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Saturday, November 25th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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Always paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded between let's talk everything outdoors and you head out. It's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Rise through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057. I love. Would amend western shooter supply. I am. That's right John. We come to you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we are lies we are always unrehearsed. Here on either 1258. More 1057. FM. Thanks for joining us this morning. If you wanna call us make a comment or have a questions 7991250. That's 4147991250. In today for Danny bush who's out tracking though wiley white tail is our advertising manager. And fishing. Extraordinarily. Mr. run at a heightened right according Ryan wanted to come in and of course Greg Janica on the boards as usual now did you gays have. Good Thanksgiving. We did you know when you announcements that things you can do about father lauded he's in an assisted living in nursing home and he put on debris and dislodged or listen is a good day for us that's good Greg. Lot of flew the booze can look at it if it if it. And who does who did the cooking over by you. We don't buy my parents and warning and for little brunch wash first football game and then went to my in laws for the rest of the evening. You know that's always tough. When you know when you're married and you get to in laws that you have to. Please I guess if you don't worry you don't wanna hurt anybody's feeling yeah I yeah I go to both muscles that happens great guy and late in Christmas and everything I just all holidays. Yeah well look and at this rate you'd get to really nice meals exactly could go to the cook. They don't have the cleanup and the worst part I I don't mind doing the cooking. Click on Thanksgiving it's in my wife and I will do the dishes together while everybody else is sitting there watching whatever doing whatever. But. It doesn't take a long though now too terrible. No it doesn't now so anyway and was again this Iliad Danny Danny said he was democratic policy this morning. Maybe it all depends you know so no luck yet. Not when I talked to him during the week he city's gonna hang out of there and look for a big one and come in so. He says they always come out. And he was talking about this and show and he says it happened again you know has come on it not just when you're ready to leave they're coming out sort of vehicle did on. So anyway. 00 here we got an email this. We got an email from our friend Paula says so warring. To you and all your listeners. It's a warning to you and all your listeners to lock up your cars at night. I forgot and someone broke in the mine beat and steal anything but it was worse they left to packer tickets on my dash. I don't know a little. Heidi really feel Paul. A a a yes so anyway I guess that's helped Paul fields and in the Packers in the who is less well you're on I like the Packers are follow an app but it's different ends of being a bad season it enables open draft. We're gonna do that's what that's what Greg wants Greg wants to lose everyone a moment fast act fast so they get a high draft pick as the other revenue Andrea haven't yet. Violent we'd lose every game is you know economic playoffs you know must talk and I mean I was listening to Tim Allen yesterday and through you know he's always got a whole parade always got to hope eternal optimist yes. And that's on the with the brewers without knowing you yesterday as he he had hoped for the Packers still but anyway. I Leonid display. If they lose against the bone. And there is well all booked up a a. Amanda and Obama and that and that's a very it's a possibility but anyway. Well folks just like to know we have our NFL football picking contests. As seven spawning so you wanna be in being tuned for that because. It's gonna take some real soul searching about you wanna go with now they can appoint that he can appoints so around. Yesterday you were telling me this morning that. Yesterday the with a beautiful weather. That out of Q what he later spoke he's mostly big capital shut up that fishing was great pitching was not so good. Let her win every year union summer weather and a marked November to fishing is great and the catch in his horrible. Both. I was there from 1130 until all four men. And a parking lot was filled we have dove when a four ball round. And not one muskie was caught really not on its gist of the fishing is great to catch it was terrible on. Now there might have been somebody launch at the other in Italy that maybe call one absolutely but don't like you got a lot of good. Fishermen that are launching over its Hokies yet. There are answers did just the sheer number of ports are well thought somebody would stumbled in Milan but not the case yesterday. While it's it's you know. Target to a friend of mine yesterday we agreed on the same thing and it's when it when you get this kind of weather in November it's agreed to be Alter blood. You know I knew and you can always catch a big what you just never an all you know he can't catcher sit home and college what on the other hand can be a waste of time and with wellness. Well you know today and tomorrow going to be in the mid forties and then Monday and Tuesday going to be a hidden fifty. So we got really four really good days to be out on the