite but I don't think you understand the full ramifications and especially we're out of that you know and now. So there might teenage years I would. Out of wild as a marcher. And it'll evolve our high schools and American and party in Atlanta went and throughout that time frame you know like at a couple runners into law and when I turned forty on nightly drank it. And start living my life better in a lot of treatment probably. I still love Dylan and what the lord told me to do. You know. You know life goes on and that a church here about 1012 years ago. And the actors set up and and I don't exactly remember what it was but I felt everybody in the church together and and what everybody lifted their web browser or log into. Oh that's a recommitment at that time and then you know gorge just been slowly. Build and build and build it all and intra on a lower improper. Brian are we all. Met my truck he what was the quote from from eight seconds. Well what was it quote that you gave. Low and under and I elbow and now I'm a 100% Irish rockers. He apart at an event at cowboys and those Irish boys we got a little bit Tom in there each and yet. You know I. We say this on this show all the time man we love your pupils testimonies and it never gets sold. It ever gets sold you know that that pasture. That whatever he said. You see it was time you go he shoot I envy you that you quick trick it at 21 bright took me a lot longer. A lot longer and you go go on court of an older I'm sure I. I I kept that that that idea that that was the lifestyle that I wanted for for awhile and I think god for whites that prayed for me every day. She prayed for me every day in fact. Always when I ended up going to east side Baptist church on a Sunday night and waiting for their service to the and it walked in this he pastor Darrell. I walked in a suit and eats and how meant in peace and I knew you'd come I didn't know when you come and I knew you'd be Aris died you know that. He's in my Q Weis who pray for you for years. And I know that I knew who ordered answer perk she's a very faithful strong Christian one. You know I had Lipman good battered beaten with a guy here last year and then opened it. And it resonated with me. And pray any it got hard so hard on me. That your mom all the so hard on me. I actually hit well my model of the Graham mob and I know that it Serb prayers. That have gotten us where were today you like mr. Bo. Man amen for that tell me that I tell me the snicker story. Tell me so your sister's a horse trainer and that horse the horse is name is snicker correct. And I just glanced at that article and I think the beginning of mine was I know that I knew that the board had had special. Since its own special ideas for for this course snicker. And in night in and out went on to something else but like lancet that our coal. Obviously she's doing great work with with this horse. And this ministry correct. All the he the horses is probably let more people to the lord and some churches while column. He was an abuse source. She actually want to look at him a neighbor first Eddie and they get out in public some expert trying to make a rope or side of being your advocate in the sense strode mosque in all it was classified as a rebel at a bank's. You know on what they're never going to be no good for not open except dog food. And you know he would he was beaten and broken basically. And my sister setup breaking ball. And then this is. There's Trout from the bond that they had come together where. You know overtime. And now she's adding you know to certain being bagged and and we used him in R&R Blair. A long winter but on that Tommy brand that wrote it's kind of like your first cut more people broke. It'll start felt like a wild stallion crashed into the gate and you know also when it happened we open up the gate spectacle scare off crop hearing here. You know so it it's pretty bidding but it's a ball. You know kind of like God's law cannot. Even though were broken could be down the band called rebel when banks got a local fame. The days he did yesterday. No doubt amen to that. Amen to that we are talking with Brian so he is so western days ministries their located. In Mischka and elegant Michigan. Well how is that Tom pronounced is elegant. Elegant Michigan. And you go to western days ministries dot org for more information. On what they do I can I read their mission statement let me read their vision statement. Very quickly before get to operate question days ministries desires to reach out. To the washed those who have strayed in those who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. We understand that many people feel comfortable in the conventional church setting and we have a desire to let them know that the father saps them. As they are. We intend to touch people through. Outreach events we are some desire to work alongside the local church is promote unity within where not a substitute for your local church or assembly. Or weak competition. With Andy I denied denominational group. And so. Look I love that efficiency I. I agree of these so much when you see that there are many people that feel and comfortable in a conventional church said he. So it's a way that that we can get them to to