Bucks Black Out Raptors

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Thursday, April 20th

Bucks beat Raptors 104 to 77.  Sparkys breaks down the game with the Bucks Pick'N'Save Post Game Show


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So Bucs playoff game this overt and now weeks' time for the longest running post game show in Milwaukee. Your total clear so. Coach you said it's. And let's hear from you Bucs fans. This is the pick can save bucks basketball post game show. No from the Bucs play old studio. Here's Steve Sparky flavor. 11057. FM the fan. I've to get rid of music this just give it his music has to get rid of the music. Ally voice celebration celebration to start things off first goodness is that they went to play celebration in. Yeah. Okay. That's not doing what they. Toronto Raptors to receive. Put some real competition next time. Plus bands pop did he told. Her. What had faced the bulls it was NFL draft night just it was. That bottle produces. Wheeler renowned and so we're here racist why can't I get back out and an amount right now I'm smiling. To bring in Michigan and John Edwards and we've played an Exxon. I'm via music field post game shows a night so Ellison. Do you ever draft night when they face the bulls yeah I knew him that you. I turned Buckner moment did I like fifty I was actually at their games were and I left in the third quarter would take you global Wisconsin. And we were just depressed yeah I don't see why I couldn't be. We had a guy call in the fan earlier today. So he was at that very game. Said if they have can't sit tight and don't want some I'm dug a Bulldog Bob I'm done with the box and Don if it happens again. I go to general blab game in the U what again I'm done well. Same but it works at the same use at the game tonight. Two of the guys that work with her at the game tonight is at the same thing zero with me at the game against the bulls last time man is that if we get smoked again and I we are going to another Bucs play Afghan dog although their although now they realize resistant yet it was all bats all the wires produce in the plus you know Joyner about I forget what the hell you're not lower Libor plus -- in Ramallah that happened that we figured it out and that's bucks nations haven't figure out you were the problem wrecked. So what all 477 the Bucs beat the raptors. As a walk and. Appeared how do you break out more about our care how you look at it that would know wolf and that right that. Balance upon what that flood watch me lose. I'm. I wish I wish we had cameras now like water street right now seeing everybody just party involved adapted his Bucs. Now you're up to long game floor is on Saturday afternoon. Fear not dear say we meet feared there dear say with me clear John Deere. Fear the deer thank. 1479 I drove it did 4147991250. Laps celebrate. Two dead there party up. I to replace celebration like we should now's play the other song is this are here. Is old school stuff fear but it is that this torch tonight. That's right let's get a win tonight alive tonight in scoring with twenty points by Chris Middleton sixteen by Greg Monroe. Nineteen points eight boards four assists two steals and two blocks were yacht as one and yeah I'm. And Bucs get the win 104. To 77. Critic growing his right. Can you imagine how good they're going to be when they get Jabari back to you how good they're going to be. That difference the right so warming didn't matter who want some afford nothing you know what I knew they are gonna win this game. We taxied for your in the game of in ends music ready yeah I was gonna scared to zoos pretty early bright bright light I knew it was over. Now when Dover don't you decide if we ask that all hail even easier shot over a just don't all of its not beat the pretty good night to you know what else literally on national liberal could miss a bunny to save his life he's pretty good amiss in the house to do. 'cause the logical one. Whole mind it's the little red the first score a goal. I go to can't go. Out to rob vitamin shots the whole game and a bunch are employed it's not the whole game so I hope there DC's goldmans are gonna need it later. I'm just. Toronto broke bucks he ordered an even like you manipulated 2% that's a good number. So like unconscious. 33%. For Toronto and you lucked. Raptors fans can say well you know hey. British engine development to all of us. Can say that. That's okay. But you also gladly give credit to the Bucs defense. I mean should war Lowery DeRozan and offers up a basketball game base more and. They did what they did shots and because Galen get shots they federal and everybody else and their roster and oh by the way. We are that Roger. Serge Ibaka that was big guy I said X-Factor don't let him be the reason you lose this series he won tonight. You and noble or try to go cowboys yeah honest. Then had a goaltending call against them. He was right it was legal to any button and your frustrations. The basketball on the floor straight up lottery key old old Donald adult in the jaw are coming on rat. The raptors were doing because we're getting Cold War Lee embarrassed by this much steam completely embarrass. Knoll. How you comeback from that. You know who knows what it's like that know who John. Henson. Middleton. All this sketch had this happen norm but bowls I'm Bret let a couple years ago in that Shea Stadium. So if not I backed the idea back in that locker room and I said hey no we desperate that we want. No telling your two years out you're not what this feels like because we did did you. Bold and honest you're not that I was due and earned the war you remember how much we wanna then the next gay Holland bears we work. Other three went we got to bring even more next game mean that has to be the attitude I think getting ready for Saturday at one other thing. You expands our begin right. You put shirts none audience but enough did make it look good and so that was good. And another thing Bucs fans. The other on Saturday it's isn't it don't you knew there again I know but everybody else has gone Saturday you've got. Vista match up too intense you must not and missed that fan base will allow old in India let the entire. Gain. Right when sugar. My buddy who led the all in listening texted me said he could even hear himself think yeah I was there it was awesome it was absolutely awesome so so I want that. Not gonna towels on serie a way to use love their idol and got to be gut. And don't forget their block party starts at 11 AM. The corner of fourth in state 11 AM make sure to get there early party. With the bars pop shot and all kinds different game Expos are stationed calls. I not a bad idea and I like this 10477. Bucks over the raptors aware to first now borrow it's chicken we Jacob on the south side Jacob you're on the fan. The subject of. All guys in there and I can hear you. On the outside to go to the gym I just got all the pent up energy out of nowhere and try to get this out and make. We played some guts job that you're listening how is the appropriate time to let out a Ric Flair will. He was doing it again tonight on rafter baskets but that's OK I just whatever I mean I'm I'm just I'm moving on from that this whenever. He's gonna do any else. He Sparky look I'd like a whole week like I was governor like provides them an out the game but like. He gets your vote on demand listening to this but I've forgotten everything else in the I love you box they should I look everybody how I look at Florida love you big market where the value are they mark the Nashville Tennessee. Amen live it up there patent if people are me oh yeah the great night to be oxman and they got that yet got it right. I even let you art market and I'd like it to people a lot like these are. Longitudinal and you know tell him they harp on you to phone. You know boy did some sales gonna gambling as you out of this now this odd dude why I'm saying that to you I. Our myself bifida night so what let's Gil where we go next let's go to Xavier in the south side's failure event but sub Xavier. Well art I didn't hear what is just in nineteen you hear me yes I can hear what's up dude. Our current target. So I think in our it's I was a lot. I think contribute and get mad at. You don't like listening to Arafat went. Al little Al yeah. Yeah enclaves where their no he it and he employed Kelly no. He'd play these drink yeah and eat and that it that's what you saw you know he'd have an intensity that. That's buddy and partner Ilya sort Buick are there reasons why you know we won and I obviously that problem. African great you know there and then. Erica. And you know beta really good governor of the bank and they think it deserves a lot of credit give them a lot of flak certainly every night you know I I think she doesn't dump things here and there but tonight he did a great job. Megan the right mood in the play out I think music playoff coach Noah got a. Thanks cherica remember he does raptors team with the nets and then gave the heat all they can handle. 