Gery Woefel: Bledsoe was brought here to score

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 21st
Our Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel joined the show to talk about the Bucks' recent struggles and what they can do to turn things around.

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This guy's on the inside. Bully insider. We won't fool on T go by the law offices Bogota was full lovingly on sports Radio One 057. Seven FM the fan 1250 on your behalf. It is the bucks Tuesday we continue with the Gary wolf people are Milwaukee basketball insider on the master. No master Gary you'll fall at the Racine journal times we'll see him. At the toy drive. Don't always make his couple of appearances next week he got there press assert drive for him. From his estate. The wolf full. Alice yes I Gary how are you are here at good morning gentlemen. I curing the blocks well we've been on the throne before the bonus I cannot say uglier the buttons and Garrick and they're not all right yeah all jury finishes statement. Our Gerri the box we've been down this road before. We haven't needed. But there's still hope it's 000 rain internal rate and I think I've heard any answers you before these guys. Yeah you know I mean let's face it you know are now we don't have Parker urgently the second best player. They haven't airport rich don't go well. Our Bledsoe apparently. Ate Topps kindness transition virtually complete port range. And they look a little intensity. So I mean that's who it is in a nutshell I mean they have they have issues. What. You know again there also play in the Eastern Conference soaked in neatly written in the conference right. Where there currently then ninth seed. All right part of our box Tuesdays is that we. We dissect the playoff rankings which we did earlier today. 808 bids it's up and down season it's been there's been some really good and then there's been some. Some really depressing but I think Al last night eats. Last I just felt like. It just felt like to gain that we've seen it. 45 times in the Jason Kidd tenured and I was in their last night but you play close to if you play good team player and close. It's halftime. Up by one. You know you're gonna lose by twelve. Yeah I mean again I mean. The box there to play on a little look you got to be competitive. And unfortunately last night and employee don't bet that will be completely certain we didn't play well peace and we've done in Dallas. But you know I was talking of sport and let them pull himself. Washington just see him so much firepower to beat duke skull opened down lineup they're probably you know its its will to the good guys. You give them anywhere from fifteen or more points out. You go to the bottom line up in you go OK yeah yeah on this and yet Middleton. And you pair of who. You know I think that there's there's such as they dropped off at that. Until Eric Bledsoe really really cool comfortable and it seems clear what he's almost differing. You know they're they're a couple times last night was the best it looked like yet. You know we lay up but also he's got the ball I'm not sure trying to. You know just blend in there and BP to do it seemed very current well. Bottom line is Eric let's look brought Milwaukee scored all he's got out of it yet eighteen to twenty points for them to you know dispute between. Misery to the point points up their form. Yeah yeah and he's going to be a proven track record you'd score eat. You know all through his career that's one thing to do. I mean amnesty nor on this team though where ya Milton getting his in yet gamma scores giving us. Yeah absolutely especially during. You know there's Serbs LaBroque there's Arnold flora and that's why I executed even before they hit a corner we'll sort this you know they cute yet you know. They should really have a long hard talk with them and ask beautiful man. And then they get to your scores I'm portal one article notes and yeah I'm a slow that's our mission. After let you go to the second string and there's no scoring punch and I think you took the you know and absolutely terrific sickness and put. Whether you would ever accept that role you know I I don't. Do you think built and ultimately be the six men on any NBA chip to caliber team. He had a I would and so what you would you have. You know. Principally be putting Golden State would you are probably probably not right now if you went to Boston Police there. Probably not be very communal six vessels directly from the militant obviously spent a championship level team. The books and to that level he's the six men. Well I'll tell you still notable us pretty darn good player and you are actually helping out work let's duke. When he corn when your attitude on the floor. Seemed like nobody else wanted to step up and be observed abuse scorer. And middle and hit return they'll load in and route thirty you know you have to work do that. Very willful are Milwaukee basketball insider here on the fan I know Jason Kidd last night as we mentioned. So Joseph print the taking the reins. Two days he get a so I wonder Jason Kidd how much of this game you saw last night. Does he know they Gary Payton got more time the Malcolm Bragg and was he is changing diapers giving lessons and a. Okay well if you can you can party book report. Somebody else current US political brawl didn't know why even play that you put seventeen down left right right. He's averaging 31. Okay. And they said you don't feel murderer you know the earlier this year and compete you don't denied your little weight. Then why did you play 31 minutes. He played globe junior that's why. You know company and at bat I mean brought them the guys every. Eight are played very well let's say point. Brightens your guy you gotta go. You know I mean again but it really rip you each year he's played well I mean if you have struggled this let's say OK fine. Don't play them. The media you might be hurt you know is it that is from the book and be in a world of hurt so. Locally. The off you know exactly will they need drugs in the play and play meaningful minutes I'd I'd just. I don't they're trying to send him a message by benching him the sect called to a quarter and then. No Peyton comes up plays the third quarter it just I felt like the delta there ever was there an energy issue with brought them before. There there never has brought them. Rodman the ultimate professional yeah he showed up every night so I say again that what I've been quite the presumptive blonde. We have talked spoke of or foremost what you could put it put issues. Well here Jason Kidd you know my computer to know at some concern that you wouldn't you know. Overdo it so. Give it its US media that they get some kind of ministry of white students were restricted but the one term but you gotta wonder. Here willful or Milwaukee basketball insider with the were seen journal times while Apple's press box I'd dot com. Anybody eat that we should be on the radar for another Julie Okafor. Rumours. Are are rampant. At the box still going with John Henson for 26 minutes a night. Yeah I mean did debut Okafor rumors are legit you know are several people UN BA. In that I think all seems not booking. Some certain restrictions or are we in for a good deal. They want a first round pick if they're pretty convinced would be in your first round pick. I think the relatively pleased that. Because Okafor doesn't fit into their play and beat so local or triple off the court issues there. When push comes which that the sixers will take you second round pick. And out of there is obviously the whole legal actually on the you don't some better but. Right now I think it's just the radio while plotting you know medical both teams. Gary you have a good Thanksgiving unit plans. Yeah I'm heading up to approximately. Towards minute look up repudiate it was so lost. Don't do wonders for my diet right. And it can work off the golf course there will be a 36. Screw it up. Out goes like George less than I was there a couple times during the summertime I love I love fox hills I do it's it's that's a little dated but it's. I like I don't myself this little thing. Although both what are. There are just no way it's Internet it's that followed a metal guys celebrate Thanksgiving looks well. You two have a good one LOC at the type jag airy sound sort of.