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Sunday, July 16th

Faith in the Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern joined this week by Dale Clayton of the Nations of Coaches


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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome to faith in zone on sports were you 1057 FM the fan. I'm like you're flying solo this week pastor can tell there is out of town and I'm excited about today's show. Pay as Zack you're listened to show you know that I love coaching basketball. We do that 35 years and I lake coaches. Basketball coach is that like to give back guys and understand the importance of of what a coach to bring music to the program. Chin knocking guide these kids in more than just basketball. And our our special guest today totally believes in that he is still Clayton he's the vice president of coaches made history for nations of coaches. A deal how you doing today. I am doing great how are you. I'm doing good I'm I'm so happy and excited to spend this time with yet do a lot of research. Armed DL and and I'm gonna call you coach throughout the show because. Beat the amount of of players that you coach Steve Martin seasons. That you while put in this game of basketball. Not always an assistant coach who's a head coach. Is really impressive. And I'd your numbers speak for themselves. A coach to you would you miss the dated day operations of of being a head coach. I do not. A different product both BP the I don't miss that primarily of the boat probably a burglar go into but it. And being worried well if the build a new group. What in the boat. I enjoyed it. Thoroughly enjoyed it but an example vote. And now by news. Directed toward Albert OG and then we'll vote. Joseph coaching goes through your background. You know you worry at Carson-Newman college for a long time as there had men's basketball coach you're on the athletic department staff. Prior to that. I you were at a number of schools I think probably Vanderbilt will be the one that that would jump off the page at at most people is some of the guys that. That you coast over there. Our our names that if you hurt you know if you love basketball the way that a lot of people atlas who showed do. And I talked about guys like Willie Jones and Jeff turner. And will Perdue these are all guys that that site you either Coastr headed to had a a big role in recruiting. And these are some some big named big time basketball players. When you look back and coach that your coaching career. I would assume you start with Phil guys like Depp but the amount of young men that you've had a chance. Two coaching be a part of their lives. It just has to be almost overwhelming when you think about the sheer numbers of them. They're going to vote let me have been Google Friday. I do it does Barack own emotional moment. And I do could be called. Player who spoke over the outgoing and that erupted. Right. Don't vote for our crude and dirt in urban there are it. There are no Oprah Oprah or we could do for Europe or they're open don't. Well at a BP. Both a great quote boat and garlic trolls baker. We are under. Well all or will it brought it back. But bidder. That people don't vote. Though but they edit. They're. Getting. So. To Albany yeah she is very forward Oprah yeah. Or well thought well. Duck boat I wanna. Arlen our I report or your vote boom. Now you better but it certainly hope that certain appeal. Org a little bit. You know all that. Not a guy that way. That's horrible. But no port though but they're they're. Oh. We knew when you sit back and and and I love the fact coasted that you felt a need and almost a calling dictate together for a talked to some of these guys. I think that says a lot about about you is certainly a lot about them pitcher comfortable enough to. You'll give them a call and just check in and and and see how they're doing coach worry wordage you grow up and in words are good high school. I grew up but we'll go order. And call out to a war. And I don't blue borders. Miles north. Of Portland Brett did not order war. Do you do. You'd a chance give back to Florida much. I used to get back luck all we've recruited order. I'm not dead that it makes it that it would bomb load that gender. The cities in the oval and he. And but I used to go back a lot for you or the year. Make sure that your beloved Leo he's still in. So. I'd get back about Bravo to them there. Boy I'm Suri for free your wash your your mom. Anti made it to that he pets that's awesome she got to be big fan of yours. She's got well what a great fair and in fact I don't love the move through this should be. Tipped over the years a lot of new paper or pull it back a lot of play that is no. Yeah. It. You took the river virtually all the proper and really felt real. Certainly he would Portland and through the. You know coach might my mom is is still around in Endesa sassy as ever. And I can tell you I tell this story for you chance to. I was just a kid and the eSATA Milwaukee and in my mom didn't like to drive differ rained out. And we had a pretty good snowstorm going on in and about 6 o'clock in the evening or Friday night she said Michael get the car. And said why did she see get the car we're going to see a high school basketball camp and I was too young kid. And we drove about seven or eight miles in a snow storm went to a high school call more Q mark cat. Here in the city and and we got to the door in the good young guy that was at the table set on Suri were sold out. Am Hamas had no he you don't understand my son's gonna see this game. And the kids in demand are sore but we're sold out she says I it would last talked to or get meant. And the kids said just go ahead find a place to sit on reckon Sadie think we'll Jim Jones. Was playing against Alley McGwire. So Jim chose to receive saint Catherine's. Alley McGwire with two marquee Marquette. And I remember