Charchian: Which QBs are must-starts this week?

Fantasy Football
Thursday, December 14th
Paul Charchian of has the latest Fantasy Football advice heading into Week 15!

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The Marshall clinic dot org official love to provider of many. Joining us now Bonnie Schneider orange not mine it's that time Demetrius football questions in Falls Church Ian is on the line weather's charred. Can make clear up herpes. Asking for brand. How there's a way to start the program. I don't know they cleared up but at least maybe they get somebody come over public crypt where you but it. Somebody right now. A. So I I can't do wanna bet that everybody asked me about Eric our authority knelt and so for once they get to flip the script here you tell me what is it reasonable to. This pickle expectations. Let's start with let's start there and Roger what do you what kind of game you respect your premiere on Welker and and what the red. I expect maybe 95 quarterback rating. I expect a couple of touchdown passes. And maybe 220 yards maybe thrown at earth. I've had 222 or fifty somewhere narrowly he's gonna bust out the 300 yard game. Especially against just have a defense. I think they're gonna run the ball probably upwards of 2223. Times. I think you're gonna see some play action try to get him on the edge to where he's gonna stay out of harm's way. But you're gonna send him paying attention on the court his eyes were Julius Peppers news. And as far as Jordy Nelson goes on saying 67 catches 65. To 75 maybe eighty yards and a touchdown pass. I do you think purity goes right back to being where she lives. Before the injury. Well everybody knows Dovonte balances emerge or that he's gonna start drawing more more coverage. So you go to what you know you go to your safety net and that's been Jordy Nelson ran a cup. Aren't I understand it I think being the only regret I hit the ground what what what let me let me say this chart one of the think Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers I don't know they still do with this debut MC and wildly. They used to try to work together. Okay yeah so Jordy and we all know even though he has command says he's been great team player. He's had a level of frustration you're 2122. Games in which you touchdown pass thrown to him from Aaron Rodgers. And he hasn't had any under Brett Conley so I'm sure of their right to work together characters are getting out of the truck yes they don't if I got a buddy I got you. You directly to that he's right it's funny I think if I. In all the heroic work together but I would be exact same thing that don't you got to speak your security in the year like what you know you can eat and we under the seat. Averaging. He catches and twenty dark to see at this at this particular. So under out under probably tell you that you're goes back is over touchdown with with him. Rogers over until that gate I think you've got to wait I feel like you really get a lot more away approach or personally but. I brought systems are actually but I thought that you might never. I just thought let's let's get to a people got to post season questions Thomas in Milwaukee got a question about what are you by the way everybody it's an either or one out of three don't give us four out of seven or any like down your review can hang up on that make funny. There you go let's go to Tom Tom you don't. I had a good they're built all of our quite apparent this wide receiver. Would you like about say Adam. I got like yelled and I got Marvin Jones who here I don't hang up about that thank you. Yeah I I would over think that's when I'm I'm sticking with that without of this personal like you like it'll be ultimately tonight. Terrible game the court mostly the Star Wars movie tonight dole spent times you may you always want to learn how to play back. It is that might elect peek at night in can be awful act. You like Hilton they usually if you normally a move he liked to putt or die is the spot where they have to move him. To find good match ups but there's no we're a little bit win looking out he took the oil will be or Harris all quarterbacks or great. Still not. You're sitting on it very frustrating game tonight I danced and often. I respect order rack or record to wide receiver this week. Good matchup anyway he's down. Even before it kept the Carolina Baptist kept up on it inject last week but prior to that. Michael Thomas put a heavier than a sport or that rocked Anderson put our secure our sport. We are back Julio Jones under eighteen yards. Now there's been alone that number one why that's small Carolina and a lot yeah. Us from Cody you tweet is says Chris Hogan Mike Evans or Josh Gordon need one and PPR. Just Gordon Beck I mean it felt it was last week in the armed I don't like him as much like last week after you pick up all sports much better a secondary but. The without Jimmy Smith and laughter they are Jimmy Smith got we'll watch it defiance O'Neal brown. I'm don't think a lot of legal fight touchdown passes not about it got Gordon was my number I think seven Y last. It drops down to thirteen you're pretty though Michael her choice some of those guys. God did Dylan in new Merlin on hold dill and I don't and Manny got a question for Paul George and shoot. Yeah I half points key ER NE Jamal Williams is Dion Lewis. I don't know how I'm not with please let it close and I woke Williams done and I thought more errands code. You not expect that we get we get more on the closed I'm sure of course but directed. No it was jones' comeback from from injury in a for whatever reason just kind of saved him as a weapon to the end but Jamal Williams has been. He's arming both guys diverted I think you're gonna see those guys who have more time as we move forward. And I think so to speak and it split time at the problems you know Louis Wright is correct for it in people like here. I really eating it is