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Saturday, August 12th

Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!


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The following is paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lakes and fielded it. Let's talk everything outdoors it's. Time to hop on the crazy train. In western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Ride through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. And hard. I'm. On the gravy train went from mid western shooter supply chains are no outdoors. On good morning everybody and welcome to the second hour of power would your. Daddy bush over here and I'm done that you Neubauer and of course we got a third knuckle head in the studio that's project. We are here to talk about a mile is one anything really fishing and hunting but despite anything every Saturday morning from. Six to 8 AM we are alive and you can call us at 7991250. The questions comments whatever. Or you can email us slide as CEO guys at But we don't have any tweeting in order. Chanting or whatever that other stuff is just slam and whenever all that's confidence. We do we don't have winner. Or yeah we're we're just basic we getting emails. No no no yeah I'm glad people aren't emailing us while they're driving meaning if there at home that's OK but no nothing right now I did have a guy. Com Ellis talked them out last week about. You know how these. We call a something is grabbing these big green tomatoes off my Bush's. And and taken like two or three bites out of amendment just leaving get us some X-Files. Anyway so. First of all he electricians misery eat eat the electricians sees me over interpret and he says Jewelers is big bug it's a bot. In incher too long and it chews up these green tomatoes and it looks like some took a bite autumn. I say you have a hot they get in my backyard. And then another guy says he broke me an email on the CEO guys at during the week and he says Tom. I birds will check yet you know tomatoes you know nicer ye have but I don't think they're strong enough to carry him in my. In my backyard it's a ways away you know also. It's got to be wrecked who owns its its got to be wearing mean they think they take up of this size. Green tomato that still green yeah they take a few two or three flights out of it and then they just leave Elaine in America. Salt they they come occupy a vine and then leave the leave it someplace else in the middle of the art simply got to leave it someplace else and that happened in my neighbor who called volatile. The Y the wood shot. I don't think we have any of those around us I don't think we have those. Now the challenge you know it quietly and no other wiley thing I haven't been able to see. Like all their round as like you that's life in mystery Tom. That's why. But the chip monks they bailouts aren't I don't know I don't elevate. And I think they're called sons weaker whatever. Anyway daylight taken those an instant and a certain spot in the know on the table the attitude amongst and I don't care they take if I mean it's totally truly chip monks Bradley hit thirteen lined Brown's world. No other chip wizards have. We look like no ultimate theatre or because he's okay and we got back you admit you don't want John wanna me to do. Before he passed to why we are bloated friend John Lehman. As I told them that the chip monks you know they eat the tomatoes and there's a lot of need legalese holes you know. And I saw I was catching them you know in I had a trap for a certain type of being you know really bolstered trapped by the known that they would fall in the pocket you know one of those deals anyway have you on the Bakken. You're drowning and then as you well in the bucket. Yeltsin's top of the water and well on our room was yeah people who have really a little ramp you who are one month. Anyway. Anyway I told John this is this is a few months before he passed away united told John how. Always catching those two months he says all but a couple of bear out he says you still haven't had he says you still have them answered no I don't have looming buried on the other their I don't know I don't have quite that great he says it won't burial grounds out since I can you give me three of them. Newser why. He says. I wanna make amount of three of them in and on the mile total thirty Simon either order and what was the other one's name Alvin Alvin yes I'm in the year and album he says automate amount of three chip monks and puts. And it theater Melvin on a but never got three of them after that so well. Know limited adjusting mount though. I got an idea. How about we set up a stake out at your place nighttime staying nighttime stake out likened a break up you old infrared. Night to night vision. The off. I realized it out with a pellet rifles. In win big foot comes to you and I don't. We say. We need a bigger gun be I might my guess is. Maybe it's Iraq it's well there's probably Iraq living up in a being is attempting it happening at night. Yeah because during the day would. Wouldn't shocks are not known as nocturnal right and a it would