Do the Predators have a chance to surprise in the NHL Playoffs?

Bill Michaels
Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: Aaron Sims, Voice of the Milwaukee Admirals, previews the playoffs for the Ads this weekend. Plus, we'll talk some Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!


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And oh by the way you've got a hockey to pay attention to don't forget. Some good hockey going on right now tissue because Yemen pay attention to it. Lot of good hockey out there or not only in the NHL but. You've got Milwaukee admirals getting ready to get it on. And the one I was tones talking about this before with a breakthrough that the series have been watching. Has been the spectacular when you see peck around a who used to be a Milwaukee admiral. Has shut out the first two games against Chicago Blackhawks Kane and in ten using company shut him out in and only allowed two goals so far this policy has been fantastic. And you get to see guys like this play for the Milwaukee admirals which is the he minor league system for the Nashville Predators who wrote three games is zip right now on the Blackhawks as. Our nationals hoping to close it out tonight in Nashville's a matter of fact that they can shut amounting closing down. They can walk away and win that first round to talk more about it more about the Milwaukee admirals and their post season Aaron Sims voice of the admirals errant. I have been and I can't say I'm shocked but Tucker read AA has certainly been heroes so far this bossi. He's been he's been really good guys around him has been very good as well like keeping bodies from the front of the net you can't push and show what you could in the old days so. It's it's kind of like basketball you gotta get your spot hidden and establish position defensively. They've got a great job and block a lot of shots but Packers certainly. Gonna get a lot of credit that he should. And and just say you're not shocked yeah that to a degree I guessed what does the way they've done it and outscored the black hawks 92 and three games I don't think anybody saw that coming. So let's talk about this admirals team because his doubles team got off to an extremely fast start and then their season. Comes to an ad and then there are now looking towards a post season and this matchup so let's talk about that first and foremost how do you see this team going in the post season. Eight pretty exciting. This is as close the team has there has been since I've been here these guys. And in the talks so much of a cohesion and veteran leadership and all that stuff and I guarantee you there's thirteen other teams in the American Hockey League they're sixteen into the NHL at the exact same thing. But in Milwaukee I think they feel better they have been several years because of the additions of guys like Trevor Smith who's the captain had a party was like 340 games in the NHL. Mike Ribeiro who has played almost 11100 games. In the getting chill both guys added to an exciting young group of players. Really makes this team feel pretty well about about their chances to. In a Grand Rapids won seven of the twelve via Apple's went by even 56 and had one no overtime loss so. The apples are feeling pretty gutsy on the admirals had lost ten straight in grand wrapped dating back to January 2015. But this has won three of the last. Grand Rapids. Have a lot of could be positive about heading into the series and the Griffin. What is there and I've you never hoped for somebody in particular do you play for a pure player you always say you know we'll take on whoever bud. There was a chance they could have ended up facing Chicago which could turn out to be. That that border rivalry so to speak was there a part of you is a broadcast and I was hoping that would have been walls. Let people will regret regret expecting to some chips were correct. He didn't win Grand Rapids at that winning streak in their length is adjustable and you're in the you're very. But listen this you know I'm on hold because whatever the socially nor is breaking up terribly so let's see if we can get a better sell signal because I do I wanna do wanna talk more about this. The Milwaukee admirals tomorrow night is 7 o'clock eastern time 6 o'clock central time and everything on the Grand Rapids Griffin's. Over in Grand Rapids in the first game of that series so. Our make sure that till we get to we get as much admiral chatter as we possibly can but. As he says that they were finally starting to win over there so they're feeling pretty good neighborly feeling pretty confident about going there. To be able to take on the Griffin's over a Grand Rapids 855830864. Let's try to get us try to get Aaron maybe walked out of the closet or took took you know finally finish governor bathroom. As so they got to better signal we don't Hebrew. Drew the auditor there are two possibility troop build our relatives I noticed I know you are yet but I got to this day. All I have never in my life been a Bobble head you look pretty good as mollid dude are. I had said that liberated a good job I just said don't make Prius and apparently a message is pretty good job as a result pretty happy at wanted to feel good about giving the family you governors. You like the broadcaster bowed to Pollyanna. And yeah I've brought mostly about the true but it should carry. I'm so getting back to this is this matchup in this first round so I'm like you talked about they finally kind of going over the hump so to speak with the Grand Rapids put. What is Grand Rapids bring to the table it's gonna give a Milwaukee problems. Well Grand Rapids is is tremendously skilled they have a lot of young players who lives have been high draft picks for Detroit. They have a tremendous veterans they have three guys on the team that won a championship with that