Can the Brewers clinch in Game 2?

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Saturday, July 15th

07/15/17: The Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show buily by Ozinga - together building better. PHI, MIL Game 2


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It's game day brew crew fan. This and we are here to get you ready before first pitch we'll have today's starting lineups and we'll debate the hot topics in Milwaukee. Plus you'll hear from the skipper now. It's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on sports Radio One 057 FM. The bad. ES and as the teller windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga. Right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan mail us mayor Mitch Ross can you set for game two of three down at Miller Park between the brewers. And the Phillies. Tonight show earlier from birds manager Craig Counsell will be joined by at Emory River nation and the fan ranked sports network the baseball side of that site. Well Steve Sparky fight for the Wendy's big show for the roundtable. And go outside the home clubhouse in your from today's starter. Jimmy Nelson but first let's get you caught up on last night's action the brewers. Get that 96 victory as you just heard and at these sports flashing opener of the three game set against the Phillies bats clearly. Not affected by the all star break I was a little concerned. The brewers are rolling so well on the all star break that maybe a couple of nights off things that I you know off the rails a bit but clearly last night Amber's offense. Not affected and all these the big second inning to open the second half of the season on a high note well first of balls back. Davies not great last night allowed two runs. The brewers would put up eight runs. To really blow things open in key on Broxton got him started to. Lot of problems this. Yeah. Courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Couple of batters later the red hot Orlando Garcia just continues to produce at the plate he would step up with a compliment on. And here's what happened down wanted to. The brewers were not done again 42 at that point in the bottom of the second. Couple of batters after that. Former MVP Ryan Braun stepped to the plate in his first home run since April 20 at Miller Park. Okay. And yet here all those cheers are at their I'm Ron Allen measured at 400 feet looked to be about halfway at the scoreboard to me though so. That could be. A little bit under underestimating they're the Phillies would put up a run in the top of the fifth than it was eight to four. And in the bottom of the fifth. When many Kenya stepped to the plate in what to give the brewers' bullpen insurance round. Yeah. You sac fly. That kind of courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin the following half inning however the Phillies get a two run home run to chase. Brewers starters that Davies Davies did get the win. He's eleven and four on the season he went five and a third. Seven hits six runs five earned a five walks and six strikeouts you through a 104 pitches as ERA sits at five point 08 on the year. That eleven and four record might be a little deceptive. He's getting six point 23 runs per start. Here of run support so as active he's been a benefactor. Of the brewers' offense the bullpen would need no help though they take care but the rest of the way Carlos Torres went two thirds of an inning shared use when a third of an inning. Josh hater. He whether there really there really only threat that the Phillies who put forth late in the game in the top of the seventh inning a couple of men on he was facing. One of the Phillies hitters here got a big strikeout. Backwards K they're for Josh cater to get out of a big jam Jacob Barnes would pitch the eighth. In court and able gets two more strikeouts to get his fifteenth save of the year he worked to clean inning. A lot of hits excuse me the 22 strikeouts to build that streak of consecutive appearances with strikeouts. On the season and in the birds get the win they go to. 51 and 41 on the ear still five and a half games up in the NL central has the cubs did win last night the Phillies. They lose they fall to 29 and 59. On the season. Not a great year for the Phillies let's get to lineups for today's game. You're listening to the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin on the deck show our. Batting first and here's today's look around the diamond. With the starting lineups sponsor my Waukesha sports cards and you have an upcoming charity event of fund raiser called 2625440959. To find out how they can help. Waukesha sports cars has a great selection of authentic autograph sportsman of. And here are today's starting lineups. The Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show start first of the visiting Philadelphia Phillies. Batting first in left field with Daniel Nava batting second at shortstop today Freddie Galveston batting third and playing third it's Michael Franco batting fourth. And playing first base today it's Tommy Joseph batting fifth and insider who doable Ferreira. Batting sixth and behind home plate Cameron rough seven than in right field it's Nick Williams batting eighth and at second base Ty Kelly. Batting ninth and doing the pitching for the Phillies. Air -- over to the brewers leading often played second base today Jonathan BR batting second and playing first aired fame is batting third in left field tonight again Ryan broad. Batting cleanup and at third base Travis Shaw. Batting fifth and in right field tonight aired on Perez. Batting sixth and behind home plate for the verse tonight