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Friday, May 19th

05-19-17 Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - The guys preview Brewers and Cubs.  Also hear from Eric Sogard with Bart, and Tim Allen sits down with Brewers reliever Carlos Torres.


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No chuck can we blurred. He lives up from a brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Chirac again no led. She sports Radio One 057 FM the fan this alleged turned 33 today GAAP and from what I understand that you have no plans for your birthday. That is well I'm gonna watch the brewer game OK that's it buffers game. The hearing navigators rain out of the highly disappoint Alicia station games on TV today. It is it is okay yeah guy just speculate because I'm accustomed and customs assuming the game's going to be MTV. Hogue better be on TV and first place. Touchdown was just is not doing again today is on a touchdown Wisconsin's gone now. Touchdown Wisconsin man say a mismatch I mean I like earlier tonight that. I haven't really had a voice this week it's 'cause I keep doing touchdown was cast to Wisconsin has really come into his own as a baseball broadcaster to now tell he's feeling more more comfortable. More more loose this play by play calls right I mean he almost Wally tipped Brian Anderson now. Who is a great voice yes. And it parade announcer absolutely but even Brian Anderson on Twitter gave a shout out to Matt will pay who is. Done a phenomenal job throwing gains the last couple week palm will be a you know he's been away do in the network stuff but I mean look at yet to you know one guy leaves you don't want is to fill the bill. Chuck in the ledge here on the fan. Or toast and coffee time 906 and now. Sound like and smoke and this is your massaging and vocal cord the real led smoked. Valued at an alleged. Bomb the former Larry legend. Legendary guy here is some warning them. He would coal and judge bikini contests and he would always be all about town he'd be out its old. One 2 o'clock in the morning. And he can come in at five dude show the next morning. Twice the alleged. So again we can't get this guy on the phone today no alleges some known Tikrit samarra back now. Now that's a shame yeah but he you know he was an alleged love he loved being in the alleged alleged love being himself. Mutilate his own parking spot as a tojo. And he was. You know he dressy come in and he'd be dressed in a three piece suit. Why am more yes. Who this guy want to try to tell Jiri is the wedge she'd come in and he'd have his jewelry he'd have his long. Cars I mean he. He came in and he made it known that he was alleged. Like he was like the Rick flair morning radio or the same Patagonia a great long sleeve every day I know you do. I'm wondering when you've showered and I think that and plus she's not letting us on the error the legend coming in and you might as welcoming a normal bubbles bigger Rick flair robes Bart. Allegedly declared chart Freeman baby tell ocean where does bill she met my wife. She. Is now like. And Nadine life and anyway sure but she had enough with me with one particular thing going off my. Wearing the same thing every day have its I've got a pair swept and she bombing sure for Christmas. Out all month window where without washing all cheese month that's gonna be at least a week it's like Spain now on the inside not from anything grow its its. But just from nowhere and tired of the society asset to say anything about the checks yet that he is worried that he on NASA already finger able. How often does your wife to launch reader house. Well she does her laundry and I do my laundry you'll separate yes why. Well because I usually. Mess up her I don't them on the rate cycle. See when she and I'm gonna do my own laundry because again I'm married to my wife my mom. Yeah but isn't like our house. She and it will just take care of all. Shane does your laundry sure she's at her friend bushels still do it yeah I'll salt my girlfriend Osama laundry chute but because I know she'll do a better job than me zero. To a better job yeah ha ha yeah it's I guess ice grow my wife. Yeah SCI. Which I don't league she'd want mile. Because I I put her ripped jeans into law in the washing machine and dryer is somehow they Kamal. Were real more grip than they normally are so. You're girlfriend does the lottery because she does it better than the house not because it's a woman child you know all she does a better Ive read ever do it if she does a better job than me. Like I do all the really out of our house which is the guy's job yup. And she'll do the laundry. Area I don't feel like she I don't art gender defying. Utah I think you're trying to get to say that but I'm not same. It's not because she's a woman I say and do what she does she does about I'd I'm not a great. I'm not a great laundry. My wife cooks dinner came and I clean the dishes okay. Case I put out my little apron and clean the dishes Akamai content can learn how to play like Mike titles little disheveled right now. Noelle yes what is not bad but this is of little disheveled. Somehow when I put it back together it's not as good as the when she put she puts together. It puts you know straightens