Coach Earl Grant

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, November 19th
This week show features a great conversation with Head Men's Basketball Coach Earl Grant at The College of Charleston.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together and lives being cut. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith and but host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. What. That being in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike figure launch pad and walks out pastor can tell there from brook side Baptist Church pastor I don't I'm doing great and has big smile on your face. Often good to put you could maybe get a match you've got second place you and your never ten minutes early to your normally about three minutes. Mis I had intensity of faster kids did you hear might get their carriage trail in the well you know and before we get him I want to thank god the head coach at Butler. Is that South America a the ball Jordan. Like he was still good in studio. And just a really good man and it was so fun that tend to learn about him and and his background and and we we asked him you know hey do you have any other guys that you are your friends with them might be a good fit for the show he immediately. Without hesitation said Earl grant. And I said. College basketball coach and he's perfect for show like test and said Betsy leftists say coach I hope you stay more lucky a long time. He said I think we will 24 hours later boom gone. Barbara Butler and I'll tell you that was a good decision for him. Now Butler Bulldogs CD you know what his home exactly were I think him and his family one would be our special guest today. Colonial athletic association coach of the year. You'll and we don't just give anybody and it's so it's men's basketball coach at the College of Charleston the mighty cougars coach Earl grant. Coach are are you today. I'm doing great I'm doing great I appreciate you yet. Yet you've got a coach what is what is Charleston, South Carolina like that. My boss hears from mach he's from from North Carolina asked a little bit about Charleston, South Carolina. And he'd just raved about that town. Yeah it goes in the city obviously it's. Very tropical type police could that are. These so called city coastline in the palm trees and things that nature. He actually Kamal as I can pretty much into Atlantic Ocean. My offices so it was a hidden him. One of best places to go more in terms of the campus. Which is a very friendly definitely a lot of good people. Fantastic restaurants. You know sort of really neat place. He can which grant this is a tester can IA I've had opportunity being in Charleston now Lovett my friend sent me down there. In February from Wisconsin we were Khaled afforded that and with 72 widget Charleston. You were probably down there's only couple three years ago in the next day we get up there when it went all the way down to nine degrees kill all the tropical place hints sucked up. Up I'll run all last season was invited. To. That could settle it can be it can be a little bottom quote I'm most it is pretty good yeah it is I don't know what happened that time but I tell you one thing we ate at was called the peak house. Deserve with a bit we we are ending the work. What it was a it was a pink house and I mean they had the best chicken fried chicken I've ever had in my life. So you know if you found that paying counts find that is a good place chicken fried chicken and chicken fried chicken man is awesome where do you find that out here in Wisconsin. Fine by cracker barrel old really pick it up. I. How odd man out accounts serve chicken fried chicken by a guy who cheesecake doesn't have that and they don't you think folks have that hey coach let's talk a little bit about your upbringing where you walk. Where you were raised in in in how he ended up. He QB in the head coach of the current college Charles and we were you what tell what city you grew up at. Well I grew up in jokes about it didn't go I was born and raised here and you know I'll have came up and when I was we had a really good clear at my eyes. Side on the plea at the Colin Giles and his name was anti Johnson. And he came immediately for legendary coach John crux. Who was here for twenty years it really developed a great program keeping. College also from the in the eight noble to the it was attacked back in but it was. Deadly now though and Exxon they went from in the I need to and it technically. That's now on the Atlantic's and they really did a great job. Dominate at the end and one mountainous Southern Conference. When they were problems with Davis in. A one year swear that the 21 and oh and so. Well coach grant was again. He's into what my. Our workers basketball camps back in the early. And that's really. The connection with the economy also are up here. In the work coach is cancer. It is where medically Marshall. Because I woes. Went out here great Marshall was an assistant coach here at the college also in. So that's how I did not work what went Wichita State. You know and that connection but we grew up here and you know my first division one coaching job back here. And the citadel which military institute in Charleston. And an when a way for years. Working in different universities went through Wichita State Clemson. And that was very fortunate to eagle it offers a coaching job. Well you know that that song you can come home right. And it's it's always a great story I think when you win win new wind kid comes home to his home town does really good stuff. Coach you went to RB still high school. How many did you play multiple sports through basketball only guy. Simply not removing everything started out playing baseball basketball