Do you agree that the Packers O-Line is their strongest unit?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, May 18th

5/18/17 The BIG SHOW: Is the Packers O-line their best unit? Also Badgers Insider Jon McNamara joins the show.


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4 o'clock hour. He's a great show live and holds Chevrolet studios with our two former Packers Gary Ellison and LeRoy Butler in the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. I'm running Mac loft coming up later this hour the batters above some of the dirty tactics we seem cal football Alaska Wisconsin insider. John MacNamara a vendor Woodstock comedy joins us right around 448 right now we wanna know do you agree with Eliot wolf that the Packers offensive line. Is a strength. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com and a piece by Ryan wood in a series that he's doing of the biggest issues facing the Packers leading into their first oh PA he looks at. The offensive line and offensive line depth. And frames it as though the offensive line. And the depth this that specifically Gary may be a concern for this team but Eliot wolf the Packers football operations director he says we feel really good about our group. Talking about Jahri Evans in the signing right before the draft says adding Evans was awesome. He played at a high level last year really durable tons of experience he played really well last year. And a pass happy offense as we are sometimes in New Orleans wolf said he believes the offensive line. Is a strength of the packers' roster. As it was last season would you agree with Eliot wolf that the Packers offensive line. Is a strength 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan not count. You know soar as I was reading his article. I had a play in my mind. Where I just saw it in what they all were don't have a spears specifically TJ lane. Mirroring his guy. For at least ten to twelve seconds for a a great feat work guy couldn't get around him Rodgers running around doing his thing you have backyard they all of Dornan. 'cause we all kind of know where rod is gonna do what he likes to. And to me it's the easiest epitomize work. TJ laying is all about. Now I know that the Packers talked to TJ lane with a long into he had a lot of injuries last year that he plea through. And kudos TJ warrior. You've just got to Asher seraph is Jahri Evans. Is he will he be aired the equivalent to TJ lane. You lost a Pro Bowl guard in jars it and now you lose another probable guard in TJ lane. What are the odds. Of you replacing two Pro Bowl guards. And steel and not miss a beat. Because essentially that's what you do it when you replaced TJ lane. Willing note left parties. And four offered to linemen debt to a good thing. Because if you know who they are that means they're not run blocking that means they're given of sex. You look at your RE average yes he played at our. Parish rectory offerings against New Orleans well. I'm sure is completely different than what the Green Bay Packers I'm concerned about it I think while I am from the concern about it. I think you start looking guys who do back upside. They've got a lot of on traffic. Guys and it won the tour is a draft to gather they've gotten the most recent thing with a book around. Can't dolls up there there a couple of these guys are going to make the active roster going to be on the team. Lock few things the wasn't the joke or two ago it was a Central Florida. Amaechi that the guys think I interviewed him a lot with things that he is going to be on the active roster. I edges. I'm a bit concerned I mean I am I think I'm a big concern about Kofi Amaechi yeah kofia Amaechi I'm a big concern about. Where there are wood is operative line whose whose army Karl Murphy's another guy that's going to be in a mix. Of Joseph Hari Evans don't work out. New used you have dom Barkley would Steve talked about Barkley out of our number I really had dug a hole a couple of mean he's had chances alliger doesn't play well I don't know why hasn't played well what he's gonna have earned a spot arms vision because you got so many offers them. People went oh you look comes on say this is a string. Maybe distract from the team. I remember what it would judge your senator and we thought that was going to be Uga. The stock Galveston element from indeed agreement death in pass happy office. Peyton Manning theater. And he had nothing left. And we you'd never know when a player gets a grenades if he's got nothing left. Roy play would cut off and lime and they came over there were little older. I think the brings us and come over you know our youth and noticeable TV is just tackle Doug MacIntyre. Came home diners. So I mean they have been in the couple got the cable that came in and play well which just never know what is going I am. I'm concerned about you know what. Listen I would loves to count Murphy abused bird right guard. No interest net I'm. And this is what else am I agree Delhi will I think it is. I don't roll. No I would say strongest or deepest. I think. Strongest means that's the where you have the most talent overall more so than other positions. He's I think cornerback. Right now after adding king added divide house. Adding just yelled at debt adding those three