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Wednesday, October 11th

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From the badgers to Whitewater from Oshkosh to Carroll College football's in full swing here in the state of Wisconsin. Alongside the professor Dan under Bergen our producer. The polish pipe bomb Jeff or loss beyond dumb which analysts let's talk about it. This is the college football show and it starts. Right now. Back at once again here on the college football's so good evening everybody thanks for joining us that is. We take a look at the college football scene here in the state of Wisconsin. Big win last week for Wisconsin Daniel on the rover gonna talk about that. Momentarily coming up a little bit later in the show we're gonna be joined by a head coach at the University of Wisconsin lacrosse. The Eagles head coach Mike Schmidt will be joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. A little bit later in this evening's show is they have a Friday evening. Matchup against the war hawks at white water and good we act contest under the lights which. It it seems hard to believe in this day and aids Daniel but it's a little bit of a rarity within the WI DC to see a game on a Friday night when more. Or Saturday afternoon Jagger with you and I think it's going to be GA. It's just a great opportunity for war Mac fans to enjoy. A night underneath the lights and just take at all and I think it's him a lot of fun. Yeah and encourage everybody will talk about little bit later to go to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Web page. The athletic site and take a peek because they've got a number of events. Planned for tomorrow night as again they'll take on. The Eagles of UWL. And net a little bit later in the show Denny on the tell you why the Heisman Trophy. It is already etched. Well it's under the TARP. And ready to be handed out its old box as they say admire her and I again will be subtle in the fox brought you by O'Meara -- out apparel. Americana apparel LLC dot com where you can signed. All of the items necessary freer sporting team your group whatever the case may be. Americana apparel. LLC. Dot com all right let's get into this badger game. They take care of Nebraska a good win on the road 38 to seventeen anytime you get a win on the road. But there were a couple of things that obviously stood out one Jonathan Taylor. A man amongst boy is this farce freshman goal in the state of college football I mean he was something to behold Saturday. But also Barbara. My question to you Daniel is it are we going through growing pains. With our quarterback or is this what we're now gonna have to get used to were one week we're just hot. And the next week we don't look as good as we had hoped door I guess. Were promised in all the hype leading into the season. Yeah I I think it's the latter were definitely good to see this as kind of the animal for this team and particularly for our work for the season. I am. Kind of getting. Impatient. With this whole issues or having cornerback in and it will be pretty few this way. Two of the lesser quarterbacks we've had it was gas now I have dealt with confidence issues and and you can you can really see with a corporate. It's against the body language thing. He's just you can see that look in his eyes when he's out there. And there is there's part of me that just says can we. Aaron he'd Russell Wilson talent that can we please have Russell Wilson conference or you're out there and just feeling that you do it. Because you know we you know I'd jolts that is. Issues of confidence from well documented them not making fun of that I mean he you know. He had to find a way to get back into the game a little bit but now here we are to correct Slater I'm including part Houston and that. And it just feels like we can't find it a Daryn how they can that that's got more so when he's on the field and I would I would largest. Have that personal that are against or not deal. Jeff I think that confidence factor was also seen amongst the coaching staff when after corner brook. Threw that interception to tie the game at seventeen. There's this offense went strictly to the Ron and strictly went on the shoulders. Of one Jonathan Taylor who basically carry data offense for the remainder of the game and help secure that victory on the road against cornhuskers. Yeah they did and they you know they ran the ball like what twenty or 22 times in a row after that interception now the thing with me and yes. You know you can tell that ohrnberger didn't handed the confidence or whatever after he threw that pick. But he went nine to seventeen he still completed over 50%. Only a 113 yards a touchdown a pick but his quarterback rating was still 116 point four. So you know I don't wanna sit there and and kill the poor guy couldn't put up a 116 point four it's not like he went out and threw up a quarterback rating of thirty. So you know that the coaching staff did cut his legs out from underneath them and hopefully that doesn't add to his confidence problems. You don't know how players you know individual players deal with that as we all deal differently. Yes there's there's truth to that because you we talked about this for last few weeks there's nobody behind him that is really threatening his job. True freshmen. Redshirt freshman both sitting on the bench as back ups and we talked about what ethically