and football. And then you know. Obviously baseball one knows what she can't continue to play but so can go to parking. You don't count down agreed to wanna make these kind of gave up baseball and almost no going back for what basketball football and you know and in my senior year are you guys are currently ugly people still in basketball football. Epic game of football up muscle once you the year. Went back out last year we actually game one game away from the Wednesday title and football. And you know and obviously for basketball and some opportunities go to college. Stuck with that and I was able this silent. We love small college ball two years at Spartanburg meant to this junior college. In game two years and Georgia college which is it that this. Is actually where stuck in my coaching career as equipped systems as well. You had a lot of success at the end Georgia college to two consecutive. Peaceful conference championships lead aid. In the 2000 NCAA tournament did did you know coach an early age. That coach of basketball a supplement that that tells you to be in your future. I had no idea an early age. You know when I was. In June because my sophomore year I guess would be your first time that I really. Realize it you know coaching was something that I wanted to do because. I was playing on the team at Spartanburg Methodist has opposite freshman and sophomore year but there was some guys. On campus who tried to be applauded that he will come out every year and try out for the team and they would never make the team it would. It would file was I ended up having an army OT. They're out with those guys who got cut out. Put them on a team we had in me looking so I would go to practice and practice at two and half hour was. Work hard do we have to do in Italy today in. Europe. Locally gain more campuses so that year. My sophomore year in college coach in an enemy or he means you realize you know. Is pretty neat to get a group of again it and work call. You know induce. Cheer she would each other and trying to you know be going to be better so I think. That first time that it really. You came into my heart it may be coaches something that I want to do. In the working camps and work in different camps in different universities. You coast Deon is accurate count. Feel my passion for the station or coaching in. And but I thought I wanted to do who never thought about college. Campus I wanted to do who. You know very fortunate and very blessed in division one opportunities. God open a lot of that would slow me out when you've been looking for and is there exports. Eight. Patriots that was a great opportunity Wichita State I'm always cash. Kept my eye on that on the shocker is because my my whole family my dad my mom their maker at which time and so it's been on town which it's on. Got a few beaten back in the early days of Wichita State they had a big rivalry at that time with Tulsa university admits that I think there are separate conferences now that. Your time which it's always good. No it was great I learned a lot. We just left. Winthrop University. We have greens fees in went 24 actually won at com. Market and the PepsiCo and Pepsi classic. We won a tournament that market. It went 29 fool out of action that would be Notre Dame and effort throughout the tournament. And you know internment and went to Wichita State. All of a sudden we twenty. Who as a whole effort lose reality right there. Yeah and so a year to become but I am an experience you're too we started out the year six and twelve point seven. And we can't create income in the and they were up 25 an outline may use this airy fairy. This can be taught I don't know who won another game and I think. It is very hard to keep their program called on the one thing that were not 612 or. What I would run achievement it was a white out it was and now I think. I'm thinking about it why why they're being here and look at this. And we won hanging in needless to say we went on the ghost seventies and that year in the nation we went twenty change. You know this can't go out there very very unbelievable pro. Were at the people who love basketball. But it was good to go to the company experienced. They're as an assistant that is very similar to what we went we. On the here at the college shell open to the same point you know trying to build a program and has found it to the point we ask success so. I guess that you learned is is it to be humbled first. Yeah I have heard coach last question or forget your break. Don't Ed as a best vocalist myself isn't it. And it's so difficult to teach kids. How to win. You know we lose and it's really easy it's an easy thing you can lose you know every day of the week. But he tried eager to get a group of kids were used to losing. TT get them over the harping get them a taste of winning. And and when there's too messy going in the game and you're down by three for them not to go argue Rico again. Did you find that it to be real to a real challenge. We know early when I first got here. In the year one yes. And years to. A little bit about found that a little bit it was part. Get those guys to believe. In it'll to get to the point they keep you loose. Consecutive those gains to get to the point where solely gaming gas leak. Based on that doubts start creeping in fear looms historically so. Which you know as you continue to grow would have thing. In practice every day you'd talk about core values in particular mine also. And result of winning in just could jamaat wrapped mine around that they could Dave process. What did it take to win what does it take one goal to practice. In the aghast on builders' confidence in. Some. Opal well. The future and you win a few close games in the attack in terms that's what happened to a you know our players just don't really believe that we stay true now core. And we went off the court you know in the classroom and community. Wanted the court and ask. I think he's a model in the classroom and community make good decisions because people. It quietly asked without up try to do and still trying to. He is another head basketball coach at car and a College of Charleston is Earl grant last year 25 and ten. Overall 25 intent made it appearance in the NIT. And Dow will talk to coach grant more on the other set breaker and talked to him a little bit about. His faith his testimony and in how it's affected his life professionally. And personally this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee today. Face in the zone has brought you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor can kill Americans. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A welcome back to defeat the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might give alongside pastor can tell they're from Brooke's side Baptist Church our special guest. He's the head men's basketball coach at the current College of Charleston the mighty cougars. So also what corneal athletic associate coach of the year. Last year he started his fourth year at the College of Charleston he is coach Earl grant. On coaches say it's the second segment which relate to targeted. To our guests a little bit about their Walken were peaking and then and in NASA and its share their testimony with us. And then we've got some follow up questions. After that Q talk a little bit about your faith and works started. You are being started. This woman among all you know my mom. I have my mom and dad in the house one up and reach. Juice Williams still in the early age. How important was to serve people. She kept us in church on campus in the children church who were involved in the church. You know at a young age I mean I was in church every Sunday. There may god didn't wanna go it would be all it be known as Southern Baptist Church you go any you know. Four. While most of the Sundays we. Go to church in aperture you want you to be Buckley the so we've been made 3 o'clock. You know when it was like this did so I'm really at a young age didn't realize how important it would be. This the siege that will be planet and he about your fees they trusted name. You know learn how to Corey. Actually god or steps. In just a piece he come from you know. From the one day as a bigger purpose in this. Knowing all about cheese and and as BB BA Serb people in and be humble. And understand and you know Ricans don't really know what you put in which. I think the city on the trapped in the involved. It out there and and you know my big day out walk now. As a coach as a leader as a father as a husband. You know oh. It all comes back up he goes on their. You know think about how my life would be as I was the ball goes to. Somebody it is. You know trying to help this community and Chelsea community. And I'll be due it'll that I. Important ordering my steps and easily given current every day. Yeah so I'm always thankful for those that had gothic parents and took from the church and not tie. I grip and environments there really thankful and so I came. And it's time early in my life coach that I put my trust in Christ then. Emery is a Sunday night after church you remember I was it obviously then when you were young and she made that decision. You know. I don't know. Under Goosen. For sure there was it when I was young. That I can say do it like as definite kinda made that decision. I think those fees were playing in the meat in the I think I went off. But think about it I'm off to college in in my first year two in college. I found myself not going to church. And and then eventually found a church it was. That was could be in if you buying good quality in men towards orbit. That feed into my life. And now watch how I want to enjoy the now trying to figure out why why me why I guess so much joy and I think inspired me Leo don't wanna be like. Africa meant towards. People to watch and follow. I think is one of the reasons. That. That seed was planted me in and I wanted to be I wanna wanted to be O chew. In which you realize it is not completely. You know I'm not and without god am I just a empty. Without not now be lost without guard Erica. I have the me chew war that I goal. As much as I can each and every day he. He batted in and in the wisdom. Read bobbled ocean. And then have been you don't mean uses but it happened at other good man like that they don't Jordan. You know dale Clayton as one of my meant to. In the that you have a started nations coaches. You know the called to mold our athletes in action. You know done and he Ohio of these guys is stated my. You know and and I think I think you gotta have people on their dignity and in other other Christine coaches. That all our. Trying to build programs. And I haven't success. In the understand anything about them. And you know how important it is. To La have a relationship goddess. Each and every day and so I think this happen people. Did to La. Fellowship with helps. You know we've had several coaches honest said has had a little is similar to sign a they were kind drug to church drawn out and then they they get away should. From from going to church and then make. They came in contact with someone who. He is you were talking about had been just great joy and they want and no man or is I come from man. Actually comes from that decision to put put my face totally incher and my trust totaling Jesus Christ. You know as my savior he's the only one who can save me. And and you think of a love the guys head for some sense on the technology. All all the he