team in 2013. So. In this league that says that doesn't happen that much we India gulf and have to go to the current roster. And one who was not injured that won the championship in this league so. At three guys from the same team for years ago that that that a lot of ball to the cohesion and we talked so much about that but. I Grand Rapids is an awfully good team they're guys that can shoot the puck. They they squirrel article there about three and a half goals per game which is astronomically high that they need to hockey so. It is there's no doubt it will be channeled it certainly will be challenged the vehicles Hewlett erupt to a teacher. We talk about riding high goalies right now that's what it all comes down to how is that matches up better. I tell you what. VP season series mark adamant that the apple number one goaltender any of the goals against that of upbeat and half. And it save percentage under 90% and that isn't that great that being said. Since February 1 round of the numbers have been out stand ankle against it about 2.3 years save percentage around 92% oppose are fantastic numbers. Your corps owes about the same core hopefully fourteen game in the NHL Detroit this year. He's three and three against Milwaukee this season with a 3% rate of about 90% silk it kind of pedestrian. Armed the other got a Grand Rapids as today an Indy coach quality was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers which you never hear that name anymore. Here he had actually shut the apple sold twice this year what fourth one I think we're gonna see Jared Cole more because he has. The true number one on that team but they have a pretty good ace in the hole and that's quality opener. So when it comes down x.s and o.s and hockey arm is there's something that you look for specifically because a lot of times people really if you don't follow Hocking your casual fan. Ages of like a margin guys gave me kind of fashioned things around but there are so many things did you try to find weaknesses in match ups his lines change. Who's got the advantage when you start getting into the bench depth. Well these people seems pretty good that they'll roll four lines in bowl teams aren't really necessarily linebackers. Bought that being said when you have all lines. You get the final change so we're here in this series for example do you have in the Apple's head coach puts out his five players on the ice. Todd Nelson the Grand Rapids coach. Can say okay. This guys on the site so I wanna make sure this guy can block because he can skate or he can be physical he can be rough spot and he can make it difficult for him so. Those are the types of things yeah there are systems. That they play. He'll call you work through new calls on the left wing locks. You noted trying to negate passes this. I'll all of that stuff it is the big thing with this you can't hold and hook and all of this stuff what he used to in the old days ten years ago. But that being said you can make it hard you do not want him to have the other teams have speed through the neutral zone because they get the puck in deep. The victim defensemen turn around and then that's when maternal happen so it's really become like minimal opportunities in being opportunistic. In the in this day and age. Go back to the NHL we alike in so far in the post season. Locker you want it's hard to go looking at national right now on you know career Ric Flair always says could be the man you gotta be commander natural beating them and right now I'm. So it's really hard not polite to me you know beginning of the year they were an attractive pick where at least the final appearance because. Although the addition of Kiki Superman and the help for the team and and they really had that added some depth. Yeah Harry's older chuck is a guy who has. Apple be natural he has one of the goals eight of the nine goals scored by the predators this year in the playoffs eight of those came from got the plea for Milwaukee so it's than they used adapt and they used it really well armed. It's hard to go get natural which a lot electric and exposing Washington out east that but he thought Washington would be the favorite. But Toronto's Eden is really exposing Washington although Washington came back with a nicely yesterday but it. Theory you know again in an eight feet can win it needs seed has won in this in this league in you know is right now it. Looks like natural doing pretty well Lou as well so. Yeah I was gonna say I wouldn't sleep on the saint Louis blues I mean I like that matchup that they have with the wild in right now Saint Louis leads that series three games of one. And the blues although they took the loss to the wild in game four is awhile back was against the wall Saturday night should be a really go when in many out just. Yeah you know Saint Louis last night they came all and in order kind of like just going through the motions like now we're up three nothing we can just get through an easy one here. And it burned them. Armed they can't afford to do that in the next game having. The hardest win that game four and I know that cliche but there's a reason for wishes and then seamlessly to be much much better than they were. It's because he's my friend of the bubble had it sitting on my desk once they said to me as the guys wanna the only ones and keeping soldiers and a flattering I appreciate that built a model that I'm gonna dress it up it's going to be wearing Hawaiian closed millions Summers and I let him go be right there with me I've promised not to take it in the bathroom. On her pack but Tucker's. Thank you go that's aaron's Sims should go hockey rolls and a breaking down now in the admirals in the Grand Rapids Griffin's but also the NHL as well good stuff. A two to the Taiwanese and the children's program the good stuff. When we get a chance to get him.