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Final Inspection
Saturday, July 15th

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Milwaukee. Start your engines. It's time to talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One this is the final inspections show was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Now from the David Hobbs Honda studios its final inspection on 1057. Peers Steve's talking. Welcome to the final inspection show brought to you by the dry rain. Greatly straight away in union grove yes they have a lot of water there. And they were all the three they were under water earlier in the week we'll be talking you know worry and in some Great Lakes great when the next hour. And they'll give us the lowdown how they were able clean them up and you're actually racing last night pretty incredible stories Alou reed talked to run a little bit. Chris like configure Frandsen David Hobbs conduct. 6100 or Green Bay road it's good to hear David Beck and the year. Of this week in NBC sports network with the Formula One he's been under the law and under the weather not underwater on. Using union Grover Burleigh Timmy might have been just scared gets brutal storms but it's good to see him on his will ruled on the road to recovery so could see him back and new year. And that does a lot of stuff happening in a weather is heating up in Seoul. Silly season in NASCAR's isn't it yeah you gotta love it there in out talks that united obviously tens if not come indexing kids Eric Jones move and over. You know whereas Carl is Carl Edwards coming back you know just. So much stuff to talk about it's a tale was that was one of the rumors the original rumor. Very eager Leon is ego let echo. Reason why you know let go. Was because he had signed a deal with Penske. Dan doses are holt. In. And use those driving ether Penske car which shall be fourth Penske car we'll get to that is the moment. But. That is. Right up into the bone away and I haven't heard anything of that recently. So above the main. I guess the fuel and a look at this we have a bunch of doubles and table and appear but I guess the first one is going to be tenths of correct right. Well you could see Agassi here Jones but we already know the situation yeah we know where he's going zone where Jones. Is he was in the 77 the number two. Car for furniture row for Sharaud. And and doubt that was a developmental deal kind of that was a known entity we knew that use them to be only be in their three year. And it was kind of a question mark where he would end up and so announced almost son Joseph Gibbs Agassi say this time in every building in mold. Today it's seems like it you know they they haven't yet seen Victory Lane yet I'll see randomly and and and they got now they're gonna have two very young drivers arrow and and a very talented drivers of that but. It its interest in the seated so we editor Jones the women in in twenty car. In so Matt Kenseth comes at a OK while women tend to be listened on to say hey I'm a free agent aluminium human culture. Managers knew. Right. So. Where does connect Francisco there's Kabul musical interest in some aerials here we're also here in oboe reduction. Regaining in shrinkage. In Italy and intricate and here cold pool. There is talk late Richard Childress fiscal note two car team next here with the with the kids. Kids only kids on Dylan boys will be Dylan boys in the three yen. This would be thirty Juan. So with Paul Menard. Lose talk there is Paul Menard is going to the Penske cars third Penske there. Which should be there could be forced Penske it is okay. And we also have Erica Morrow suppose this is a done deal. Erica Emeril leaving the 43 taking Smithfield with them which is the most important thing in recent node is used to be just. The sports car deal and it was an indie fair deal well guess what poison girls you need money to recent NASCAR melodies is seen as their camera away as a sponsor. And so he gets pretty much picked Jews. And slowly he is gonna go to the. Number and fair. And because Danica is gonna go home listen we're usually use a little BB crime noise. If it if it is it. What we we don't do that here you know what some believe Danica is retiring. Sabbatical what are you wanna call it. You know I understand why they would want Amaral just because he's he's younger. He obviously is coming bringing money to the teen. And we knew look at Stewart passed you know you have Harvick who's been around forever he got Boyer whose been around you get Kurt Busch who's been around forever. So they do need some young talent on the and teen. To stabilize it for the long term harbor it's not gonna race you know firm fifteen more years and same thing with Kirkland and all that. I would've rather seen mad Kansas take that and then Amaral. But especially I'm I'm actually I would've rather Amaral stayed in the 43 because he was making that team competitive. Before his injury and everything like that he was racing a lot better this year. And the signs were pointing in the right direction it seems like a bad time is flippant on it said. And we needed to Iowa and well yeah yeah 88 and probably the five. What William wall Byron going to be on over there. And then you have the now the five car I guess Kahne has one more year and is deal. But easement district totally does it's it's brutal mean if you if I'm sure under would it would take somebody of the Adam. Sponsor. No I think about the that's the case that you Amaral would you cooled the I've are absolutely. You know Stewart passes and maybe again maybe not though. See Stewart passes a decent name but Hendrick is still the pinnacle you know like I kind of would you typify a car. I mean who's I mean nobody's done much in the far right hero and a little bit yeah you know I bet that. It does enough you know 4844. I'm down in F five car kinda seems a little curse but. You know because Casey okay and it stopped. You know he's heads some some pretty bad luck that season. You know given in a left and rest there aren't his fault. But when he's not involved. In in that kind of situation in dollars so it's always options always so it's ridiculous always something new wanna find our Kasey Kahne. Has started 38 URE finishes started thirtieth look down where. Where were in a fantasy foot and Tennessee NASCAR polian on doing so well. And in you look at the five. I don't care how much money it was it could have been a dollar it was in and take care know no way. Is it just breaks it down it's those. It and if you play fantasy NASCAR cancels finishes like 26 place and back into Scalia and name. If you can got to get everybody in in the top 25 you do it now easy Keenan as two million in that problem. His team well and then oh what about has Lonsky because there is you know labs are rumors about his policy in. I would imagine but you know I talked about I want to Ireland illness so why give me a son in the slips but we got taco Ryan Newman to Ryan Newman. Missiles legally. They'll Solana is a couple options for him. Yeah it this is going to be one of the sillier silly seasons that we've added in recent memory others talked in London sep seventh. But I mean I'm. I I would take pence up over and I would too. You know you know what you're gonna get with Ken's it's you know especially I'm longer races that he will get better. Doran the longer the race goes on. The only thing you know about Ryan Newman was Beck when he was young he used to qualify well yeah and now he's just the hardest guy to pass on the trek. You know the success isn't there for Newman he's not he doesn't compete for wins. I'm on a race by race basis every you know once or embezzlement and ABC DEF. CC minus. I was OK I give him a solid C I don't wanna be too tough rally average driver average yeah. December's. You know and granite I know is that our CR and they don't have the best equipment a Crimea river. Your talent supposed to make up for that. Especially on tracks where they aero and stuff like dead isn't a big deal you don't need. You know there the huge money in research to two run well. Even on those tracks are now competing in the top ten are you gradient on moniker because he's an engine and additional warrantless. You know it's is it seems like like with Newman especially because of his education and all that. Communication between him in the crew chief in the team should be so dead on. That he should be able to compete week in week out and he has improved itself for. He's been and cheese plate. The last four or five years OK and does he make the second round hole. Eat it again Tony we get it to the jays well yeah but were not talking about coal wit were not you know we're talking about our Ryan Newman the quote unquote Iraq hit man you know and our current crop. Hamas. That's