come either come back to the church or step into the church is because they go to your rodeo. And eight they sit and listen to you guys and say well hold on a second. I was I was late that when I was nineteen like this like Brian Sell was I was directed a party and fight and doing the stuff that. That he was doing and look at where the borders is brought him I tell people alive. On on this show and answer Leo if I'm given a chance to speak. We had pastor Daryl strawberry. On the pastor Uros robber. And it ought to you don't what the lord's willing to accept guys like me a pastor Daryl strawberry were doing a lot of the same things. Man he he fully. All you have to do was asked if he and he's there he he certainly will will open his arms except you. I gotta tell you one quick rodeo Steward before ago I got a couple of them. Because I I worked for sports marketing company we did to rodeos. Here when I worked for and we did a high school one and we did professional one it's state fair park. And there's a family that that it pretty good friends with Wilson and Bonnie keel. And I think they have fifteen children all home schooled one they're all beautiful. Children and one smarter nicer than the next. Ed because they have they do have a lot of kids if they're gonna go to an event. You know their their look it up by 171819. Ticket so it's kind itself. Or are doing this rodeo and I called Wilson said you have any interest for you send your kids this he says the we would love that. So I dropped Dawson tickets and a bright got to tell you they were in the for a role. And all other kids had had did the cowboy shirt on and the scarf and hat. And these are really well be here if kids and I was not I wasn't I wasn't well behaved at all. And so Wilson go through this camera and they're all sitting in the front row and it's just a couple of steps and probably about a six foot. Jump to get into where where that you know we're the sheep are were all the horses are. And with either dad walked away and I said boys let's full rumbled. And they're like oh no mystery here we can't do that this odd new dads out here come wants fool around with me and the one voice and I'll do it and he got up. And hatred she stepped in touch the real late and and what you step back down. And I say. About Kerry that's yet he goes out as I say I want to jump over the railing goes to go to chase won those sheep over there. He's OMR rigueur racquet never Dudack. And I'd sure like it if you did it could I got. God got to a pet either I tell you we had we had a blast Wilson and and Bonnie guilty to yet just two with a really cute people. Here in the city walk you guys let's get to a break. On the other side a break we'll continue our conversation Brian soul. Western days ministries you go to western days ministries dot org. If you're feeling and let let's help these guys on them and asked Bryant on the other side of break. Little bit about how they're funded and see if we can't help him out I think this this is a really good. A ministry and and and again their vision statement and I think people that are listening to this and maybe some guys that are listed in this. Are those people that feel uncomfortable in the conventional church said he. These guys have found a way through this this is a rodeo and this ministry. It to bring people closer to war to get them comfortable possibly with getting into their local churches. And again he is brine sold western days ministry this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can counter. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to me. Sports for you and so let them into my Mike given again fly zones we ask you can tell they're. Back in studio next week or special guest he's Bryant's. Western these ministries this guy's Christian rodeo go to western days and ministries dot war. Enough for more information on some of the stuff they're doing. My recommendation also is western these ministries. Doubt word press dot com. I would judge there's a number of truly. While written articles. In fact one that that I was reading about an hour ago. Time that I read on their. Friday it was called. Image of a character. And we talked it talks about wind when people ask me about my character my mind automatically thinks about all the good I've done. Think about I Kirch people especially my friends and fans might think about my patients. And how unlike most other people I can tolerate waiting a long line Ergen help some and it requires patience gentle assistance. And then the article goes on to say it looked. Hold on a second. You can go is that really is it now is that a pride issue. For me or you know and it's a good article in NNI learn a lot from it or you talk click. Patients there virtue right I seem to possessed as say time out battling Saudi daily. I am trying to but at same time I catch myself worried about myself wait too often. People tell you that and I'm good a good student good person good friend but in reality. Being good is the last thing on my mind sometimes. And so it you know it starts out with his image of character. Where look I think we all have that. You know I've I've battle pride and on a daily basis sometimes and you know Brian it's a difficult. Thing to