Bucher: It all depends what Greg Monroe wants

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Thursday, May 18th

05/18/17: Ric Bucher, Senior NBA Writer for Bleacher Report/Sirius XM Radio, talks about the Bucks' off-season plans. He also discusses whether Zaza Pachulia is indeed a dirty player. Does he think the NBA Playoffs is boring?


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Certainly two teams have been having a lot of funnels they're warriors in the Cleveland Cavaliers in just forty. With Boston last night was LeBron James but this for the most part I knew we enjoyed. The post season with the Milwaukee Bucks in it there are some exciting basketball finally to talk about in Milwaukee and we know what's on the horizon but it. This has been Kyra just up upon ad post season. Short probably is going off Rick you Kurt senior NBA redder the Bleacher Report he's a co hosted BJ and Uga podcast also a series six and satellite radio joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline Rick you enjoy this post season thus far. Has been a little difficult to find the the choice for a moment that it. Look as as a basketball. I. Try to find the the interesting element but at this point it's a matter of waiting for the cabin in the warriors and hoping that that is going to be. An epic third battle. And that everybody's healthy and available and that we finally get to see who the better team is where everybody's at full strength so it's looking ahead let. The the coming out party whip. Which Yana. The same for Bradley BO. Seen John Wall. Isaiah Thomas in the story of that team coming together and fighting back against Chicago pulled the unlikely story of the Chicago bulls and they're making the playoffs there there have been there have been a number of story lines that have been insisting along the way it certainly. It's been amazing the number of lopsided games we had an aside from the 2000 workers being so dominant I'd blame a lot of that on the on on how many three point how many teams are relying on the three point shot now and that that has caused needs to be lopsided one way or the other. We are looking at a draft in which there's a lot of guards the blue the box obviously need a guard. Boyd again going back to your point they need a shooter I mean we we've talked about the assault throughout the season when his team we get down by ten or fifteen. Who's gonna shoot you back into and right now Angel looking for that guy you need that that garner from the outside for lack of better term don't just. Well you need you certainly need five guys on the floor now be. Be eight in which you could have a guy who was rebounding or defense specialist and find a way to hide him. Offensively and let other guys carried the load. Defense has become so sophisticated now and that that you have to have five guys on the floor who can. Who can shoot it and our leaders only teams now that it did you have three point shooters. The way the rules are in your ability to attack the rim with. And and really not be able to defend to physically. Means that you got to crowd the space which. Mean you got to tackle other guys in help and then get back in. That the combination of teams being able. Now now going. Small and athletics today at pick and roll above the three point line. All of that has resulted in. Eat five athletic guys out there and you need five guys in. Who can be an offensive threat one way or another and at least four of them need to be able to shoot from from range. Do we see. The warriors is close this thing out I mean even with choir Larry how much Rashad does does San Antonio are really have. A lot of it it depends on in. How focused the warriors remain and as they demonstrated in game on date you have the capability. Losing their focus now some of that believe it was 1230 start and the lay off. I don't know if they're going to do that again I would hope I would hope that we would have. Competitive game nobody that we want to see. These twenty point routes and if there's either series that there is the capability. Of making any gains or the disperse had a chance of winning a gamer to. Are one of those teams had a chance of winning game to beat dispersed by. As far as the series overall I hate. I just thought. You know the brunt not that they use rock exactly what you mortality match up for the warriors because of the way that they play and Antonio. Would was definitely on their game in in game one. But I ultimately think that had a lot more to do with the warriors coming out. On Mother's Day at 1230 not be ready to play than anything else. The these little bump by Zaza to where acquire Larry goes down. Dirty or not. Look it and if anybody wants to say it would be dangerous I know. I've known him for years. Back to Atlanta and talked to him since he's come to her physical state. I don't consider him a dirty player. Let's see and with many guys. Which shooters on the perimeter. Was he trying to make. Coli uncomfortable. Yeah but we've seen it would it would LaMarcus Aldridge hit. You've seen that situation happened. At least. I would say at least a couple of times every gain. LaMarcus Aldridge did it in the last game. He did in the previous game we dated about a minute after Cole. But did the only differences. That coli landed on split. And pop made a big deal out of it not. You know I admire everything the pop is done. But he coat guiding Bruce Bowen who who clearly stated purpose. And did it for years that way and let the league called him on it and it changed the way he defended. Pop after what was wrong he did well you know we talked I mean you go back later waited to fly than it is Geiger who I can't. I kicked. Wally Szczerbiak in its in closing out so. I did I have a hard time with pop making big deal about this I understand why emotionally he would. But. I think it hasn't much to do. Much to do with the big man. Who is in schooled in. Want isn't schooled in closing out is true actually clumsy if there's any guy handle the art let's say in the playoffs meaning that. A little ungainly and other athletic it's Zaza as proof by the