getting the start Stephen vote. Batting seventh that shortstop it's Orlando Garcia in batting eighth and in center field it's Brad Phillips he gets the start tonight. In the toeing the slab tonight for the Milwaukee Brewers. Jimmy Nelson. It's those line it's again one more time quickly for the Phillies it's not a gal this Franco. Joseph Pereira rob Williams Kelly and no luck for the brewers VR names LeBron Shaw Perez. Vote Garcia Phillips and Jameer Nelson a little more on that starting pitching match up here tonight and Nelson for the crew. Eight and for the 3.3 zero ERA on the season he's been good. Obviously this year especially since April in the month of July Nelson has to know that 2.2 five ERA in two starts so far this month with six strikeouts in five innings. Are coming last weekend in a win against the New York Yankees he's one and one of the six point 89 ERA in three starts against the Phillies in his career and Aron Nolan goes. Tonight for the Phillies face the brewers offense Noah six and six of the 3.5 nine ERA. Numbers don't necessarily jump out you overall but he is rolling he's one and one of the one point 20 ERA in July he went eight innings against San Diego at home last time out allowing. Two runs but suffered a 21 loss a week ago today no luck. One and one with a two point 77 ERA. With more than six days' rest this season you pitch he pitched a week ago today as they set he is to know in his career with a zero point 69 ERA. Against Milwaukee in two starts let's cheer for manager Craig Counsell. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show what's Craig Counsell had planned for today's game. Let's find out what today's scoop from the skipper on March 057 FM the fan. That down now to the brewers' dugout manager Craig Counsell first. Spoke to reporters just a little bit ago. Start with an update and starting pitcher junior guerra. Yeah ID does have a notable. But you know I I think we're looking we're looking pretty. Yeah. Munis. Systemically at this swelling but. In doing is throwing it's the news pretty limited limited. Affecting. We're looking they were looking good. Oh. Yeah. There well yeah I mean. Word this is going to be without activity today. We'll see how is kind of tomorrow on regrouped there. So our. Trying to eliminate its yesterday Staten. Doctor Roger kind of trying to eliminate things as the real error. And it's you know we're we're running out of things were close at the end of that. But we're not quite there yet so. We'll have to make I think tomorrow we'll have to kind of decide on what's next. You know and it's a little bit based on you know how we steal it and I mean you know Eric mace say we just we may say we just got to. We don't don't play through its mansi well how it's gonna react. Horry made you know if we if if further tests. That obvious that person down I don't know so it's. We're open we can you know take a step forward start tomorrow and just that's I since they take it directions Darington. After tomorrow. So it's a little. You know it's it's he's Platt told there's no question. We're not it's not really get better. See articles there. It's no it's. Places. He's pitched well as last couple starts here. The Phillies get up so early start. Please strike thrower he's got a little different arm angle. It is you know often go very fair ball. So. Noises these good conservatives are really elite he's an elite college pitcher that you know went right at vagaries of it kind of like Mike Leake. It's kind of reminds me of as far as this kind of career path. But he sees it you know polished young pitcher. It's that's been that's not had good success quickly in the league. Known Mary's Phillies on rehab means it's his snacks time to pitch I believe it is Monday or Tuesday. He's throwing he's taken and to meet its took a step back he threw a couple more sides more work on some. Mechanical things. And help pets and they believe it's Tuesday he'll pitch. That that's more of what's more my yes and don't. I haven't no I haven't seen anybody had an in. My my dad mom and at once a party last night I guess over at journeyman. And saw a lot of them but I haven't. That's nice this weekend I haven't seen many yet. But important though here. It because. Every service you use working here at that cell. News news excited months. Apparently most plumber here analyst a lot of our office. Support. And excel. That there was always a very close to you. They obviously still left them all being here I think it shows how much Edmonton now on the policy children. Serious stories for here. Think. It's. Partly. Yeah. Is he. Yeah I think I'd rather Ollie says he always says that seems like anything we get any time we get that team together like. We gotta do it because I think he just us as they have so much fun together and that's that's awesome that's what's that's what it's in the night and that's. You know when you play a team and you create memories and it's a good bunch of guys and and you enjoy each other's company. Now you want to relive that and he won the lottery created soon I think that's that they get to do on on weekends like this. You get a. They had figure that stuff about it's. I mean I think you know I knew that there was great players that seem you know Dallas. Dallas pretty obvious. I didn't understand. The big personalities and it was you know it as Alec back out and now knowing them a little better. You know a lot of them. Huge personalities. For here. Well today's weather affect the game let's get today's field and conditions brought you by your neighborhood based hardware stores locally owned with the everything you need to get ready for the big game. Starting with help this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the fans. Yes it is madrassa here getting sacked. Game two of three between the brewers and the Phillies down at Miller Park about a meteorologist but I can play one. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. And throughout their tailgating or you're looking good right now. Should be sunny all the way through. Pretty much the end of the game and there's a chance for isolated thunderstorms. Turn around 10 o'clock this evening. The 50% chance at 11 o'clock tonight so as you're heading homer. Out about tonight. Keep I'll frustration hour or two or thunderstorm. Even worse self already a quick break here in the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on decks show on the other side it's the roundtable. Steve's marquee fight for the Wendy's big show as well as Adam rig. Of the burn nation that's coming up next on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for the roundtable. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on that show on the. Citi's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by housing go here and won all 57. FM the fan. How's the mayor Mitch Ross any set game two of three between the brewers and the Phillies down at Miller Park. This afternoon. Time now for the roundtable joining me first on the great midwest bank hotline at Steve Sparky five freaking here weekdays. Two to six on the Wendy's big show follow him on Twitter at Sparky radio Sparky thanks for squeezing me in here for a couple of minutes this afternoon. You have probably heard that they marry a lot or volunteered and not signal a lot on block anchor my digital like MOR. Fort these. All cargo hold school not a good. Well I've been up since 5 AM so I don't know if and have much left in the tank to show up there later. It. Now I mean at that does sound like fun. Also joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. It's Adam rig at Bieber nation also fanned rank sports network follow him on Twitter at brewer nation. Bigger thanks for a couple of minutes howry this afternoon meant. I'm a little while losses here at Miller Park get credit privy. 1982 reunion ceremony then it's gonna go on record that. Well I guess if you're gonna go ahead and thrown out there and as a last where do you where do you stand on the elaborate 1982 team celebration and elk has been a little bit of I don't know without a knuckle push back but there's been a little bit of some able to sink it's a little overdone mean that they didn't actually win the World Series. Palm where you stand on and Adam. Well again at my age were tired are already working 82 because there hasn't written a World Series occurred since that and then. Nobody did it it's one of the best. Field what you got a keen. In reverse French art history goes up several alternate route on that seemed. Three of media player retired numbers that they're the brewers are from where I'm Matt Cain. So it it's now that you shouldn't celebrate that that group that electoral pride danger that people there all they should Wear them because he got a model with permit you to. Now that logo that look that Hume is a great point numbers or street and yet hopefully. We don't celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of that he hoped would have been Tolbert. You know tenth anniversary or whatever road of this year's or next year to. Whatever the engine department play out of a damaged let. Personally you know I grew up watching a lot of his best player was too young to personally remember much of the wreckage as he's been. But I broke watching what you just let it said and in them back together they're a much on their out of being together down here ballpark in each other at some years some of them I've got no problem oh British electorate. Police by the year makes you enforce that in my experience and celebrated or are pretty proud that the very proud to hear that out of there are reluctant to compute the. Yeah I can see that already sent out of Sparky. He got hurt by a bit different and I understand you know I'd like to agree gallons on it six. Our budgets are much of a vacuum of outer I'll play it. But it number pat pat pat summit but. Obama. And all those people in our younger than me secret network a lot. Lately right. Stupid that you would be able to Wall Street it what you call her out party. Because you've made a wildcard. You or play. Party summer or litigating. Here because we got in the and play again in the playoffs and we parties want. That's just about it. Asserted I am not a problem that everybody to have a party at. We're in order route and at its only world. And occasionally a lot or play that got. You're a lot and it. Right up there are better than the first dog I'd like to wish they would add video. I'm glad I don't work you got radical back and I'll back you lack right now. We're gonna play. Walker accounts of the sudden his pregame that they are at the journeyman and I believe that's in the third award so that would have been. A place to be for sure last night talk honesty Sparky Pfeiffer of the Wendy's big show's rules Adam big rig here of the Burres nation on Erskine the brewer nation. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. On the team this year. Probably has World Series aspirations at this point they're now still five and a half games up now we're one game in the second half. And Sparky the all star break and really has seemed to effect of the offense last night and all that it. Now day they came out fire in what would that make one. Of the three run shot all the Grand Slam. And I'll let them out. We've been saying that we. You let Terry no one knows what down but on its LP. Quite well the last couple more publicity and it's gonna be like adding a player and you know there actually a great what you can have such huge impact on the offense. It's going the way Iraq bought cable getting going and that is going to be a huge key here in the second half growth of what happened on the other factors going to be. Now obvious to keep the global and again last night did well Condit trekked out. Back to back battered that situation will get double double of such repel them. Maybe it's about he was okay. What happened but. I'm pretty excited hi camping your word that Google will let them deduct your short you know a bad it helped that. Yeah laws and say and how important do you think this series is with the with a ten game road trip coming up here you're facing. A 29 and 59 team today. I think it's very important to for sure when the series and maybe even sweep. Well yeah I Mitch can. Arnold big written about that are I think it try to create legal nuclear or very day all we expect the first sweep this year I don't think anybody can say that. Current actual IR dockers panel or whoever your handle. You taught to think that you're gonna sweep that there's about how about the other team of identical to speak what kicked two out three to promote and and if they do battle. Yeah I'm property sit on an Adam how important is this series to get with the eleven day ten game road trip coming up. While others are particular about not expecting it's we are absolutely especially. In a guy like Eric Snow on the mound burst out a lot of trouble or black he. He so pleased that this new patent can do some damage today and maybe they get a game remember it. They note that here at home it was much better almost certain not agree to the start of the first 41 games at home. Under won eight of the last nine including organ when we regret now so. There deployments are only gonna have to play better you wanna keep up ready sort of momentum kinda sort of blunt word October is well. We get in arguments mixed thirty and number 500 upper left a lot. The Phillies you have to be able to make Kagan the guy and hopefully you know the opportunity to collect. The bullpen has been one of the restaurant it's all been Abu ironically the I'm clearly there are at least back in June other gotten really strong numbers in and they're all around back in form for the most part of team that are very good on all cylinders and as are inaccurate welcome back reps simply got in the big key and don't forget what your interest and probably come back healthy and August hopefully he'll definitely gonna do it got to have a picture because. Those into the unit dispute her real you know it mechanic and the selection and electrocution they are not just remember happened that have been remote or Richard these so exhibited this and I'm maker Garmin limited facts. Talking at Emory hear the birds nation as well see Sparky Pfeiffer of the Wendy's big shows he sits outside the studio looking in through the window at me creep bully. Rocking back and forth. Good to see Steve. I know before I let you go Stevie I wanted to get this in a million a little bit of a theory the other day and the Wendy's big show about the addition of Tyler Webb. Being a left hander in the bullpen the current lefty in the open is Josh hater. David Stern has traded Josh is the department organization that traded Josh Gator once in the past. Are you an elaborate on your theory. Yeah I like it I don't know I know it's an information I'm looking at all aspects in our lap on this option want to be you want to like usable. Option two could be that you want catered and sit back rotation here in the second half after that they've got a inning. Throughout the year locked not a lot out picker like it or not. Pretty creepy that maybe you Butte hater or at all and I won't work. I'm under other general manager abbate politics and get our rotation guy. And he spotted at Alex and occurring in May be great to keep accurate kicker lips are so Ayers somebody out and have not a prospector whatever order to get that dot. It doubled AG does current hater here in the next couple weeks I just. I can't tell you what inning you can order a part of that deal. Libya Libya apps skeptical but. I think there there's a distinct possibility that he hobbled that it came over here concentrated you know I think the middle and has played way better than maybe. I'm anybody ought come this year. I'm not sure enhance inter I I'll be got app but I'd be maybe they're the possibility that without aviator go to video did you agree or. Our line pitcher all of some sort yet Tyler Webb or not your over the next couple weeks and start building in light that ought to instincts. I guess I gotta I gotta remember that in the round table don't open the market. A few mandala that rejuvenated entered let me ask you not had well dispute now really. Exploded. Following her all the right under the radar so I'm more comfortable it is that you wonder report. But it's my countered that. And that is when they walk and suitable and art started going to honor and it didn't reply. They are ready got to read into it whatever and they've got it all come out of that he's w.'s and Matt rotation guy. Salt sports but for the time being he's going to be all. Yet MLB network they're projected 20/20 lineup gators not in the rotation hater you'd at the in 20/20 I don't noble got an MLB network talk and you org today what put together a lot that's a different just based on how good they think guys are. But again and yet they view