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Saturday, August 12th

Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!


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The following is paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and field in the let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented Mike Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. So I blow. And I. Easy Jordan went from many western shooter supply is Harding had. No word. Well welcome everybody and thanks for joining us this morning on a beautiful weekend here in Wisconsin I noisily on almost every weekend but that's because it is beautiful almost every weekend here in Wisconsin. I am time it is true not Neubauer to my left is and now back returned. Danny bush and we come to you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we are life. And we that you like it if you wanna give a so called. Complain about so pumped than urge you get any questions or comments. 4147991257991250. Or you can email us live at CEO guys at Danny I'm glad your back. Yeah I listen to year's show I'm glad you're back this and to show I'd wanted to clock I forgot Claudia. This week and tell you you you did a fine job. At least for the first hour Kazan listened as I was driving up yeah well a lot of Randy was in rare note. Go from midwest hoosiers supplies was in here and Eddie a lot of good information we are talking about the fall fest you know come and out yep. And not a number of other things over Andy's got a wealth of information as far as not just hunting and firearms and reloading surprised but he also knows a lot about fishing. And what's going on Mike and Winnebago in the big pond and all that salt. Yeah and I was very informed I heard you're trying to chisel room at a and he a lot of good outgun you want my elementary get them a tease a little bit like get a better deal if they come out now or should I wait for fall fest saw the so are you going up for fall fast. Today. Joseph and I. Next weekend the seventeen to make that next week and yet next weekend his fall fest it's a big deal if you want any more information about her folks just go to. MW shooters dot com. Amateur and I with this we know it says it all big deal out there I mean that you allied music at night they got a firearm auctions you can try out guns. They got lots of food and an and it's kind of like a rummage sale to you bring stuff that you wanna sell. I think you pay like. Really feel like 1520 dollars for a spot you know mutants we got like us government affairs so you know it's O. It's a lot of stuff going on and supports the different organizations in that community of low Myra. So yeah that's a big deal lot of peace he said last year nearly 101000 people went through there. In two days. A total is already going up there all you know gore he'll be either the pro be sleeping in his trucked overnight to. The equipment a I don't know he's on to do that stuff and more and I don't know than Arnold for that but anyway yeah it's going to be next week it's a big. Il sole. And that's again we are talking about death of his talk about how the wallet fishing is so good right now on Winnebago. He says it's fairly easy to go on to get through limit of fifteen in nineteen enters. He says whether you're Jagan on the reefs slip by honoring trolling the mud flats he said. It is they're just all over the place and there didn't earn nice perks to. So this is a kitchen is really good on Winnebago. I see Greg's got the fall fest golf right up there yeah so far. First is that next Friday and Saturday the eighteenth and nineteenth. Note goes from 8 AM to me in ninth they bands food. Trial got drugs guns sportsman swap meet gun option bow fishing tournament. Oh yeah Olympic when he was talking about dimples the hard thing yeah her and raffles. Yeah in your honor latter half or so I don't know follow make him up there are not you know I'm not one for crowds. I don't know if you knew that they had they had built. You don't have you got. Is it Agha for yet lets a phobia that says crowds. DiLeo phobia and then into that Greg. I don't know if I've got to phobia I just don't hear for big crowds like that you know where your packed in shoulder to shoulder to amend tiger phobia. And Bagram focusing I didn't 88 GOR eighty. PH OBI now bigger phobia and Diego Garcia was pretty close guys it's really it's impressive pretty impressive time. Oh yeah. That Utah hello class I you know covered in Rome covered all mental illness it's it's like summer fest I've never been this summer but. But here's the thing really never been there live your model I've never been the summer any concerts. I played at concerts. But I ain't never went to a case summer fest I think he can get congested but. This office is bigots outside time yet address how different it is incredibly did it it is totally does state fair. I was there once when my wife and I were first married now and the other times I had a go to speaker was for a upper Wisconsin where Rihanna sit in the Booth and talk to people or whatever but other than Matt I've never gone to swap Rahman's either here's a guy who has had a chicks since he's