shocks. With the widely would just glowed like this with on and be out now. So I would say there is a raccoon and they can live in trees in your neighbor being under we've. Out boulevard relive and they live under no sewer drains or whatever and they delivered so little reminder that in the sewers. Like a rat yeah the only in holes they are due. And especially these big source Dan big Colbert you know they're bigger like five foot by amber Culbertson were trains. They're run underneath those boulevard a little camera like storm drain yeah whatever they area living man. I'm surprised we haven't seen from those. Vote in the harbor along with the condoms when they do the M at all throughout yeah big downs because we got too much rain now lest the raccoon radar now. -- luckily I did hear a story about someone with a directly notes women and stuck in a bunch of garbage swimming in arbor you know. You may have heard theories about an. You know Natalia you know a lot of noise and Disco of flip the top here I just thought of some million you you don't what does kill switches that they may want your vote bright yet bureau poured. Well a lot of people don't realize that you know when you have a bigger upward that debt kill switch is pretty important. So you haven't booked your life vest because. There there's been a number might read things around that happen around the country were something happens either hit some thing. And get thrown out of the boulder some happens and yell for to get thrown out of vote. And if you've got to kill switch at that kills them motor right away but if you don't he keeps going man. You know keeps going eminence it's really Smart to use that kill switch especially if you got a big help for you got a big L port so not a bad idea of the music heals. Yeah we get on the line great. You know in that you forgot our anger Bahrain who are you cook a who is this. Who is it's. I John good morning welcome to the mid western shooters plays cutting adulterers what's on your mind today. You know to give it a million new rule out that it could be squirrels. At yeah ruled that out these are these are fist sized tomatoes I don't know if they're gonna drag him from where my tomato plants aren't in my backyard. I got alongside the olives and I didn't follow through on the other day but a neighbor's tree which is probably fifty feet away yeah. And I don't think we have been record this is one that the wind or water well built (%expletive) I think if you want. Well I've got I gotta be out of the water I got a bird bath that the squirrels drink out of tune slowed the birds use it to squirrels yours it's so. I always keep it full you know with good water and all that but you know it could be. It is a center who got them tomatoes that. He gives you wouldn't do that coordinated. Yeah you know that they don't with the there'd be nothing left that yeah destroyed yet you know it could be squirrels could be some big build. I've. Put a trap out the other day and but not one dinners at all. But none took tremendous since then either. You know the funny thing uses when I had I put alive trap out and I put some parents and I think. Anyway. Yeah there was no tomatoes taken when I headlight trap when I two or three days after it took put a way to live trap but there's a couple tomatoes in the backyard at a. I don't you. Why are using tear it's for beat when they're eating the tomato I try to I cut I tried to tomato first okay and then I put the kicker with the. And introduced peanut yeah butter work. LA is a problem it would you put Peta but are alive trapped the ants find it useful Vance full of those lure advance so I like heroes that before we'll lead a ball appeared they take it all away. Then an end note. I don't changing your penis you have you to see out of I don't bar travel and Marat I think they would win now. Yeah you know what I used to build box traps as a kid night cuts squirrels that got rabbit thank rafts. The old box strap I think they feel real comfortable going into something and I had more room yeah more room yup. I Yemeni gets some seat for some small pieces of C four with detonators and let me and bush you're up that night I'm gonna have done little. That little button charge you know and when I see a moment I pressed that button. Nimble and all of hookup. Up all right based repel them. Yes and Ronald Reagan referred to me is the turnaround went the other way I got on that. In my eyes that it's the widely score it might be a might have to sit out some squirrel traps are right all right thanks for Colin appreciate his speaking. With squirrels will do. Couple years back. I would go up my bolt and on my game. It's that now on the trailer in the parking lot there and you Lackey and right where you got the winch where you go to crank and a yeah. Right next to the wind sit on top iPhone while not. Okay big old green you know hit in the wallet inside it it's if that's the hall the other guys I in the coming apart at the hall and it sit in there. Up off the ground and I'm not. All may be Steve million put if I happen until. So I came on. Again a couple days later in there's