Bucks Flat in 99-88 Loss to Wizards

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Monday, November 20th
11/20/17: WAS 99, MIL 88 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show, presented by Palermo's King Cheese Frozen Pizza. Hear from Sparky after the Bucks drop their second straight, and hear from Telly Hughes and Gery Woelfel.

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Steve is so. Here for the players. Coach again his speed you can do speed in mind knows how to use it looks well. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big kick save post game you know presented by bowler most Kingston is frozen pizza now here's Steve Sparky flavor 11057. The fan. Five but still love the losers again for the second straight game. This time they lose in the Washington Wizards. This is the second game a role. In which the team their plane comes off of playing the night before. Psych into. The second general. They get run out of the gymnasium before it'll. First it absurd to win team in the Dallas Mavericks. And not absorb battered team the Washington Wizards obviously attain that. Coming into the season most thought you'd be out competing against for a top 4 seed in the eastern golf. That was the thought now expect it. This much basketball team. Got some issues right now. It five players in double figures for the box they scored 88 points lost 9980. You were four of 22 from 34. Of 22. Middleton who has the most severe outside shooter is hurl for you honest. Still Kennedy outside shot he was zero for three. Bledsoe was one of four. It's now was one of four. Williams was the only one that actually had multiple shots from outside that he was two for. So that's. You got absolutely annihilated on the boards second chance points destroyed you in this basketball game. 4633. I was the number on the boards Agee got beat by there. Do you know how many rebounds the bench had tonight. Not a were three very well. Why MS might die maker to Boortz. Eighteen minutes are brought in one board. Gary data in fifteen minutes no boards. And Liggett seventeen minutes snowboard. The only big guy you have a stock maker could Jim Webb ball boy or DJ wells. Then. If you move forward from that. And you talk about shooting percentage just sing and play well tonight offensively. Again. In play. At 2.3 points but it was 821 from the field. Missing shots said he normally makes you what else is going out the last 2 games there's I am back on him. There's can take to drive away. When he's on the he's having a hard time doing. The making life tough for jas right now. Why because there isn't a bunch of other threats on the floor when militants fearing it he can be a threat five of thirteen from the floor is not a threat. Blood cells broke. Outside. Horribly. You were six of thirteen from the Florida nine he had fourteen points. There are six steals I was nice. That helped played 34 minutes which is. A lot better than the last during played like 22 were whatever was. I. I said a day came back and play the wizards close. Gave a modern into when he points you just shot from Dallas to a bad. Idea you just shock a Dallas to a bad game but now the question is yes. Are you concerned. About what you've seen the last couple games by the box or is it just a couple bad games now or about a box will be fine. Where are you would do as much steam now laughter the last couple basketball games. 4147991254147991250. It also tweet a sound 1057 FM the fan. Try to we've got the bad. Very concerned yeah honest start of the season mast issues they have no Monroe is starting a ticket and a bench is a ridiculous. Yes. Michael says such meal by seven at bat because Malcolm. As a player and health and teams are starting to make Gaddis is she more fadeaway shots. And he looks uncomfortable at times. That is all correct. Go bucks we'd get a better schemes to state I am both sides of the ball. As long as did is in charge were a 500 annual meeting in there and. Regulations once again Jason Kidd for a baby daughter Cooper and key and the name of his daughter and Eddie had yesterday in an Porsche can. So congratulations to them. I'm the defensive side of the ball at the schemes and what they're playing like I said. We are very effective if your long all laden always missing assignments and self. For me at least I ever denied the defensive side of the ball and early in the game. They were talking much energy and so forth and I thought about for final good energy act. I guess I guess I just NC as much energy is is everybody else saw watching this basketball team not aiding Sunni. That they were bringing a ton of energy necessarily while watching this game tonight. Joseph tweets at that spans between these two games and are you concerned. Joseph says unfortunate thing is not good enough right now to win many games when yadda says the ball average shooting night. Well as they lose like six in a row give them another month or working out of the new lineup. I'm still holds leading up to van. The governor needs in time. To give it and same page but this bench stinks. And part series and it's thinks is good guys. You're out a lot of it's you with Al delve adult right now. Telemetry shooting the ball well prior to the injury still and all bad knee injury still haven't seen anybody talk about how bad this knee injury is. But that's against our users actually providing some offense outside. Shoot the ball way better than it was last year. So that's hurting right now off the bench. Don't adult and then. I don't know much jolted overruling her tomorrow or the other but I will say this that he Yeltsin to be all things going away exposed to go on Smart heady basketball player. Can you Paris Guillen defense a little bit but it. Offensively I'm not sure it really is killing them necessarily on the offensive side of the floor what is killing now money offensive side of the floor. And the defense aside the floor as they need a big BP centers what they need and they don't got one right now. Now apple. John Henson is doing as much as John Anson could do again tonight ten rebounds. But again they had 26 rebounds from two race. More taught at fifteen and Otto Porter L eleven. 26 rebounds from duke basketball players your leading rebounder tonight was tense and what can honest with eight. That was your counter to what they had. Gortat does a man inside. You get down and dirty when your inside he'll do whatever it takes don't care. They needed a big BT senator that's what they need right now some ignored on their bank give boards and scored easy baskets around the rim. They are really in desperate need of this person. May need to find this person because right now guys. There have been problems this this is look these are legitimate problems of their attic and value it to go on a West Coast trip next week all lord help us. A lord help us all the time for the west coaster to happen now was not the time for the West Coast trip to happen. If this is not how you want this thing to play out. A for the Milwaukee Bucks. Heading into Thanksgiving not a got another game all Wednesday. To start off this West Coast trip. And we'll see out assaulting plays out in West Coast trip. You're at least I would think at this point. We'll look at the games in Phoenix is coming up first. I'm Wednesday night you would think you can beat Phoenix but at this point not cloture or anything but. You're figure when in Phoenix who figure you're winning you talk you would think you can win in Sacramento Portland on the top. Mean realistically if this team is playing well you'd say three and one on this road trip ms. what