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Final Inspection
Saturday, November 11th
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Milwaukee. Start your engines. It's time to talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show it was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union growth. Now from the David Hobbs Honda's studios its final inspection on 1057. Peers Steelers socking. But the final inspection show brought to you. By the legendary greatly straight way course we'd like to say thank you for them for supporting. The show throughout the year and I'm past years to not that were to have Rory handing on a bit later in this half hour. We'll talk about the latest happenings are Great Lakes and attend due review load the 2017. Season and see what's in store for 2018. Also I think the image of time on the first come in a board this year also. And nominee she'd check out their website David pumps Honda dot com get on the latest in new and use Curacao on those of one not. And they've announced Honda dot com. Went to thank them as were on our penultimate. Show yeah I went quick infect if you listen to the F one broadcasts of stereo Emma Thompson's Q words history commits to an ultimate. F one Formula One race in Brazil and will be talking in the next hour with Tony disease you know from NBC sports dot com above that. And we have enough on but you NASCAR fans of course. Were talking non NASCAR now in a while also talked at the bottom of the hour with Dennis Michael similarly Monroe from race talk radio could leave this from them. In the world of NASCAR. And then also owns a nice treat tear at the beginning of the first hour the second hour should say Rick Houston. Who did a book on a couple books actually and NASCAR. Including one on the added totally agree with them probably one of the best races of all time. He did a race with on the in Atlanta. 500 in 1992. Which was Richard pay these last race Jeff Gordon's first race. And now quickie edged out bill Alia. Wife five points which then was a lot more. With the point system was equivalent to only one point today. And then also DV Elson was in the mix too for the championship and final race of the 1982. Season. At Atlantis. Raceway before they ruined it. I think they think that it. Now so talked to were accused and about Madeleine netbook but also book he's got nod dale overstate tone up a really compelling book. On you know our heart and his start in NASCAR whatnot and and and and his relationship he had with a deep tone in nationals be weak loses. Fans and historians and of NASCAR Roanoke the RR one everything. Daytona. And in you know he would deal Busch clash she'd win the scenes like. Every 2125. Qualifiers as they head back then. He'd win one of those the firecracker 400 in July ASEAN is accused doesn't Victory Lane there with the exception of which race just the Daytona 500 that's correct. Analyst until that glorious day in 1998 February that yes she finally did win entries so what talked off the Rick Houston about that this week. The NASCAR. Series is in Phoenix International Speedway. And we had a fantastic race and end time permitting. We may have. The cells post race comments and because there's a local slant to a bit of course is Johnny Sauter who is the hottest. The driver in the truck series. And could be on his way to another championship to BC India there assassinations all I did that race was fantastic no way and in the last couple weeks. And we leave laws said it this is kind of mark Reid on the show lament many years is usually if there is he trucked. Exe in the B cup weekend usually in the truck series race is usually the best one of the weekend. And that was true last week anything and then certainly again out to a bang last night than it. They definitely set the bar high a she dose injury involved in a little more controversy last night. Sauter picked up you know his second win in in in two races so yeah it was awesome. You know it was such. A veteran move does it for those boom here you have a tape and don't wanna know wouldn't you know we went on a two way for aerials from a couple minutes but. Hum at the towards the end of the race it was basically militant known Greeks and and it's Christopher bell on the two Kyle Busch motor sports trucks as you should be young kids in Merrimack Kyle Busch himself. Yes and see yet these guys battling side by side for lead. In their side or just sit and bank. Where disk and I in and even even the commentators and everybody these teases wade further in the make a mistake and they. He had ever Roy is a yes I mean yet to kids. Four of you off my hand and vinegar and only mad at in you know they're teammates yet again they want to win the race original team orders and and the you know I mean. Let's face it the year. And I I thought bill. You know Leo for that raises seemed like this year join in two way too late to see what the outside was the optimum. Place to be because you eat you have that advantage is what he did coming out of turn four he kind of Penn State elements. That's the bit the and that's what he did then breaks and women to walk a fortunately. Bellman had a pit because of a tire rub. India Susan a lead. Johnny Sauter the ego and you know. John hunted meat which are close allies but he wasn't showing the speed its operational and so I feared you know revising some news screw up. It's isn't it certainly was and it was just. It was a textbook. You know to young drivers in the veterans. And the veteran come on on on top and it's really crossover that you know Johnny Sauter. An Aussie burn bridges but there's there's got to teach Johnny solders there's the young Johnny Sauter who is really really talented. But have an issue who you know we give him along with some crew guy is and owners of 19 and and this Johnny Sauter is. The more guy you credit to his wife Courtney sauter. Fortunately we solely numb down a dead end. He's he's really come around it and and as turkeys on home in the truck series and you know to be as successful truck series try very young years here you're living pretty well at that time. Yet for him to do switch to switched teams like he did. And being an attorney one truck you know you know again you Brandon and last night it was an exit to the clinic and was pretty darn good race. Gate you know I'm sitting there and I'm watching it any you know you see him sitting third and you can just see. The thought bubble going on above his truck you bat and he was just certain you know sit back and set these guys up. Figured out how he's gonna pass and he obviously gets it done to you know like you said the clinic is exactly the right term. And it you know fir the talent of bell and Greg's and you know yeah. Hey I was rooting for sauter I I I cheer for a man hometown guy and all that so it was great to see him pick up his second win in a row and you know he's got all the momentum going into the season finale next week. And I knew my pick himself up at a another championship so he might win a third general because he's all of these Odyssey is user and while there at homestead yet he does he does and you know it it's. It just sets up its gonna be an amazing race next week at homestead I can't wait for I love the truck series. They were earlier I mean united the drivers that they have in their now is a really good. Mix of veterans and and young drivers and it was just. Yeah away with sauter. EO phone this either Wisconsin. The only kind of adds that in compellent element to it a duty in the chance meter. Jacob Monty journal sentinel dot com the common we have a couple weeks ago. As a nice article on sauter. In their. This week and some pictures check that out too and yet it's this is to feel good story in them I am happy form. Yeah with Kevin craft in the veteran leadership in the truck series is strong. It and these young guys should be going up to them every single week trying to get squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of bowl for their brains you. This solves weird but I I'd just. I'm still I'm more impressed with Kraft delay he was able to do it old Dora and hit this year than that one over in on the train men in 41 of those championships between users a guy who. Really wasn't entered driver and he had all these barriers come in and to el Dora. And here's a guy who really worked on his craft yep we're learning net. And and did everything he could. Tootsie advantage of them in the ended up winning them over. Guys have basically have been brought up by an injury some under. Now he bought his own car and started right run in her run on the tracks on