do so when you go to what. To this sell website and again when you go to the western days ministries. And if if you can't take a look at West Indies ministries that were pressed dot com. And take a look at some of these these blogs that I think really while ray knew who writes toast for yes. I'll let the war and actually about the character who has written by a young lady she is a senior in high school this year really and you know she spent a lot of time grown up public my sister. And yeah it's cool to see conceded that the held out she's girl and she's just the type person that. You'd never know that you struggle that and it's not to bite the matter. What what I love it at the end weary united realized she was a high school student when you're sick I would UC here and you tell her. That an old boy of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Learned a few things through that article. I I won't tell her at the end she's is honestly I do wanna develop into a better person but that's not all. But atomic graduate I do want people to see me in my character or want. I don't want people to see me and my character once in the seat the image of cheesy shining through me. An all that I say and do. This is a high school aged kid man could for her. Got a few really proud of of of of this young lady. All you know and and that's the type of things that were you know not yet from. From some of the cared I mean. In the kids that are blocked. One of our Bible can't we had a young man and the old. He'd come up with is old bottle age. And he was gonna do it on the pony express. And has terrible or what he's what he spoke about an eight giving reluctant and everything it. Was not injured and got. And I mean Hitler his client acting. You know so to be able to see people. Get bets are in defeat lies changed through what we're doing. It is really cool. You Brent can you teach you step me through in and walk us through a typical event for you guys. You know if if we target name and if we talk about. Now and that they there roundup of Bible camp but but the actual rodeo. When you guys get a chance to do the altar call like a way when does that happen within the road if you could kind of give us an idea some things going on. That day. Okay. Generally ominous start album and one of the things. That that we do I mean there's no question that this does occur in the event and that that was offered Convergys as the school. We have a process certain ability arena. And it stayed there throughout all of that. We have Christian flag hanging around me arena's lower the American flag we tried to incorporate our. Law enforcement and and service members into our opening. And the article is. We do the opening to the diamond real long and got least ultra. Hand. At the end of the song which my sister Carrie at the American flag. And up next couple hot laps what people liked the shower but she wrote up and then she she stopped or or. Aired the flag. So the level we have they're from law enforcement and the military. And government flag and then her Edgar or both out well. You have them come forward and and here. Com one of the things that that is just a huge huge blow up things for. There's seven Tommy branch come along side and helplessly Bardner. And non commie. I've timers and time and entertainer of the year and in the inspirational country music. On the living legend award winner. And he's he's just shine he's system Islam and who is demeanor. And boy not a hobby too. There's a sixteen year old kid that plays the guitar unlike anybody out there are things really he had. Army war from their country terribly cute rocker girl. Huh. But we had to play. Before the event and then. What we do direct due to the altar call we've incorporated one atomic bombs which is Canada's testimonies. Called broken. And now we incorporate that was Snickers. It and that's when legal into the all circle and and army it is. He's a preacher you know also he. Eagle then in and speak to people you know that that they're there they've been broken and beaten down and you know he wanted change you want something different. We invite them down two. Come in to the year and under the cross. Right there on the spot. A lot of the event that we're doing probably done one standalone event for the last five years and not an elegant here. Let the lord opens door for a student in Q counting for years. It also now where we're into the secular community. And and there are people that'll leave it all on other blocking all the doors. AT&T that you can tear smoke that. But you know we all like to figure out there are you know satellite went fifteen for you know which point you leave the 99. But look for the war. And then that we can make the difference in warm personal life. Yeah that's in amended that Brian amen to that again he's Brian sole western Dave ministries. Christian re Christian rodeo that. Look I've been spend their body if if I get a chance I would love to come to come see that. You goatee it's intra scene time you windier Europe Bryant's very when you get Tommy brand to come. And and he's our most years things I think that the bad in itself is a big draw for people that know Tommy's music. And he wears a tie in between what you guys