players I think you've really made data a pretty strong position to. Op and then you look at. The offensive line for the Packers out comparable would bolts Bridget Murphy is back of tackles one for. I'm comparable. With the old guy coming in playing guard for a year while his new guiding just drafted a gets ready to go. I think this is may be. One of the deeper. Lines they've had in awhile as far as just overall talent maybe not from an experience standpoint as far as. Where the depth is on this team as far as the pack up some of a lot of experience. But just overall talent. It may be the strongest they've had. Since McCarthy has been no Wayne Taylor was solemn last year. Pro Bowl maybe not but we wartime Elaine Taylor at all actually a little containment I mean he was announced that nobody talked about in the we were all wrong and that want. It's an idling in a battered. To plug in there until one of the younger guys are ready and again like Gary said what did you guys beats is due to all. Big deal now he becomes a backup and you're really good shakers of a battered back of adapts spot titled the McCarthy's feelings will be heard of if that's how this thing plays out but you look at linebacker. That's week if you look at running back it's all question marks behind a converted wide receiver so you can't put that conversation. At wide receiver maybe you can have a conversation at wide receiver might be in competition with the offensive line. But after the first three then what then you have a question market Allison who showed you flashes Janice is a fan favorite but I'm much series of favorite of the Packers necessarily at this point. And then question marks there too. Then you look at the defects of line Null. I'm now a ton of dubbed every Eugene difference while fine but you still in August Clark's gonna be program's going to be suspended. Sold there's issues very deputy from Auburn. I don't know how deep that really is at this point. Think this offensive line and you get a map perspective new goal position by position group. And from what the talent level all the I think it is the offensive line visuals right haven't you been one of the biggest detractors have done Barclay. On this show her act nice that I don't know why he's on this team I didn't ask and not article and I know announcing this entire crew wide ever mention Mark Webber he's he's one injury away from being on on the field and our I think he's adding I don't know if he makes NT. Let's just you know makes no you're right let's see you next team he's just he's. He's an embattled American team I don't think he's going to be normal variability sixteen bit I think in a purple room who doesn't. We haven't gone over the depth chart to write up charge has it been released but. If you look at the depth chart I think the depth chart is. John carrier is as prisoners starter and you've got your bio fighting back spot back spot. And Barclays one of those guys. Would you agree with valuable Packers player director was title against and is on that album anyway it would jury summons that future GM. Don't mean spirited nature Packers GM. Eliot wolf that's remained the offensive line is a strength of this team 7991250. You can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com Gary says no it's a concern. Sparky says yes it may be the strongest unit Liu LeRoy says what you say right after this on the Wendy's big Jamal Chevrolet studio. It's kind of. She says I'm. I could be bad. I mean. Victor of this improvement. Soon. It is X that's the they present the red folders these. On the web the big show love it love Chevrolet studios are Rodney Mack lawful longer as Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary dollars and and the royal Butler asking do you think that the Packers offense is a strength as Eliot wolf does Gary says it's a concern. Sparky agrees that valuable points a year at 7991250. Or email us live Eduardo 57 FM the fan back Ayman tweaked. We'd like Deere next week on a throwback Thursday at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback cure enter to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters these nominees Gary went with journey Sparky once a year Marvin Gaye LeRoy when with a BG's. I went with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff or last US here Eric Clapton go with one of those are around creature artist at 1057 FM the fan. Ash tag big throwback and get over masters c.s for their annual ten seal blowout event. Going on right now clearance prices on all remaining 2016 patio furniture pool table and shuffle board for model sale. Fire pits umbrellas outdoor kitchens grills hammocks bag tossed games. Whose ball air hockey and dart boards also special or patio furniture sale. Going on as well that's at masters he's find out more and masters he's. Dot com do you think the offensive line is a strength as Sparky and Eliot wolf 27991250. Zubov has to say about your on the Wendy's ratio. Our guys thanks for taking my call. I'm gonna say that the offensive line it's a strength. With the caveat I mean though that starting five and I'm just gonna assume. Hopefully I assume that a good thing to do by Jahri Evans played all sixteen games. So an all pro I mean blow a lot of ground but what Jahri Evans actually