our days and you know it just shows it's great when you have a veteran like that who's an you know as committed to still improving. When you know craft and he's reached the pinnacle starters reached the pinnacle they've they have championships. And they are still trying to get better and improve. The way they drive the truck and it's it's fantastic it is a great role model for all the young guys coming up to the series and you. Grafton credit I mean he's he's stepped in for Kyle Busch. When bush got hurt and he told off a couple of years ago. And now basically you know without much testing or anything is giving in to the Ginn in his car and told to just. You don't bring missing that he'll bring bring the car home in Rome and and would she did in heavily via a top fifteen finish out of it and looked good doing it too so. I mean. You gotta respect I mean granted Kyle Busch and Matt Kraft dinner are best friends and crafted stood up at Bush's wedding and ask. So's easy choice for bush but it wasn't just because they're friends because I think bush wanted to seeing. This guy's talented driver he's not just a truck driver and if you wanted to. If you push that he could of by made it into the cup series but he's on a good spot worries that in you know. In north has said he's easily quite well. Yeah and you know mayor crafting came up at a time where it's not like it is now or else current he earned. Everything that he hit list. He didn't come in there sponsored by five companies all the money common in and that's the reason why he got his ride like a lot of these guys. He earned everything that he has it makes it even sweeter. To see him still have as much successes he has and social order cup side. On the run and blame me I'm appalled that surprises. No he's shown a lot of speed generally I'm not I'm not shocked by it. You know he looked good and you know he needs it he's basically in a must win situation. So you know he's now is situation isn't as dire as Jimmie Johnson. But it's still not contain at a healthy so you know it it should set up for a great race tomorrow at Phoenix. I'm not surprised if any ovals five. Ernie outs and look in and win tomorrow. I'm not either. You know Jimmie Johnson he didn't yell Jimmy though because he's Jimmie Johnson what it's really not you can't be Shaq you know if he goes out there and picks up a win. You know heating qualify well he sees stardom twelfth. He wasn't great in second practice. And at the top of the speed charts. However he was top three as far as ten lap and that's the most important yep on the long runs so. As you know but then again when it comes down to the end and obviously Chara got. 495. Miles to figured out. You know it there's gonna be a late caution it's going to be I that it goes to overtime. So you know you're gonna need short run speed at the end but he's got all race to to switch it over. Those communal retirements as well I think so absolutely this and this is never run some o'clock. Yeah if my radar we talk and Pacific time that's. I have faith that truck race there went over and now you know I you had at Stanford. Washington game and afterward some with Stanford won yet. And now Washington was ranked Stanford was now but those rivalry games number number you know we can't come out and also is at Stanford. Well yeah and you know you sit there and you look at. You know you look at the hits is starting field and yet. Hamlin who qualified second and Elliott qualified for right behind you know right behind him you gotta take amount. Third term first lap I think if I'm Elena. You know you you can't blame them you are getting don't have the field either but that's the only problem right in front of everybody in the field. But I need at least push them up a little bit some back yeah you know I I expect sudden become a bit but you know let. Elliott can't sit there and and do too much he doesn't wanna damages parties are running for something to. Lets her you know Elliott needs to he needs to get his first win of the year so he advances in races that Miami was something in mind. You know a race in for a reason instead of just trying to finish the best and is seeking yet so. You know he's still wants to stay in the championship race so we'll see if this is going to be awesome. Should be should be. Lot of fun and two. Going with the next hour with that Dennis Michael CNN Lorie Monroe will be talking to volume of one the talking points is. Hard to leave the season's almost over as it went fast and that. It did bill is about a 56 weeks lol there in the middle wary kind of dragged down a little bit from me but but now you know it's. I miss NASCAR like I miss baseball aren't and you know it makes me sad every year the last five races in just in my mind it's like oh my god is only five ago only and is only Ford ago. It's safe. It's and I love. Good stuff. Thank you Jeff van what went combat global reach and it was Rory heading from Great Lakes are doing get the latest in happening in Nam in the world in union grove Wisconsin. Back to the final inspection show brought to you by the legendary relate straight away and David have signed up. They should reject commodity wood I was Honda dot com and join in us the great midwest bank outlined. It is Rory and dean from greatly stray loyal welcome news show right. Thank you very much Steve are you doing. Pretty good and against against the most important question we have is. Because MB open up wells still this year. We are going to attempt to open one more day tomorrow depending on how the weather's colors. All these people are asking. You know those up to us we barely sort of stumble we have about. Not interested in people calling and emailing and texting and leave in a masters there or not it's warmer not welcome Donna racer car one more time. Yeah ax ax on Kazaa there's a there's a little bit a low or warm enough pure looks like mid week Denton next week but I don't think it's an extend in the next weekend so the limit. He at this time of the year were only doing Friday night Saturday and Sunday be. You know our religious start you start your what like 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems alleged. Well. So we're the only two weekends and you know it's just he had an important that the war become in the middle of the leak. That's OK you know we had one of our one of our best years ever. And though we only have about when he rain out here compared to like 68 last year so I'll. Yeah that was very nice. Excellent the you know the course so we appreciate you have an assault for the Green Bay packer reunion out there. And you know it's it's so much fun seeing none of the old cars out there one not during the holidays under in the labor rim. Memorial Day weekends. What other high spots through out there. After this hour. Well the the DR Drake we ride straight week was it and monstrous success. I think we have somewhere between six and 7000 people there on. You know 10 o'clock am on Wednesday after a Wednesday morning. Unbelievable. That he would turn out for that. And you know appeal brother bent so Margaret your streak are brought her pretty good. Mark cut the event which can hit the streets. We had to go there or in a trooper biggest ones ever Avalon at Memorial Day Labor Day get a little bit of rain on Labor Day respect herta. I'm unfortunately. But other been there though and you know or during the week. You know attendance is up a lot. We can push you really are due to bring their own cars. Bring your own bikes that are you know on motorcycles and things like that out RE PO sponsor. You know some are quite as important to working with them again next year. I mean people really seem to you know enjoy bringing it might start up our motors electric Kool. Excellent and then of course next year. 28 team they can get season passes campaign. Yet he gets he's in that glory or fail on me on the web site. Don't think we raised prices and right now my pit networking. Some perks for the speed and pass holders. We're not sure yet whether that's going to be possibly maybe. You know an appearance by you know all the big name professional drag racer that can be available because he's in pass holders. Are we might be doing like gay a pre or post. Receipt and party just for this season older next year. Or bounce around a few ideas that this winter tour see what we give them in addition. To ought to be good deal that they party you just fighting season pass so it anybody out there think about doing it. This year's step in the year until per share. And of course easiest way to do that is going to greatly straight away dot com. Four you that