could happen to this club. If corner brook went down so it's not as if corner brook is looking over shoulders taking. I need to perform because I've got this guy's sitting here ready to take my spot it's his there's nobody ready yet. And you hope that by the coaching staff. Going strictly to the run in taking the ball essentially out of his hands pitching not ruining him now against Purdue in the rest of the Big Ten Conference. I understand what's being said don't give me right in it's it's it's what else a go back to what is that last week I mean. How would keep record of it completed more than eleven passes what you've recorded correctly more than nine and and wind when they've been interceptions especially that second one he's only out there right he's feel pressure. In you could see he's gonna throw to the Ron daddy in terror away and he did you defenders senior behind depicts an off XX. I against the mighty issue loses. What are we need to do what kind of coaching do we need to have what we see this guy start to tumble in confidence. To pick them back up quickly it's already shaken off let's get to pick up their duty again because. It seems like once they go down the slope they just keep going. At least for the game and so yeah I mean. Gets a 2% of his passes I get them but the issue of our it was a bad play. Pick yourself up to move up we just can't seem to move people pass that you know and I am starting to wonder you know is is that a coaching thing because again we've seen. The last two to three quarterbacks have that issue what's what's the wanna. Yeah you know I looks like they're definitely missing a quarterback guru. Which they can use yeah because you know let's be honest you know his corner brook have the most talent you know in division one as a quarterback of course not. You know but. Do I think that he's playing terrible no. So you know when he throws an interception do you have to go back to. You know first quarter tight passes were your run and you know real short Kinchen dunks to try to build this confidence again. Or is he somebody that can you know it doesn't seem that because of the fact that they went when he runs in a row after. Is he somebody that can sit there and chuck it on the next play and you know with a quick a quick forgetting you know quick memory loss and it. Orbit whisper yeah that's what we need there you go let's go back to. A question mark that we had a couple of weeks ago going into the Big Ten season that was offensive line. And the one thing that happened. On Saturday night with Nebraska is the offensive line took control and a game which is obviously out Taylor gets the yardage said he gets. But if I was impressed by one thing offensively even amongst all of those. The things happening in and around corner brook was hollow that offensive line. Nebraska new at some point donating we were doing was running the ball there was no mystery to it they were putting eight in the box. In yet that offensive line was still able to X cute dip. From level one to levels to get some chip blocks of level two and our guys were just running like there was no tomorrow. Yet that is the best of seeing an offensive line perform maybe two or three years and to see the view look. Of defeat an exhaustion. And I'm the front seven of Nebraska. And and honestly you you hear about us and does Douglas sometimes but. You could see it in their faces. They were done they were tired they had nothing left in the tank and there's still six minutes left in the game and how to we stop these guys. I thought what that offensive line did. On Saturday night was. Honestly absolutely spectacular. And Natalie was a spectacular from their perspective and their confidence. But I think for those guys who are behind them even for Horner Brooke. To know that all right I made a mistake but I'm making mistakes that I think. Inevitably will be correct a bull because they are mental type I errors like you said locking in on a receiver telegraphing things. I'm getting protection. Obviously my running backs are able to run the football. And this is the Big Ten. This is what surprises me about. Places like let's say Michigan and yes speed is important speed is definitely important you can't coach speed if you can get guys on the corners. What have you speed is incredible. But Big Ten football there's a style there's a style to SEC football to pac ten footballer twelve excuse me. There's a style and that style in the Big Ten is ground and pound. And Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday night showed that they can still ground and pound with the best of all. And I think that sets them up now as they make their way through the Big Ten season and hopefully maybe aside at a Big Ten championship yeah I tiger's deal I think they may have. Founded their system for the rest of the season announced they're not given up the pass and I'm not suggesting that they are but. You know dude has been a while now since we've gone through coaching changes that we've kind of gone more towards pro style and I'm good at that really him. But they have pretty much figured out now that their way to win is gonna be back with the it would be running back that can handle the load. And they've got their offensive line back where they can do the things that they want to do traditionally. Our biggest thing now looking through the end of the season. Is number one no