34 years ago. I really get to heed the top this time of anybody in the playoffs that year. The yazoo and on and one championship. But the heat and nagging he had a veteran team. This team isn't exactly better battle tacitly that team once. But still a great job by again but I his coaching staff Sweeney I bet I mean all yearlong. For the most part most are all year long. What did you mean. While. Was I was watching this game my girl goes to me she goes. Man bit the relative is on fire. Yeah. As a defense which don't. She likes I mean a lot of NG on defense right it's is yet. Should you won no soft she has won idol that's what's most look like all year illness like that really have no eagle. And that's like coal and its fighters used a term ahead. Affleck got here on defense you exert so much energy on defense. Denied medical play offense. OK but you try to do this all yearlong back to back all the other stuff it east's. I cannot explain you how difficult idiots. To expect and I don't don't tell me we're doing here if you don't care. To expect them to play at that level gaming and game out during the regular season playing that stellar defense I'm sorry folks that's not happening I don't. Three years now four years from now they are never one to sustain that energy level on defense for an entire regular season just not. Now in short burst sure. Like in this series. Not my question is this you're gonna come back Saturday we saw happen. After game one how we came back right right and I didn't think that was a huge energy difference but I don't watch your tonight yeah otherwise there's more of an energy difference and I thought in game two after watching her name three. Now what game four look like candidate pick back up a goal full or beginning game for the way they did tonight. I hope so how we I all right good analysis. I mean though what I'm saying is yeah honesty to tell Yost is tired nine and then that's why he went one for six from the free throw line a one point a lot of shots for short. I don't know if they can keep this intensity level personal I don't know why we had a plea on his own money either download that I don't I rent. I got my complaint heating or not that happen now but it's ambled. We can opt for why I mean what I realized the cavaliers came back from 24 Donny is Indiana tonight in the second half and beat up. They don't have a LeBron now who had some monster triple double tonight you about that odd you give the next brownie but you'll LeBron okay that's. Will the death. The throttles in trouble follow you could tell you ounces tired and Munro got a little bit tired at the end of this game to Hilton is Middleton was adults and rather than Rio de Soto Beasley is there any bees he's coming off the bench hasn't played along titled here in real good begging for Beasley for two weeks. Okay where to next Navarro. Let's go to Eric in west Alice air here on fan but sub. Or do obese you're right it's turned nightmare. Now some. Kind. As far as retreating in the work game and I don't think there's any real telling her how the books and reform and the risks Sheen has continued the parent who seeing there could mean and it continued. So we didn't go wore them. Or guardian or worse and open markets expect in that at its initial walked in and commit circled. Since Kean and he Kurtz. Goes the kernel at this point 00 this team to understand their. Bigger and more in. Coach is. He 100%. It's it's and I mean. This election year as a as a as a senior technical that are actually in the next fifteen. Cents and it's set to it and saw that she continued improvement from the ordered is now under. I mean I love you on its outlook earn him look. Middle and work at the end they gave what it on the talents who believe in which it did its work the scene in. If this young team bargain to warn our country in there to teach them. There's no limit sugar Accenture. Do you base for the car. And that's the one thing in here here's I eat are between I should say from our doctor Jay's Eagles themselves. Our best game I can remember since the big story amazing. What's role boxed. But nominal domination. Is out this guy who calls himself doctor. I tweeted. So tell me Islam would your calling in tonight if you remember Big Three years. Some of you aren't old enough but those who don't remember Big Three years OK Glenn Robinson centrism. I don't ever remember the defense performs like this from the Bucs win that team. With George concerts that. I don't ever remember. A game like 1098 or even game one where they were as aggressive. And intensity wise yeah I flirting type your game like they wore I can't remember one pop up out of my head from the Big Three. Can you grow. Now I mean granted I wasn't as big of a box and then as I am now right. But I've not seen anything like that team had defense yes but it was more about offense at this tonight as much is it wasn't all that was above the defense aside multi. It just an amazing. Amazing deal and I thought I'd say like I did this post game show pride two months ago and now's the time of the boxer slumping at one point and everybody was calling for Jason Kidd had. And is an amazingly two months can do for head coach when he gets enroll all Hearst Avila Italy just let me but yeah every single call we've had to say our show on docs towards Wisconsin Airways saying how much of an asset Jason Kidd who else. As just incredible how fast second change and no question. Don't don't don't I well hour is if they lose the series yet doesn't matter who would stoop a comedic Cleveland public. Even if Cleveland's our escape. Midwest bowlers odd jobs went to the fans celebrate tonight sparked dog these young bucks off Hungary. Hash tag fear though it dear madly to the fat they want and eight. Bring intensity back for Saturday cream city hash tag fear Dutton dear wanna hear from you for one or. 799 to open between a sell off by seven FM and also can use a and FaceBook page. As well where to next Matt Barlow. The series going on in Houston Texas you've got a break in Houston Texan really all right what's up Greg. Are we aren't I'm doing good mounts up. I'm loving life right now I was I was talking to Harlem and I had to move. Season for work in November I caught the home opener. And I had to move an up and got their commentary here in January. I had thought somebody was furious about the boxes you're so. Net and what it what an amazing game I had people expect Visio barn grilled cheered for the bucks night in the goal. And it it you were talking about the defense. The content but not at that that he felt as different style quitting right you know they're moving the ball and it looks pretty what you want to onstage like some rockets which. I've been forced to watch and local TV more often inaccurate and that's not a bad basketball team men or women. The other than Dyson and hardens today in my BP. My vote on anything but I tell you what they've played. Which you write the defense comes they'll pick it up and skirts but they don't rely on it tonight. Such a gritty grind out win that it just looked like that the forces out there like I just got to Williams. From back yeah active directory. On defense and they let Adrian fly into the ball he says Iran fire. Awesome the CI hope we can keep that energy up. It as we know and at last caller of the season to. And you know an orgy idea that's so true because they're shooting inconsistent really is. But did you know they did dominated in the paint and