another walnut. Fit right there mom. And so finally I never said anything about it and then Steve said he said. About a week later he goes you know on a while not fitting on my boat trailer favorite spot right he thought I was doing it. I came to the conclusion. That it was the squirrel yes screw and I've heard that squirrels. Will store they're not particularly high if it's going to be. A big no winter now and that that might be one way of telling when that you're gonna get a lot of knowledge of the squirrels are darn stuff high. Well I have found I am I don't know where these squirrels get them but late and a half eaten piece of pizza. Half of all likely a bread roll. Pieces Los some kind of food items rate. And and they'll be like and the I'll find him on the window ledges every now and then I'll find him on the offense you know where the big posters in the little crannies. Yeah and it's like when you look at these goofy things are starting Middle East prove what I think and kind of like IQ and Mino like I might eat. Almost all the pizza but then they leave the last piece sitting on the car owner. The one Michael walk and by at 2 in the morning I grabbed it and are fed up on the golf I sometimes wonder whether whether these squirrels like to leave their. They're not some stuff on certain different areas different aero loved. I will say this and we're gonna have to Hubble we come back with a not report this fall yeah we're gonna not only that aren't going against squirrel seasons gonna start in September. I did read years ago or were there remember reading this book that it's dead squirrels have a tangent. For walnuts and if you can never find a walnut tree you can find. And I'll tell you what a few years back. Its opening weekend and went hunting. And I was up by. Pass to come marked by L browns' old place. And out there is a walnut tree and it was so sick you don't like a jungle in September more fees and opens it to stop them but foliage. And I walked in all I could hear was branches weighing in enough. An opt in the what an in knots were just they were cutting and they were just follow up and drop and I'd also heard. And then I got you know. I've finely tuned in I could tell the sound of but I'd read about it about squirrel. Cutting their kind of like god. Scratching an advisor chief nor was added and I could hear him actually up in the trees. And I got my limit a squirrels just by standing there. In waiting till I finally luxury by that one tree and all of us than I'd see there were both gray squirrels and fox grows up there with great while. They listen to anyone we come back let's talk about some of the best breaks that you can use for northern pike. And believe it or not folks you walk he lake he's got some big. Play in a big but like. Out there and a lot of our area lakes have got really nice bite him. So we're gonna talk about some of those Bates for kitchen pike when we come back to the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman. Insect repellents here on 1057 FM the fan. I think it's. Daniel price you get from. Welcome back. To limit western shooters the flag. Cutting edge outdoors coming to you from the bee Lee Fisher tracked in studios. And like big Mike yes big can I deny it and talk and fight what do you think. What Danny looks talk about what are favored lures or Bates are for quite. Okay. You go first I think I will so I think is right if I to me I think your your number one bait for pipe. Larger small and you can use these lures in larger small sizes but I think. A balk pale small but failed big milieu medium but pill whatever. That I think that's always gonna get to play. You can catch a must be prepared to pass on it but I think. But pills are one of the most popular the other thing that a lot of lied bait fisherman use our. Big tubs are small soccer's you know I know are known name bookie friend. And his brother in law they go to big whiskey go and they put out. You know like five inch. Some immunity so he like fission like that and make it's a bunch of plea doing that now they ever get any above the forty incised no they have not. And now. Maybe well as far as pike. I would say move for myself probably eight enough in her baked. Yeah I big Spinner bait and I can neither bold new work the I caught a lot of icon spend because you know while fishing for bass right right now Spinner bait and Democrats installed and kind of like youth and it used and a blocked you know wealth Spinner bait is. Mentally and in work that. In night you know because Spinner may you can work DP can shallow and a bigger size when he got hurt yeah for big play. Although is a general rule. Everybody thinks daredevil all that Israel can't buy in big point. But if you really wanna get big pipe it got us think more like a musky Fisher right yeah his musty bay yeah I I made the mistake of going to a lake. None guess relates years ago back in 2000 I took my dad up there. And they get pike. Over thirty pounds up there. And most that they do best though in spring in September. Times when I can't get up there. In the use big soccer's. And they do use them at the