more repeats of the first half were you know holding calls and all these mass stuff but the other thing is is really. Injuries to stay healthy as you know work your way through it and this is a team that should end up in the Big Ten championship. Album I'm gonna go some place right now is gonna save for a little bit later in the show but since you kind of eluded to it with the coaching situation. We both former. Coach in and around. Oregon students are in my computer singing Mira and I think I. We have a coach out at Oregon State who's no longer the coach at Oregon State who used to be a badger head coach. Who suddenly. Had an epiphany. And it was time ago that it was time to go and out Oregon State off to eight terrible start their off to a terrible start. And it was a team that after had a little bit of success last year was hoping to capitalize on it continue moving forward with anybody else floored by that. And did anybody else read some of the statements that came out and go. As suck me right you. My Sosa man holding gearing Anderson is that he's just done his conduct he's he's just. This is not. He wants to be a football coach and he wants to be of football coaches certain Kana ethical moral level which I totally completely understand. He can't do it at this level he could duty Utah State. But when you get more towards a point of the higher levels he's getting pushed into like we were talking last week. About you know. The counties make it on Twitter and and the use what he has to do to build the team and throwing some of his assistants. Underneath the bus and doing all that I I just think he's done what that I. I'm more with you Don I think that there's more to this story thank you because not only did he just up and quit. He walked away from millions and millions of dollars he he's not taking the buyout. And it just. How do you walk away and and I'm not sure I don't have the number in front of you would say is buyouts five million it was I think it was like six point two I'm the number of front definitely like six point two how do you walk away from six point two unless you know. That there's some dark clouds coming your way in common fast and. I wanna believe Daniel what you're saying right I really do I wanna I wanna have that again what are you you've got somebody standing in front of you who says you know. It's Catholic do we not right for me to take the university's money the boosters money who's ever money. On this buyout like you said I've had enough I'm done I can't do it anymore. I'm just gonna go. All of the things that we've seen lately especially in lieu of the investigation in the college basketball in the way we talked. A few weeks back about how some coaches are still being paid by some university the whole. The whole scenario I'd suggest find it ironic. With how he left Wisconsin. In one of the reasons he left Wisconsin he couldn't get those ju co located sin could do that I I just there are some then not rights. A buyout. Him leaving the way he did and I'd just have are hunched. No basis our hearts that were gonna see something down the line with regards to Oregon State football. And you're maybe your rate but to me you just. I think he got burnt out it was scouts and you try to get in Oregon State I honestly think and in human being very her right that this is what's going matters. This is what's gonna drag him out. But he Timmy I just get the sense that he's just. Mentally physically done with coaching he's he's at it and one of the stories that came out offer Yahoo! Sports. Andy recording. Or taking some excerpts of text that he had sense right. Was about the fact he was completely unhappy with his coaching staff. You put a cold what does that the other theory I don't understand that those are your choices those are quote unquote you're dies then how do you suddenly become unhappy. Which your guys. So not only do I have question marks and in the old cloud over Linus type approach to why he left. But I also wonder what was going on behind the scenes now that all of a sudden you had all of this animosity. Would it appears to be at least as what Yahoo! Sports is reporting between the coaches. On that staff especially when as head coach you put that staff together yeah. At that there's no guarantee that the people you pick you're gonna be the right of people there's. You do everything ego if you due diligence and you think you hope it's gonna work that the idea that there is desist this immediate animosity. That there is this is completely this is complete disengagement. Between his assistant coaches and himself. It's to me it's like Jesus Jesus flailing is as you know grasping at straws. Find a reason and I think again I'm gonna go and you might direct I think you decide to however I quit. Right you know usually viewed here. You know. Dissatisfaction. It's usually the coach will lose the players and he doesn't have the respect of the players. It's very very rare that he he loses his whole squad of the existing coaches but I hope you're right I hope it's all on the up and up and everything's good. Somehow. In the next you know handful of you know Erica hill get shabbily either way. Good job overby in a great outstanding guy and how wonderful Mori's giving you one of my shovels and and I'll be areas. And we're up against a break. Out September 20 the one of Anderson's sex read I'm fixing this place it's it kills. Well