Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, August 12th

Final Inspection Show - Steve Zautke, Summer Santana, Eddie LePine, Tony DiZinno and Jim Harris all join the show


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Milwaukee. Start your engines. I'm Don talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show it was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Now from the David Hobbs Honda studios its final inspection on 1057 and. Here's Steve. Able to live by the election. If there are. The ball. Got up at a pretty good shows and it'll be different. Yep absolutely Steve can't wait. Had some people feel what did that we do have that done and and this hour the grip of the various. They kind of insider who were. Everything we're gonna have them out because. I think for the under my game it was played CN now. Media site does an actual event. Is this weekend and your bit of are there. This is an. That it will you have to be you name it this minute of the war. In the big news clip that dollars net employment. They've race all the headlines you need at this point. Believe that probably. We'll get the full did play. Why do differently if the ball by him. It would be the reason. I'd definitely have the colors and earlier this weekend and I learned Pelosi won her race. And it was like okay. I got an automatic. We'll match though but he did get an okay he didn't know it's great but didn't it was laid out Wednesday. Just give it fit everything right again. Yeah I've I've done you know it's fine after. Fly over. Lot of people. They did pretty cool that. The Nevada appeal Cleveland a few years ago. The and PCP does. But the biggest thing is about how hard. After the yeah I think it's a fantastic move right in Nancy. You know it's it's great not only you know just for the fans that are. The trick but you know anytime that is the big heavy hitters in NASCAR if you go to these. Dirt tracks making appearances to build the sport of auto racing. It's fantastic we've talked a couple of weeks ago about the struggles that these local hometown track for having. And it's it's fantastic likeness of that heavy hitter gets there hopefully the people bring their kids out and get kids excited. Auto racing you know we were just there will mount a couple weeks ago and what a fantastic event there wasn't. It proud yeah it was his duty law. Yeah M these are gonna have the same thing tonight devils. Now is out of. And use that credit cards out there and knows the biggest. Again and probably 1015 years. Fort Bragg. Tennessee and a little bit what was back. To what's happening in the world that's. And I think. You know I was talking to this that the couple people last night that. No I wonder if let's face it in the ass. Here. And Gerald. The man. Here you. Preventable but. The bad bad. I think that it's absolutely fantastic like this that I am. I'm thrilled that thank you Nancy is allowing it to happen. My only thing is that if I was chip to Nancy I wouldn't let it happen. You know it's easy for me to say oh yeah go let Kyle Larson run these races. Where he ends up with a broken leg like was what happened with the Tony Stewart. He's gonna change his mind real well. It's easy for us to sit there and say hello yeah of course NASCAR should allow us very you know. Drivers to go run these tracks when we're. Gotten checks if you guys give her. A ride on Palin but. And bridge program. An awful part of you that. Ours it is thin. Every them back here. He didn't go and I think. This seems like it seems that the right thing. Now we'll probably know in a boat. Rolled and at all hours. City added them back. I had I let it you know. And I have. Well yes and don't forget their sponsor. Right right so I mean let me get a lot this did it must booklet. No word. He definitely did. The Internet and head of the way for him to navigate the accident they'll leave them and hope somebody. Who are okay. The next here it seems like. They're only going to be in the cup events here if you bring money. You know I like this that I think it's fantastic night. You know my caveat is you know like with a baseball I was probably one of just a few handful of people. That was can't be that Corey enabled did not pitch in the baseball all star game. Because I don't want him to take your chance feeding her right. In you know for an event that that. He's not giving aid. You know. There did you you know he's there to its for the brewers he's not there it's an exhibition. Glory game let significance than any any of the games that the brewers play out like that would there players and mobile sells. It. To be consistent like. Yeah yeah. I think it's been tested for the fans for the track. If it's a win win for everybody especially if he's comes out though. All right we get a hold field days coming up next. Race three over every period. Then the bottom. We're glad. Mean back then. I'm a burglary back. My then. Did very. That's our pretty. Candidates know. It Dixon. News of finding effective July. You battle here. Role and I David. Read bill will be back war. Now did. NASCAR. Brad Keselowski. He's number one day. There and one. Did you. This could be the reason it went the other way. Today. Yeah. Yeah it is. Hey you know it's it's funny that you get the be all Penske front row with the Kozlowski and Modano. Both of my head well Madonna. You know he's struggled just absolutely. Might release since that whole encumbered finish. And you know struggled again at Watkins again Glen last week. But Brad Kozlowski had a chance to pick up another win at Watkins Glen. Last week in you know they were just got caught on the whole fuel mileage part of that race. But but yeah they they look fast and you know for them to sit there and and and dominate the front row looks like. You know those guys might be in for in for a heck of a finished. So we'll see as you know the Toyota's have obviously been dominating. Lately. But maybe this is maybe this is Ford's week. You know I I'm not sure. Brad did say during the week dead. He thinks that Toyota has dialed it back. For the Michigan race he was kind of critical. Say