water. I think as soon as the weather really hit its sole source speak that's when Fisher really gonna start to Google on the and and you know. Not a water temperatures should. They should that in a little mid forties or there who are horribly wrong you don't have to pay now aware and awake and what time did days yeah beat the forty tool when we've had skill mice and from the shop two times are ready overly the imagine for a one guy. Wednesday morning a Google was when he packed in the April until late on a trailer because it you know action on our demise. So we've had raced twice what is key it'll it it melts off and yeah. But it's it's right there of the waters right there. Mean you know on number years ago I for your 34 or five years ago. John Gillespie it's something on the show with a young fell out it passes AM big mosquito. That I'd never. Ever would have believed I mean. It is if you read all the best and magazines and bash and books this was never supposed to happen everybody thinks that. We're no water is really cold at forty degree water temperature whatever he he actually was so when it was like 43 degrees. As pretty cold water and and when your best fishing we've always been told that you got to slow down. Because the fish fish is metabolism is slower Nolan. Well John and this Fella. When this guy to come out through a passes in they were doing this they were using lip let's crank Bates like a Bill Lewis rattle trap sure. Using lip let's crank speech cranking gnome fast. Over the tops of the weeds in. 456 feet of water now and they were smacked him pass after pass after pass. And it goes against everything. I have ever learned or read me and I myself since since that's what I learned. You know rent roll over all these years you slowed down a little bit work a little slower. I never would think of throwing a rattle trap now I would note over the tops of shall we say. And they were doing it and kitchen you or did you I don't know if I remember that yeah I remember and and and it just blew my mind and that just goes to show that. We is anglers we can constantly learn something. While we feel there are reasons to weaken weaken the real reasons why not to catch fish with other than the 300 don't let me ask us how to care yeah right yeah it's always easy to blame an on stopping. When you failed a you all and with an N and there are a lot of reasons to blame rate you know but but still. You know yeah it seems likely were were were you learn new things as you go on in life in fishing you know and and because you know fish. They don't read the same books we do know that you know they they do what they're gonna do and and that's one of those said the more you can learn about. The species that your going after. You know where they like to hang out where they respond work. What type of food that they eat at what time of the year and what you know you do more you can learn about the species that your after. The more successful you will be in cultural and I was just thinking about this the other day. I'm it's one of those things that he never ever lay in bed in here. Just thinking about different things you know and before you go to you know not off to sleep you know. And I was thinking of a number of years ago rose one guy said. Somebody's asked them when the best kind in I was a young Fella you know on. Guy somebody asked again I wasn't always the best time to go fishing. And somebody said you know it was kind of like an audience deal. Along the ice at all early in the morning you gotta go early in the morning well it's for all it's got to go at night you know the user and in this guide is older Fella said no no. The best time to go fishing is anytime you to stand in front you know that was sold pepper Paul. Because that is so true because let's face it we can't always go when the conditions are perfect no we can't. So you got to go win you can and just you know spending time on the water you'd you'd you'd chances. The more times you get out on the water at the more you increase your chances of actually catching fish you know the more regulars in the water the better you know. We did studies. When he's finished as turns around we re I would do a study where. Tom how long it would take for each passed. In retrieve with different movers okay. And then now would figure that out for an eight hour turn him in a and and mine and then the running time from spot. Because I was trying to maximize how many tasks like we just had a the and and when you think nobody yet the more your lures in the water the better chance to have rebel. But it is interesting about all these different things that we learned that. Now you don't you don't deer hunt anymore ray. Not give that up of what twenty years yeah yeah. I don't know exist. I had a difficult time hunting on on public land as some nice privately and none and when the public. Orlando went privately and dried up for me being it was just hard to do yeah. Well this is the second week of deer camp and a lot of listeners of course are out hunting right. Lot of them have already shot the shot they're dear in there and back home you know and so. My friends sell him in one of his sons. The we got a dear via a couple of those and now he's. Going out this morning hoping to see. Above there's been a twelve point or on its Treo camp and is talking to the farmers in the area that they've seen this twelve winner true. So he's gonna go out this morning with one of his sons and hope that are born player comes by. All