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Saturday, December 2nd
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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The following is paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every river late and fielded it. Let's talk everything outdoors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. I do Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. The ball a. With the mid western shooter supply is Arnett. Outdoors. Welcome back. Two second hour of power. With Danny bush in me Tommy the true Neubauer. In a few minutes will be getting a phone call from Orion from the for the ice fishing show that'll be taking place. Next weekend. And we are giving tickets so way throughout the show so you know Steve listen you know to the show you never know when men decide to give away. I'm trying to open up this final four rub. You know the ice fishing show and I I don't handed years so. These files are not opening up properly but anyway. Brian will give us all the info that we need for the ice fishing show and if you get any questions or comments for 14799. At 1250 that the phone number. Where's the ice fishing show going to be held at at the speaker parked acre park yeah next week yup. Is that Ryan gets that doesn't Friday and I'll put my hair is from the ice fishing show that's gonna be taken place next week Ryan good morning Ryan I'm sorry I don't know your last name but. Rod Bryant rape you bit morning at that time. Yet you got Danny bush to my left here on time it is true Neubauer. And so while what does your on your part no ice fishing show next week. We've produced this show okay. What do you in the actually admit that they've all event right now we do well okay. Yesterday it was a great bit of her bid to show and looking forward to another great day. Why no a lot of Wisconsin writes for looking forward to the show this year at state fair park. Is that gonna be free parking again. Or do you know that. I'm not sure it's great partner I don't believe it would last year. I think they read to generate this. Yet it's only like five bucks or some might. Yet there it's reasonable. Yeah now tell us what's going on at the ice fishing show there see you next weekend. Well you're gonna expect the you know a lot of this day and major manufacturers in the industrial be there. We got a good election we'll. It's as bill. Sorted nudes in the Milwaukee area idea and everybody familiar with them. No I don't want to once a wheel house. Christmas Day well I'd better sites yet though yes you there in other. This out is that a lot of the and I'm. Different than your little bit your portable sect that you're that you would normally bring out. You can build their overnight they have all the larger reason they've almost stated here on out then that you would go to it. Oh really like. Like a little. If it's on wheels are tea is good on wheels. It like in our community based people on the I dropped the do you leave it. Yeah you can leave and agree with the but more comfortable you know spam Lazar you wanna go to grand jury they allow warmer. Obviate the need a little bit more though yeah yeah net birdie at bacon a little bit larger or. That the Milwaukee mark at. I know and northern. More but it yeah so below those yet seminars every day need. At a club leaders then and that the will be there on. Saturday though. A yet it do you have a special deal for kids when they amend. Is there a special deal light a free if there under a certain age for kids. Yeah yeah this five and under pre. It's the twelve or dollars in an adult or nine dollars. All right and and now he. At the state fair park that's you go in on the west and there because that's where the show is were you to bring to their entrance. Pretty sure that's corridors. Yeah I think the argument that though that you drive and do. Oh really but yet I got itself last yes I'll play yeah yeah but you know yeah yeah. On and one out and going in a series you can buy. They did outline. No luck yet this scene showed that. Yet. Everything that you'd expect to be in there. We knew no better deal it going to be at the show. You know the big name in the in the right receipt and re doing seminars jungle that he'll be there. Boy. Oh. Lot of recognizable names that are. Is Dave Dan's going to be there he's probably at the one in Saint Paul this weekend right. Yeah yeah I think he did I think you did. And or do. No it was here but. You don't that you going to be in a lot this year. Yeah he's he stand up there for the ice fishing season that. So you've got to seminars you've got manufactures and sure people can get great deals on picking up. The latest stuff out there whose are all coming up. Yeah there and retailers you. Or Brothers and it angers avenue another read the new retailer is here Dick Smith what they did. So there's a depth whipping up here it is here and as you be you know on the court yet for next week we're. But it's been that they're making. Well I ate ice fishing. I think is is continuing to be popular probably gaining in popularity. I know. Up there in Minnesota and now they're probably already up on the ice there. Public yourself have you been out ice fishing yet this year. I have been no. But there are people at peppered the report people. You know going up Norris you know and ensure you heard about that fortunate. And