that that the other manufacturers cannot keep up put Toyota. But he said that he thinks that Toyota dialed it back for Michigan this week because after this race NASCAR tends to take. Cars and put him into and test them for aero. So I thought that was kind of interesting. You know a little off a little dig there at Toyota. After. Money is everybody's got me going into the streets they did all right let's make sure everything yeah. I mean. They all went noted that seed those that it is neither of them had. Forward tonight. And at recently tonight. I didn't know what happened and it you know there's the purity it's ball game NFC lead where. They don't have the experience. He may have a couple of guys that are out there at that they have no other way around. If they. And it. And it. And oh. Well. And then tied it when it. It. You. Why did he does say it it just started thirty. It and a pause. Yes that's a little bit here I don't know I think probably is involved in many mathematical. Equation. Go ahead and start correcting everything all the way down the line. I personally. When somebody got started to back somebody like I'll partner. Where in that. Nothing and then it happened we'll. I'm afraid I've always but why is known activity. Let that happen and act. Debris. Resolved. Ultimately end everything I have. I mean Agassi. Quoted an asterisk and saying. Our ball flight ninety. So what dad at the bottom of the but you know CNN. He did not use that apparently he. East and us are. The bad. Game. Jimmie Johnson. Yeah I just it never understood that as targeted Jeff forward she felt it was his morality so it. And I think that's. I know what is going on with Kendrick is the figure like. You know everybody down on alert right near the back. All of quietly bury it. No he's really running away. Report. That one thing in my opinion they only had one forum. That lackluster job board. It could be if it meant for him I'm I'm I'm. I'm optimistic I love it. But that I just don't know what you need though polls William Byron thing. What happens when William I ever come along next here. And he winning that they have everybody else and ball sports like he's gone but where does that put it Elliott back. Added 25% of salary of the in the back previously. Oh my god did it. Valerie. Wrong. Every minute. The pirates Phillies. Vivian. Could be a lot of that feel right. They want to use it. But that's a hole but what I Renault and their feet and we know we've got to face. We don't know what we got with Byron the that is o'clock we'll everybody away we don't know Rick Hendrick has been probably. Right it did and it doesn't make sense. I do my job. Your guys though. Defended him coming through gun fight. I'm a lot more excited after. The I like I have half a lap at what Hendrick is it that he came up in their right. What the right way to ride he'd like them you gotta help report card from wall. Or. In Iraq and would you buy on. Liner that I did found it very odd that in the right. Guy. Well I agree glory and that's why I find it that Hendricks said that he wants to help. Find Casey ride. Because that's like you know ahead and a girl breakup with you are. And then I just wanna be friends. You know it today it seems the same way you know I don't want you to run for my eighteen. But you can run for somebody else's team that I give some support to exist that seems bizarre. If it does in the dark. But you know at the end of the day affiliate all of it. And everything that's going on in nap time right now the field you hear are things. Everybody is making everything so perfect. So when a library you know even though he knew about it last year. Even know what driver part when it he. So I think he hadn't meant that I don't and it could make money and it. Boredom of everybody in but this is built into it the top performing. I'm. Yeah. Different. I would love to see good development. AD the I can't send the loan because the good. That they did. They've got the ball. Could happen. Loving dad. Thank you thought it. Why they picked Christopher bell I think. You know the there's gonna be a rivalry and this fears happen tuition. Between bell and Byron for years to come and it just sets up fantastic for NASCAR. Yeah and Ryan Sweeney and if they only hit that about Eliot. Great kid along up. Eric Jones who's gonna find his way to Victory Lane. You need oh my god and you need them symbolic and act obviously I think that it. I think so you know. It's still kind of like the moment it it makes me laugh but that's just for selfish reasons. I was ahead of what scares me. The. I think for the hair he's the moment a different way it. Here. The. That we have free agency coming out what. What's gonna look at 43. Well at this stage here. If it's not very good overall and ended here. And I have a sponsor. Where is the better power. That that I think is. It. Yeah dad had that that you have been CNN. Other than the 32 and a few others. Well I think we all the way to do that and that is really really doing. How Motorola could stay home if they home. I'd love and daddy got him home anyway okay yeah yeah. It's going to be in the city. If there's anything. Other anything. No we've heard what the 41. Well okay. While we're not gonna release a lot of good. I don't think we'll give out. You know there's a lot of everybody wants. I can see where's the hospital. If I can get these guys in the T. Found your money. He's. It's going to be a fifth seed in the next. Fitness but. Quality is being fueled days with the Charlotte ball. Everybody would make. In in the past. What's going to be really telling for the young drivers if Kurt Busch does go back to 41 and renegotiated. Contract. Because that kind trick is going to. You know. Basically set the bar. You know the young drivers that are coming in on their first rides are gonna have to take at 41 contract probably. Take 40% of it considering you know Kurtz of former champion and all that. So it might actually kind of set the price for some of these guys going forward. Well what that's bigotry it was me I'd expect. That hearing recently did you. Bill and the Vietnam