Griffin: Needs to be some house cleaning on defensive coaching side

Packers Coverage
Thursday, December 14th
Burke Griffin, Sports Director for WFRV-TV CBS 5 in Green Bay, also weighs in on the return of Aaron Rodgers. How does he view the Packers chances in the NFC, assuming they beat Carolina?

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Nor did did bird Griffin's thoughts and all of this has forced her to that we are Fergie TV CBS five in Green Bay joining us now. On the Schneider orange how line you don't offer what's going on. Durable big unit are you doing. Don't well I. I had personal gimme your thoughts as to what this what we did not edit out of Aaron Rodgers order than what we can expect out of this team. Because now they're suddenly this quote pep in the step some mystery. Well I think the point you made where along Florio why change if they can beat Carolina team all this side in the playoff picture looks a lot better for them in a wide open. And it seats where your two best teams. Are led by a Nick Cole in case keep them really yeah I mean. I got to hear I think you got to be more worried about you know Seattle's Russell Wilson even though they are there issues. These seem to know how to win they don't have any bad losses. They cannot seem to wind down and Atlanta. But your top two seeds. Look at the NFC playoff picture you beat Carolina. There's no guarantee you Ron cable that you get him anywhere and still lose the use our record mormons. We can break on all these scenarios. But I do think there is a little pep in the step and I think it was brilliance. Of Aaron Rodgers look that guy. I mean he should go. Undercover as a public relations director for a multimillion dollar corporation now what to this day and what not to aid but. Because by saying yesterday. There he's not practicing this season. It is the perfect regard way of taking all the pressure off of him with no expectations. And it might give directed at teammates. Maybe a little more margin for career. You are able to serve you know nobody's looking around thinking okay. We can't screw up what were on the plane quarterback everybody got to play well and don't worry about everyone else's assignment instead of us that are. Now OPEC. They have earned the great eraser here you can comment about clean things up. And make things look better than they actually are thought hey we don't Carolina Obama last all well we were exposed to it right. Aren't. I the one thing that I took exception when an anonymous zone there and Rogers by. The fact he said well you know everybody's got LE their play and I basically. Is we go through our own decipher machine here that is. He's looking at this team you're saying look. Defense jobs. It's Sox and I you know the whole thing about well when he went down yeah clay Mathews and Mike Mike Daniels and everybody saying well we've all got to step Bob in and 61 and a half percent in the last three games in third down is not stepping up evading a stepping on your own you know stopped so Aaron Rodgers looks at this is his what fifth. It's brilliant as says that I can only do so much everybody's gonna elevate their play again just be me. There I regret well let's we're it's not a shot across the bow but its message to be cents and I think it's simple they're also saying look. The American he would reach three and outs by us. I'm gonna get the ball the majority not just suit Dovonte. It's getting involved absentee routes by. Look just ten years they don't establish any type running game especially against for Dugard Carolina's defense she's going to be on a rock that's the last thing anybody wants. It to see him run around for like I icy white. And I think again it just goes to curb every Wednesday. What do you mean everyone that he's ever gone into that media session in the locker room. These are these only looked weird to say the exact right thing just so everyone knows how he feels. Thornburgh referenced sportswriter for W effort BT VC BS driving Green Bay so let's talk defense arm. The secondary right now we know again we're going three injuries we know they still need to pass rush we know that. You know they added they've gotten better up front but it's still not great not sucking a consistent double teams and yeah audio Arianna eight. After so many years this Burke do you feel there's going to be some some housecleaning in the defensive side coming into the season because it's been somewhat exposed. I think they're almost passed there I'm faster. I gotta get my brother credit for one thing he sat mute tweet. You're going to games ago and he spell Dom Capers all am. And I'm like where's the I did it packer and hadn't you know he said it. Keepers I mean. I mean I know McCartney's lawyer failed but at some point don't you turn the page. And maybe look for somebody else out there I don't know. Assistant coach and defense in Jacksonville right now or. Any