to western days ministries and what Tommy does. Well Tommy is a tendon is about the same as garbage on it it's reaching out to the law you know don't want to where they are mean no more there act. Com he also started a ministry called cowboy outreach America. And that's really start to take hold. And by us coming together we can combine. The talents in the guess that the award given out. To. Reach out more people. He our most of the guys that participate the cowboys that are involved. Are these Christian men are these guys are trying to reach. Well you know what we're trying to reach them as much as you know as everybody else. Com you know let that lifestyle is still on a rock star type lifestyle especially with the you know that is the PBR and everything you see on TV. You know pretty good seeing glimmers. You know also. It that aspect of this still there you know the one thing about rodeos. I don't ever remember going to rodeo throughout my whole career. Where it didn't start with the National Anthem and prayer. It also hurt volleys an aspect of it. But. Whether they fully understood it or not I don't know you know that we talked to. These contestants before on. The for the event. And I asked president you don't know right now it's up to me today completely. You know we love you guys and I want anybody go to. He Brian cant imagine. That any cowboys are thinking about nearly through the National Anthem. I know now. On you know what exactly what you are introduction they all come out and Nate Nate locked arms and circle around craw. And then when they're introduced one I want nailed him now that the crops. That no longer a National Anthem there there's an at all. There's stand tall hand over the heart I am sure there. He is Brian soul again western and days ministries. Also T we talked by Tommy Branson and his song broken it chance. But you two were Google that take a listen to that song highway on the attitude that go on again not a big country music guy. Prime give that song a shot and listen to that Tommy brand this stuff he's doing. If you wanna know more about two western days ministries again Christian rodeo do really good work in Michigan western days ministries dot org. And begin chance western days ministries that world press. Dot com there's a place on on that too website to dot org website. I to be able to it to help these guys out we will give. And and maybe help them with some of their finances. Really quickly before game to break pride high you guys pay for this. Well we run around and get advertising now we accelerated banners and so forth and we do. Spot for people who don't pay and so forth but Tom. Pretty much we we go around and raise the money to to put these events on and outwardly do one of the event we've done here Allergan. I'm like it though understandable that there though we run that one bird. We did few days last year Saturday and Sunday and would not only edit a three of but I think we've had eight or nine under tree. Almost all that was. Abe bright you don't really understand how to run these events may you're supposed to charge some money to create an. Sports cards to bugs for odd dogs. You know what the right to want soul you know that I mean that's. To me that that's what it's about it like is that we can. Any one person. You know that it caller. In western days ministries dot org. If you're feeling led to help these guys out I I'm gonna do that in and out recommended five few chance go to that website. And take a look at it. If you're if your horse surrogate a rodeo or. You know bull kinda get high you consider this show first of all you probably don't know me you know I don't think I know any you guys. But maybe I just don't know that that's part of your passion. Next semi see you come up let me know this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057000. The fans. Mac tip faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. On some boards for anyone of 57 of them stand. I might get rid our special guest he's your point. Brian sole western days ministries go to western these ministries dot org for more information. Grow what is 2018. Looked like you guys out. I printed out all the events that you guys were part of 2007. Team and there is a lot on June 11 June 13 she said the team. June July 20 seconds like fifty. All kinds of events you guys were part of in 2007. Team that is 2018 look for yet. He's outrage and it looked like you're going to be even bigger than 2007 and she's been asked to come back you. If you county fair that we did this year we just got a phone call from. Canada two days ago and now. They're popular like they wanna try to do full blown last Sunday. Was voter guide and everything else so. It's it looks like it's going to be a they want. Bad good for you what kind of staff do you have Bryant. Well we are comprised mostly of volunteers. In fact are all volunteers they're gonna. Let down their five over better on the board of western days ministries. And we're Olympic you know that kind of put everything together. And then now. Local volunteers and that's partly worry your churches involved to help out these Bible camp. You know. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Christian. The companies and and there are volunteer. I would say in life changed is for people be and there are open now. Yeah I know no Don again if you feel led a just wanna read something Q where were. On their website it says this take you for considered making a donation and western day ministries. Western days ministries. Take you for supporting. Us we are honored to have you partner with us by making a donation your company has reached a loss and share the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do looser I'll reach of offense that feature rodeo western rule. Outdoor lifestyle. Question days ministries is 501 C nonprofit organization. Operated under the governing. Of world a ministries fellowship world ministry fellowship. It's. Did you did you think 345 years ago that that you would start to kid did it to be as big as you are. Now. Now not you know what it's that it all kind of started with my centered Bible camps and then spotlight and I started doing a cowboy church. There are barred we have an indoor arena and boards or citizens or. And one day we went to church here in town on a Sunday morning or night or it could stop that effort. I got out walked around nine folder that we need you were exposed diesel to hear. And she turned appreciate why Lleyton. I'll be. You know is that is that a big deal in the home when news of an average anywhere from. You know 141000 at 1710181000. Put more and done. It's a big under undertaken you know especially when she knew what was in her checkbook but. Yet that that may be turn white to. Where you know outlook word and. I got it to another guy two days after that a day after she got confirmation on the polar giver count summation yup that's what I want to do. And then two days after that we had a recently you know what look district with her. There was you know got Natalie just start start make you roll. The us have a FaceBook page show western days. FaceBook page if he chance co coded that. Again I would have recommended this throughout the show but I I would recommend. Going to western days and ministries that word oppressed dot com. And we didn't get to a couple of the other blogs that I wanted to get to a new we'll have you back. In the near future to do that but in put aside 1520 minutes. And and go to that it's their reading some of the blogs the one we talked about how high school age student. That that taught me a you know alive I mean wind wind when she. And I'm reading this article that don't realize she's a high school age students she's talking about. He doesn't think she talked about I had she's very impressive a very impressive. A one quick story about another rodeo the Mets house a part of before I let you go that I think you'll find funny. We weird doing this one it's safer park where a tar expo will student body kill and their kids. But there's a young kid 1718 years old news out of Poland and he got side he got hit pretty gut. In fact he was knocked out in the ambulance came and in doused in a right there and he was out and I was really afraid for this young man and and did you know they'd they taped his head and they put him on that kind of support they put him attack the vote. Of an ambulance in and as they started driving out they got to the stop sign. As you're leaving the fairgrounds. All the said he got this office had an end he got himself loose and he went out the package that ambulance. And these guys are going to hold on what he'd do one he said got to roping contests and ten minutes. He sounds fine man couldn't leave me alone would become his running back can I sit hey you are he goes yeah I got a roping thing I got a skull. And it should you're an ambulance goes he had not fine I'm fine. And I thought man these are some tough boys right here pride user boys. You know they. There's one thing they say you know you'd tell localities can't tell much. I met. Anybody that takes you Cowell is a little bit longer alerts of these lessons to. You know let you know they're they're the toughness that goes with it and it's it's a mine in all that. One of the things that have always joked about it that like these as well cowboy so much is because once they finally get it they got. And it's bank grit determination it. You know they'll keep walking through east after the Walter. I think that's why Lowe's irishman to. She could. Now we're what they were like twins man except Joseph get open doors and I will not hey Brian I can't think Q and up to your time and your willingness. To come on faith in the zone. I tell your sister and your wife and your family or sit below and and good luck 2018. If there's anything I can do for you here in the city Milwaukee. Please let me know. I'll we'll do that thank you. You bet again bright soul its western days ministries dot org. Western days ministries that word press dot com really appreciate everybody who is in this his faith in his own. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give earn an pastor can help me. Can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows an exclusive podcast boarding contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people sports and the walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah you know games and. More service. You know already who is.