War. Great radio and then Lorie and then it was Miller in the back. Yes they are looking forward to it than after that we'll find those. Are all being the latest happenings in the actual island. Oh those. This his final inspection with Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway. On 1057 of them. And look bad to divide us but did. Filled few luxury greatly greatly. Rented him broadcasting live from the youth and no holds. That's speaker our next to the vote was. We'll be here. So and that's good enough agreement was vague outlines or human growth rates radio. And Lorie what they 11 lends and it kind of makes cents. We're decent team would be he had that great scene is they're they're thinking about making the jump to. The cup series would that make. Kind of makes sense because. It looks like it may be short and chartered. Toward next year so it kind of mystery seed with a lot of money in the truck in the but these sides. That's there's going to be looking. This makes sense if you win their. They get a lovely day. Have any. Equipment and you went under trees and those. Yeah and that's the thing that. Affiliate. And and I know I suppose it would. Family. And I proposed that tree and went ahead. He liked it over at him you know it with a gold I found her it would be. I don't know. How it maybe he would he would. That my vote. It ain't you right. I helped build but you know your that they had at Hendrick equipment back in. Quality and good equipment. They'll want to perform well and whether he made up capable of doing that. You know I think the thing is look when he won the brickyard. Guys because drivers that allegedly or other performers and they never get about anything. Wheeled out of it. Kinda lose in glory here. You know I was you know I mean anything at their equipment. They could feel it here at play. Because and it it it did have to perform look at him there. At the last few years going back almost one year he liked the the number five car. But Laura if he wanted to go the distance here segment here a little. That would never. I. As genocide in the couple pop up at everything. I looked at more than yours does he look at Motorola brief talk radio and one of my favorite segments of the wounded. Bill we've three. Welcome back to the final inspection with a 57 up battle of the bands Dennis Michael said lower demand growth rate stuck radioed I've got. It's time that talks that mascara yet now let them. Does it is time to blow up somebody still. Lauren and route itself the good folks at Milwaukee Wisconsin and around the world Latin inner webs how this all works. Carl around the world and on the interwebs and Oliver Milwaukee Wisconsin yet something that set you in the wake of racing I don't know murder race talk radio dot com. Fill the form. We will possibly include you in an upcoming still blowing right here on the scary stations send us an email he can do it off from restock radio dot com reform. What ever way you want to send us what ever has upset you. We will gladly accept it. That's fast that's just how we are. Are very very accepting and I have something to blow up this week they're really really bothered me. Probably close to the last. I don't know twenty laps or so of the Watson's Glen race yet and it tested it with the TV coverage. Why when we're watching the race lie. Do they have to all of a sudden you all these flashbacks to race about a race at the same track from last year the year before. Or thirty years ago. And they have the picture of fourteen times bigger than the actual action on the track be squished down deep their real life action. And either go to completely different screen or habits side by side. Can you even know what you're watching. They're showing they're spending more time showing historical events. Then what's actually happening happening on that very day is the racing that bad they have to look back when you've just about got no laps left in a race. Apparently we didn't get enough may happen that make them happy. Cray C it's absolutely nuts that we have in juror watching old stuff when there's new stuff happen. Lead defeat didn't even get a chance to say Archie Archie all day I ain't all. That's when you know it is not in a typical Watkins Glen wreck fest. When you don't get together let's RG bought. Auntie dawn gee that is great still blow up. It I honestly it really bothered me I'd get up no that's a good thing to be at or history lesson people. L and overall. I actually enjoyed and the television broadcast that we saw my that's exactly. Who I've had my issues whip. On you know some of the things that he says now he's some time operates the fans. He is a superstar. When it comes to announce races there's no doubt that Bakley buried at that broadcast. He's in his element and he he came across great on TV as well yeah. I just sent but he amend the apt plate by plate boot fulltime. Let Rick Allen to back track and field full time. I am on my local news they get a clip of the whatever venue is that I think felt like Rick yeah yeah. Yeah it and the reason they made him. Their expert arm that is because when he was in college. He was at three time Letterman in the capital and that's that. That's it he's not kept up with the sport in. You know over the years but. He is that the cap league so he's now the track and field experts are just grooming him. What the Olympics. That yet you're probably right and there's no denying he's got. An incredible points at Adams internal fights yes that's what might still. I'm blowing up Kevin Harvick this week. Good move thank you Kevin Harvick. Had yet Cassidy. To blame dale junior's lacked a performance. For NASCAR's ratings lows in attendance woes. The heck did that come. Up. I was astonished. To hear it. I know remember back so I don't know two years ago three years ago the very same thing was said by Brian France so. Yeah yeah and that stun me at the at that time and now heart coming out with this thickened holy cat a real. You know all sports are suffering. All sports on TV years suffering yet Dale Earnhardt junior he has become a chant PM this is the absolute demise and