an upper red lake but. You are what happened there is it younger couple that was out there. They've built through the day. Didn't make it to make it out though. You know do this these days you know. Not resort. You know just to beat. You know I'm now. Out you know on the lakes out Madison. Here you know or Madison is very New Hampshire and on the lakes over there they got out they analogue that your eat TVs or or snow mobiles. They have to have flotation devices on them. So you know there's special gather special flotation devices that you buy and it's a law that you have to have a month so that if you do go through. You're not gonna sink you're gonna float and it's one I'm just wondering if maybe other places are gonna may be Beagle in the something like that and. Guess a possible I mean you know then you have manufacturers like Lambert is as wanted him out the new. Look through it right there and do and obviously. And you know that it says. All all on that they you know are the pros do it again. Yet matter fact as your show a clam I think is going to be there and people can try goes on to see that. They're not. Is bulky as what some people might think that you can move around these leaders when he room and of and in that you know even though it's a flotation device as well as. You know snow suit basically keep you up. Right and the other thing that I. You know discovered. They have they have a phone case that you can protect your own people water Peru and in arteries get their mobile devices at the you ought to BI again. Into your own yeah. So you can you can still use it through the protective device that. Beard that we write it keeps you warm up but it you've been to move around really well on the very top triple so. There's there's definitely. Opted they've in you wanna try to get utterly. Well years ago they used to have the whatever the survival suits that my uncles tired and in there there was a guy at one of the shows selling known as I forget that. Exact name of them but now you said clam Tom and in and I thought yeah for Abel came up with them as well. Is there are several different. Yeah I think I think for eagle might have one seems like me they. Brady bill has gone innings striker brand and on. There's a couple of other companies make in motor earlier but I don't know what they're. Around anymore so. Well you know what Ryan where were all looking forward to the ice fishing show a man thank you for the tickets that were giving away today. I gave away two sets of bomb in the first hour and I'm gonna give away two more sets in the second hour so. But we do appreciate that I know our listeners love it I mean those fault lines lit up what is that I was given a way these tickets yell. All you're you you should get a really really good turn around next weekend. Got a great show and great now to take the kids. Now. Yes definitely the barely experienced ice fishing definitely got more family friendly. You know they warm they comfortable. And everybody. Yeah and what's that website again if you wanna buy tickets online. Yet they're Milwaukee writes this he showed that. Well that's easy enough to remember or they combined right at the door. Are okay well Ryan thanks for giving us a buzz this morning we do appreciate it. All right and here yeah and good luck to catch up in Minnesota to a half a theft fun. All right bye now. And it is now time. We're gonna go to his break and we're gonna be playing in the NFL football pick key contest. Brought to you biker les waterfront public. That's on beautiful pew while he lay is just kitty corner from smoke these muskie bait and tackle shop. It's a place to meet laughed and eat and drink and just enjoy life fathered outside a lot. Tonight that place is going to be packed. It it's gonna be pad for that badger games and ends Ameritech Danny bush is talking about Boehner to make of these as you know what. That's gonna be a lot of fun because they're gonna have a lot of specials are gonna some good food deed in have a few Beers and watch the game with a bunch of other. Packer back how bad your. Packers badger badger badger backers had tried to host training units the plaza trackers you know because he didn't notice yeah I. I don't really see daddy bush Varma beard yeah he'll love that he's not here right nobody he'll love that if you buy them beer. Anyway we're gonna go now to our next break and then we'll we need to. Destined for the NFL picks think you'd score 147991215. That's 414. 7991250. And I guarantee you will wind you know wind at ten dollar gift certificate to Curry's waterfront Paul you will win no matter what you will all right we'll be right back with. It is now time. I'm a mid western shooters supplies cutting heads outdoors to play the NFL but. Below picking contest. And our were out contestant is gonna be Garrity from Lebanon who Wisconsin hi Gary. Oh very here you are hi Gary right now you pronounce that Lebanon I thought it was Lebanon. I either way it is okay but the residents I suppose an ounce of Lebanon right out of okay. Our eight where is Danny he's not here yet so but. Yeah he had me he nears his those and are no guarantees he needs that is our area bring her out. Shaiken a few times and run back. You know you nears the out while listening give us an update period. IRA it's this week we're gonna have five games on the docket because. All the buys are done in