up somehow she does like ten times better job yup. I don't know what it is. But it's got at least touch to that I just don't have or how she would have abort you maybe I don't network might have it here and steal it like I. I am definitely a younger version with chuck Freeman was UR as in and out it's unreal. The comparisons urges right there witness why are bringing out these guys and they like wannabe you. Our brand and shelves China mean alpha lights you. Brendan was not an elf. Let's cut to chase radio I think analyst day. Shall see he was trying to tell me he was abate. And he's gone through some of the people on Twitter said. Even chuck Freeman. Said that in all would have known this whole time. Shall CU was a beta male. Salt diet but he's been in the team out of the closet the final day spent four I'm OK with it the debate a male figure out that he's beta now. On the basis okay they're now that when you hear Fisher for all these stories are stronger bomb ring Eric so it is a beta. Our guys have like a beta are met head on alpha. He says his wife yes Gilligan employee pay what pro athlete though she really has now. Of them looking white you know for you know it's crazy there was one guy and I can name a name but when I was working for the bucks when I was in high school. He his wife was just like. Not bad looking girl home. Bridges just app you're right player usable OK. Okay and seamer and nice lady she started there. And you're walking out of that out of its on he has obviously rallies are where he walked out into that to control area there would be. Gorgeous girl child doll bubbly to go out by instant you know NBA players ago maybe. It's a bottle service web yeah this averages stroll in there with this you know. Averaged nice young lady. And justified and it was she was about a five or six art and you're just looking at like man. That guy has got a he's got it all up top as he can eat things in the right ad was when like the rest of assortment. You know we show you will is on the field is gonna go practicing go the mat that a bad as what was he governor. You get about a six fizzle C average looking guy is way. Good looking golfer delegate park craze our thanks to this business. Now this business. It's our national forum upon them and especially pro athletes yeah I mean it was like you would you walk out expect to see it attack and and you know you're grabbing a nickel a set of a doubt even what you coaches and managers in and guys who you know. Up there in years you know even their wives or girlfriends are reluctant. So I've got to bring something up duty earlier in the week. We were talking about women announcers. And there was a young lady listening to the program. And she said I flower in the conversation you had sexist. And I told her Janet's Gramm I think told her. Please. Trust me we do not do radio intended to be sexist. I'd phrase she's not listening right now. I don't know if she is listening and guys are saying that athletes can't date fives you know or don't know I'm not saying they get they just never deal. What we're saying is when you look at a guy that as a dog played in the NBA you gotta go and our I. I you don't have to be dating a girl that works and AT&T. You can pick up but a dime pretty easily share and not that it's a bad thing. Yeah but look at you know the rest of the world. And in comparison to our ability to talk to women in the confidence that you would have talking to women if I had you know. A number on our NBA roster I feel like I'd be a little bit more inclined to go approach. You know the top shelf I gonna an article rail liquor if I can get a top shelf why. You're right and that. Proposals mean c'mon. Borg I mean these guys. On the money in the world they do what your problem. It's no go ahead only growing about it I I need face that this is bad that we wanna talk about women. Guys yeah. Well there are a part in that sorry we aren't we screaming during partly because the LSU you know it's amazing bar UB UN like this on the air but futile act honestly this way off the air. You don't you visit you don't act this way. I know some day be real and I am very ill I'm the only guy make them pictures over there on your computer screen. Now Jesus. You did you the other day. Mentioned you. Cam Ward you sit him morally liquid Cam Ward is broadcasting human fuel she's always broadcasting. Every woman solidly him more than I agree with you that's not sex this is REIT and I in the east at the Helm of the fine broadcast in over a woman. Complained about it said Tony very excited about how. You you really high tech metal top shelf liquor when near an athlete. Absolutely yeah what are they want to tap shelf personality. Or subtly top shell while value of you most likely you will be able fine ball yes got a real fine ball. All come and some of these Jersey chasers that hang around the Bradley Center you know cards he'd probably guess the we go all liberals are right there they're good deep black hair eyes staring you only go there earth. Contacts lenses 'cause they don't wanna be brown eyed or Lou and it certainly you know and now necessity is the real Barbara a year ago and I you know other people come in with it. But I'm ripped out ladies that