I would look at and say that's should pick out emotional. This year it's our second and all organizational. Apple or maybe you don't when Alan and her struggle need to report we're Willard is defending Terry Stotts. So Portland's a struggling basketball team at this point. They've got they've got guards that have always present problem is more to bucks team. And that that's going to be the biggest issue on for the bulls' first three games on mr. starting Wednesday when they Saturday Tuesday Phoenix Utah sacramental these are all games. That are winnable. The last thing you need to do is go on this road trip and it was awful or lose three or four to four teams that you should be and then you come home against Sacramento. And that's a winnable game so really the next five games if you played decent. Porn one something like that and he'll make up some ground. Before you go to Boston on on Monday December 4 that'll be a big game providing you're going in the right direction if your free falling at that point that's going to be. Could be an ugly basketball independent which we are gone all right after these last two losses and embarrassing loss in Dallas to the mavericks. And now this loss here on tonight to the wizards 9988 are you concerned. What your Milwaukee Bucks. And after these last two games to take a quick time out come back. Some of your calls and tweets 4147991254147991250. Tweets a one off by seven FM the fan. Your listening to the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show now it's time. Brought you Michael are those jeans she's frozen pizza. The ruler of great taste. I'd much worse and I judge Sarah do you Washington Wizards this time. 9988. The final score. At that you mourners rallies are next up the bucks are a four game West Coast swing it starts in Phoenix. On Wednesday night and will be back on the air again once and I with the M Milwaukee Bucks because they've. Post game show and time now for the ruler of the backboard and the ruler of the backboard. Let's see we're gonna have to get to John Henson and ten rebounds and if you tried that player mulls frozen king cheese pizza. Mood. This gracious. If you like cheese pizza I love cheese pizza that's worked all about right there at frozen cheese pizza at one animals 9988. Wizards over the box. One are concerned you are. Well after a couple of losses to the mavericks and the wizards 4147991250. Where to Anthony Mendel Justin in North Carolina hi field tonight but it's a just and. And I am not so well man this thing that is in parts low to build with every guy in this state right now. Utley and partly at least until the last six like we talked about. Saturday night but dances. My diploma it would make a rock right we typically. Defense picks up rebound erected now. We talked about it Saturday Sparky rebound indeed it is all it's what. Bradley deal seven hole run and in the Bradley you know. I was at my game was over at that point you know you can't open at consumer. We got to the rim twice and then hit a three. A gig you cannot allow guys just to mosey on down the middle of the lane like it's a sudden they walk in the park. You can't have it in that happens wait too much. I think it I think it was over before that I think over in the third quarter when he walked only two more times at wide open Aaliyah. Like we had a fuel and your own right so you've got no I don't know what else but on it as somebody's been. What he's Dallas. Yet but he's waiting he he he better not freeway and I want to put important hour. We get a perfect round pick one out here yeah once battled effort listen spark you know me. I felt about not about I would never move one minute it seemed adversely can't come. It would definitely come but not yet but we got to get a big W right back it's the biggest what we need someone can play with them back to the basket. And that can lay it back if I'm an awful man. Do you just got to move that. We do well known law stagnate we do it too much of that. Sherman park right in the paint basketball we're just one on one so quadruple. We used to kill the clock let's booked on pot milk it's on the clock. I think we'll be all right so on I think I still think for got to force the other yoga basketball action or he'll ask for it right now. We should be able to black. I got gonna happen if you want to be NDP apoplectic because it. This fire man let us oh man I'll listen to you don't Watson about it and look we need we need some help now that market now broke. Yeah Marquette played well today thanks for the call. You know that that seven a Rama deal started the 132 mark of the third. It was 6664. Makes a Laird 6864. Dead BL. Probably missed reporter by Thon makes another layup and goes on the floor now at 7064. Then yeah honest mrs. I shot. 'cause I Don the other item Bradley deal it's a three and 7360 force and that one it's dot point tinsel. That was the main that was pretty much it going into the fourth quarter momentum so long and the Bucs had no chance of getting it back at that point absolutely no chance of getting it back. Just your bat. Mean this box team desperately needs to find a win and now they have to figure out how to win against Phoenix and if they're gonna win on the road trip. Not only must their defense what about her when it better bigger hi to three point again and especially eager to continue to Jack up reporters in you know you're not hitting. Never stretch they were hitting their threes they weren't having any issues that were won the better teams in the league shooting three is I see gains brutal 422. From three tonight. That's awful. Meant that as a muy bat and it's out a day were you gotta say I wondered do that was in an outlet. Mean somebody's air ball shots just. Not in 1988 wizards over the box where two at. Go from North Carolina head up to Towson talk to Andy what's up Andy. Annual outdoor sport you can particular culture. Kitty. In a long time but her middle and you can now walk is he really you know it's so long term. Free tickets for all of us not to me it's a whole lot of them and you can't have them. If you recommends or 25 you know what he. But he can't guard dogs I'm sorry Andy and I know her white gloves Milton defense that I'm. He's not a two Amanda the small formats we should be defending but when you're switching all over the damn place you're gonna get matchups like that and Smart teams will take advantage of it. Absolutely. Absolutely yeah perimeter shooting two over. Yes and no question and yeah our guys did they wide open breezy and needs a symbol symbol though like millions I Morgan's guys missed some shots for Washington. Yet not merit Rivera. Thanks to a column it's obviously he's consented I. You have a great defense or run. We enabled on her points tonight it's not totally and the defense necessarily. And are the moments in his game point oh come on guys seriously got you you've got to it you've got to bring a more than when you're bringing it at certain points but offensively. I just is that earlier just lack of ball movement lack of swinging the ball around and finally opened yeah. At club itself. And what god has been score the basketball relatively well and Malcolm broad and he got fortunate. That it can make any Missouri Drew Brees or foretold. Gary paying. Had more shots he was 46 for eight points off the bench. Move the basketball no question as part of projector threes Georgia threes in this league you're going to be in trouble. And driving and driving into the studio Ted Davis and instead there's of those crowds one of them on the radio call. Jan why bother trig in threes via the wizards when you get to the rim the way they're getting there and what not screw. Just attack and that's exactly what Washington did the pull away on the books in depth. 