associates always either going to be that are another goal and he likes take in the small bills when you Kinney to horns that's right you candy cards exactly right. But he likes shooting small those doesn't want to shoot the real big ones he feels that the smaller goals are. Much better eating. Well I don't know if you're looking at it from a from a are herd size quality. Herd size. You're better off taking a small Balkan she's probably not been bred mean and so UT Corrado. Out of the system means that you won bureau rather than. Good maturity noticed that's been bread you might BT three your gas system. Right and that's one of the things he told his. It is one son in law that and so I am now. He's earlier you know last week and he said we're shooting goes because they have solely goes up by them it's it's crazy there all over the place. He says were all taken Dole's first person you know and then we'll wait for a buck but were all taken bills right away. Which is not a bad idea no you know which is a good idea anyway we'll be right back folks you I've got does something interesting to wanna. Yeah I guess I don't know not complain so much but. Bring up something that a lot of deer hunters have thought about and men and we're gonna talk about a little bit on the show ball. Registration of deer. And will be right back with more and root Ron hi Greg sitting in today for Danny bush and meet time and a true Neubauer. We'll be right back with more of the midwestern shorter supplies cutting edge outdoors. And there and boo me. They should listen and thanks for joining us on this Saturday morning. It'll be out this morning sun isn't quite up yet so if that. Must've rained last night as those that it miles really. I didn't notice any precipitation did it in a bitter and then I was here doing that those in the living room. 103011 o'clock and it was a learning all about that. RA and we got a caller on the line and yet they're great we have Kevin from Greenfield and hey good morning Kevin how you do limited our. Doing good that's what you did here that have rose gave what then did you have a good Thanksgiving. I sure did I had my hair comfort thanks well. You do you had the traditional ham instead of the traditional Turkey cut. Nothing wrong with that nothing wrong part. I've been wrong with that anyway. Delays subtle little. Frog eat this morning. Yeah you do we got a cold coming. I our role IA. You know me me being up recording all these programs it that's in. Anyway you don't Charlie potter. A matter say the guy who runs Milwaukee's or show no. He use he's got that showed Chicago on alone. So it would. Well you might you know what that might be the same guy looked kind of show is there is an outdoor show yes. Oh I bitch at the same guide is gaining Charlie potter who ordered new New Year's ago who ran Milwaukee. Journal sentinel sports show. And I think he still does. So like these same guys. Yet but I think it might be the same guy who's he's an outdoors guy. All so New York. Anyway other. On the finish Kruup B units they ain't. I don't know you tell me. I don't know I don't know these are there for the I mean or if you're down cells Richard there called crap these old crappy. Well about a dog series down south they're calling crappy ease up north here recall on properties. Literally. Seriously hurt down so. Weighed down south Alabama Georgia Alabama Louisiana all those please out Birmingham. Yen down there well. Com the I told you well I told you last week Alex said that dear yeah right. I did what I do that. Why not the guy it is getting. I didn't wanna do what year it was better is better for the deer to feed use them. No hole it would not like is what I liked Utley is. Dead dead dead dieters lost. Oh yeah that's excellence we do eat venison you do like Dennis and I are oh well that's good and I feel so. All the edits all is good are allergic to make you do your tail soup and a that's not. I don't lol I don't know. Listen Richard thanks for the call we do appreciate it oddly Kevin I'm sorry Kevin. Based protocol we do appreciate it we like hear from Kevin every now and many. Keeps us on our toes you know as some intriguing questions rebuts I had no idea Kevin where that. In a crowd around the barn or any of the names I'm right Jose who knows I don't know who started that stuff orders to assist in his wallet plate yeah I know holes and that's why it. I see that on a menu and restaurants or you know front and. You know and people looked at me like I'm a big jerk when I bring it up I remember always that a picked can save one time. And I asked the butcher racer what sis this year he says while at night and said did you know there is no such thing as a wallet by. It's either a wall like a reply. And he says well according to an Indian arts all I'd play tasted. A look inside a dealer pamphlet they don't call anything a wallet by this is I don't know lower end and again look at me like I was being a big jerk I only with deterrent third I don't plea there in the atrium no they're not and so awhile IA is in the perch family. And the plate is in the pike Findlay A but you know it's not. I was at the old restaurant so where they have wall I'd pike and a menu and I and then a week and I've played out the fact that there is no such creature. And the waitress of simulate a big idiot you know like why are you bothering me about jerk just get it you know what it is. June care you know there yardages and read the matches ones are ordered and a tip yeah