David Bakhtiari on black eye from Seahawks

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Green Bay Packers David Bakhtiari joins The BIG SHOW Tuesdays at 4:35pm. The Packers left tackle revealed Seahawks Cliff Avril jammed his fingers into Bakhtiari's face, resulting in a black eye, and it happened after the play whistle had been blown. Special. 


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And this guy joins us every Tuesday right around this time as your big boys guys say it is Packers left tackle David Bach TRE David I do this afternoon meant. I am doing good. I'm not real good while looks like things got chippy out there between you guys and the Seahawks on Sunday to the point that you that you got to shiner under one of your eyes courtesy of cliff April from what I understand is that right. Yeah. I mean if he'll ever thought we played them we've played some great on select their import or division literally. But yeah I mean things. And you know some guys can't handle pressure yes sir put up road rules. I don't understand how he walks away if he didn't you. The way to look at it is. He he spoken in my and if I retaliates. The rep always see the second guy which is true that fifteen yards so. I like to make sure my team win than analysts expressed my. That's what political Mexican immigrant. I thought. Yeah. I guess where there were. Where thirty words exchanged between you guys before that happened there he was just upset that that things were going their way in and acted out in in that way. Those I think he was yelling it'll let go. Yeah attitude on the ball I don't care. What the pitcher and what placement courses. Embedding that's the PG version of what he said what but. Yeah I mean it happens. The rescue boat may have a title what have the faced them later recognize what yet. Via holed it's it can't tell you about. So they're going to this game but so do you know doing you and coach McCarthy in his courtship you guys get together and talk about OK just do these things Mark Halperin and this is what we should do. A little I think any. Any game that we note there's going to be a lot of emotions. Out there and certain teams like to play. More aggressive in trying to establish some sort of attitude we will took Jolie certainly gotta match it but never. Never let it get outside the the rule book you know in the the one most important thing problem but definitely we know we're going to respective owners championship environment and to our. Definitely not doing punch is so that we don't get India penalties. So when you're Altera and your playing against the Seattle Seahawks team and you know going into the week dead you're gonna have bumps and bruises I can't imagine you anticipated yeah I issue. We do know that this is what it's going to be. It out assume this is a mile every week but probably in this week it is probably bring in that as a cal be as much as humanly possible this week to try and match that. Pete Carroll said he was surprised by how physical and it was time of the packers' defense of what my health physical Packers were in the game. All of Adobe like at that you know that that's coming out they've built their their team that come off of an attitude in the you know of a broader they're trying to bring every game not as the big dog house. I'm guessing that works with majority leader in the day it's football and I think every guest hosting and yet occurred cup play in the quick. You guys practice obviously you guys price against your defense it seem like they're playing angry is seems like they're played with a different sense of urgency that maybe they did last year. I don't care what that we were about as a video that's an extra cubic else yes it was they dominated. The entire game six in the mean that was impressive. They dominated so much and allowed you were talking awoke what's wrong with the offense why didn't they get off to a good start. I mean there's so it and you try and that they don't get get a debut go to WPP Iran is the replays. You know I composition for almost forty minutes. You know wreck of rush yards and you can't get of course in the great we want picture term get the all you know it's a scoring drive but. I think it was a very well I'll say it again and so and I had a little different than normally see each set. Sword from the competitors I think this is the kind of the but the pressure. Talking with David Bakhtiar attack is left tackle as we do every Tuesday at 435. Here on the Wendy's big show we found out about 11301145. The night before the game that Bryan Bulaga would not be available to you guys. At what point did you guys know that ended that changed the game plan or the blocking schemes free doesn't off. We'll get an idea. Going into it and acting ghetto we were gonna try to cater. When Bryant went down and then. I think you know complement stepped in and it really good job I think it will occur to you know go back portion of the game as it is. Electrocuted in the I think he responded really well as a particular. Court first test. We had a metal but he doesn't indict or so. Whatever growth going forward. How much of a luxury or benefit is it to have a guy like Martellus Bennett who not only is is a great pass catcher at the tight end position but. One of the better blockers in the league at the tide in position that's got to make things a little bit easier for you guys on the O line right. Hopefully I've come a block or so. I enjoy. The fact that even problem that's awesome I mean he's a big presence you're meet again person eat these big humane. And you know I carried on the football field so it Deborah helps on the run game I think rebel utilized. You know agency to speakers are still in the ability you have to you know personnel groups out there. Because you're different shouting for you since I haven't got a camp you know run routes yet one of the box in the. You know docking again when David Bakhtiar here I'm a Wendy's big show. We talk about the next game in Atlanta Falcons are a team that you guys know very very well. But going into a situation how much you guys it last year in Minnesota where it's a new stadium it's their first game all the Poppins or says that goes along with that. And a new turf in which Alabama Florida State played on it and it was comparable to an ice skating ring based on reports from players are playing on it when they were there. How big of a deal is this when you go to a new stadium in a place you've never played before. Well liked you too we did last year with yet the vikings right. You Byron it can be electric that's of the spectrum describe it. Can be fun you know India a lot of energy not only for backing the distance in the general and yet appealed to. Embody injured you know kind of weather the storm it's going to be you know they're gonna open up initiate him. You know we remember what happened washer and it's ever gonna be like it 2.0. Version of this game and it can be it can be vulnerable to these first two weeks are a big weeks. For pursued and then it's great now they happen you know we want and we took. No you're right about that and because you know you last time we you're in Atlanta. You loser in her speech I'm sure game down US. You you look at Seattle and to me yeah yeah I know and you look at Seattle and it seems like that's become in some sort rivalry in you know it's very political. And now are you you give Atlanta you've you've gone down there it it feels like this is quickly becoming something because. This is not the first time would you phrase these guys are something important. Garrett. It is it's a big game today exits. Do you know look this is a top team and these winds are gonna page a huge dividends come. December January February so. To understand that this early. But I mean it is it's not forget about that. But go up there next U I mean it's it's going to be can be huge. Breast that this system in the speak up to and now in these two teams. Its. New very very important for a second thing tooting its kind of nice for us is very. He preemptively declared the same pain because. That it took for the falcons will act in Seattle so. The nice thing is that preparation wise you know are very familiar with what what this will we expect. On this jury in secrecy playbook but what will be different. This time there what happened. Last time they. I think helped. The debate one I think we went into that game. And then hopefully. You know open I don't drink or announced the travel. Last governor when I don't think a lot of people knew but Ria. Got delayed if you remember a few hours down that. Milwaukee and and fly out we're not planning. To play the game until 11 o'clock at bat in the hotels that are right there. That's no excuse but it definitely changes you know coach loves team that's why we do the same thing every week. You know my you do the same the next sixteen weeks. And there that ripped you know in the water for the trip to America. Can definitely add to what happened. Right is that I had already heard that did you does rock July garbled during our starch and and try to fly out there and then came back to Milwaukee or something like that. No we originally quite agree today and we got that late two out of the bargain letter opener and then. We couldn't even fly at a green base had to order buses buses come pick up in the drop all the Dem Milwaukee. And flat of Milwaukee's airport not. No definitely would. A lot of travel. As David bot TRE Packers left tackle and our guests. Every Tuesday afternoon at 435. Right here on the Wendy's big showed David Wells appreciate Amanda good luck on Sunday and we'll talk again next week. Are prepared yet but it.