41479912541479912. Pick between a cell moral by seven app and the fan. Where to add Bob in Brookfield votes out. Hey guys. How I'm gonna make this personal or the water out here felt like he had 4000 dollars so out your wallet but I've he's sicker. Pretty sure I've never had 4000 dollars an older in my life. So I would not flee nine Garnett feels. Here is my assessment I was in Brookfield before the game you over I was sick game. So I didn't staple. I can't handle it anymore I was done. I. I don't think anybody listening blames you watch the game. Well I'd say well we've got a major problem is that what they'll say that I shot on that though was short game powered back in the and I got to the idea what Dallas in the other oh we sent their what you reporters that tonight. We don't have the defense. And we're Jason Catlett. I set I said earlier in the show you probably missed it Jason Kidd always off tonight because I his wife gave birth to a baby get their baby daughter last itself. That's why he wasn't there tonight. Regulations yeah that's a wonderful thing you say what we still have a lot of problems on our team they have to be fixed because we just built this. 500 million dollar building at the Bradley that are in it if we don't win games that don't going to be happy. Steve Miller Park is C Miller Park year to a Miller Park they lost over a hundred games and was a ghost town second year of brain Tuesday. Absolutely absolutely if you do not have a W we are not gonna have that stadium built on its going to be a big problem. I agree yup thanks for the call now that's. Jesse Miller Park in the brewers'. The second year. They had over 59 dollar payroll on survivors at highest payroll at that point brewers history. Wasted money and a guy like Jeffrey hammonds have been hurt his whole career and continue to be hurt the brewers. And it was over a hundred gain. And national. Cadet that's how quickly it will just disappear beyond the first year next year. No problem putting butts in seats I can't imagine now I will say that's. Not very pleased about this parking structure that they built next to the arena. Not. Not that it's a bad parking structure state of the art park construction Peter Frey has told me that time and time again. But the one thing that I've complain about as has everybody else I know in my life. Has complained about what they're being the radio station you'll know whether it be people out of the bars or restaurants or come up and talk to me when many people at the shopping store. Wherever I run across people the same common complaint I always hear is. Are they tell me please they're not gonna charge 22 point five dollars for parking please tell me Sparta that's not gonna happen edge as much as a ticket. In order to go see this basketball team it's ridiculous. I read the article on the new arena and park and can be fifteen to 25 dollars at their parking structure so well made that was ignored. I mean I get it easy to read your article says that despite revenue in the city Milwaukee. And those are the same tools that were won in the last parking structure where there are charging all that money and that what happens is because you're charging a much of a parking structure. Everybody had downtown Milwaukee around that area is gonna charge the same thing because you're standing setting the standard for. Meanwhile the cavaliers yeah much they charge or bark at five dollars. IBooks and the brunt. So we. That is the mark about springs impose change overs energy level where most king cheese frozen pizza the ruler of great taste. I needed to a sports clash with anti Mandela after another Bucs lost. She. There's always something unexpected big changes that gave you much. Here's tonight's expect your room the day you brought you might Brian Stratton college athletics. Offering athletic scholarships in six junior college sports. More at BC has bobcats dot com. RX factor the game and another box loss on tonight's. For me like we retirement earlier that 70 run. I'd rather deal again in the third human nine point lead I think that was it 22 easy layups. And they drills that three makes a nine point game that was your X-Factor. On the night joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline. Not from a Milwaukee Bucks fox sports Wisconsin he is tele cues that tell you thanks for coming on. I sell back to back games the box don't shoot the three ball all that well and gains pretty much over. I'm before we get to the buzzer sounding out Wong was quite a ways over before he gets the buzzer sounding in both situations. I'm Jesse united does anybody have concern about this team after the last two games what would be your answer to that. And I would think bare area and likens aren't be there's just been trending their way all the while and earns them not scared the ball. I mean this was named cranks and and it it all seem wrong. And they ever were where Tony Dixon regained. Let's look at bird in the night only contain totally gotta to move the ball and are there at their. Did they get aid comes down to a situation where guys are standing around waiting for Yost to make a play too much. I think that have absolutely been dictates they ain't dead yet in the orbit and it catalytic and out hard but so they're. National car expert there are gonna take what's out and win. And there are separate mechanism buried just fall backward to watch and got it then and now under the got a little percentage Alan gold down I mean. These forward he scoring 3030 points you look out you're eleven. What fourteen on the field and look up one point any ads are certainly want it was five of thirteen from the field and it. Honest well. I think they didn't need to get back to well Schmidt and successful and outlook are good ball movement and even better. Then the other thing too is Zagat they had drilled on the boards tonight and ended one all he could with the ten rebounds or whatever when you get. 26 rebounds for duke players and gore Todd and Arnold Porter junior the second chance points off pulls rebounds killed the box tonight. Yes absolutely and a quarter then there right now and then seeing their. Our our little digital product they get better as of that on me because you're. That and vote. Cheering on their responsibility then. You know it angers you you can't throw data that the pipe sometime bribe. I mean. You already at an all lot out of there or you don't wanna go to it and that well but I mean they got adorn their best they make good in terms of rights without. The big guys out rebounding but dom. It was that they rent or Washington in that this kind of figured out that it happened. Period that's preparation. This team more than any team in any in recent memory passer rebounder as a team guards have to get 56 rebounds and I know that's asking a lot but it really has to be a team effort crashing the boards. Absolutely but you also look at the side that the bulk student has some good rebounding guards heard any all of let go at each agency. I'd say maybe seven rebounds and you have problem bribing gum up the bench that can also did you re bows on the dark wizard and so all I mean I think is just. A lot of being certain that going well or want program and it very well that multiple pretty bit maybe you could they okay a quick fix but. You know how they think they respond to me you know so for game brick and they wrote so look the other spot starting and Linux on one. But it's the