and and I mean you know but yet you try to point out. Who through these places whose I'll let you know who use that terminology and and and they figured they're just an idiot for point and out woman and thing is he'd tell the wages she's going to be able during the about I don't know. But even if you tell like the butcher or though all are the candlestick maker baker who prefer that the butcher baker and the maker. I mean it seems like they don't care units as this is what it's gonna slow we call it too bad well. I get it straight guys who own and ladies got it straight. I don't know I'm a little bit of a different side of this eating a fish fry. You cannot get a fresh I should see you can't it's very hard to find a Friday night fish fry in the state of Minnesota. Really yes and the wall like capital of the world. If it's it's a Wisconsin thing in railways. It's almost an hour I was around in the US. There are three things discuss an avid at the wrestle rove doesn't have the dead doesn't do as much as doesn't fish Fries brandy in all sessions. Well I yeah I know about the old fashioned thousand Dallas on time. And I was at this nice nice hotel ugly I forget what the name was anyway and I met the bar and I ask for brand deal fashioned sweet. Now local big guys looked at me like. That Helen doesn't know who have blood eat and then I edit. I told among all races and that's that the U guys drink in Wisconsin and on you did you would know he said you must be from Wisconsin because that's good enough. And I said I don't drink it a lot but it's nice to have a once in awhile you know. And then he said how exactly does that mean Augusta is apart and he should know that. You know and the added that don't make a little late it's a yeah it's a didn't even give you get a call once every three years for the old fashioned yet again remain at wells in the celebrating 95% corn belt. It's sold in Wisconsin ferret them all you know I like with steel fashions. You know I I mean I because. I don't know I might have a bottle of brandy in my house but I'd I'd have a lot of ways he's in my house and opera and the other things of you go anywhere else and you get a bloody Mary US for beer chaser. Always loved the look to a decrees that death and a abilities Acer you know Leslie you gotta chase that bloody McCurdy with a big hit. I think it's ridiculous. Well some people I see they they drink Blake have for their bloody Mary Ann import that little. And their little glass of beer in the bloody Mary right now in the rest of the get a drink some of its first. I don't I didn't get here at love to the bloody Beers lenders are you would you let us. I don't I don't I'm not a big fan of it now no bloody marys yeah yeah meet regularly have warned there's people that have 34 and I don't yet that. There's only tolls almost tomato juice you can drink much acid it a little bit too much. All man. You know we're just talking about I'm surprised last night we are talking about pressure cookers and I'm surprised I haven't died of some kind of botulism respecting or someone ever. Because I remember right in to meet. Number years that. But I didn't and you're supposed to use a pressure cooker when you can meet to get enough of a certain temperature. And because boiling water rule only taken 22212. But if you noted in a pressure cooker it'll you can get a pews I law. Last night we're up to 55. Now. But you gotta be above like 240 degrees to kill in the Anbar nationalism pot possibility. And I never knew that you're supposed to do go and eat in meat. But I didn't know that but I didn't die so I guess it was okay. Pick it you're the big considered you have you every used air friar. No but I've I I've seen goes on TV. You know where they've it is just hot here and it's kind of electric from conventional and commence an oven that balls that are there and works that. I I'd seen him on TV but no I've never used to my interview. I haven't but now. There is you see a more more popping up all over the place pledged and know of you being the expert now jet fuel our view reusable and. I'm not I'm not an expert I'm learn and like everybody does the home club played everybody else you know. Trial and error. And every now and then there's an error cricket I don't know I don't use it for. Or try to urge the little bit of oil on the bottom all. I don't know I never use when you don't here's the other thing you know when it comes all these different things you can have. Okay all these you know I in just our name and all these different things you have you only have so much toner space and the poor girl is style font. You know on now arena unless you had late professional. Ice kitchen. Or even a kitchen the size of exceed this studio where you can at things lined up. Gotta be fine to have all that stuff but you only have so much room and now you know in the kitchen area. That's why you know some of the stuff we we have to put down senators. In the basement and when I wanna use it I got to running yet and bring it up because we have no more room to put stuff Cynthia morals. I mean yes some of those things look pretty sweet you know on how they work in. And it's just like well we are talking less than a ball pressure workers on how you can put like a Rolston there. And it's done in light of a quarter of the time as it would take any in the world season because he is of such high heat and and at that pressure. What is it it it's late pushes you to yet keeps. In any keeps the juices and everything