played up to an article I'm. You know I hit it over his play in the past year I think it's indefinite strike the caveat it is obviously the depth. I like a couple moved a lot of the Canadian that they picked up the side and in. Free agency there's a history here. Those guys that may consider ms. but it's 5050. And I like this guy is measurable well Floyd because it took in the draft. We all know that topic to tackle the develop position. That we do to anybody. Maybe ought to ask if it's a really good in pass protection run block and I think it's probably got a mix so that their district either. Either or there rather than by PR eight but I like I like the line. As for the call direct and our goal. Prime month or so gonna amber. Who wrote it. But it was talking about how much praise is packed coaching staff gets for how they teach pass blocking. And how others around the NFL are trying to figure out and mimic. The way in which they're teaching pass blocking and that other coaching staffs or try to teach you the way they Green Bay is teaching and and is slowly starting to become a trend that. They are doing it. Apparently. Different. In green made and they maybe are in other places would james' camp and as their offensive line coach now how different that is I'm not quite sure but. The fact that it's being talked about it is being one in which other coaching staffs. Are trying to figure out what they're doing differently and does so they can teach the same way. Tells you that maybe just maybe they got the secret sauce I'm something new here. And that's maybe why they're not as worried about losing Josh or TJ. I ain't free agency because they're thinking they can coach up whoever may be to go winner played opposition going forth because again. Run blocking isn't the priority on this team will Roy it's pass blocking and as long Ricky Rodgers upright everything will be fine. Well here to thank what about this particular earlier will really did need to Stewart some. It. You feel like you're defending. Why guys slept and missed and a raising gas war here because now they give a fifty sex. It goes to it does this guy in a talent. If they do well maybe death. Suited there's no need to defend the left. Inquiries. Who's here. And I would not pick this would be extra now apps and just what these guys having played again the one down. Talkative district. Are they have to be synchronize which are starting five. And knew the back of death account of his other world Barkley addicted they have to play. All propositions. You never knows when Gator. Maybe this particular year DOT more linemen. And just keep some stocks on the album on the practice squad but we all know what happened against. When Derek Chirac went out and tap putting got their right tackle ball horrible and it is paying. So it remains to be seen I think I don't think is as scrap. I only that you need it you only need to put that out there. To save their way apple and our guys just. Don't. Has it now you're attached to these gas outlook they he would be he did tested these guys to say is distressed about teams are based I'd give up a lot of sacks. Or boy or people won't break in his article. You know deliver I would confirm. 330 son turn our and I think he's got article is going to be. It'll be set decided to. See what happens these guys legally get. Not giving up sacks and they're doing well and everything's our day you'll get all the praised the book is bad. What about that article you said it has destroyed what was going on May yet go to explain. This is not get this is a little bit and guess what agreement target do. Special so much analyses and there's no need to say there really is. And on that to what our group hope they can do electing groups and attach. Those are not investment is Aaron Rodgers so guess what when you do not cut corners. With this group his group should be your highest paid as a growth. Deported by a guy. Some running Q Aaron Rodgers a right he's missed a few games in that. Past or whatever reason what those office collapse on me is that Matt. That's what most of in this Mexico so. How would not say it was strapped did not play one and down together. Just when that dude out I'm not in a hurry to do what would you say is a stirring. On this team that you really have to go into strength and weaknesses already yet because nobody really are gonna play. They give outlets say is too rude detail. And just keep it. Not so much detail oriented and topic. It. Or you actually were lard you will say. It is me you're trying not just courts so but he there have these guys and weaker position moved today. They would I when average. Are for what it is now asking. We can. Cholera so we can move on master fees are to remove our image it is a strength. Well we play we're talking about that I now is next in line is we don't we wouldn't if no gas prices you can strength or weakness it. Yeah but to answer our question is now mr. is now. We don't know what Ian but we know it's not current net result Jesus is with Angela. Sparky Green Zone I really area there audio editor I disagree all you disagree. Are concerned about the home. Our keynote to strengthen my house. Ranked team yes I'm in south solutions made of answering things for Robby made this your presence out there. They what is edges out the nation's attic of XML. Goldman. Lloyd yeah. We'll drop in Allen ties an exempt them from following it. He just wants to give up my address on there really fine. Yeah to do that you just give all the Barnes and how many house is easily yeah you don't have that either I don't know the actor's body tie exactly how it is out when Johnson is this round out silent the ports looks like everything you need to tell yeah I do little things are now. Us so there. 