your Great Lakes these stories you collar and. You had a great character great economic. We're like you all arts teacher list there and it had been in a mall or memorabilia that it over the winter murder. You know offered the Christmas season. It is and people and I you know why not give it to their favorite race span. We ought to get something new this year via yeah just Azerbaijan and bill. Right here and guards and triangular sponsored content more costly air. And so we look we self doubt and those ought to do is now. Another product around the racetrack but also we got the giants bills sit on our Brill. Mattress sale are on our knees or you can buy you can make you. Honestly it's as good or better than making it on a rail and you can do it. All throughout the winner figured George Foreman girl. Little. A little you know places to put the sausages. You just press the button and wait and culture or capture it dangers are there aren't. And doing the walk outside so pretty cool. Sort of on a work on the on the left side as well have more things available to you our customers over the winter. It in the small world department amending. Hammond Indiana last week and in my body of has a 65 Volkswagen Beetle to rate trickster rate car. Just so happy goes you know I was in Milwaukee and had to pick up. The transmission for. And I go now muffle go Eagles I did you know with the threat at. In my body as is up by you getting in apart for his you just picked up to as though votes this beetle dragster. Yeah yeah we did transmissions form and he was having her out times were over the act are brought you'll like not restore all the actual or. As you lucked out the door it's an artist in the political Mueller I'll be back with that. That's all that you don't humor you up yeah. The cannon guys I like to be great to work with and you you know it's it's on being able to you know that's very do an art on a regular basis built folks like motors and Italian night into the racetrack cute a lot of guys know the racetrack at city to the racetrack as well so a lot of trust promotion you can focus and really straggler. Area in new both way in the the vented side is really really picked up and not at an all in the past year as event and a lot of those in against or whatnot and and though the old of the old bosses. Was at 21 window boss is a man I mean how how big is that guy and for you guys. Well that was really because there's some of those a lot of show you know like AT and hurry and lots of things that they're reviewing cars. They eventually make it either mostly beatle closely barks. Closely and saying and so we've built that you motors for a vote shows. And dolls were just renewed people's interest is basically. You can't talk you know go up the three people over the age of 3040. At least one Hannibal where it's not look at why and or it's somebody who want you to roll around in one and are keen and wanting his and so. It's still a pretty inexpensive. You know all our car had to get back into you know in a grand scheme well. Classic cars. Besides those 21 Randall buses that are Goldberg. Or about dollars but other match. You on a regular aren't hard drive around it's still pretty inexpensive and you or build motors. You know restore the only one that make it an owner at the United States or trying to. You know keep manufacturing in the new restaurant and chart Brazil Mexico and stuff like that. Well with all the thousands of cars that you seem terror off down your tricked this season. What was the craziest car or the most unexpected car that you saw this year. There's so many different ones a couple of them. And and in our laws because it was a guy it. They came up from Louisville. And he would be in nova. Other tracks and he's got an experimental cars. BP you know history is designing basically. It is going all these different tractor and bring it is kind. And freeze the announcement that became bigger after a week ago. Attitude among a landslide. And he ran his best quarter mile time. Any. Racetrack accurately straggler. And so the guy Liggett city's building their own cars. And it doesn't look like anything now guys next year you know there are event. But he indoor track. You know rent a contract for an afternoon made three you know in my dead today. That app and any tract that was that was yesterday. But out pretty cool even on the hot rod straight weeks. There was a lot of you know there's me you've got guys right now. In Asian way in east Asian way. You Gartner and Erica trucks. And there are even remotely in beetle that made about a mile trek or trek. And yet to run an eleven and well in you know quarter mile an old Beatles that was driving on the street trailer. Embarrassing thing I ran a low for a team with my work whereas met him on 1990s though now the of another and at the you know the character or make another panel so. Akamai by W beetle. Are. At it I'll I'll slimmed down the so I guess bit and it till. Jeff and I both saw a load right we certainly appreciated and now best select for the Tway eighteen season to. Yet they keep very much looking looking forward to next year's always. Next year Odyssey is the Harley 115 reunion and so we are. Hopefully to be involved. You know with some Harley-Davidson. And some a lot more circles next summer. That could be going on Labor Day weekend but the the last going to be all summer so we'll have our our standard event and there are going to be adding some new and interesting things so. What are what are what are FaceBook page and listen to the fans. All right sounds good sounds like a lot of fun or Roy Henne non journalists an agreement was being how money should check out. The way of saying greatly straight away dot com and we certainly appreciate the third. Their support of the show. And I greatly. All right major. Great midwest bank he's very committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance for the great midwest bank to act now to discover the benefits of simply local banking. Time now for sport slash Jennifer all ski. Welcome back to them. Violence but shed what 057 nab nab them I had. Dennis I Gholston Laurie gros raced out radio hour. It stopped on I you know what that means that it's time for you ask our next. Laurie wrote it leave you that there's only two more races left in the casket Pepsi's. I can't. And I can't I don't know where that your Wentz and I just generally savoring these last races because this. The way the system is now this is when things are really really getting ramp up and Nancy Otto organ seat Phoenix it's going to be first cut second just about guarantee. Mr. Capps. What a crazy race at Texas this new reconfiguration. The cars were cool what about 400 miles an hour. Diana into turn one nobody could hang out during a restart it was just all made him but then. After a restart. It was clean air that was all that mattered clean air trump to new tires again. And we ended up with single file racing. It's pretty asked Garrett and realize. That they've got to make major changes. To the aero package. Maybe get rid of that front splitter may be get rid of those sites Turks try something new. Site skirts. Confused me because they seem to vary from cart car or maybe for manufactured manufacturer like some largest soul. They stick it out so far on some. And and they don't appear to want some other cars unless it's just the way the meat is too like that the color of the car and and whatnot I. Maybe it's an optical illusion have you noticed that. Yeah I hit out that they seem to be pulling them out to the maximum amount of hole. On the driver's side which I don't understand. I'm not accurate at the aero this obviously it's not illegal it's not illegal hit a track like that but not all not all the cars in the same town. Now they all look like there's. It's almost like NASCAR is allowing some kind of a variants and teams have figured out that. This much site mr. polling. Gives us better. Control with our front and it's maybe it is a manufacturer. Thing with the nose is being slightly different I don't know it. I've just click and rip it off altogether this reminds me of when NASCAR was so stubborn. That they wanted to stay with their rear wing instead of a spoiler. And a wet everything. Your eyes were shelling you. We're telling you that way with a bad idea and they still stuck with that wait too long a panel wondering you know. Is it time for the splitter to go is that what's really causing. All of this aero tight as is the fact that you've got to you much nose down force. Too much of this site sister thing. Yanked off right I would just like to see them making