downward spiral of the sport of stock car racing. To me a break our I was I was disgusted. By what I was hearing. Yeah that he sat because. OK great you got a radio show you need to boost the ratings by doing some thing. Outrageous or saying something outrageous. Don't pick on Dale Junior. Well you know ever sentenced may mention it ever since we been on the air. And you just don't have. Like the gold plated headset this is Y a RR ratings are just as good as they should be well maybe he's about as much sense. Met we need to start some nasty rumors are our own. You know maybe get somebody come on here and say that Kevin Harvick is secretly a cross Dresser. I don't know what we attitude to get better rate well all well those weren't handsome and there's aspires to. Very very. Right the buyers sit just gonna try to think oh my god. And you said that quite well so Laurie gros who's still gets blown up this week. I'm hot style over what. Harvick said I think it's that it was just out of line I want to go with yours. All right general matters is that B fifty twos show. Fury like. Diverse CB. What's a good start. I like that idea to get everyone a steady over it up I'm sure I will. But at least we have to outrageous things that we set to boost their ratings I saw. It is time bird that NASCAR newspaper recall that day. And what are the worst kept secrets in the world this out William Byron will be in the number five at Hendrick motor sports. Alex Bowman of course in the 88 who's going to help the better rookie year. Hope boy you know and we know what Ullman can do. We really don't know. What Byron can do in a cup car so I'm just gonna throw caution in the wind. I'm gonna go with what everybody saying about this so little Billy Byron that we we. We sing songs about the last two years. I'm gonna Byron as having a better season. Even though he's in the tainted to car of Kasey Kahne. Thought Byron and. Yes folks I know Alex Baumann not officially be a rookie at the cup series because of the number races he's run in the past I met rookie year. And Hendrick motor sports and I think it's going to be quite a battle you know it probably will be a battle but I just I'm really really curious to see you at Byron can do. Really curious. Also in the NASCAR news the word from Danica Patrick the word from the 77. Team are exactly the same. Will be back next year depending on sponsorship. Yeah now that doesn't sound good for either but I. I actually have more confidence that the 77 we'll have somebody in it. Then Danica coming back next year and I don't think it'll be Danica and the 77. I've really think we could possibly see Danica moving on she's got all these other irons in the fire her warriors and it's going to be on her car goes beyond occur this week at thank. Her her clothing line or whatever it is you know she's got a lot to do you know she's got other stuff and I don't. Which is my BC lost her. I don't expect Danica back. And I don't expect the 77 team back next year it's just not c'mon. Also in the days Watkins Glen and at their track president have a little sit down with the fans on Saturday last weekend. If he was very vocal. About what he heard about the start time of the race 25%. Of the fans that he talked to. At a special meet and greet event said they would not renewed their tickets for next season unless that start time is in fact. To a more traditional start time is TV. We for blame for some of the bad attendance at the tracks with the late stark terms. Well I think you can blame TV for the late start times everywhere so I guess just follow the trail and yeah I complained TV on it but. You know I I'm sure the trachsel liked. You know it's it to make his biggest day of it does so as humanly possible. So. You don't they'd they'll do whatever they can but they still got answered TV. Also in the news six Chicago artist competed in Dayton. Down drag out teenage mutant ninja turtle. Mural competition. Over the past week and the winners have been announced it's a tough fight to end Macs Sam thing. One and will co design in the cup trophy at Chicago land speed way. Are these like kids or adults or what are they these are Chicago area. Arts also just artists that kind of interesting. Beyond that the truth if it had in the past that the turtles on that I think is has been pretty cool the fact that you know it's. The name of the race she got to have Sumner percent that I don't know how crazy they can get but I don't know I think mechanical. Might be. Kind of fun to see what that up with but again Chicago Atlanta speedway two and a good job whether someone out there shall any nicely done learn and grow. I'll so I in the news no way trapped. Compound will be applied at Michigan this time around but they will be tracking the track with the higher drag and Lori Monroe who is your pick to click out at Michigan. Well hi just our caution in the wind I'm gonna go Dale Earnhardt junior can you imagine if he actually won out that would be exciting yeah. That would be exciting well I actually had Dale Junior as one of my possible picks really. Yes if you'd took my number one pick which is. No surprise Martin Truex junior yes yeah. So Lori Munro picking Dale Junior on pick and mark Turk street near those are our stick collect. For Michigan this week thanks for tuning in to a final inspection went 057 FM up. Am walls that divide us but it feels like if you live. That state fair park. At the goose island ill halls. The central. Where all the laws. That's due Budweiser. Like that greatly greatly greatly as do. Sporty. Bill. And that's victory but let me I. Bring our researcher historian you name it he is fifth right there in the air we'll go there. There. Yeah of this is that that's the big that if you're right there fan it's the 57. And we'll five hour energy Knoxville nationals. Presented by Casey's General Stores back to Iowa and haven't you. Give the listeners. Hayes though is how big. Your goal. Grant. You're laughing. Record crowd for a lot of. It is the greater than. It certainly is. But here is fit in the driver's. Race there of one there. Very flawed but the lately its