the NFL brand so we have no NFC north teams combined. I've gone the last week Tom you into into. To bring your season record to nineteen and thirty. Are run Greg picked for bush in he did not fare. Well at all know all buicks. You made a hole and pull her own. And that Ross who bring the bush and his season record right now that's what they do it and joining us. Or. Hand you you do again you're part of the mad at losing effort bureau I mean it. That it expects. I would tune into our new on last week to go toward a prime Torre for the season. America went to a dude to bring their season record to 26 and 23 solar callers are beaten us callers right now are I mean the season total. IRA all right Gary were to start oven cowed drinks. We have number four Wisconsin taking on number eight Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game. Wisconsin is that giddiness. Receiving and five points Gary we got. Out. Diamond well you know very Susan you know guys it's a full moon tonight and you know strange things happen in a full mold. For Wisconsin the strange thing is that they're gonna win. For Ohio State the strange thing is they're gonna lose even though they're favored. And I predict what it's going to be it's gonna be like 24 to seventeen Wisconsin. Ohio State's gonna have the ball they're going to be make in a drive right in the last minute that fourth quarter. They're going to be trying to tied up he's gonna throw a pass and Wisconsin player is gonna intercepted and that's gonna steal the game that's my prediction. I'm going with Wisconsin all the way. Aren't. Bushy as good as they can you just make your pick but got stake out. Yeah Wisconsin or Ohio State assassins giddiness of five being. I'm leaving here in Wisconsin but looking at the fact that my whole life has been nothing but big one big disappointment after another. I'm looking forward to another one here. It's gonna take a beating I hate to say it. Ohio State. I've been taken against is constant all year native. No matter what I do the in the instrument. But I'm gonna go to Wisconsin in this game I think that their defense is stout enough. You also have JT bear to good presently be out of this game he'll be out in the first quarter. All of the right up played off period all they said he was gonna start enrollees game time decision now but if he does start you'll be Garmin then loses games and if you guys that. Aaron yeah we are oriented to the NFL ranged each right is that Baltimore. Each Droid is Gideon three point scary would say you. Baltimore. Bush's. I am in Baltimore. I don't yacht yes Baltimore yes. No roads during OK I mean what was it. And those games were eight we have Minnesota an alien. Italy and is giving up three points. To Minnesota. Gary via. Yes so they've sort. It's direct. I. Atlanta has been hot and cold in Minnesota who's been decent but I think. Playing in Atlanta hi I'm gonna take the falcons on this one. Arab budget Minnesota's got a good defense they shut down the Rooney who the hoop Julio Jones and its Minnesota. Grew into the land. Benson zones and tumble. Next game dug in San Francisco. Comes to Chicago to play the bears. Chicago is a three point favorite in this one. Jerry would you get. Aren't. Bush it's hilarious to listen to them driving back from deer hunting the one thing I look forward to on Sundays is turning on the route to Chicago sports station in the score. In the senate to those old guys you'll bears just goal. On and on the are just going crazy there so upset. In all fox is any idiot. There general managers in eighty F this is not bears football all my god it's crazy they're gone not. Yes it's fun to listen to go crazy. Yes so I'm going to say. At the San Francisco. Because at the beer guys are gonna be ranting and raving again I can't wait to listen to Imus. Bear down Wisconsin Wisconsin but he's Chicago with the I call it the bears that's Robiskie daring me he's I he's got hot on you know I'm downtown mayor those guys they're daylight raid they should take the other kiddie the yeah they there are now I am. Eleven and anybody else I'll tell me all letters are riske also threw. To cause interceptions last bed nets are right in the you know he. He's got what he's got crappy receivers easier and I have assassins be sorted gained here and he's gonna throw order wrong one. I'm gonna go in San Francisco's members as goes role though Jimmy eager rob below this week good role mountain roll back into. That they just picked them up right now for an amazing things are in this week yeah. You know what I I did you all badgers expect The Sims has to be Chicago. Six I Largo would jocks gnawed on any what you come odd. Now let it anyways so fussy that I Thailand only moonlight like Mitch Miller 64. My goodness and I don't know why it is easy to. Oklahoma I don't like you're in water added I know why that's why I like it. Final game and yeah etiquette in the event which you go nuts with everything else now did. Big dream big events and I do what in favorite Gary eerie how many points and in his own path. Who would have green Bay's favorite Green Bay is favored against Kobe OK hearing they must hear you out there that. Of course you do Geary. Yeah of course you heard time I yeah of course he got to take the Packers as they had a great showing last week almost did it but not quite but. I think they might do it this week Brazil. Chemical