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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, October 15th
It's true! Mike McGivern did interview Coach Tony Dungy!

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together in lives these. Right now discover how people in sports and walking face but hosts might mean give burned and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm like who you're alongside my co host each and almost every week pastor Karen Cutler. I'd tell you what you're getting close to getting cut can I tell you fifth pass or are you think Kim and their replacement at our our our speakers who cast. Is pastor Walter Hart reason senior pastor for part one assembly of god remember that name cues. I'll tell you pastor killed there you and I are just about trump and I got hits technically. This watcher this is a firm pester every trying to impress you this the first time in about six months he's been it would give the headset that haven't worked keep. It's it's been it's been quite a trip preaching every week doing this show a pastor can kill it while I'm ready the evening game plan and a half Italian specialties and he's very well most if you can get a job judge you get to game that's all I'm saying. Hey guys we're really blessed today and in we've been excitedly talking about this for a bit. In past Terry take you so much for for how openness put this together. Our special guest for today's show is coach Tony Dungy Tony are you doing today. I'm bill well and it's great the great to be reviewed. Well thank you so much you want you right now you're in Tampa is that correct. Yeah requirements on them warm weather now talk about how long. It's not work out that. You're right about that kids you know you don't tell you don't want to tell these boys from Wisconsin with the weather like today in Florida I can tell you that accused of sin we may have technical difficulty pester her redoubt just you can show or Oklahoma you try to get rid donate she's. An island ought to cut guys anymore coach if I got to hunt if I got to cut kid again it's is tellem that you don't his days are numbered and we need to send him on his ways our current. You know we ought to do that we need to. Hey coach thank you for and you know he's get in the hearts and my headset I was reading in on your books that you you and Rodney. When you're there on the NB CL football night in America that you Nate progress you guys finally got years where you each year pieces that. Yeah up out table we started in 2000. I don't know anything about that bolivars improvements that are out of work my earpiece. Couldn't. Really at the struggle. While talking while that and is that directed rocket science there were a lot of bank that would bad about that for the year but have we grown and gotten more experience. Yeah it has gotten easier. It looks like you guys and then an Anchorage. You don't IIID. On the sideline reporter for the high school football game of the week here. And wait when they called and asked to do this looked. They couldn't afford a good looking girls that got me is it was what I tell people and I don't really know much about did you Durbin do it six years. And live TV is very un forgive me. And it's horribly hard and and people you know I I give people tax to be seeing. You know your hair is standing its transit hub how I like what what he wanted to do meant to target but the high school football game. You're right and it has gone for giving last week we are actually build a people on the actors. And we had rehearsed they had not talked about air rises coats are equal them we didn't lie at the so. The last thing we saw previous to that was. The new coach in Oakland called Hezbollah but not come on and on then I got Tony Corrado in my head and they like are these banks. Blank out all laws they via bit Patrick had the save me but you're right I like that app called. Yet they act like him no big deal but you feel terrible that. Made a mistake in front it's won a million people. Well you know what I'm in my 24 your walk you for the high school football game of the week we do not have that many people. Might. Not my wife and the people I work with. My wife was pretty pretty forgiving when I'm when I came home and and again I didn't realize there was a windy my hair was just administratively got to put might. My hands on electric ball. And I wanted him away Sid did anybody tell you by your hair and our signal she should be let's go to bed let's just not watch that there reclaim that you have to have a template. And that's what happened she was really don't go on FaceBook. Don't look which is go to bed at I want to be able sleep tonight so obviously had a look at it and he was rough. He pastor and every hi did you guys meet you and coach dungy. Well I'm Tony and I think we met in 1993. I was then serving as the senior pastor still am serving as senior pastor park on. And I was on this board for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. My family now we travel to Black Mountain North Carolina and never been there before never been to a coaches camp. I didn't know who Tony Dungy was. But he and his family there also the same here and now our boys. His son Jamie and my son nick. They were probably seven or eight years old back then and then. They were planning