most of kills does mr. Anderson is no longer the coach at Oregon State ideas. I don't know what type of individual he he is or one is while coach Al Wisconsin. It is brought me the wrong way. The way he departed this team. We're aegis in almost gave me the scene kind of feel as basketball coach at Marquette. Win Tom cream decided to just up and leave to Indiana I got that same feeling. And there's just something about the way that'll win even when he went to Oregon State. That is rubbed me the wrong way and maybe that's the prism mom looking at this through because I got this bad feeling about the way he up and left in medium cooking more into it. And what exists but. There's just to me something wrong when you got a job acute at Wisconsin you turnaround Levy go to Oregon State is once again political wanna go back home. You went back home in a couple years later year already walking out the door. It it will remain to be seen and when it does. Jails are full so I a time for us to take a break when we come back on the other side of this commercial. Hiatus will be talking to you. The University of Wisconsin head coach. Let me let me rephrase that one more time yeah battery for resentment it was a elegant real Whitman Whitman that he's realistic outlook the Arctic. University of Wisconsin lacrosse the Eagles head coach Mike Schmidt he'll join us next. This is the college football's already don't want by seven FM the fan. Once again welcome back into the college football still right here 0157. App spam bills. Fans. Being joined momentarily by the head coach at the University of Wisconsin lacrosse Mike Schmidt before we get to coach. Wanna remind you that YouTube zoo did Saturday October 14 Daniel you know the red dot and Sosa there their 8 PM. YouTube zoo revealed official band of the college football shall. Get all of their upcoming dates has always at U two's zoo. Dot com as I said now joining us aren't that great midwest bank hotline is that it coached at Z. University of Wisconsin at lacrosse return Eagles head coach Mike Schmidt college how Loria. Today we couldn't be better I'm I'm really appreciate via you guys. They have Romeo and ready ago or outlook tomorrow night. It's going to be a huge match up a little bit different as far as the week echoes coach to be playing under the lights on a Friday night. Usually tradition has it that most of the games that we find within the WI AC is a Saturday afternoon affair. You have really bizarre kind of setup for all of its beyond look here they've got a bit Mark Cuban opposition though it. It changes that we got to play there are and I which. A pager that demand for our guys you know normally and our guys have been using that are a little bit of fuel that you know and and for our guys were right in the middle mid term. They had to reschedule at all week. But to be prepared or what kind of through our our normal routine off but a value we got done on Saturday against the glare. And I know more than I got Bartok in the captain about that day. Nobody thought out tonight. Where were they it and we're getting ready we're meant mortgaged our trajectory we have to take shut we gauge Sundays off so that's our off day. So in order to get a jump on Whitewater the guys got together. And and and really. Yet their own trap they say they target they opt in opt out which is. As your property your a pretty big deal and trot who can you speak yet. One here today like the other place that does a big deal here. And I thought then and they're in. And really like get a jump on white are the guys that I think all of that hand. And a neighbor and ready to all week it got cabinet normal deal what I think they're guys we have that well. Coach a question before we actually start talking about the season and the upcoming game and you kind of eluded to when it's like on a weekend in lacrosse. Around here right now some of the high school. Football coaches you know you'd get a little bit so early because it's homecoming in all of the festivities that are in around homecoming. In lacrosse is now homecoming it's all the festivities around October fest which took place a couple of weeks ago. What from a coaching standpoint. Do you impart upon your team or do the players take care of that because you know you just talked about what a normal weekend it's like October fest takes it to a whole new level. Right and you know and how the player here we we never played on October from that might here we played one game my actual that we can wrestle your debt by. Goat here where he knew better and in early as well around it by. For he we decorate here and they do a great job of make sure they're on top of everything I mean our guys to be all. Our players are way more or mature and I am ours. It was accurate they're they're incredible they're may make their terrible lot of sub but you know pleasure for younger guys that are there had been a lot of stuff there's an agent. You know we want we we encourage guys to pick partner with that brought about a city. And affecting recruiting. But our biggest hit. Come under the often college town under the great institution. Quote to me for me to say that. While nobody can go all that's not released here that's on both sides also. Well we really wanted our guys to be Smart about how they go about. Things that are so great and are sitting whether that bird street on a normal weekend or that so sure