right wing get play our burden. Greg Monroe. Is this guy is crazy the last three games. Haven't seen that Burton Greg Monroe and. It was awesome you missed bunnies tonight okay fine normally you do two or three heart breakers out program. You would Al's was also it should be our shot of the game and I don't know we we got the highland and we'll get it due when he dumped basketball man. That hole you let it dangling cabinet down hole but I don't care to jump off the ground that whole bench jump on other seats laughing. I just had to mine but all of that Marty bush quickly last re edit I tweeted. Red light and got more. And Greg laughed when I asked Lisa how milk to fortune to plug that would matter to me right so it's funny when you. Like. Balance instead partisan is going counter that I don't care advisor at. This. Isn't. Just it all through that C. I wouldn't want delta delta 23 minute game moves jumped off the ground. I was still can't you can't be that stuff right there man K. Vaughn came here a couple to me yeah so yeah. Good night. Man I'm tired are you. They had to do is watch slash we have to take some time out play some bills and commercial we'll come back to more vehicles 4147991252. Is I want to buy seven app and the bad today. I to be above expand. Not dear. Out of tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought you by ABC audio video home entertainment and commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com and this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. Plus get a huge win tonight. Got to wanted to series 10477. Over the raptors and the store was very indicative of how the game went. There were no I was never close they outscored 32 to twelve in the first Toronto never made a run. Never put together a run at any point it never was close. In his basketball you probably got under what are you at any point prolongs the time. So just a huge win for the bucks now to once Saturday 2 o'clock lots at 11 o'clock the pregame party starts a block party starts more than state. Outside of the Bradley Center Michigan down there early publish all kinds of one games in a band out their plan. On any it'll be a lot of fun on Saturday. I'm in game five will be Monday. In Detroit and then if there is a game six of their needs to be gained six it would be Thursday back in Milwaukee and no that's all spin until drought that's how it's gonna have to beat. Got a text in the break. I malice what can make you not happy and an addict I'm into right now I'm just gonna I'm gonna say this wants and you know. I understand and I everybody in the city of Milwaukee listens to me and listens to the fan and listened to the show and listens to the that the you know chuck went commercial bill Michael's money they understand job don't listen to us necessarily right. I get that I don't get it but yet again what to do understand is. If you go to school in downtown Milwaukee. That's where your school is is downtown Milwaukee right. In the bar. Aren't you go to. Are not far from the stadium now besides pretty close. So if you go to school the mark at Marquette. And you go to bars around Marquette. Bucs games would be out in the bars around Marquette. Now makes sense media. Is Intel I'm it was Blackhawks everywhere box nowhere. Ours the person that actually said they went to. Couldn't find a bucks game. From what are the bucks game on one strain and refused to turn the sound odd because everybody else at the Blackhawks on it at the last couple people to go to Marquette may be against Maine. I don't know. But that is disheartening when you're that close the Bradley Center in can't get a box the box game are being dug game in a bar you have Blackhawks. But what are. The guys that have Blackhawks and the cavs. Didn't turn the bucks game on form. Let me know your. This is to say cremation or better yet has yet you know the first attacks. It's absolutely ridiculous I've heard sold theirs there's rent. And why does nobody be happy again but that's ridiculous you should be ashamed of yourself that you own a bar around Marquette and did have the bucks game on your TV's tonight. Absolutely ridiculous are down cunning or myself what else for 77 bucks over the rafters and had time to go inside the box score will do that real quickly here. Don Baker 21 minutes three a five from the floor one or two from three point range for a four from the line. Eleven points to boards to assessed. One turnover Udonis 33 minutes seven of ten from the floor to a two from three point range three of eight from the free throw line. Nineteen points eight boards four assists two steals two blocks. And three turnovers Tony snell 45 minutes to a five from the floor one of three from three point range five points to Boortz to assess. California now come Rogge in 28 minutes to a seven from the floor 02 from three point range. Four points nine assists seven boards to turn overs Chris Melton 34 minutes eight of fifteen from the floor 104 from three point line. Three of three from the free throw line 21 points seven assists three boards two steals. And if Milton plays like this is going to be very difficult for Toronto. To to take the bucks in the series militant playing well tonight. Twenty minutes or Beasley off the bench five and I'm from the floor three of three from three point range. Thirteen points three boards one block two turnovers Greg Monroe. 43 minutes six of eleven from the floor for a four from the free throw line sixteen point seven boards three assists two steals one block one internal. Element over 28 minutes for five from the floor to a two from three point range ten points to assess one board. And three turnovers per shot bought back techno what Jason Terry pursuit eighteen minutes missed all four of his shots that he had two rebounds for Terry. John Vaughan played six minutes to a three to a two from three point range for him. Six point Spencer Roz got four minutes and when it was over had a one rebound and one. Turn over bucks to 52 point 7% while 33 point eight. Three point shooting twelve and 23 for the box six of 22 for Toronto. Free throw shooting 23 of thirty for Toronto on the line the bucks to get their nineteen times. In his fourteen free throws all five misses by the Bucs were buy gas there was three before Linus and pointed out. Rebounds forty to 36 Toronto over Milwaukee there turnovers thirteen for Milwaukee fifteen. For Toronto Bucs get the win while 477 next up Saturday 2 o'clock tip. Of course what I want to boast examples came shall folly now want. On Saturday afternoon as well Steve Sparky fiber with you along with Matt Barlow where we go on next Matt. Let's go to buffet wall upon but you're on the fan. Never let's up. There. I remember going to games back in the Mecca. 76ers. Celtics. And the well. And though crawl brewer Maine I'm number you have ever game seven example artists and 01 B my dad. Aggregate soap opera now the big deal. When I went back Karl urban movie under that theory yup. It was a me remember that did you you know in the BC you know and tonight. I have. Before the game brought little tissue and on are you aware of but I Bravo tissue paper though I knew. That tonight the BC's new rocket and maybe. Where this. They were moderate McCain and no one's our modern supersonic crowd. Mater since Toronto rat crowd. The day. A replay that crowd tonight. Was. Amazing and I got goose bumps chills every thing and I'm so proud that means are you right now 221. Argued. You know game four but. While we knew we would put up. On what what went on you know. Yeah yeah no question thanks for the comment I appreciate it but there is buff longtime listener the show love on the station pretty much since they wanna I wanna say. Ahmedabad where our next. This chicken is Al on the east side now you're in the fan that's up now. Paper or have gone they're good McCall thanks for gold. You're the or cut at Korea was using government not players but rotation and I are my average. Plus minus on the bench are saying no total problem directly to ever file my. Plus twelve. Well what that means so I mean I think we think about that what went through it figured out Armenians as we can if you cross the border but. When you get the guys who my enemy you know those actor passes and