Can the Brewers snap the skid?

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Saturday, August 12th

08/12/17: The Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show built by Ozinga, together building better prior to Brewers-Reds Game 2 at Miller Park.


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It's game day brew crew fan. This and where here they get you ready before first pitch will have today starting lineups and will debate the hot topics in Milwaukee plus you'll hear from the skipper. Now it's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. What's going on brewer fans Anthony Mandela here to ditch is set for game two between the brewers and the reds at Miller Park before we get to set for that though. A hot topic involving the brewers according to Ken Rosenthal is heard in the Jeff or last yeah updates sources of the brewers and Mets. Close to a trade involving second baseman Neil Walker will keep you updated on that throughout the hour. Also according. To the Twitter sphere and the need to Como Mets dot com. Mets GM Sandy Alderson. On the field with field manager Terry Terry Collins as Neil Walker took batting practice and again we will keep you updated on that as information comes available. Grew suffered their sixth straight loss last night in eleven to ten a heartbreaker against the reds in game one. If you caught up on today by going back to last night's action top of the first inning Jimmy Nelson surrendered a home run to the second batter he saw Zach ozark and then in the bottom of the second inning many Kenya. Gave the brewers the lead. We. And things. Don't well there for Milwaukee but in the third inning things really opening up for the Cincinnati off and as Jimmy Nelson gives up six runs he got shell shocked in this one. Following that in the fourth inning three runs for Jameer Nelson and his day was done after just three and two thirds on the books give up eleven hits ten runs nine earned. Walking two striking out three. Only give up that one home run though in the outing. To Zach Coast Guard Jeremy Jefferson on in relief of the brewers starter crew fighting to stay alive though in the sixth inning. Now wanting to go down without a fight and on Perez getting things started here reached on an infield single to third base scoring Eric so guard. He followed following that up Jonathan VR taken a page out of the parents' playbook he had an infield single to third as well this Orlando RCA and then. The big man Eric Spain's with a big blast to deep center field. And the bases cleared with that one the home run it means is 26 of the season but the brewers weren't done there. Ryan bronze singled to center and then later came around score. The bases loaded on a wild pitch from the reds. Michael Lorenzen. And then to close things out in the sixth inning Eric so guard grounding out to the reds shortstop exact cause our that would score Travis Shaw and advanced many teen it's a third. He unable to come across though capping map for where rally had been to the top of the seventh. A new ball game the reds still up though ten to nine Carlos Torres on the mound of Iran right back a solo home run to the reds catcher Tucker Barnhart asked for to the bottom of the ninth Jonathan VR. Not to let his team go down without a fight. Since there. And the highlights their courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin that would be all for Milwaukee though 1110 again the final the brewers six. Straight loss. Really not a district watch each year they lost six straight earlier in the season July 16 21 against Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Ever lost seven straight since losing eight straight in September of 2015. And that streak snapped with an eight to four win. Against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park hoping to looked the same result tonight in game two. Let's do cute tonight's starting lineups. You're listening to the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Batting first and here's today's look at. Around the diamond. With a starting lineups sponsored by Waukesha sports cards and you have an upcoming charity event for fund raiser called 2625440959. To find out how they can help. Waukesha sports cars has a great selection of authentic autograph sportsman of. And we'll get to start of with the visiting Cincinnati Reds managed by Bryan Price they come in at 49. And 67 on the season fifth place in the National League central. Leading things off for them the speed demon in Major League stolen base leader in center field Billy Hamilton batting second the shortstop Zach toes are. Playing first base and batting third will be Joseph we've bottle Adam Duvol cleaning things up he will play. Left field tonight as you any else Suarez at third base batting fifth the former brewer scooter and that will bat sixth and play second base. Behind the dish for the reds DeVon match Iraq though he'll bat seventh batting eighth. The right fielder Patrick Timberland and on the mound batting ninth Scott Feldman this season Feldman seven and seven. The 434. Earned run average in nineteen starts in his career vs Milwaukee. To win 3406. Earned run average in six starts is spelled Ment. On the home team Milwaukee Brewers managed by Craig Counsell coming in at an even. 500 mark 5959. On the season they've dropped a third place in the NL central three games back. Of the Chicago Cubs. Getting things started for them batting first the second baseman Jonathan BR banning second and playing first space Eric fans. Ryan brawn and his usual three hall he'll be in left field cleaning up Trevor shot at third base. Domingo Santana in the five spot he'll play right field Orlando Garcia continues his adventures around the starting lineup he will bat sixth. And play shortstop Keon Broxton center fielder batting seventh. Behind the dish Andrew C sect in the eight spot and cleaning things up. In the nine hole the pitcher a raptor. Brent Souter this season. Two into with a 331 ERA in eight starts in his career berth in Cincinnati yet to make a start this'll be is first but does have four relief appearances one NL with a zero point 00. ERA got to like that you see in there. From Brent suitor against the reds time now to go inside the clubhouse bill Schmidt. Caught up with Keon Broxton and Miller Park little while ago. Now here's the bottom. Good food good drinks. Good people and great fun. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show 11057. FM the fan and. Heidi Anthony thanks bill Schmidt inside the brewers' clubhouse with circular Kia Broxton Keogh field. Feel pretty good man Melinda. Now German and I got to ask you about losing streak because last night put up ten got to feel good offensively. Did did definite those to the put some points on the board and non. Those kids to have offense clicking a little bit and I see that the team morale come back together. Song with the organ. And last night man even when you guys are battling back like you said the morale in the energy seemed to be there yet. All time high again yeah it was nice and some domestic for a little bit put it is nice to grow up fast and funny and you personally swaying about a lot better since he came back up what what's been your mindset when you go back down and discussed let everything slow back down again back to basics. Is trying to get back playing baseball the way she. Something that to re learn forever on third down and it was mercy American. Just might be easy this is direct playing quality baseball games for not play and I cemetery on Obama Paramount. And you guys all continue its that this the learning curves of baseball man going up and down and continuing to carriages battle your way through some things is it is. And we preach an all time of the post game show and you know don't freak now and you got a lot of time but you know there's forty plus games left in this is time that stretch run a really long season for you guys. I just show period in and do it we can't. To get better and I stands all about adjustments. There's always going to be adjustments in my honor Koji did Ferrara are young you are along you've been thinking I was gonna have to just in. It's we closed things are just so better song that's abuse in his game and let's that's the fun part. Kia rocks and inside the brewers' clubhouse camp rock guy that's been making adjustments and play in this game for awhile is the guy plays to your you're right well you're out there and Ryan brawn. Let's go Luis Jesus got red hot man when you see him swinging the bat that's got to give all loads when he for these guys in the clubhouse and. Confidence to Vietnam policy don't think he's done how he's been hot all year he's been. Hit line drives everywhere every game and unfortunately. For him did mean caught so off for him to be hot. There's just falling right now so that's that's good for him but he's been going well here. It's very impressive to see somebody like tank cook every day in and hit balls hard every at baton and put together caught him Vasily does it's. So it's a pleasure watching them and I'm I'm prognosis for all formal. Now a teammate that you have the last couple years now is on the other side scooter it seems like he's clicking for him to man has just kind of sometimes. You never know you just need a couple of babies like you setters just kind of finding yourself in the game. Assists. And you know he's great player he's been a great players since I remember back in high school. And I think you had a great offseason and work hard in. It's is showing her and some I'm very proud a moment so he doesn't do too much stance against us tonight. We'll located in the new guys did do we don't take these next two and and you guys get to against the pirates gets gets some global asylum for those guys to. We have we have some some good games coming out from I'm excited for and that's going to be a great great finish this season. Yeah thanks it Simon appreciate it thank you yeah. Are writing there you have it brewers center fielder Keon Broxton with bill Schmidt will hear from bill again a little bit later on the other side of the break. On the roundtable along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer of the Wendy's big show and watch you admirals baseball post game show from time to time. Also you're a little bit more about Keon brought them later as he tell you who's hot who's not. Also keep it up today on these Neil Walker rumors again according to Ken Rosenthal the Mets and the brewers close. To me trade involving that second baseman Neil Walker. According to Tom hard part of the journal sentinel 3.2 five million dollars remaining. I'm Walker's contract should that deal come to fruition we'll discuss that a lot more on the other side on the roundtable. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin on deck show built bio Zynga together building better on 1057 FM the fan. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for the this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the. Welcome back brewer fans about 52 minutes and change from first pitch at Miller Park game two between the brewers. And the Cincinnati Reds time now for the roundtable. Joining us joining us in studio. You can hear pretty regularly and the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show here on the fan he is bill Schmidt bill what's going on. Not much Anthony thank you very much for having me my pleasure and joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. Can hear him from time to time on the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show as well calcium weekdays two to six. On the Wendy's big show on this very fine station as well Steve Sparky fight for what's going on. Our question what's up Eric yes what are we are great here that you ever. Who craziest thing ever eaten. All I really wanted to take a stab at last your state fair with the Krispy Kreme burger mine that I beat it deep fried Snickers bar that was pretty weird I'd deep fried Oreo. Odd deep fried cookie dough I guess those would be the three that I could come to mind. Okay. I mean for thinking fair food a couple of years back I did the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger and you do it with the chocolate covered bacon out man. As usual and a man and it wasn't my finest hour also. Deep fried tater tots on a stick on a policy to tater tots that's pretty normal to me I guess there but I alligator jerky doesn't know the experience what are you much announced CDs. Well today at the spare. We had Gator which are terrible for a lot Gator that ballot you're communal. But what was weird what we had cricket nachos. Once. As you hear the crickets coming as there. Because he's cry about the need him for dinner tonight we are we had cricket much interest shared it yeah why not go not to achieve. And in cricket and I got them a leg stuck in my in between. The lead. A little extra sleep for later. Decorate your legs spread out over the not chill out yeah okay bodies OK let's have some blue stimulant seriously revenues are between the not so chipper but she's not sultan Buick. Crickets they're not all the listeners are returning well you'll to a lot rebellions right now tenure over new low. Arctic cricket. Whole body but he's got by itself. You gitmo which aren't we heard like five or six admire and compliment our. Chocolate covered scorpion. Well. You know lies and now we need to get recipes with Stevie on an Iraq had its time for cooking show on the stations let's get Sparky one as well. But small woodland creatures being fried up by Steve -- small woodland creatures on the phantom that it would help people lead bugs all over the world but are right here in America knew we played baseball let's get to brewers reds here. The hot story right now at around 430 this afternoon Ken Rosenthal sources having the Mets and brewers close to a deal involving. The second baseman Neil Walker now John Jimenez and re exports confirming that that deal was done through this one use Sparky deal like the deal. The help this team win games down the stretch. God doesn't do much to me personally. But if you look at some of the numbers that are out there mean this year not having agreed here yet. Our country in the portion of the season we're. Well actually gain he he's played really well the last couple actually go over to inject extra nine. Switch hitter so that obviously helped add to a better president of the club up bottle kind of duty as that. You know the National League did and actually his whole career. Article we're like 530 or slugging percentage Angela Park. But I cattle. Helped along its good OP are much higher. All the way to he would and New York this year another. That being at home so now obviously deposited to. A pretty good look at raw numbers this year battled an opera he brought all the other numbers to rise to make it looks sexier. That it becomes or salt and I can't imagine that given how much they almost reform million dollars rusty or someone area. 870 point two million this year is going to make coal a Vietnamese free agent after this year so. No harm no follow your reading from a two and a half and put aside doubts surgeon you're making up about. Yeah I'd have to agree with you there and I memories of Neil Walker. Not being so friendly to the brewers and news in the black and yellow for the Pittsburgh Pirates as you mentioned not very spectacular to 6410 home runs on the season with the Mets so far other through on this one to you than bill. If you are gonna give something up for an you don't wanna sacrifice the future. There I don't I don't really care when I'm giving up we don't care to your farm is a great move it's a brilliant movie bring a guy and that's been his for seven years in the NL central against the pirates a Pittsburgh guy he grew up in Pittsburg and let him go. After he said he will be was. Willing to reside they let him go in any dosing consistently plays well with the Mets and Stevie obviously alluded to the injury that he had a earlier on this year but guys silicon at a career to seventy inner a guy that's won a silver slugger award and he's 31 years old and he's gonna be a guy that that fits right in the mold of what this offense needs if he's gonna play every day at second base guys. They they put such a value on being able to even out that lineup you add a switch hitter there at second base. That you think you can get some legitimate production from last night got a nice night from Jonathan VR Nat leadoff spot. But guys I think the bigger question is now that he's he's he's got to be here on Tuesday when you face the pirates that passed avenue's going to be in line of that. But I'm dangerous it is ccb where they put him in the lineup I think it fits really well right now it who'll. But I would not be opposed