are Jersey chaser all you'd there you go go all too though goal Miller and one who brought yeah. What's that phrase once dancing at the one that brought idea that it now is always the answer. Jersey is do you guys call an ugly is now. Not true advantage is now he's Andy's I was really excited to come here in the morning because chuck knows this all too well when you walk into a room and you instantly know year. Pride wrestling ions in the room when I walk into this room I knew for sure. And it will just come and it helped a lot and it was a lot of what's now I'm. The ease that they could trigger was bound to disease cough and went. You know it's it's fun when you walked into the room and you know that your brought the best looking guy in the room so as an epidemic show. I. Honestly don't. Because you're behind the glass. A moderate to examine those. Retreats and says I bet Larry the legend never did his own laundry. No he didn't as take beta male radio. That was dry clean only player Jake says when I hear you call winks thinks the alleged chuck. I think it's because you want to jump off a ledge from all as beta isms. Most is gonna Brian the lady. On Twitter says. This goes the same way with women athletes they're not dating some slop they're dating the hot I'd rather not particularly great. Oh. Okay so it's okay for Bart say. Yeah it's Delaware we deal last weekend third team hates all well if she's hot teammate. I don't know what to think she was in a five I can tell you that much probably not now. Now. And WNBA ladies there it's near. I don't know I could not going. A more a good looking girl who might more I could tell you anybody who plays in the WB and she was she was on the UConn team I like Diana you're bossy. What's America and I thought I'd still like Deanna your posse is the enemy WBA for 35 years just about. Just about managed her high forehead her five had been in the league for 35 years. Well me and who's the drastic turn for the worse now I'm glad it did. So don't we start talking about. I don't know I think Eric somewhere in the last Davos and Ohno well knows we started off. Because you city got to let me get a message. From somebody lady called the radio station to play linkage you compared him war to every female broadcaster out there. Right and and you said all ladies and data athletes have to be smoke shows any fine wine. Knoll. Pro athletes. That's only settle for. Now it's because look what looks good as a Mujica personality who looks good in our personalities just in the tenth through that. Forget it hold the door. Let's see this is me in my previous partner had a big discussion this one day. He says the hot factor supersedes everything with women and you can overlook a woman a quick look at woman she's got just horrible. Itchy personality. I see he's wrong. Okay you do always drunk all without a doubt. I got to be here says how come the only time Sports Radio talks about women's basketball is when they evaluate their looks that's a very good point. Well whoever said that must be a beautiful young well okay. When do we ever evaluate his basketball Michelle trying never. Right but now we're talking about it because we're talking about their like David name for him WNBA teams that Billy sparks. The Phoenix Mercury. Which is called the dialogue on the air I used to call cereals crashes car. Laughing so hard after the segment home great well I'll gladly come FCC license and residents on the phone in his time of danger now. Struggling glad I was content chuck it allege chuck and the lads. Whether you're dating a ten or five they're all welcome and Perkins I'm sure they love that I just transition in the that. But whatever kids you procreate. With the lady of your choice kids eat free. After 4 o'clock tomorrow Tuesdays and Saturdays. After 4 o'clock kids eat free at Perkins they get an adult meal and then you get a kid's meal as well at Perkins. Perkins there's a lot to choose from off their great plates menu you've got items priced from four to eight not. On the scale but of priced four dollars to eight dollars lot of great food at great prices including the homey meatloaf. The big blt sandwich. And the fabulous five breakfast you can check it all out at Perkins restaurant and bakeries plenty of locations to find. Ala the Milwaukee area and again on Saturdays. Kids eat free after. For a clock. And you can check that out tellem. That allege since you struck in the legend the fan. Sports Radio One 057. F have enough fanned 12:50 on the am from the Bryant in Stratton college. Atlantic studios. Some more medals last Tony minutes we were. Mentioning are talking a little bit about Eric so guard Eric so guard called up by the brewers made his debut last Friday. And as Craig Counsell likes to do he likes to put them in the lineup right away. While he did it with nick Franklin earlier in the year he had a home run that gave Eric so guard does the same cell there with two home runs now as a brewer. 