inside too I mean it's it's not a bad way to go but you wanna bee pollen up that pressure from because it takes a it takes awhile for to get up to their pressure and yet leave it sit there for awhile. And die mulls a freighter goes to him things exploding things it is. Yet to be careful with them because they can build a lot per share in there as pressure well is about coming up next is that the got report. Got a little out thing that I like to do with left over Turkey may be weakened chime in. Is an effect after the report folks if you wanna chime in on what things you like to do with the left over Turkey. Give us a call at 7991250. He's Ron I'm Tom that's great will be right back over with more on the mid western sugar supplies cutting edge outdoors at 1057 FM the fan. Oh man I'm gone it yeah. Congress than you I'm aren't enough food chain Jack in lockdown. They got report is brought to you by beam RTZ pro dues and discount liquor. Well what do you do with low that left over Turkey you have. Well you can give us call 7991250. NTELOS but this is just a couple things real quickly like I do. What I do is I take I've got an electric meat grinder now what are you gonna hand grinder electric whatever. You grind up the Turkey meat you add some salt pepper mayonnaise and dice finely chopped onions. That's the way we like it now you can and whatever you like some people like I like pickle relish and implement what it doesn't. I'm like a little mustard and it might like soul I make it unleash the lights that and I like you to that late but if you wanna add other things too with some people at some. Crushed their shoes and whatever you know you can put in order everyone I also like put maholm Pena isn't it but my elect. Like a lot of stuff I like they're gonna hit it but anyway making. A Turkey salad out of left over Turkey is always something great. Another thing to vote would we make has roles of it we we would do a number of things you know I and I also light. Shredding it and make in Apple's annual mix it with a couple. Seasoning you know. And and making. A goal of Turkey tacos historically you know I mean there's a number things you can do with that left over Turkey that's why every year. We always by two turkeys all one big one for Thanksgiving in and one a little bit smaller like of 1415 pounder for. Maybe sometime in January or February so like and relive this moment all over again in us idol love it. Anyway if they got report is brought to you by V march easy produce when quality counts he can count on beamer cheesy produce insist on the best. You can visit them at V mart cheesy dot com and you'd be surprised hopes of all the different things are they here. That's not for REIT I mean it's not retail stuff this is for restaurants. And grocery stores right slope and UNL or if you got a really really big party you could order direct you know OK you don't really to 300 people are Sonia. Anyway and by discount liquor. Where you'll find the best price elections service at 51 in Oklahoma in Milwaukee. And main street and Barcelona walker shop for weekly specials go to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress that you lob aren't enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. So if anybody 7991250s. The phone number if anybody wants to call in with. Turn things that they do rate you know with with the left over Turkey you know we're we're always interested in learning new things absolutely you know my wife saw something in the trying to. On the Internet where you'd take. All you have to oversee easily every Turkey you stuffy and you matched Daytona and whether it be your. We do green bean casserole okay we'll the fried onions and a yeah. Take all that. Put little portions of every single one pass into law on Tom leopard rapper all in deep fried. Always give there you go left. Thanksgiving leftover egg roll. All right that would be great. Yeah. We do. Eight a rolls on lawless oh you know one that I I'm gonna try that I I oh yeah I like fried foods. Does not. Oh yeah that sounds good great he now. And the thing about that the only problem is we we never it always seems like you never have enough Turkey. And what about cold Turkey you daisy late. Cold Turkey are like Coulter Layla and at what about Turkey late. I love cold Turkey late now the next you don't like that now I do. The size not yeah I'd like I don't like mess with a tendency I know there's a lot of a lot of that there but I don't mind because you system. Yeah a mom of big fan of cold Turkey yes cold Turkey and any left overalls whole idea after all yeah. Here's another thing cranberries now you like it like homemade with real cranberries or the gel lead one to root and ones you know. Wanted Almeida would you agree. I've never had Olmedo lived here and. I'll I personally love the Jolie did. Canned cranberries I I think and wanna make it Turkey sandwich or late couldn't slices of that on with the you know O. Commented on that it. Off that's and stopping you know everybody's got their recipes for stuffed things all different kinds you know. And I always make something extra I mean we make our regular stuffing. Which I think is very good or eight but what I do I like taking that Turkey neck. The gym I mean does big Izard in the heart not the liver and not a big fan a liver. And what I'll do is. He Boyle had titles I'll like the Turkey neck if you're trade Catan a meat off the Turkey net that's very hard did not much that. But if you boil it. For like an hour I mean