fifteen Greg because he had no reason to go to some other after eight. Read aloud at American male gonna go to summer fest see the chicks you know like the Ayers then Leo when you're a young guy anyway right yeah we're not got when you were there dudes are mode when you were there I'd say firfer. Reroute. No way for her know you when you said you were you were working all without a Wisconsin. At least have a Booth there years ago on all the time that's in the seven you shall we one of those points are these there's going to be a thousand all right. Now that's right when he first got to that stage and that's what got on the main stage and in the right before they shouted through a cannon and it's it to a big net and message has been hit. And it could happen to me that's explains it all hooked up a Paula. About Lambeau Field not how it's gonna say that was the only reason why we had a band. What was the meat checked there was Italy Greece and. Yeah that's why we did thing does 1990%. Of things that a guy doesn't like exit its Demetric yeah wow why else would you bother working out. In ought to pay Internet you know if if if if they dug fat guys let me tell yeah I'd be eaten doughnuts and peaks then. Everything else man now. Nod in the Lambeau Field twice. And and that was enough I mean it's an experience I think any packer fan. It should go and see you know wants at least did the crowd bother you there because that's where crowd in the in anything I didn't hear from one of the bet you're gonna have to implore you go to the bathroom in guys in wintertime it's funny. As you well lined up in your kind of shoulder to shoulder you got all your big close on. Ennis. That's going through there one time when guys they're going. No mood. I don't know. All go off. It was hilarious video regarded as the rumored to discern from the guys that trough. Ala just rip off gallery Wrigley is now but there was someplace else goes and you were in new round in the article picking up he their knowledge is a long long boy yeah that drop against it all right I just sloppy out right nightly. And all of these. Here the packer game any others cold weather gear on and you're cold already so your meant little shrinkage in the news right now. Rock on yeah. I am happy that there right. I hope that there is playing a pressure in the hole is Obama. Three has read of some some some think. Guys thirteen and thinks who have seen that on both in I'm the guy in other words depends the black audience. Off Ahmard. No and you know it's you can Wear it is it's called the fighter Inaba. The trolley men's for trolley drivers friend or some might district turf. The streetcar drivers friend Tucker's friend or whatever it is it did it attaches to your manhood and you got a bottle on your leg bad. Catches you don't you gotta go. It's never have to is that the broadcast that are in it not a cat litter it's kind of like a Condo more two bit. Is that what about race car drivers use. I think they were depends really. No I didn't really I didn't think I am I'll come they don't have bat in the side of the car you know I love the pedals. It's I don't either one. Promote that part of raising I don't think well yeah thing about these guys are racing for. Hours 56 hours and they're not my daughter models to other Brothers and our goal is selling big divot it's heavily on the bed though he can't. Chris they'd probably say wait a good thing though I don't know I don't know here is that the it probably yes not every oh you are on GM would you do want it to but T think they would have to stay hydrated you know you are clean up and up in your right into the water depth is that it's pretty hot no scars in her right room what do you have. If you are number I don't forget it no you don't eat the day before you know your. But you know I think that you know it depends would be a natural sponsor for those guys. Mail. They just don't it's one of those small stickers every other bay went in and you never see him eighty year old guy out there thinks. Rusty Wallace where isn't token here. I'd say we'll bathrooms the new additional Lambeau. The F a that area like level 56 and 7506 or seven yeah 700 Dole's. Are phenomenal because you're your own little wing. In they have their own separate bathrooms and nominal bathrooms. His woes is phenomenal thanking Italy auctioned because I don't care McLean. But there's no you eight year old little section has their own specific bathroom Sally you're sharing one bathroom with. Fifteen sections your own section has a bathroom. Allow. On Leo a lot of veterans are now. That's good you know I got a tighter coolest time at Lambeau do wanting a never ever ever forget. We're at the the end of the field when neither were a couple of jets fighter jets thirteen men that swooped down you know. And they were coming Maddux okay. And and I mean I thought they were really lol I mean I mean because normally they're pretty high of these seemed a lot who you know pretty low when they swooped down. And then when they got about the middle of the field or were we were almost well it's hard to help but anyway hit those after burners to take off then open sky. I swear to god that whole