248 games this week. And really the MVP of that Padres series. Had a chance to talk with Eric last weekend on Saturday when the brewers worked in Milwaukee. A bulk at Friday night game and about what he expects from himself going. Forward only good on the brewers' clubhouse on their cell guards Friday night big moment for you. I was in the stands that night with my wife you're having a nice little came together. Just who's this guy as a new guy or so apparent I was looking at your stats. Alcee a lot of home runs on there. Then next at bat yet the home run won a moment I'm Fred and I. They have stood him in just in to be back on the field after missing all last year. A moment be able to contribute first day back you know that's a special time it's a crazy thing that happened with make Franklin comes up his first. His first game with the brewers. Home run. You get a two minute when on Friday night I'll quit coming Howell you with the a's to such a long time. How old do you get acclimated to a new cloud I guess you don't know why are you doing right now. Right now obvious as that this team in spring says there that it's now I'm a bit and great group of guys and and they welcomed me in with open arms. And we feel extremely comfortable somewhere. It's nice to have him just go out focus on the game and now your teammates are back. You know these guys a little bit from that but as far as the city of Milwaukee. As you've been here before that today is coming over with your time. And we came here once in 2013. And then they have to play the exhibition game zone that's in many times here let. Now love the saint imminent that seems so far and Ann's been grant. You pretty much mean. Besides wherever your sleeping to hear the stadium. That's human lockyer and I think that elements of our. They need did you have any indication when you were gonna come up because when we looked at bronco and on the DL we. As some may be a lefty pitcher may be a righty. Avian outfielder. And then they brought the infield. I you did you have any indication that there was going to happen. Annan to and it's to set focus unplanned down man you know get my b.s every day in and an act and now as if and then get on. So how does that happens Rick's retirement. Bring in the office. When we had him on the show he. He likes pretend that people are in trouble and then. He's doing I value as we exit they have morning game that it's I was on the if and when you know got a call. My agent anthem from sweetie assess it news indeed. Goals for you now understand probably staying up at the big league levels on as you can absolutely tremendous yet here help team anyway and is here. As somewhat. That is Eric's old guard who is played at third already at shortstop already. At second base are ready and the discussion and on the post game show last night the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show on the fan was. By an Emmy at least in the short term. Do you ride the hot bat insult guard or did I mean you got Johnathan BR who's your second baseman Jonathan we are the guys that I've been calling. Patient zero. Of the rebuild it got last year there was anything it was telling you that you've got your first future second baseman in Jonathan VR. People seem to be ready to cast him aside after just one leaks are mirrored power well. Nerve Caribbean a lot of today. You aren't but also is going to get. This guy in that lineup today he's not gonna sit him you would be foolish to sitting down who's on the offense of terror like he has. He's been a leadoff spot I don't think he's certainly leadoff spot when he might. Bought. How do you take him out of line gotta keep problem. Somebody asking us if we think the game's gonna give played the latest that I've seen is a 54. Percent chance of rain now and it's in the day so I mean I know they can't play Friday night baseball. They're not supposed to schedule games late like that the duke player if there's a rain delay. The goal waited out and I mean if they have to play if they don't they became a schedule like teams on a Friday night but they can certainly. Wait it out and play for the serious sort of 5 o'clock that's different because they're waiting on a day. Well everything I've seen says the range should subside by later this evening. Oh geez I mean like the latest in tonight's. Seven. Home I don't know I mean do you make him sit around wait all day that I don't think they'll do. I think if that's case he did a lot better tomorrow yeah and what the pitcher's mound paying a mountain and the pitchers and ever get a chance to warm up anyway. So those gym to slow pitch tomorrow. Do you wait until the next time the brewers are in Chicago. I think during their room but July. August 'cause tomorrow I don't tomorrow's weather looks shaky to the whole weekend so Israel should I they grew and I can yeah it was good weather until. I mean steam aside past Sunday school Simi cola side. So I think we're going to be. But we just have some great weather last week and we're back to being crappy it and human NetSuite Memorial Day weekend and get rain coming in. Forecast to East Coast have more of the week it was going to be nice but now it's to register paternity crappy. Yeah I saw you tweet a weather guy like last week about the memorial however that Tom Watson that's what I got a yeah they don't know two weeks out and do you ovals guys are they get back to you all the Everett away what this day. He said you know so far it looked like in the seventies. But