mouth of her rumored that kind of comes in there. And they get so live Peter even the dead beta I guess that works good but. It's kind of like a shield type of body of water Tom where it's like a lake of the woods type thing on Iraq in Seattle and I made the mistake of thinking pie eight in going up there in working. Working primarily those of the weeds you know that the mine where bay was with some cabbage we didn't know we caught pike but we. I didn't find any of those giant ones rate and then I started fishing lake of the woods. More regularly in vermilion and I started just thinking. Not weeds but thinking rocks and thinking reefs in points and work in big beats in key in these muskies and out. I'm convinced and I fished like that that's how to get the big pike and factor is a group of guys and next to a city Kampman. And we looked at their boat in and look like they were musky fishing and sure enough they came in and in one of the kids got a 46 incher on assume it. So I would work rock and Edward Bigby I've we're bulldogs and in stuff like that while I'm for the big plant. I think four in Wisconsin. Fishing for pike in Wisconsin. I think one be dead that's gonna work just like any lake you go to I think. Would be light a maps you know like a number five maps are raw. Or dubbed maps muskie killer you know those aren't real big you know but they're that are you know good six inches variety. And and I think. Will throw some light that you're you're you're gonna have valued and gets all different kinds of fish you know you never know what's gonna pitch but I think. That inline spin and especially maps I think good bill good to a good job I mean for your average regular anger you know. Disco or blogs are true because let's face it in Wisconsin. You know if you catch a thirty inch pipe that's a darn nice one a lot of more smaller right lot of smaller plate and if you get some light 36 to forty inches that's a big. Like if you know if you wanna have some of the most fun you'll ever have catching tight if you can get up to one of these Canadian lynx. We had once called truck deal. Years ago we used to go up to a only costs a 150 bucks to go stay in this camp and and get some old leaky boats that you had to bring your own little outboard motor we let the ninety's Ron Johnson when we and up when your. And it's interesting it's like gay. You think of like a shield type play with that would have a bunch while lies. There's not a while I'd be found in that lake at all I really and church at a tiger hurt. And you'd have big perched on a common nip and at the back here. Bay what are your throwing but you get on these big we'd flats with good cabbage weeds and like I don't know maybe. Five to seven feet of water and if there's a good chop Cohen you drift across some. I'd be throwing a jerk bait. A Bertie. Or a little Bobby. And you just work it in those waves and also an up and down in those big pipe would just comps will open up savagely in you'd see the flash in the big white you know belly. They'd come in just slam it to me there's to me that is the most fun way. Kick catch the pike and a lot of times though. That's why. Because what would happen if sometimes they'll hit on a jerk bait. If for some reason pike and muskies will do this to their role yeah right away lol yeah and back then it was the day Akron days all of a sudden the wind would go slack need a tuna Gil play right but I find my body be float in record time so I walk out because they'd cut me off now maybe with the super lineup that will happen is my. Yeah it yet and and placate the there're there're a lot of there are fighting fish without a doubt they are fighters and they're also very good eating. You know also there their funding kitchen and you know Wisconsin late solar to smaller area lakes got some plate and you know so that's why you never know when you're gonna catch a plate you know that you could be fish and any kind have been I can tell you how many times had been bit off on. Like with plastic worms and whatever who speak of at all but those darn I. Sometimes we sitters where Adam sometimes who swear by them but. Gathered there are a lot of fun and you know there are toothy critter which means you've got you know. I know you already know this but just for the audience it. You know you got to use a leader or some some type of leader when you're fishing pike and muskies because it very sharp teeth. Now wall lies and sharp teeth do all right but we don't need a leader for wall ice does anybody in our audience Knoll. Why you don't need a leader for awhile lies even though they have sharp teeth. But you need a leader for muskies an ordinance 7991221. Or number what are they get away and Tom. And they're gonna wind prestige of. I Lillian lived sizzler and I. And the way I played a lot that we have any more bad does not mean I wanted to send out I'm not I'm gonna sit. And them when enroll in what's known and in the line Spinner brand new inline Spinner a perfect number five. And a twin arm twins spin wait Spinner bait. OK okay I'm gonna send them to do. And ease our brand new never seen water I bet should