no you know. And that's been the catalyst art but. Director of the group linked to the defense of this team don't lane and disrupted nature and I think that you ought to cut shot when he. And we think about the candidates put in order to protect him. I thought it again after an hour he earned if it had been over the predicting for me and then also. Your question directly about better defense between you know all one of the big advocate. I don't think they're handled when you can dispute fashion to what worked through that to deter the patent rain like that so. I don't get to compare and and then. Is what the PayPal puck nation that you managed parking lot listener pat I hear all the info into the good work and out of paying particular. Don't be bashful Mac Colin Moore thanks for the call appreciate it bashing Matt pilfered Colin ideology roaring up on you to call back. So personal just means you got irritated and move back is not a big deal don't take anything personal. Just a radio show on in the world stuff. A command while I was feeling. We got a long time listener has got its row on the north said. What's up man what are. Now you sound happy that makes me Harry. Hey wait until you gonna happen a nice lucky. He said their emblem on the and you called it I said by twelve I'll remember what you said but I know you said there are a bit. It'll be a blow I think yeah I think you're black you know it I had a terminal lumumba liked what I got this record going to be real dope. If Ford going to call we will regain full. Traders I said in early dontrelle I said it earlier. If if I mean that look at I'm in that locker room and I'm Don it's and those guys I stand up and would you remember two years ago. We were here and the bulls blew assault by like fifty. Do you remember what that felt like in this locker room after because that's what they're going through right now you remember Alegre reward you remember what we wanted to do the next game you remember that. That are that that they were the raptors are right now two years ago those guys had to educate everybody never was about to happening in full. If they I hate that stated that if they don't if they don't win game four. I mean it's what grade is displayed. Great being prepared but it warming thing journalists that bag will give back on court. And I did they had been they're gonna win this period that they win and they're getting. For 003. Games have been played. They they walked away from him in game one. Round game two I believe try to gave them the best punch they had and Lowery are still heavy hitter and crazy shot after the ball to the one in the hoop for broad and and out in ninth double on not I'm sorry if Toronto I'd sooner go on. We may not be the better teams match up. Tibet. The most about Blake Iran on the three or some period playing Puerto Brooklyn abroad during thanks yeah. Let's see our goal of the bourse Markey of bailout around in the tribe series. Because Toronto give don't quarterback going back home that's what happened and it's an all. If they'd if they'd be if they win this game and I think it's gonna take listing Richard and Communists. What in the win it next game because 2000 bring out largest. If they win that game I think they win this series game six at all I think that's what happens again when this game. Allied base for the cup I appreciate you don't enjoy. Patrolmen who have been through all the losing of the books of me. Mean all that and you hear him smiling. And make sure she could hear the smile you you're you yeah you could hear him could always got that same same tone same voice no matter what. You could hear him my joy is bad. He has run yeah yes. Love me that the she goes by she too into the and it's gonna see melting get into the game now we need some consistency hash tag. Go bucks go. So we seek. Dakota wants it over in a post game Sharpton when this Saturday yes we are having post game show regardless of what happens. On Saturday Els says I think Beasley got the rust up and garbage on the night looking Ford hit dropping some big buckets this Saturday. What it would have been like you would add Beasley playing the last game. I don't want to harp on it but imagine what it would have been like Ted he played instead it's allowed niche in the last game it might eat three right now. To say and so are. Go ahead. Let's go to you marina leaving the Bradley Center right now. Let's not. Org but that they chemical honor. You know do a mark got them down they're the Bradley Center illness were blocking. On crazy down there it was so much fun it was eight we had an. Put the beat throughout alike that it felt so good. And yeah honestly low credit militant play well come maker and basically I mean Brock and now they knew there really have they have they best game that they defense. And there in their you know their intensity and you know the Smart thing you know they don't show up and especially would release are really use that. I called the basically they've meant go let's go and I hope we Burnett if you brought today. Saturday and we need to give these series are. Fans got to bring the same energy to amid it's not just the players fans covering its you on Saturday and helped carry this team thanks for the call you do not understand until you talk to players. And you guys don't get to talk to players that we do necessarily in the media. How much you guys mean we knew more into the game and loud in chanting and fired up you can carry a basketball team. You can carry best not color get the hotline please. On you can carry a basketball team for shore like if you are fired up and ready to go and that. To me it's just it's we have thawed maker on. Bucks weekly last night and he said it himself. You guys mean everything a lot or you are the more excited you get the better it is joining us now. I want to boost picking safe post game show is Bucs general manager John Hammond after this big win. And tonight won all 477. John how are you feeling. Great post art is a great win for our guy Asian nations staff and move. You know got charge you again on Saturday. John I. I asked the PR guys to get you on before the game you play nice and they went out on Jon Hamm because if they lose then we normally the TV iron or Ted Davis. Assad wanted to be on a win but let me just say on behalf of everybody dude. You gotta be as proud as a public can be able of the newborn son graduates high school graduates college singles since this whole thing. From where this was when you've got here. To where this is now. To where the fan base was aware the fan base is what at a rain it's and I don't absolutely bizarre crazy and everything else. I just can't imagine a much more prod you could possibly be as a general manager. Now appreciate it's and it Sparky that that means a lot in I'd do you think that work. You know word word and it could spot today but I think we're going to be a much better spot tomorrow and I think the future's extremely bright you know. You talked about to see before what he ownership change. So many great things that market question came here doing it. The commitment that they've made it and think and happy and the business side with Peter Sagan a great job he'd do it at all different fronts in. You know the new facilities. And this team up she'd seen as. We're trying to stir straw that stirs the drink and and made they've got a chance to be to get better be very good team. Auto rewind a little bit. Chris Melton out as has been a huge piece of this puzzle of this year and in the past two and when you make dad Brandon Jennings straight its brand igniting Chris Melton and pretty much everybody in the media what is Middleton as a throw in and remember you saying at a time they don't look at them that way he's more than. That for shore he's another piece that we wanted did you figure Middleton was gonna get to this point though honestly when you made that trade. Are you not spark you once again it wasn't that it was that trait is that the two Brandon Brandon or Brandon Knight and the only way that betrayed could work financially what is. And the only player that. Joseph Dumars that you try it but I don't apartment he could put into make this deal work Chris Norton and heated electric cars and the