thing was shaking that whole area dog everything we shaking it was I sort of got I could see rivets on those panels them planes. It was just got plunderous. Solemn and everything seeking who was so awesome I'll never forget that it was so cool it was really really cool yeah yes but I think everybody should go to Lambeau once if you're packer fan you should go at least once I prefer watching them on TV. You know watching the games on T via home I prefer that but yeah I think everybody issue at least. In the hole it's a whole experience all this I mean not a diet don't just go there and parking no an hour before you got to know how with the crowd and everything shut down. Two miles an hour direction the churches are charging for you depart via killed eating. In a church parking garage his drinking Beers and MO people. You know that's you know that side of the parking area where there's all those houses and wanna buy up a there he did by oh division okay well that's for my son all of my son still goes to games in that and and that's where. He would always park to park in this lady's front yard area and he had a standing deal with her every year. And she'd get like maybe five cars in front yards something like that. And and then in her backyard that's where you could tailgate rate in her backyard OK and everybody had their little area relate to tailgate. And then after I hoops as it was one of the years when I went up there we had our own Porta potty. That everybody chipped in there like forget how much it was everybody chipped in so much. And we had our own private Porta potty instead of walking into the the part of packer parking lot in use and they're standing in line for half an hour you know it was very and you could leave your grill. Set up in her backyard let it cool down so that when he came back after the game everything was cooled off then you know it was very very nice but yet not there. What a night. CIA had a hook me growing up in the Bay Area that I did you were up there yeah. In new everybody Iran premier wants on the table 1 o'clock o'clock I go all had been on my hands kiss and babies felt like Bart Starr living in Green Bay. So anyway the I had a spot. Then I bet would still probably work today told a few people where you can go in to Green Bay. Easy in easy out now at a parking spot. It involves some side streets you can instantly be out of there no traffic. Easy it's me easy. With great 'cause I have season tickets up there in for years all the way up through a season ticket that a three in my name. And watt power hitters rig we got Ayers got to men well and what happened was we thought what happened was we had seven in the in our family's name. Couple were in my name a couple of my Brothers a couple of my dad he like when I was one year old. In 1959 he put my name in the waiting to put our names on when you're babies by the time we are all. Like 1415. We were in the kid's section and then once you get infection tickets which are and it ends on. You get on first priority list to get the adult. Thought he accumulated them in when they had that seat licensing thing. And charge 15100 boxed at that and has spent 15100 I was that the baseball and he was my mom with six months pregnant he put her in a sleeping bag. Put her in the seeds of drop into a sleeping bag. So anyway I took the three best tickets tonight paid 15100 lay told two buddies of mine it's an okay give me 15100 each. The tickets are in my name but they're your tickets. Brazil bath so the three of us have amend. After the Packers won the first Super Bowl we went for a couple more years and then 91 guys that you know a lot. I've been back to Green Bay and a Sunday night and worked in Monday's doesn't work anymore so that's just my one friend take them but you know they send you a bill for 17100 dollars every day I'm more than happy to pass that up and say. Here buddy pay yet but if ever wanna go to game Mike and Tom hey I wanna I wanna go one of these. Jeff Jeff for a loss Q the producer of the final inspections on many other shows on the station has four season tickets. But it is our club level. Odds he saw ease. Even the merit. Eight home games agree and every home game. Wow. Wow listen we get a room we got to go to break when we come back folks I promise we will talks and fishing and hunting them all or Z stuff. We really knew we got it all lined up like we planned it right. FL. Out of dollars he stepped out there are the pipes up we'll be right back with more than it sold too much column at a noisy stuff. Okay outdoor stuff. Okay better we'll be right back with more of the mid western shooters spies communion jumpers presented by Coleman insect repellents. Yeah. Welcome back. To the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge out dollars coming to. Live and unrehearsed from the bait mate this detract and studios their Tom. Yeah 7991250. If people wanna call us or you can email us live at CEO guys at All right Danny. I see get a magazine with you today's at a further large Rondell coming up. Like. I got. You have got you thinking cap on I'll try I don't know it's pretty early in the morning Kate dragged its seven what is it six Tony