addiction the retail on these two would be. All 1215 bucks total maybe fifteen dollars a brand new already knew about fifteen dollars total. It's if you know why you gotta have a leader with muskies in New Orleans but you don't need to with Wally even though they don't have teeth. I'm sure they brand new made by leaders and Gloria you get two free lowers you gonna get to free lures I'll send those out you. So. In Greg's writing Morales and bringing well you might not Monty Alexander's right away Greg because you might not have the right answer. A I think I got the yeah I'm sure you'd do I'm sure we've talked to pop this and we talked about it. I think we have Larry Elder and all year here here go up next coming online now we have occurred from Sussex Ari regarding Kurt how you doing today. Are okay do you know what the answer is. Yes I'd been told me. On wall like what kind of cold feet. And mosque he's certain job. Nor does have separated. Well. You're you're right I'm gonna give it to you curt yep muskies in northern pike have sharp edges late night pages on the size varies on their side of their teeth. Where is. The wall I has like he's called it a conical which is like. Ice cream called. It's shark right at the point but it's round on the sites. So they they're not gonna cut your line like mustard northern will have been agreed west once so listen I'm gonna send you those two free Leuer scored I hope you can use them. Boy up our radio Al Cinemark U go bald Monday morning stale I'm telling you there yet and yet stay on the line okay. So are. Then expand so I wanted to take a look at this picture of the sixty pound three ounce netted by Wolfgang Hoffmann in the Baltic Sea. Look at the size of this and then you'd tell me whether those pictures of the we spray and Hartman were legitimate. To an event that does is does not holding it out in any way whatsoever. That is NC beat finish that it is a huge belly on after it's wide it's particularly in a size of that head that is. The Norman all of that height could literally there's gold right around that guy's head that it reminds cigarette mall and reminds me of the Ken O'Brien 1985. 65 palm ASCII. You look at it in you golf. The you don't have to do any photo and now let's now you got us a while vet said that is as big is advertised but you know Tom you you asked an interest in question you brought up before. You sat while hall com. Like in Canada the chief thought you know we all your candidate there's. There is there is big pike and basically this is kind of the this is kinda the answer to that the end fishermen did it in depth story way back when it was called Laura of the sought to within this is where I got the information and all these big fight and then a subject goes to North American Canadian pike. And they talk about a story how one guy was up their fishing while lies in a canoe. Can't paneling in a canoe and all of us in the canoe came to a stop and it started rocking back and forth and a giant pipe can grab their string of Walla. And tried to T Errol Louis and you've heard stories yeah like this where now gravel while lie in the Smith so there are monsters. But it so it says well will someone you know fishing with a five Paul while I for bay could that actually broke up North America and record out a 46 pounds but it basically the guy says that really it's hard to break twenty pounds. And that really funny poses for years even in Europe kind of considered the standard of yeah trophy fast now and then it says but it's really hard to break thirty. On number apply yeah now my friend Bob woods who pulled North Dakota did get to 31 pound and lake of the woods ice fishing years ago. Up in buffalo bay answered his statement he says it seems almost impossible to break 46 pounds. Any says he doesn't think it'll be done. But if it did happen it and would probably happen in some remote part of the Great Lakes. Or the Dakotas. And in the since the fish of the fire and ours. It's huge as they are they live in an environment too cold to grow fish approaching fifty pounds. So basically it's like. It's what it says that those far northern lakes is that there bulls of distilled water sitting on granite. By the time pike recover from spotting they have only about six weeks of growing season laughed so this North American record it is like the Michael Jordan of pike. 46 pounders so far out of the ordinary that you want to question its validity. Yet you know that the species can grow that big when you look at the fifty and sixty pounders from Europe. Right and we got to go to a break right now will be right back with more the midwestern and we'll talk a little bit more like. When we come back you've got any questions or comments give us a buzz at 7991250. He's Danny bush. I'm Donna that who Neubauer and Greg janitors on the boards all right okay. We're back and a half but I really like and I hit a denial whenever they bite my life in this. You know if you yeah AM minus something right this town really we're gonna come up with their song yet is the media policy at grabbed her if any. If anybody's got liked you've got to have