did for us take our send them. And that so it's important now I think that's awesome coach that he has some guys there like many others of our guests have had that have invested in and shared with them that message either and those seeds were planted early on and I'm grateful for moms and dancing Reynolds and Graham pulls that. That really do that with the kids. You know since trustee could pastor and any coach who the more we do faith in the zone the more comes up that. It's so important to have men. That are willing to talk about Willie get up on the moan Tampa's Hussein in this on this show. Because it's it's it it seems like the younger guys 20/20 five in that age. That or even 1819 that area you are thinking about trying to get back yet in the church were there momma grandmother brought them to. And then when they walk into a church if they can see. You know well older men that it that might could like coach says they have joy and are willing to sit talk about. Their life with these guys is just really important in past years ahead of it of church you understand the importance. Of having good godly man in that church. All the way we say it often as the man go so goes their church and and that's true that's true in our nation as chair communities. You know good good godly man we've gotten away you know obviously their countries get away from the lord and he. Yeah the one guy remember turner Gil he's coach in that liberty now kinda. After Nebraska think won the division one championship one year. I mean the first thing he said was I want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ and the next thing you know the Mike was taken away. And that that's cowboy they'll hold faith in the zone program started we want guys to be able to talk about but their lord but their savior and and not have the Mike showed off and so now coach I'm thankful for. For you coming on share with a song cycle for my access analysts because I know it's a challenge each week has. I don't think there's very many programs like this on air today and so we're grateful. And you know call you coach who you talk about is it deal plane neared Dell Clayton. From the knee still Helio. The other nations of coaches. You know guys like that that are planting seeds all the over. The country and trying to help coaches. With their walking it's it's so important to have guys like that. That that are investing their time and best in their heart into it coaches throughout the country. You know we Q we we need to pray for guys like that on a daily basis. No absolute and you got from the Indian in all other coaches in all of alt and you know guys in the got to have people. Feed and you know it. You know not being bit in the hardest thing that you got to realize that talk about staff about this. Those offer is on to serve two masters. There's a certain way you try to go about our business each and every day example which so cleaners. And so I try to tell Michael to we got to get a BP book is. You know I can't feel wanted and I love Google it and good god has been. Intimate trusting god in what he. Understand that we can't control everything but it. You know but it we've seen an option for me in trusting god dust as the most important thing. This ought to do that and bingo on B and run around like me. And not be good example and so we tried as hard as we push out. You know I try to tell my staff to called out of love and that way. You know nest of food disputed the mean people see when they walk in the genome and you know we don't need to be cut and don't need to be acting like lunatics because. For me personally. I would like from my wife or my key is war in one must why is indeed indeed had to walk to chew up minutes. That they actually know. The coaches don't Louis and saint people they see all. We can't be a good example. While blues man with a bike and with that we just we try to do it. You know we talked a lot about coach on our program with Mike on platform and how god. Gives. This is the sauce and assailed gun we'll get of believers that are in in the athletic world for the that he coaches or players platform. I you know to be able isn't it to share Jesus craze with those they come in contact with because. Like Mike and I'm talked about mean people are searching you know for answers today I mean like what what happens when I die. And and the deceive the opportunities in the platform God's given Syria and you know man let's say you get around and I know in our day you we have to have wisdom in how we talk to people warming crisis even says that his disciples he says you need to go out and be as wise as serpents and that's harmless is does. But yet the who was with how you just talked about how you want a coach and how you wanna live via you don't want to be hypocritical you want to be real on both sides. I mean that that makes people thirsty don't wanna know hey what you have that don't have and so I would. I was just to carry out keep press amount for the king it's that's a great testimony coach. Appreciate. You keep doing that and then play man to man defense that can make sure. The line up to live place in the net Inco last thing before we get to break we. We had a division three coach from Indiana I've told this story a couple of times but. He he talked about how easy it was for him this year his feet in the locker room. But once she got outside of the locker room he really struggle in that church he he took a class and how to be an evangelist he read some books. And you read a book called I'm not a fan. And he spent the extra three dollars ago when those small those program operates was set that you put on and on that it's and I'm not a fan. And you walk you through the grocery store some and