that's in limbo right. It is remember amino tell ya a lot of panic because they're for sale in Canada everybody I don't know what some tickets. We'll see what kind of fans we really are now being as we've been spoiled you know for years I was going to the games when we were terrible. And now they've been good for so long I can see the stadium starting to be empty by spoiled fan thing go I don't I don't they get editors go their way out there blowing. They're ruling what now they are Barton the spoiled. Marshmallow did aberration that divide them skull alone drains right divine Dan I'll call my husband and you know. You'll tumbling us on the winning you don't you don't blow your home team he's right it's one thing if you if you lost preview Cleveland Browns and new laws for. Fifteen straight years right you. Do insist they made a bronze players have been dominant team the last 25 years you don't boo. You knew might bull I'll play call blue McCarthy but don't boo would year not you support is his Argentine. Yeah and and were you taken. Oh my Packers got taken Packers. Hey how I'm gonna go Green Bay I get Dagen cede Tampa Bay thrown for a lot of yards in the air and the Coleman and they don't well there. Gary did callers are above had to have a high standard right now since they're leading. The four of us. You know so good luck I hope you keep that tradition alive can't lose. I don't know I don't. Know I don't know you win anyways I think you got some good picks you wind aren't everywhere in everybody wins they scary. Yeah you're right there right now everyone's as the compared. You know in altered grades you know you're right about I'm glad. More atoms called all the fans and you know if you're a fan your fan don't be a fair weather fan you know. Like you said Danny there's spoiled you know a Specter pins have been spoiled but the thing is is that. Just because we're spoiled we still have to support the team you know I mean in an if and if they don't do great okay yeah we can. This immoral bonded but you don't who. You know they don't. Simon the goods they I don't know I I've watched the games in the end you hear some of the moves are as you can here as well as if you're in the stadium. Ed. They're born a play because you understand yeah yeah definitely but. You might guides like hard to differentiate if you're born to play caller few brewing. The players yes exactly because they view if you have a running play on third and fifteen. If you can hardly are like the bad call where. Brett you. To respond just Brett go to receive hunley Honda now utterly that we get we get confused right you have voter when Hundley gets bearded men helmet. Right on that last drive an early that dollar ended in college helmet to helmet spear job right now and they never call it what do and how many officials a get out there six. Five or six yeah I mean it's like. Didn't anybody see that. If files of the game out of booed when Mike McCarthy decided. Try to kick a 57 yards yeah exactly longest ever in Heinz Field history by Christ I don't are easy the ball doesn't travel well there you're right on the river that it was a horrible call yeah he should oracle Overland Terry McCarthy might isn't it travel well there is it like Israel of the river earlier fields were always in the the yeah it's got heavy air. It is and here is the answer yes is it the nor'easter has Yakima errors yet and it's actually isn't that where you have a confluence of river. At Pittsburgh lady and yes a three daughters yes prisoners there confluence of group I don't I don't. I don't know thousands means a much better educated its confluence of good lines that come to get there I'll come together could go ahead of the horrible decision and it completely turn around the DL or bad they scored dust and add to that yet that was a terror and a decision he. He. At his press conference this week said how dare you question might. Play called my calling. How dare you question me doing that how do we get in a heartbeat it was a good call yeah it will it will call it what question that don't question anything good about the media member there and and I was at the press cover doesn't know wasn't a good golf because they scored right at that you lost leave because of that Europe bomb. You know and opinions you don't like McCarty don't know any inherited billion. It there and is played on the big salt flats it. Eight years I think if they miss the field goal that's okay the Steelers get a good starting position right. If they try to make the first down and don't make it the Steve there still do you do is starting position so it that it wouldn't have mattered either way it is posted yet or I don't plug it then and pin them back yet either. They're talking with Tom and grab OK we got to go to a break we're running behind time we'll be back with more folks and well maybe in the next fifteen minutes on give away some more of those ice fishing tickets will stay tuned in here on. 1057 FM the fan amid western shooters vice cutting it out orders. And and and and. For the big western shooter supply cutting edge out stars thanks for joining us this morning. But data successful save deer season. Get gored to death stuff you'll tip ups do so mark ice fishing in town luck buddy of mine at the school. And of our engineers. Is collect a technician in a kind of like smoke is as technicians. He was