about October that. We wanna try to feature guys that they do that in a responsible way and make sure they're taking care of them Dalton and really everybody else around them so yeah I have a difficult deal if you actually look that was played at point at a night game or even though many of their roommate or probably government that. 2:3 o'clock in the morning that it didn't really matter we had a night came I was a big advantage for a. So one just to open a car right now and head west but that's behind us talk us stocks of football coach. A great start once again to the season you're sitting at five and all. When I'm looking at wins against Luther College rip and Carol Stevens Point oh Claire is you come into this Whitewater matchup. You're putting points on the board now we've talked to some coaches this year and that when you're looking at just the score. Do you think offensively. That's really where it's going on. But on the other side of the ball from the defense of standpoint you're holding teams to 714613. Fourteen. Defensively. Your your hand doing your business just as wells the offenses. Yeah and we got a great we've got a great deal and a great start you know I'd really defense league you know you look at our human point game. We give up thirteen points but really one of the pick their. And one of the fumble recovery for a touchdown of the defense actually didn't allow any point in the act game. Against point so what do valiant effort there. And yeah you're absolutely right to be displayed. Play their face but so far and that we will defeat our depth is tremendous that on that side of the football. We bring imaginative or defense of coordinator are who are fired our defense orders from a year ago that was me. At least we got a sort entity that they had we're so lucky when I got the job here. I'll I wanted to bring imagine that work you can map liability with the guy I want that he's an incredible recruiter a great defense that coach. And I want to bring revenue and we're gonna make it happen he's back on the air of the pro because the coordinator plateau last year is all the moderately them to the national playoff. And then it took it took me a year to get Baghdad job here. And we finally got them in a tremendous job and you know we are Bible the Bible lash out what we're look at different vibe. Were better team this year and were our depth is much better we've had that recruiting cycle whether that transfer. Or mostly and they got against. We get that that group has got to come through here now a lot of young guys. And are our five and oh it is just so much better this year in terms of our our our prop guys are better in the world last year and then. And act as you know a lot better than they were a year ago but we feel pretty good about well at a program a movement that you know really a daunting stretch come. We're talking Tuesday head coach at the University of Wisconsin lacrosse head coach Mike Schmidt via the great midwest bank cop mind here on the college football so. Coach elude to that a little bit because a year ago you were in this spot five and all undefeated going into Whitewater and I happen to watch that game on line. And it was a game you were right there and if you could take maybe two possibly three plays. And have success with dole was as opposed to what took place you're gonna come away with a win. What did that do to your team for the remainder of the season where they seem to struggle a little bit getting their footing back. Yeah how we we we are able one game after. What really bad that it really repair repair and there that your game plan of what. You know we will pick they're a Mac game as well we threw an interception in our in the end zone. And we fumbled into the end zone and we we still have belief in the in the fourth quarter and soul you know you look back on that and I think both are cut at the moment where this little program. Upper section of the previous seven years have been brilliant seven. That prior to last year and until we go for a moment like that and and at this moment where I don't know that it is is it helped the felt lecture I think it did. But it certainly help without moving into the off season if you're saying hey. We can compete with people we have got to play better and actually that are seemed to our guys that. Work good enough to compete with anybody that can be yeah we really are but if we don't play our best game. Are we don't prepare. Our best way or not gonna weaken them eating it we will move anybody that are deadlocked count level and at that level we shall weight gain so. Our guys fully cooked that art and they look at that you know or even last year against every one of those that we ought to we were either in the lead. Or in the we're gonna score. Bible. And Whitewater election in the fourth quarter will you know you look at those games and and get some of that confidence and the spilled over into the off season. And that meant for me moving in the this year. Coach talk about your quarterback for a moment Terry THE last week 290 yards three touchdowns. Now a veteran I guess as far as collegiate athletics goes what is he meant from not only playing standpoint but from a leadership standpoint for your club. Well he really change our program you know we bring in Jake Lander often coordinator last year from northern Illinois there of the previous years and we are able to Dickau