gathered them and we as concerned parents say we need to know who your parents are we gonna. Let you play when our kid they probably had more concerned than we did than Vito but we methodologies and Tony's been the same guy. The last 21 years. You know pastor. I'd chosen this as were common and I work with the mayor and a coach dungy that he would he works part time I with the equipment. And team with the colts. And he was with you guys Hutus who rubles name's Chris divided backed. And NIC Chris you've seen coach dungy and all different around situations. You know what is he like he said man he's the C hit him he's the same guy when he's coached him when he's speaking when he's having lunch when he's. And an end he said which really impressive to me is his war when you talk to him. You know he makes you feel like you're the only guy in the room but he really does care about people went. And Chris in the city won't remember my name to let him know that. Some of the biggest highlights of my entire life work or being in and around the the the colts a team and anyone with thank you for that. Well thank you and that was always want from me I would spend a lot of time back there with the equipment guys. It's somewhat got to work hard and go unnoticed. And do more of the pain and that the coaches and players than in anyone else. Pollack had an affinity of those than and I go back at locker room and spent some time with them and that that the tremendous groups so please okra fellow. Yes I will do that hey Tony before I get too quick break I Redick questioner that. That she was that you answered in the first questions what's your favorite food he said Florida grouper are you talking about French he's done a Clearwater Beach. I have been differences about fact or share a couple of weeks ago opt for a little we and get away. And we we just take out from currencies I'd never had grouper before until like beak and at coats in the book in here than nine sick. And now I'm hooked on first grouper is hard to be. It is you know I was in Sarasota got a brother interpret springs. And I stay in Sarasota cold days and I had a group percent I was on the beach cern and went over interpret springs. And told my brother boy that was really good sandwich he said or who wasn't a French he's group percent. And that's what was the difference is you know we're gonna find out so we took a drive over and and he's right that was the Basque group for sailors and I've had it last question when you were playing for Minnesota how'd you guys do against the bad. We were two on two and it's time I was there on. On the game and Minneapolis with all of the games that matter and then about our last college game was. In Madison badgers beat. And it was one of the big disappointments of of my career that could go out on the moon man but that we had great battle. And now all of enjoyed come to camp Randall. Boy the golfers are good this year. Are there are obsolete united coach bill and the good man and he'd have health problem. But the mortgage related and whether he's been able the continuing coats. And it helped no doubt not only on the field but off the field you're growing well so as an alarm I'm very happy. He guys let's get to a quick break on the other side of the prequel will start our discussion with coach Tony Dungy and we'll talk will be about. You know his testimony his walk in and no pastor Ken that we we've discussed this. We really within the next couple segments wanna talk about his platform and and how we utilized is that platform will do that on the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. More now of feet in the zone. Discovering people of sports in their walking me. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church back with a host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might make you ever want my cohost along my co host pastor Ken Calvert corporate side Baptist Church are special in studio guest. He is the the senior pastor. Part one assembly of god pastor Walter Harvey. Can pastor her every thank you so much for joining us you welcome good to be here you dredge can we did we talked a little bit about China about the show went. And that we both have done a lot of pro pork can reading up on. And coach dungy and and I know that's how we wanted to start segment too little bit on target about his his walk in his fate. Pastor other pastor then you're almost like a pastor pastor Rick Tocchet a lot in common. But which. View have had a tremendous testimony and part of our focus on our program. Has been for athletes all across the country in here locally in Wisconsin really share. How their journey with Jesus Christ began and so we will you to slow day here and how how you came to edit the Christ in your testimony and how does menus and that your life. Well thank you pastor for me it was this wonderful. I grew up in the small town and that in fact that missed and might. Grandfather that that is meant there. Two of my uncles what ministers as well and my mom on it who is around the gospel choir that they growing up that that he writes that the young boy it. The seven near gold bought. Like many young. Young kid and football and board and you'll became kind of the driving force in my life and I didn't do anything wild and crazy but they got really true that