one of the nicknames that doesn't it. I think he's that he is a solid B drive up there. At the go through the garage area in the but he would you rate communal. Would you take aired Jones over Ryan Newman no. I will. Would you take parallel we will leave it there and I would take years Jones. Now say they were the same dates you know so it's not long term but you know and say that because we know no I'll do it here Jones is going to be an. I just I think Eric Joan Ryan Newman was. He he was looking to be a multiple time cup champion when he came in with with Penske gantlet that only and he qualified up front every single and yet he was looking so it and still wait and still waiting. When I ease a solid drive yet it is is the best drivers Childress. Oh well. If the important it's not art I think about it I think the second best is time. No. You really I. Tire Menard I put Austin list. And epic has a look at look at the playoff standings area. Austin Dillon is then Gloria Ryan Newman is it right and is already. He's in the playoffs he's got to win. He's ninth. Is a top ten driver court illness. You get Truex Jimmie Johnson it's no brainer three wins each collars and loses blown out get him in the second here. Ricky stem cells while I think and I think. It just ignore it. And an added this. Ricky says houses a good driver. And you know. And hats off to additive to Roush Fenway. If you have done I guess you do and Mears. Kevin Harvick surprise with only 11 Ryan Newman. I mean to rang and Bellini. Well this is interest in Ryan Bellini seven wood Brothers in case. To sell it or wins. Now. Defunct. Piano especially you think if she's only weigh in at two wins absolutely especially since season better equipment than blaming it but already easy. Or is or Izzy you know Blaine he's been run and run and a lot more like closer to the front then chase Elliott is really where because. You think while Ford is running gun. It would get this deal vehicles Toyota ship being. She heavy and then Ford Ford Ford or were but I mean Truex Jimmie Johnson. Are some literally fly inflates the other manufacturers. Absolutely there was an article that I read and yesterday the day before a night I can't remember who was by the give credit to whom but. It was talking about the the parent teens doing less. Finishing worse then they're off teams right Joseph Gibbs being worse than our current zero. And stuff like that it was it was very interest variances. I mean to that point and and but I mean Nokia to reload Connell with the income beard notes. Oh. Again I can't cancer at two he's on the you know toilet in a Clint Boyer. A little bit of a disappointment has. It's given time. I mean were still only rude basically the first we're just aren't second season. We are as you were right at halfway point 1836. Clint Boyer to me maybe you might catch fire a year ago. Later on book. I hope and is does the youth chase. I hope he does you know the thing is with Clint is that for me Ira I thought this was the put up or shut up and the season for him. And so far he hasn't put. And India. Accounts of look down encumbered dirt Jones okay and that's who we thought you Libyan. Dennis Sorensen we get to where he's in the top twenty which. Beyond just Glenn Beck and his eagle back 25 years if your rookie year in the top twenty points in in cup race in the you're doing fine absolutely you know. And then here's a surprise. Trevor Payne. Funny. I would not have guessed that you Edison whose twentieth oh. Cover Dana I don't mean they would an amendment top eight. Yeah yeah same here is every time he's he's he's on the law and last week it and now but he's this I guess in out so I mean it than Neil Roush Fenway then okay. Yeah. You know it's it's tough it is there's been I had a handful raises especially at the restrictor plates were the top ten is just completely flipped. You know completely opposite where you've got names like McDowell and stuff that you'd never see on the regular trek all the sudden in the top five not. So you know some those guys scored some good good finishes got some good points but yeah. I'm with you I mean there's no way you know it would have taken me 3035 names before I said Maine. Pretty big. But Bettman but in. Let's go take a break we'll come back we'll talk about more on this cup season would come up toggle little bit below the raise what's coming up on high fever attract New Hampshire. And now will go from there and then at about an hour we get accords Dennis Michaels and William enroll you in your twist on the NASCAR world. And then at the top of the hour 1 o'clock will be talking to Tony Dziena in the league isn't Indy carries in his there opt in Toronto this weekend. And then of course Ryo Rory handing talk about the drying out process and greatly extreme to which is running this weekend so. If you wanna cigars and for extra victory you know to rate extremely in union Wisconsin LV talk unit and who pine is up in New York, New York. So the so nice and named it twice David Letterman used to say and he's up there for a formula the ground preannounce those enrichment and wondering why. So we'll get those answers and more. On the final inspection GO. Yeah it. Now smooth so expect. We'll commit to the final inspection Joseph. And we're talking in NASCAR in the first half hour here. First hour actually vote here with just furlough ski producer. Extraordinaire. Luke and packer fan is easy easy is not though a disease a packer fan and poked him a half problems okay. We don't know which half the which half is copes with the news. Only one of those things on the title list here in adults are with me mr. All right Kyle Larson the only way that. Stopped colors and is to Tommy's cheating yeah so we have a debt Clinton wasn't there wasn't right. And hand. Yeah that was the a good does Steve look TARP put out a a thing explaining the rule and it's not the deck lid it's on the back of the cards the deck lid. It's on the side between the back window in the rear fin. Well that. Case so we're talk about the little fins are we talking about C pillar. It was of the thin they goes you know from the back of the car to the back window. How can it. I mean tonight. I've been around stock cars and Hokies through Canada is too high to lose it ended up too low it started out aid they went through first inspection everything was fine. Then they found like these Natchez inept and I guess they lowered it a little bit and it failed post qualifying. So that so he gets the poll ripped out of his hands and you know this comes a week after he was Dax 35 points. You know fur never fail and Kentucky. So it. It's it's been a rough couple weeks for mr. Larson. You know it's an interest in because Sparky woods and all that you burger cheating this and LTE Miller to put his arms around. It on to why teams do this in densely version you're trying to give advantage. Yes if you've been raised the sport like I was on his head and the laws have guys ever try to look at what can we do. I mean I've been angered grudges and are trying to figure out what we do those to make this car faster. Yeah and its its interest in Soviet come up of that moment my feeling is. I guess the frustrating part amassed in NASCAR law's been this way I mean if you look at the early days. Lab team who put navy. Stuff on their cars that work stopped. You know to game not only an advantage but also make the car lasts longer am because they used he would replace. Trying to think. Wish Ballmer or something new and Merom talk him fifties the truck. Is summits comparable Mimi those heavier or something was stuck at the moment to remember it's been terrible hockey. In early fifties or if it was norm also got busted because they put on C. Part that was heavier item. To the woodlands seller right when I was a site. Somebody found out about it whatever and it was like. Five hours after the event at the Paris but it occurs on the street to woman grudges and reform have new area full of it via discard stripped. Strip now beaten and they're going to do this thing in the only if they took the win away from. But. It's kind of frustrating and it's likely hearing got copies of the competition you're trying to find now trying friend whose bat mobile law. In these. I mean it it's seems frustrating. Because it seems like every every week there's more rules to cite the pit rules I mean it it's almost like these pit rules are sold. There on the so much I I I. I compare him to football procedural rules mean which if he'd. If you have a you know your your girlfriend. Will wonder at all what's the penalty while that the deal David the and in. The vivid and covering the tackle. Here. On this that and it's funny because there's somebody new to football. That's like the stupidest. Thing. You've ever