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Were the Wendy's big show Reynolds Chevrolet studio. The I. So what is big show live in the old Chevrolet studios it's a throwback Thursday presented by masters he has let us know we like to hear next week preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tags big throwback. And you're entered 225 dollar gift certificate to masters these nominees journey Marvin Gaye who we're hearing right now. The BG steer Avon Eric clad in golf one of those are your own preacher artist. 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback. Eyes is interesting story here. From Madison for a few days ago I doubled as yes may fifteenth. I'm Ben Bryant. Who had committed as a quarterback from lines township in Wisconsin. To be Wisconsin badger. Apparently had a scholarship hold. From the badgers after he tweeted that he got a scholarship offer from Georgia months after he had agreed. To be a badger. And he put out I'd like to address some lingering questions and issues and be done with this my dream of becoming a badger journey to a nightmare on Friday. This was literally one of the worst days in my life you don't it was my first offer a year ago I knew that day I wanted to be a badger my air crewman was shut down very early after committing in December. Many coaches who visit her high school know from both my high school coaches and remain as 100% committed to UW. My intention was early enrollment I even had a draft of the necessary essay for early application completed. And also brought file a mellow fellow commits I was excited to play compete with them I was holding more of them would consider early enrollment soup. Just recently a Georgia coach reach out to me via text after a telecommunications he gave me offer I was blown away. This was followed by a potential dates to visit to be clear I had no intention of visiting Georgia. I no intention of ever committed the UGA however I felt complemented big time does offer a version of very much attention they were showing in me. It made me feel good about my abilities and potential big worker with essentially two offers. That night before this was tweeting out I called coach but admired to give him a heads up that I was given the opera what the message on his voicemail. I made it clear that was still one Iverson commit to the badgers the next morning we spoke on the phone as a former house no longer a good fit for Wisconsin as incurred to continue looking for a fix. Big implication might look to deal view had become promised was not true and it's what's says me the most. Obviously communication they UW and my feeling of being a part of the quote family. Had been sub par at times and during several visits regardless. I wanted very badly to be a suit of football player Madison. Many like legends have been learned during this should not correspond more than once and another school while committed and secondly that trust is sacred. A move on from this with a goal of earning trust from others. Press in my own instincts more wish nothing but the best for nearly coaching staff and upcoming season outsourced the best for the players but most especially to 2018 commits. Whom I now consider friends. On the Scots. You all not offers in committee and all this stuff so. And you'll read here. I know I mean if I let me. And is it as I never got to be one up raining. I don't understand how he intact and the Georgia coach gets him a loss scholarship. When he had committed. To Wisconsin giving a one of the Georgia he was just actually do I don't. Mean you can tell me more why a better coaching staff would be Matt I think we're gonna ask our guy John McNamee are coming up the next segment about this. I think they got their guy who they want for that class and decided he would no longer necessary. And they thought of regatta race to get out of asked doctor do you have for another position. I think outlaw I mean a lot of this stuff happens. Across the landscape of college sports basketball football and I think you see it more in the is she she probably being you do it in your conference chased wolf was via any idea Meehan. The big chain is mostly Ohio State Michigan. Wisconsin's Karen never lived in their program. On that level where they are now stacking guys in the can afford to lose again. They've always been their program. You know wanna keep Q4 five years racer rooms or prop you know. There's a progress so. I don't understand it I mean all we know those were huge Israeli and work this harvest or we are hurting our from the UW. Glad he got no offer. Between he said thoughtfully hopefully that he can do you know Georgia honors that offer and are you going universe yours he's. An out its week. That's sad humbled to receive an offer from the University of