only way that the tree was going to work we needed another salary can make it work. And Crist knows the salaries the one that that we that made it work for us and. Look at what we made trade. Atomic attack started a good player I and other people's committee the teacher organizations and Anthony's cell. That nobody can be as good ideas that. He's Chris is Malia turned out to be a very very good player and not a guy high quality character person that. Need enough Chris militant odd in your organization uses. He's he's very good player and really. So bad I'd Vegas at a news retard about the other thing as if you told me. When you drafted god maker that he would be starting at center for your basketball team in the first round of the playoffs probably what does that. I Carr can't see how that happens he's too raw but here we sit and not only does he start. But he played a pivotal role again tonight. I you know sparked outward said the same. That he he's not can be capable of doing that I'll just give generation. And that's happened staff all the credit for that I mean you know. They made a great move in pretty ministerial lineup just you know adding his blank edit any any energy and I think she brings to the floor for this team that. You know they acknowledge god and that nation. And you know others. You can see this year. And the that he got hurt her future also. I would much general manager John Hammond here on the fan how does that process work with Greg Monroe I'd heard that David Falk. What's after game tonight as far as when you expect him to make that decision to opt in or not in. Where we go from there then. Well that's just like that's when electricity processes is is just that great as a player options so. It's his decision to make in he'll make that. It's the right time according for hands according to Hammond and what he feels that that's. This decision been made so well. You know we'll what we'll do it accordingly bit you know Greg it's been great he's been sensational Russia's here. You know another guy just you know. He east stand up guy got you can depend on every single night. Come to work every day and does his job does it worry a complaint. Due to good bad and at different times she's just set is Iraq. No question John thanks so much for coming on nag congratulations. Everybody should be talking about you and a great job you've done put in this thing together on getting his team where it is now with a chance to. Get out the first round possibly in India to a second round match it with what looks like to be Cleveland as they came from 24 Don knights beat Indiana. To make ID 30 series and a congratulations again ma'am good stuff. Are you ought to appreciate you and your support we got always go that next year's open. Well into the game on Saturday. Sounds good guy and a good man take care. There is Bart general manager John Hammond and a great midwest bank hotline where you ready to get inch you're back into the housing market that no further adding great mid West Bank is a great midwest bank debt camp. To make it next step towards your new home. Mean seriously you look at this line this roster. It is just amazing I mean maker he drafted. She drafted he got snell for MC WB did nothing here. Brock and he grabbed in the second round as gentlemen rookie of the year Middleton Cain and now a deal like I just sat for Brandon Knight with Brandon Knight for Brandon Jennings. Easily he got for nothing. Well. Which my cult of a point guard and I can't. Point our from the Bucs via. Because. Manny is a good guy too I can and he went to science but it is so they got him for a point guard that that wasn't going to be enough plants for the team on foreign help. And so Beasley Marshall. Now count not from Bob easily. Came for nothing and he's had an impact this year my enrolled nobody thought if you get in free agency and they got him. Just. Think I mean it really is amazing to see out assault things worked out bucks at the win 10477. Time now for our shot of the game. Are. You. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot of the and buster's wallets Sosa the only place to eat drink and play and watch sports this is the only station. So. Tyler and us. Thank you pay top performer and turned his taxi tolerance. Yes Tyler Ennis that's who was I was SH highly recommended last night. Tyler Ennis was the guiding us through gave up to get Michael these sikh soldiers and makes sense to me yes it was a great get for the books. Our shot of the game. And because we are title Michael Beasley that's the shot of the game should be right if he should've played the last game elliptical at some point in my life. Let's hear of a call from Gus Johnson and Marcus Johnson vice fortress now. Yet. Now how. Added to now is again a lot of bells the obvious to citizenry out and I thought that was obvious before the last and that's what they shouldn't but whenever rolled the dice yeah I worked out Beasley yacht came up big again tonight very excited seabees the on the floor 104 to 77. It's another call here Matt Barlow where we going next. It's goes to Troy in Green Bay Troy you're on the fan what's a Troy. It would not work. Amen you know. I think you you already has done it a little bit which I am and let you know you and I talked a few times this season where we kind of like we nearly get called I campaign. Are bound planned a five minutes eight minutes here and there. But I think we both agreed you know looking back it was like. It was like a genius more like I mean. Is getting him and it is getting them on the court does didn't have acclimated. As of NBA life even though you know what while they're trying to look like we what are we doing here. But I mean now. Here we are in the playoffs and you'd be right so dirt pile we you to write a gip are back in there like we medium like. Keep like a key element at this point in time so I mean the goal from where we thought that you would like basically. The only you know working fifteenth man. That's Spartan in the playoffs and like we need him out there at times you know where we miss his rib protection and things like that and he's contributing wood with some walks here and there. Like it's amazing to me I mean that'd I mean just where this song battle won't you gotta give it tickets and the staff credit. And I mean it it takes. A little bit of the sting I'm out of it all the way. Well a little bit of the sting a movements of Fareed that development tie because obviously you haven't seen the playoffs yet. But just didn't stop all this extra minutes than in playoff experience the right man. Why is this it's amazing so I just feel like. It's it is that not only exciting just from the team that they would have declined for the future because you know apartment. Is getting better and better and to bar is still. You know I got an impulse stop so late you know if he can come back at all. It's us. Is going to be exciting match that's great night. Great night of their books imprint on not only for tonight but just future ride when you look out there and you like Matt got two rookies starting. Got out of that 22 into bar he's still a bubble wrapped. This crazy. Yup no question about thanks for the cup Datsyuk to a reits. A lottery to meet I got some encouraging tweets I want to read I'm pretty excited about two into a more call first. We have big Marco from Nashville home for awhile. The does he be your girl announcement triplets now now and quite yet now I gotta be next year they Marco who cute. You don't want triplets math right now no you don't now I don't say that I had adding that won't have trust me want to do what do you busy no the only three little highlight around Janet agree if you you'll be as great as I arrived about three months. What's so big Marco. What crack in Milwaukee. They are and what a great Sparky and redemption. Berg you give me tickets to game four. You know I just. One could be returned by another bite you guys get the below. When we get to talk a ball while we plan helps nab. It and I epic like intricate and yet you and nobody you'll flip the channel or earning much that written yet. What number Lara. Different redemption for her could be there for help you in my acts in my girl out. We're awful and on the up. I'd