standing at top of the bleachers that high school gymnasiums vacant I gotta get involved with this gives somehow some way. And it was because she were her willingness. To drive this snowstorm. And take me up to 35 to Wisconsin. Cure more here in the northwest side. To see this high school basketball game not only for me to see at which you wanted to see it. And that's for my love and passion for the game came from she used to love watching Bill Walton Paula. She just lost it. She loved watching that big red had indicated citizen that's how she would call. And that's where my love for their for the game came so I'm story for your loss that your mom passed away a couple of years ago. Well note at me. I didn't like basketball. I don't vote football player growing up played better overall state of our own state street right date. Armored unit had a great. Good. I played to talk about it now at all the work. And so radical group or operate very involved and ended up playing in college over a period that play football it or. That will bring it and other property your college basketball coach. Boy did you kid coach did you know early on in either high schooler Collins that coaching might be something that. That tell would be your future. In orbit bring from them. I figured the other big you know those little law who devoted thing to do coach. Oh. It it never crawl. But still. I actually graduated. Art McGregor and out of their corporate. How. Once she started to points she got on the bench were a couple of games did you realize that this is something you might want to do with rush your life. Go. Outlook about it too late director go to college. Well plate bear evolved. And vote but I would in about it but I director. A new coat on coat. But I'll vote go to those who are here. I got rare in college and a lot of graduating and after that ability what below. Kinda. Thing that we're years. And that triggered the ground now we're in it but it. What I app was. Ever dreamed what black vote vote vote. And in coaching bad call oh lord for players vote goes at them rupiah over player. You can gather them to cry and there's border about life and bury it where it. And I would do that boat people. Quote political. While what what was that college coach's name. He then you'll world. Do my bit radiant and back. On Saturday. My alarm about drove up lieutenant Billy and the world. College coach is. And they've wired that problem here and. Boy he you know coach he's got to feel really good about the good to see that he planted. With you. It. He's a very special. And he graduated. From notre. And bill. Or at all ordered she. Place at all Lenovo Olympic bill higher. In vehicles a year in forty years in the water temperature all of below. Wouldn't do good at oak oh progress and they were they are you know Bill Ayers. Don't know air load the order that would and they've been so. Remote code vote. A guide to coach TI Del Harris has been on faith in the zone he coached him Milwaukee. And dye reached out to him about a year and a half ago. And detect got a holding him and told them will open about the show that we're doing not a secular sports station. In the city Milwaukee and he without even asking sad yet be if you if your call and in your view me and that's show I meant. When when do you need me how much time do you need he was incredible. To talk to. What a good man. I actually. Go to bill while it would do quote book and of their tree in the right. Look what. She EU would sit over the cousin senator that's where they they practice. Are you familiar with the day I die I guess that's it I'm sure that's where these two practice backed and the cousins senator. Over the south side and walk either build an. I'll tell you this coached they're building a whole new facility. Here in the city or new practice facility. I knew why new place in new arena for the bucks to play in and it looks just beautiful in downtown Milwaukee. I don't remember a debate about and correct. I'll go at all at. And yet it is part that it bought it. Quote higher and I thought were were vote. Yet that's. Yeah I any coach let's get to break for targeted dale Clayton he is the vice president coaches ministry for nations of coaches. Second segment today guys we're talk a little bit about Dielman and his walk in ask first testimony I really wanna get into what nations of coaches. What they do. I I know little bit about it because Pete wary who's been a a guest on this show is part of this. But I did a little more research and invade these guys do great work. If you want to nations of coaches dot com is their website and will talk more about it make sure you have at least fifteen minutes. To put aside before you go to that website here's once you go on the website you're gonna wanna stay there for awhile there's some great stuff on their. Again that one word nations of coaches. Dot com we're talking deal Clayton vice president. Of course is ministry foreign nations of coaches this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church back with a host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in his own odd sports Radio One 057 have been a fan. I might get pretty good flying solo this week after I can tell there. He's got talent and our special guest he is the vice president coaches ministry for nations of coaches he's still play. Again and good nations of coaches dot com for more information on some things at these guys do. He coach let's talk a little bit about about your walk if we can't we can ask you for your testimony and in how those. The journey that that your run began. Well it began. I didn't news it's so this. The gala graduate. School. And after an injured not sitting here with little or they'd like football I would I would probably. Vote that that and coach Carroll recruited me. But left before I got their real world today and our vote. A little bit I know. Forget the bogey and open book this