for a knee. Again the yeah on the buzzer there aren't here on yeah. I'll grant you regularly go to the again. We have anything to give away and I think you always a mini mites that many might. OK so here's the here's the thing. If if someone wants to call 7991250. In your money your meaning rights are running on how well from answers these questions but I think they'll get it so Obama wants a lot off. 7991250. I think you win. Packer mania so if I do good. That I send them a they they had that many mines they get the unified pack of many months tech many mindless children from this. It is ignorant Bernard and and have someone call Yahoo! way you'll suffers. Fairway and I won't ask Tom tough questions because. You know icon I guy kind of buffalo and among. We know you did OK and the fifty toddlers of all time Tom vote yes some of those did not home yeah you're right all big on social and rare stupid ones might guys do bet they did it. People do is usually in the three never even heard of some lower I don't know that I heads were thinking I don't know that that well you know that. It's very wouldn't be objective or subjective or whatever but yet they're putting in whatever they wanna put and it's just like it when you write your articles you know up yup you know you're you're right and your opinion and stuff what would likely wanna put in the latest saga. And I write my articles that's all factual and now there's no bias whatsoever in mind calm now you know I'm not quite yet you don't know that they knew was you know well liked mr. Fink who did it I think it fishing notes nourished not what you're. I like that but you add your opinion on things right. I got the opinions of only objective viewer yeah no opinion I'm not deal in it and I think you are I am. I know I am European opinion dated oh sure why not why not but except with your wife right. I am I within her I have two tattoos one on each hand. One hand says yes theater the other hand says I'm sorry dear but I thought that I like that that's good answers every question. There ago everything's okay we got a pumpkin contest and we all do hope we know he's on hold but we do have is information as of so he's gonna hold Bruntlett similar lesson Bradley is a map from saint Francis of Tommy's he's right. Men saved France's win some mini mart and at Saint Francis in and 5025. Anniversary of it and ash fisherman magazine. A special. Issue okay here it is the 25 anniversary this went with at the picnic. So right away. On the cover it says American angling legends talked fishing 2000 Augustus was in the 2000 in the 25 anniversary month. So and the assault anyway. I haven't read your old bag the hill. You you guys time you work he's an all out all I. Got these women cleaned up among the key shot by. Nice seeing those of any plastic ones on her currently waiting on word that was another pair and it might look like a letter hopped don't know. OK but I need a coffee saw it says it could pay attention America's angling legends talk facing 2000 solved. They've got a list of names on the cover of the magazine of England legends. And for our format. To win. The mini mites named three of the name than a cover our debt are Ingle how many how many pins are that are. Let me count 1123. And then of management at about thirty names them okay LL Lindner. Okay glimmering. They got two. Go film dance. He's going to be on at a gathering. The guys started bass master race dot. You murdering again. I'll. OK so he greater unity that I'll send Matt out his many might masks already a winner out that you get on. Well Don you said Eleanor rays Scott and build in field dance OK let's keep keep rolling all these how well you can do Tom your general I don't wanna. And and I'm doing good Adam Braun idea. When you're gold there's only an hour today is Virgil ward on there. Will give us a buzz there known though camera towards your three out of four. OK. Com about you do you know I Don guy area oil and not yet. Boy there's so many don't put on there I mean there's so many guys. TV shows and man okay. If I just went through let's say now Roland Martin there's a manly and give us a ring again rower or make it's it's. Three bass mastered tournaments in a row back to back to back. Now that's pretty good that's pretty unbelievable the good yeah I retired I met him once at a bar down in Dallas. And LA I was down there were there was a slow and seminars and then I'm sitting that this party they put us up in this nice hotel and submit to spark. And a guy sits down next to me and I'm having an old fashioned witch and had a problem making the fine. You know drinking time. I was seven or fashion I don't drink anymore I was having a closer to a review. Ever senior drink. Well I don't drink and drive. And we drink at home side never bend to his policy and a few though that's why I've never seen it while I was at you're a mile yeah right when he would fix fix my dad but anyway. So wise man I hate so I'm sitting there and all of a sudden. Nice it's gone and the missile finish I look over here's Roland Martin's sit next to me and and they look at races and Roland Martin no I knew who you that's and it's really dumb when people