heard boom would mean the and in covering the tackle and there's all these procedural rules to men in motion woman in awe the stuff. Too many men on the line not enough men on the line exactly and it seems like NASCAR went in that direction when they went with a all of these pit rules read and I'll here's the only here's. You know. John I mean you don't Johnny knew and asked her stands. Fifteen years old and easily. You know. Dollars and got busted on a pit road violation because he entered. While he entered. About two feet in front of the the second pit instead it will be aware resource to comedy cross that line Greg. And panel but there's nobody there was anybody's relate Hughes only want come and ultimately and at that time. And if there are a lot of them don't make any sense you know they they're gonna sit there and hide behind the whole quote unquote safety. Thing because that's the easiest way to get out of any kind of discussion about is this a legit or. Just call it safety no one can complain. So but yet it it's gotten way too ticking tick wait too complicated. Just raced a freak in cars why is. Why is shipped NFC better this year because it's not just dollars and Jamie McMurray is doing. Kriewaldt do Jamie and he's having a hell of a year send our little shadow bako arson but you know and the and Jamie NN has said this before and and and we mentioned this on the show both threw for years ago. I mean he's won all the big races yeah. He's one of the tone or you guys want to utilities and brickyard he's on Charlotte front you know the world's six unread and you know all the big races he's he's done it and you know. It's hard to put a finger on why there's so much better. And is it because give Nancy got better. Or is it because Hendrick has taken a step back and Joseph Gibbs has taken a step back and Stewart Haas is not lived up to the expectations. That they had going in when people we're gonna give him some slack going into the season switching manufacturers. But then Kurt Busch goes out Wednesday totaled 500 and now all the sudden expectations are through the roof on Stewart Haas and they've only been back to Victory Lane one time with Harvick. So is it because you know give Nancy is so much better or is it because a lot of these big name teams that were supposed to have good seasons. Our struggle. You know they get a lot of manufacturer helped the and I know old. Chevy is one team sable should be is really to keep their drivers. I mean going back. It means ancient history now public call for a lost Jeff Gordon it was just ridiculous right. That Hendrick is able commons and in supermarket after he afforded bank the world is his Busch were pretty much. And and not to have him. Lions deal signed. But kind of had a a wink wink agreement with with Bill Davis racing at that time an end and then under the comment I mean I remember when that happens like. Mean oh shot of foreign Ed Niblock the mop. I know and for that to happen and there are severe through a couple on other instances that do bus drivers in the past two. And and Chevy has been really good week keeping an emulated Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton threw nothing but ocean is over Brent in and I think. This is one thing in the wanna keep him. In the Chevy family and you wonder if they're kind of giving him an activist said. Keller so so good that and that Chevy themselves with half the senate giving him. A little more help maybe and homeowner if that's the one of the reasons it's not the only reasons one of the reasons why there's so much more competitive here and maybe chip business. Finally saying. If we ask votes sponsors we got some tidbit that lets make some pain here. Yeah and I hope it is I hope that the manufacturers are ponying up more money for their teens. Especially when you know this week you hear about NASCAR wants to bring in more manufactures and his talk about dodge returning. And they wanna open it up even more beyond Dodgers as well. So hopefully this unleashes the the wall for for some of these guys and and they get more money going into the program but it was a great point that you made about Jamie McMurray he is consistently. In the top ten. Most weeks and Jamie McMurray kind of you know besides the occasional win at them at the Grand Slam events. That you talked about you know Daytona on Indian. And southern 50600. He knew he was kind of an afterthought but he is having one heck of would of the year and it's it's great to see and you know though the bad thing about the Kyle Larson penalties. And like you said if you're under a new fan to NASCAR. This is the guy that should be the face of your sport it's not Austin Dillon. It's not. You know debatable why do you mean waxed eyebrows and the future of mass. Yeah and in lane celebrations. In and and cowboy hats that look like they would fit on your dog better than they fit on him. Yes you don't Kyle Larson should be him and bubble Waltz should be the next two faces of the cup series. And to sit there and you know. The tick tick rules and all this and supposedly this decked. You know the due penalty that he got this week at New Hampshire is a carton drive ruled an in the books forever and all that. But you're making your best you know your best up and comer face of the sport look bad and I don't think it's a good look overall for NASCAR. I tell you what let's take a break it's time now for a sport slash apartment hourlong we combat Wheeler from Dennis Michaels and Lori Monroe. For motor sports talk and topic Errol talked to Tony the zeal from NBC sports back down give leave this in the entire than of course we had. Great Andy from greatly extreme way. Will be joined in us and no we find out leaders agree obliques who is running this weekend even with a little the water and flooding may have it received a commotion coney is. Greatly extremely is running this weekend and then now let's not forget to. Eddie the final you were reported in from new York and the formerly eat. Grand Prix and also get Lee is some Formula One from Andy. So it's time now for a sport slash with Jeff Barlow ski. Welcome back to the final inspection would hope by seven have them them bandits that read ask Garrett segment. Says Dennis Michaels along with the lovely and talented though Freeman wrote from race talk radio back comet. Look. Are yet another mile and A half race in another race where. The penalties. Were more exciting then what we might have seen on the track. Yeah idea. I know but Kyle Busch likes speaking of penalties that not this lucky that deal again. I am really getting tired of this nitpicking. Of the lug nut saying why. On earth. Are we concentrating so much on lug nuts. I don't get it it's. It's a little bit much it is that the more I hear this in the world this happens and how many guys are getting caught you know guys that you never even Europe when they're talking when the race is on. How many teens are getting caught with with will let infractions. But again we're back to Kyle Busch action this once again I don't know how many times scientists the company weeks in a row. But that's just that's nuts and the colors and thing misses with his penalty with news. Guesses. His brake cooling I don't know like my god this. This is getting to be too much just astute. Nit picky. Really for me. It in this sounds kind of weird to say because you're you expect everybody to be on the up but now than nobody cheat well telegraphed. Well. At this thing in today's mascara you sort of do it now right yeah that's the way the racing is now wearer. You know racing back in the day you'd almost were shocked if you didn't hear somebody had found another gray area in the rules. On a particular week nowadays. Everything is so stringent. At the one thing is if it was giving us better racing. On the track. I would get excited. About all of the nit picky rules if it meant that we are getting great racing. But outside of 85 laps. After restart. Was there anything memorable that happened. At any of the mile and A half tracks all season. Long. All likens it collars. And especially last week in the fact that this kid tester race from the back like 23 horrified times. That was that was quite impressive for Internet. To get close ticked to grab and a wind finished in second I don't know how close to mr. Rana wing quite frankly about the track. But still that guy passes how many cars in that race he just past 3000 cars. It was incredible but of course yes NASCAR will say it was the rear brake cooling that. Made the difference so they had to come down hard with. Much of death penalty yeah it out 35. Points in today's world. World of NASCAR and the crew chief being suspected now I think it was what 75000. Dollar I ran yes yeah. He's like get death penalty brought parking