Georgia Dallas street depiction of the stadium and a picture of the Georgia logo next to it as always that here. Hopefully I was holding go to George. But I mean that's just as most of you know I mean once again if the social media stuff and you gotta be. You just gotta be careful we know we have now we have we have a class we are classes on the stove and social media and. But if that was your kids perceive he's committed to be a badger he gets an offer from your school were you played Georgia here between double digit number not I wanna take a visit yeah. Now I'm gonna go wherever Georgia not just hey I got an offer us for a cool from Georgian. And and they call you the next day and say Jordan. As a parent argue fuel will one a would have told arguments in between. Okay first of all so you're shooting tunic you offer. From the front Margaret commute to school and you don't we offers Africa to screw us for one I mean that's what she sometimes. He could've gotten it in dumpsters is bedroom. What is Freeman's. What do they announce the second operate at a period without it was an opera that don't know why aren't aren't committed. I mean from the get go while ago if I would have known Eric I was. Don't want to. You commit to was known for two weeks ago. Are you make yourself look like he's yeah you got them golf. And maybe you do maybe don't want it was huge. You never know how people used. It means. I'm in it to texting. It's another thing. That's why worst. Because you can't dictate or you can't figure out people's told jagged holes don't get to understand what Sinclair at some point yeah sometimes still so. You you might be excited about something you'd put an exclamation boarded there are people figured man does. Bubbles gotten into fights of my girl overturns a leg higher your way you're as the stop bloodshed all of your risk getting my total right here slowed down. Here I wasn't say it. Is voicemail which you never checked. If you can't give me but it union if this marriage do you expect him yet because I'm on shares army air. I detected in Perth yet. Texas one of those is leading source and all that stuff can be. Misconstrued. And blown out of proportion. And in this curious case classroom. A scholarship while Jordan use him under there and you're accused guards. And as you know it would be good got to talk about this well is there. Throwback Thursday here on the web these big show. Presented by masters he's let us know we'd like your next week to each artist. At 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throw back. And near enter to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. To master Z is that here artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tanked big throwback. And for the big showed a jacket with Wisconsin insider John Mack. You might create a construction providing quality plaster Stucco services which surpassed workmanship. Govern the badgers were better let's not count and us right here on the. Wendy's big shots are Wisconsin insider John MacNamara who joins us now on the great midwest bank outlined how far this afternoon Jim act. There are treated Sparky has scenario for you that played out you us your opinion on it he knows that he is entering. Understand album anger I don't mean this team may not be very good main dining matters the matters one way or the other they don't have much. I mean you're over the did that Ryan scholarship. He takes it. That was his first offer. Then he starts to actually in the Georgia coach who makes an offer he tech's other resembled I get an offer. Our tweets on I should say and then he tells backers both forehand and this is happening. And then the next day they pull the scholarship from on high and that is right around the same time they got the quarterback they won in 2019 miscues came chased wolf for something like that. On so they get that guy ending immediately now that he's out of a scholarship. I don't know eight. For me again I as Gary and rather dated for me it looks like they got the court like they really wanted they don't mean this kid anymore so here's an easy way to get out of its a C a we're gonna use it for different position that's how looks to me. Yeah and there's there's a lot of moving parts here you know it. I think it starts with you know got Dakota can't comment on this sold. You know I'm not saying that that is. Is wider here in this league and anyone here but you know you're only getting what he's telling you guys because you know coaches can't comment on cute until they sent a letter of intent so. You know the Wisconsin coaches they'd be one of those recruiting class idea actually take quarterbacks. They told that the Ben Bryant got his recruitment and they all that changed all. During his recruitment rebels were pretty okay with that here mystery communicated that got a candidate spoke so. There was a couple they stretch they were both committed to Wisconsin now. You know recurring boards always change in scholarships need to be allocated different places so it'll. My take on this hoping is that in Wisconsin public B getaway with quarterback in the last. He had a scholarship for wide receiver or quarterback or the remaining positions and you know kind of called process. You more so in the SEC countries so you