this was two weeks ago on grass but has taken a turn for the worse brewers don't play in Chicago August until September 8 even if you on the weather channel. They have. I mean on their website they have weather forecasts over the next fifteen days I don't know how they do it. But for the next two weeks next fifteen days of the forecast up there so Memorial Day looks bad to right now looks like brain. Called Memorial Day Monday looks okay. But temperatures in the sixties. Or second change. Yeah plans for Memorial Day weekend we're all golfing every day. I want the brewers game and it's Saturday. Kate it's a day game against the 36. Kirk sort of terrain altering Kansas washed out and obviously. So Eric's cell Garrett is the flavor of the week we'll see if he's in the lineup today you'll see of this game gets underway. I do we do need to hear from Carlos Torres. Carlos Torres they had him on the post game show bill intended. 201 interview with this guy. Very outspoken. Pretty much hates every new rule that baseball puts and I about interviewed him myself in the locker room very outspoken guy he had nice guy idol. Very nice guy now. Get a chance to barge to do and on deck interview with him gulf port I've talked to a okay. But I mean I decide to while being a reliever in baseball I think those are on the trade deadline now I didn't realize then and I'm learning now that. Ask him anything he will give you is honest opinion or even if it's about how much. Baseball is changing for the worse and so here a little bit from Carlos Torres. And talk about what he has this they'll do that next chuck and alleged Sports Radio or by seven of and the fan. I've actually pitched a ball game. In New York. Cut on the subway in New York where they're talking about the started in the game which has mean I'll sit down next in the same type conversations. And nobody who has made a cleaner you do your job you've got to move especially the pulpit that we nosy and you're in the bullpen is phenomenal and you cannot get me on. Balls hit off the wall left or right closes again you know they're gonna get recognized that causes. You might not even recognize that voice that's Carlos Torres has been. It might not recognize that name he's now the brewers. Either leave Richards chuck in the alleged. To him than ever before don't. What we're summons talking about Choo and that it relies you were there. Ollie out all the time when Tamils of the wacky. Causal locker room. And we can deny Iran. Carl's he's roundtable picture. And I am standing next to a guy or watch your. Have my hand on my glasses on recognized me because it's there at at at at least auto wicket. All all I saw him really with a partially about all this does. Loves himself. And eyes that I work like every morning and he looked at me and he goes all my guide and that he started backpedaling immediately why it's nice here that he was talking now about realities exist audible my boy there you know honest and now the reason why just don't like this in the you know and from the Troy aided and. And then when that happens about me you say yep I agree and men. And then I I did I did this whole alleged fairway that Gaza's as bird they have pretended allied down on camera guys sacks. You know only too well what took. She beat he's that those. Our years here you got you've got you figured out as you've figured out man. I got all the fact that I know that at a bad at all tags. Carlos Torres what you just heard from was Carlos Torres who. I think it was last weekend. Talked to bill she made and Tim Allen that to those guys. Went out of the ballpark here on the cause or show most emotional yo hear them tonight after the game assuming that against then. I'm Billy Schmidt making his bill Michaels made envoys today so they'll be bill and bill today. In the afternoon you can hear that but those guys talked Carlos Torres very open about a lot of different issues especially that baseball is facing. Says that pace of play. Is an issue in baseball and his. Comments regarding that. So Reggie baseball as a whole entire you know. Idea is they don't they don't really care about pace of play pace of play is a West Coast problem because they're losing advertising dollars and 78 and ninth sending a that's all my fault that how few nice is this because they got to work on Monday through Friday humbling you know and I mean that's just the way it is Major League Baseball want to attack offense. Because nobody cares about our game with bonds didn't hit left and right in enemy and then it's exciting and it's fun and everyone everyone's happy hump you Doreen except for the pictures obviously because we're throwing tricycle balls. For whatever you know. That's terrible story as ma'am I like the beginning of that again so Reggie baseball as a whole entire you know. Idea is they don't they don't really care about pace of play pace of play is a West Coast problem because they're losing advertising dollars in the seventh eighth and ninth inning. That's all my fault that how few nice is this because they got to work on Monday to try. At home boy you know I mean. I mean do you hear any other player that's oddly at daddy's home like a cult of his home boy oh boy you know I mean yeah that's