violation. Take away the last little thing that somebody couldn't get creative about. Myself but this was a blatant violations is doing something that you're not allowed to do this is an even gray area staff. So I kind of get that but it's still upsets me that. They're not allowed to be in it have any ingenuity when it comes to that type of thing. That should be something that you. You should be able to do it if you want to if you don't want to like cap that cooling on your brakes why not I ally when it. Well I think it's a good idea that you can figure out a way because. If you're gonna get error into the rear brakes like they did with this this cooling system. You've got to give up something you got to wrap error that would normally go past. That that docs. You're picking up track. To cool your brakes so it's not like they figured out a way to do this. It didn't have zero track. They decided hey look we're gonna give up. Maybe. You know five pounds of drag on this car by cooling the brakes but it's gonna help him in the long run. Because certainly when he was the best. Was late in appeal. And that. Probably have a little bit to do with that hires. Not gaining as much air pressure which probably had something did too. With the brakes. Cooling off which didn't transfer anymore heat to the tires I mean we're talking fractions of a pound. Of air pressure build up now makes a big difference. So but they had to give away some drag any increase drag to get those cooler breaks that they. The didn't figure out some way to do this. That was. Totally you know three is spurs drag coefficient so I look at this legacy. Fantastic. You came up with a way did do something that nobody else is doing. I don't know whether it was a 10% improvement or 5%. I don't know what it was all just a coincidence that he was the only guy who could pass. And some of it I just think is because Kyle Larson's. Just a crazy good driver whose Tyler Dennis Kyle Larson yeah he's he's going to go places on the track that nobody else is willing to take that chance so. I give more credit to Al Larson Litsch right Ebert taking chances. That I do the equipment but then to come down on this to come down on the lot that's the meat. It's clear that nobody on Kyle Busch's pit crew can talk can count five. You know like just a I don't get all of this up it it's you know. They even admitted late at that race on the radio that they have only had four lug nuts tight yet they stayed out there. You ask our needs that they do. Is go back to having officials and every pit and pointing it out that there's a missing lug nut and make them come back and because the current penalties. Have not been strong enough. All it's been doing is acting is another vacation plan for everyone on Kyle Busch is to. Let up at a maybe liberals need to beat differed it. And the other thing that NASCAR sort legislated away he has some of the teams were getting creative in how they shaped the bottom of the splitter. To get a little bit of most ground effects out of is that this supposedly supposed to be flat piece. But you play with that enough that you can get at the band and do what you want. They took that away of course and so of course the teams that were benefiting most from that are. Are slow and out namely that Kozlowski. Atlas got out teams. Can Brad Kozlowski he's comments. Made more headlines. Anything that was done on the track Burton are trickster or is that good for the sport. I think it's good for the fans. It's good for the fans out is that yes I I enjoy hearing. The candor coming from from Brad Kozlowski because he go over the years he has been so. Blatantly honest Applera Kersey gets himself in trouble. By a pointing out things in the sport you know NASCAR absolutely justices they'd they'd like to lock him in a room with a roll of duct tape I'm sure. But I enjoy hearing what he has to say because. Timmy he speaks the truth you know his family's been in racing cents racing wasn't black and white so. You know your spec forty cents. You respect what he says then you'll also respect. Him. After you see the the punishment that he got. Pummeling that he took in the media Steve O'Donnell quickly on Monday. Morning. Serious to to basically call Brad everything but why eight. And then he got you know everybody taken their turn looked hard. He had his term with with Jeff Burton how all you know he shouldn't be speaking up like this. Annika what not not they even got the shiny penny out you know Dale Junior to say that you know. There's nothing wrong with domination in the sport and that a horse just. Think getting that Dale Junior is out that same page. Dale Junior comes out with this whole anti splitter comment. He spy. I guess is like. Junior. Because with Dale Junior speaks that scare can't punish him. Well all we don't think they can but yeah I was I was interest it is to hear that as well. But again I'm back to Kozlowski they got him to the point where he's sort of backtracking and well. It was all in the heat of the moment and all that stuff while. I'm sorry in to heat of the moment is the tricks in everything. All you hear the truth in the heat of the moment. It NASCAR. When a guy purse gets out of the car. And no PR person has had a chance the doctor. The only outside. That only time he get honesty out of these guys yeah the only time he would get honesty out of one of the mascara announcers is if they can't. That followed with a hammer. At your arms Blair but other than that anything that's coming out of there all this year yes. That sounds that way to me it's it's well folks it is time for his step back take quick break when we come back. Why you think because we're gonna blow up somebody's as carriers still you're listening to the final inspection not 1057. About them out fan. Welcome back up. It inspection went 057. Bam the ban Dennison Larionov Saturday. After it ended in doubt it Dennison glory here stock look at what's coming next. Yeah I think given the. Fish. And I'm. Absent when the docs things that's our Q and start. Low lit up somebody's that's getter still Murray human rope can you tell the fine folks at Milwaukee Wisconsin. And worldwide on the interwebs. What this is all about. It's something has irked you over the past week in the world of NASCAR we will blow that up for use so if you want to head over to restart radio dot com. Fellow at the farm he could see it on the opening page linked to blow up stills. Or send us an email from any of our email addresses on the website restock radio dot com. We will include you in our weekly still blowing. Start bribing people. Did is because we're not getting enough still blowers because people just wanna be bribed nowadays we know how you people work. So if you look nominated still blowing and we use down the year. I'm gonna send you a teacher so that's that's how this is gonna work from now on we're gonna start bribing people. 'cause I got a lot of T shirts land around that we giveaway we're gonna have some fun with it Murray met Ro di you out they'd ask are still need to blow up. I did last. Last two what was it Saturday night cup race I'm so confused in my hand my dates but anyway. Chase Elliott on the track and Rick Allen started talking about it chase Elliott. Talking about him being the son of hall of fame driver bill earlier like nobody knows who chase LA it is Dawson he'll Georgia. But he will not to say that any time that bill Lil the it would would erase in the past eight ring the bell. At the Dawson ball doesn't help pool hall and ring the bell. Bring news of now. Like ring gallon. He was describing us like he'd never even heard the story before about the sci Irene at the at the Dawson hopeful also basically Jeff Burton. Had to pick up where Rick Allen left often tell the story as it should be but it's. Think to describe. Food drivers are and then the history of a Bill Elliott if you don't know who Bill Elliott he has. I'm sorry we get a blowing up. It can Google it. If feared that off and it's even tell the story right so for a gallon excellent news I'm I'm blown up this week. That's what we're gonna need some big bomb saute apple now that not eat now. Now it's not a foul that brings the EL Alford Hendrick. Motorsports. But it's not a race. This girl at all opera forget us up a couple BS up as well at Hendricks that'll work out right I still. Is NASCAR legislating. Read little less little negative innovation. Out of this hour. Don't think that I loved about half scare back in the day with the guys could actually invent something that would end up working. Am giving them an advantage for as long as they can keep the secret. Nowadays. Nothing it. Because it can't start catches he would slap them they're not gonna let the next guy use it to get a outlaw every single thing. And if it