West Coast LA and strips can still. Can't kill teams like the box I mean this is the wrong time to be struggling. Going out of like guys bought as you mentioned the good thing has. But the way to schedules put together this year you have more time to adjust the time zone difference and all that stuff and kind of get your bearings vs playing golf for days. Four games like six days or something crazy like that. Absolutely they're gonna be able to come out mistake being. Or practice and on the road trip in. That's rare is it that much spread as time earning a road trip week well. I'll hopefully they will mediate go to that event of bad. News bears fell and I mean that Earl did that or about whether it'll bought out where they're. And bring it probably be more that it very engaged Portland's they beat. Outlook ranging Moore yeah and Bucs are. Net they didn't do so well out there. Any data about Lincoln Mercury gate and we worked out to where they came out. Given the ball early and they were never get a medical leave it in bigger a couple of. This daily news talk sports a Scots and the Milwaukee Bucks Lola Ford watching on the West Coast trip tonight thanks for coming up. It various tell you is on a great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense landing since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build renovate or refinanced is a great mid West Bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply. Local banking all right art downtown your maximum ought to bucks pickets say post game show presented to you black. Paul Larry molesting cheese frozen pizza let's. And then you know I think him that he Mandela some really good on the other sports update but that's an ever. That's the first time I've ever heard you edit a sports update on the fly like that that was that was impressive right there you edited the script they're printed on the fly. I'm just sick and I look I got a bad mouth that is now the ball sounding earbuds. He had you know the other part of it scripted it started out it said. You know Eric Bledsoe get it done at both ends of the court and so on you know I agree with Bob from Brookfield and I've always been a wait and see. Guy on you know these strayed into the bigger picture and everything. He was a real shot in the arm no question. But I think if you really look at the numbers. And what Bledsoe has brought so far 26 with 72 from the field. And four for 25 from beyond the. Are you can't shoot the Dallas a knock on him coming in ministry that he wasn't a good shooter from outside this isn't anything shocking. Know all and you know I just I just caution everyone to get so hyped up on the fact that the aid that we brought this guy in and he's really. He's really going to be the difference maker because they have to look at out of the trade affect all the pieces console you'll love it. Certainly for John Henson. Really bad and improve it because it got some additional minute we go to Monday. The post game show the other night I mean you know really really do well no question about it. But then you look at Malcolm brought in first four games. I haven't called and played well it was great. But you have to be concerned. With you're you're taking your rookie of the year okay six foot five point guard and now the last couple games are going whoa. I'm not sure that this is the role that he's going to embrace himself with a six man role. And so you'd think you know you you've you've got shot in the arm but you still have the issue of don't have a big man coming up if that's the complaint with the effective package that could be traded him and I understand the whole salary cap issue with epic. And I'm not so sure what this trade if if if we've done anything to really improve the ballclub long term. Well and that's what this is all about thanks for the call art but this is all about it is getting another score for ya that's what does that. That they wanna get another score to go John as to go Middleton go Jabari Parker to get more offense. To deal with the Boston and Cleveland in the playoffs that's what this was supposed to be about this was supposed to be about improving perimeter defense. And this is supposed to be out the about making gas more lethal and Jabari more lethal and Middleton. In the open floor with blood cell running the fast break Dole's where things are hoping to accomplish. Everybody in the organ while. Patience everybody in the organization I hope. Everybody in the organization realized once was not a good outside shooter. One would think so light excuse watches sky play to nobody died great perimeter shooter even though he continues to take those shots. But it's. Having said that. You can't count a lot I'm for that right he's a more athletic player in the broad I said before about writing was about her fickle but it was more athletic. So now you put Brock and on the bench. They may betray. I was concerned about his niece is number one and the surgery studies had won there and he can stay healthy that was my first concern. My second concern about this trade was the roles in which they were gonna play. Was blots are going to be told the Gobi our offense on the second you do it and distribute to the shooters on the outside. Would have been tell what a bitch and it's now wants to Bart comes back and all that or was he gonna go into the Scion line up and then. You're gonna be missing scores on the bench with Brock did have an NBA guy that was GAAP to figured out remember. When Bryant was on a bench last year dingle so well he did have good chemistry would Greg Monroe. The Gramm and rolls off. So and what he would. He did Wii U we knew there was going to be an adjustment period we knew there were any question that we're gonna have to be answered. Right now. Eric Bledsoe still helps even though he doesn't shoot the ball well outside there are other areas in which she could still help this basketball team does it sixty Elson. So there are ways for him still to be beneficial that is basketball team going forward. More so than maybe giving dealt adult those same minutes that you're giving Bledsoe and Brock didn't being a better back of the adult adult off the bench. So from that aspect you definitely you know upgraded at the guard position but you lost debating you had no replacement. To walk on hand to dig opposition now vague recalled sterling brown from the geely earlier today and and didn't. Activate him. Why. Give me a good reason why I. Did DJ Wilson had a different just yeah why me. How long all. I have ball boy case amiga and volatile as good or you're not playing him any time crunch time you don't trust it yet. The Abbott a bottom yet he averages like five points in the geely CU debate on John Akers are coming up journal watching on national play. Coach why did you bring me up then. Why why. Matt I don't. Again like us. Sometimes I just don't understand things when you can't score the basketball. Anyways clearing is yeah you could score the basketball tonight. We're job I was active he only. Jason Terry who I love they hardly ever play Jason Terry right now. Parlay her did you do all he could play either. And well boy. You guys junior when the game started unless it was up thirty point game we're not going to play tonight. The guy it was tearing up the geely you don't activate. Now unless he hurt or less he barely got to be going on top and help an interview Brody got their arena on time. If he would the arena and had a opportunity to put a uniform on that had his name a number on it he should have been active with a chance to play. So all. You need to scoring in the U worse