say that they at a city payroll and other wasted. It rolling got to buy you drinks none of you know I would not say that. And payroll and of the bill announces you were not here this weekend in you know globe lot. We chit chatted a little bit. Oh lead to a new efficient story I told him one and and then all of a sudden there were these six or seven Japanese guys always cameras. On Islam and the content hardly take you to please make missed the Marlins calmly to a top job until you very much McMartin. And of course. They had all have pictures taken with Roland Martin's you know so. And then I left and after parliament is kind of a funny I'm stunned. And yeah. I don't. A we'll have those kind of love and who grow big trend this crap at the beat out though is different ball game saw. People on the third read it it injured every Japanese with. Asian American who continue to get another one what's another when he got Roland Martin we Houston. Wounds. And. Give them a ring again I'm not that that's. Hank Parker may be. There's so many. And all and give Abbas and it ain't part you know you know why. How about the guy who won the first bass master classic Billy Murray. He won the very first when I don't know if he's in England legend gift from a ring pinky is all really and. Alia their knowledge just is incredible there's there's a lot of guys that are probably you know what's weird. I'm in order I've been watching lately on new ones which Israel we go to break. I've been watching on YouTube this really interesting. You can look at all of the old bass master classics. All the an Indy did him in the out all those guys are in there you have off all the army guys you never even heard of you know I mean but. It it's like they were I don't know if these sixteen millimeter film what eight millimeter whatever it was connected in that videotape back then it was all on film. Nice that they're smoking cigarettes cigars pipes they didn't have the didn't look like race car drivers with a all the patches and rioters and I'll let. And just out their fling use an old Garcia 6500 a 5500 seized at that I beat it. It's it's as if it is very cool to watch. In all the equipment yet totally different -- wow well we got to go to a break right now when we come back we're gonna dude does. Got reports. And then after the 645 break we're gonna play a harsh boggled tell you more about that when we returned to the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoor. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress than you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. Hey welcome oh and the reporters brought tube by. Beamer cheesy produce and this tell Leonard Danny and I were just yet connect. Hey you know are out of zucchini kicked out like a make a lot of things out of zucchini here's one that you're gonna love it's called a zucchini. Cheeseburger. All case. What you do is you let one of them zucchini is grow through there about a foot long maybe even fourteen inches China. Four or five inches in diameter you know there near big right. And a lot of people think well knows he needs get that big they're no good luck I know one person just frozen and Durbin doesn't know mental trauma given to me is what I do. I peel on and I take a school or whatever and I scoop out the inside to make Clinton zucchini bowl okay scoop up that hole inside. And then what I do is I I fry up some ground beef with onions and garlic may be little green pepper what every light. And I filled that inside of that vote. With with that mixture that ground beef mixture okay and then I later on top a bunch of American cheese. I put it in some aluminum foil making sure that you aluminum foil is trying to hide so that that sees as you're stuck to a and I put it on the grill for about 1520 minutes yet attested to make sure it is in Kenya's soft okay. And then you unwrapped it and it's delicious a zucchini cheeseburger blow. I'll tell you what you wanna experiment with some try that it's very good. And by the way and whatever spices you like. The gut report was brought you by beamer cheesy programs when quality counts you can count on beamer cheesy Croat news. Insist on the best you can visit them at V march easy dot com. And by discount liquor where you'll find the best price selection and service at 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee. And main street and bar storm walker shopper weekly specials go to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress that you aren't high enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. You gusher or Chicago questions ready to go through all of expiration toy you in these guys. Well I'm telling all all we're gonna love the horns were no question last week I headed due on Islam and so I did three muskie questions. And big guys who calls who's the contestant. Is a very good angler name all I know this is slam dunk just British. Guys from neo Ky yes club NBA calendar called out yeah I heard on the other way anyway Jim do you have had this gone and it's like I'll man he's gotten every one right I I thought maybe I can fool people on one of them no way I think he he was gonna get everyone right. That's about