up deer hunting and they decided to go to triple fishing during that Thanksgiving break and they've got. Bunch of big muskies really. In May we're actually end and big wall lies in the era in four inches of ice I mean they just got a lot of big while lies in Molly's. And they were using XP big soccer's mom and apparently. You know in its hard to get the flake from being tripped. My those big sign out yeah but yeah it's kind of like guys fall musky fishing. And you soccer's well now you can just fish formed through the ice home. It kind kind of fun him some sure the guys on and you watch QB hit the suckers heavily now that we still don't analyze there's gonna be die are all out there right yeah boats Stiller. Or Erica. I'm gonna give away two more tickets for the ice fishing show next weekend. B does second caller and you will win and Pringle picked up the line 7991250. Twos minus 414. 7991250. For two free tickets to the ice fishing show. Next weekend over at state fair park so be go second caller and you will get those two tickets. Danny you know what somebody did. I mean you are a number of people bid this year arsenals gonna complain about a little bit you know if you're new rule love it when you complained term hobby what do you think about a guy. Buying. Deer license for his instant in what I think of instantly think of on your one under one years old bride or what do Bob some people buying. Deer hunting licenses further two and three year old. Now Danny do you really think that to a year old is going out there showed the deer. Do what do you think should Netgear. Not mess with it it's a bunch of crap yeah is terrible I know I know the warden's. Gay. They have to. Told the company line and they can't really say anything negative. But obviously if you're trying to do enforcement just think about it logically you've made it so hard. For wardens to be able to enforce first wild and they have that one new that you can't go on. I don't know and on all they can still go on private land bought. Through some of my. Sources. Deep undercover in the DNR. My sources say that the the in our higher ups have been telling the warden's. Trying not to go on private land if you don't have to. OK in other current path that never pass a law that we couldn't do but they're just saying well as the you know trying not to go if you don't have through you know. If you really really have to locate but we try not to enact. Yes well a comma can go under rich wealthy landowners land who donate lots of money to Governor Walker. And pissed that guy further erode ever sent to die I tell you there's always been an undercurrent. Of who's really driving this. She appeared nonsense since locker took walkers to whoever's name. Inning got to do years aren't an organizing get everybody happy and made a bunch of changes that were basically useless. I am the biologists can even our our biologists can't come out and say it but I know there's got to be people. In the DN added to kind of roll their eyes at what debris your racquets bureaucracy is doing and they can't really say anything it's their job but will stay at for them. So I think the enforcement think it and the numbers on the deer hunting it's what was about the same within a couple hundred this year harvest wise they think there is like under. 95000. Some last year 195000. This year I guarantee and 5000 to bad harvest numbers from this year of people. That didn't even register MB oh you know. You've just made it yet so much. And he talked about their last week I mean what's to stop a person you go on sugar dear. You don't have to take it causes in your possession you don't take register and got my daughter and Friday but bacon they can take that deer taken home butchered up. It's in their freezer. They don't have to register whose gonna go if they registered on nobody knows an and they can go up the next day shoot another dear. They did here all I mean they could keep doing this all season and everybody want they want is met is bunnies and there's not enough wardens in the state. To really keep up with insulin does Bo waited that Le GS here in how you gonna know without. Gears that are tagged and not a ten out station that you got to go to register from. I mean UCL. Car a truck going down the road and got the carriers out back in there's a deer back there. There's tags on a musical or had a beer keg of there was no take got a you can get pulled over at their. Think it used you had to have part of the deer visible with the two you could just in closing right to have part of and I think. Showing early on because dictator of what it out of her. I mean nowadays I mean it did. Norton poor Morton's they don't even though they see people out midfielders go back tags on them or they coyote honey what the hell are they doing over there they have no idea and they can't go over and bother him. And curt answer on Johnson creek did not ask for when my body dropped off his gear this week. Monday they did not ask him for a registry yep number they just took the deer. Yes some some places at some places don't but the family even if they ask you you don't have to give because what if it's before 5 o'clock the next day. What if you shooter taken that same day. At I suppose what are shotguns they were not gonna take it to you register they could get their phone and registered not mistakes about you know a minute or