change and do a test and see if it's a matter. Well good luck on that I think the whole thing is NASCAR probably has. A new sponsor called clean air and they have to really you know just abide by whatever contract they have with clean air where a cleaner comes from ever owns. Bones clean air. Not sure but that's Ali here's clean air clean air clean errors leading the way. I thought it was it was Kyle Busch and clean errors at the eighteen now expects. Just a product got it all figured out that. Eddie lake getting back to the craziness of these last few races we've got three guys locked the end. For the championship. Before. At Miami just like I liked the state chases that playoffs I think it's vital for that a championship or just the renegade. We'll weeks he may house. To get clip last. Coveted position. Or weakening the outlet to back let out on Monday. I don't see how we can not have made him because. This entire system. Is. Designed so that these guys are desperate we'd seen what happens and we we so would happily Denny Hamlin and chase Elliott. I cannot. Believe that we will see something that you know just leaves us screaming me either until late because it was such a show. Or why did this guy do this and then have some other driver being the most hated gamut base of the years. I expect there's gonna be something crazy going on I Celtic it's gonna be paid back by eight. You know one driver against another I just think it's going to be it it's it's gonna be musical chairs type thing it's gonna be every man for himself to get that final spot. And god knows what they're gonna do to get it but it'll be fun to watch. And EF. Somebody has to do something really nasty to get in do you think that they're going to get a payback at Miami in some sort of way. To sort of nullify. The nastiness that Phoenix or is this plus more of the drama that we. Accesses the chance this is the chance she have to take is it worse driving with one eye in the back you're head. I think it probably is because what's the chill this year either you make the chase AF chaser on the chase too but it is the checks at the top. You make the chase doing what every it can't. And then possibly get to look at by some sort of guy coming back action at homestead or you just lay back in this in Iran drive in circles. I would prefer to be the driver that takes the chance got to knock someone out of my way to get in their so be it. At least you will be one of the final four. You know if you're not in the final bore you do not have a chance of when in the championships so you gotta do whatever he can. You know just throw caution to the wind if there's going to be paid back there's going to be paid back you still gotta catch. Unless something bad happens to Brad Kozlowski in this race one of the outside for. Denny Hamlin Brian Delaney chase Elliott or Jimmie Johnson has to pull off the win it year in that thing at Phoenix. Of those four which would you put the most money out who's more likely. To win to getting in of those four guys or will we see Brad Kozlowski. Is go out there with the race and say see I can do that too. Well hopefully that guy he goes trance Herby you know you mr. Breck has laws is hopefully he does do it that way. I think that would be great thanks for him but. The other four guys you know Jimmie Johnson eat and sit here and say oh they're gonna just they're gonna act crank it up and go to Phoenix and dispute that snooze Jimmie Johnson. Just grab at well my god we would have seen that by now I just don't think it's gonna happen and chase Elliott my god he's been second how many times I just don't know. I look at Denny Hamlin the sick guy who got this killer instinct. I just think he's the guy that can go out there and get the job done. If I could pick. And pick who I would like to get in I would look Ryan Blaine you know this guy is he's brought them all back he's brought cool back. He reminds me Tim Richmond just the way he has yeah swagger going up up this kid this kid can drive any you know it's just it would either. Best story on her to see wood Brothers. Pack air that would be a great story because now so they've been really edit the mile and A half tracks with the exception of a couple here in the playoffs. So I think it would have a chance. To package on win I would love to see the wood Brothers in Munich yet. Absolutely you know that would be that the feel good story but I agree with -- of those four guys the one guy who is shell. He's got shot put a bumper on somebody. To get the job done would be and have him. So I'll let you know what's gonna happen now it's gonna be one of these deals it's gonna come down to the guy who does not have that luck yeah. Because you know bad luck easily serve all and it just circling in the black cloud you got to just keep your nose clean don't have bad luck as well are. Right side note neither one of us have been big aficionados. Of this chase last playoff thing in the past. This is the first year of this new system with carrying over playoff points now. I certainly book ever go back to the old fashion way of doing it because they love this chase format they seem to love this that at this. Getting it down to four with one race making it all you know all that outlined for one race type of format. The first Europe this system do you like it. Overall I like it better the fact that you can have some sort of prize in your back pocket to carry for a few. This cleaning up the Slaton everybody being equal. That sent me was such a disservice to the guys who actually had some global consistency. This brings it back is close to the old system as we seen in many many years to have these bonus points. Been able to carry them all over I think is a great thing and it is a great center I think these guys this while. I like it here well folks it is time to step back take quick break. When we come back we're going to be low lit up some mascara stills you listen to the final inspection 1057. Have them up bad. I. Welcome back to apocalypse but she did what 057 they have nabbed the man. It doesn't worry about Saturday afternoon. LA values he's. It's time to get out the only Lexus bags and respects the legs and yeah. Hannity Michelle Ellis. That's the call. The blow up semesters though it's coming does and does that is that we got. That's great turkeys and mind for you to blow well. Yeah I am I all the like that I'd like to blow up people that are already playing Christmas music now stop Obama. Now that's just a bit early RE yeah I'll save that one bird are right non. NASCAR showed during the offseason and so Laurie wrote to help get folks at Milwaukee Wisconsin in around the world that the inner webs out yields still blowing works. That's at that say you army years anyone around the world and in the week at NASCAR weaker blow it up you'd just like. Patrick wrote in a couple weeks ago. He says it's. That. NASCAR. Is really. It thinks it has gone wrong here. The TV broadcasters. Dumbing down. The broadcast to get the new fancy haven't watched NASCAR much he just doesn't like the way Jeff Burton's Steve what tart they say explain things. And everybody knows sovereignty. So he unit and he understands that NBC your fox trying to get the need fans just don't dumb down or over explained things. And I agree with him sort of gets old I'm not ruling and a a big fan of all that type of stop now might still blowing this week pass to do with Matt Kenseth. And Carl Edwards and what I don't understand is this whole similar phrasing. In the departure. A Matt Kenseth just like Carl Edwards is saying that Matt Kenseth. Stepping away from the sport. So basically I really think there's a room somewhere that somebody has Carl Edwards tied up. And they're and it grabbed canned that the next time not what the stepping away. Stepped away from the sport NASCAR is sad to say that Matt cancel the stepping which stepping away. He's far. Eric Jones says his right now nobody seems to becoming forward wanting Matt Kenseth I don't know stepping. Is being forced out for the love of god. Yep that are that drivers stepping away up winners. You know Kelly. Caylee yar bro is still stepping away from the sport east and giddy days. Now keep on the calendar I don't seek jail anymore. David Pearson pick up back to ever know rightly egos somewhere else the wood Brothers might get Peterson out of retirement he just stepped away from mascara for countless older books returns. That's like. That's really stepping away it's so lame stepping way step step away as the phrase that should be blown up to it. I rich yet and you have plank in your forcing summoned a locked up like