what he. And they're still scared to play young guys I'm guessing because the defense has done before you're gonna have all kind of problems. I didn't. What you need offense. Have to find some offense somewhere. You want to imagine Carrie Ann in and out. Do you think in are where we go on national team and skip off in font black let's not skip. Are at park all our apartment her first time caller. Margaret support on offense but there are other good concerted eat and that he wrote shoot and yeah fundamental game how are so error. We don't have a chance stop anybody you don't need help there'll collect our Jeanne you're finished EU. That Geithner forty former blocked. He was the elbow late tomorrow that they Molinaro. You know like at made a trip down what they say they like or. What the identity of the team which session how. We'll get data out there all the wild us or not owning up. I tell you what they want the entity of the team to beat. They want all the players were same prior the air you know this this team we know we're gonna play hard defense that he was going to be built on how do we play defense and. They thought about it on a nice. That's all I heard about defense defense defense that seems gonna be about our defense. Your kid this was about their defense for like four or five games. And that's been all really meant spurts tonight where they've played all right defense but but the consistency is not there and then on top of that. Three point shooter is actually going well this season finally. And I you lose a lot of rich and all of a dull but and I you're three point shooting has a lot fewer the last couple games soup which makes it incredibly difficult. To try and play a high level when you can't. Shooter three point shot to save your life and brittle as you know fourteen and nineteen. Tonight not not end of the world type stuff 73% blood. Now I don't know I don't think there really isn't getting get this team other than down as is gonna go get his every night and then you're searching for supporting star every night. And say whatever you want about Jabari Parker and his defense they desperately need his offense right now. But the buildup lighted up or offered. That open that our court ordered up. There. Yeah. Thanks for the call and where we embrace when in the breaker we you know he's another break. I'd like he's on my health 9988. Wizards over the bucks sun's up next on Wednesday night are you concerned. After these two losses. Know and we. Not normally sometimes I nights like this where I lose my cool. People come after match where spark your overreaction just chill out man it's November overnight and at Thanksgiving getting your freaking out just relax. I don't. Everybody that I see on Twitter currently is as mad as I am all losing their minds. Wonder why that is. I'll tell you after this quick break first let's hear the shot of the game. Are. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot of the busters wallets Sosa the only place to eat drink and play and watch sports this is the only station. So. Five bucks gum up the losers odds tonight 9988. Now 88 overall five and four at home. Hey it if if at the end of the day your basement is 500 this year I'm happy with that it visit batted it gets the rest of the years we drop out of poplar before you get on a run again. That's fine big picture there's nothing wrong with a whatsoever all right Saudi game Anthony Mandela. I lakers if I sports Wisconsin where wall we go. Second quarter John Hansen tied it up thrown it down in. Now's from Middleton met that enhance and on the same page. And have been out for few Alley oops this year so nicely done there. Pass ski and McLaughlin on the call I'm looking into iMac and fortune they lost that love hearing John McLaughlin. 9988. Wizards over the box Alexei you'll eat things are coming up on the other side still room for you. Or 1479912541479. Natural fit you'll hear from Jason Garrett. Go outside the bus locker room Gary woeful lot still to come here on a fan. Out at tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought to you by ABC audio video home entertainment and commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. Five bucks come up odd they're losing and certain rights. Two room. Washington Wizards at the owners browse in a box now back to 500. And Islam they lose 99 to eighty days to go inside the by scored John Hanson 26 minutes Bob and eight from the floor. Ten points ten boards to assist to block shots and one turn over. Jas 39 minutes 821 from the floor zero of three from three point range seven of nine from the line. 23 points eight boards four assists three blocked shots for him. Middleton 39 minutes five of thirteen from the -- year old four from three point range filed a six from the free throw line fifteen points six boards three assists one steal. And three turnovers. Eric Bledel 35 minutes six of thirteen from the floor one of four from three point range one or two from the line. Fourteen points three boards to assist six steals two blocks and three turnovers. Tony it's now 31 minutes for seven from the field one of four from three point range 12 from the free throw line ten points three boards one assists one steal. In one turn over the bench. As Gary Payton to second in fifteen minutes was for six from the 401 from three point range eight point one steal one turn over. Six points for DeAndre Liggins and seventeen minutes to a five from the floor two of three from three point range also had. Two assists to go along with his six points twice metric ton anchor want to from the floor misses 13 point shot. Two boards one assist one steal and two points Malcolm bride to eighteen minutes. Miss all four of his shots including two from three. One board. To assist. That is not good when Procter and in maker really are your two main guys off the bench and you get a total of two points. Three boards and three assists from them. I'm 38 minutes. I'm 44 point 3% from the box up from the floor 52 point seven for the wizards bucks. A putrid for a 22 from three point range and 124 for Washington free throw line fourteen a nineteen for the box twelve of seventeen for the Washington Wizards. A rebounding busted hammered there 46 to 332 chance points where is nonexistent for the bucks as well. And turnovers tonight nod for the Milwaukee Bucks sixteenth. For a Washington Wizards and that's really the main reason why the box where it as long as they work. Zero for its internal worse off for the wizards. Tonight's. The Bucs did win eight quarter. 