former state everybody. And crack a year and right there. I mean no longer time we've been calling good recipe complaining about our books. Completing all white ship repair and we can win. Per round playoff map. I am confident. I'm competent enough to let mark ward off. My Holler from the get back I'd have for caller back or call could be up to nurture and there's no cure. I don't go Geithner home. But I don't put the weather. No no we're not anti while other Nolan Ryan's horrible I followed a block it out black people out of our remember how these. Here and rip squad that. Back days about not being loud and up pretty quick cut that we are here. There was some big Marco join national Manuel talked after the win on Saturday hopefully. Our particular there is a big mark on national review on station for him to. Lot of people didn't like being Markel back and he but they markets around nicely. I don't get to sports flash when Matt Barlow come back to more viewer calls we tell that fun stuff this is a fun show. I'm enjoying myself and I'm sure you are 24147991250. Twist a one off I sent an app and the bad. A box and they want one old Ford the second piece that day in game four is on Thursday day. 2 o'clock tip block party or whatever your going to rally such an 11 AM fourth and stated words going to be Agile again was tonight get there early. Party on and I want to watch you most against a post game shall after the game. I'm sent. This is the Milwaukee Bucks a ticket sales post game show we're heading into the Bucs locker room. Hear what the players all moot court sponsored by heat and process Reuters local now. Consider a rewarding career and check other pressure program at a gas cylinders tonight. This is the only station Bucs fan. 1057. Has now. I gotta go inside the locker room and third the box take care of the raptors tonight one hope for is 77 was 3212 after one. And it never was schools would never close. I think everybody thought including myself that the raptors make a run at some point must adapt all the mop and that run never came the bucks swarming defense just locked them down. And it was carded an outwardly energy. I and everything that goes along with that intensity level will they be able to match that on fri Aaron Saturday again. They have to Blake. I don't either cable or play any harder than they did today I really dot while do you think Sergio playing any harder than they did know I think that's about as ours they symbolize the best game I've seen them ever play right. So. Just BS data intensive W may not get the shot you're tonight but if you play that have a swarming defense of effort. Usually one Saturday. Because again I looked around and have a tough firepower so you should be able to win at our really thinks so and that is how they defense is sports like for those of you saying. Where did this come from that's how it's supposed to look all year but again to get that effort night in night out in a regular season all year that's why I said before it's just. You're just asking sold much of it is that these guys to play. Play that level all here I just. I don't think is Bob is nice to see that it works though it doesn't work what they're really seen what you have to play at that we're able. And that's my biggest issue with the idea that had brought up the players and has jingle come on and his hair on fire defense. Mean aren't you exerting more off more energy almost on defense they need you want offense it's almost like. Bigger topics like while we're at best about what we're trying to catch our breath you just everywhere and all over the place and other side of the floor. So but it but it works when it works at the beautiful thing it's suffocating when it works. All right let's start with Dodd maker tonight eleven points Phil Boortz publicist in a 10477. Bucks one. And you anticipate being. Lose your cool. Oh dollars. Yeah the it is this has been building on all year crucial was teaching just be ourselves against in our mind. Includes its front always talking about pace you know controlling the game and that in not a cancer to stake out time to run his business and so that's coming together and our time. It won't be hearing. It. Yeah did you expect that. Means. Cedar street. You. Well for us you know we're just locked in on us and you stand ourselves on the defensive ends flying everywhere. You know was interesting carousel. It's. Starting to this. It. Goes. Through its next. I was just. Us from the mountains being Michener and a lot of minutes keep an eye on us and an all time so there's really no. And players we have to really stay locked in and you know this guy in his own way and I could be uniform player. Really helps and he knows you know what I did. No rookies out of those rookie. Zone or whatever it is. So he he knows how to get us back into regular basketball moment and I think you know that we will keep us. It's. Yeah definitely. Of people say is I assume it. It's really just. Is basketball and for me I look at is every game on the tennis of the game I can't sit back relax and a lot of my audience of business. Who has missed. He's he's he's very helpful concede he leads by example you talk to us about it on the bench on the court he's always talking about many things in there. Two corrective work on and that experience a playoff experience is truly national and a lot of fun. He's been doing it on YouTube has knowledge came out of nowhere and we don't know yet. Was hurdler bit mountains and our environment and they did talk to run everything and mouth you honestly always talk about it to him and pass on all of us. That's a beautiful thing there is Don maker do you miss gun maker go back and listen to it a little by seven FM the band. Dot com and undermanned writer by John Paul do agency and the reason I'm going to encourage you to do that is you need to hear his answer. When I bring up to him that I'd heard Sam Mitchell on the radio talking about how different ideas from a player and coach's standpoint as far as the extra amount. All of war that goes into preparing for a series you need to hear it Dodd answers to just how crazy does he started laughing. I asked him the question and he was laughing as he was telling all the stolen Adrian do. And you just like home I got I mean I knew it was Kerry Sanders antibiotic you knew was over the top. But during fogdog about it you really understand how over the top at. That a closing at the end of the interview to you're ready to cut him loose series it'll hold on I gotta tell the fans can now and and cheer tonight which Matthau is equal to and I said before us Indian. And I am pretty positive he is my favorite Bach that a veterinary yeah I interviewed him now four times I think 45 times. He's just money every single time OK let's hear from Mott a guy that. Wasn't a fan of them signing anatomy and really all that happy with all year long. But I told mab by all of the star of the game or decide to show us a junior when a new one I knew this was all over. One adult adult ate the secondary. I said Alex dot I mean he's gonna hit a couple threes in the game throttles. Don it's all. Employees are screwed it's it's it Milton Jennings shots. Of the necessarily I'm a bit roll out on. In Rome wasn't missing anybody's you don't basketball for God's sakes night was like in Mitch when I saw Monroe dog the basketball I was so excited. Sold good and don't get to three diamond series. Yeah you just said we're Donald hit two threes were home when a billion. Yeah this is so good offensively. You got to try to send into how about paying any time the more you play against someone. As a defender since probably two to your advantage. Okay. Yes well you would do well so far. What do these guys on the typical refuse them in Malcolm's experience. Needs is done really good at our shows. Very mature and then respondents. Just think respond since he Doug is. Improve some option. At. Don't take any of us how many wine just good position to place them. You can see how much he's improved this year and more is just that competitive is being Dennis extra possessions. Make some plays on defense. That's right into which. Actually. Here. It. Are mainly you live to both of us for a long. You know news is our goal we didn't get in the clouds and try to do some things and just dead Somalia does being told about how it's gonna. Be more intense more physical good disease does. You know and understand that and then been playing good we're. I mean really we just try to do is keep playing how we planned and surely gonna come irate to cancel. How is that playing here. I mean you think about it. Judy in. Did you do those did a lot of time night in the sleeve through the next say anything about what we do it. Game suited to get a win because. You got to move onto the next one. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee and feel the power that LYUN. 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big sale post game show. All right let's I go for the deep offensive play of the game 1047. The suit Gus Johnson a Marcus Johnson had to say on fox sports Wisconsin. I. He did that's crunchy fish thing after the Theo wants a little when he does that and that my Sanders I'm pretty positive but. Either way yet hoping that's only after Myers. Might. But yeah so that I was up a nice block. And I questioned. Me just say young asked why does why does that's always had to say last thing he says it pretty good. Good but. I I've said this before in other people said. There is no reason why you'll have Jews should ever have to say that needs lessening there's no reason. Jordan had a big night in you want to school the next day vile you mean I'm an old enough renewed middle or not the Null or Michael or find you go to school the day after Donald Boyd. Yes I would have and it has probably ten years old news really right. So you go to school right middle manager Joseph might have been last night in Norris said Michael Mann who feel about. Michael and that's fair yeah. He's gonna say yeah hottest who. Not ear not just found no. They may retreat to that's fun yeah it's Sunday we'll get offended by that I I I like great free I don't problem that big fan of it. But I hear other people saying argue shinning column Greek freak or a lot bub bub whenever. But how do you say youngest there's an early. US each yeah its yeah artists or does teacher role need Michael. Our host as its mark. Think Andrea yes yes it is nice idea where we don't. Let's go to the theft hardly sell your on the want to box begins at post game shopper won all 477 bucks when what's doubly so. I had the kind debate that went her. Own box in an apt comment on the need yourself. In her journal public service announcement. That letter on to. Eric came up I opt for the current home box. Bator where insert yes it that I don't. What do I logged. Exactly now. And I are reported on their yeah. And it was put it I'm well people added on and on number it's rod good I'll accurate what I. And a goal block that's why like T shirt. Not all I did. And about president Peter they. Will make a laugh on yeah. I don't know but when I will grilled him. For you sure no problem I got you will get Peter faith in god and will Alaska that's not right he should be wearing it too. It. Martellus Bennett was there are there and Rodgers that was pretty cool it was Martellus Bennett Brett Hundley and Aaron Rodgers at the game. Our market yeah Martell is better when I'm bought himself either bought it or they gave it to a an old school box like national champions lecture. Something like that it was awesome looking at thanks for the call lease of space for wearing your shirt you and your husband I appreciate it. Yup sought on TV. Most beautiful thing our laws. Go to Tony Brookfield Tony on the fan what's up Tony. And they are all thought your backyard under its new. Watch I was there to our guts we have four Packers there any type of support you get from any of the other teams is always appreciated. Exactly yeah. I was also looking cheer optional last but whom are less humid but. And nightmare she called and not feel that they'll have been no and middle and we're playing at the parlor in here for the playoffs. They get through gear on you know they play and look what happened. You know real good. Yeah I you know I just think you're right now on it adult adult book finds his stroke from outside. Trials in a world of trouble because adult adult to start sitting open threes and militants hitting his shots I was doing his thing Munro is doing his thing. I don't think they can keep up what Milwaukee adult adult was sitting outside shot I don't and I guides of I don't I don't know what the odds are that he continues it outside shot but if he starts feeling it here for a couple games in his series. A big trials and a lot of trouble I really do thanks for the comment I appreciate it yeah. I may just mean this is what it is Gilmore in her memo. Yet he had Mike in Saint Francis Mike you're on the fan what's up my game. Or are you going good. Well below what actually looked like a normal job shorter tonight that they're creepy cork with the music put up there. Wow I don't know the whole shooting motions little weird but it doesn't matter as long as he goes and I don't shots. What sparked I'm unhappy. That you're so after an IQ you've been there with the tacit first teams to stick in there from day one. I'll rule app but it yours so epic night. Michael tell you right now this is a nothing you just have just wait when they when the finals there women when the NBA championship whenever that is going to be you know it's gonna happen of this group. It went BA BA championship you'll hear people crying calling into the radio show you there mean maybe Koran on the radio that's Dimitris. And I are Europe I'd say. You're right there with guy I have publicly apologize for us to mr. Sweeney for at least the night that being reached it's through rated very sure I. Did not speak very highly of Sweeney's defense but tonight boy oh boy. They're 45 point scorn it to the fluke goal at the fourth quarter Google for pro team and rolls and also we're all people go. Well at an early that and they've played out by sports Wisconsin the fact is you other Rosenblatt already like four and five shots total. For each element of first pap shows you how much and how. How good that defense was and what it was swarming defense it was forces and give of the ball not take shots. It was a there was some days and kick you the Obama you can critic to sort of be at least maybe chase all looked at 90. They you gotta you gotta bring up to. Mr. Woolfolk August prediction. You said it was easy it was going to be a close games like he said I said by twelve and he laughed at me but that's okay. All allies I've written quite a bit into it Saturday or you betcha and everybody's dad bring the same engine thanks for the call you does your fans got to bring energy Saturday. They got to bring energy as a team. Love three wanna go back to Toronto everybody feels better about themselves are let's take a quick timeout. I come back in double look ahead to Saturday's game here in fact. Banged up for the the Bucs had. On the glove this injury reports look. Article office and was gone Susan neck and back injury attorneys. Push it away tonight 10 Ford cheers 77 and up over the Toronto Raptors it injury report. And it's not identical it's really just Jabari Parker. In July it was their word is glasses public and all nice and tidy improper and maybe. I don't know what the feds bittersweet. Well if you're Jabari Parker at this point isn't it I mean here you sit in their for the second time. You bid on the Milwaukee Bucks your team has been a play out both times you've been Albert Torre's bullpen. Both times. You've got to sit there on any jam packed house not at home and watch your team. Now tonight you watch him absolutely killed so you're ecstatic that they want. Obviously it was a lot of on its government inside you gotta go Hanna which house up there with these guys man this would be awesome. 