you say auto he stepped. It makes the day he stipulated that the auto oceans could be eaten by it but sharks. Probably the apple away from them now. At least they're not stress release and not stepping. It beat whether stepping away. Now that's on another story. Already I've got to still apply in this guy's been getting a lot of attention on the still blowing its this year but not gonna give them what more. Time. In the spotlight because he irritated it this past week on now. I used to love this guy. Yeah it was that might eat out scissors in effect what is calling the truck races. The arc races. I want to set this guy is the best in the business right now that includes Mike generally like that the world. Rick Allen you deserve it again because last week at Texas Motor Speedway. It's okay they have a race that is not exactly. The real stopper. Lap by lap for 500 miles up 500 mile race. Is not going to. Eight grills stopper. From the first lap that last lap they're going to be somewhat dull opens the rates were Isaac is trying to serve body. But Ray Allen keeps habit at commercials they show like that. Battle for sixteenth place. And he's making it sound like it's the championship rod. Step out on our side. Stepping past fifth. Weeks sensational. It's a place for god sakes meanwhile. Out bright indeed the Hubble space telescope to see first and second place in the saint screen. And he's getting excited about them back in the pack look at the stroke three all irate. Everytime he's so great why. It's too feel pillars that are currently eight god they hit drive the order straight to light up about it. And then one more guys that comes up Bonderman has asked about the same. Yeah I'd pick out what I went to 200 miles an hour the other guys that point 168. It was three wide for Miller's sector it. It make it sound like it's the most exciting thing that's ever happened in the sport. Rick you know what you call embrace a past as it it's the greatness of all time. It stops being important to have a great pass for all time because they also say that includes the pick the grilling. Final lap hall press eight whip its stage went for it out how. I did in that race at Daytona 500 win the championship unless it gets eight this pact with overture. Phoenix. Stop. Over dramatics. Here yourself then and now I'd like my willingness to stun the accurate. I eat while myself. You need to step away. Robert. Are right you can't still just don't theatrics I bite my mind in your eyes step away. I've always been a Rick Allen. I'm learning from the master. Right. Asking is the worst kept secret. In the NASCAR garage areas out. Lori but row Eric Albert row look he's gonna drive the number ten car first ilk and Stewart Haas racing. Guys that's incredible. I like Ernie missed what happened. 00. I've whistles just went in now that. Announcement that they have a big announcement and it's going to sponsored boys that. And now she's. It was that late. Larry the Cable Guy Ayers now Willard that was getting ranked football may get fans that. That it got the job is well. Kermit the Frog he's been around pork for a long time. Also asked our news having to do it Tony Stewart racing how about to vote still work. That we racing's that mixed race next year on the road courses. Action months ago that we'd be seen Tony Stewart back racing again because he's he's he stepped to me NASCAR. Any stead as other stuff I think he's got to be get a bit but she probably is getting bored just sort of watching stuff he's tracking it. But seat on the guy through clinics IndyCar madam of some laps I I think you'd be great other. Let them have some fun. Let him have some fun at the broad courses that's Tony's place man he'll be great there he'll wait a couple of races next year. Well how can. Also ask our news NASCAR of all the possible. Former champions they could have for honorary starter. To help their championship race at homestead Miami speedway they've picked. Abby Douglas. To. Get Douglas. Beat former Olympic star. Is going to be the honorary starter homestead. Miami speedway again. In a hopes to promote the Olympics for an BC in this year in Mosul Olympics I think it's crazy between the spread terror. Who's there aren't surprised that Jamaican bobsled team isn't doing NASCAR analysis right now. I'm tied to the Jamaican bobsled team would be a lot more. Fitting the back at the whole Jeff boat dine bobsled boat dying slight thing has a connection. Get a point there makes more sense than any thank you got to really get that are well Lorena groping for a week wrap things up who is your pick. So we have at the politics. Well I'm just gonna go ahead with what we discussed and I'm gonna pick Wright and Bellini golf it. Air app it picked him. For the he's real he's getting out she's gonna knock somebody out of the way to win the and that he's gonna say. Art is trying hand him. Buddy strand. Expert to get to that NASCAR's segment. I'm up but inspection what 057 at them off bad. Milwaukee. Start your engines. I'm Dan talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show it was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in union. Now from the David Hobbs Honda studios. Its final inspection on 1057. Here's Steve socking. It all suspected of finalists fiction show over to you by the aforementioned greatly straight way relate to thank them for their support throughout the year. Along with David Hobbs Honda and Glendale six to 100 or scream Miro majored tricked them out. And David announced Honda dot com and of course greatly straightaway and greatly straight away and I come. And Jeff for all ski in previous FR we sooner Dennis and Lori talk about the bubble lawless situation. Also a little bit of a local slant to. An ugly incident though or outside a Madison was that. Yeah in Cambridge Wisconsin. High school. Golf coach. Tweeted some some very racist comments. Towards bubble Wallace and our he ended up losing his job over it to is just disgusting just disgusting. Yeah any ally and its its. Interest CNET you know. There's still ahead there's still occurs like this who who you know you do you think we be advanced far enough for. You know I didn't bubble law's side. Don't care if you've Flacco way these talented driver is good for NASCAR he's he's young he's talented he's Shia women I don't it. But when you look at two. Racist side is Agassi considers ways and I mean that I guess Gillis I guess I don't eat and you know there every girl was done a couple of documentaries. Did on upon Illumina is racing career and also the Ford GT Ford verse Ferrari war in the 1960s. Through get a check those out on Amazon crime or on Lehman Netflix. Is you wanna Willy T rips the interviewed Willy T ribs for the opponent documentary. In on the side and he either you know Willie is a really compelling I've been able to do couple PR things with with Willie. And it's never dull moment he's on his guys who walks and released he just commandeer civil room. And yet and he's a guy in in a mid eighties who. At that time progressing through his career especially in the United States had a lot of issues. With racism from other competitors and that. And guys are saying nearly can't drive it is blacks this and that DN word and everything else and him and and you know it's it's Justine and Matt Stumpf. Weren't you know he should name it. And will lead deadpanned said well up but he and work to. Animals like I. I had camp but is gonna be named up but he because they would say he was an a but company Edward and and the only what's he doing in our world a what now on it and it. You know as interest steam that. They mentioned assumption on FaceBook site and it it guys said while is that Malarkey. And there's a black late model driver and he's walking down forget who was or in my suit was. In NASCAR com. He is now on the net and works for me ask think of it bill. Bill Lester okay. Was walking down the Peron at Milwaukee. And one pit crew of another he's I want pick and prick who met Sosa and all of you that beyond Athens you know onward. He spectrum at up. Ill what is going not the army won't go oh no really. If you ever met Bill Lester super nice guy and you just. It is really outgoing and you know. And he did driver he'd just you know and I mean he just. You'd topic I used like that guy you know he's who really rule likable guy as. Is this unfortunate that this this still happens in the world. Yeah there's no place for it and it's crazy because it's not like. Bubble wall us you know. He's universally loved through the garage. Everybody says she's you know the nicest guy in the world. You know so it's not like he's got an attitude problem he you know the guys he's khaki or anything like that. He just seems like a good. Down to earth person who had who happens to be fantastic behind the wheel. And like you said defected to stuff is still going on in in 2017. Just boggles your mind. And and we have. The trinity Racine. Tonight. Today. One is Hillary's. The green flag arm that one is at 230 seal why isn't run in and night. And nine and that it's 1230 local time or is eleventh occurred. 