they could do better to guide its logs take you someplace else and I don't think they wanna lose could do that I don't know but I mean there's so many of these weird rules can you imagine what you could find a license for your two year old. Everybody knows what's going on there everybody and. Few gave the confirmation number when you go to drop and bath. Who's to say you could just give the name of somebody else in there if there and it's cons confirmation number under their hunting lessons and you're not even hampers yeah just it just opens the door and I I just don't believe in doing anything. Illegally we got when he opportunity enough cheap enough to buy lessons we could harvest animals in you don't have to. She yes system I mean. We have enough. Honest hunters in this day we do we have among the majority of by far the largest majority of hunters and anglers in this state are honest people I know I thought the first hole all of anybody who is she did this year but. Yeah because there are you know there are some got a and there's some people that are just. They're just not. Armas you know and they'll they'll do things the band the law whatever. You know whether paean fishing regulations or or hunting you know I mean. There are always going to be a few bad apples in that barrel and and that's a it's a shame but that's just the way life is you know. But I think the dinner has got that there's got to get a handle on this stuff in on what they've been doing now this new. Right you go for the remainder of look at these steps to ignite whatever her period was sold. So I I don't know are they gonna get somebody else in you know when that's up I I don't know. I don't know how that I don't know l.'s network I don't disguise in their now four. Whatever. When they say that that should not be an appointed position by the governor anyway because then it's just another bureaucrat in yeah. I don't know how to Heidi get appointed two of his position I wanna get appointed to him. Like Kathy step and then I can get a job with the department neighbor of eager culture getting a lot of money some day. Down party get Heidi get a job like dad yeah I'm like have some special leaguer you are not as high as he got to know the governor. It you gotta know governor who you know that's basically what it always has sure certainly is. I mean yeah you you can't be. You know he can be an idiot like me you know you gotta be. You've got to Moses ultimately you know it's like gotta have to have a college degree and non I don't know art history here so I think I don't know if you need that but insult I don't have. My a philosophy. The minister until a just. Possibly minor degree or whatever I don't know but I well as useless college degree right I think this is where Al shook in his other Della. Gets in the stated on the Wisconsin comp conservation congress for the they've got to start melt put and some people's feet to the fighters because there's some of these new regulations are just too silly. Just silly. You know ideally we got to go to a break. How in the next segment when we come back and be given a wait two more tickets of the ice fishing show that's next week and Danny. And two free tickets to the Carol Burnett show with. If that's not. Anybody on 95 its diplomatic effort love to see you have to talk about somebody is probably the green all. We'll be right back with morbid Andy bush meantime it is true Neubauer Greg janitor producer will be right back with more on the midwestern sugar supplies having adult hours. On 12:50 AM and 1057 FM the fan. The final segment of the mid western shooters supply. Cutting edge of the hours now before we get Al shotgun a line I got two more tickets to giveaway to the ice fishing show two more tickets. Be the first caller I'll send those out to two more tickets for next weekend's ice fishing show. And one last thing. If you were supposed to get an orange cutting edge outdoors baseball type hat for Hamas and you didn't get it when I was given those away at the on veterans day. And night so I was gonna get it yet you when he needing get it while I'm sorry just call us here at 7991250. I get it out to. Anyway right now we have Al shock on the line and now let's get to Al. Morning Al or NL. Ellen and wrong in my it wrong and what I'm thinking that there's something that's got to be done with the rules on deer hunting. Or thanks for. Being. Who. Are what are. Well legislative. Action in error. Apart that power of course it was a simple civics lesson it's the most call. In the congress. Can't all the legislature. What it'll do at their fire at all. The only people that are the people that also and it ought. At. The Christmas for the Thanksgiving 4 July insult or. But. Action. Oh how budget yet portion. Or fault call it an effect that a legislature. Legislative member red earth questioner or or simply bet. First mail or letter. All. All that it would. Tell their support what they dot. Why. That they failed to. But right now they're pretty much going with activity. Or. Or their constituents they think what they've done. Was a popular thing. Because they are opening doors that want it go and that wanted it. What do you think about it now. Al what do you think. I I I don't think it's a proper thing to do there's. There's no. Or I are old or Earl. Is that copper and add more late at all the weapons. It's got to sit on a