it and that's our. But anyway going back to these legends we were out we are I was looking at some of the names there were three names on there that. I never even heard of ended in appeared to be an angling legend. You should you should have I I would have at least heard their names notably known. Well the one that he'd never. I don't a rich zone less a rich is olasky never not. I think. I take issue with you said Dick Pearson isn't an inkling led I don't yeah I said he might be. He's on identities on the fans are no offense and that there you go yeah we can call a bridesmaid is in he's been around a long time yeah yeah and Dick pierce and see he was a big muskie guy yet and that's right you know I forgot about that it appeared ready and yet his. In all sleep at night in Canada lake of the woods and a human Doug Johnson were the two guys on lake of the way yeah. So maybe I mean he is and you know there's people around the country that we might not have heard of but they're very. Influential in their area or in their state you know remain. That people know who they are all right right though there's going to be people that we don't know that have done a lot for this. We're finishing largest. Think about yourself Tom in Wisconsin you've been you know your bass fishing your top of the vast world of Wisconsin which everybody knew you. But you go to another state and and it. You know people knew me like in Michigan Indiana Illinois west out yet just the midwest yet they knew me around you know but. Now I might not like some of these guys that are out there are known throughout the country. I knew you know I know who are you aware that it 'cause you know hide over your work as ye I'd read articles that you wrote. And that I knew the name kind of grill our if you wrote for like with the midwest. All of the hours yeah I Cairo for a couple of Atlanta's description yeah prologue time. Now we've talked to them on either oh yeah yeah we have it on the topic I knew that yeah. That that Brady I don't know I do you still do generated every two weeks now no no longer no longer doing the bushy tails no. It's who you know and how does that just too much. You know get it news company ran out of money I guess you have to. There did you suffer big bar just like they elect a journal well and budget. Bring issues are now on I guess I don't know you know it's gone it's not easy. Either come up with a you know late these weekly sports writers you know that have have weekly columns in newspapers. It's not easy to come up with new stuff well I. Gone from once a week. To once every two weeks and then there were times they do once a month it was hard to get back quick writing. I realized I had done it for over four years now you were doing right Larijani in 2013. In for a long time I was coming up with pomp and every week. I'm not I Ellis did try to come up with something. Different in all but don't talk about animal. We you know it would always what happened to me is slightly not not like now they're several magazines are vast media to write again you know. But it's like I feel like you know authority written meant. I don't wanna rated again but but the thing is as we always have new people coming into the sport. Constantly you know what I wrote what let's say what I wrote about 2030 years ago I could re write the same stuff today in a still rubble and. Well you know there's there's there's the how to article yet and then there's the personal experience variant Seattle saw I say. If I had a particularly fun and entertaining on turf yes yeah with a few little twist in then I'd like to tell the story about net. Was failure I wrote a story about and I should've never title that there was every entitled at my first muskie. But it wasn't above me it was about my oldest son when he was fifteen I I took them with speed up to the world must be hunt. And I had a go to that banquet that night and my son was gonna take out the vote go fishing or staying at a motel right rate on monopoly you know. Well he was mad at me. Because I taught him about catch and release and must these and all that use really into that and so he caught his first legal muskie. Which was a forty incher. But he wanted to showed dad. RA any figure dead was gonna be home at a reasonable hour. Well it died in the alive while he had dug dug the battery going you know I don't know one end and the battery died in the fish died and so he was mad at me because the fixed up crappy Dell. And so I had that one monitor forum in those first legal where. Where where where you are gonna talk one or two home at a reasonable Ollie says don't make knows that the world must be hunt banquet that night expecting to get my my trophy again and kiss and Davey asked the Fleetwood and jump on the page. And I thought we found new Boller now that was the I did some bad years that Danny nobody had ever done before and and that I got this big book it's a big I mean it's got to be like two feet. Paul by eighteen inches wide it's a big. Picture SE of the world all the world muskie Hans up until a certain point one all cash wasn't going to or get a straight through history book yeah yeah but I I did some the narrowest. I