13130 local deserved it ought to deal it's Davidson Oscars you know the Indiana uses her Maria. And now they do daylight savings yes Arizona still doesn't so. Something in the year something in the air so. As fun as the trucks have been in the cup series in that extended his. I our case though or radio guy wound that will win the championship that might wanna raise our. Has five tied up at this cleric five top five finish is there woods went what's going manner. This is the last really you know raise that'll set up the final four. At Miami next week. And now one driver who is locked again but now that tells you all you need to know about did series and I feel bad because you know I. I'd love racing you know it's just the X miniseries man it really does absolutely. Nothing. Forming. I just now does it do anything for anybody because. If it's one of these okay. You want this year the you know and week. We've we've talked about this ad nauseam by I mean it's like what are you going to be. Are you going to be a junior cup series. I remember right dad. Never understood then he would with the old Busch race will be on. Kenseth is running around other army today. No dad this is a this is a Busch Series series of Lola scans at two and bodies in you races both races. Harmon knew what other Rome and it ill because it's like it makes no sense it's funny that. NASCAR has this as this in the wanna be stick and ball sports sold wanna emulate the end of and males. And eat even though I guess he went loss of ratings and support if this is it that it is. And why then do the why no why is the sponsorship. And it's it's it's it's an ugly. The V the ugly truth is. Is that the cup series is is leaching money off leaks in the series and each of sponsors that while it was every I've explained this to you before. A sponsor of Jeff furlough ski. Who makes cubs. Cubs memorabilia adjusts memorabilia. Company and he does other stuff. What he's a big NASCAR fan and he wants is you want to get in the cup series he wants sponsor. Namely driver. Harvick Harvick he loves Kevin Harris goes Richard Childress or Childress racing AM Jeffrey Ross yeah I got this truly successful member really a store. Based in Milwaukee. We shipped throughout the United States from growing company. And now we wanna get in the NASCAR one now that's a lot of sponsor. The number four car. Okay how much does that cost well well well. Made a second I can afford that and in Childress racing oh well I'll look this. Problem if you sponsor Kevin Harvick and they extended the series for a quarter of the price or half the price or whenever you name it. And you can so do four races you do they races and that's only good. The thing with these minute he series Steve is they have. Such an opportunity. To be a fantastic series on their own. They shouldn't keep doing all these same date same weekend races with the cup guys. The X thirty series AA needs to run some dirt like the trucks do an el Dora. They need to be more short track oriented. Then the cops here why I think everything Carthage cup series is not. I think to trucks should actually do that truck should be running some of the spark transacted in originally John also we've we've had on the show before. Was did a book on the truck series because he was involved in the truck series and a PR and as a spotter. From the beginning. And he said they would go to places like Mansfield Ohio. Before closed owned a New Jersey. Trying to think. Economy in the sector and the famous little odd ball racetrack. And then there's the one in Portland near you Staten and there's one in Washington State. And was is really cool because NASCAR wasn't going up there exist so when that truck series came with deal guy is with. Jack Sprague. And and Hornaday ordinary day in on these guys they were in Iraq stars this is your cool. Because he on our small little in own. Our our little small tile Washington. We'll get NASCAR Geary got these truck series is great there would be release and our little five eighths mile oval. And they would they would comment and how they are packed house. In the had a fledgling and contract at TNN at the time probably in man in those fantastic. And and then they would jump to Portland it kind of go around. Go amendment vote on the Stockton may be California and though did all these little. Short tracks and then they would maybe do Las Vegas new a couple of bigger tracked rent but. And was illness and India loved it because they were the stars and came into the town and then they thought all. Everything trooper we got to get paid like everything else and and sure enough and then now in the year got you know. Well the expert and Asia go back to that we've got we're down eight drivers. Running for the championship in the X really series minimum off Elliott Sadler William Byron all dire Brendan Brent and pool Matt tipped coal Custer Hamrick and Ryan Reid. But between those eight in the playoffs. Okay. They've won three stages announce that three attracting New Jersey is flown into our next to me it listener nice you later. Nice if climbing to New Jersey which is unfortunately torn down. Yeah but you don't like is said. Extra mini series should be everything NASCAR the cup series should be right they shouldn't be Ron and you know fifteen. Mile and a half boring tracks and all of this. Raw in the short tracks you wanna get road course heavy run it down there do what the big series can not do. I tell you what let's take a break let's talk more NASCAR ripped up the Rick Houston. Author of the book dale vs Daytona and also the book on the 1992 who is 500. And no we'll talk to him to get his thoughts on. Daytona and her hard won not in just a few minutes here. On the final selection show brought to you by ledger greatly straight way and you would have signed up. This this final inspection with Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag away. On 1057 FM the fan. And welcome back to unify those specs you show regular village are greatly straight away in new negro along with David pumps Honda and Glendale. And join in us on the group in mid us hotline if it is author Rick Houston. Author of the book deal verses Daytona the intimidator its quest to win the great American race and what new show were pushy coming out. Thank you so much rather and they appreciate it. This is it really interest in book because it's not just. You know you don't just jump to me. Teen news you know but ninety's or whatever and employee you'd start off early in his career which I think is the most compelling part of of dale earnhardt's. Career and life. Is the book the part after his father passed away. And of relatively young age in 1973. And Tillie kind of hooks up with the ouster Landon and later with the the but more years. And how much of a struggle it was Ford dale. And and his family at this time. Well you know I think that's why people love him so much is because he truly what the great American story. See you literally came and knocked it. And you know he he was there was a Tom when he literally did have technicals corrupt yet. And he he pulled himself out of to become one of the greatest drivers that NASCAR has ever known now. You know a lot of people say he was the greatest robbers and I don't play. You know I think that's always will be open for debate. But it period as far as his oratory king problem. Yeah I think he's he is the NASCAR rags to riches story. Certainly is yeah lead the greatest driver in that you know I really. Don't like doing dead in any sport I mean trying to judge. Babe Ruth and caring that Ted Williams to do so many programmers involved the same thing as racing. Prelude Jones to Richard Petty to deal learn hurt too. You know even Don garlic sealant drag race and I mean there's some made. Different. Just like saying he's one of the great and so would she is and there's no debate there. Com what with with dale. Also though. The blood more years as high as kind of compelling because he goes around us Esterline and allows late to tease the those who have died hard Chevy. People love you Dolly did drive a Ford for a couple heat here present the that. So that