year it was his players that would agree to coaching. The coach who threw his impact. That. Were able to leverage. Talking about the bill that they are outward in the near the community. About Credit Agricole. And a little bubble that is and where. And that's what you do for pre ordered boat would be the gathered gone uses to repeal the troop. All the work by forfeit both. That held it started the war there and a related note it. I know aren't you looked. Where they were great. And it tortured blueprint or would do that go with what you're. And Florida that are needed to 200 code. And in a bright who the the only good oh. And that started the majority. It would. In any of the bull. While. Boy I'll tell you that's that's awesome you know we have a lot that we have a number of coaches on the show. I deal that date either high school or college and football basketball baseball other sports. And yeah and they will talk about their faith to know they'll they'll try to guide into Iraq to an end and surely walk worthy in front of their players. But I don't know if we've had many. Guys and it's of what my coach. Is is the guy that I point to when somebody asked for my testimony. I think that's really impressive and for the coach is that listen to the show and I know that we have a lot of coaches or listen to show. Understand that that had it not and for deals to college basketball coach. Taking him and and and basically by the you know not sure if if deal would've heard the gospel like that before. April wasn't for you for that coach so. I ice early and it's it's so impressive to hear that that Phil took the time to do that with you dale. Didn't importantly. It urban well. The court and in but it is important reminded. Of O. I never been in the war that bill. I heard people talk about it but I not knowing what the bill that the real world they're evil they're living the most. They're gone they should they trade. And I didn't I didn't want. And I didn't know what life improved lately. And and booted a lot of I do all of the reality is that there's this Jews who drug and there would agree though they can be turned Bernard who. A completely different. So committed to. Interpret in. Fearing it. And the including Dublin and actually bit. As you know working note. He still lives at. Hate that's awesome that you don't deal when when you get some somebody. And and this has happened to me at a later time in my life so I envy you. Around that that. You know you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior much earlier than I did in life. And you know share money for that Kazaa I heard about it. And and I knew some people that walked worthy and and I ran from those guys so I envy you for that I love the fact. That that this coach said look this is who I am. And and on that can be ashamed I'm gonna get up on my own top if I didn't leave my players that way that's that's its direction. We're going to gonna go with this did you find on the deal when you're a head coach dad that you were comfortable. Not only inside the locker room but outside the locker room telling people who you work. Your bill and bill would no court. People that knew the big move. Because whose vote who grew and one of the things that output would Merriman and they don't or pro. Doctor Krupp of the bubble prefer it. Well the past about Churchill used to read the game a bit. I'll agree there is true and more dedicated to repair at a pocono Henry. And it quote. An exhibition that he would go on April. And he would grab your agree and they were at a thing. And an eagle there that you were about where they read about oh yeah I mean yeah. Well they choose me Liberia. In beneath him there have been no matter. That it called bet the ball movement in the proper. And through that process. The bulb at the table laps. And and talk. And other it would featured. That mode feature every year that magnate in there. I've not missed one year. And I had a proven repeated quote here from nineteen years. And build the ringgit at war. Or what that it's so I'll look at Lenovo. And an improvement that we're grow it well. Boat that booklet for the better local board of directors meeting nor. And in the proposed permanent or it didn't matter. Because that's what I saw in who world. It would not sure it would go off with the electoral one that that emotionally. And and that Leo there don't like. All day very thankful that the fact that she got a chance he coated. Tennessean and spend little time with him recently I think news is is wonderful. Coach when when it. You're out recruiting and I think in this is important for some of the people that listen this show. Eight when you win you go in tool a kitchen or to living room to talk to a parent about sending their son your way. How early in the conversation. Or does it come up at all do you talk about sugar which you talk about your faith. In saying look all the PepsiCo. The pro war and awarded them to know. That ever but who ever Wear. If they're plug and play without me. They know that he would be oh that both bill. Not the potent bat mobile earlier. Book called new creative and it would. Oh look. Outreach and deflect it didn't go well error and that if there will be an issue then they need to know. I'll vote for cloture vote for a bill that could determine that wander in the big. Because I would not going to. And so I had to make sure oh and also move that. Medic in their statement that they don't global outlook. Some accountability built up for. Oh. Coast Guard or proving that I would go that its market but it about it now outdated and that go to recruit. And we're gonna do the right ways but I what you notebook if we don't ago. It will probably. Be in that very goggles that or the player that he won't be there not just play basketball. So we can impact the Iowa basketball at all it to me because you hear the. Coach I don't know if there's many college coaches of