was younger guy Ozal cocky then you know that the time you stood next to Tony Rizzo told me no art no no this was the man I'm about a hundred feet away. V had. It was on an angle it was a target. And there was a four foot ring a three foot ring a two foot ring and then in the middle it was a one foot range is like a big bullseye about a hundred feet away. And every year they would take a different lower low hooks and you'd have to use their rotten real and that lower and you get one cast. Once asked only at that target. One cat that one has only so being not cocky young Fella I was taught to these guys and the cited today. As long put buried in the middle of that circle moment in the average nice and I'm almost sure bet about that part of let's put some money in the and I'm I'm joking tongue in cheek you know right were all joking around during her remarks a top Camerota camaraderie. You're talking of ten years then of course the volume sort anyway I I had your tie it in and they had liked ambassador. 6500 C and they had a in this kind they had like a nine inch mid eighties to her beat on it. Legal heavy guy right now isn't it you wouldn't guess that a mile. So anyway I just lower weight control like I'm up to make my guy in the air thrown from all over the place you know. I get my one cast. At a fling it out there. And I stuck at a big and we know she and overshoot it you know and I just slow it down enough it lands right in the middle. Person that ever do that number right in the middle. And so now all now I'm gonna get really tacky. And I saw try again I look at I looked at the people they're all lined up on both sides loses you wanna see me do that again. And of course people started giving me some crap about that yards we just open did you try to. You know oh god no dude again. A probably miss the camping again it. Probably you know Goldman took a hit some baby yeah then I don't somebody cook tonight brothel right on Sunday going in all 200 feet on the other drill holes so I routers screens yeah that might happen some guys got a city upside is not an aircraft but anyway folks we got to go to a break and when we come back we are gonna play. Large Bogle what is more trouble Danny bush is gonna ask you three questions and the out of doors. You've got to answer to out of the three correctly and you will win a wonderful price package from big meat fish attract and and Coleman insect repellents. Soviet caller right now at 4147991215. At 7991250. Do they mid western shooters supply cutting edge outdoors coming to. From the date made this attracted studios we are senator Mike Foreman insect repellents. Dan. We know our horn Schwab will segment. And Greg you know I was gonna correct Tom on this as listening to the show last week. Because. Tom announces the hard slog Liz has this thing we're gonna. We're gonna ask you three questions. We're not asking questions votes I'm making a statement. I'm Gerri yeah I'm right to make your restatements. And then you have to tell me. Whether that statement in the horn Chicago learned over in China so it's kind of a question in theory Tom no big deal but o'clock at all right. You could prove. I was on the line who are content our contestant is Tim former scene eight Tim how you doing man. Hey good morning doing good Tim OK so here we go first question. As very get as part you forgot the last team Michael. Well you're right yeah yeah well there's a bunch of on the others a bunch that. That they didn't have on that list yeah yeah yeah but you're right there's there's tons of being in and I think ain't going legends can be in the eyes of the be holder depending on what species of fish after fish at our group it'll Tom's kind of partial to the Basque guys I'd be more in the muskies malls and here's the while I guys. Okay here we go and this one goes out one of and of our favorite my favorite listeners Tom. I don't you know can't really say his last name I think he's actually wanted for some crimes and some states are a lot of debt. I hate the human rights that you don't know man I feel not metal top Tom likes the fished up by the rule river believe it or not he's got a lot of experience some day I got it. Now retired have Tom guide me on the brew rule river world famous Boise drool so anyway this once questions courtesy AM. Let's talk trucks all hunters and fishermen have you on a truck by any chance Tim. Are you okay we've all had trucks got have a truck so here we go. 100 years ago. The first Ford model TT truck rolled out of the assembly plant. Beginning in America love affair with pick ups that still burns hot sport swabbed all. Or ignore horn Schwab go 100 years to go forward pick up. Hundred yeah. No hard slog though Larry go Lara I don't. Yeah I had no idea yeah ego and end its it was called the model TT I don't. Yet there you go off all right number two no bid largest hike. I'm on record. Was 68 point three columns it was. Actually netted. Not legally efficient line who has netted by Wolfgang Hoffmann. In 1998. In Germany in the Baltic Sea horns while no or no warned slog all know the golf I use AIA. It. SH IT you not our friend. I'd heard about that long. You know while OK here right