was giving us better racing I guess I can live with that but since its Merlin the raising up even more. I just want to blow up somebody at NASCAR for not realizing that not having up right now. To realize that innovation is what made this sport great. I feel better now. All of them up there's nothing interest me at all in nature's bakery at the sport and so sour. By the whole the whole issue with nature's bakery and Stewart Haas. I'm blunt nature's baker epic get a ethnic purity plumb up once this year but they need detonated as well again. Yeah and nature's bakery I got he's Korea. When I eat one of those things that that's a back at Chicago Atlanta speedway last year when you were giving them away in the media center. I really think that would have been better off just eating the rapper. It was that bad so. I think that's a great idea let's blow of all up again this a lot to get all lot of hurt her feelings and and you know a little collusion with the Russians. This week house well that week we email them to get some of their bombs at general Mattis. And mis step what then. Please borrow so I. That is so that we might be suspended or investigated by congress. For bringing the Russians and on it but they deserve. Did to help out. Need to passions should get their due respect. I think that's an idea. Folks it is standing at the man's Garrett is in the worst kept secret. The end of the world have mascara is out because Eric Jones is gonna be replacing Matt kids at oh really. Yeah when you've got guys like. Dale Junior or. More so Kyle Busch. Basically echoed that saying it all we know we know that Eric Jones gonna be it's one hr. You know it's real not a Dixie I am on. Now so worked good for Eric Jones. And the first domino has fall and some now yeah to see who else. Ends up where. And I. Think netcams it does get is still get a good right next year's I don't see him retire. Yeah I think he will too and I'm sure. I'm sure there's. There's contracts be written at night and sign because I really don't think he's gonna. He's gonna lay low too long and I really don't think it's geared for. For his forward progress for the team he's with right now to have this tape over their head just. Just let it spill just to say what's going on in and go forward because. You know not knowing or not saying anything he's just going to be counted every week he's going to be counted you don't you ever write Dexter never ride. Next year just just cop. Let up that be a good idea. Also there's some sad news to report because mark rip Walt trip. The mother of deep Debian Michael has passed away at the age of ninety. Yeah that was very sad to CN they're very close to her. Area very sad shall wonderful long life and the thing is it NASCAR. In recent years we must know more about these people that we do some of our own family members. So lobster. Industry. Also with the NASCAR and is Brett doer has been promoted to NASCAR president. He was the chief operating officer since 2000 fault weren't now gets the title of NASCAR president. Maybe this explains things because he's bid what the sport only since 2004. And before that. Zero racing experience before coming to NASCAR he was a global automotive executives his entire career. May be it's time to get somebody from the racing world back involved at NASCAR may be yeah. Bomb the bigger question is what happens with my cal. Yeah he's got a new title in. Now let me be the make him show him achieve his mustache before we get to see him again who knows I hope not but I eight I eight I haven't seen hide nor hair of him from. He was such a presents. First so many years and then all of a sudden he's sort of sort of on the background. Now makes you kind of wonder whether he's not happy with the view that things have seen him there keep an muscled up. Keep him in the same room with cancel asking. That would be an interesting combination. Also it ask your name's Eric all Motorola is back. So in the 43 news Richard Petty says he's confident that Smithfield will return next year. Yeah all good news great seal roll back that was I guess eight weeks and it's incredible how much. How much you can heal in eight weeks to the point where you can go back in take the abuse in a in a stock car. So great to see him back in hopefully they'll be. Yeah better news for the forest street coming back next year with their sponsor but again it's hasn't thought man look in look and handle the bubble Wallace so. Interesting to see if if anything. Anything gets done with him in the next. Next few weeks. Not like deceit baba and it yet ride go out forward but that great to see Eric golf oral backed as well. And also this week they announced that don't controllable run an ST PST. PC throwback. At Darlington from 1984. So pretty it. So OC working on the king's I hairdo and moustache on that error I hope so and since. And awesome bill will be hate saying this other 500 so great to see that is well while they ring the bell for bill that's it that's. Praying dog got. Now. Are racing yet. Hampshire this weekend Lori Munro who's your pick to win. Believe I'm gonna go with Denny Hamlin. I believe it and we do believe that I'm going with. Met kids. A tree and yeah our picks to click. For the Big Three 101 mile race Kevin out on its ops. Extra time again to the final inspections. Scarce that. Out 1057. Of them up. And welcome back to the final inspection issue over a few violence here greatly straight weigh in you drove yes they are running this weekend. The floodwaters that receded and cars are on the track featured Jericho greatly straight win possibly think David sound. For their support of the show and joining us an agreement was spank outlined his Tony Dziena. NBC sports dot com. Tony welcome news show. And being in doing well Comerica on this issue last week. Yeah it's been crazy Corso last week losing Perry Miller vintage IndyCar event at the walkie mode yes we had Indy cars on the market now. Although the engines were in front action they weren't going to be people seem. Tony just says NASCAR silly season is he you know there's a lot of news on the open wheel side. First of all you got the story here about the aero kits and and that's starts moving forward here we. Our Montoya in no Oriole Serbia will be doing a lot of the aero test kid. Euro hit a steam. You wanna expand an answer. Yet I think that's five and now it's miles pump. We've got. We're heading in Kenya this parallel double cheese and the rest of the way in IndyCar where we've got a championship. With the final six races starting in Toronto this weekend but we've got and the battle everyone trying to position culture eighteen. Which is IndyCar prepping you know in new common to hit so that of the manufacture. A kit that in the last two years between Honda and Chevrolet available via a single one. I'm actually talk to run under ray earlier this week told you this quite happy she the end of the year okay here. So the guys that are you know not all drivers Pablo Montoya Oreo Oreo Serbia. Both of who have been around IndyCar since the late nineties early 2000. Which you know date all of us. They're gonna be tasks restoring their perspective shows the power in Honda powered car with the same error so. Even though Penske and it will provide the parts it's going to be IndyCar self overseas. The development process should conduct hope days. That was the single kid there's going to be more teams that are able to come in because they ought to apply albeit. Larry extra manufacture parts which they had to do the last three years. The other news a club presents its interest zero America on Michael shank great Michael shank racing then and it it is. It seems like. It's also like. You see boy. And a girlfriend and boyfriend may you know in and Andy would make a great cop ball but he they never get together. And this seems like one rules are or what is Michael shank racing and is never gonna give an Indy carries a full time. Yeah and that's coming. How many billions chores or they're different teaming it probably deal longer she's around mid Ohio at least about all the possibilities but I think for about 6% in years there's been out of you know change in good IndyCar you bought a new car what you now with the new car. Wall. And he couldn't get an engine deal to run it cut its armed but audited have mentioned that the time. And on and finally imminent in the and the program got into the second year in dirty effort for the 500 because the coherent thing you don't want to. So yet now in the wake of Penske getting a Honda sports car program in the Acura sports car program which after months of speculation finally got announced this week. Wanted to reach out shank you know the tapes so obviously you get beat steal what we know he's sports car curve it could IndyCar