Landry here. And we guitar and until we. You know we put our Inco Landry together and and we just had two guys and a lot and little if you want to game in your report we got here. I am actually here we let the league in total offense and we were scored 36 point big game I mean. You talk about changing almost overnight. What we are able to do because of coach Landry because apart in eighty. That let every thing here in the program. Where now like eight we can play off the aggregate deal with the good spot for quarterback look at what our quarterback is doing. Making is a wonderful leader he's a wonderful person he's just that true blessing for our program they have. I think we've been a blessing for him you know involved mentally as junior doubt doubt doubt or. I tried to make that the university of buffalo coach I apple there. Was a work it out and so he needs I wanna go play my last couple years and and really at on the home here at the crossing will all the more we get stories like. So what orders given got a good point click football. Have a great period get a good education. But the big deal in part it can be a better guy in can be a better leader and and ultimately wanna come on be in the leader in the and and that really captain which she is. You have to make plays in part is a great player. He'd be that are single season total yardage mark last year for placed at 133 drive and should national championship. At 45 guys financial contract. Other little lot in the UV Daunte great ball record though. I mean you he did that in only nine games so I meant everything to our program and where we can go move forward. Coach we literally have about 45 seconds you gotta match up obviously coming tomorrow against white water. What is it that you're gearing up for in hopes of coming out with a win. Yeah they've got a great team it's funny he's beat people probable Whitewater Dahmer appear here other make a while ago. They got a gonna count matters a great player running back form. We've got to find a way to load there on game down limit the big play they're gonna get there I'm there to get their big plays got to try to limit them on defense. People are often done on track we've got a great wide receiver nickel completely leaked info in people that receiving yards either. We can get back that you eighty gobble them combination going we should be in pretty good shape than traditional football we feel good about that. He's the head coach at the University of Wisconsin lacrosse there headed to Whitewater tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. For a big we act matchup this is head coach Mike Schmidt coach can't take you enough for joining us here on the college football soap just the luck. And good luck on third street when the season's over OK. Well I'll I'll do that think like you guys I appreciate belly. Are I we appreciate the time once again a head coach Mike Schmidt joining us here on the college football so when we come back. We'll talk a little bit more about this match up happening tomorrow night as well as the Wisconsin. Heard to match up that's happening this weekend and Daniel. If there's one thing coach has their lacrosse it's a bit of excitement doesn't. As enthusiastic as funny here you you don't watcher your football coaches to be boring so it's. You can you can see why this team can build around him and it's it's a program. That in the past has had great success went through a bit of a downturn and you need that kind of energy and enthusiasm. And also the X and all knowledge that he's bringing along with his staff. In order to turn that program around and I think he's the guy to do it up their lacrosse yeah and he's got to pass a full across not just the university just the area and that's only gonna help. All right time to step aside for break as a civil talk more. There will also take a peek at that Wisconsin Purdue game coming up next this is the college football so right here. A 1057 FM defense. Welcome back once again to the college football so right here 157 staff am the sand. As we continue to talk a little. Purdue matchup at camp Randall which should be. Entertaining considering the weather forecast Daniel I know you're headed to the game gridlock so thank you very much bring your rain gear is could be this could be fun. Is this one of those times now granted sometimes it's not the greatest to be sitting in the rain as long as attempt is located below its dual. But is one of those times when US camp Randall was back again where it had natural turf. You know what it's gonna rain all day when you get those marbles to meet those are those are the best now. A lot of natural surfaces these days are intertwined obviously with artificial turf result still call it and sewn together and they said the other thing. But there was some to be said about back in the day when he's had a natural turf and they would turn into an absolute mob ball that was fun to watch. He tag is to be fun to watch him and if if a fellow Tennessee game like that I don't want a suit against Purdue and eggs who's got to Minnesota. Michigan Ohio State stuff like that or it's it's it's old school classic for Parker and I think there's Packers stuff like that he you don't I don't have so I. Yeah to answer your question yeah you know as long as it's not Cole wondering your findings that they just can't deal with a and you kind of halted the games kind