Daniels: Packers have no alternative, stay the course w/ Hundley

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, November 21st
Mark Daniels, Reporter for 1440 AM/101.9 FM WNFL in Green Bay, weighs in on the Packers. What’s the outlook on the Packers’ running game? Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop with the defense?

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Mark Daniels. From 14:40 AM one of one point nine FMW gonna toe in Green Bay now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline hello march data homebody. Yeah bill Florida. I'm doing well so let me ask you this how much show faith do you have in Brett Hundley now I because Mike McCarthy is staunchly in his corner. I don't have nearly as much as the coach does. I don't have three years invested in themselves. You know where that little step we took board with a nice fourth quarter of Chicago. Gigantic steps backward that you're gonna get this with a kid who's still played. 20300 and it felt snaps at full speed the game just as it is too fast for him to the bill it's. He can't process the information from snap to roll or snapped a beat. Fast enough and it's unfair because. As McCarthy pointed out yesterday luck to all the Aaron Rodgers standard is ridiculous and this. And so we're getting what we're getting. Of first year third year. First your players thirty year veteran. You know getting clobbered out there and it's gonna continue they have no alternative but to just. You know stay the course and decide whether this guy's going to be the next quarterback in Green Bay or not because that's ultimately will come down to. Well as I do I I think Brett how claiming we saw progression going all the way through that Chicago game and you kind of waited for at some point adversity that hit. I don't know if we expected it to hit this hard I've I mean the the most intriguing thing about this upcoming game for me is way how we bounces back from this I mean that. If there's a story to be had that's it to see how Brett only bounces back from what we saw against the Baltimore Ravens. That would be a great story Dick you know bounce back and execute and knock off do division league Steelers team on the road that these gigantic story right. I believe he's got the ability I believe he's got to cognitive ability I just believed he hasn't seen it. You know I'm appealed it it's it really is different. Just fascinated Peterman holy cow. You know five in the first half if it's gonna get to yet but you know the Packers are either I really think they're disappointed that. He hasn't been able to function better having practiced all of these plays and having a grasp of you know the personnel combinations. And the checks and everything else that has been a part of learning the system for three years it just hasn't translated on the field and I think they're really. Inwardly disappointed but McCarthy we'll never say that he's got back this guy. So all day moving forward I mean yeah how short at least you believe there is on Brett Conley going into the game as we get. Though it impact the leashes no leash when you're like Joseph Callahan. Is. Now about bill you know let the accident happened at the commitment got to play oddly. Until either at the end of but lions game. A New Year's Eve. Or until he wins a couple of Rogers comes back. It's it's one or the other. Say that that says that's the one question that I have is what you say things go horribly wrong needlessly just doesn't have it. Do they say you're still a starter were discuss he would dig at a different spark and try to salvage something or. If you probably do your back your mind that maybe this thing's already pretty much gone by the wayside you just do everything you can try to get hunley any kind of value in the offseason that that could lead to meet. That's the reason right now you're probably doing this and committing to bred only more so than any they also end. I think he's a little legacy on the line you've had numerous Brian Brohm and Vince young and Seneca Wallace junior at threw a whole list I think he got a little bit lazy on the line when this guy. Yeah well you know Ted Thompson is not. Other than the first one hasn't found another one. At that position anything close to let. Through the draft or otherwise so. The other might decide to do that and when you talk about is his value I think it has values plummeting around the league. But even as poorly as he's playing his value is still slightly increasing to the Packers so. Unless he completely watches out down on the next month. Ed the Packers are five and you know. Nine with two to go well that they might just sit well but the fact much of the play cal and get a look at that the only way I could see that happen. How do you think tethered to the banishing to the end of the venture of Dovonte Mays is gone over inside their locker room. So I'm gonna last long he's gonna get snaps on Sunday night. They're gonna go back out there tragic I mean debut there's no question about that. But you saw me camp I think he's got some ability. I don't say you know do it but stop for a hundred like Joan standard but I think he'll carry the ball again. That was just. A short term deal I think McCarthy was jolted by it because he knew Williams was the only other available running back. And to have that happen either one of burnout Williams in a game that was still at that point close. But I think Mason get another chance probably summit a couple of carries for sure. Well IE I look at the way he was kind of sat in in my McCarty who I've got one running back. That SO saying that's the one thing Mike McCarthy I thought two one win he'd kind of publicly criticized Eddie lacy which I thought was the last resort so to speak. That didn't go over real well some people said you should the publicly criticize him