much as a young per and then post it went out what the college. You get out on your own way Japan you don't have to go. That to search at all and I thought Eric kind of stagnated but the big thing for me. It happened in 1997 I went to the Pittsburgh steeler that they rookie player. And I doubt whether a group were guys who were on fire Chris and we had a tremendous core. They were out of there in the middle of or Super Bowl run and they see here. And so there are tremendous players but really really strong person Donnie shell on don's balls were outlawed on coal. There's some some great guys who for the first time I saw people take their christianity. Onto the football field. And it. One report seven in life. You know exemplify what it meant to be accrued and that's what I really started growing at 21 year old. Will coach thank you am thankful for good Yardley parents and you know and reading. Through some of your books I know your mom was big on your character in your representation and Jesus Christ and and I know that that played in into your life and a great way and it's it's been obvious to see how does been grown through three and through these many years and many trials many difficult. Osi really was it was fantastic if I see what the Sunday schoolteacher about and those who would like those are left off about birds. Here or is that. And get the detail and so I admire so much from her and you know since they're grownups you always talk about how you do thing. I don't think the right way to honor and the board and I can't pay homage on so much. Professional thing is that the colts and the Buccaneers a lot mother you say more or my mom says that my mom all the moment that. And remember that and they were great let them. And I look so. That's fortunate to learn that they have the right way to do things the wrong way to do things that the way you promptly got a that the would be more important and it than you do in life. We're talking to without coach Tony Dungy. Are in studio gasses as pastor Walter Harvey senior pastor from park want assembly of god pastor. Only you guys have filed. Passing conversations in the past and you mentioned that Chuck Noll had a tremendous impact on you. And you know as a coach how would he really begin to shape your style of leadership. He really did passed arm Rea. Implements. Went there as a rookie. Never forget sitting down in the first meeting and coach Noll. Telling us they'd welcome to the National Football League are not getting paid to play football so that make that your profession. But don't mistake it or your life football can't be your life we've got to find out what you wanna do delight sport. And that amaze me at the very first meeting. He talked about our lights work into a bank away from football and and he was true to that whole timeout what. And when I've got on the coaching five years later and we are such damage being both Orton doughnuts or not. Overcome your your family responsibilities. Than do I think the right way. So that had a tremendous impact Omnia the young coat jacket they that you could be successful and you could build this thing the right way. You could have a family life if you could. I'm of the lord and saw out of so fortunate that to go to war for him and he did he impact the way that. There was just such a blessing to have to work for. Hey hey coach do you think that that had a lot to do with. Are you becoming a coach I did you know before you go and into the NFL that that might be something in your future. Or or once she had a chance to play the Steelers. An enemy like Chuck Noll did that kind of further that discussion in your. No he really did so out of had no thoughts of being a coach Mike there. And a 25 year old and that you really have an aptitude but that could be good that. We've got an opening on our expansion in. He put minute war and because he made it such an enjoyable it earned and I learn so much from him. That that's what gave me that the drive and desire to continue and I wanted to coats like keep it to have. Players improve it as. Athletes first serve but also improve the people and he always palaces that that help your player would be the best that they can be. And her and that meant not only on the field in the best player but the bit about people. And it's just ate it brought it out of me note no doubt about I don't think it's out of artwork for someone else. In my at a completely different experience than and not but it looked. Tony one thing that I read about that viscerally. I thought man he's right on track here when you said what you do is not as important as how you do it. And you know so often coaches might take that shortcut. To try to get to the four. Try to. You know bombings Cullen this cheat in order to win. And and again that was coming on the heels of what you mom had been telling you about. You know who you Lauren and your character and and and and what what it takes to stop you is it as a young man. Is gonna speak volumes and you wanna keep moving forward with the lord so I'm just. You know we have a lot of coaches who will listen to listening what what would you share with them. In regard that statement that does I think has been a principal in your life. Absolutely and a bit come from a mom they have incurred the kid through. Pick out her own vocation your