Charchian: Taken proven players at top of fantasy draft

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Friday, August 18th

08/18/17: Fantasy Football Expert Paul Charchian of stops by. Charch says there’s one position you should stay from early in your draft. 


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The talks of fantasy football now in our good buddy Paul church in back yet again for another year fantasy chatter here on the ocean out of Orange outline charge I don't body. I am doing great Oreo. Well I'm. I'm looking forward to this and a lot of people right now our panel looking over their charts they're kind of scene who who to Graham who not to grab and who may or may not be playing and obviously your energy injuries but. As we say it's right around the corner and I can't believe it's here already so we've got a lot of questions today yeah I you and we talk about this last week about kind of is that the the way to start your team kind of pick your team so when you go to his and yours has at least. What are you looking for first. I am in the insanity plea deal with the I guess you'll. I have I believe in kicking it proven players at the top of the trapped in not expanding my most valuable wrap it. At the most risky position. And that's running back everybody at the tendency to grab a running back premium doubt it chocolate milk ordered much on the court requires I understand that. Well we have no walk on history of guys like Eddie lacy. Well put together great year and then it all off the map. If you're quite right and running back a position with high it's a failure by Antuan shock. And when you put those. First six or rounds of draft picks and running back position I'm you to putting your most titles like two there's a very districts so. I'm I'm I'm an advocate of going to is. Primarily and to a lesser extent quarterback. I got a question here for my Christian and up Downey says that TD only keeper league would you keep and Thomas or wrong and and another sleeper TV producer for 2070. Yet several Michael Thomas the second year kid from the thing too was Ater an app you're last year an op ED. The reason I keep gras is because she gives you so much it's anchoring our side epic on them positioned bill now hold tight end. You don't do what Patrick are you most yours you know you get I think our immediate maybe 67 touchdown upside is you know you hope you get 500 arts. Ground in in if you were playing in. Greater doubt but you know yet. Sixteen or close to six and 121416. Games mean he's he's a rare dynamic to a 14100. Yards and 28 touchdown outside. And that's part of replicate. And what there's this is well with Michael Thomas is great it is Drew Brees what do you think Donny you're using two to agreed to a lot. I watch elective through three like autumn Reggie Drew Brees is probably on on the last go round especially if his team doesn't it get to rest strata dramatically better mean what you play. Right exactly so you know I think out what you like to work years so Michael Thomas's great talent but. They're not cultivating respect quite accurate we don't know it is simply not opt out so. I what I do know is that Jimmy grow up a little look but he's poised to really extend quarterback a great bit with the patriots and you know grapple if you know every time we had a chance to look at their creaky and action or ghost. Our regular season games he played last year he's always looked really really good so. I'm glad I'm gonna stick with crop. Our guy won here that says know first round pick but I have two seconds two thirds to fourths. He says them in a twelve team PP ER what pros should that you targeted in this particular area. That's a really really brought question but I'm. Yet each if you don't have corporate trumpet that means that a lot of the the great running back going to be gone a couple of great receivers but. I would down I would get you don't get you're not immediately get the upside that you get from a medium bell or Julio Jones LB dot. Again I would target Ron who's going in the second round perhaps because you Q creed he upside that is hard to otherwise. It's hard to otherwise get. You could roll the dice and another a couple of the guys that are the big upside Brandon cooks are about the patriots. Yet that it could turn out that he's this year's you know it could be for him just like Brady to moss 2007 maybe it's going to be great to grant cook. As you as you know they'll pick it up that first round draft pick he get Brandon Cox. And you know obviously they you know they tend to get value out of that. Odds from Mike to tweet isn't says I'm in a keeper league to keep David Johnson and forfeit my first round pick or key Melvin Gordon. And forfeit my fifth round. Well retirement to the top are running back in the book all the matters court system so well well well keep milk and Orton only took the Fort Drum predicament so strong so much you know what that. They have this one is from a bill forty says. Nor the mid tier running backs him beyond that would look really good to target. Yeah so now I'm now talking to people who did take him to wide receivers caught in the first four rounds. And now you're looking at the middle ground of your draft in years where we pound running back. Reflect album cook it he's available like walks like a catch a ton of passes. Then he would edit for the ravens bill that ravens are more. Happens to the running back than any team last year and give anybody any good catcher pat. Pelvic arguably the attempt at back at Celtic anywhere and micro vault Morton is here. Love him and is a good round pick up Mike Gillis we eat for the patriots could get cute upside particularly care what role. In that offense. Jonathan Stewart is being overlooked in Carolina he's got a you'll get the vast majority of working touchdown they're not Christian Catholic. Calvert now the goal in itself. Job consumer can get a ton of these there. So the older you know those are handful of guys that I like a lot he can get him in the middle rounds and can power your team. One more report go to break here by the way if you wanna chime in and have a question report charging 8558308648. This one is from top right to the top ten PP our players right now. Analogies. Well I don't have 88 top ten PP ER player list at my my fingertips but. Until now brown or they'll back him Mike Evans Julio Jones Jordy Nelson aging cream all big volume guys that six wide receivers but then you got to work in your path to running back to. Leaving him bell David Johnson Melvin Gordon was the key Goodin in that category as well. He's another guy that look at and then the artistry middle ground out or opt out that. That's perfect they go we're going to take a quick break we'll come back phone calls 855 B 30864. At the sequester Poulter achieved. Fire off when we got some emails to get to as