well let's see if you've got three for three you're already a winner we don't feel good. Eagle self esteem should be flying high this weekend did you do it well and horns while top muskies then I. Muskies imply always capture. Other little fish is and always always swallow them tail first. Or log on and it went there and come out. Yeah. In the Akron Ron Howard I'm open arms and I ate that until I lay down low. Alec station. All right thank you Ryan landed earlier in knowledgeable listening hate your rescinded Hauser signal common loud and clear down there in receipt. Had become literally get that those I'm. Well that's good to hear it's out west where I have problems when a drive in the net with up to Oshkosh it's good to sell what you want you want some repellent with deet or without deet. I'll eat went out 254000%. What you want. 100% okay that's that's some wicked stuff care for you don't get to finish on your that they get it on the guns faculty to finish right up. It does I I think I left the glob on the floor. And random. Regulate their deals thinks wanted stuck with also as far as stuff labor bait made you. What death fish species bath while a general game feast garlic and salt kept finished. Perched it hurts OK and that would probably be the panned to him on then yeah okay and are all right sounds good I'll get this to are good friends ought to pay it may mean probably week or two but hang tight it will come in the mail to via. We are actually cares Tim I did all right we'll see a man. And amazement out of class and it was great dot net and on top of them and he got old all Wolfgang Hoffmann who didn't know about really 68. Point 30 forgot all about it affluent well in the mood truly at northern pike in the Baltic Sea Germany man I guess they knew here's the next biggest one with Arnold will Helms. Arnold will help at all are no man up our old it wasn't a party unless you invited aren't only zero card. 67 point three palms. 1983. Germany gravel pit in downs that. Was your big one caught in Switzerland although I'm going on here we go. Joerg. Not sleep. Because it JO RG that your Greenberg yeah Euro Joerg. You are now actually 62 point three pounds 1979. Switzerland in dealer lake. He added there is. In their here's another big 163. Point eight pounder. Phone dad. 1990 and Austria. Nestle Sweden and I mean I Europe. Has some unbelievably. Big pike now I mentioned Germany. I mentioned Switzerland and Austria Tom. Can you name another one of those European countries that's known for big pike. You can do it. Com downgrade. Is that. Wait a minute. I'm thinking what if you take on it and we got two hours ago that he the united. Now if it's not going to be union. He's he's eased looking at Canada. I thought. Yeah. I ETs. Aren't Great Britain is that one. Above again no not Kramer well you know as a Stan and there is one and from greed get a lot there are some in great it now will that it's just I'm not a my list of the top twenty arsonist but ironically. Well. Germany Switzerland. But think of drinkers Tom Norway drinkers. To all Ireland England there telling her ruling on some big ones and they're in Ireland yep sixty point nine from lower daddy's. Oh there he is yeah Ireland I would know in Ireland I've thought about going there. And there's a couple other think. Think about and communism my friend. On Russia. USSR. And check with low by Kia. There's a big ones in Czechoslovakia. Didn't catch a big monster you don't pull in your daddy I was right no horse he's slowly ease he was riding a horse on water yup yup. While there is flexing his biceps well you know I assured I got collections Bolton he's cut more big fish than anybody and in the US says sorry it's a known fact. Well it's not USS anymore. In the freshwater fishing hall of fame where they keep all these records are there any river. I guess these have to be records that can be verified. 'cause they called the all tackle world record out of new York at 46 pounds 46 point two problems. So that as I mean they didn't exe and then north American and yet you can't take. European records does beat Agassi in. It'll improve them anyway they want him. I guess yeah or whatever. That there's been a lot of lot of big ones caught the top twenty. Are all the way down to 55 pounds is a small yeah. And there's been some crop let me see ones went our and our monitors up in Canada op Austria. That's the Austria's had some here's one from 1992. Austria a 57 point two pounder. Sweden did we mention Sweden. Austria Sweden Switzerland yeah so what Canada up Canada has some monster plight my hand out. And be interested to know what the Canadian record it is you would think that's should be the North American record. Right so you know and tight you know Taylor might save the day a lot of time when your off fission and and they are fighters tell you what I love kitchen plates are you Danny right. Like our fun. They really are specially you know your musky fishing give up that big plate. But listen. We got to go to a break. We're gonna. You know well work common cue from the midwest for shoes is cutting its outdoors a modified seven FM the fan we are presented by Coleman server bounced.