acting out right now is the he jumped and landed two hard on his heel. And so I I guess. What did again. Those things are going to happen I feared they'd go back and look at them at the the box. Season. And you would fine. At least a dozen examples of that happening. It which Greg Monroe going as if he ever got that are out close out here EU is at saint. Talk lurid New Yorkers senior writer for the Bleacher Report NBA writer in on series XM radio. So moving forward and fast forwarding into this finals. I think what we remember most would probably be the last impression on the way the season ended I am my assumption is. That the finals are completely thrilling that it's somewhat saves what went on in the offseason would you agree. Yeah I mean that's who we're gonna have the hope for right at this point is that. All of these blowout and all of the lack of competition. Is paid off at the and we have an. With the growth of Milwaukee with the growth of Washington. A we expected along the way. That this was going to be more interesting even pay then the other rockets in the spurs getting to a game working six. Is not even close. Well as well as disappointing and in Boston Washington out of and think about it and the early gains between Milwaukee and Toronto. Those might have been the most intriguing games that we saw along the way and I had to look at this is. This is the heart of it is. Look at the cat in the warriors and not only do they have arguably the most talent you know top to bottom. But they also have the most experience these are the two teams have gone all the way to the finals the last two years and that postseason experience. Counselor and or an awful lot they're not trying to guess it would take to win a championship they both know what it takes to win championship. There's no other team currently. They can say that there as a nucleus even with this Antonio spurs. The coli Leonard and and moderate you know leave it. It is Denny Green it but it's it's pretty bit as far as the nucleus and the biggest guys if you depend on. Do they know how to win a championship the date they know how to win playoff series after playoff series so you have those two teams. They have all that wealth of experience and talent. And then you have everybody else. Like Milwaukee and Washington. And and go across the board. That are trying to figure out what it takes to get there and so. Until we see one of those teams fallout all law or break up. I it's I don't know that we have. It's going to be incremental gains for teams like the box and and other scenes. Two to learn what it takes and hopefully make be more of a rat next year. Milwaukee Bucks on this is the last moment as do the Bucs are waiting for the off season to really kind of get under way in all all of this hinges around. Greg Monroe and Greg Monroe beyond ten and the money is not there. If he doesn't oh then they have money but then they also have to fix what is soon has been in a serious seriously good call me coming off the bench. Do you get a sense is 21 way or the other the way the money flowing right now on the NBA if moos is gonna take his chances how much he would be received in the open market verses. Taken a bigger money is staying in Milwaukee. You know I was just looking at this because there are I wrote a piece of duct Kyle Lowry. And what he's looking at the opted out of twelve Billy which at the time seemed just about right for a guy like Kyle Lowry and I was looking at the numbers. And he stands to make. Three times. I'm thinking. I allow them make thirty million plots so. If you're looking at Greg and and what he's going to make means it is and the numbers are astronomical. You're talking about. On the open market because. Picnic happens it's apparently gonna go up from what I've been told it's gonna go up another twenty million there's teams that just need to spend that money. So it really depends on. What a great one and the fact that he took the Milwaukee deal to begin with at. Says he's. Not worried about like play in the big east market. You lie get the most money that there is a matter of fit for him. So now coming up events I don't know you know as if he looks at that says. I can make more money I can probably start someplace. I think it's going to be it is going to be challenged or the blocked keep him as he is in his current role. And not have. Well put a ton of money it we're talking about twenty million plus. It's it's a lot of money I think part of me wants to see him stick around obviously yeah because he's been so good off the bench and this is the guy they're really down the stretch. Somewhat propelled his team because he was saying look I wide amid I want to get to the postseason and finally got that taste in knows what it's like in and then obviously Jabbar Parker went down where they could used him in the post season but. I get now you gotta ask yourself is it worth the money. To have to leave this particular situation because what kind of situation going into there's only probably a couple of teams in the east right now. That are going to be viable over the next five years to really compete with the cavaliers in your hoping with young missing company and after party comes back and they get a shooting up point guard. That all of a sudden this week via Milwaukee Bucks team that may be climbing in the news two or three spot before it's also and a. You can make that case on the other hand you look at it and say well how much do the Bucs want to. Expander have to. Economic data coming off the bench that's what makes it challenging you love to have them but can you really afford to spend twenty million baht plus on a guy. That you're bringing off of that you have an advantage comes down to that there is unfortunately comes down to business. Rick fantastic stuff man Q of the good work and will keep reading your stuff into Bleacher Report in no pay attention to it down the road okay. Thanks operation today a written Lugar senior NBA writer for the -- report on Sirius XM satellite radio cohost and BJ and duke are podcast is well joining us on the Schneider orange Colin.