him only capable guy and not add up on occasion. I think your op though he heard book it felt if they have an opportunity. Spotlight starting pitcher they control. Thought honesty Sparky Pfeiffer has lost Adam race here on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show roundtable. Obviously we saw one miner moved on the web the lefty coming over from the Yankees Adam. Do you see any type of move the rest of the way here to quote unquote co owner of the cubs have the after the cubs get I was aching Tana. I'll while I wouldn't perimeter around during the coming out whether or not I mean they moved her soda or water per load up on and a lot of people do. Personally I think that it super make a major acquisition that going deep and they were planning. And put it there Bob nightingale reports. Europe it is true remember where aggressively and you're kind of order and they're going. Though is that you know if that's the case then were probably our opportunity our pitcher. Injured in wanna do that again there are other young controllable pitcher out there or palatable to the special is that he would lecture and it it. Control when he went 200 period or contract. Rodeo road and that kind of combination record working in their ever. They'll open a lucrative sprint is eager to get somebody up and all that I didn't. Foresee them probably at a good scheme but it opened or chase and get flat to speak up and certainly from the Indian burial on the front runner pulpit. But they may end up having to deal from what they have to get the boot they want. And what I mean by that it. It was an absolutely off the table. And our commitment earlier into a panic at the appetite and a front line deal. Or an elite starting pitcher how he played young though is how much projection I doubt it can still adamant in their own. But it properly and notable that he'd like. Spark there as it once before. But it he'd absolutely will not remove retreat at a on the juju prominent you'll from our current enemy that you would open spot or. Though a lot of appreciation a lot of variable Conan now. There's a lot of work pregnant about it but I do ultimately good or probably looked at somebody weather that you're not compelled. They curriculum at U. In your project out like MLB network two out Q what do you think it will be your outfield. Are simply too that post on right from your left he's got. I'll right now I'll probably figured fabric in center field. It portrayed by that point one recorders. And then whoever it is and edit here and open up. And Germany where but so the talent that even bit. Realizes their potential can be a completely. Not on call so. Somebody out of Becker repeated the work while tree chipped weather now in the got you going forward that are there there's a lot of I couldn't record in the mix. What hurts you know mister marketer to run an expert programmer making year old. Record with that topic couple these are not here to agree on a lot of the guy so it's a very enter into an open. I bigger getting and let you go I know you gotta scoot so thinks are a couple of minutes afternoon and we'll do it again I'll see at the ballpark tomorrow. There is at Emery got under nation Steve's working five for one more I gotta I gotta Gennadi here before I let you go. I can't help but think this the past you know since he also breaks started even last week and that the cubs. Might be able to just sort of reset get a few days off. On the all star break and I just I just get worried that they're gonna kind of reset and maybe take off here. The second half I just. I cannot ago. You know I'm torn I'd critical. Uncle played the leader out there. I'm weed out epic adopted early lead like watery to whatever I want. Your comment or something like that. That commercial very long. Outright but the common it would early early in the Internet. Outside Coca. The first pit where broadening our wanted to fire Bagger gul I'll meet here on the burst or a note that I might not object to personally I'm not at stake out. And then the cup blow their lead. I'm and that whole lot Deanna and public homer in the top I'd still winter ball mark check out for backup unit right there are right. Will help its goals. Going forward I'd like for the poor start the second Abbott's. Billy the pirate Billy goat are all winnable game to sort of viewed content the national black July but I'm noble kind of legal I'm on the cob and certainly not in nearly a lot to where we're gonna mean right now. There is Steve sparking Pfeiffer of the Wendy's big show. Follow him on Twitter at Sparky radio. Steve Hummer let you go and all you have churches over right but he got other other things going on this evening. At church at Dover are raping a French court you have fireworks at the water our date you do that and got the plant so it happened. Stay away from the senator redo there's a ton of traffic over them highway in this afternoon and so why. The air show is going on over the are all right and I I obviously could hear very well from where I live but when I left I didn't really think about it and I kind of went the wrong lane got turned around a little bit. Just was a nightmare in a battle or anyone aren't. Negatives that there is few Sparky Pfeiffer get of the Wendy's big show joining. A CNN and join me on the greatness Bangkok I'm near ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further. The great midwest Banc of his agreement West Bank dot com to take the next step towards. Your new homered and hit a quick break here. It is sports slash from Anthony Mandela on the other side we'll go inside the clubhouse here from. They starter Jimmy Nelson Tim Allen standing by with him. Again this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's the by. Behind the scenes and foe as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to you Mike coaches pub and grill on south thirteenth street. Good food. Good drinks. Good people and great fun. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show 11057. FM the fan. Welcome back to the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built by posing guy here sports Radio One 057 FM the fan the mayor Mitch Rossi are getting set. For game 23 with neighbors and the Phillies down at Miller Park. 25 minutes from first pitch right now. Fortunately today's starter Jimmy Nelson. And a few minutes the Karbala Tim Allen let's send down attempt by guys thanks. Mallon in the clubhouse Jimmie Nelson Cruz right hander Jimmy oilman how's your break is good areas. Of Baghdad. Go anywhere do anything now center and hears us. To carry stuff in the apartment. Life in the white dog okay how any how gratifying. Has this first happened and I know there's a lot of work to do for you guys that. I mean for you personally to put up the numbers and and the performances that have yet and it's it's nice definitely to prove yourself. You know what you're capable of and finally. Do that consistently just. And care that same path continues it's the same. He says same thing team you know can you guys flavor. Yet so yeah things against first half. We callous way the weather news on our you know starting pitcher under whoever else it. News yes Bobby. It was probably. Thankful that. She wants them. But no I handful games in a Major League season. It's pretty big yeah in every game in class race it's kind of crazy towards last month and a half or so. You know it's focused on today every game Monday time. Jimmie has set it seems like you stuck with your plan and I remember the guys enemies and audio back to the studio about you stand. I'm gonna stick with my strategy and and it raised my eyebrows and a lot of brewers fans say man. This guy's. Pretty staunch and is is ability his stick to his plan all that again have to be for you. Yeah I mean yeah there's all this outside Mellon is really. Truly the only few other notes call us is that as of this club house and and the coaches specifically for me it was DJ DJ work on stuff last year it was a process that wasn't a second and secure location thing. In our. I don't think anything in life as you know like. I mean that we knew we were doing was right even though it doesn't get instant results is not. It's not always about results mean. You can have a category give up. No hits. There's just laser beams hit it off he is drawn map and a strong quality pitches you know and vice Versa you can have a outing when he threw. I'm the quality pitches. You guys just. Found holes like bat contact it just really bad breaks in the game of baseball it's it's. It's yeah just nine guys out there so there's only so much we can do which ones I'm. Is there one performance that's that's out through this year last year this year. Com for complete gamer who now hug them the game its version allows those sounds mean. The best pitcher in our lifetime. Ago. Ya Massa with them quite a few times the last few years. To be able to go out there and it's album like that it's it's really funny no one nothing game one ninths. Normally ask for them they haven't patent battle that LA team who just. There's a great lineup and that's crazy good lineup so he able to go. And it's on that situation. I am in complete games. It's pretty cool I just like I was the more sharply against. I'm thinking there's a couple of more. Head to head matchups between you and those guys. We know once in the regular season and once in the post on so I hope so I'm. All excited about my second half but everything it's just like here he says it's it's for any team in. Everybody's I was tied distress and so it's this when Clinton. You have teams that things like that. And we celebrated earlier in the season Jameer Nelson save this season to hate. Appreciate you because you'd really turn things around and it was pretty cool to see Jimmy good luck ran on the second half appreciated thank. I'm man tax problems Obama. Baseball is 90% mental any other. Half is physical so who's injured on the crew here's today's injury report on the windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shown. Let's get to that injury report quickly. Here right now Eric so gonna remains on the ten day DL with his sprained ankle or ankles. Credit would your still on the ten day DL and heard much about him lately would drop out remember him he still on the ten day DL. And you Gary as you heard there. Earlier in the show for manager Kirk council brief update before the game here today and him. Not much progress so we'll have to wait and see what happens with him chase Anderson also on the ten day as well. Not too much news or millimeter but the brewers will need him back he was rolling this season as. It's before he got hurt with the oblique injury which can be. Really tough sometimes for a baseball player to hold off and stay 100% healthy let a quick break here and other side will go down on the farm. Carolina mud cats had some news down there today. Pitcher put forth game still going so is putting forth a good effort on the mound for Carolina. And that's next you're in the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show brewers game two at three between her against the Phillies down at Miller Park. More next year in Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show we're no longer. On the bottom floor of the rebuild Milwaukee