defense the tiny dot film. Or viability let me know very abilities you're and he certainly is cleaned up recently but this year. If the mayor of well they can get them and that's a pretty decent competition evidence. And where the big news of course is how large and run tonight is now. Yes he has. But more people understand. Is far back. On his. David ground. Outlaws series might. Or the factor you know we've got for at least. And then you go to a local guys well. How factor tonight. Great. Very. Fifty lap. A lot of time to get to hear. Are you anything on this thing you know look for him to be here. Yeah the course we got tonight you got the be being. Four guys variable transfer into it. Where one of our guys who was on my last week he started a couple receiving in the field they live look right Avery here we wish him the best. And it. It's it's what these situations where even it is giving it to defeat me and I mean that. You've got to be after the driver and I look tired and make it you know that keep coming on the entry through. His heart is sort of I. I was. All have built to work you. And while my idea. To get up it is. These speaker there tonight. I had a when. If Harlem. He's on the all the media. Voted drive brand. Are. They've figured it all week. And right so. Don't think it's all. Right. And our own there'll. Excellent and then yeah right ground here but pero to look at it user read them right back soulful side. For the weekly races right Ryan Braun ran very well last few years. You do these guys never legitimate chance that you would in this thing. So where I mean. It you know aren't prepared. One thing about it and never let them bill. Eight became if there words seemed like the guys quote after awhile. I feel old guys. It is never. Equipment that sponsors. Through. These these can be there. It's part of its heartbeat or on. Did I am able I. What was thing offered him so many years. Yeah if it is because it. Yeah we're talking that Jim Harris Flickr historian. Regardless being hotline. So I I think David gravel that he'd been very very impressed. They. He's under a lot of people's radar and not phones scored a lot this year. But I think if the insiders I think that make you pick. Tonight who's here who's who's gyms here compared. Our market right 80 is that it all right cool and every year. So they. You know he's he's gonna be there. Now. All. He's he's that our group into an all year really. Perspective. Pete who went about how they're good. If that were pathetic it. I don't have that he is. You if you went city here. Here there. I'm tired but come on there if anybody I. We wrote you can do it. Well thank you Jim appreciate covenant to show but before that they'll be making my. Annual group built bits on the Hammond Indiana will to the speaker you. Refute either live good person to be good show and nothing to come and on the show appreciate it as a recruit through your pre. Thank you. Did harassment. Stricker story and author researcher at the nationals for a girl it. Although this guy. Think it permanent show it's time now worthless horse left well we come back we'll be taught that Tony is the you know them NBC sports back. And it could return. NASCAR. Milwaukee. Start your engines. I'm Dan talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Now from the David Hobbs Honda's studios its final inspection on 1057. Here's Steve's talking. No movement to the final inspections will broadcast live from the kings island else. On the central balls that stayed there next to the vote was two billion. But think differently greatly greatly in need a victory get out there this week in the weather is fantastic here this. It didn't do others though did he go through with bravery you know there every. Here. Other Great Lakes right live and also David 600. Or do you Rhode Island bill. The join in this agreement was made ally and its ability to deal amid BC sports what killed Tony. He meant Saturday and yet yesterday. To. Crews from we'll put you get proud. Cream question did you try to cricket nachos that's what I want to know boot as did the cricket nachos. I did not advocate on zoning and get you on the that is the only answer. Well. You know. It is I am here yet. I did it because I wanna know who was trying to. Either the cricket nachos or cricket. And apparently everybody that I've Coleman hasn't done. Oh. It's a theory that sort of team. Yeah well we don't need I don't think the work and you I don't. If you look at the crowd out here speaker I don't think you're lacking. Maybe tone. To it I feel and it broke and if there's there's going to make them approach. Had I had been treated the weight of that. But anyway if you use the there's that hears something and then you. They're very yeah we don't believe in January. And so the. But stepping winners meals or room users. You know the winner you know if you're just surviving in the hazard. It's. And it takes a lot of companies that need to refinance. Plan as much yeah it's such a little time he. And I mean who doesn't like not so. See his except for of Africa some married annihilated. That the violated but are you doing apparently benefited the most famous word him or your interest early settlement but not choke or do. I've learned I learned from last week Sony. When you make when you want to make the point though. Though would that be making predictions like. She would you one of I want to know that my younger and and it did make. Well last last week yes America. Yeah. You draft that the road America and for the first security Cadillac in the overall. He put her money if it were mentioning. Brokered. He's on the Truman on routine. Got care. Those who didn't get passed yet toward about thirty and you know it they're in those guys. Try to win the championship. They did that they would need to win as much. You know the ending night the rain held off. That is better for other this is for sure. I think it's our athletes. It might affect a little bit there's enough. The white black entertainment but it got better. As a Michael Andretti. I'm there. I think caddie I think it's wise it's not a word on