the country. That says that it's it's an apparent slick if he doesn't come bias it's okay. Because I think God's cubic seven the BBP the players that he wants us to impact. And we'll have a biggest impact on on their lives and as they move forward. I love that coach really get too quick break the other side of the break artists are talking about nations of coaches. In some of the things that that you guys do in some your beliefs wanna talk a little bit about their mission statement. And I wanna make sure before we we we close we've got two segments left. But because the coach resolution. That is on line. On that that coaches need to go take a look at. And again it's nations of coaches dot com it's one word nations of coaches dot com in fact when you're on their web said if you're feeling led. To give. Two nations of coaches and you there's a place for their. There that you didn't give. And and title will open if you wanted that there are a couple of places on the web said they you have to go to when you go there and I would start. With the coaches resolution especially if you're. A high school grade school college coach was in the show in any sport. We're gonna talk more about that. On the other side of the break our special guest. Is dale Clayton he's a vice president of coach is ministry for nations coaches again nations of coaches dot com this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 app found. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Just brought do you mind all American window and door. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can kill America. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports pretty 1057. Ultimate fan. I'm Mike who Gilligan flying solo this week my special guest is steel plate and he's the vice president coached ministry. For nations of coaches. Because their website nation of coaches dot com that's nations of coaches dot com. Let me tell you their mission statement is right on their website our mission is to strive. TC coaches their families and all of those who may influence powerfully impacted. For the glory of god. That's a strong mission statement on coach in in I love when people are willing to put their mission statement on line. And then live up to what that says again our mission is to strive to seek coaches their families and all those whom they influence powerfully impacted. For the glory of god. Coach when when you start working. With that I do do do when you were coaching did you work with with the nations of coaches who were Zach going on when you were coached. No nation approaches. That all of that is there about eight years. So we do not. It would not and had not been bounces. Without. Where are so. Boy it's. Something that that he I'm sure is as a head coach. We'd Indian college basketball subs that you certainly he would have been able to utilize if if it was available. Jim Haney who's now the executive director of national association bass spoke coaches. It says are on the website featuring two of launching a ministry dedicated to college that's what coaches to help him deal with the every day pressure. To produce and win. The the pressure that college basketball coaches are feeling now days. I think deal is is probably. It's high pressure situation is is it has spent. Throughout the years with the kind of money that that you see at the college level especially division one. And to be able to continue coaching. Lot of times these guys if if they have three good years one bad one. You know their feel like you're on the hot seat so to DE MO have somebody from the nation of coaches there. Alongside them to be able to have conversations with I think he's just vital. Well it is a big kick getaway from the pressure. The culprit so. The universe would ever affiliated with retro coach Ruud but they do. We're both spoke played so well in Tibet will go to public or big adult years but it goes in. But the league that do you rate under the war under. That a lot of body would be great that would expect well. And the Pope are there an emblem complained quote when you wouldn't it look back new problem money and knocked it over the law who is involved. And everyone will be pro is it that your it was a bit there but that people have been associated with whether. And so low hook that great pressure. Below that archer. To win gold or we were code that great we're sure. Is the conflict. Who do what Roy. Look we'll put pressure that the pressure to win the pressure treatment. Well how about global function. Well be a bit of integrity. And not where it is mitigating. Or will do whatever I have to do is try to win but it gave Beckett he. We know what I up with a lot of code to get caught up in the and unfortunately it does that in your book about your. Yeah I agree on coach when when somebody asks you what the nation of coaches. What it is. And and what kind of work that you guys do what you tell them. That we are administered. Who oppose Novo. Or pollute the governor and they've meant to. The movement coaches of all world two million more are what impact does. We weren't there won't would be. We will who. There go to the proper. We will go to the Lugar who virtual. And so we try to do that navigate to pressure. We've trotted up the trip and I am the real world man is a better than that we do mayor offered this war. Record and what. We try to predict coaches of the coaches who like bad. Across the country that support them when on the road. And so that's who we knew we provide leadership training. Oh coaches. In the best they can pretty. There are the drug and were trying to help you grow group. Here the coaches who go below that goes on is their outlook and will put this player. He worked with the coaching that was well put. Dual issue here. It's a great British. The great business and what that route data that the board. That if you can't grant in Abu what were. Recruit who grew up