really boil it Hecht out of debt meet pulls right off you can pull it all off and get a little pilot meet. And I'll make like a stir fry with that I'll use that meet up with some onions and celery some. Whatever I don't laying around it could be a little pieces of broccoli your little peas or some you know and then a Friday that all together with the rice. And then I and of course gonna have to aid in their two we got a little bit of that. And in soy sauce and it's called francs sweet chili. It's it's kind of a tightening anything sweet chili and so the soy sauce in the sweet chili in with all that stuff I love how. The matter of fact that's gone already. But I like putting all those other things in there and the big deserves their little two week. Now they're know what to what outlets have our hard work a muscle yeah he added that it's not what you're called tender but. I I don't mind a little bit too when there is room that's fine. But yeah editors you know but everybody likes a you know some different things like we don't make mashed potatoes we make. But it is dog rotten know we we we do the sweet potatoes and can't. But my one son he doesn't care for sweet potatoes so Rios got to throw big big big potato in the open forum what particular. That's our restaurants. Just above that but a book about left my mother does. She dies of the potatoes and puts on puts onions and butter yeah throws in the oven oh yeah. This it's like she's on top. Afterwards Africa. Mel is a pregnant sprinkled yeah I did she's over two were put guys so opinions and your stuff and I would for me but not everybody likes that I for me would yes yes I would give them the candidates. How Daniels. Well you know what I do greater degree chili's you do get a green Chile makes it less out of it's death during Jews. Well you know what I do I think it raises for I Grohl hollow manuals in the summertime and then every second year. I'll put an extra couple of bushes and his two bushels of how opinions did you all you'll need for all yours matter picked to be given them away. But what I do is every other year April 2 extra bushes and an old candles. In Google yet pickled. And an outfit that in a last Vila and you don't need a pressure Kirk. Pressured her for votes and so I just put the hot water in there and anyway it it it works out so I always have I always have sliced Alipay angels. Ready to go there always ready to go. If you are not everybody lights and stuff and don't flow but I do. There's there's a lot of times when I make things up a home I have to make two separate things because I like like how opinions and mine and rate other people don't we're gonna have to separate. Anyway so let's get back to fishing and hunting al-Qaeda efficient all of I'm his job with a thick. Reality through it all the time. 7991250. Is the phone number just. Remind people if they wanted to get in with a question or comment. Endowed by their way to remember every remind everybody run that ad. After the 645 break we're going to be playing the horn Schwab who brought brought to you by buck he's fine meat sausages and McGwire angle. And you've got three quote three statements. Are statements. Yeah and that people have to do so. And whether Ron Paul and laid her front on the truth and it's almost Ronald or an auto component we get there we have George from nominee falls pager according George. Martin. What's on your mind today. Let planet it it it was via radio. I could. All that it be hammered ought talking all the pressure could. I remember when Iraq and keeps the quiet and so will be around the globe must also shields at this. We'll be. All. Fall under way at all sure on what day it is the opposite. She would. Lend you a bit awkward but yeah. While I call by our director. After I was married so it is so crowded gremlins than it did it. These schools she did. She would eat a practical. Like thirty years unpopular. In these soldiers are now they are the user. Did he relentlessly tight all the ultimate truth you grass scenario would sort of awkward. And that it. Surely you know I think with Lindsay shouldn't quote. Beat. It traded Turkey cold Turkey here yeah. And he did the liquid according to the little picture wouldn't. But it is that your your college athletes please copy this. It's cold out. I just. I didn't sold those those duties of yours. Yeah mall last night it was the first time I actually used one with one of my buddies my buddy's cell. It was the first time we ever did it we were both having to read the directions the street make sure we didn't blow us up ourselves up but it did help. I don't I own troops or read the book that but I never thought about it at. They are well. That they REI they are this it this was it was pretty basically we figured out now that we're. You know are you a year we led the we might not be the brightest bulbs in the box but we figured out. The ticket booked up. Paul well nothing out of it you know seeing. Yeah I guess so I guess low ball it now what did you say you're doing you're rolling. Charmed the pool limit that is where all of your whole lives are yet you were announced this morning yeah. So I think my I hope it doesn't. All you guys are. A blue radio station. On solicit. You can't well after our show you can listen the other radio stations that I don't a pace for Colin. Our. But now. Yet you have any if you do a big rump roast going to be roast them in a pressure cooker or crock pot. All the crackpot yelling difference between the two is that