2720 in the second quarter which means now the bucks have lost seven of the last eight quarters. Other they have played against their opponent lost seven of the last eight quarters of play. They lose tonight 99888. In eight. On the box five and four at the B mourners burly center the wizards now ten and 75 and three away from DC the bucks now. Had on the road for a four game West Coast swing. The first of which starts in Phoenix on Wednesday night. Again if you look at this road trip Phoenix Utah Sacramento and Portland all winnable games the top as may be Portland. Willard haven't come on defend four bucks coach Terry stop is the portly coaches they have struggled this year. Well all winnable games may very well communal for the very well paid. Win only one who knows how does boxing is going to react like that tell you pointed out to join us earlier in the show its four games in ten days. So they're gonna do yet. I am for practices and it's me different amassed most West Coast trips we see by the Milwaukee Bucks are let's go to Alex you're next on the Milwaukee Bucks again same post game show here on the balance up out. That particulate Alter I I have. You comment what an offense what he says. I wasn't lockdown but but Cassell are. And they were recently talking about identity. Edit it you guys were just talking about it right now. I think in the second quarter where an when we have a lineup outfitters Bledsoe Payton Reagan's middle. Aren't. I'd rather have on there but we were actually reaching effects I don't wanna. And it trying to work often pretty ugly but we were really. To them why. And and I say this sarcastic but it's almost like two taxes property. At halftime don't run that line about their care and I don't doubt though that. And you know I offensive. Or. I noticed it felt like ten or eleven that will be more like 4586. Point blank layups missed. Yes. There boy oh boy the ballot ever go back to last year last year it happened to for the Bucs team. And roll Manley was that the main contributor Labrador bunch of guys were miss him point blank layups Lester. Right yeah that it edit in it senate articulate it well. But the three every time I looked upon ordered the report percentage that was just like that. Horrible by. Percentage from like you're at it. Probably read. Shoes. Right so but it would if you're looking at the map perspective into the box coaching studies say. That'll even itself out I'm not getting it overly worked up about the is no footers is more times not will hit that shot through. True but but I I don't know I'm really. Outline I kind of bad for Brockton. You know being paid in golf the bench in front of them but I brought it to what sitting in front of really anybody. Been paid what I didn't play unions Mora probably is that in the. And it means more athletic than broad and Bledsoe is more athletic and broad. And everybody I got I mean every time I said. That brought you may not be dead guy going forward because you need a more athletic point guard in this league I've I got ripped in drilled every time I said it. It is what he is he's just not quick enough to stay in front of some of these players now sometimes on a given night sometimes you know he figures it out but. It's gonna be a tough situation form edit there's no need to give Matt Adam what routes can only do what he can do athletically. Right you don't want to let it would like good friends. From work. Has told me consistently. He'd bet that was true for pride and yeah you like the public enemies he's yet to be. But. He's Andre Miller ma'am we keep saying we've set it at all since last year that's what he says he's. He's Andre Miller and he can play in this league for twelve to fifteen years being Andre Miller and and and make a very good living doing it that way thanks for the call it but let me that's. Kind of audience our markets just created said he was listening to the wizards broadcast the wizards commentators kept saying they've never seen so many missed layups by a team so. Yeah that's exactly what it was. Going on there at age we tapped that one out by seven have an effect outbid the game Wednesday night in Phoenix. We can only hope the bucks and finds a ball movement and not a mustard seed all of defects. Just absolutely. I would love Italian guy I'm confident going into that suns game that they're going to. I'm not confident that they're going into that times game and they're going to win does not. I'm not confident they're gonna go and in Utah on win I'm not call for in the gonna go to Sacramento when a when I'm not confident and they're gonna going to meet Portland. Everything is a coin flip on this trip for me right now. Until they can show also what consistency of what they had shown prior to these last two games because remember why those 45 games were Bledsoe. This you know we're looking at now. Minus the horrible three point shooting is closer to what we're watching before they were and now again to 9199 but around 115 out. Bad defense. They really do need another center. They do. And it's no offense to John Henson a bomb maker they just need another big body has got all the more beefed to want they can get down on couples guys. He really need another guy. And if they're not gonna trade for a guy I don't know how they're gonna make it work I don't know how long you can continue going the way you're going currently. It's just it's going to be a tough sell and go hot or not guess soul he's not the Andre Jordan. But he's got to do Matt Alec Pachulia a little bit of Ali Al Chile's top due to a magazine sovereign and Julie but. They're tough dudes out of Tehran this legal while and know how to do the dirty working get the rebound to do what it takes. Pet food to create a big problem for his bucks basketball team and all right we'll hear from Jason K we got Jason Kidd and having go well join our presidential front just print let's hear from a coach prime T after the bucks. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they could save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head coach. She's cornered him. Sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time and visit Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. Per. This is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057. As a. It's interesting here and assistant coach when he gets chance to be head coach. Doc and see how he deals in the media. He's already been heckled once we can had to have surgery in the middle season. So properties this is old hat for a prompt I like until I. To get it. Let's you're prone to had to say after the Bucs loss tonight. To the Washington Wizards 99. A tough one tonight. Obviously they played. Some of their guys played really really well but team wise you know. We need we needed better energy and effort tonight from the beginning of the game console myself to give Washington credit. There and went and. Coach in that second quarter defense really sparked it's an old Rhonda and he has the momentum going into halftime did it seem like there's that defensive effort never came in that second. Yet that's exactly what happened in the second quarter we definitely. That group that was out on the floor. Tons of energy deflection scouts and steals got some easy baskets. I even felt in a little bit in the first but in that second quarter we even had some layups that we missed. That. You know either could have given us the lead or extend that lead but our defense was really really good in that stretch. I think in the second half we had some churches were we did play decent defense but the biggest thing on the offensive end. Working that shares the ball moves the ball we've been a top ten team all league all year and sesame notes dot hasn't been a long time. But thirteen assists last game seventeen assists this game. We've got to get back to move the ball trust in the past and back get each other open shots that that will help us on both ends of the floor also for samples and results are that seventeen assists thirteen assess. How do you try to facilitate. More offensive movement more ball movement and gained back into a flow that's well that's we know it's there. And so we just gotta get there you know part of it is watching on film part it's going to be getting on the floor practicing working on it. Making remarks at there were times we didn't like Bob Edwards I didn't make. How does. How well we give it a model they Kabul the badge. We clap our hands and we goal pass the ball if you all pass all you can go sit right should be on the bench and how would DJ Wilson had an all these cats because you want a lot. I want a they're not there and tell Dijjer past the bulk abductors