tripod yeah I know a lot of fight HOK it. You know the bush broke level all right ha ha. You know I just. You know they're not. A problem out. Well they aren't buying it do what they're they're saying they're like it oh yeah. Others out exceptions. But. The castle law apply it well like they had that allows it. You know that analysts say it felt where our bulk or something its pebble like well that's what. For whitlock says I don't. Or my. You meet to be so chill out for us all so I. In order or it'll get a Social Security number don't drive right. But make sure. What are out there. That got the number at all. It registration. So alert saying well I have a supper so our borders start. Up. I can't point. Her point. Oh yeah years sure yeah oh yeah. On this bumping up Bible I didn't hole. At Flickr quiet saying. Like the vote on it that it is well. Pot. Now was that in this state senators state assembly. 00. Chain supplies as the ball almost yeah yeah well in. That you have it fail it does and testify yet but is set at forty area. Other bills. What they bought an air. About. That anyway. They don't like. There by record in the bill. And have a ball go where like and edgy about the war bill yeah. That was only urgent that we know at this senate so our exit out. I don't think it's going up but at least in this search. And now that's not the gays and I I don't know all. If you are assertion. That pulled a try they'll write property is correct. I can I commission I I can assure you it is. I don't know for a fact that they have but all of that every now they have to educate our site. Is the they're not what they're doing. It as a ball watching. All of it. Being law rule changes. They want them educated persons. What we have intentionally or. Not. Sure and that's they started their wild Wisconsin web type thing there they're showing all the videos and trying to educate educate educate. It it seems to me though this this one with the age and everything. It seems to me that. It happened so fast like it was fast tracked through that. It was done before I even knew they were thinking about two and it saw. I mean how how and how does the public even know or get a chance to call their legislature if they don't know this is going down to begin with. There are scouts that go web site and anything that it's scheduled for public hearing an article in this post. Some it only takes little or four hours we did post. Some. About a week. Well if you're like god that watching it. It that I say mile the legislative. Docket call it every week. Know what's coming up but actually hear it that I respect the position about well. My belt or that your but writer Peter. What the opposite position as or or. But. So many other big stick it on the front legislator. Is just. He had been there all. And they're all these meetings are starting at 10 o'clock in the morning in there and yeah village virtually impossible for average person get air. What they want to say. It. Person in front of the committee. They do except written comments but. You know what wait that all of biggest verbal comment that like I said before. I do not believe they break up but it's part of it in any alleged they know what's gonna go so. While it seemed like this was fast tracked. To get done right before this season. Well. We're glad that it's fast track all the in the pot activity. That before you hit it. Out but it it's rare strip the ball sub site of finished well. For every let things that will stop but at its abstract. Like the governor's idea about all right you know bought tech site the bill well the booklets or print it. Where are getting shot and register at pick up the bottom. Up there are. Shortly side clocks go out that there's more. I myself registered. Sub oppose. Or Beijing. Oxygen or average. More. So you know we just have to call it every day. Yup now. So it adds that all changed mid season. And as far as fast tracking. This legislative they. Published at 44 hours of the republic bonus. It's not a bad stretch. It's the air but what. Jules. Yeah they're pitch like they are saying as much legislation Earl they can't or get them. Oh well even the NFL. Even the NFL does not make its changes in regulations halfway through the football phenomenon either way. A you know and they're not necessarily Iraq geniuses. Well listen else. L we gotta get go and we appreciate you call and let given us all this is good information we appreciated every time you do. Yeah great gig. Then you'd do well they buy and our policy has been another. Showed a book's other show and a bonus mentally I gotta tell you that's Dario has got to tell you often hear in Danny when we're down at the show but I. Get it plays some funny that at and don't forget folks from now until Christmas Allred smoke smoke he's musty bait and tackles south. 15%. Off of everything. That's in the store first fifteen customers get a free autographed picture of Tom Neubauer. No I think you're gonna get data Gordon murdered. Authorities he most interest and old dude you know yeah we get you get a picture Emo or ingesting technician in Canada. All right Danny I've had a great time this morning and glad to have you back yup that's all I got that's all I got. To all listeners thanks for listening and god bless and stay free everyone you've been listening to the mid western shooters supplied cutting edge out doors talk TL next week.