the crackpot takes longer area dries them needle. All in all only national I don't agree it's on you need is born drive I don't paranoia I don't agree with that we make a lot of pulled pork in there. And old Bob McCullough who's he beef is basically pulled beef and you know recently we mix and maybe even the current needs is Jesse contenders but the difference is that the pressure her ruled a lot faster yup that's me. We'll break folks come out. Actual goal brought to you by about these fine meats and sausages in the block and oh we need a caller so we needed contestant at 7991250. Ron is gonna give you three statements and your gonna element fits all works well all. And struggle and you will win that ten dollar gift certificate the ball he's fine meats and sausages. And believe me you can see a lot of stuff for ten bucks it's worth the drive folks who really knows. We'll be right back with more 7991250. B a contestant call now. Ian just a couple of minutes. Welcome back to the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge out colors we are alive totally unrehearsed and knoller didn't ready to play at all points struggle question to have a caller great. We do know is Dominican does hole a contestant mark I or 7991215. And her 87991250. Get that ten dollar gift certificate I'm sure Ron's gonna make it easy for you Glenn we've got to we got a question in the I don't three different categories has put distributor. And fish in Turkey's yeah. There would be easy easy so give us a call. Win that ten dollar gift certificate. Take a nice little drive ultimate wanna go and spend it out there sample of SARS disease we have a big sperm samples are out on Saturday. Yeah what actually every day is that yet every day they've got samples I'll puts. I think on the weekend they have even more so evident of Canada summary talk treason simple yeah yeah it's it's not a bad idea you know oh well we finally got somebody who wants to play the squabble. Which is good gunners. Because we we like this I like this segment it's always interesting. Bush she'll sometimes make the questions read you know like when he gets in the ballistics and health week last week they were all ball bullets yes and I and us. A lot of our homeowners are not listening more Mo eaten eight yet that they exactly so I only got they're Greg. We have Bob from eagle. All right hey Bob. You do you not played his game right. I've heard of or our lady volume and let run taken over here. All right so what we're gonna do woman underneath restatements and I could be pulling away which would be armed struggle and therefore not pulling nearly gets on no harsh boggles so are you ready. Arcade this past Tuesday. The turkeys that president trump pardoned. Were named drumstick in wishful and is that harsh Fargo or no harsh Arnold. They don't own short. That's correct yeah all right. Good for you earlier you'll have to. All right. And what to do your season winding down let's talk a little bond a little deer behavior. The timing of the rod which is pretty much winding down right now is directly tied to the first frost of fall. Arch bottle Arnold march while. Oh. That's a harsh waddle actually white tails when it comes to the getting to rush started the for a period or the length of daylight. Really some of the hormone production restricted tidy and the growth and beginning about the breeding season. And India arsenal went on to date has more to do with that in the temperatures outside. It's it's nature's biological. I thought I thought she said the frost is assume exit is directly and so it was directly. Called up and run it up that directly acknowledged as for a period as a means. Our get confused at the Clinton get confused Bob. Yeah I was I was confused so. I was confused too well let's see how you do in his third emissary doing a third line of now will give you a job to be a pardon on that second one to pick pick pick pick it. Turkey at the musky fees the musky fishing season closes in Wisconsin salt highly ten on December 31. Because the muskies don't actually use feed in the wintertime. Our struggle hormonal while I know. Yeah you got they'll. Yeah all right while you're you're a winner no matter. Now you gotta stay on hold right yeah you gotta stay on hold so great can get your Anderson that and we will send out the ten dollar gives her. Particular right. Thank you used to things off Bob. You have Bob one ten dollar gift certificate of but he's fine meats and sausages if you wanna learn more a ball but he's just go to but he's meets dot com. And you'll find a whole listing of things that the Syrian things that they do late catering in that so. You definitely you know news is more than just meat they got a good selection just awful that it gets seafood Bruin. A tea might. There'd jerky I gotta admit is my favorite no offense to my son's. Father in law Bob out here and most ego he makes a terrific Turkey too but I gotta admit but he's has been Hebert. Prolonged battle longtime sponsor I've been I've been handling the advertised for fighters on David what does all that and yeah before that so they've been they want to sponsor. Retreat as well yeah a long time friend of the show and we do appreciate their sponsorship of our show and and they do have good stuff you know that that's a nice thing about having people that advertise where those that we can honestly say hey. That's a great place you know rate all of our all of our sponsors are like that great you know they really are. We don't we