basketball that got that through color and. No right again doing research and and I read this what is it character coach in. And part of the answer is the overall objectives to to help build a complete player heart body and mind of the student athlete. A character coach strives to help coaches and players not only went on the court. But also in life. A deal is it hard to add to its certain universities. Tend to get coaches to accept. What you guys do I nations of coaches. We'll go there and go to their noninterest if they're on coaches who are knotted at that they do story. And it is their curiosity. And vote and they vote but Margarito who will play too difficult. You would expect it'll third period for Oakland. And what apple is prepared to go over duplicate. It Donald who knew we have been Rocco. And then we've seen a change in the lives of coaching. Now they're over there won't know in the do. Now they. But he appeared Bruton. But now what period. And so. It is a group on the boat or the coaches. And note of the pin code. The coaches Korean Vietnam Korea that are both. Live and work while the bill of spiritual. Below ground Deluca who wore the community and because they're in the book is read in the upgrade program. I'd say the open book out by. But quote fortunately. If they looked at that and they would gain but you know who David. Good movement in the league at Wingate. But then you get started. And more when. You go to L I in no matter how likely get set them open that door. I would hope that they were opened the door and even if it was because it is they thought well this is a wave for us. Two to maybe win a couple more games to their kids are gonna be here will be of better. Once they allow me in that door I feel like acted I could sell the fact that. You know what here's what's going man no not only you know in this locker room but all over the country. With with guys like me. That there are talking. About their walking talking about their faith in being eager to listen to be able help I think those those coaches. Quickly will will see the value outside a winning games to having somebody. From the nations of coaches on campus in the locker room with a. Well there for a aren't true. Or you don't vote the master coaches room Lou aren't true. To give coach who will be master coach. And me we even use the example that court. Recruited twelve million or mystery. There from by ground or moved. Well Lou did read that that group. Let your little comic who sold them made it official. And out of the opening scene. And it being that would go to art world more than any of the group who beat. And they did it because there were one. What our one year. And they know what their goal of news that trade there. And open. But it would be it would go out all the world of make. And what O rating has taken place. He's about to them and they have a big of them that Gregg commission it is okay. You've been trade. Out you didn't get. The therapy you'd pick over trade and put it in noble of them bill you know what the real issues are. Now go. And at that Google coach. It is cultural revolution. Is actually felt that I wrote. And I awarded to be built based. Google that they are increasingly. Coaching. At their coaches resolution I've printed this and it will hang in the in the office of Al were right coach and amateur quickly go through these ID realize that you wrote this in and I commend you for that. It's it's it's right to the point. There's there's six. Points here and are just gonna go through their my resolve to live under the authority of Jesus the master coach. And his word. Our resolve that I wanted a master coach by love my wife and family above. Well all else including my coaching and I resolve them my love for a team member or the team will not be dependent how either performs. To hit the master coach in his love for me. Our resolve to serve. Those are coach in order that I might be found a faithful Stewart while showing them a true picture of the greatness founded the master coach. Our resolve to be a coach to potentially coaches. With the goal of two quick a pupil hit others who will look. Like the master coach and I resolve to under the master coach by giving I've fairy dust. As a coach that he may be pleased with me. A follower. Of all here's teachings. And I just. You know coach this is really really Walt Don and enact marriage I didn't realize again that that was something that that you wrote and if this will hang in India. In the coach's office were right coach. And I think you for this peaks. What great news here a year we try to look who quote period. We have been involved in Rea we go back owed to you war. And this year my act like from bill. The winner of toward. Your war we stated won that award are closed quote real world. Well that award. And and you know that their reward and the group about a lot of things about it and I told people. When you. I had a revolution. All but we're hopeful that you have your wire. And we don't agree with that number two mall there have been out of build it. That your little LimeWire and about who retrieved the war. The code on an extra vote a law. That really aborted. It felt like. I had a mortal blow would that do. There and they would understand while we're at. That that be rid of it very forego at Euro quote it and try to vote that way and it's good to watch. In the oh the root of the vote. It's awesome he is still Clayton a vice president of coach is ministry for nations of coaches. Again nations of coaches dot com where you can get a copy of the coach is resolution. And read for yourself. There's also a number of different things on that website now I said this early in the show and I truly mean this make sure you have ten to fifteen minutes. Put aside his when she won that website it's very difficult to leave it. Because there's so many good things on the website prompted to read and to see what these guys to kind of work that they're doing all over the country. There's also waive your fuel led to help them with their ministry. And I would recommend in and ask you do you do that. After you spend a few minutes the website is nations of coaches. Dot com he's still clay and again he is with the nations of coaches will continue with him. On the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Baptist faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Thief in the zone is brought to you by bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came cal learned. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to being the zone on sports review one of 57 F from the fans. I'm Mike who you're against flying solo this week which by special guest he's a really good point deal played vice president coached ministry for nations of coaches. They out coached during a break were talked a little bit about how nations of coaches funded. And can we talk a little bit above that and you deserve. Are are funded by. People and have a strong hard for for this type of ministry and are willing to attack to help our financially with you guys. Well that's correct or bubble of retreat and and brewer were no. The Austrian. Mentioned funded people. Of like minded bite me people who understand. Some of the issues that are going on out of that commitment but we're example back some of it. Of a ball player on from one parent call. They've got an environmental news should. A lot of them that don't know what reflective of the middle ordered they don't know what it's like a vote. What would like to be a bit of that but you probably don't. And old will reach and impact their lives. Don't they understand the real value in it and they can go with a group of fair and brands that are. At a rate generation that and understands. The value of life where I won't do it. Older people out of the globe don't could. It won't be you know people. About. It won't don't people bring people strong haircut wrongful. In their support programs. And again if you feel and led to do that I would recommend nations of coaches dot com go to that website take a look. Read up until Clayton who read up on and some of the guys that they have involved. In this ministry the one part that we just mentioned a little bit coach and Andy we could probably tool show want but the fact that you do couples. Our retreats in couples ministry. Arm for basketball coaches and their wives that I do a high school sports show here and I I say and that shall lot that I believe there's a special place in heaven for coaches wives. I really cute idea I believe that I think that you know it's it's difficult. I Chu is special youth kind of pressure that college basketball coaches have. Tate's had juggle that make sure that make sure that your your taken your family. Top priority over the kids that your coach and and the program. And I think with which you guys are doing. With nations of coaches we we could tool show one on the convict couples stuff that you guys to present tickets vital. Well we've really been where. At about two and didn't go to bed. And do very rare treat and went straight or edit Wednesday. Chick from late absolutely and won't Jordan capital iron and or. They at bay for a minute warning and thoughtful. And it's great both a lot of damage in mid tablet the bullet and basketball. There are no television. You know it's just that they give the order emerged in the so people got me is something. While the well well well well. You're out yeah and you have intense public relations the right way. We understand and value it. It doesn't situation these relationships. And so. The people that they can. And we've been fortunate about that and for. They have about money raised in they have a major contribution ruptured away. That we are coached about Nicole. Let's toss it. Yet your real news coach you've been married for how many years. Oh Mac aren't. Congratulations. My wife and I just celebrated her 34. Wedding anniversary. We've got to we've got two kids I've got my daughter and her husband that live right across street from me. Again three grandsons that live there and and my son that set played little division three college basketball and limit his wife and little by fifteen minutes away. So I get a chance to see your kids and our grant chair grandkids about every day in fact. Dale the other night Greg could roll over and they were in the refrigerator there attic eat. Or 75. In three. And Mandy EB out of house and home and I sit in Haiti to look like their grocery store. And deal is grant sits atop this might favored a grocery store executive free food they get to watch cartoons. I said that the cuts us and you comb over any time so they coats take you so much here and he's still Klain vice president coached ministry. For nations of coaches. And their website nations of coaches dot com. If you're feeling led let's help them out let's so let's keep this ministry go accuser doing really vital work. Which some college basketball coaches that that need what these guys offer. And I commend debt deal in the people that work for for this this ministry I think they're doing good stuff. I sir thank you so much for your time are really appreciate it have a good time at the peach tree and safe travels. Thank you very much pretty sure determine. Approach your work their own but he. On the subject to a certain it's great to all. Of which are open to poke. A teacher opened them to know something that are out here. He'll take you through for those words in and any person we can get we we certainly appreciate they should listen this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give earn an pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows the exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people sports and there are walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games. More service. You know already who is.