career and it doesn't matter what you wanna do whatever pest and god news you know utilize that. But how you do it is gonna speak about certain light and and the or that you are. And so whether your high school coach or college coach and so coach Horry he relate coach. It's all the fun. And that doesn't matter where you are it's how you do your job and how you impact you're player. Whatever profession mutate and end. I was so glad that I learn that now with all about how I was doing my that the vote but the result. Or what people bought or through military needs to the next level the next promotion. But what I'd done the job the best that I were honored the lord. The right way and when it on the most important thing is if you win but but it's not done properly. It's not on the last is not going to be remembered in an unfortunate we had a that it sport we had them. Individual record that that now we look back in the that that that would formative at the broad effect global but the way our. We had bit the spy gate situation not of a few years ago we're doing and almost went undefeated. But. You know it was fun out there wasn't done the right way. That that's the kind of thing I never once that happened with me I wanted to do it the right way. That is very important. Coach I driven up pastor's home and my mom and dad used to used to share this one phrase with me and they say it's no disgrace to fail. But it's a sin when you do lessen your best. And so I appreciate your comments on that and and to do it the right way and be the right person that's exactly you're right that's exactly how god wants us to live and how we want to study. We are we're talking to coach Tony Dungy are it in studio special guest has passed Walter Arby's is senior pastor from her mark as some we've got. I'm Tony before getter attitude to break. We have had a number of five professional athletes aren't. An and Don Beebe who played obviously for the Packers in the bills he met a common and asked him how hard it was. Terry to continue to walk worthy. In an NFL locker room and he surprised me reducing answers said he knows easier for me when I was in the NFL. He said you know when I'm with the Packers and and Reggie White is tunis Saturday night of Bible study and in this players get together it's we have this sent. He says a lot of eyes were on me. And so when I was in the locker room. He said it was easier for me to walk worthy because there's a lot of guys and I was I was hanging out with that we're doing the same thing. When I left the NFL and left the locker room he got a little bit more difficult. Because I was more on my own at that point you agree with that. While I have one thing I was freeway and it was easy for me also because you had some of the guys who are old and you're out. You have those teammates spoke. You're trying to be strong in your walk and you knew that you had had guys who were going to make sure you did this sign thanks so. It I would agree with Don and that were made that that time that I was in the and a belt with the Kristian Coates is that I cared much there. And the Christian player that not played well that certainly helped me out from them but. Well that's it that's interest he gives you know when when you're just a fan in your watch and some of the things that that happened. You go to some of these players when they're outside the locker with some of the troubled that they get into the that's what we hear about. That's what you know I'm on a Sports Radio station that's where our guys talk about. Very seldom do they talk about what we just talked about the guys that get together. And and an open the Bible and an aunt there and there walk and worthy and they're doing really good work in the community. We don't hear much about that but have a guy get drunk driving charge you know everybody's gonna nobody within about thirty minutes at this point. Yeah and that outcome in the media now that they had that make about the way we are we don't highlight these 95 per. That are doing great things we highlight the five per cent negative. One of the head coach at camp we had so many guys doing tremendous things Warrick Dunn. Getting called for a single mom that Derrick Brooks starting out but youth group that Mike all of dominance. Who who had. Programs for scholarships for. Underprivileged kids who were great great student. He never hear about. Who would would never be talked about but as a sailor one part to make a mistake or one around. And it's in the news for weeks spoke. People might be surprised to find out how strong that they're Christian and Milan is in some of the locker room and then expel. You just don't hear about it at all. Yeah I I agree guys we've got to get too quick break on the other side of prequel continue our our our journey in our conversation with coach Tony Dungy. And pastor Walter Harvey's a senior pastor from Brooke one assembly of god. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee save face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we give Herndon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I might be given alongside my co host pastor Ken Charlton her. For Brooke's side Baptist Church. Joining us in studio. I found out I coached his son over its Dominican I'm almost afraid to ask how I did. Pass through pollster Hart beat he's the senior pastor part one assembly of god. They're located at 3725. North Sherman boulevard before we continue to coach dungy are passer every home on YouTube on at park one. Might have been Parkland for 21 years you know that Tony the first year that I came there. And and Shannon Smith I think is is currency she and it's a young man that I coasted Dominican. You possibly. Is at least he's in the conversation the best bass while players ever ever coached. And is cute about spoke putters he has he's a better man as he has agreed bank gives back to the community and and cures a lot about the city walk you know I've got a tremendous amount of respect for him. As a man he didn't play enough defense for me but he sure can hit a couple search it hit a jump shot out you could shoot it. Our special guest on my coach Tony Dungy. I'm coach we want to talk global bit about. About your plans for a know that past weekend. And meeting coming down there and really talking lies. It was an. People that want to know about some of the books that you written I would highly recommend. Go to coach dungy dot com. And a it's a really wonderful website there's a lot of great things on that website. And once again on the website last night and again this morning coach it was hard for me to get off Kazaa so much could material there. And again that's coach dungy dot com but pastor Kenya when we talk glued by his plaque. Yeah I coach I loved or couple questions I have for your first all. How many first generation Christians did you see there in the in your time in the NFL where there are several that came to Christ and they were the first in their family to Camden. Another award. Well I don't know about first they're family but we certainly had a lot of guys. I'm by apple program. And the Bible studies that we. Some players minutes and other players were fortunate guys that are they become blood samples we always all the actors. You get big that I'm in a challenge men. And you can get on the I didn't guys who are saying the other side of it even that is the buying the material and then on the boat. As. They feel. At the pump than that what you're doing it at the moment is well what is yours. Although albeit did a lot of guys on the course. He mountainous tremendous you mentioned you define a platform as Merlin the place god put you. To be able to exercise. You know you're gifts and influence people and I think our listeners would just one day here I mean how god has directed you in in light of your platform and what you've been able to accomplish and do. Now they really have he didn't since the sport and that came about. This naturally I enjoyed it not on. It won't be quite work out don't have bought. I grew and got in the NFL. I'll. Or not quite for the feel of all of a sudden people want to pop. About a lot of and you had opportunities for our youth group young people had a chance there if we get it out loud sound a bit of all the people on the street. Well I don't realize. It is different platform than most. What I grew up where. From from the bills done at a felt it yet but we want them bowl and then they'll all come quote about writing a book with. But about ever integrate them aboard the problem. Is they're writing or at that spot available for me. All thought we did write a book about eleven that they're probably. And then about double the Ben Gordon and be brilliant and they don't elevate that this is good news all competitors on. Young men in the NFL so. Under the Christian player than what they're doing on the boat got given the platform and never dreamed of but there are the people who had. Quite the platform that made him an out. Yeah that way but they can impact people and they do in their own way and we all have that we've done that they've abandoned them. We're talking to coach Tony Dungy are specially studio guest. Pastor Walter Harvard senior pastor from part one assembly of god pastor. Tony I want to thank you for. Being transparent in your books both you and Lauren. And Judy and I have been married 29 years and we've ran. You latest book the uncommon marriage and then we received from you in the mail recently I think this week to go the adventure of the goals along with the book. I also want to thank you because it truly transforming our marriage what kind of reports are you hearing and who was the book with the audiences that you target your book for. Well if it's really amazing. The problem both civil roller ball fourth and pardon young man especially. And they'll Kamen says well we could move on and on a lot of bad now fear there wouldn't read a quote nerds book. What they might read a book about certain life they can help them wood would then. And formal white and I wouldn't do it we have gotten some great he's back that is somewhat true. You know what I got. Didn't the the book that what I've been saying. Then at that that the vote would go where the there's been a couple of nice days of not from where they can sit down at one point four on the Bible in the quiet they're very odd fit them but they all get that I think is back in the bank. What that something that really significant and help the people that examined how cries for help the matter. He coach unitary view high school football coaches show every Saturday morning from ten to noon. And two were