movies because. Is it because they're word the it's. Not to nab them this thing is more and until they've. Would you really kind of on the power of execution. It kind of get hurt and he then admitted holding pattern where we cut up on hawking you know fill. And pulled acted. You know provided that what happened. And that we're in charge on there out of the blue kickoff through Q I guess. Of the domino effect. All the formatting can bottle but no wounds auto filled mathematically. We realistic shot about it. This is where it's gonna become a musical chairs and on the you know for. Good most of the majority of announcements happen once. Yet if we make 11 half and if you treat or 50. You through Q did you. Four left home disinterested in NASCAR that it. What happened over the last month or so that's been freed these that was meant for its part. Don't know all that more than I have. You know we haven't really. IndyCar like the person as far as you know I think. Just if you guard kind of given rise young and he. We will get we we are seeing all the all the dominoes fall. What what else after the that is notable Lawler mean if you go up on that. Where they come back spot. Though. I've seen these it's funny because you see these little PR. This uses a driver from but just saw that the and indeed there. Liners certainly in this. Read it yet yet but it yeah it does it yeah if you won. Yet but he would read it in home. A this kind of America I mean. He would beat you all did this USF 2000 feet I'd like you Paul. Our. You lay. If he'd that if if you're old if I mean first to work every race won this year is he thirteen point that would keep. How is he not meeting with pact at a record because I didn't see. The only one feel so I really felt for auditing. Those kind of yearly party here where would you are not read that back. So you know you've got at. You guys are and you've got off its filler but Adam is to get up. I figured you guys played and to you earlier. For and you know otherwise you lost period on the race and did it goes you know we're we're waiting to see what what comes back. Kind of get on the year that's what has kept her guard. And then locals government. Last week. Americans do. And chief Fred Burkle could there possibly an and a panel award. If he'd fifties he needs. With our officials. Yeah. And that this season I regard her friends. Colleagues felt as if he does get get another win is. Perfect. Last year losing Winston championship really purely on this for French youth and people ought I don't know. And lap while. He never actually. Professional grief there's a lot of these animated you know. You know if I have a party line here. You know. Here they have what your wild card you can. You know people are but I've never been aired yet here you have an you have had a who. Home. And Fata here for help you is I was kind of hoping he would open willful that is that you like guild. Really really fast. We don't think only eighteen years old is it really bright future. He certainly does and and another person actor release their teaser video for. So. Look kid looks pretty broad street from the front the front end that was really different they hope that those that. The border bother and effect. If not implemented. There following Erica I've only. Mimi you noted that the loan bill that. Neck and he is the monorail at moderate ought to we. On the albeit he is going to be. Across the ocean where you carton won't please the actor has to and but won't do those things kind bigger pieces mean revert and the possibility. Really kind of the first fort Kearney and that we've heard mention publicly you know you be there guys. I don't know if they're you know drivers that yes. I would be surprised if they want or you you know to call on. And let's. Love your article was the chair will be rentable CP. Because I think he's. He's he Erica comes on my and my feeling. He's here but that's the third floor and thought my parents. Oh yet that act is gay are you buy or won't or. It's in an effort here I. In light wouldn't it's it's just there in you guys got. By me and he'd keep them class. You know an adjunct professor in for you know it is here. It on him like he wanted to let you know I figure you are yeah are. Police. He is arriving here. It's hard at this point like you would pretty instrumental in the initial I think. He flash and you kind of new home where it is. Methodical and he used the word uttered at that point hopefully community are. Enter at any point. You really care that. Yours or ought. Talk. Did get it is not because we're we're as the year goes on what drivers. You know explaining what they think that you are you how well it was instituted what it. He's usually pretty sure it was you know expertise. You know meet the I think with the safety. Sometimes it's a few. Up one where they were going with the nose. The reason of the balls off the ground so. No that was he did so you. If it happened with the did decided through and it was but that's our. That one and I applaud. Were taken in action and plus Natalie that make them look back bring them back. Did that the risks of that aero design. Race in the and now what and that could be a big problem. And upland side. And cited. And tough of them just think you can't look. This. Racing is dangerous. No bad thing but he did it affect everything from everything and you have the area being in the Kansas. The Golan. Yes and up with separate them. We can be did schmuck I got off want hawking about it like no they're out. Really impressive what. But no group. I don't mind there and you know foresee it I don't think anyone really does but at fifteen point known. You cover along and not a danger element. Phillip island. He did but it increases the reading peace he used when you got something back out there talk of you bet kind of bounce 81. Like he uses it well enough and thing things back that interest thing. We will he won the wind screener aerospace. Quality IndyCar. Later this year how about the I think we don't want it. What he would often don't want because you have their vision or something get word is there