of brought to reliever Leo feel bad and you just kind of going away. So we've got some other match ups as we talked about the fact as you DiLeo cross is headed to Whitewater for Friday night matchup which is. A little bit rare within the we acted as we aforementioned but that's a 7 o'clock start. Pat White water some other games within the W I see all clear at point. River falls at stout this is coming up what I'm about to save some need the matchup of the week it's in plateau. Oshkosh. At plants still bowl teams ranked in the top 25 nationally. Both off to incredible starts this is one of those powerhouse match ups much like we had the other week went how stressful it went water. While looking at these at these games can and evidence for the slate of the weekend you know I am I am I guess I'm secretly hoping and ask us kind of takes this one. And like in the go undefeated but I'd also like to see I would I'd like to seize lacrosse and I ask ask whether the crosses a program that is clearly on the rise. They don't work really hard to get to that point were Whitewater and discussion are the kind of that you don't the New Kids On The Block. Would see would they can do against established program like gosh how Simon I'm kind of as a fan. I'm kind of hoping for battle but it. So the 25 for this week I ask costs coming in but once again at three Oshkosh has been at three wood seems to our time for Everett can't get it crossed or ahead excuse me of mount union. Where Mary Hardin-Baylor but still sitting as we noted at three UW clad silk. At number nine rounding out. Those teams with in the state of Wisconsin in the top 25. UW stout. Whitewater. Look across all receiving honorable mention nods along with Carthage. So the state again well represented putter two stalwarts right now within the top 25. Really getting ready for a huge matchup as we noted this Saturday it's a three vs 90 and you've got to wonder then if Oshkosh is able will be. Platt silk. Can they is least step up to number two or number one in the eyes of those nationally who bowled on these things you know I. That's the funny thing about this particular. Ranking system is and we talked about a last week. You know white water had had a lasting demon and all of a sudden there they are still getting a vote and and they were one to ten year old and three or one and three write something along those lines. And so we've got two teams that are sitting up there and wanted to forever Oshkosh sitting at three. And my take on it is as until somebody loses we're just gonna leave you there. I don't know that people are really follow it well enough to understand the differences between the league's. In the teens say wait a minute you're really not that good but still five an hour of six and now we're to believe either. Well any other match up this week obviously is that camp Randall we sort of talked about it a bit coming out of the break with the potential for weather. So when you look at this Wisconsin Purdue matchup. And you look at the fact that the running game right now is just. All systems are goal. If you're Purdue. Don't you kind of scratch your head angle really now I gotta deal with the running game and now I get a deal with the running game in the weather. Because usually the running game in whether. Tends to go towards the offense says. The defense not knowing obviously snap count car owners those types of things I think right now everything is just kind of coming together. For this badger offense. And taking out of Purdue team that's tough on him Iraq yet but I think just the way they're playing with the weather conditions the potential for it on Saturday. Boy look out this could be this could be a huge win it from a point perspective more that Wisconsin that. Ballclub yeah I think you're right I think this is an opportunity for. That offensive line and even the defense as well because they they played well points but they did not shine last week. Where they could find some continuity and really kind of decided that it now they've got their momentum and wanna push through. This next section of the season that really honestly they should be able to master a little bit patient they've got. You know they're the mass of their own domains that point trying to get through news into the machine. So. This is an opportunity for them to just established who they wanna be for the remainder of the season. So the stat the offensive line. The average 66320. Pounds you've got a running back. In that the freshman Jonathan Taylor who's already got 767. Yards. And nine touchdowns I don't think this is the game to look at Alex Cora Brooke for a bounce back if the weather. It is the way it is Jeffrey because right now I think it's going to be a another classic Big Ten ground and pound again if the weather is such. Yeah I agree with you and as we sit right now how the other line is still at seventeen. The badgers favored by seventeen if we get the weather. You know it could go up. If you could see even much higher by Saturday if the weather's there at least in my opinion. You know maybe but the way that I would see it is you know obviously I think Wisconsin is gonna win but I would probably go the other way just because I wouldn't expect you know. The badgers will run probably an 80% 85% of their plays this week. And you know obviously Jonathan Taylor you know 249. Yards last week he's proven that he can