to seeing him slide down to five. I'm file with the attitude that we did side. They wanted to be civil have Leo trigger you know walker not only option though you're not putting bear I'm more in a residency water but to drop in the yard art so art. I want I want the CF one of them are going back in the trade. For a one of them has dug in his first silent because again folk artist as struggle that helped a little bit and and DR was just patently off which I've why. So he'll be a rescue absent those two guys at now. Want to know walker number one. I I do like the idea those the Sparky you keep VR I'm not on the Major League roster he has a bench guy. He gets a lot of value especially late in the game with his I mean not defensively but you bring Amanda back that threat as a pinch runner and eighth and ninth inning close games like last night. That does a lot for. So you feel confident and in his Smart base running ability play it again. No I I believe and had cedar to make sure that he does not screw up nearly as much as he has in the past any. You have to change into a race. Or there's already left guys need to start winning these games to. They are chartered yeah are actually Kaloko pocket change there they aren't they're not that are Smart and they have been. That's why he loses its. They thought I would I agree with you I would love to have a speed guy on the bench. I would prefer to have a big guy had a bad signals what do. All I am I fairly odd package. But it running out on the day at late or potential running at me at first the same sort of the first pitch. A matter thicker picturing you out first they include a bit. We this is coming back while claims another jab at bill Schmitz now alleged have a city jam their claims it was a jab and Eric finds a jab and airplanes let our anger. Helpful and Eric thing yeah body involved controller in the arc that claims that whole week it won't try to reflect and basically it started our capital. Communicate. The syllable in order to Munich captain I assume nothing and you wait to watch this team and a bite behind all the time. Well there have back to bugs again. Anyway. This brewers offense definitely struggling as of late despite the loss last night where they put up sixteen hits and ten runs they still. Got nothing out of their starting center field spot Keon brock's an offer to a strike Al Saud just four pitches. In those two at bats now looks like they're making a move for a second baseman Tina is double manager Craig Counsell has tried just about everything to get some consistent offense production at the plate from center fielder. Who is the answer we've seen Brad filthy scene was Brentson. Any thoughts on that bill Schmidt. I I would. I wanted to be Keon rocks and I've seen him you've seen him get hot and be able to carry that bottom part of the order for for stretches in his time here at Miller Park but. I think you're consistent it continues to be kind of the way it is if you're not get hot there's you're going to be held accountable they're gonna cycle through. If I continue to go back and forth until somebody takes all of the job. Yeah. Definitely now a far cry from the days of Carlos Gomez locking things down in center now I don't want I don't wanna see that again you don't wanna see I don't know. I don't know why he was a little spark Ellis park just wanna see that he can tell you market doesn't wanna see Carlos Gomez again. Oh I think shout out to about what she. But look I mean this thing with me years and it sort of flowed it did this issue did you leopards and center field let me right I agree whole breadth and it's that your job about matchups he approximate how much Robert Phillips. Your play every day that you saw the rest here and you suck the rest the year but you're starting center next year Edward majority sports. It developed here the betting Brit to clean up when Ingrid Marie. Are a lot of just clicking on proxy what's the difference at this. Couldn't agree more many find against some rats and may be by the time you're. Legitimately competing for a panic next season. With Al these streaks at the end of the season maybe he can put something together for in a more meaningful part of the lineup. Back to back to use our three year. Right two to three years one year whatever your timeline is getting ready to go for when the time comes. Already backed back to use Sparky the wheels really fallen off for Jimmy Nelson last night a real clunker definitely not the formerly seen from him as of late. He had been Iraq in this rotation and Matt Garza Tuesday night absolutely shelled against the twins Brent Souter on tonight. He also hasn't had his best stuff the last few times out you'd love to hang another run ten runs on Cincinnati. That's not necessarily doable but if the starters struggling right now can't figure it out. Is hitting picking up even gonna be enough to get them back in the NL central race here. Well our rotation for the last chapter marker would probably about everybody. Yeah yeah it would its orbit for five innings to get your your old adage at this point. Yeah it will tribes have not going to be enough it was one of those games last night but again regardless cult which in the past you can rent 19 come back and next thing you have to. 01. You're hitting goes away immediately to get five or six rounds like ours excellent tomorrow it is thought that that contract. I that it would get started pitching six eventually to eat. A market it's time to panic on Monday but it took part in not on Monday. It's probably part haven't gotten a five game down on Monday so they need to