'cause it's got to be a different feeling I never ask Roy this and I don't know Roy never lose a part of that from this perspective. All the way bobbled and his. When you're playing in the game. Burst is when your bare on the bench part of the team more on the field but your not playing. Boulder to separate deals I would think as an athlete. On how you're feeling yet you're seeing Brad heated that your team is winning in your hat for all your guys and all of that stuff there's a dive deep down you're probably got a mad. And a little sad. But you're not out there help. And Nazis and just raise our Greg vause twitch at the bank can you imagine what could have been if Jabari Parker hadn't gotten hurt. This scene dot dot dot. Hash tag boxed in well. Well we'll see what will see that's what happens just what's evening to bring the same intensity and same energy coming up tomorrow that's that's a we have deceit. For sure. Do treated at my voice is gone Sparky. Need to rest the vocal chords to get back out heard on Saturday crowd was epic tonight yes if you read again you lost your voice please rest your voice. Dream today and Saturday. Do whatever you lot. I don't care how you wanna do it as far as if you wanna drink some hot key tomorrow if you wanna have some honey maybe that'll help hero vocal chords I think. We wanna go about it. That's all good stuff. Four meet Bucs get a big win tonight over the Toronto Raptors won all four to 77. Box with the wind and again if you're just tuning in and you misty twenty points for Chris Middleton. 1940. Honest tonight sixteen for Greg Monroe. Sixteen Ford Greg Monroe thirteen for Michael Beasley ten for Matthew delve a dull look. Tonight in game 10477. Bucs are over the Toronto Raptors got some more tweets coming in and it has been filled. Not with tweets tonight just our whole problem. Including out one from all the right Butler. That's an only Milwaukee Ken Buck beat rafter. It's funny stock leads 36 maybe that's a fine line Twitter at leaped 36. Let's see got a lot of other people getting involved here said earlier I wanted to read out a couple of tweets are so many might go back and find a Dak. Really stood out to need it made me happy. Tonight as a longtime Bucs fan. That's been through the losing everything else. In seems some people coming back now this is one of the quarry to a Gallup I seven FM the fan I've been an NBA hitter since the conspiracy theory series. That of course the bucks sixers Big Three. Series where the bucks had chancellor the NBA finals. Scott Williams got suspended for game they lost sixers now harassing go to the NBA champion chip to get embarrassed by the lakers. A team in which the box. Had handled a throughout the season and they play the lakers realize that they go there that you beat that's that if Scott Williams doesn't get suspended there's not that one game with a huge free to despair seeing discrepancy. But sprung when that's ridiculous that's what he's referring to he said after tonight I'm back out on the wagon if you'll have me. Hash tag fear the deer and of course I welcomed him back. Another one here from eroding rob he used to be in promotions here at the radio station between you don't buy some and spent Sparky so argue infamy is kit worth keeping. I'm Ford as a coach but some are still doubting him and I just responded yes yes yes. Yeah see. Without a shadow of the doubt I just for me it's all about his defense. And how they play. All year long what you saw tonight is an insane that's on the defense is supposed to look every. That type of intensity level that type of energy. Every game I just don't think it's sustainable for an entire season play at that level. Complained spurts at that point sure complain a series three gave me a couple days off in between games. Periodically. Fine. I just don't think you can expect that necessarily. To pull this off going forward. For a long stretch of time where you're talking about a two month time frame or you're you know you're playing back to action everything else. I think that's tough I mean that's definitely a tough deal. I. Fear dog dear. And that is not unbelievable. Really. Unbelievable that isn't allowed to see Vincent's allowed imagine most of you would probably agree with that too. Basement sports reports we dug the fad or the white to the game tonight really she says that was far and we need to do more games next year. Fear the deer shake period a year hash tag see you Saturday. That is another one now I really like to let's say a good time I'll come back we'll wrap it up the box that I get the win tonight. Over the Toronto Raptors 104277. I. This is the Milwaukee Bucks I could save post game show let's hear from the the Bucs head coach. Coach's corner sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider jobs dot. Or call 1844. Bribe this is the only station bugs fans need 1017. SA. I've let fear from boxing coach Jason Kidd after the Bucs get to win 10477. That's pretty much how you drew the game plan on go by thirty to chronicle the way. It was like to take credit for that. You know I thought. What the fans were great tonight here at home given the war from start to finish and I thought the guys execute the game plan on for forty minutes. That almost score ruin Cal's for one in the win column so. Understanding that we know there come back on Saturday afternoon ready. I'm just like after game one. But I thought the guys do. Everything we've prepared them to do this evening you know defense league is so what we always have concentrated on and charitable golf has been. And the guys that. Your Jon Derosa doesn't make a field all night and your defense looked tired. I would have to wait until after the season. To look at that is not due to Rome longer I'll put them then Wonka and make a field goal with team defense. So you know looking at game one the farther you go back. Defense was pretty good too on the road so. He this question later but and I thought our defense was very active guys were. We're picking each other out. And we were rebounding the ball and though we cannot enough for everything we do what one officer rebounds. And that helped us. No yeah. Insider Jim we. The law offices of the top. This is the Milwaukee Bucks and can save post game show. I have to question for a that was the best defense you've played all year. That may have been the best defense they've played in the entire time kids line Gary that the best defense of effort UC from Jason Kidd team. Well he is weak hand down and opening or close and it was self gain that first quarter. You could tell. The raptors were just sort of compiled it they were clue what in the first quarter yeah. It was an unbelievable effort Chris Middleton looks like he's feeling it again and he's like vacuum which is also good news for the Bucs got a snapped a big offensive night tonight. Which was good for the bus they were still able to come over com and a guy Michael Beasley got a chance to play thank god finally and he looked like he's feeling good again. And that's also not good news for the Toronto Raptors. Yeah you've got your wish that your guys in the game and the and a score more plane comparable movie and eat up more points a it's just a tremendous gain you know by the book. Jerry one last thing here I. The box some of these guys and his team were here Hanson Middleton yeah honest yeah we're here when they got blown up by like fifty by the bulls a couple of years ago I've been saying all night I think. The eighteen years that yeah I think they can use that. I'm tell the team is a wart on it seeing what that raptors locker room is like right now after the loss tonight and how they feel getting ready for game four. Could of wasted ten minutes after the game we needed belt and locker room that people ready to ago. Yeah neither forget about it. Exactly. And several players to. Anyone enters they have yet. No question about it Gary thanks so much for coming on and I appreciate it no problem there is Gary wolf one agreement was banged up. When your ready to get in cure back into the housing market that now for a living great midwest bank means agreement US bank deck hand to take the next step towards your new home. OK that will do it for the more about it it's a post game show that'll wrap it up thanks so much for listening night 104 to 77 bucks over the raptors. We'll talk get a mile Iditarod the when he speaks a lot from skipper bud Indy walking running Mac off. And myself bucks basketball talk starts again tomorrow morning six sale which document clerk. We'll do another blockbuster gets a post game show coming up Saturday afternoon after game or two in the box in the raptors it's got tied to be a box man. Enjoy.