found such recorder around Spinner bait. You know personally I like the black with orange blades but white globe late with the globally to work to just a lot of different colors were a you sir thrown that around lived outside weed beds but if you can find cabbage leaves like you were saying Danny. Yet candid suites for pike that's really good I mean that works for must YouTube but. Yet they like those cabbage resilient they're not really so much and at mill foil he'll find gas in the bill for Obama outsmart quite like this cavity and cabbage we are good or are there is a column always been in relief and broad leaf ponder leads. We called cabbage. Particularly in leaf and broad leaf. I have heard of broadly cabbage. Yeah well hippies as one of our words and I think it's a local cool realism. Speaking out three times fast who lead the whole Oprah really let Tom like a typical white castle is. A local. Colonialism not cameras cameras like Yemen salad none on who we're talking about weeks. Greg actual name of a week I might think it like to Sally got it I don't know salad bars has worries CME like a pin leave pond we register reporter on broadly ponder we'd will just say cabbage you usually learn a thing that drives me nuts Tom what's the book besides me. The fifth saw it anyway they got a a a guys will talk about weeds in the lake and they call it seaweed. Yeah it's nice to see people laws like I got. All they seaweed now they see we'd all over my trailers seaweed is not a seat at half. I rotten things about the Baltic Sea that is not Indian Ocean it then it's a way to not see. He wheat yeah that's one thing we're not on the Mediterranean. It can't call it seed we know it's not now. Gotta be lake we'd just don't think we got leads on my boat pretty simple works for me we don't everybody out there. Stops things seaweed. Okay. You got that they get it over the got the word you know well I wanna get off my tea what do you wanna you know there I was in a hospital last week with my mama in Green Bay. And you know south stuck there for about 34 days and I saw lots of some of the same people stuck there because they had family members out. And you know we all sit around one room haven't. Coffee and then you go down in the cafeteria and and then you go back in it and everybody looks stress and serious. And the the copies nice which you know what they really needed a hospital. Marijuana Benny yeah. Yeah just yell it out just stressed that in your mind it's like. I've just gone through a whirlwind here I need to go sit down and that wasn't cold one would be so nice Vista defused just one. Hidden this is at the hospital our daughter's home okay TS nursing homes or need to Bardner true I got whenever green nursing OK let me put in my infomercial for every green and personal. All what are they don't know where to put them ever bringing nursing home in Oshkosh. It's wherein that are woven nominates beautiful dinner in an agent and the people there are able to have to drink three dollar on the dollar to be there must found out. Appear with your omelet. That's that's a I don't at Greg's I don't know there went up all my bloody Mary McKenna we didn't ask about and can booze was good in anything so. I'm a little Rome street Rome. Nothing's wrong or an omelet and there you know fired up from pours maple or among them. People Rome. Hi I'm not into that sweeps week. Which gathers and in that suite Great Lakes distillery which is Wisconsin distillery yeah in Milwaukee yes it's right by the you know so iron horse hotel they may go roaring Dan's maple Romney and and C and I am not into that we can't make a lot you know I had some notebook bird dog it's bird dog. Crowded area with Lee PDF in the peach whiskey and car geez. Who bird dog is heard that's pretty popular bird dogs probably shot over at TGI Fridays and 76 and is there really and 76 street of late and yeah. Bird dog popular sentiment wasn't like gardeners. It's whiskey but it's flavor they have a bunch of players and I had a client give me a Bobble there at all yet so I am and give it to a young lady that I know. On a big fan of the stuff now she buys the peach buys a strawberry. It's a program gives it to her from presence bird dog. Expose a slate the roms that I mean not divide does that come and all different flavors. Of vodka as. I all different. Everybody is you got another Romania. You and nowadays you dispensed he wants for bloody marys. How pinot flavored ones and. I T I think I'm just living and at different ages there are yards just like I like on his feet Mike burba in the Paisley Bergen. I don't wanna the takeaways all I don't wanna take it easy days the probe had real cocaine and it and so all I mean I mean I don't want any fruit in my whiskey. I I disagree I tell you what well be the out of a bird dog bottles that I got an in Nevada are. That. It's got a bird dog in front of it it's very nice for decorative purposes I got it next to my amounted pheasants then model of mean Vick could put some colored water in their again make it look and act like just the battle their open their company flowers real expensive looking