win these next two games make sure worst. Stay where they are division race that become continue to. To beat deep actually go from there. We can agree with more that was Steve Sparky five feet to find him on Twitter at Sparky radio bill Schmidt with us in studio at bill Schmidt a radio and Billy. Talking about the starting rotation here if nothing picks up they might have to make a move and try to get another guy in there to get to straighten out. Mean a toss in name Nazi went twelve starts this year and AAA he's eaten one and 286 ERA. It Taylor young men making ascension back to the major leagues and possibly be the savior in this season he's been dealing in a very tough pitching environment Colorado Springs. Lost party's energy if your five games out on Monday this c.'s bureau you're out you're done that that's aren't going to be able to cut it in you have three teams that are going to be vying for this this spot. For the rest of the season so that's just not gonna cut you have to win games he's here. But there's going to be an opportunity in September when rosters expand where I would not be surprised to see Taylor young and get at least one or two opportunities in the rotation. But you saw that coming from Jimmy Nelson you don't pitch that long and you're going to have a clunker at some point. Oh it's not extended that's where you go into a butt spear was tied today I saw in the clubhouse just a little while ago you shake it off he moved forward but he was right brain and quarter stretch well. His second start in your five and two thirds two run ball you can't be upset with that we've seen out of him as well Zach Davies street or itself via the clunkers well last night but. I I'm not too worried about the starting rotation moving forward especially all reports really really good on chasing Anderson coming out of his first rehab start he's awfully good to meet you out west. In that's that ten game West Coast road trip Sparky that's gonna be a telltale sign I think it's taken this thing. Even if it intrigued about on the road trip out West Coast trips all the stormed into the East Coast. Or kill teach them at last is just how baseball works as always worked. And that will absolutely keep Ursula and after that there's still. In a couple games out of first place or whatever Richard there's the great and he can other road trip in seven out of oak. And you did you see the trade male locker while. Early signing. While seven games how we need to picks back up some space there this this could be the time they do get hot and flipped that script and that's the story that you need. Sparky both attorney coined. Magic carpet ride in point ten that's where it starts seven and three on the West Coast road trip. The problem that you you lost. Or your magic star break it appeared the mark all of it you don't like baseball cap on your side. Everything turned against you can you haven't found it yet. The cardinals all that. They they got it but if you lost. Thankfully the cubs have no idea what they're doing so we you're you're still I think I'll because of that and you're right. There aren't some of that epic feud Neil Walker you need and what we're NC. Oh Bob don't. They had magic carper rides pixie dust pennant race the 2017 championship season. As some like to call it and Sparky guarantee a win tonight all I'd love to see after the game he got to get some big wins here against a last place Cincinnati red team. One final question for both you. The kind of alluded to it there but what do you think the true identity of this team is the first half of the season their raking their playing with their hair on fire the second half. It seems like they can go down any time anywhere no consistency. Where is that exactly what this team has a young streaky inexperienced team. They're young and they're they're impressionable and their emotional and I think that's what. Like we said it they rolled that early arm he has got to get back to and it all starts score runs strikeouts you're gonna hear from him. I think coming up next he he talks about a use got to score runs that's where that's for the energy in this game comes from that's for the passion comes from. I he'd there's a clip and Mary makes a joke he says. You don't see you don't get a high five line after a guy goes three up and three down the starting pitcher does in the first inning so -- you'll love starting pitching we got to search score some runs and that's how this team is gonna be able run through. You've got to. Thank you bill Schmidt for a few minutes we'll catch up later tonight both of us some lucky admirals baseball post game show elf after hopefully. Brewers get a win in snapped this sixteen skid to four Richard Anthony appreciate it man and Steve Sparky Pfeiffer thank you for a few minutes as well hoping for the rest your afternoon or. Evening residents. Oh. Take it easy. And Steve Sparky five for joining us on the great midwest bank hotline near ready to get into or back into the housing market. Look no further great midwest bank is a great midwest bank dot com take the next step. Towards and your new home on the other side this quick break we're gonna go get the scoop from the skipper Craig Counsell at Miller Park before. For game two between the brewers and reds today. Before we get to the break though we're gonna get sports splash here for you from Jeff for a last keep listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Built by nosing got together building better on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show once Greg called celeb land for today's game. Let's find out what