it is time at any time. But you know it will see how many points did put up. And knowing my record in Vegas that's a Smart way to go to waste at the opposite when I come up with something. When we come back after this break is going to be time to shovel the fog brought to you by Americana. Apparel. And I'll also. Tell you why and Heisman Trophy is a lock. We'll do that next this is college football's already here. A 1057 FM the fan. Okay. I'm. Let's get a welcome back to the college football shall write here a 1057. FM the fan. So all the (%expletive) is being brought to you by Americana apparel whether you need teachers for an upcoming event. Or team jerseys and gear Americana apparel has you covered. Owner Jim van Acker will provide you with unparalleled quality and service for all year custom silk screening and embroidery needs. Give them a call an area code 40143225683. Units 4143225683. You can email him at Americana. Apparel at Yahoo!. Dot com you can also find all the information that you need an Americana apparel LLC. Dot com Americana apparel the official outfitters. Of the college basketball. She'll aren't football show Opel as a best ball Yemen for. A new event. It's Thursday leave me alone could either college football so Jeff help. So all the fun go into that might struggle goes to the Oklahoma Sooners annual video that you didn't. Off Ohio State everything's looked in Rosie everything's looking and wonderful. Beat at home by I always stayed a game you were favored by thirty. Thirty and you lose a home 3831. Are you kidding. Does randomized double they got there in. I. Don't know. I've got to go Wisconsin offensive line any EEU that a team run for 353 yards you've got one guy running for 249. They recover after kind of in an average first step even though the dead run really really well. I think they're they're running for future i.'s general what are some that really do. I'm gonna give mine to Jim Leonard. I like what he's doing with the defense of squad as a young defense of coordinator at the University of Wisconsin. He's starting to get a little bit of national press from about his ability to rise into that position. And do what he does so much Sobel will go to the defensive coordinator. For the badgers that's Jim Leonard all right so before the break I said. Heisman Trophy locks done see ya it's already engraved and ready to be handed out. Heisman Trophy this year. Goes. To say Kwon Berkeley. Penn State running backs a Kwon Barkley is for me the most dominant player. I understand what our friend did up there at Madison. This past week against Nebraska I think debt type of effort. And XQ should needs to be had here the remainder of the Big Ten season. To be at least in the conversation. I think Taylor could be in the conversation I think he had 30 am doing here yeah but would Barkley does for Penn State I think if you remove Barkley and remember. The Heisman Trophy is about the best college football player I have no idea what's gonna happen to this young man when and if he goes to the pros. But right now you remove Barkley off of that Penn State club. That Penn State club is nothing. On the offensives died without a rebuked. Go ahead Daniel. Again. That's good already noticed a good degree and I know I I don't have anything to really. Arguing that adds it is to me feels like it's too early in the season. An and I look at the Penn State team and and did. Any any team that's got a great running back is going to be less without that running back. But I think pants stated as a better team all around the maybe were giving him credit for rate now I think they're they're pretty solid. I'm in in the yeast so I just wants to see I think he's. I think is good I think he's great I think the reason he could win it is right now there's no real step and a. Well here you here's nationally what people are talking about price love running back got a Stanford baker mayfield quarterback out of Oklahoma those are the next who that are getting. It is far as press goes regarding a Heisman those are the only two right now that people have interest in. And again I'd I just think Barkley has done it for so long has done it so well between his junior now senior season. I just think Jeb if you remove him again from that Penn State club Penn State doesn't have a chance against Ohio State or anybody else in that division within the Big Ten. Yeah it's definitely not a bad pick it's just. I'm with I'm Dan I think it's too early aegis hit an article released today I want us is by SI this fed did Jonathan Taylor. I should get the Heisman Trophy so we show singing we shall see I'm definitely not gonna go to the window and put a car payment on yet. Yet I'm telling you. Put it don't get the car note get it to Vegas and put it down and you'll make parallel so well it's good that Ari. Aren't I already told them to take the opposite to what I just dead soon be well advised to do silk. Earlier Minnesota music in the background tells us it's time to bring this thing. To a conclusion. We want to thank their head coach for the University of Wisconsin lacrosse the Eagles again taking on. The war hawks this Friday night in Whitewater 7 o'clock that's head coach. Mike Schmidt. The professor Dan under Burke for our producer Jeff or loss beyond dom which analysts. Thank you once again for joining us were back in sixth in 23. Enjoy the football weekend take care Milwaukee.