one of these other teams that consistently put together their defense when you go. Draft after draft with first second third and fourth round X. Year after year after year. It's one actors and it accounts in the personnel department. Or that position your putting these guys and are running for whip this I don't care package call cycle. You could call it red zone and you could whatever bullets come out where. You'd need a change either your hearts don't hit the team this scheme has passed you wanna be other combination. I am all because I don't I don't understand. No I don't either and I've always been a big proponent of dollars because I believe his talent being drafted wasn't capable playing what it is they were doing. But now with a all the different packages he's trying to create things. To use the athletes and he has to put in the best position the problem is I I don't know if it's dom not utilizing these guys or instead. Which has now firing himself and in less Ted Thompson decides to do this easy don't want to hell that. I'll let somebody else do this dom UAL mold you know the next guy maybe only war for whoever is gonna get you guys you want but. I just I go back to went down first got here so I needed good senator and you're good linebacker with a pass rush I also need a lockdown corner. They don't have a lockdown corner they don't have a great now linebacker with a pass rush and their senator is just Maine the most I was just learning how to be good nose tackle this is his second year and he's gotten better but. He's not the dominant figure that a you'd kind of what I'm front so I don't know calmer now but does not firing himself. You gotta go factor I think in a note that that the game has changed. And and you don't need a middle linebacker ala Bernard noble or George columns we're hearing Gilbert Brown say it best. You know torture armored vests and what he had one stump in the middle entry oak trees and it was a it and when you run a 43 scheme. You're one technique in your street technique. Packed there reeks and have it ethnic and take on double teams I think what more can you ask got a Mike Daniels and Kenny Clarke so far this season. When healthy those two guys. Are formidable. You aren't you get to real deal defense and then switched or street. Put clay in the middle. And then let your guys play. Martina on the weak side so it doesn't have to cover the identity can clean up domestic and the only guy. Was it sure handed tackler. You know I mean Blake Matt Martinez does not miss a tackle Micah Hyde dips. Used to never miss a tackle not the fastest guys in the world but you know you're giving up Ivins statement in given up for her he came down he. I think at some point you have to switcher system. It that you just keep banging your head against the wall and give up plays and any kind of go oh well if we got to it's got to ask you you know but we must see. A lot to. It just keeps happening year after year. So Burt Griffin spores stretch her W ever be TV Green Bay CBS five brokered before I let you go so. The likelihood of this team a winning out. Food city 66%. That's like a Q and winning two out of three in the everything I I just went in the region top North Carolina this week I think you're gonna play a team in Minnesota are. We're going to be hungry and I think he's still can beat them because they can be exposed. It sure who knows what you're. And this week. Depending on other game goes against the bears I just don't see it when you are so step is you are in the east. And yes he and and consult with the war in Atlanta Carolina. And in three out of those five teams are currently are those that we thought we clinched. The only problem is the Packers were on when there's Martin. Pay of the Enron before. I didn't pick on this tour want to let six excellence of our teams are top of decency honesty. It's a quarter of that. Something. That can run the football. Unresponsive. So yeah I thought we know we all do. Well I don't know what it. I the only way they do what is it they control football they continually put up points and every possession and they're able to actually get a running game going and and that slows everything down and Aaron Rodgers opens of the field the rest of amid the guy's got to have peace is Jordy Nelson that parents don't. Absolutely and you got to avoid those so you know I mean those were announced just over this structure granted they want region forward where are my idol where we all do. Fact of the matter is indeed an Owens thirteen Cleveland team in overtime. It is 49. Up eighteen. Jamison went from coming back from injury in overtime. It barely beat rookie extra rescue efforts. Both took a preteen maybe during the sentencing stretch all working with winning records. Lost. You have no doubt good stuff but you'll argue soon. Well they don't let Burt Griffin from CBS five in Green Bay journeys and Schneider orange hot lie.