though. I was kind of the issue of one race with your skin because we kill that the all interesting times ahead of hitters and maybe you'd. Word on the in his foot that that balancing what makes great is how cool. They are able he would it would be do you compared to the rest. It was more optional one. And you know. We have wrong. You got to be unique in early bird. You know he's way off line call home so home after the kind of nice little mini break here you go back. The fact that they they're. If we. Not at pocono I have. Calling me old Vietnam. But the last week from gateway Wallace. Moment it's time percent of yet so one more we want more weight in a moment ago. I hope you definitely. I'm beard as stunning as you know from NBC sports. That. We that these. Yes there. Emerson dinner at the finals but he threw him. This this final inspection. It was Steve's talking presented by. By the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 1057 FM. The fans. I think he's there's. You know it has stayed very far right off that little ball. Greatly greatly. And these next few yes the one and only Nestor of Summers in wolf back to fill. Like everyone that the hearings. Fifty yards. Well I was too hot before and it just doesn't know. Well it's part of it. We'll get a lot of stuff. The field players will be up. This is just blame me that that's fine at. I use that fire in. So it through its electrical. Plant. And so on I still broke yesterday by the way do what I LTE Circuit Court on me so. That we haven't all of these things. I know I still don't know about myself about. That's it does everything I want to feel like I have to preach that thing where like. That's opened. Her on my network and look at them. At the the late start and make it I love myself at it's. Now it's it it. Last year noted that at eleven year. Which certainly would be your problem but the fact that you know what is that is so. It just passed us yeah. That's what it up so it's it did give us a warning area that. They normally it is you. I think that it was like let you know what time that I'd be going very. That there. What happens it'll let electrical problem. Circuit Court stopping. Like signaled that they're now we're. Your husband is selectors and then you can tell you that live when. Don't know. No heat how well he probably kill it happens via. That's probably why I here electricians. At some electrical. Hearings that it. Electrical. Definitely. You know abuse. Online. And you know. Your own habitat the personality. Out like that and girl. He is roughed me up Collins. I hear everybody I would think that I. At at a pass without that experience opposition that stay. And well I asked them I simply want ritzy I want or I should have the ball but what are you talked of the missiles here. Tell it right here yeah I'll pop. Okay. It's. Yes thankfully. Now whistle or that but now it's just it's just a victories in all it definitely is yeah. They don't screen for it with they had that Dallas Cowboys on the back at the thought we got out when I went last year you. That. I that we see. Cops I always the building where I don't want no more last year. I'm honored. I am toward it. Not for parenting if you let me kids we're probably year. I'll wait for it. If you're in a good point those those word. And definitely. There. Everything that speaks. I see here they hear you. Tonight. And it's easy to carry your parents let their editors. An addict ever felt you know out. Sundays at Philly that's kept him. People when we come back and finally expected. It's who lives. Great because I vote Kevin Harvick the book dealer Peter. This week in and that's very true commitment again and again that. Jeff Kagan might need them. There earlier this movie final inspection joke right yes you live snake or our map out story for a flat. Phone or. Only. And we'll remember the finest. Live Tyler hill and the sun provides victory for the Budweiser pavilion. Philadelphia I'd love. You left them or annoyed at me live it hurt after all. Summers Santana. In some controversy this three in the world of NASCAR. Kevin Harvick. Those talk about Dale Earnhardt junior basically. It's. Are we so that the personal is still very few. You when he says that he really killed Tuesday that ever heard or thought that the growth of NASCAR. Because he's the most popular driver but the most successful. And every line that it with. At. Up. He noted. I year after year year. Appearing at top championship. Sit there and act that. And as popular a right there at. Half. Done much more. At. A hat and you're following me. It lets call. I got an apologetic about it I don't lose. That. And or to get people. Back because you know two years ago. A bit more fire to their parents but our back up now car about other series. Re my ass back up at. The right thing and we'll be here and and it. Adds a little bit bored and just go. Her don't you. Know best writer I've got nothing nothing. On the flip side. A thing of little roads here. You've done well here. Voted for it that you would. Epic mountain that is at that and it loses its its investment vehicles. Known as the green and we'll give you that also. I thought yeah. Sport and they haven't mark he will sit here and stuff something that was the thing is you. And it it puppet. I picked up. Now. And it. It's not that. That's. Your fault that my personal experience free possibility. And that NASCAR. About apple not sponsor your health. And at that point because there won't hurt because they've really not. What is that thing when he left in the dark. For NASCAR it would save old boy it really hurt IndyCar but it did make it that. At. An apartment there. I do not. Let it let us what XX. Well. That. Are on the black lab. He laughed and yet she's not. She and there. Oil also meant to the body that is or hurt him effect that he had this in his week for a driver's salary driver's seat. I don't know that it it Glenn McGrath we go view there are a few Harvard there's definitely opinions on a lot of things. And I did he get anything that he says the weak corporate. Jeff what's his view on the situation. Is this something