well. While we're broadcasting live sports talk what do five point one hero Claire Wisconsin wanna work on that it's out yours so you wanna get this giant chime in. By all means do so stick around mortal might shoot next talk with Paul charge him remotely say that commonly see post got an amateur he reached up and find out everything that is fantasy football he is on the Schneider orange line with this in we get phone calls asking those questions as well let's go back the calls talk to let Joseph. Was he too is in debuted Joey got a question for Paul charges. Yeah I'm wondering are where he's taken a big deal Elliott's and you're thinking in the service. The engineers here. Great question I can see it that is that this up as this and that and yours after me out spectacle are crafting soon. Let me ask you this bill all of that's might that might pop crap everybody welcomed a button and watch strap a I'm a bill do you think. That is you'll Elliott will have his suspension too so what let's start there there's no impact and it's out just what it what you think given your years of following. I think it's gonna go from six to four. I didn't mean if I if I have if I have to pin it down to say six to four he still gonna miss the first quarter of the season. What we're finding is that created the owners are correcting geek who was going at position number Ers are a third player taken on average is going. David Johnson William Goldman's he's fallen one more round and the second round. And I think people are Bynum hope that this extension to move to four games. Built that the that the famously regular season is mostly thirteen weeks ought if you commit six. After not your second round pick is is that happening here I can't take him at that position at an epic it's too it's too much to get up for playwright who. Start an app that sit on my roster for six weeks and like I I could be doing a could be putting somebody else that spot. And compounding matters that a lot of people and interacting seeing that like art ball ought to be here McFadden deacon or else were to seek it still adults are those guys. But don't get to split carries and also basic. We fixed them right Darren McFadden and Albert Mora. Bring nothing to the table they will take whatever we countless doc and like them very little else. That's not good enough so my broader fight is to avoid a much although Parker and we're typically going and that's the second round. And I appreciate the up phone call 8558308648855830. 8648. This one is from Eric who writes. They guys that the third pick in an upcoming draft and a PP our league and assuming that Johnson and they'll go first who would you then recommend taking at my spot. Antonio Brown one wide receiver who's fantastic every year pitcher. And I people catch is it. All the outside a brown is that Michael it was offense they'll walk that are home down the road but. He's being healthy you performed to expectations. And everything about it Tony brought great I want fighters are perfect. This one is from Yang who says I'm assuming seeks gonna drop as we just talked about it not getting picked up. Should I go O'Dell or Evans. And he says that somebody does pick up Zeke before me I'm assuming Leo Jones will be there so that's the case O'Dell or Jones thank you. Well no I think should not go anywhere near that territory those guys are there a lot better tactics. I'm like oh don't like them a little bit better than might happen but I got a right to reasonable upgrade your packet along with one. The difference to me is that they'll back him I believe is any more reliable count to receiver Mike Evans in the great receiver quarterback investments in life. Re you you would be inconsistent and deep ball last year and make it better you are probably will get a little bit better in now there's just per year. By op I give the slight advantage over cultures that eat at the deep passes that that we should mention that as well. Speaking on the radar move bill that the giants made that I think is going to pay off this year. Think I'm Brandon Marshall. To the giants from the jets are you languished last year with Ryan Fitzpatrick. And just prior to that you've been asking you to coming up fantastic season. Do you believe bill that operate under martial as the number two we'll have a successful but he's been with the giants. I think he will. Only for the fact that you he's got the guided dictates defense is anymore. Right you know I mean I mean the guy he was always excited dictated defense has got your number one he's not gonna get your number one anymore now he's not that number one cat that he was when he played down Denver. But he's not he's he still very very Gordon the story is very much ability. So he's not gonna dictate number one anymore is gonna dictate your second coverage or they did you know some type of zone coverage or something on him he's still the gotta go get a football. That was one of his base. Absolutely you're exactly right he's one of the best in the lap failures. One of the best receivers. At boxing out defenders near the goal line physical and now you can't put your number one advocate a go back it'll. Human highlight film. So yeah. I think I think there are easily. Is one of my favorite I'd be hard to use the works beeper I'm Brenda Bartel Eric knows who is. But he's been mostly auditor wrapped it I like Fred martial art is another step. But Caleb writes second pick in a rookie dynasty draft who would you take assuming for net goes first. Is it pitted they PBR we appoint her reception league dealt and cook. For the viking is going to get a Honda passes this year. Like he got employment but it can be Vatican that he's been locked with don't bust up they'll cook already happening in the preachy. Or Matt against Seattle. And by the oil spill it's very special runner up all the workers in rushing record score 46 times. The Alpine yardage record easy he shouldn't. Fast it's overeating water and years is really really good and it's like adopt a aren't you Al. It can be sitting down I'd chief science and I'm I really like him. Even more than sort of a consensus number two Turkey those people are going crazy McCaffery but I I would take down Coppola I think he's going to get just two point touched the ball a lot. More often. Charged good stuff as always you're gonna Wear this every Thursday just like years past and I'm looking forward throughout this whole thing gets don't body okay. Absolutely but I think starting next Thursday at every third or who won eighteen bell can't perfect I can't weigh in on or towed. Talk to somebody they go to ball jerky from leaks ain't got commonly say posed that count. He joins us on the Snyder or challenged that are hiring drivers right now you work arbitrage fare equally as yours that beginning it and call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs that count.