three weeks ago I kicked out my co host and I pride in three coaches wives. High school football coaches wives and have brought in one who's been in it a short amount of time and one who's been and it will bit longer one who's. Or her Hus is just about to retire. And MB I was half Oprah Winfrey half Dr. Phil you know efforts you Howard's talking to these. To these coaches wives. And what I got out of it is you know this is the web these coaches understand or not this is there ministry. And you know the good the wives are are two of the wise I think are all in other third was was still trying to feel their way through an end and basically say look my my husband's gone a lot more than I thought who's going to be gone memories and these kids. I'm on my own. And down especially during the season and now that the offseason has become in a little bit more. The other thing that I got from it is I got more calls from coaches saying don't ever do that it can't. Coach Q. Ever do that said there's my wife who say wait a second how could she gets you this I don't. And then I got him an ice the other wives out you know the grocery store the gas station assay if you ever who shall like that. Again I won yet but I wanna be in the studio to I want to talk about it. And 1 -- what I am you know from what was to be kind of a fun show. We have you know we've progressed to the point that we had a guest on Kate in the zone in and he the pasture in in in Detroit I can you're the guy that went to Bob Jones and you just Yahoo! does down in Michigan he does coaches and their spouse. A weekend and saw it yet it's all Christian base and so he said you should bring your wife down. And go through ours in junior chill wind and if you feel a burden to bring this to Milwaukee maybe you can set that up. And the more I keep hearing about that show that it can which is supposed to be kind of a fun white. Who street 21 hours turned out a little bit more serious event by and I may take him up on that. I I think when when you talk but coaches wives there is a special place in heaven for them I believe that. Bob. The conservative base. An impact and the platform well. And the perfect situation you're white is and it went. He can't do ministry is well and my wife on it done that vote for the twenty year that I was coach. I don't ministry to bill otherwise. And in and girlfriends and and that type thing but also for the guys I felt it was important I was on won't ever vote for for the because I want to. Our players understand how important my very it was much that wasn't that why are they coworker was. And so many of these young men haven't been. That said on American action before and they needed it no need to do it that I was committed to my wife so. Although those wives have a vote so why is it an error. You know and indicate that they have all been aired here. Read more fun. You know on the bed that's part of it worked I think about my eyes and plus it's quite. There's no way they root out quick everybody admitted they. Lot to Foreman yeah. Well Tony I don't preach to a pastors to me it's you know it's so easy for pastor to get so focused on ministry that he's not. Given the needs through his wife are two of the kids and you know when I was growing up as a pastor's kid and then London ministry summons than an hour which we hear pastors is either end up in prison. I said or they end up in ministry expect. And done Mike was good he got my wife and hear on the radio program with faith in the zone I'm still trying to get him to get Terry his wife in here. Okay. Though oh absolutely we did a result studied a I hear enough from her I don't worry about. I hear enough from her past her room when you talk about how platforms and that's kind of what we're talking about. The platform that you have as well especially in the city of Milwaukee. That that is the platform that that that I'm sure that you use. Quite well it's a platform that that the warden as his which went but there's a lot of people that that you could reach with you with your platform. You know you write. Use the and my wife is a ten year breast cancer survivor her platform has become. The ministry of outreach to women who lost are dealing with that up sports is a tremendous platform particularly in inner city. And is it's great for people here testimonies like Tony. And that just and not just Tony who's you know obviously he's reached the pinnacle of success you know first African American coach to win a Super Bowl. You know ten plus playoff seasons but just regular guys who are just showing up every day. It work Lebanon wives raising your kids those are kind of stories that children in inner city need to hear and see. Yeah I I really agree with that guys let's get to quick break. And we'll get to our last our last segment this has really been a great show I really appreciate it. Our special guest is coach Tony Dungy Tressel in studio guess his pastor Walter Harvey. He is senior pastor from park want. Assembly of god again I would highly recommend. Go to what WWW Dutch coach dungy dot com and take a look at how that website it's just a wonderful. Wonderful material a lot of things that that will get you thinking how can tell you that this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 halftime. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone brought you my own windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver. And pastor came cal learned plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I might be Cuban wants on my co host pastor Ken counselor from Brooke's side Baptist Church are special and studio gets his pastor Walter Harvey. Senior pastor from park on assembly of god. They are located 3725. North Sherman boulevard in our guest for the entire hours been coach Tony Dungy. I coach I can't think you know offer for the time that that you've given us GO a couple of quick things before we've got to get out. I read in in in due to prop or future the only NFL player to ever intercept a pass to throw an interception in the same game. That's it that's impressive coach. Had a lot what. Only one to do that but I want them left. The last duke in 1977. They wave back in the forty that it is that you. It both ways it and I have done a lot but that the merger of I don't bella all been done on. I was at quarterback in verse that Minnesota. Was the deep on the back must first it would Spielberg. I had an interception in the game against soldiers and oiler. And then in the fourth quarter we lost all of our quarterback's injury. And I ended up playing the fourth quarter and a stubborn on fourth and out through an and it's such want that are. I didn't vote in the same game and it made via a celebrity in that report today. Well I can tell you I do that every year at other Turkey ball I always grow Ayala throw an interception. I don't give me pick city moratorium I'm not quite honestly Tuesday as I used to be hey how did you enjoy your time and in Pittsburgh I've gotten a chance to be there. A couple of times in fact that. I flew with the packer team poignant two Monday night Kimi Kordell Stewart had the game of his wife and and they beat the Packers the flight home was a lot more difficult than the light going down. On the high did you enjoy your time in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh what a special place. I had. A lot of gear going and didn't know what I'm going to be light and it was it was great and at that time. That as of now that the fans would do so connected to the team and you felt so much like a part of the city so. That part was one of all got involved in the great sorts there are met a white. There. They really. Became a strong Christian they're due to leadership potential a lot of the players on the chain so it will a special time in my life and that once zero pence murder that sent Bob dealers or you're always that burger. You know I was surprised how beautiful that's hideous and I clearly this I went with this Braga notion that it was just kind of a Steel City and and it was absolutely gorgeous and I really really enjoyed it quite a bit. He I'm OK if we can't go back to your web several quick there is. It is it's a part works his take the uncommon life challenge can you explain that to me. What that was actually the bird book we came out would have wrote a book called on common that was really dedicated to high school people. Our boys and girls to give them a sense of being different that the Christian life is different and that's not all bad. And then we wrote a one year devote all along with that the post though what. Have a day's an agreement with the five entries. And a scripture lesson that day and then countless stories on a lot of sports stories that that referred to the less than and we got. People to sign up and take the challenge the stand whether for a whole year I'll read it five entry a lot of young people would do that but that was the uncommon. Talents and it was really gratifying to the airbag from a lot of food that you're not never really try to read the Bible every day or I'd never. Made that type a commitment and after a year I realize how valuable that is so Lou but it special moment. Why it's you know it's on the website. And and I would recommended that neither coaches who get a lot of coaches out listen to us specially if your coach in the high school. Ranks. Or go to go to the website in and take a look again it's coach dungy dot com go to the website and and see if you can't interest some your players. To get involved with the with this challenge connecting could be a great tool for you guys did two T utilized. Two tart your kids about their faith in their testimony about pastor coming up. I coach I just wanna pay him a little bit on what Mike's talking about here with the high school coaches put. If you know can we have several that'll be listening what would be you know your challenge she you know if you had just a few minutes or seconds with a what would be your challenge to high school coaches today. Well I would tell them to take advantage of worked out at which you can have an influence you do evident on. So many young people but my son was the high school football player is a senior in college now. Even though we had a very stable two parent home he spent more time with a high school coach and has an opinion year than in them with me that there. I'm so you have a tremendous. Opportunity to influence people the right way and the cure all the kids in them their sport you really missed the mark very few of those young people are gonna. Earn their living and make their living playing that sport but they're all gonna grow