tells the body of his relationship was but more. Well you know it is kind of naked to bring about more at stake. You know because but more of course with a veteran UA. He landed on you top beach. He was he would. The very essence of an old school NASCAR and team owner. A ND a first for many years he was he was deep fly actually up four. Team. One at the flagship. Porting games. And he he very clearly states that in the book. You know I found an interview that he did. Where he tall pillar are the greatest currency he would push in apex and great drivers. Joe Weatherly. Drove for these. Maybe the great stroke for Al. In case it did you know if if somebody. He fit but say it if he could just rain belly yet. In and keep him from trying to run everybody over every line out. Day there was no panel and why it dealt an accomplishment and turned out but knew exactly what it was talking. Certainly has and an end not only that but and another book hero. And and which is really near and dear to my heart is NASCAR's greatest race which I think is kind of under. Under reported its dean I guess and that's we're talking about it before which is the 1982 Atlanta 500 which of course was the king. Richard Petty is the last race. You had Jeff Gordon was his first cup race. He and Al quirky goalie and Davey Allison fighting for the championship and of course a forum for those of us who follow balance career from when he was young in the Maude Kyrie year. You know is this one of the greatest things that happened in the world recent forums. Well I truly love and a NASCAR Cinderella story. Because you if he had a he had this story very much. Like payrolls. He came from and he came from you know from not a he he was this self made person. He he did it basically on his own. And I and I know it's great it no it sounds question anything he he did it is like he's you know he's he's had an offer. Two got dropped for Junior Johnson. And did at that that was a very attractive offer and it it must have been very campaign for candidate that. That he wanted to do it he wanted to David Diehl is. And facility he steadied. With his own team. And he wound up went in the chain which you know I would you don't pay which today. You know would be absolutely unheard. But it at that Alan you know he he was a unique character. And you know maybe you know he was very very focused. At the would play fixated on the right. And and make it at the desk and in and and you know it may commit the best they could possibly be. AA and it wound up working very well war. You know an amazing thing is brought down was structured during that particular race was used to in a math in his head. Regarding the points isn't it time we have bonus points and and leading the most laps and in his head he's figuring all that out while driver and a 190 miles an hour ahead in on land to try and stay at a Bill Elliott and no witches. Alone is no easy thing to do. And he's figuring out you know he he needs and the only one more lap committees and I get 45 bonus points for leading the most laps and does such an amazing story. You got that playing outlook about that race was. Just the drama. A billionaire and Indian in the midst of all at. And in trying to figure out. You know they needed this elite swat laps in and who made delete how you know the most laps in back they. In it wasn't manufactured Cromwell. You know let's not that yeah yeah that whole now policy came down to that race. And it didn't take it didn't take weeks a Twitter. Based boat is it. And and you know smoke and mirror shows in academic. The experiment was very real the trauma. Was very real and I think that that's why of that race you know resonates you know the way it does even now. 25 years later. Yeah I agree giving Beck tiered dale verse Daytona book. Rick what I love Aziz said tiered you've got fresh interviews you know. Our Kirk show armored meaning the peachtree Larry Mac Sterling Marlin Jeb bald guy in Kenny schrader all these guys you're not just. Re cycling old stuff that everybody's heard before. You put so much time into the research and everything like that in the book it's absolutely fantastic. Cool smooth surprised you like who was the best interview out of that were. You went over knee in Yi had a half an hour planned for the interview and ended up stay in like two and a half hours. You know hope who really got you. Well you know. At being as good about it paper interview that abuse is Cadillac casket. You know about a child. Because. There were so many then you'd split. To be honest we he wanted one of the most she'd like the year people in and that entire garage band and today. Has got to Baylor immigrant. Who Larry later evicted you know and Larry. It doesn't hold anything back. Yeah and you know there were a couple of times here and there you. Where. Where I would like. Playmaker are you sure you wanna side. The gun in Africa. Ed and I look at my tape recorder and a lucky you have a bit like Biotech order candidates talk a record it's fair game that's a bit quiet. You this story he is probably one of my favorite stores in that power book is. This story about bill France junior. I get on the team radio and talking to dolce. During the last caution of the 98 Daytona 500. And Larry Mac not knowing who laws. And him big and him about to get on the radio cuts now. Is that an enrichment to notices and Richard Childress whose reaction. And Larry Mac get mad about it. You. That that's just one of the great stories you know that in that book that I had never heard. Or that there are two or. But you know that. Developers is Daytona book. Is. It it's it's not clear outline. Are really. Into it put it together. And as I notice with Syria list of books here. I've only so far put together one book but we we we have kind of a can shift here where where is you did a book and Arcadia book with our Rockingham speedway I did to one on broad America. And our Rockingham was one of my favorite tracks and unfortunately downhill Andy Hilbert try to get it going again a few years ago. Did not work out but. Corsets. How quick he won there in 1990. In a course. Curtis Turner had a comeback when mayor and with two with a wood Brothers in the in the mid sixties. Tells a bit about Rockingham speedway please. You know I used to love going to Rockingham speedway because it was it was one of the few tracks background back. Or two. In and steal be able to sleep in my albeit. What I've covered NASCAR full pond so. It was it was such a beautiful racetrack in provided such such great racing. Remember IEA Busch Series race up and down. Bike bluntly why it under. I wanna say he when it required under Dick Trickle and Johnny Bench. Yet to win the race. In man I remember very distinctly. A race where. Dale earnhardt's done and about how it. And it kind of tapped him on the way to win right now know that Hartley it dollar art supplies race. You know it it but it always. Is provide such good racing especially. Especially after they moved it back to. 400 laps you pay a 500 lap. Maria at Rockingham. Was a long day. But you know what they're booted back. Two to 400 laps I think it just lose lose a beautiful racetrack and make a great race. We're talking with author Rick Houston author of the book deal vs Daytona the intimidator is quest the wind the great American race. And if you get a chance me surety if you just Google author Rick Houston. All whole bunch of books here and we could go on and I and a champion. But were kind of running out a timer but. The other ones I didn't know about worthy you have a couple on the space shuttle. In and the space program which is something it doesn't interest me is Russia have a friend of mine. Who is directly involved with that and in if your interest in in NASA stuff like I am. You have gol flight. Book in them docile little we'll stop book. The eagle flight the unsung heroes of mission control on 965 and 1990 Q&A course. The tragedies and triumphs and it's of the space shuttle program. Do you want to just give us a quick thumbnail tunnels to books please. Well this that would the wheels stopped book it's about the the last 25 years that the special program. It was just a joy to put together. It covered the two major tragedies of the space shuttle program. And in many of its excesses like that Hubble space telescope. The servicing missions. The mission control book don't fly. Concentrated. Mainly on the people who worked in mission control during the Apollo where. And I was actually it actually aspire to great documentary on the one Netflix now. Okay. Definitely have to look them up on. Rick we certainly appreciate you