don't pass the ball so all of you don't want has put five guys in there that will past I killed. File scores but I'm a shooter watching scraps for the rest tonight. Comedian Jack coach continue. Like especially in the second quarter whether it was in transition. Or even in our half court sets but we know how to do it we're just we've got away from it. I gave you get a bunch of minutes tonight you know played fairly well knew what was behind getting his minutes and is everything okay at Malcolm. Yeah you know I really thought Jerry was a spark force that you know talk about the things that happened in the second quarter he came in gave us energy. On the offensive then was moving the ball. You know that play and play in the right way so it's good for him to go in there and and make an impact so to make two run that we did in the second quarter. He along with the guys that were in the game I have to be given credit for that that's right here in the the opportunity come back. Malcolm's fine obviously we need a lot from him but we need a lot from everybody. Coach after these last two games what more would you would you think just needs to be done to bring back Angie that was. There when Bledsoe for scam and just get the compass trending north again. Yeah we wanna make sure we get our pace up part of that is you know a little bit tonight rebounding. If you look at you know they had 152 chance points. They only had what if you look at the stat sheets says eight offensive rebounds with that seventeen rebounds. So there's fifteen opportunities right there for us to get a stop not only get the stopped to get out and run I think that's a huge part for us. You know it at the end of the day we know were a better team than what we've played. Let's just you know talk about tonight. We need to get back to that in terms of communication on defense. Know what our coverages and excusing them. Offensively trust in the past and moving the ball getting to the right spot. If we do go to a post up getting our spacing right we know where we're supposed to be to provide outlets if they double if they don't. And we've got to make sure there were given the got a proper spacing to go to work. But again a lot of it comes down to trust in the past trusting one another in doing the things we know how to do. Donna Straus of its land I think three of ten at the rim Charlotte the room last game. Is there anything that you think is the calming for those struggles it is just not feel in a proper flow in these games that are. What is it to see him shut troubled pension program. Yet some of those I think like Regis talked about some of those were in transition and that their shots that the shots at the rim. The lay ups. You know even if it's a good post move and he's got a good back down with a jump hook. We live with those shots because they're good quality shots and that's the biggest thing for us we want it on the offensive end of the floor we wanna get a quality shot every single time. So if you are nurses at the rim. Miss and let it go finish we know from she's one of the elite finishers in the league he takes a lot of contact in there. You don't he'll finish with those most of the time and that the best part about him is he's relentless in getting in there it's not that he. You know it's not just talking about the fact that he's missing and it's fact that he earns the right to get their every time he works hard to get up. His teammates sometimes create shots form but we trust that you know finishing. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee feel the power bat held high UN 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big can save post game show. I'd Saturday but the play of the game 9988 the Bucs lose. Arnie used to for an answer and had save other press conference. OK anti Mandela what he got thrown from far sports Wisconsin well we haven't really given young his a lot of talk tonight so. Honest stopping John Wall things in their house to play. I love when Johnny Mac goes. Moved to you guys cut I'd love an alumna Lovett. When does my ringtone you don't. Harry. Is maybe for another night maybe it's for the big show our shot can wing Clara bell Michael's whoever wants this. For this is gonna be your number three. That. We're going down a road of where we're gonna start hearing the same thing we've heard the last two years. Which as. How we just got to play harder while we just don't have enough. From the years. Now. Three years ago it was well. You know we lost our veteran leadership. Right. Dallas yes. Jagged veteran leaders and so last year you went out and you got Dover Dover and you got a whole lot of its new got Jason Terry and you brought your veteran leadership in. In what to be here signals. And this year prior to look to getting your posting it again. And tonight. I'm hearing it again. Against Dallas. And it's. So. And there's got to be accountability somewhere along the lines here. I don't. I defend the coaching staff. But how often in some of these coaches ten years. Do you and again we're not any cities right I'm not in Boston do you how many times Brad Stevens as well we just don't have the energy. And they won like sixteen rowers on the net but. I don't know maybe resting and says that a lot of Boston. Just in play hard. Many Popovich says that a lot of San Antonio and just employ our. Maybe he does. May be too Bedell said in a lot in Chicago or maybe saying it now Minnesota. Do about I don't know all I know is what I hear in this city from this coaching staff and from these set of players. And three years ago it was well we're really young. They got to figure out how to play hard every night. We need better leadership. Or. So then last year columns. Well we're still young. We're trying to figure out how to play together. Pats roster eternal over. So what's his she's going to be this year. Tell me now what they excuses this year. To Don Donald Young stuff you can just throw that right out the went on don't you music on young and that's fine but gas has been a league a long time. I'm not so young player I never question his effort. It this whole low energy level all those other stuff. Element is. This. Team has played together all last year. All last year you all were saying it last year when this is a prompt you all admitted it was a problem Lester had to figure out how to do and I didn't I. So you dated for four games in a row. Whatever was five games. That's as long as we can sustain playing that that's a basketball for five games and now hall long is this fun going to be. When we talk about low energy level we can't play hard. At some point. You did say the players Fister pay go work a restaurant over. Because they can't figure out how to play hard every night or are you gonna do the use your solution. And your entire. Coaching staff ago what you got now forming coach what's the issue now. Why now can this team play hard every good vacuum point around the league as some of these veteran coaches and say. I don't know this is happening on their teams. Just I'm sick of it I'm just I am just absolutely sick of hearing the low energy crap. We've been hearing enough for three years enough was enough to figure it out. Series. Now not 88 bucks lose coming up now as regards a divorce locker from Gary willful. All coming up here on a walk to bucks pick and say post game show and gas want. It is presented to you by Paul what are most Kim she's frozen pizza the ruler of great text. Hey guys this yens a local woman Milwaukee Bucks and you'll listen into the Milwaukee Bucks bulls game shows children. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. Be the first to know this standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during jugular when clerk to win free food from chili's chili's. Famous for birders ribs fajitas and Margarito us. Must come up on the L losing and tonight it's. 99 ADHD sparked a fire where they along with Anthony Mandela time now for your chilies and BB of the game. And it. I'm argument it's young as he was eight of 21 of the last time John Hanson and a double blind and yet. I. And just double doubled and indeed. For this year or some imagining things. Let's see here I'm pretty sure that's just. It's easy yet you just had ten intend on Wednesday night. Last Wednesday. Yeah attendant turned. And that is only on the dole the year if not the only other double double of the years the justices second attack intend. Night of the year for John Hansen. These are Jon Hansen that's a U wanna go to on a maybe John Henson. So like anybody else really played on both ends they said be honest. Gary paid in the second and 46 from the floor eight points and fifteen minutes of doing some work plus a steel. Jerry Pate in the second year chilies and DB there. You suckers aren't listening to shell our economy with a win tomorrow morning if you listen in the shell. Gary Dana second or chili's and DB do we know any idea or your willful as an all areas on that camera and I'll be our host. It's not a lot conclude here from Chris Melton. This is the Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show. Presented by Blair must change she's frozen. Taste. We're heading into the books locker room here with the players saw on the courts exist is the only station. Bucs fans need 1057 and. I'd get ready for the low energy comment. Chris Middleton. Talked after the game. Middleton himself and play well filed a third teams are 04 from three point range fifteen points six boards three assists a steal. Our boards are nice and assist good. But again offensively seemed to struggled tonight masseur Middleton apps had to say don't get to Gary willful. That's what was your. You know as well I think. I was second quarter. Alistair things to broaden it looked all that Freeman and I visited Tucker has our energy levels are four. And that's not an office all of this forcing turnovers for us it's in duke itself with friends who have posted an expert Perth. Picket line in vision and a second quarter. Discuss your folks who were memories the system was Rezko gave it to go for artists. Effort together strong rafter. And here you stoop to anything he says it. To spend more aggressive matches for ourselves which is attacking McCain just trying to throw cause a problem. Four. We're quite knows how to create two guys could offer no regard yard drive vehicle are suspicious of fun over yard game of the investors are prepared to room. This person that's American Idol American. I hope merit. Might have but I mean our investment rate rose restlessness or second quarter numbers that's been remarkable case homelessness we can finish. Reserve do that is our redeeming their sometimes numbers can finish it. I'd areas Chris Middleton talking after the game tonight let's hear what Gary willful Edison. No one plus it's. Insider get a read. You like the law offices of Thomas who. This is the Milwaukee Bucks a ticket sales post game show. We'll joins us now on the grid midwest bank hotline. This agreement really quick as your you can beat only two minutes ago. First off on your thoughts I'm this is going to be your number three week if we hear this now on this year her party talk about temple's game we've heard kids say it over and over. Why did your three now where low energy level and not playing hard. Is what it is continuously side. On and I said earlier. That at some point we got to figure out who's to blame for all this stuff and I know athletes don't like yours who's to blame and its team game all this other stuff. But at some point you've got to turn around and say OK either this that this roster. Can't figure out how to play well enough to gather and it's not a coaching staff order put the coaching staff and to this coaching staff can't get this team to play hard night in night out. But if we go through this hole here again at the end of the year we're still saying the same thing again like we were last year and like we were the year before. Something has to change. You know of course about it people are all the general manager and coach you know players. That. You don't end up with a program bearing a brilliant guy is what you want. Aren't they they lost to the mavericks who got embarrassed the night before the mavericks. But did play for the bucks shouldn't they embarrassed the boxed and federal the Bucs gonna Mather gonna come out angry at home you get out early. And we're gonna have a good showing the wizards play last night though boxes locked into their own bad. And Bucs. Did in Britain and. Yeah I know we're come from in prayer. And you know. The that they were under. We paper work or in the worker and bite if one of the most don't rosters. In the NBA. To me they got legitimate shot you could yet Buick models. In they get to knuckle heads out of my own standpoint but he won't work. And you look at but trust you're looking yeah unless you look at Middleton. And new. Where maybe Bledsoe. Media and he's been struck. Out union so I mean you know it sort of some of the box and agents and. Daring him well okay that's finding you can defend and and that that's your right you can do that. Mike this is my point you scored 88 points. According to an outside shot to save your life you say it's true or browse to bring you up from the geely you don't even activate employ the diet. Which I'm fired on the of the last two games instead you have Wilson activated you weren't gonna play him. Well it wasn't playing a semi follow daughter got her Terry's a bear to be an assistant coach essentially at this point. Ever shot bought it this far in the dog house back in a plight so you order activates drilling brawl. Well yeah yeah yeah I mean he must know that those smoke are. All well and so yeah that's what you're Kurt went up around thirty or more honorable mention all Sloan is quite Coventry and in you know I mean if you click on. That keeps that team together to spook a lot of dirty work and earn concealed on the court. Oh Garry Tatum played well in the menu you know. He did quite well quite tired. But when John Wall side of the public takeover. It took note there about I mean he's not John Wall I mean I I understand the stakes for GB to actually get in the game and I thought he played really well Derek. Thanks so much for come and I'm now we're already way past source close to the end we will talk to on Wednesday and the Wendy's big show. Welcome back there's Gary wolf for overseeing journal time. And waffles press box aka. Remit was banks being committed the personalized comments and landing since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance. The great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking. I. I lost my 988 in feet he started for him wants calls for please please please please. Employees worst case scenario vote to win to a mr. forties I can handle one and three and I definitely will not handles are 14 in this was Coastr place. Not a 988 the Bucs lose every Mandela wonderful job. Our guys sunshine other side of glass back in a part timers roll with the station glad to have him back on board again getting paid this time. Drug arrests in a matter of like chuck Freeman a great job done the stadium. Doodles jockey Michael tomorrow morn at 6 AM about it.