geniuses like. We are wanna do it in I'm in touch with them but I'm not that view it is anonymous or are programs that first. So I would not be surprised yourself are on the sports car front in the not too distant future and then once that. Component is out and I think we we go to IndyCar because IndyCar can mean. More teams in between you know shank racing mucus in Harding between Clarence. Steinbrenner waiting in the wings we had you know George Mike a few weeks to give you that there's there's new blood in the pipeline we just haven't. He them all make that next step up yet he didn't play we gotta get those more teams in because that. That's how. Writing tablet called the situation more true guys more drivers. More teams. And I did hear that. Surely goes on and no one more full time team correct. Yeah in the I mean there. Is. Been reported from a couple of different now it. Been percolating for the last couple months so it might be looking at Andretti auto sport should stay true on that you show the course. Teams not an ideal date that and so on and show these all he is always is. We never rule talked about her contract situation Robert Dunn. Buy it from about the power standpoint. We've seen it where has the has been kind of hand strong where Penske off they're all off when they're on they're able. They're able to step up so it's that you knew would happen here I think there's probably a better likelihood of it happening and then not. You'd heat suddenly the top you'd be back eight cars Chevy power seven or eight depending on Germany and Europe and in you have another top flight team. This election Schmidt as the primary on the Indian has seen for next year. Pretty much indicate that in ready you know out of the picture there without saying as much. Thank cursory. Honda Indy Toronto qualify and about the start here in a few minutes and a lose lose though three were through Paul and me is it visited pageant is it gonna be a national weakened. You know Tony Jeff and I talked last week and I think at that I'd be surprised that will power to get the whole it and eat gate feel like the pressure on. Aren't passionate and dirty in there but actually whatever powers or passionate that fall foliage responded backing. You know with each future being kind of the big you know talking points for the rest of the she's in I wouldn't be surprised if if people off the well here chip. So that that's going to be my take out of the race. This weekend Mike in rainy conditions so even if that call flying coast kind of blew the form of the week ended and he's been either. Once you once you through your want to treat for that recessions or. That would throw that throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings should it would it would necessarily in itself a sale live would be my poll taken. Until I'm proven otherwise true. I would love to see you too late to steady drizzle during the race tomorrow. That would be awesome. I Arlo rain races they get there is such a degree of unpredictability into the street course street he's IndyCar anywhere pretty chaotic with it they oil. A lot of time do you guys jump up on strategy like LB twelve and be active if you caught out or the wrong yellows fall back a deep. Actually bid Dixon in you know at the trees last year. Arm who that's that's kind of the challenge. Make make it being very difficult position with your strategist of street course this. Well Tony we certainly appreciate you taking time out with us this afternoon and I'm looking forward to awful lot of fun at Toronto's Ozzie good race and a course of Paul Tracy and open the Booth. Who knows what's gonna happen correct. Yes he announced he had actually and actually to get psyched let him and Alia eight in her at the tape. Quack that airs at Eurasia which at 3 PM mr. CNBC on Sunday. Arms so that the previous Indy 500 combatants PT oh it is joke where I'm yeah Warner. Armed you know they've always had their kind of their history in the past but it should be fun you know it's funny Pete he's really developed that. A pretty good television commentator which I'm not sure. Got an expected but sentiment Townsend of cuts to get the answer I think what that the future. Uncertain early I think he could be it could be a fun time. Should be a lot of fun Tony doozy you know from a NBC sports I comic should check out his stuff in we auspreys she'd come and I'm sure Tony. Out. Or. Ari thank you and now of those Tony course Lou and the great midwest bank outline in coming up next on the silence structure shall we talk to Maria I mean from greatly straight away. This this final inspection with Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway. On 1057 FM. Welcome back to the final inspection Schumer of human legendary accurately straightaway in union grove. Can deal announced conduct in Glendale loose ends and we share minutes ago both our sponsors there. Think comfort in the show we're having some technical issues here with a Rory anyway don't get to him in the few minutes but. That was quite the flooding they've had there. Just last week in in the Berlin city area Kenosha county and ended it's it's weird because. I'm only one mile for overseeing colony Amman and attempt to shoot in the area and we we have about the 34 inches of rain misses a lot of rain and but I mean just the couple miles to the south but there's some places. Eight inches of agreements is incredible achievement in itself. Real and you're you know your heart goes out whom back when I was living in Illinois in my basement flooded all the time and it is a nightmare so. I've been there are guys that feel for is fear us struggling through getting your basement repaired in keep your head up. Yes certainly is and it them it's amazing all quickly is that you know you do Nash she bounced back demeanor some photos if you go to greatly straightaway dot com. Blue Webb's idea has some. Photos on their of the flooding that earlier in you know supposed to redeem on Twitter. Is incredible the whole front river highway is in there and and just was toll Covert in in and water and a couple feet deep and then. You know just off fast it is it comes he can receive Noble's. And yeah well you know you know that. Great Lakes with the way that there always improving their their facility and how well they take care of that and everything like that it. You know as they would remove mountains to sit during get their place up and ready to go and keeper at the fantastic fan experience and it is her for all the people they go out there. Yes certainly is in an of course. Of this weekend last week did the bug fest which is huge for folks if you're Volkswagen fan it's a really cool deal. This week the the they truce street brawl happening in an import wars are on tomorrow. So many should be allowed to Greeley extremely in the check. Check all the greenery seem I tree stump stump through because he recently street cars in these things are fast. Is an and Roy is a big proponent of bring industry eerie CNET concentrates reports say. Absolutely avoided taken avoid injury yen and all the bad stuff that can happen go out there are very minimal fee. Race your hearts out. Adds a good time in and plus it's not only that of the music great food do euros two and a certain improvements and now. It is it's a good time needed to go out there electrical cars and yeah and and it's it's great if you if you're looking for a place to bring the kids. And Miller Park in some of the other options around town just seemed too expensive because they are. Great Lakes is cheap and it is far and and it is great for the entire family. Get your kids out there. Yep and few. Feature qualify asserts that the 3 o'clock today in the movie action star shortly thereafter selection you know the Great Lakes great way. This weekend you say qualifying starts at three did you hear all the cans echoing from getting at Procter editor edit them. Time to pregame noise you've. And it's. So getting that some mascara. EU deli it's. EO Dennis similar title the rules of and one in I guess. Yet it it it's have you heard from your friends and I business and there's a couple of guys at work now stock to a pac ten uses by Miami test. Mohamed eight Canon testing field whether Unocal sounding board guy in detail also would be guessing about the billions and you know you get some frustration and a lot of frustration fortunately. Now last few years from some some of some of the fans some of the changes going now. What is it you know were received there are some sorts are making it easier. Less complicated than ask their season going in another direction. Yeah it's tough you know you got football where you're there trying to adjust rules because no one knows what is and what isn't a catch. Which should seem pretty simple