very young boy you know enemy and a young any other player dogleg afflicted the reversed a player. Now homeboy players same thing can I Tim actually expanded on that with Carlos tourism bundled two minute portion of their commerce Asian regarding pace of play. I'd rather prefer Major League Baseball. Only allow three foul balls. Perhaps Batman and you're out. You eliminate that that's actually way to speed at the game everything else in opposing zaps your preposterous. Quit doing that eliminates. Our of the game at least today to charges there really isn't his. Well and not on that but it's more cost efficient raging baseball throughout the bulls were losing your editor of the select what it would 25. Bucks apiece. I got no idea how well. Just tell you guys to pitch that they have baseball I mean there's a lot of time taken out there I understand it in the a thinking man's game point seems like a lot of times. Interestingly enough if you guys watch us pitchers we can throw within five seconds the problem is is that the play's dead. The walk of music starts a guide and walks into the box takes its time dig seeing the other tells empire away and gets ready and then we get a pitch. If they had a run up there Susan plays or not manner you know this is a place that they had a run out there and get in the box you can get back out to be true. Just aren't we really don't drive it's it's I mean. He's vibrant is trying they'd each have like I keep one foot in. Well criticism the second I what Carlos I like Carlos is Abby curly Q the walk abuse again pokey event after a this one is strong on. Pitcher will walk by a behind the mom tapped the resin day you you think homeboy is lying about all the he's putting it on the hitters but it's the pitchers to its odd ball. He's putting it on the hitters but the pitchers take their time vector. They go back there in May working a little bit yes many go to the mommy stand up their and the in the batter's got to step out of batter's boxes. Losing his rhythm a little bit. Double. Legacy Bob bought fall ball public dislike the softball league softball one file bought out to. That would radically changed the game what then gets solar had a long now at last I burst dull when without that obvious thing if you want to cut off some time off the off it'll never happen off the ticker. Three file balls 02 I don't think they need to keep changing rules I they're all little tweaks and I'm. I don't like the rule and I'm Gregory Q I don't know what does rule with the intentional walk us take for space like softball. If saw poison up you get for space. Com I don't like that rule occasional four pitches. And did he takes the walk the. For space beginning on the show he's beginning of the show I told you yesterday I did some PA announcing at Miller Park my cousins baseball team and and afterwards I met the guy that. Runs at least the balls and strikes part of the scoreboard at Miller Park you know now he was also showing me some of the other equipment in there. And what he was showing me was. There's a monitor and it's set up so that when you're on game day RE SP and a CBS sports and it shows you the little ball going to left field. And it shows you the ground outer shows you that there's a rod in play you know when you watch the game cast yep that's all done from that room to. So I didn't know that was done that's done from that Roy did not know that it's ever that room and he was telling me that they're running into a problem. Because big computer system couldn't figure out at first how to. Tell the computer. It's an intentional walk but no pictures were thrown Tokyo because that's four pitches that you take off the pitcher's counts I was wondering when you have to add one he has he says we have to go. 1234. Put the guy on first then take those pitches off but keep the guy and first the machine. As a hard time comprehending that I could see that okay two reasons one it's an older machine too it's a dumb thing they do. All of this game cast I'm watching is there a coach of the beginning of the show I got to watch the game Kasten CBS history because. Bomb you know he was on TV and number two I couldn't get any brewer affiliate Kron in the in my house yesterday he did it my car stereo but willing to sit car. Less than a game so I go to game two yes and I did guess assess each pitched. Eighty miles an hour slider 83 miles an hour out and I'm like how would know that. They're doing that in that room okay so if you look at Miller Park next time you're you're there you know you see you might see the press box were. Not like chuck and they're sitting. I and then you'll see where you can are in the TV said but then the one to the right at that if you look back the one to the right is where the hole score board room so do they have a gun on the pitcher to. For them miles per hour. They advised that they must. They must feed it down to some amazing diseases telling how each pitched what the pitch was and not only get what the pitch was that the picture was thrown one. Exactly they all of and they have a right away and all computer thousands. All of her people entering OK so it all comes out of that room. Call star is talking with Tim Allen Moore on the pace of play which