sighed and said horde chew fanned out. And he said I'm not a fan of Jesus Christ. And the woman said once in 87 I think his fears and and the silenced palm follower can tell you about it. And it said all this time and energy and each spent and all the two who's three dollar praised the flu board open those don't those doors Foreman. And I just love this during any chance they get to tell the coaches that story do you guys we got to get to break our special guest. He's a real good when he's ahead men's basketball coach the College of Charleston he is Earl grant and will continue our conversation with him. On the other side this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Has brought you finding Brooke's side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to show faith in this whole non sports Radio One 057 from the fan. I might be giver and my cohosts of set I was ten that's the sky captain Jerry it don't hold break were argued zone or man to man. And reliable is the culture of the year in the colonial athletic association. He's in it he agrees that coach of the year it's not a valid claim that the Obama. Special cast its Euro grip yet coach at calvary Baptist we have 67 kids in the old school seven boys and a basketball team and our biggest kid who's pastor cans Katie was 63 and we're supposed to teach that Syracuse kinda match up where they go forwards come way out. Their forwards are all about 68 with a walk on the witness stand up our kids are our three was about a 61 kid you'd never played basketball before but. Yeah it was good can you give me your outlook character I'd I'd see the look ha I seek. You don't coach I coached all the pastor Ken has four sons and a host a mall. And I know you have three boys correct. Yeah kriegel cult holier than. Pick coach enjoy them very many of them every every minute goes by so fast lace itself. Cathy she is. You know the boys just love gym and on in trying to hit nine and I go hunting Nichols black and blue low marks only the fifth. Pages any and either poise like basketball the best ball kids. Well you know you say they they all love they'll I don't know bailout bad boy on the net mold. Well why until Gundy to coach some more coaching harder. I just you know are volatile modest one level I wanna be it takes shoots a black and really pushed it all but. Either they go to all of our camps in the summer. In my opinion nine year old art is getting to that point now where I get home. There's same day we go our society you know work out logo. We go work and now lead the just kind of started out wanted it to be initiated by them out by. And so anytime they act I just dropped whatever I'm doing and we we go right out so you can actually be sold. I bet. In that Garnett missed on the plea won't want you know. My two year old is very competitive my nine year old. Is afraid to lose so sometimes you didn't want and one woman as a brother. But now almost on the issue is dot neglect each other. And I liked the show and I'm not totally looking. Fortunate. When I was nine I would love to have a two year old I was ten out of love nine Euro so. Making sure the better. A potential wanting out today as they keep getting older you might have to give directory of few times guess. I would see the boys you know they play for my can one ever been and you get him in the driveway against one another. Humming as a thousand another whole level. Another malveaux is another level Kathy say you got to go out there rest they're getting in fights and now you know coach foreign when Trey yeast and when he's about to go to high school. You know there's a high school here in the city of Milwaukee's. I'm coach and I can't recruit that I can recommend and highly suggest. Send him up here will get him going OK I don't want to see your point guard repaid easier it would you know. They you know you don't ask her not to be a cordless. Phone calls about yo talked about how many points he made it camps they should be. That though let's say that. Yet they must say Campbell Isiah has more point he liked issued a ball. You know he actually shoot it better in my tenure nobody passes more. I think more of a point. Man I love it like a leg pastor said. I'm I envy you because you've got some great things with with these kids and and certainly any chances you give it edited Ted Ted spent time with them take him because it goes by so quick. Our our sons will all played a division three college athletics and my son Matthew it's merit at the Baptist Bible culture Wisconsin. And I remembered that day his senior year the last game that he played. If they won they got to go to nationals they lost. And eat it just ends quickly Oprah plea and painfully. And that was my you mean I coached him in high school and went and watched him in fact coach out. My wife and I never sat next to each other for one of his games she told me adding cheer correctly. Group I don't really know what that means coach what you mean and she needs more encouragement here and encouragement and didn't shoot the ball better now after all that's another us open if you don't like. You didn't get the kids just suit foreign wrote that the gap and kick it to him his pitches he had formed road cards though we are. I'm trying to figure I'm trying to figure out what to do the game that there is obvious is so low level where. The policy work out why. She's an immediate element to run down the rule should the bulk of the sitting in apple could seed work and might. Clap my hands a couple of but it. I just you know when it and we rat hole and analysts say a whole lot of us into war. It went really good out as a tool that went really bad I'll listen to or so and I'll wait for them open up the door for me seeing what I