numbers a bit I've got only two spots higher for the tough matchup. And different sport against the rockets have a lot of 100 yard rusher all long. Don't go on to get you a little something about the Eric what actually turned it was at judging that I didn't realize that you can't quality and and you know he's been an option that'll that'll help me get him because we want a dark side Scotland's. Let's go back to it is in oak mall walking program yeah. All I need water and art Goodwin can view. I love all Markey good in this week's great matchup. And by the that you you get an active suspensions as a quick nobody got him by marquis Gordon goes up goes up against Tennessee and yet I. With Jamie grapple. With a laugh currently he got 95 yards per game now likely to tighten defense. That had. That has struggled all season long. From week two on 211 they ought the most touchdowns wipers because all we can only recently fell out of that spot for it flee the budget is passed by. Yeah market go to great opportunities like working with got Dave was you to a who want to judge Dave got a question for charged shoot. Right or. I you're going at a likable comic number format effort quarterback but they're going with matte line you're goes out to Tampa Bay erect a lap in the app. The giving up 276. Ratner for game Matt Ryan. Cooper 317. Yards and he's not weeks ago. Any proper in the dark and order a lot by the in Tampa hand. It's got problems with injury that got. One of our current heartbreak in the lap to mean this week in the week he just Robinson and TJ ward all kind of problem. That crime rate loans. I definitely am is in Brookfield Mack Morgan the program what's going on. I'd gone I got another quarterback question off or bore hole all good matchups. Don't lock those worker won't bore hole and believes off the golf pocono hit or walk and you just kind of you're rolling your heart and okay. Well it portal and off I got eleven to thirteen in their right obviously very closely the portal matchup is really good Jack or. They've got to grind out wins on the ground put fuel Cornett is quite discreet can't let it go and let's go get Chris I think right now. And afford it tapping and entered game time decision. There's a coin what's can't not condoned Chris Ivory of beaten back. Decide sort that but without format the path to Kabul that more in the Texans are much better info on what it in the art if after. They've given up the seventh most passwords if both thoughts now after. And they're they're pretty Marines on board with a lot more I think. Trying to get jacked strength yet portal if she a cop in the playoff quarterback. They're acting to do more in the giving him more opportunity going more self ultra portal. A gallon here this is from Dan who's like screaming please and all caps he has big van or Aaron Rodgers you also want you to know the is juju Smith Shuster. And Vontae out. I'm I don't get that really matters and what happens no matter what and then. Then it. Such a good opportunity for him my number two quarterback and okay you're just got carved up like Jay Cutler Monday night and part of that he'd been a very good secondary but it doesn't matter what then is at home. Especially in the wintertime so let overs last. And the November December home games at Heinz Field. Is Albert team that averaged 300. Yards and three touchdowns just so good at all though but looked at the federal office for my number two. Let's go to a Tom listening to a you know Clair John how you doing your questions showed. Are. Gore like AMBER. Alert. It. Not that big bright but it. I don't like either one agree Chris Ivory goes to preside right now because he'll he'll be ranked higher than both guys do it or not doesn't know for Frank Gore. Problem with it they probably don't talk about from the thirty it Kyrie thicket of last week in the blizzard. And Abby goes up in Denver the number four ranked run defense I can't have it starting Frank Gore in this game you've got to punch them out. Policy owes you one or two more in real quick guard Tim is in Sussex Jim I don't know what's going on. Yeah. Him drops. Estrada's let's go to Nicklaus he twosome wanna note that I don't have. It going to take my call I got it backwards and you like that might deviate with who brought the world and an alternate point PP our article again. Those are my choices. These gifted as he had a lot of horror. Our Mike Davis it ended up getting a lot of work lately but he's doing nothing with it yet it's not that eight yards since week or in court to tweak to. On match that it neutral against team middle of the road to Indy run defense but. Each unit and just producing thumping your arm and I'll try to Mike Davis and for once it's running back still one spot higher standards than it is. Video and one more this is over Twitter Steve says golf press gods or Barack blown. About my number 1213 of working quarterback which is estimated that and just a fact that at no point at Stratford territory here. I'm gonna take crept up. Our company. The raiders secondary looked improved of late but they played Alex Smith geno Smith and Trevor Ximian over the laughter we are that. The rate as a gift impossible. That by every quarterback they faced and press got offensive line healthy again scored I think 3435 point the last two weeks since. I he's thrown five touchdown on I I think I think press got it the right place you're out of those guys but again you don't really close territory of golf. Always good my friend and always another week around the corner as you noted that gives your games looking forward to attend as we inching ever closer to us joining you in Minneapolis. Now white looking forward to it yep. Really really proud are vital to assume regular video that is our good friend Paul charge you probably saved calmly say post are comfortable dot com he's got it all dot com going on. Joining us in the shatter or job lined.