up and be part of the country. And so if you can help them grow off the field and become better men and women. That's religious service that think back to my who coats they drew on some of them out sport in Europe Lola forgot. It's that talent that god given be thankful. Praises man given. The humble concede this self given be careful. And remember that I am that the nine you also afforded by the year remember things that you that they'd like bet. That helped me become not not only about a player but a better person and I think that that's really our our bowl coaches. Yeah I I create doesn't it I wish I would've which sort of talk to you thirty years ago we got cut Frederick is our coach for a long time it. And that that was awesome. Pestered a hurry when you when you met chuck coach dungy. Did to and how long it goes not 1920 years between their 1990 S three on ten years ago. And he's he's your friend you gotta be really produce some of the work that then that he's doing and and what's interest in to me is is you know his platform. Is is is national. Your platform is here local yet both are just so extremely important to attend to what we're doing now. I'm really thankful and proud to at Tony and Lauren. In our lives my wife Judy and her son nick autumn grand daughter or granddaughter autumn. Even more proud of what he's done off the field as well as what he's accomplished on the field eco real quick I Tony you miss coaching. I really don't I missed the relationship and I've missed being able to. Kind of share my faith with a young people but I get a chance to do that now even a little bit more as I have a low but more time. So I think amid built some things that I'm excited about I'm able to get involved in my local search and ample a little bit more. Well. I had a great time and notes on it you're like coats the mound and in another state the life. Coach do you has got opening doors for you as far as outside the United States. Internationally to mission trips things along that line. I haven't done their thing personally going but couple of the books that Britain have been translated into Korean and Spanish. And determine. And so that. Been pretty need to get a letter from someone who read it and another country in the language against something that that should never dream. What happened now when you start out. Any coach were were wrapping this up but in that questioner when we talked about the Florida group bird French he's. Question number nine is who's your favorite person viable in your answer was Paul. Can I ask why why Paula is your favorite. I just thank all had so much strength and so much depth to his character and he made it his mission to share the gospel with everybody in ball every play that he went. And I just think that's such an unbelievable. Light vision and and I want that to be my bit and I haven't done it as well appalled but. He is that when my inspiration. Well I'd say that's does mission for assault felony and I'm I'm thankful for the platform and the guys getting in the challenge you've been able to give us and our listeners through us through this broadcast then I trust we have several that. We'll let you know what a blessing meant. Just here on the station here in Milwaukee thank you so much for being loaned c'mon. You know you view that in and certainly pastor Harvey it's it's so good to meet you in and I hope your son has sent memories of me coach you know. He does agency manic I yelled meals it's when I'm hoping that you've helped him realize that his vocation is not on the best he can. Well. Honesty I guess who has the best policy back then out of though guys that. I gotta thank you so much in and a coach showed you thank you so much for the time I appreciate it next time you head over to Clearwater and have a a grouper sandwich. I'll make sure you think can be I was shows out there with him and my brother was right on the button there's a better group percent which were actually user group but there's number of us going to be. Heading down to Tampa for the packer Tampa game. It. To the guys that are on our sports station on the royal Butler. And Kerio are sent. Our two guys that are gonna kind of spearhead that that trip which makes me a little nervous by the way I give Coco nervous at those of the guys that are. That are going to be who leaders and that that trip there it is the end of beach and Clearwater and head over to the to Tampa Bay Green Bay came so. I'll make sure that that let them know you are living in the Tampa area and maybe head over to France she's in might see you there. And tell the lord don't do too much damage down here and in my whole home now. I I hope you don't what I'll see him in a couple are so make sure that I let him know that guys thank you so much. Pastor Harvey it's really been my pleasure to meet you and take you so much for helping us with this edit so as to deceive you yet. Coach Tony Dungy thank you very much and and have a great week. Thank you Mike and patsy Kim thank you Brett. You bet this has been faith in his own our sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan you've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike. And give burn and pastor can help now. Here's feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah you know games. Was served to. Minority who lose.