today's scoop from the skipper on low 57 FM the fan. Brewers reds game tune just over thirty minutes away from first pitch at Miller Park. Brent soon erupt since Scott Feldman in the pitcher's duel for this one. The birds coming in at 59 and 59 they've lost their last 6 I am Anthony Mandela this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by a Zynga. Together building better. And you heard the big boys in the skies they write their time now to hear from brewers manager Craig Counsell. It. It's been my. Even though. The reason I don't know one thing. Dealers and progress more in line girls in the field. Okay. Secularism. It's. Yes those cardinals aren't metrics I would say but that's that's that's the wrong methods and metrics. That's one away certain neighborhoods to evaluate I mean I think look I think. You know I've said this the first week of the season this and this is the second base was going to be a projects. I do think it's improved. There's been sees her husband's mistakes last couple games but I do think he's improved defensively at second base and he's improved as the season this one on. And either so there's there's. And needs sir there's a ways to go there still needs more improvement I think there is room for more improvement. We in the future. Big dents. Going to be his best position as a rate of this and I think that's probably that's certainly in the infield. Tremendous the Simpsons. You know when you had him again so are there still wasn't. I mean I think. And I think John exhaust that we lost that quite a bit of playing time immediately for weeks. This past brochure it's been part of this road trip so. You know it takes. And it's you know we're looking at this point where or Adam you're looking for a little bit of us bargain and something different. And just got to try to speed up a minute so it's you know we were. We've been shrines to get some guys and these guys get hot they're certain they're gonna they're gonna play and so that's what word you know that's why not a mosque yesterday and trying to sell it felt like it's just watches at bats. And then killed his last maybe 67 at bats at them maybe there's something a little bit. Get a good night last night so. You know it's and it's not that when utilities season there everyday tourist season by any means. You know he's got an easy pattern at this point improvement at this point. You know I mean I think it's still involved in that for sheer. And I think his at bats and improved the last couple days to. So you know hopefully learn Morgan certainly get some production out of. Session. And then they come in and you're looking at starter for some numbers. Like that it's human nature to feel any regret about putting scooter or do in this game and make a decision. Mean. When you make a lot of transactions I think you can you can you can milk day I mean I mean I think. The seasons turned out of place where do I couldn't. Understand all transactions are related M you know. Soul. It's it's way. Way too simplistic I think to me just say that because at that scooter addresses about a second the other officers it's. You know so it's. That was the decision we made me going into the season I think John Amos. The clear cut a player that the was gonna play a lot. Deservedly so. No we didn't we didn't see big. Role for scooter at that point and that's that's I was assistant and a good name and back up this season he's so there's a degree here like I putted a revenue this year and I don't know that you had the opportunity would have been years. You know men never us mom. Dylan and you know going into the all star re getting we were pretty content and what we had a deposition. We do you know there have been. I was hopefully coming back and ready to go one. You're still open and John they can you go on. And obviously it's a self serve reagans it's been tussle and those guys and you have to. You are now lassie. It's last. Last year I think. You had you left. Third. Well testing we've we've you know you're always. Euros then indictment and we had to evaluate what's next we had the project what's next to figure out what's next and think that's what's important Lyndon weekends. You know obviously to pass those and but but. Other things go and that's. Army said to dramatically different seasons. No and that's and it's and he's still in the first ones. You don't know on. Only a year ago and it makes jealousy this year. So. You know there's not an easy answer there. You know players players do you have tough seasons. That that's. Part of this you know gone unfortunately but. You know he's he's a young player he's shown the ability to build a really good things and as it was like this here. And I I do agreed to defensively. You know we got to keep that we have to keep seeing improvement offensively because that's that's part of the equation for service and he's got a he's got to be a you know me you know always side. Average to average measuring the senators are getting its average made 600 every position I think that's. It's a goal and I think we we had minimal of that original. And there have emperors manager Craig Counsell really homing in on the second base position in today's scoop for the skipper segment. From Miller Park. And again RD heard. Hot news of the hour Neil Walker's second baseman of this New York Mets. Now the New York now. The second baseman of more lucky brewers reports coming in now no confirmation from either club the Sports Illustrated sporting news. And fan Greg sports all sharing of that deal has gone down Neil Walker. Looking to be the newest brewer now no details