haven't had any problems with we're. People were unsatisfied with the sponsors performance. Ya exactly all when I get Ira got to point this out when I was giving away their hats in the mini lights of the vets two weeks ago. If you're supposed to receive. Orange cutting edge outdoors hat. And you didn't get it policy at 7991250. Collison let me know because what happened was. I had to slips that set hats. And when I got home I only had one. Seoul somebody didn't get ahead got a hole in your pocket I. Don't know what happened there was when Al may be a drop to those taken amount or or whatever I don't also if you did not. Receive your head. Don't complain about my fault as Paulus and let us know aren't from the room. Yeah right now speaking of wine. I don't were named. Well colleges gonna say that my yeah my friends my name to my son's girlfriend brought over a bottle of homemade wine all I'll. And there was actually very good and it looks very professional they had the label on those other. Yeah Heather's a friend of Heather's she does us. She owns a concert grundy her salon where I get maggert and where I get my haircut and nothing else. That's right no bills no males vote ten job don't ear piercings. Did you know. My chipping is naturally did. FF. A money to do but you know did you know that if you go to Costa Grande he's hair salon. You can get a free year piercing. I saw that sign yeah. They do waxing. All yeah I and so I think they'd who appointed you waxed no I don't do another but gets a haircut that's sad but I felt. Not that you know did you bikini line you know I don't know I Israel if no Brazilian I'm glad I'm not like that no no if they're your worse than you do have Christmas yet alone or is that on Ellis have won nine here's salon I mean for our net debt we have to corals in the studio and at one time your talking about John was talking about the bikini waxing holocaust or presumably you know him as an island and gotten shot areas John always takes it down Google deal would always figured on the lowest level. But I'm not gonna accomplishment. It's like okay enough of that subject please put atrophy doctor knockoffs Solano Saul yeah yeah Ursula and they're not around anymore I don't know and there are fewer across the street from me if there and I don't know error. But now Heather's place house aground in Germantown she's happy that this has been here a long time now. Relies on well you know that wears it exactly could and western avenue and Nikolay enrolled yet one 67 east. Are halfway between the old in a monus and acts to complement one wrote down on them on road yet and strip mall. Yeah I'm 167. East you you go east who western avenue in their in the shopping senator that's on dot north east side right. Of that intersection. And an and it's pretty good sized place you know. I even had to make appointments. While I was I make mine numb off analysts. Heather Heather when they were over a city Hillary's this is a the last time they were over there and I was gonna get in her eyes and any other. When you have available I need to hear your. Ha ha ha ha yeah. They got the bosses at the book that are they got the vote there easily she doesn't know who's all make an appointment so you'll have to and I should just ask her she just brings some scissors over. But I'll morsels I know we'll open up about suppose is that right. Most of all of them not all used a licensed and they're not sports the all decides knows what if she would have I didn't pay airport. Dude if I didn't hear. Probably cool I got a caller asked her eight editor I just won't pay you for and a young and pretty yeah I don't pay went over the yeah I. But that's ahead. Or are there no I've paid as I've paid. Actually she told me that she she would do for free for me but I know you're in business and make money you know like you know I unity and she's got a partner. She's got a partner her partner ruin my night that the giver partner something that's straight in a general caution places on his yeah so. I goes through. Although I I should revert back to my. Not cheap and stuff for coolness. It should revert back to that. Missouri is there a fine line between cheap approval yes there yet there. If it is brutal sounds nicer if there. I thought if I move. All yet. But anyway folks don't forget to be tuned in and about 71 me when we do today NFL football picking contest brought tuba for his waterfront all of did all you know something was brought up Brooke I know we're getting enough of the hunting and fishing scuffle in Japan last. But did I heard on the big show that. Guys who were going to be so that we're goal in the certain bars you know whatever for like the packer games. That they're not as busy as they used to be is your vote victory. It swerved censure of yeah. I'll then no we was abroad. Known it was thought to watch Packers because. They know they're gonna loose so I don't go. And it now they would daughter if they knew they had a chance to win carts right but if you know you don't have any chance of women. I think the bears. He was in Ramallah Amman and I'm not I'm not a lowly Null and an anomaly anomaly anomaly. What try to see that three times. But yeah I think that was just an anomaly here you know that they actually pulled that one on one listeners and that's true yet the unity a rookie quarterback but. But I don't think anybody is in the chance no no this week but with the points spread we'll see what happens when we picked. But you're 8:0 it's 7 o'clock.