exactly and and NASCAR is going the same way now a lot of the people that I talk to for the most part if. If their driver is affected by the rule then there are steadfast against it and they they hate it. Where as if it happens to a driver that they don't agree with then. Then their all foreign and it's not a big deal. So. Yet disease it is kind of frustrating and he's Italy with colors and things it's certainly you know mean. Yeah I guess it brings more attention to him. You know he is you got Tyler says on the pole no he's not on the Paul. I used in in awaited. Brings dollars and more into the news so. Well we'll have to see with dad and Angeles say things out last week and of course we we have been here in Miller Reno that the at Milwaukee mile in it will be running out their next year. Saw all these guys are wonder what's happening with Milwaukee mile. We are scheduled to run out there in the third weekend in in. On July so there will be re seeing there cars on the track at Milwaukee mile next year. So that Julia Roy John yep Roy Manning is all set to go let's go to an agreement was. They Colin Roy Henne from greatly extreme right walked into the final selection show. Are you guys doing an excellent we're we're dry elegy. Oh we are dry as well. Acts on X announced oust white guys yes also photos posted of this week of social media and I mean the whole area down there and receive commotion of the aisle how deep did the water get or risk the trickster. Well it was in me as bad as you'd start at the beginning you know that the at the entrance studio track itself you popular at the lowest point on our whole. And all properties so you look at a couple feet those so we were exactly and he probably thought a couple votes are there. Ethnically and and and so what went on so did you guys do any pump being our what was on what was involved with the clean up. No the cleanup was basically just waiting for everything to. To dry up there and terrain we've done an expensive you know beating over the years. He property dry. But then there's a lot of obviously more break it carried over from the IE note joining properties. So that took a little bit but you know I've looked at data we've got a pretty outstanding. You know bands and you know people that all the track we were getting just stop audit the phone calls people volunteering to come down. And leading Internet replace current rate to come down and you know how Sully really treat. Yeah well that's certainly reached out. Yeah that's great rate in an all the highway is now the the access to real extreme ways finders know I would closers in the area. You know are very straight aways good Burlington so Little Rock for right now you. But. But we are all your account to racetrack. No time to races on the fact that yeah no part tune written the all right who prefer the cars. Well we certainly appreciate it. Oh Rory we certainly appreciate you coming on another show in that's certainly good news the years. Here you guys so weathered the evoke the flooding down there. Yeah Lenny we've also got to just you know give a big handout to you know all the staff there. They had a spectacle and now I'm ready rates and there are a couple or people a year ago. And it's really get the ninth district are all and then all of my and our ports. Accident well things are coming on the show in no Luke Florida talking in the near future. All right thank you guys so much as he would attract. Our necks and those were attending from Greeley straight way and like it's a major you know after the the track is dry in the it's time now for sports slash human listened to the final inspection joke but Q by the aforementioned. Greatly straight weigh in union grove along with David jobs on Apple's back to the final selection show Bratz the Dubai greatly straightaway in union growth. Broadcasting from the David Hobbs studio here in hails corners Wisconsin. Condon an agreement with pink palace from Brooklyn New York it's ideal plan recent nation back on annual welcome to the show. Andy. Error I know those are. Already you guys pretty just tell you. I'm it would degrade the weather's great today where your. Aunt or minority in New York required. Yeah Brooklyn. We knew we actually should replace showplace of Beastie Boys as rumors true though dale little nose sleep till Brooklyn now. Eyes lifting about it too yesterday and I. Buoyant so Brooklyn is set the holes to New York city's first ever foreign really championship breeze. This race features cars are designed like once Formula One but I agree with the electric engines. The city decided to host the race because it is considered ethical friendly with little noise or air pollution is a truly. Yeah. It is true and Richard Branson is here. Actually a light up and players they. Building and and a vertical army went last year. Too long each hand. It's it's off Oman. That New Yorkers are great age for Apatow. Stuff. This is that you the first arteries in New York City since eighteen main B six. Yes and old where it all but it sort or something. You know to move it may be down Powell. I it. That's the hot spot in near exit you know as an and is an oral hitters are. Yeah I had ARAMARK. Pretty rough when you get outside the track they're like yeah it's cool you know aren't they got a pretty good job for what they had to work where it. It should be a pretty good rate Allah. Adam Lind got the pole Alec land got the goal today. All its global formal he is leaders ask you summaries drivers say you've actually heard of. Well yes and by some of them are being nervous because they're there W the race and straight. That's happening in Germany but hey soul actually that champions from last year or so lesson or every. Is not. Along side. Goal hole. But this week out for L. Com so it's. It argued it's going to be pretty exciting race they went out this morning at at our air here now. Atlantic early after it at 4 o'clock. Thousand dollars the vote of the neighborhoods except in at. Well I mean it seems I mean they're really are now looking over your the place. But I mean you know the police are gonna great job with traffic and it seems like their praise from. So I mean I can get for positive. I mean this is a great place there's a real exit stage chipper any type of racing I know. A couple years ago on New Jersey was gonna happen out on race yeah supposedly in try Africa or race. And that self rule maybe this could all rent out or Formula One race to was perhaps our age and looking at. What this city embracing. The revenue and everything that comes along and I think it's a great place it just it it's a world stage and a lot of media and the you know not all the big news. People are period. He had. You know lives with the only its New York City center of the world so Leo all the beautiful people down area about people who you may not. No the army can recommend is in music at the newseum in somewhere before you do not people watching down there. Well you know aren't. Are the chaparral or pure giving it too were on the app app by saying you gave them you know he was here. I mean I'm sure there's a lot more in all Jacques pot was that the press conference yesterday civil. You know especially with that interview we can't quit formula lot and it's so personal and Jeanne cops here. Obviously has lost the report. Or app for IAA and. Or are not tall it it's only an important advances if that TMZ deserves in TMZ there. You know what I have not seen them here. Our members are an important event and dies C you know once the it would as a is tight golf shirt on it's not important and it's. It is important what's going on. That over all yes utility Saudi ruler apple sent yeah. Which station here a little bit but I Lewis Hamilton like every other poll. And he didn't feel warcraft pressured well the incredible and that the order perhaps section. I might hear that your whole Graham hurry. It's kind of frustrating because must submit the guys on NBC sports matchup Dobson that if you are trying to remember random act a little bit because. This is Lou critical event that the elderly in new week in downtown London. With jets and cars doing some demonstration. In the cam and a meat angry with all the fans and this is a part of it you know this is the the new F one you know a blow the more fan friendly here asked one chemical and I'll meet the people do in lop PIR being more. Available to the media and it looked like you really need event and in the at all. All the drivers were there with the exception though Lewis Hamilton who you know who is one of the two English very good in in. You know in the sport right now. And it just looked at the aesthetics of it looks look really really bad in the. I gotta tell you I he can't even hold me back from. My feeling about that and and