yet on what the brewers may have given up to give him. Whether he Jonathan VR Eric so they are possibly Neil Walker now. Today beautiful day. If they were step on the field in all parts. Will today's weather affect the game let's get today's field and conditions brought you by your neighborhood ace hardware stores locally owned with the everything you need to get ready for the big game. Starting with hell this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show on the fast. And absolutely beautiful evening for baseball tonight in Milwaukee. First pitch at 610 shaping up to be about 72 degrees sunny skies not a cloud up there. Zero chance of rain. Has all the makings of hopefully a brewers win to get this team back on track and avoid a seventh straight loss. And take one more quick break on the other side realist you know who's hot who's not each update on the injury report did the starting lineups one more time. I'm Anthony Mandela you're listening to the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga together building better. Some of the brewers are hot while sound hard not to lose not. Thought brought you by AJ collectibles. The area's most complete lineup of sports cards and memorabilia and bubble heads 7201. Swiss national avenue. Just minutes from Miller Park this is the only station brewers fans need at 1057 FM. The fan. You are indeed listening to 1057 FM the fan I'm Anthony Mandela this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by a Zynga together building better. The bats definitely heating up for Milwaukee last night they're in need him to stay hot if they wanna snapped this six game skid. A couple of guys that need to stay not to make that happen how about Ryan bronze he's not force 67 batting average 600 slugging fourteen hits. Leading the team all three of those categories leading the team over the past seven days Jonathan VR. Picking things up his last six games at 333 average including a home run ball last night. Now about Orlando Garcia eight hits in his last 27 at bats and move it up the line up. A couple of doubles a home run in his last seven and a bonus by here. For who's not from lock keeper is no official word yet from the team that he's gonna be here. The reports from sporting news Sports Illustrated bang right then re export seven mets' second baseman Neil Walker headed to Milwaukee in a trade. As of about fifteen minutes ago when Neil Walker. Hitting well as of late as last six games hitting 3818. Hits in 21 at bats a home run a pair or not Dan. A walk in there for good measure to. What really needs to pick up as the guys who are not hot his sues an ideal. 182 to seventeen on base percentage. In the last seven days that's the worst on the team among guys police four at bats during that span. And Domingo Santana I team leading eleven strikeouts in the past seven days a 217 average during that span. In 23 at bats a couple other guys. It's really hard to be hot or not if you're hurt. Baseball is 90% mental any other. Half is physical so who's injured on the crew appears today's injury reports on the windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shown. One brewer backstop Stephen vote he's still on the ten day DL with that left knee sprain. He's been sent for rehab assignment with the Wisconsin timber wrestlers as of earlier today. Still expected to be back August 18 another catcher jet bandy also on the ten. Since hitting the DL on August 4. And the brewers could use some help in the starting rotation Jimmy Nelson rock the last night Matt Garza on Tuesday. A rough outing as well chase Anderson. Opening get back sooner rather than later he's on the ten day DL with a left dole bleak strain. Much like Stephen vote he's rehabbing with the timber travelers and expected to return to the starting lineup hopefully. By August 23. It's the starting lineup for tonight's game one more time for the Cincinnati Reds. Hamilton co was our motto Duvol Suarez Jeanette Mazur Rocco give Lohan and Scott Feldman. And for the Milwaukee Brewers leading off been playing second base Jonathan VR. Batting second playing first base Eric Spain's. In the three hole and playing left field Ryan brawn. Trevor shot in his usual four spot cleaning things up at third base. Domingo Santana not hot but he's batting fifth and playing right field Orlando RCA bat sixth and will play shortstop. The seven spot center fielder Keon Broxton. Behind the plate tonight Andrew C sack he will bat eighth and on the mound. The pitcher Brad suitor once again Brent suitor career vs Cincinnati this will be his first start. For relief appearances for now he's one hell they're zero point 00. ERA. I hope he keeps it that way against a struggling reds ballclub. On the season two and two if 331. In eight starts again the big news of the evening so far reportedly. Neil Walker coming to the brewers from the New York Mets no details yet. On what the brewers may have given up to get him here. But Seattle lob it. Jonathan DR Eric so guard struggling as of late in that second base position hopefully. Walker can be an answering get the brewers back in this thing they're currently three games out of first place behind the Chicago Cubs. In game two tonight it's up a six game skid. May be gained some ground on those. Chicago Cubs. We're just over. Ten minutes away from first pitch at Miller Park game two between the brewers and the reds. I'm Anthony Mandela. This is the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building batter. We need a win tonight brewer fans can we make it happen. Hopefully Neil Walker. Could help us out. It's been real go brewers.