bottle it's got a bird dog in the hunt there there and pretty cool and well. We worry about them. Who well discount liquor and yeah. I did today yeah are there any tall I didn't even Gary volleyball did beard equality should have some either one states in some probably some ribs cooked up this weekend if you stop there and you lock the. You know you know I we haven't talked about but these. The last few weeks when I gotta get Al I am going to buy value while in those three weeks we're gonna go shoot the geese again. Always we get a up. Eric audio of those sticks made out of the oh yeah one more segment coming up close state and we have a lot more to come in next well next fourteen minutes whatever so stay tuned from our. You're on 1057 FM the fan. We are back. With the last segment of the mid western shooter supplies cutting edge Al Gore is rough comment you live from the bait bait fish are attracted studios. So you're all done back there Danny. Got a good one. Yelled and our day dollar write and we'll grade you email that Iran and in my alleged that stuff are going to run. Noah and register yeah that. Now you Sharon just right but. I'm just write down up almost Pollock's number to give to Greg maybe we can give McCall get a fishing report here now. Ali since Osama generator. Paul number. I got I got so many numbers here Danny and I load. We're here yummy looking up rickets and generate here let's see who goes faster I got my phone here with contact list and I got to shoot if I get a flying machine I've got a five bucks is like I find it faster than you. You know you're our on our nose IAA and able and well why not people can call call for guiding. Well you still don't think people's will not leak that's OK there until you light that. But I don't I don't think so she's traders are Palmolive. Illegal and he noted the irony thy god. Feel these numbers are gaining on one page and that page got all these numbers of people weakened. And the like if you Wear like with the times. Do you have like a Smartphone her iPhone and none of the new 9000 dollar apple ones in the coming out. In you'd have all of it. Like right there like a tablet. Yes Greg if you get all of whom you ask him we can get efficient report. I think we're both called a couple of weeks ago. In we got so busy Tom yeah I know yeah we get so busy here. And one thing leads to another and it. And right now this time of the morning palm might be busy he goes fishing he is dollars additional in no water no answer okay he's well while I'll we'll trying to get ahold of Paul one thing of all Polly's got the he's got his finger on the pulse of the area fishing he fishes all species act. You know you know what I look forward to in the fall. And a lot of people find it stranger and look forward to I mean there's a lot of things I look forward in the follow football. But I mean when it comes to fishing and like I like. Perch fishing in the fall in there's a certainly all the all before even get to that point got to tell you that is now I gotta tell you. My son Chris he goes out with one of his former. Players from his basketball team our egos out fishing with him. And he tells the young filly since I'm bring in some night crawlers are long because I wanted to have some wall ice for dinner. And of course the kid rock and rolled his eyes after an okay. So they get up to this certainly. And he Chris says right at the 7 o'clock he says I wanna go over to this weed line. Before we got to go in before against our I wanna finish their for a while life. So he puts on a sixteen downs to eight weeks after crawler puts it on there. And he tells the young Fella keep the boat in twenty feet of water and ounces flip up to weed line and there. First fishy catches is that eighteen inch wall like legal finish. Next fishy catches of fifty in his wallet and sixteen in twilight and then a 21 against wall lie and then I think he ended up with a fifteen or sixteen. So. And I said the current accident that's excellent that's awesome and nine sort of sets a license or you remember that spot racial two years ago. Did show me that spot lights as well if I didn't show it to you how the hell did you know was there. Did you notice fish for awhile wiser is because I showed you all that spots on that lake where it gets while life. You don't then we went back enforce the quicker but oh you did so he doesn't remember no of course he doesn't he's getting older he doesn't remember. But anyway in the fall we look like someone we know yeah meet with the media. There's a lot of our area lakes and and and one in particular that I know that on to do him but a lot of artery lakes believe it or not folks the perch. In the fall will comb shallow. They don't you know a lot of people think perched deeper water and all that stuff. In the fall they come up shallow and I've always wondered. Why are those perch coming up in shallow water I mean were taught in any words from sued 67 feet of water. And prison or you know you can catch him in the deeper water and why are they common option will like that in the fall and it's usually the end of September or beginning or who