coming on agreement with sprint hotline in. The world doubly have to do this again this is a lot of fun and appreciate you coming on the show. No problem and it the other side's Amazon Rick what's easiest way to pick up your books. Carte tech dot com would beta test. Best way to take those. I think they have a 30% discount going on right now. Just on the dale vs Daytona book. I think it's available for 30% discount it connection fail. That password there that it decode dale. OK. Very good will certainly put that on our FaceBook page to amendment mentioned for a the Rick Rick Houston. The an agreement with spank hotline. Great midwest bank is bank committed to personalize common sense landings since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance his great midwest bank Dak down to discover the benefits of simply local banking. Well we come back we'll talk to don't Tony Dziena from NBC sports I come. The final inspection show over a human legendary greatly straight way he knew grow along with their friends and he would come signed off. Join in us on the group medalist bank outline a course it is Tony Dziena from NBC sports dot com welcome to show tonic. Area. I'm doing better than a Mercedes pit crew guy who doesn't have his wallet in Brazil. Are welcomed a welcomed every pilgrim yeah weekend. It's not a Brazilian grant Formula One race weekend unless you pit crew is robbed. Now is is what these situations where they cannot wandered into in the area and with CSI you say is don't go into lake us. Team did a couple years ago or wood stove Akron on this. There there's so the question marks its senior on the Brazilian girl creole that somebody always. In the wrong place at the wrong time or held the upper. Robbery accusations. You know Jenson Button our member had a really scaring them or gun uses. Taxicab cheer you yep. And infuses almost sixty eSATA spewing Indiana. That's fox though. Apparently there was another thing there you know. It is one of those deals where in the team confirmed that. Noted that team members were on armed witch wished which has did that it nod. I think we kind of mixed use the track kind of rustic legendary character or as a way to kind of supersede. You know being scared necessarily but that's concerns over traveling down I don't you know are urging people to go down to resign or appreciate it. They this'll be the this is saturated here so weren't comfortable with the challenge. Did you get some good money and enterprise tone. Well I mean you know we do not confirm or deny this and in its stated neither wants the money on lose starting back and yes. You know what is give me your money in Portuguese team you know then out the country and yeah and spotted out at. And the weekend netted didn't get much better for the pour pour Mercedes team has if if you have now let's do another thing here. Is the they're not showing in. Farm on qualifying until later this evening. And beat and NBC sports networks if you don't want to know who got Paul. He can tool away and we'll talk to you next week. But that being said a Lewis Hamilton an incident in qualifying in the. Yes and the and as we. Inserted they're spoilers. Qualifying did airlock on line on the app but that's decay heat installed fire injured now under forty into liberty church tweets to don't complain about things. So what actually happened was on the first lap qualifying in Q1 lose him and Eddie were air force air were back and that he would do well he definitely with the left side of the car in you start out back of the feel so. Into good thing you rapid championship last time in the act of its have its second consecutive fight back from the back of the field. Of course Mexican Nokia. Got demoted to the back of the field after first up contact with or stop the battle in only a recount to sign so. Not closing with equality with a bang but not not the kind of thing. This is true so this leaves the door open to well it could be military bowl sassy could be vital for our for our Ricardo or even then. For stop and who is the latest winner. Would distract it Mercedes track those that with the course far. It's it's there really unique track beat you get to power stack. Period in the third section won't Specter Q on the track is really. Really you need to knock out an obstacle course you can put on a balancing act between trimming out along trades and having about it through the lower section in interest thing Sebastian that'll set after all honoring that. He missed out on polled by it not being he kind of chickened out going to turn when he was deep and a farm breaks. It's a big weekend for both our arms he can still get second in the championship. He does that it would expand Mercedes run a few more years in a row would it not only one driver in PG PU chips. But they will also had their drivers finished first second in the point which I don't think it ever happened. F one history where he has he been back. Dominant in a row even a year or Schumacher on the championship spirit Ella didn't always finish second in rebel member at a one to. Clinton out on mark blogger yourself. In this case both thought that the shot Matalin the shock you want to get another win they have. Summer break or stop looks it unfortunately Ricardo as they. Engine panel feasible stark terms about lower than where we qualified. Did you see in numb. I guess it would have been through practice to. Lance straws it was they were in kit in car camera and or somebody ought to decide to kind of impede his progress a little bit. And use accorsi had to get on a radio started to bitch and moan about it. It is is this something that fits. Aids is yeah I connect to see in qualifying you know summary impede your progress in which you it was Massa mean a complaint about. Signs. I mean he now is is this something that they just. If it's almost get in late word word of the NBA's team came a couple of years ago and said you know cut down on complaining. Com I think it is more nature of this track in particular it is one of the shortest track on the schedule only got two point. Sixty point seven models so. There's just a shorter finite amount to be a deterrent point there's not a Motrin to get out of the way. I'm one of the things it's nice about the Brazilian track is they're not the long run actions yeah harm act it's. You can't really move much further offline Geathers graphs. Read after the way aren't so it's a aperture means it's a proper acting drivers adding driver all it finally complain about things. Claim they got held up but it left something like really bleached. It's just it's just motor being owners I guess. Talking to Tony Dziena on agreement with spank hotline. It's time for predictions stony course or get NASCAR. Is on Phoenix this weekend those who who really can your picks out there. The top one. It's not. It's not attracting now. There would think one of the toyotas. Idol actually go to guy he's usually in pretty it and feed it even with a poor balance Chevrolet into the crowd in the past old goat close your. Kevin Harvick to make two weeks Guerrero where he's on top. Who gets to pick. I'm I'm gonna go with a chase so it. I don't know why who they because I'm wearing this hat today it is grabbed it out of the closet just I just can't pick. I don't wanna pick a toilet two days ago. Allegiance. I. I don't go with a pole sitter. The mall attack Ryan bowling aisles looking at that pick to. Marion you know I I think Tony's pick as the best Harvick key down just paste happy hour and everything like daddy's start sixth. So he's gay he's got our our real fast race car this week and because our apathy towards you cities series we're gonna boycott them when this week and although right now. And wanna sort of you know motor sport increase. Yes they're we're we will we mentioned that are in the areas. See it's her life goes a swine would to some minute to go in the show here Tony Leah. I'm not all that'll only depict the depict two. I'm gonna go with Ricardo. Just give me murders that happened my gag Roche dot been OK too in a row for him according to Jeff. Tony we certainly appreciate you coming on the show and now we know one Marshall would go on hopefully. To be able to join us for that one. As the as hops like to say the penultimate the show here. And on late to think where author Rick Houston for coming on the show in a court Dennis Michael some glory of Monroe for them and Luke Roy Manning. The Great Lakes trait would appreciate him come and on the show. You're listening to the final stretches over Cuba greatly straight way new negro along with our friends at Dave and I was Honda the fan.