Clemens: A deeper look at Mark Murphy

Packers Coverage
Friday, January 12th
Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio gives us an inside look at Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. Plus, is it true former Bears HC John Fox had a pet monkey???

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Why do we missed the playoffs only when you say you have a standard. That's a Green Bay Packers. It's far right there from the standard for good the Green Bay Packers is to win world championships now are we don't know enough to win a world championship. Or are we doing everything we need to do to own church the next question it's we have certain needs to be answered through all the football operations. I know I'm a control so Obama control but it sure we're doing everything we can. Everything we can win the championship that's what this process is. Taylor from the head coach Mike McCarthy. I'm bill Michael's welcome back to the Michael show coming up here in about ten minutes. The presidents of the Green Bay Packers Mark Murphy is going to be joining us. Speaking of the Packers in heading north and such we are heading over to Minneapolis looking forward to go there compliments are good friends. At breaker Chevrolet not only are they taking Jewish there. But there the official vehicle bill Michaels of sports talk show over there for the live broadcast on radio row in Minneapolis. And they were 200 Silverado is right now on the line they're looking to be the biggest batted Silverado dealer in the entire state they wanna earn your business. And until you go receive my body when he spends America Glenn right now you'll see their view and then next ten minutes he's he cousins he just text me take a picture of cousins subs. So when he gets back from lunch. Oversee Glenn and he can points in the right direction for whatever you need over breaker also our friends. At the Milwaukee admirals don't forget to their hash tag mill hockey go to Milwaukee admirals dot com. And our good friend Sergio had gained on San Giorgio fantastic place the only offending Napolitano pizzeria. In this state in the state. There are enough old world's all Third World street in oral third street in Kilborn right next to a called her own club going and say hi. And they Tara did go Michaels. Point borrowing from Stevens Point has cider Boise giver added. Just like apple cider almighty god is it and it's dangerous is such a good all right my Clemens joining us here in studio I don't Michael. I'm great I'm excited because this news that the Packers rams game will not go to London the play in the coliseum. For me personally. Thomas six or seven year old kid Livan on the northwest side of Milwaukee. Watch in the end the Lombardi era watching those gains of my dad. Packers beating them Ramsey county stadium and then on to play the Dallas Cowboys. In the ice bowl. The rams with Roman Gabriel you know we've got to know his son Roman junior and and we see him every we'll see him at the Super Bowl in me let's. Roman Gabriel thrown passes Jack's now the defense and fearsome foursome you've got to have Merlin Olsen deacon Jones and almost. So. George Allen was the coach of the rams in the late sixties or resent. Then he goes to the Redskins and he takes over after Lombardi dies as boring finish is yours as head coach of the Redskins. George Allen liked older players. He called on the over the hill game Sonny Jurgensen Billy killer after that quarterback Chris hamburger linebacker. And I I heard this story the other day about a young player. Who is a safety Colgate now they were actually a top 25 team at the time. When George Allen who kind of look like President Reagan in all smiley dark hair very friendly make great motive. He calls this guy personally says hey we like your play Colgate we're gonna draft him tomorrow. The draft has gone. So. Go to the airport we got a ticket for you fly it wherever press conference to announce that you're gonna be a Washington Redskins. All this is great. So he flies and where there's four or five other players heard the report they get picked up by an assistant to George Jones assistance and they're taking out all over Washington DC. To tour the monuments. Okay whatever and they give back the hotel room that night and he calls home doctor's wife this is that's been great she goes where have you billion. The giants have called these other teams they try to call you see at UB adversity and being drafted that are coming to their teams won't really. The next morning he goes in and the Redskins and George Allen tellem. OK we didn't drafted its call it's a technique they used used back in the day called were hiding players Maryland. Yeah listen order which we didn't draft him to listen we watch on the team right here's a contract 21000 dollars take a few minutes a look over signed. And mortgage indicate. You know player wise. Mark Brooke. I was gonna say that yeah. I've heard stories about that before they put guys in your in your living room. And I satiric and I pandering to you but here's some money here is where we're gonna do so when people call they don't driven nobody gets trader at the new rule will be key here. So that's some harper begins his career. In the NFL he played for eight years he started the last six seasons. And on the side Smart guy his dad was a negotiator labor negotiator. For steelworkers. LSU job you've got a Steele know every day I boarded Pelton Kaz steal for once. And that's a job where every day you donors say is this the day get hurt me you know renal nerves to kill. So he started. It's getting his law degree. And toward the end of this time he's playing with the Redskins Jeanne option from the raiders says. Hey listen you're right there in Washington we're gonna open up this players' union and I like to get involved. And as soon as the Redskins found out that this player would start for the he'd he'd played down for Joseph Gibbs they want all the a Super Bowl which it it's as if on a Mark Murphy is gonna be the turning our season removed from the players' union. They cut. They cut him so this is where your CEO has come on for a you know through the NFL as an attorney Campbell player's guy and just the other day then mark told us this story about those early days in Washington. I also won't recognize meaning Charley casserly. Was very helpful to me in this process. He's on the NFL's career advisory panel. Some you may note Charlie's name you very successful. General manager and a half ago. For the Washington Redskins and and Houston Texans. Charlie and I come back and nineties have reached him. He I was rookie of the Redskins and Charlie. Was. Volunteer unpaid assistant in the front office Redskins. And an extra room. In my apartment. And so he was my roommate over that rookie year my rookie year and it was great to reap you know I've stayed in touch over the years but it. Very knowledgeable and knows a lot of ugly and I want to acknowledge Charlie's role in this. Where he disposes information is coming in are perfect there are one other quick thing our bodies in Chicago we got me the state. John Fox knows he's gonna get fired. The media knows he's gonna get fired. John Fox knows the media noses it is fire and somehow they start talking about his pet monkey digit is John. Play at knows a little bit edgy that's real story I jet pictures of that Christmas gift was that you regard them I. Grandparents'. Home down home down and meritocracy in Florida and so in the way back up from that we. Cover this topic tests are those days that they'll all these hills above board yeah sure is nice you know you're a great baton that was home. Costs by about eleven or twelve. And we got areas or small baby in so she was very very friendly. Done well we heard about it or it's Christmas so this. Places around about three years. Merit my brother will this have tighter Upton still wrapped up Jesse gets a stroke. Those are not film. Yeah I'm troubled Atlanta retirement to divert us a little. This week the mood to move on its. All my guide that the terrible it's a sixty cellular field that initial name gadget that's when he made his pet monkey and they left that tied up and got some stroke and death coming up next begat a guarantee is never killed a monkey and that is Mark Murphy president of Green Bay Packers more than political prudential went. Yeah Phil Michaels sports talk network.