even guys rumbling in the locker. I don't know what it does at the podium several don't want running back you don't mean I don't know how bad as you look at it it motivates you gotta play better that's great but I don't know what that does to guys around. Yeah it got a point I think regret it sometimes. Will say things that heals soon as he leaves the podium you know he's gonna go there. That didn't come out right and I think this is one of those he knows he's down to the bare bones at the running back position he knows he needs. He's gonna need amazed to at least do something here in the next couple weeks so I got to keep kind of just. It has gone after that what came out by the late keeping pillows. What they've done lately holy cow chicken on the field and gives weight down you know to zero to work time zones west here so I think McCarty was right out of lacy. Not completely agree that Rome you don't really see once he left I kind of got the sense that he lacy mentally checked out anyway I think it was. Going somewhere else maybe to play the Packers in the first game of the season game a little bit of motivation but beyond that suits animals animal families here. You know I don't think he ever checked in I've been getting lately like playing football because it is good that it can make some money. But that did he really didn't have the fire in the belly and never has. Fayette speaker of the running backs at least through all of this I think when things get back to normal and Aaron Rodgers comes through that tunnel. I believe they found Iran get between Erin Jones in in what they have in Jamal Williams AM I'm not saying it's you know Emmett Smith and company. But I think they've found themselves a lease a legitimate run game no new. Yes and I'm glad it not time Montgomery that legitimate runner I was very skeptical that as a full time move. And it's it's. The injuries in the ribs in the punishment he's taken his. Prove my point yet skeptic body but he still wide receiver. At least not quite sure how to take those shots. You know between the tackles because they are vicious and it's 600 pounds coming on you. I like the Williams has done. This this is the team that still. He prefers at least. Having their offensive lineman backing up rather than going forward with the with you know what the heavy dose but they're they're capable of I think. Running the ball. Fairly well they're never gonna be confused with a powered team but. Yeah I like like like what receipt for most of kid then and I hope we can see what may have to operas well. The the wide receiver position yesterday we had Jordy Nelson and or some plot only civil okay that they're working with a brat as a leader he feels it necessary to work with Brad. But yet you're still not seeing the the number of rows going Jordy year Randall's direction it seems to be Dovonte Adams is a guy. Can you put your finger on the reason why. I think I'm les you know not unlike the early days apartments to really show our he's got one guy he feels most comfortable that. And it's the one guy he's gonna look for. More often than not. And the other thing is I still don't see Jordy getting kind of separation or couple plays where he's busted loose in coverage and all the did see him. But you know Rogers was still throwing those other guys open. Probably not good enough yet to do that if they're not open he's gonna look away. He doesn't. He doesn't process the fact that all right Jordy got the corner but outside leverage on his back shoulder so I totally hear. There's going to be separation. You know if it's if there's not separation when he's ready to fire. He's gonna go somewhere else and and Jordan is not getting a whole lot of that separation still it was a criticism when Rogers was down before when he got up the slow start. They need more speed at the receiver position they just do about the ravens exposed that even with. Brandy Karr as a veteran guy at a slower guys that Tony Jefferson and Jimmy Smith blanket at them. Especially. On the extended plays when it was splattered. Packers could run away that's left on the ran into so many sacks. I'll tell mark Daniels reporter her 14:40 AM and one of one point nine FMW a felon Green Day over the last couple weeks of defense has played better they've gotten off the field on third down Mike Daniels had said to go back to the book you know bears game that. It would get tired of hearing that they sought Timmy who gave a little extra fire I guess a kick in the pants how much better do you think his defense is playing or do you think it shares were waiting for the other shoe to fall once they face Pittsburgh steeler team and sunny out. Yeah I couldn't could be a steady equalizer on Sunday night for sure. They you know they got better the lions I thought it played well. Bears are horrible on offense the ravens don't excite me and opt out nonetheless. Did take place. You know they they. They got some sacks they got off the field on third down I think it was 21% of the ravens the running game in the last three weeks has been what six yards or less. Very doable lot of tackles for losses like the energy inside. I like the way the corners are coming up to tackle in the run game. But they're gonna really get tested and now you've got you know Kelly Clark who is I think an unsung. Really big part of this defense. This year out. I'm not sure about Clay Matthews it's going to be more power back we'll give anymore it's Beagle Morgan Burnett again making her out. I think the Packers going to be exposed to a very typical evening. Mark always a pleasure but you'll judge is soon okay. About dot delay they don't mark Daniels from W a filling Green Bay are fine affiliate there for the best call letters in all of radio sports. All the radio sports always good to get him on. Always good job William Schneider or Charlie.