check Freeman raises one eyebrow at his. Discussions about a body is more from Torrance apple. Happens is when a guy thinks both you know there's no penalty for so now they wanna do is okay well if it's your time comes you know. That time's up it's a ball you for the hitters like will put that on infinite scale. If there's a ball for the hitter every time the ball is not pitched in this game is exponentially longer than could ever imagine. You put on a shorter scale if the hitters not in the box. And he gets strike. Okay now the game's over and you don't 20/20 seven miles but actually whatever that is you know I mean. But yen to dispose of it that way or moribund offense of the guy you know decides it will be out they've never penalized I have never seen a guy get called the strike because he triple feel boxed. Vietnam was a rule for one point time now so it it is actually enforcing the rules which he'll never do hitters because it actually takes away from office. But you don't want the intention of the intentional walk thing that ruins things though and no serious bottom half. It actually actually slowed down. Because. Now coaches can to take thirty seconds after every single no hold on. And then wait wait wait all thirty seconds in the act okay none and Eminem and challenges like we'll we'll we'll homeboy you that challenge I don't know that I mean like. Either do you don't call it today that all these pauses and you basically to take our time of the game. Minus all of this that they DBS for answer replace. And it tells Imus. And I'm pretty sure he's seen at that time was cut. And the problem is when you don't tune called strikes. And there's lots of offense gains are gonna be really long. Okay because of measly Beatles got to stop the got to get this digital clock out of there that's timing all these people. Like I hitter will make out and and also in the next hitters on the clock they don't use that the this clocked between innings they don't use that. Quit putting that up on the scoreboard because it's a joke. You heard Torres emphasized. Don't call strikes at the end. He's also not a big fan of the strike zone if you look at Major League Baseball rules mentioned baseball rules dictate and they they've had since I've been playing. That between the waste and the shoulders. Halfway between there is the top of the strike zone. But yet we have done an astronomical. Amount of pitches at the adults that are called balls which are actually in the middle of the song. So it's it it and not only that but they're trying to win the bottom of the need to move it to the top of that no one knows why. It's gonna go counter intuitive did speeding up the ball game which Major League Baseball knows what it is gonna do is increase offense. More from Torre as their great stuff with Tim. And out would bill Schmidt. I miss the kids. So I got tired old guard so dire need. Chuck doing their what do these sailors buddy Sanders breath. You're not nice to be anymore it's my birthday what would you say all reviewers and out cat you're not even by your microphone frames. I'm hearing hurt and I think John. Birthday. So guys okay. I heard they since you. Here young lady was very nice today. What you playoff tickets back today now we celebrate remember that night at tonight. The actual day I'd love to watch the brewers play the cubs knocked off for dinner at all. And the woman golfer dinner. And then I feel terrible also brought go to bed. We have 33 ain't funny one bro you would do one does that what's the difference that's Bosnia that's gonna look right over I mean it was only want to go out and get our act. Wealth that you really blood while I want glittering three what you make it's only 33 is over the hill. I am a little more of a tour the rage here at 233 outs UNC my cholesterol. Let's and you well I mean come on man my let's go to get a drink deafness. Coaches abroad system as a pilot to do. The other player audience that won't be. Drinking all day and it's not in the black coach and and I'm 33 have built up tolerance over the years. And I do appreciate you drinks. Yeah the air you drink and anybody industry used issue. I've got more reason to drink and Avery and try to stay solves that I don't know if you have four are there any kids yet no glory in world. Your wife is always she'd never on your back for an. My partners chuck. The alleged free and no you avalanche. For another 35 seconds here so not on Monday if I go Monday 6 o'clock or eight chuck in the alleged effective being. AMR Bard you've got that right you're gonna shut me down right away that right. Suspect of being normal around here. No thanks thanks while it lasted edit join the don't enjoy it plants operate the ledge average over the weekend. Somebody called and said they knew the ledge. And that the ledge actually did a lot with. About women's charity is a big chair guy impairment and other high two years allege that a lot in town man. A he does that with charities in this on the strip clubs every little thought that the pledge made his mark van. So he didn't just support women's bowling he also supported women go to community cal you have solutions on your fine arts he's been he's of people just an alleged things boys Beckham on.