so what's going. Miners gears today is down on the farm report. Instead the whole windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built by dozing guy here in sports Radio One 057 FM the fan stuck with me for a couple more minutes mayor Mitch Ross. He set game two of three between the brewers and the Phillies first pitch coming up at 610. Some look at Obama ABC audio video flat panels here in one side we have the burst celebrating the 1982 team. And color me shocked. The Yankees the Red Sox are national TV so I get to see that. On this well is American society forces us to pick 11. Team or the other tied the top of the ninth over there in Boston. But more importantly we'll talk about some guys who have a long way to go to get to the 1982 team of the Milwaukee Brewers will check in there down on the farm report prepared by. One and only at the Anthony Mandela on the other side of the glass starting in AAA the Colorado Springs sky Sox look to get some baseball in this weekend they had their last two games postponed due to rain. As a result have a double header with the Iowa Cubs. In the mountains today and look for the sky Sox will be out without first baseman Garrett Cooper of course is in the Tyler Webb trade. On Thursday Cooper he was the Pacific Coast League player of the week headed into the break in the center of the Yankees. For Tyler Webb begin web and Alfie they're Brad Phillips both got the call up to Milwaukee on Thursday afternoon. Sky Sox now Michael plays it back on the roster was optioned back down. Cute AAA after an eleven day stint in the majors Taylor young man Paulo SP now slated to start the games for Colorado spring. In the doubleheader today to double A Biloxi the shocker sells the Birmingham Barents tonight for game three of five. In their series blocks he lost both games though in the series and it's now four game losing streak yes this solo home run from outfit there Clint Coulter the only. Offense for the shocker is in a 31 loss Biloxi. Might like your chances tonight though as Corbin burns takes the mound for. The shutters. Earns two and one of the one points 06 earned run average in seven starts since being called up from high A Carolina. Where he was five and oh with a one point 05 ERA and tense start so far this year speaking of of those high A Carolina mud cats are playing. I game for a series split this afternoon against that down Eastwood docs which we looked up as in Kingston North Carolina in the Carolina league of course. Four on bottom of the fifth has gotten Carolina on the board given them a four nothing lead in that contest a Max McDonald doubled got them on the board followed by RBI single from Trent Clark. Any two run single from. For the Carolina mud cats before Beckham broken up with a base hit up by the wood ducks so. Down to low way. It's gotten to rather's course opened up with three game series tonight in Michigan Lansing. And it's a lug nuts that he rats coming off of 53 win yesterday to sweep the Great Lakes looms. Nineteen year old arm of Carlos are delivering the win for Wisconsin in that game the Ford no hits innings of work they south Paul Drake Owens. You mean Drake Oleg be hits the mound to start for the timber rather's I get to those lineups here one more time before we get out of here. The Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell. A game to a three between the brewers. And the Phillies who is coming 29 and 59 the brewers first place in the National League central division five and a half game lead over the cubs cubs in Baltimore tonight. Against starts at 6 o'clock as welcome appeared shortly. In those Burres lineups for you here before we get out of here I can find them. And they are errors sand Jonathan BR playing second base. And leading off betting person banks are actually playing first and batting second or claims batting third out in left field today Iran and Ron batting third and cleaning up today and try to shock. Batting fifth and in right field today is Hernan Perez. Batting sixth and behind home plate for the brewers tonight Stephen vote. Batting seventh. At shortstop as a red hot Orlando Garcia. Batting eighth and BRC's young center field. Is Brett Phillips can gain just called up again on Thursday he gets the start out in center field and doing the pitching for the crew assuming I'll say again VR themes brawn. Shaw Perez vote our CO Phillips and Jimmy Nelson for the Phillies it's not a gal this Franco. Tommy Joseph doable perera in Cameron rock Nick Williams Ty Kelly that second base and starting for the the Phillies is Aron Noah. This afternoon no six and six with a 3.5. Nine ERA Gainey had some success in his career. Against the Milwaukee Brewers he's to know that point 69 ERA in two starts last year for the for the Phillies against Milwaukee Jenny Nelson. One and one conversely one and one when they six point 89 ERA. In three starts against the Phillies in his career that's in about do it for us here on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show my thanks to Steve Sparky Pfeiffer had a rig. A bigger nation for joining me. On the roundtable here in the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show my thanks to Anthony Mandela other side of the glass. For his award winning updates and the down the farm report there's you just heard I mean a trip back here after the game tonight the brewers 51 and 41 going for. Yet another victory looking to stay hot here tonight. Blocking admirals baseball post game show come up after the game Tim Allen Bill Smith baby couch. In a recap everything that happens over the brewers get a win take care resolves everybody and I.