that. Our roots on the something here. Yeah and I absolutely agree with summer. Let me play you a quick clip from Dennis Michaels and from today please I was disgusted by whatever it is you're. Yeah that he set because. OK great we got a radio show you need to boost the ratings by doing some things. Outrageous saying something outrageous. Don't got field here. Don't pick on Dale Junior. Boo who'd Dale Junior and then to make it worse obviously Kevin was you know. His opinion is fine and there's nothing wrong with that and people were calling him to apologize. What why would you have to apologize for your opinion he didn't attack dale he didn't say anything. But you know off the wall that that was completely out of this world. But now. Called the COLT of junior comes out of Kevin Harvick horrible and blah blah blah but the icing on the cake is when Dale Junior comes out and said. It hurt my feelings. Are you kidding. Are you okay. Grow some buzz on the kiwis and act like a man Jesus. If that hurt your feelings you haven't faced a whole lot of scrutiny. In your golden boy life that she lit. Is obviously if that's absolutely. That. I guess I got up finally got to find the quick my favorite dale. At eight that was wrong but I happen but a right here. Yeah. That's that was well and teaching me eerie that's all they are in the only. And the average rate at. Aren't as hot. Flat pop it up play and that's what happened that everybody. Yeah all right here's my favorite male partners senior. World. I don't think efforts it hurt my feelings. A dealer seniors get that I'll Hillary's fair yep others that new laser was. Put accuracy rate your very closely and you'll find but it can't be it said hello there he had. Lot of accidents to driver and what we want me here. Absolutely and you know we all wish that junior was a lot more like senior. Because junior obviously does not have the passion for the sport. He's using the concussion thing in in my humble opinion as an excuse to bail and spend is fortune. If I love the sport he would sit in their car week after week after week year after year. Jack you aren't part of this you know what I. Mean but that might. Have asked it. He's doing it to make that happen. Now what Kathy. At Al let me that theory. Is that the eighteenth and let me. Yes well not now. That other call it prop up minorities to all of the focus. However sorts there that he. Ever along. Lately I don't think she's here with governor. Furious about asked her I didn't act and yet like it Els at the track and it personal life. Agree. All right well that subtitle like that thank you so percent to end at NASA there girl. When we come back we'll be done with any other time recently that do their predictions that we can use me that I don't think they'll broadcast it live. Big and silent hill house speaker bar. This is final inspection with Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 11057. FM the fan. And all of that. That might have expected. It live from. They there are. Good enough victory that would make outlined it and he looked recently gobble. Do my. How are you can't do it like for actor. I don't want the war is the superior way way. But I was like thirty. I think it you. The ad in you know. I seem ridiculous yet it. Good I'm blowing up thing little guys and I felt helpless out you know. No no there aren't you witnessed here. Wait until. You force the Eddie Michigan NASCAR. Who's gonna win. Then go home. Only here. You're calling it now because he's not a poll. No no I didn't make it did the right. Firstly that they are not going to go ahead but now strap it high and the only other. There's there's the rub of the tires on there but enough with the PHT. That stuff with devil that if you. Hopefully they'll they'll bring in players. Now this they have lately the last few Michigan places that have got to you buy it right act right. Do you think that got to come down to eat higher ad but it's. That is captain if it if it is that network an awful. Paper of the work that definitely rightly. Maybe if our checks to air. He's a straight hard. He picked it. But who's your pick summer. However it did so it. You do you ask to be do. Definitely. We got about two minutes talking about being do harm they go with Jamie nick Marie. Now I don't pay. He admitted he'd be backward. That we feel it's the pats it's not that well it you. Are we gonna do hope that Ohio it's him or when this thing about them. If they all want an annuity. Always numbers. Tim harvest season events there middle Ohio on the road. This thing. Won a race last year for Penske. Got. Get sick feeling I have a reality. Things in words the only show. Or him or. Sure. I guess I sure. Yeah and Gary hello and we gave on the floor waging its so I don't that you go into the window no I'm worn out but at what needs you on the spot yours the there okay Jerry I'll let them Ortiz scholars. Awhile you. That each. In the program. Optics we. Leave it at that I expect and incidentally older mix that moment in Vietnam. He. At least you're consistent the if you put those. Yes we'll. Right wallet on robbery. And if there with her I think these people are more room. I'm well then move. You. If you eat art thing I know I was talking to somebody handed them out I wasn't sure how correct they work on that fact. But there are saying about something about some of road race. There are needless to say that Indianapolis. Wolf those. Do. Wrote words here do by. Yeah it's appropriate to bring him back into The Milwaukee Mile run out on the road towards there app but it you want to get not let it. And departed. Whether they are proud that the Infiniti rate after that you race idea. You know they get beat David you bring. Food in Atlanta I'm definitely here now and I think we have our. Why don't let the trucks don't race at road America the now he alluded them. It would make total. I'd love to see our guns are good back there too. Her book are. Got about twenty seconds boys. Answer summer. Rather than that tree there. Which are. Oh summer thank you so much that you are doing and it's been a lot of fun. And look forward. Here.