have October it's released first and his first little cool downs you know at night you know. And an alleyway I think I know why but why. Because all the zoo blinked and Chris stations in the food. It is moving into the show exactly. Little creek fish the you know crayfish mall at different times of the year okay and they have babies more than once a year in a lucrative fish and and more of those times of the year is in the fall. And there's these little one inch crayfish which are born Jewish and color no kid NDE dose at the little creek thresholds. Are those like -- mate no no these are actual creek fish beat her elderly it's kind of look like a little crazy no normal normal regular print Fischler just like a big crew official only in minutes like a little crazed dad they just look like inevitably pitchers and as always and the Eagles do use for those big I can result orange many might. On our idea is word that if you want to we were on night eagle each I think it was Eagle Lake one time. And we're okay we're using your orange mini mites and rear kitchen all these really nice Kirch and and big pumpkin seeds and some blue gills with bigger per trade. And when we're cleaning those at home refining and always will purchase them I mean if she's made little creek fish and all the little tree fish were orange in color. You know so anyway I that's one of the reasons I think you're urged making a bad side and make sense to me but anyway. But yet it's but it's just funny how they move up in the fall. But you know we gotta be following food we got to beat is not spotting a deal do you think that's a pattern you need to your secret lake no thought I I eat only thing we that we cut goes on other lakes like that but. At one Laker like going through that I know certain spots where I know they're going to be you know and you know the problem is. You get show probably six or eight. Of those 56 incher right for every nine I can ensure that you get in honestly got a weak rule what you can and if you fished the east end of you walk the ice fishing. How to win knows weeds there's a lot of perch on earth and through those we. And there are some big ones up there yeah there are there are. So for a guy word actually sit in targets some of those you could probably weed through and getting enough over seven inches yeah. But you name it gets a lot of three and four inches spoil traders a lot of those little as but you know what. It's great food for those Wallace knows while I saw little girl and you and you know. I think what's gonna happen in Q what you besides there being a lot of legal while he's in their late hopefully next year you know. Besides that any. I I a I think there's also going to be a reduction in the smaller perch and you're gonna see bigger purchase madly in two more bigger perch. But you know what I wish they do on cue up you when it comes to wall life. I wish they'd put us slot like slot limit on them in the next few years. You know throw those spotters back those let's see 120. Let's say what is its 125 injuries or whatever so I like that rolled those back in you'll still have the three fish limit. And you could keep one over deaths oxides limit you know who under one over yet younger they did that would be canonized. It just up it to the tour over eighteen which is better than the previous. Wear on you locking up on its three fishermen. You know it's a three fish at three older eighteen yet please share overeat and positive. Positive and previously was what five over fifteen write it right. They did change it after I got through your three over fifteen I mean three over eighteen in his overeat and I thought and that was banned working with a few lucky chapter stone working cooperatively so they did do. Something I still think the slot limits on a lot of our area lakes. Would be wonderful I think you would work on it works everywhere else on the biologists would disagree handles some of those that aren't self sustaining but I'll tell you aware at what work is our Green Bay where natural recruitment is getting much better guys are catching more fish that must have pike out there more yet again and I'll get didn't make any sense organized she said there's not enough pipe to really even worry about Clinton. Yet you know does not enough problems that'll protect them. It's 500 since I was right now on the dumbest thing in a world that today they'll change it. When they feel like it's there idea that that that's a place that should have the slot limit without a doubt. Definitely if indeed they then it's good to have a new bat and a lot of fun this morning the degree accurate and thanks for everything as usual. I'll get all those prizes out you'll give prizes out thanks to our listeners as loyal listeners who. Listen. Loyally in the loyal listeners. Tell our listeners thanks for lesson then god bless and stay freedom grew on. You've been listening to the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoors coming cue from the bait bait fish attract and studios we have been presented by. Coleman insect repellents let's all plan on going up to fall fest next week my friends.