need. Some kind of figured out on the they use the. You know two things with that pastor did pastor Ken's wife Kathy. Who was a mom of some of the pair like his nose coaching and TT games form. And she's sometimes you forget that the sound was whose and so I can hear. My pastor's wife or the mom of some accuse him coach and who now I'm happy to send the decisions is open up a lot but what. They paid coach had to put my son back into Tampa. And secondly coach I have to say by seven Matthew Clinton and rec league in while in and its Colo toasty here and add theory in theory that team leaders near the Andean and the deal was when the other team got the rebound. You couldn't process so you had to go back to pick up a half court he's a little guy at this point. And his team was up by one the other team shot missed they get the rebound and hand him the ball and he stood there. And waited and waited because Chicago go going to ship is that. And the colts look at me and then he goes go go go and you do admit she's watching McCartney took time out. And there's nine seconds to echo and the courts who what you're doing EC coaches in Ambon the ball to me in the back court they can't press we win. Editor goes through Charlotte but yeah. And burst out lap and you looked at me and that's it go with the media I didn't know that at its roots of the so I knew I had low point guard at auto in my hands that. You know if you lose I know that the Q so gifted athletically Woody's pretty Smart kitten. And I hand the ball pretty well. He coach would you recruit. For the College of Charleston how open argue I it's hard not to be open when I hear you talk about. Your faith and how important news in your life when you get into the living room where they leaked the kitchen of acute that you want. To come there are pretty open with with the economy amateur. Yeah I want I want him to know. You know because obviously. Number one they need to know why downgrading and I wanted to know. They've become plea Community Colleges now that number one how so number one thing. I love them all on the up and without them. You eat and eat dog in order to be. The mandate he could be without him. There's like have a driver and all the way to Wisconsin right now but yet can't get ilk. In so you not want them know that and also want to note. What my family is to me why some monkey is. And how important it is that they Cain plea can be. More than winning games are won and be a better person when it. Hope she won't you must stamp my ankle is. What it looked like to be a good father would be good as the so be it be an example forms until. I want them in no with a walk into because some is come into me and been exposed. And they don't know. And they weren't raised in the church. And to be honest which is. Thinks I'm cute and memories in church in the lightly. To god and that got this weird how important relationship goddess. On to undertake a melodic you've adapted to and subliminal. And they decided com. At least it won't be any when it is and but is room for any young man in the grow here as a person and as more important. To me Indus try and gain because I think if you grow as a person. And you have pretty. You know work hard every day. You've gone way cool. If you. Got apps can tell you got to have talent but you can get talent. That. In the not good allies in these tokens occasionally and use. And decisions that might be 80. You got it character. He achieved you'd I want accused in the law because it is bigger than basketball. We wanna win championships and more competitive person you know work or are out work everybody. On our schedule. But. Is bigger basketball I want one think is an. He's a pastor do research for the show every article word it talks about coach champion. The Q the coach of the year in the colonial athletic association their read about some of his players. One's a first team. All conference use from Orlando Florida. Second one was set double award winning a garden spot he was from Columbia, South Carolina. Second you're the road junior cars collected all defensive team from Athens Georgia and I think it madness that they ever come north. And then all of a sudden there was cue from Kenton Ohio anfield will batter didn't they got a kid from Kent Ohio was a an award winner. And the recipient of the it dean dollars so leadership award spurs were work in the classroom. Coach we we think you need to come up this way able more to recruit. So you use you while you let me know what I can use a high school coach in this market with a kinda cute that your looking for an. If there's somebody that fits this from. From the state Wisconsin we knew we place and pretty good ball up here. Yeah I know what not knowing how about the Falun state and noticed a lot of good tee got a good programs. So alone try to recruit out of it if there while Wisconsin. And UW Milwaukee and green field and anybody can. I'll be willing to come. Try to recruit. Debbie Austin you watt when you look if you go too well with sports dot net. The team and I'm coaching we have four. Of the top fifty sophomores. In the states we get a chance we we we started four sophomores last year when 23 and four. Loss in the sectional files one game away from Golden State for the first time Coates is that team played like it was a bunch of soft ports. All was said murder worded Qian that was that was sold out. Again it's a senior latent team and and and they ticket who's pretty geared their bigger stronger at played in big geese before. Our kids they look Lilly started fight and sir yelling at each other bull pit stop trusting each other. And all was said and you know when you've got somebody gets in the gap and kicks too wide open guy. And that guy is