know they they all saw that Brian together it could potentially you know open up a scholarship with the discord chase wolf so. I'm I think they look at the first opportunity. Or it would do so it. They kind of said that he was leveraging is Scott and commitment and proper. In other opera so I'm it's a typical situation because what Scott looks bad because they had a comment about it what. At the same panel we are not I think it's going to be announced or. So give us the inside information that you know there did. I saw that this is a week ago so. Last Thursday cleared out late Thursday night in Georgia and offered I have seen in the morning I was more surprised at the fact it. George offered as he would not SEC school went up almost got offered him a scholarship because she wasn't really heavily recruited and I Sodom attacks that more next said you know whats up with the Georgia offer our animals got beat said. I'm 100% committed so you know. Couple hours later. You please up this scholarship dropped. Got that could have used one class so. And I talked a few people cost Wisconsin couple sources they use the workshop. They you know he was shopping around. Like I said before leveraging that offered but that's. What. You know I kind of read that villages they were looking away. It to not happen in the 2018 class and then when then it. You know kind of put his big message out there he talked about going on the visit the last couple months now really feel. That part of Stanley doing a partisan pretty quiet so the sort of a spur of the moment they had been there for awhile almost got mistakenly. Well we can probably Gilo just one quarterback in the class and they felt jeez well they're split them. And as a result you know Ben grind so long remember what else. Tommy just scary he he said. Mac marriages said that. They thought he was quote shopping. Armed himself around other teams after how does one do that as a recruit. Who have not had any offers but the one team we're just how do you shop yourself it's like you did there. You create more interest so now you got off from Georgia. Got offer from Wisconsin. In victories more interest from other hot local schools that we've been through schools offering him. What are we missing. In this case. So that net draws more eternal somebody else from others. Todd vision schools that if you go work at it a lot and quarterbacks too and NJ meg knows too. Quarterback is a tough position. Like running backs replied don't play five or six jokers in the game right Lyman they may rotate through quarterbacks there's only going to be one starter. And if you get locked in you you may go to a school. Where you come in as as a freshman and they may have a sophomore starting likelihood it's your basis for three or four you. And some guys don't wanna do that. Yeah yeah I wrote a story about this new ad in there wasn't packets at a period a couple days where. Reined in wolf football committed. In the same class two quarterbacks and direct her to call that always stuck with me from bad Brett steelman that. You know in a perfect recruiting class you only take one quarterbacking only take until back. If you end up taking two with a chip lump all graduated. From Wisconsin or whatever school auditor heard next to zero. Either like series that you are only want quarterbacks and why did you bring it to a one class. They're really really strong chance to wonder transfer out. Bad middle what about some of these other names that may be out there four badgers football hearing anything else going on lately. Yet they actually later another really pretty big in they offer last night duke and inject on the company court high school. The same guys that produce call them land in and then Alice in gold as well so. He kind of came under our radar real early the basketball player you know news six foot 66 with seven per Euro in his career. Now you're looking at six with 76 point 8250 pound kid who a lot of schools lose. They didn't India and offer the apple and Pollock our programs so I got offered some. Iowa. Offers from Minnesota Arizona State and for other schools and it was Scott who would look at him as a kid they want the seat camp. But what that other interest coming and they felt they couldn't wait so they offer him last night I would expect he's gonna jump on the soft relatively quickly. He's talked very highly about Wisconsin. In in previous that is not talk with them so I would imagine that we can net number eleven Wisconsin in the very huge. As John Mack Tamara Wisconsin insider find his work and badger blitz dot com and on Twitter. At MacNamara rivals in every Friday received every Thursday right here on the Wendy's big show. I'm MacNamara joins us on the great midwest bank hotline when your ready to get into war back into the housing market. Look no further than great midwest bank can visit great midwest bank dot com. The take the next step towards your new home summer as soon approaching many of us start planning for more Memorial Day or graduation parties. 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Town but your quick break them re setting the big topics discussed on today's big joke giving you the final say on a McCullough greatly straddle it take away and it's next on the Wendy's big show.