he. I was actually talking to our souls yesterday I got it. Interview with him yesterday and we were talking about what Alonso. Meant to IndyCar in all eighteen. A lot of things with racing and we are different. You know a different I want to go after he laughed. You aren't more fans currently at Canada going in the crowd out the rate things you never seen an out. And I'll here. You have the opportunity. Poor. Really be cricket fan and execute them. This story. And and you don't make it to the or aircraft selection or the E Street. And it's just you can't slap. Me. Harder especially here all Gramm pretty easy to adapt. I just don't understand. What people out overseas that it all. Happened but it happened. Yeah. It's shocking. Yeah its interest in you know one of those stance they ran yesterday during practice. Was an all time wins the national now binational non. LT for the British armed creek in which are alone 24. Oh lead. Britain 24 brits have one new British Grand Prix followed a six Australian six from Germany and and five from France. And of course Hamilton won his wanted to within the last three years oral. And they you know this is the way of course you know you can. Easily easily correct the situation by. Winning the event tomorrow and going yummy beyond is cooled on lamp he'll stop being run him over to the crow in you know. Throwing his gloves and to grow into an all accounts of what. He is it's. It certainly is frustrating and New Hampshire. I assure the powers to be a mercies in Germany no matter to insult the corrected and but it just it just looked. What it was Hamilton doing this of these singled home and a field. I don't know if he has. You know I via some other people whispering in his ear and the other side saying you know maybe if you go local you make more news than the ones that are there which she did which is true. But you know he eats. All maybe maybe maybe just in beaver. Street. To have bad behavior. That your home Grand Prix when you. Communities that isolated to see you call. Alonso was simply to those situations. And how all green it'll that singing and are everything and if you bring most people to attract you need to embrace. I don't get it. I'll never understand that it should not the way you want especially at any time. Went there aren't getting the people per company attract. Man. Yeah is. You know it and in doing an in dash you by the winning in the poll you eat eat Thai news. Jimmy Clark's record for the number of polls immigrant British Grand Prix. Eats. Anything new is an informal and there really catches your attention recently. I think. I think you know the strong showing in with force India even know with all their financial problems is is is certainly compelling and and the curse team Haas who's been kind of rally going up and down. The all seasons is it 11 racer opened 11 racer down whether anything they really kind of captures your attention this year so far. I mean no salary Botox is so I'm a big change you know I mean and now can be right did and we're collapsed again and be that if he's on the front rolls sole lead. It is his interest in David ideologues and I were saying you know it's actually be. Between Ferrari and Mercedes we thought that its second real number one drivers. And who it's going to be more important overall truth of structures championship on the number two. Terrorism into an instrument or simple task from last couple. For last you know two or three races he's been kind of like the number one driver over Hamilton. And moral it's very anything. Want to race and it'd be kind of interest in to see if we if we see a situation when we did last year. With prosper in Hamilton with with Hamilton kind of stumbling and as a candidate like the first. Third of the season or so the only and then and then me read in the summary starts when he races together. Oh with ball custom biamby leave them match you know men and the beacon kind of battle for the championship or. Does Donald does not have enough to. She don't mess up their plans. While I think I mean they're gonna I mean Hamilton and you're gonna have some bad race there's going to be on mortar and aptitude as. You know all commodities had a couple of well and balls Cox's comeback in these wanna. And that's what Ferrari needs is camped at step off and then do. Hopefully tomorrow. We keep the topic can you mean you really want secure it it just seems like he's just missing it just that little bet. And to put the whole race to gather as well that's the problem. To be just say no tar ball maybe a possible earlier rain tomorrow for Toronto for the Indy carries. Would be really interest and if we had rain in Silverstone because what's what's more British than in British Grand Prix in the rain. And then and that's a case than me you can see what the would rebel drivers can do with for stop and car. You know what they definitely need something like that I mean. I think all Botox got a five grid penalty for. And I. Saw Iowa let's bullets will take a quick put quick break here commercial break. Then when we come back will dour predictions. For the races this week in euros into the final stretch joke. Cuba the legendary greatly straight to a union grove as we broadcast in the view of how studios here in you know scores. Welcome back into the final inspection Cheryl. Broadcast of from the Davis Cup studios. Rescued by greatly extremely union stance and listening to little Alice Cooper as we bring and many Alice Cooper and you appliance from recent nation decked out predictions time are we do predictions reform really really erase. Walsh who put their protection and her pouring. I'll take Nelson Pique cajun museum at. Are your whole years ago on. We'll give. Deceive you should we use. You Danica to do it in it to do for. I'll tell you this much is it gonna be really cut out on track that I will tell you after doing a track walk yesterday. It's really going to be our. Perhaps greater unity is gonna see a couple. I think. All that envelope bill bumper or lone NASCAR bumper and a near informally here is some from Brooklyn. I think totally you're gonna become crashes and Brooklyn back. Me. Because it's just bearing Errol. And artistry raised beer evident Toronto to a moment. But I think more so here but I I'm gonna go whip Alec land the winner right now is excellent and in the pool yet. And Jeff who's your pick for deformity hearings on the go inside turvy. Beat her view what the holes that currency was named Kenneth sounds like turkeys so I can go like whose attorney. I don't know I'd number seventeen and believe me who is he talking on any. You know what you've got need to have. I'm telling me I'm here Gaffney. Hey let's say I'll take the Darko or else I'll take the dark colors. He called my guy. I bet there Gatorade ads on this turvy. And I do phones were really a little bit I really knows. You're around. One away that's obvious from looking name's Alex Smith. She's our let's go to NASCAR that's what it is the. Alone point oh but why NASCAR. On them giving those dollars and from the back. Against up on. The equipped partner they aren't you you're out right in Dallas. It would devastate. Dennis took Matt Kenseth Lawrie took Denny Hamlin is in a back up car because of an accident in practice. I'm gonna go with Eric Jones hopefully Jones and didn't announced you know to be in its warning next year will light a fire under his but you don't land Ekene Americans with junior. I guess Indy carries in Toronto. You're you're all right he's been asked these these. What do we Minnesota and Eddie please settle arson was your big gaze at Larson. I call all golf when I I. Estrada currently you are. In the Indo. Ryan Bellini I'm Indian and it showed its error. America up here Toronto. Uggla pendulum. I think we'll hour's gonna win Toronto because I just think that he's gonna have to. Make Iran now. Will power will power is a beast not go in the tackle after. It. If you don't so. I go he Helio. And Leo. Helio Elliott or that it could come that rents as speak the mayor exits four to sports. Or. You cope Syrians and the in Norris and some aren't you guys are too much on at the apple want Athlon element so I don't know little blue assemble them out a little bull does a terrible. Lord what a terrible gonna. I'll go live commercial happened the first stop and merged Koppen that I say that I rented under it slowly eight. Married publish savvy analyst Jeff where you are out of time we're out of time for the final inspection showed faced an ideal time for join this. Recent Asian backed down one with Tony the zeal or any of them greatly straight were in a course that Dennis Maury. And we'll talk to you next week in the final inspection show broadcast if nobody would have studio. Brought Cuba greatly extra anyway.