now miss three year old and all of a sudden he stops common that Wayne looks tomorrow couple times and so often that you sell our guys never done all year but all of a sudden the team that size say they started doing some things that. You know I I think when they watched that tape their like what was I think and well that then that's what happens when your sophomore. I even on which you you've been through it guys we got to get to break we get really shorts fourth segment but won't do that he is Earl grant the head men's basketball coach. College of Charleston. If you get a chance to one that website if your parent. I'll be really quality student athlete that's a passed ball clear here in the city marquee I would highly recommend. Check out this campus and go to College of Charleston website and then did you read up on Earl crypt and the key is it coats and I would want my son to play foreign and that's saying a lot I think this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 app found. The fans. Baptist faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Thief in the zone is brought to mind bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor can kill learn. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unnamed. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sport treaty 1057 FM the fan. I might get relaunched our pastor can count there for Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our special guest he's had men's basketball coach at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina he's Earl grant. I'll pass on this question coach. And your coaching. Whether it was a system or what what game you remember that you think while that was so exciting. That in order gasses that are and it coached in your. Hollywood say that. Maybe number one would be job. And we played when I was at Winthrop University please Notre Dame in the first. First on NCAA tournament and go out and Spokane Washington. Culture we won it was one night we or sick policy. It is being noted any. Well small mid major kind of be OK who stopped twenty and the players about that. That was huge he in. And then I would say this past season. To be oxygen number two where. We were picked we were number two and accomplish it and human moment. We're number one. And play at apparently. Sellout crowd. You know six to understand. And he went to gain by one. Game. Oh. Purses. And they're useful programs that kind of field. Into the company you know. And other people. He coach I read that tell you sign an extension. I believe and and congratulations on that. College of Charleston is is. Certainly it. Is rewarding you for the great job you've done with that program future of the program looks bright you got some guys coming back. Yeah we that we got a really good group return in. You know we're all of us daughters back lash here. A lot of support can. Oh came up. Because. She. And then we got a few new recruits coming in. As well as a couple of reassure. Freshman that were owned team match you Warner Ross who practice it. We got forty players in which lost dollars so. You know I'm I'm excited outlook for the dust on the bill. Goes oh. And coach the guys to check out their own wanna see is taken out you deal with on the three point line Arrington. You don't. So you know would be I'm yes so be considered coaching on all out coached them to different things every now and you know. Should the re. So what about players who were oh Bradley always. Actual court and count Monday mrs. Q what coach you want them to want to right now I want to right now and so every now again. Now be teaches something and have an opportunity you Asia. It is in. Look at the rim shot they but I wouldn't take shots and young Smart shot so it wanted to I would stay if he. Yeah I tell them hey look don't take bad shots but but not every now and game choke shoot. We had Mark Jackson on when he was commission and gold Steny and I asked him less than you have been one ashes can you beat staff curry. At horse he has absolutely in my mind. I think he sent her on what I need to go and I think in my mind I can beat him and I'm never gonna happen fly or do this I ask you guys and I will not do it. Hey coach I can't think he said enough for your time and in the wall Jordan again who is a big fan of yours and I want to thank him. He's another head coach at Butler and he highly recommended that I that we call you when we certainly understand why. Have a good summary joy goes your your wife and sons his men November October few comes of the comes out pretty quick. Yeah absolutely once we get to that point is is. Coming downhill the bald and golden I also. It's been great to have town with a family out players here this summer and so it would try to continue to have that balance as we finish up some. That's awesome again he's the head bass who had men's basketball coach. At the College of Charleston he's Earl grant. I really appreciate your time. A coach in fact we're at the studio were were at where I work every day. There is today a guy named Roy Butler your memory use and memory of Bellevue at all. Playboy about global Roy Butler played for the power via lead for the Packers who went to Florida State. And he's always interest to know we have on faith in zone he walked by and he's smiled waiting for execute outs we can tell about Earl grant. The the coach Karl because Charles since a coach thank you so much. Really appreciate pastor Kenzo and you just you know thank you coach to thank you might be I appreciate you bet they shall listen this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help him. Here's feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. You know saying soon. Our service. Minority who share the.