Horse & Plow Huddle: Dorsey Levens & LeRoy Butler

Packers Coverage
Monday, September 25th

09/25/17: Bill Michaels and Radio Joe Zenzola look back at the Packers vs Bengals game with Green Bay Hall of Famers Dorsey Levens and LeRoy Butler. There have been more players added to the injury list...How alarming is this? Plus, what does Dorsey think of Ty Montgomery? How does LeRoy view Josh Jones and Kevin King? 


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Horse and plow huddle presented by destination caller every month. The sixth you'll meet a special green. A player tonight's guest packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler and now live from the horse and plow. Wisconsin. Here's the big units built Michael's. Hello command back to our studios here in Milwaukee we're gonna hear from the big unit bill Michaels coming up here in just a little bit also. Degree may packer hall of Famer and safety himself LeRoy Butler will be stopped them by. And also another dream bay packer hall of Famer Dorsey levens. We'll also be on the show come and appear in just a few moments I'm radio gels and Zola thanks for joining me tonight on the horse and plow huddle show and some news they came out out of Green Bay not too long ago all the injuries continue to mount up. As if it hasn't been worse enough for the packer offensive line we've already seen injuries to Brian Bulaga and David bark tea Arian through Monday's participation. Bryan Bulaga did not participate. As for David by TRE he was limited. But the new name. Entering the list is Kyle Murphy the backup tackle who's now played both left and right. He has a foot injury he did not practice today so now we do not know. The severity of this injury but the Packers who as we saw against the Cincinnati Bengals. Had a lot of trouble trying to protect Aaron Rodgers now all of a sudden. Kyle Maher season so what is what is going to happening here so this packer offensive line. It's very unfortunate now that the Packers have to play coming up on Thursday night they can't even have a full week. To kind of recover and get themselves back together in the silver lining to this is after you can get through this game and hopefully with a win. Then the Packers have ten days to get ready for the next match up when they go on the road take on the Dallas Cowboys but the breaking news today. Is that Kyle Murphy did not practice he is a foot injury in addition to the injuries the Packers already have. On the offensive line another injury that popped up in a guy that. The Packers brought back he wasn't originally supposed to be on the roster but the brought brought him back because they weren't impressed with the situation with the long snapper was bred coat. Brett good today placed on injured reserve sold the Packers signed long snapper tabor pepper. Pepper six foot 4245. Pound rookie. I he played all four years at Michigan State reappear in 54 career games he spent part of this past off season. With the Packers and then part of training camp with the Baltimore Ravens pepper won't Wear number 59. Per Green Bay so. Another guy goes down. I have no idea what is going on here and end this isn't like there's a dark cloud hanging over the Green Bay Packers because really. Injuries are happening across the board across the NFL. And some cable boy in the NFL itself for how they're going about getting players ready in training camp that they're really not allow them to do. Enough work on the field to get their bodies prepared for this. And now as we're seeing a lot of injuries so the Packers are not the only team in the NFL right now let's deal with that. But as against see more issues the good news says. Hopefully some of these guys will come backwards the Packers get the win against the Cincinnati Bengals their work positives that come out of bed. On an of course one of the guys who we're hoping to have on the horse and Paul huddled shall tonight Josh Jones unable to make it because of this week. And what the Packers are joint training get ready for the Chicago Bears so hopefully we'll have a chance topic Josh Jones coming up in the coming weeks. But I'll tell you why Josh Jones really stood out. On the and that this was I think his break out game the question is can just shows continue to keep the subject is I think right now you can't take a mile he's going to get on. Constant reps out there for this defense joining us now he is a Green Bay packer hall of Famer. Running that well known a group watched Ernie is Dorsey levens he joins on the horse and plow huddled shoulder or seek good evening how aria. Well I don't do good I'm doing good so I did your thoughts here on and on all these injuries Dorsey because. Is it just baffles me it is we're Ecstasy in this with the Green Bay Packers were seen this across the NFL right now. Would numerous teams he's injury reports are mounting up. I mean for someone like you'll on the outside looking men are suppressed by all the injuries are seen especially from the agreement Packers are now. All no not at all not at double what injury abruptly as the up about. About the players you know you try to avoid do everything the preparation. So not to injure the doctors. Put all the typical couldn't you know decorated into the political beat are you gonna happen you know always says. Part of went in after a championship. Is not live better in business who the hell is he. Down the stretch. You know because you gotta have gotta at a key players in the tent at at the you know after sixteen and didn't. God going to be injured it's about for the rest of the year you know happened between that you're lucky unlike. You know the Packers who who who won at eighteen god and I are. On a novel you know that kind of things never. So and that they can be. The bit detained throughout legit chance to win a championship other guys between that apple their guys healthy and ready to play to end the year. Or see how you read this Packers seem right now because obviously with the injuries that they have been you know considering. You don't have data Bakhtiar you don't have nick Perry. I you don't have divide house and I can rattle off all these different names Randall Cobb another one. On how hard is it for someone like you to cutting gauge how good this Packers team is because I think going into the season. You can definitely say that the Packers are probably one of possibly five teams that should be able to win the Super Bowl considering the majority of these guys can't stay healthy. Armed yeah I mean I think the biggest thing in an opposite got apple your top I'll start tackle. Are you you're you're climbing uphill you know look got the starters or reason you're your backup sort or read not there at the back that aren't good. But they haven't had experience in the rest. On the other aspect that some starts on the so. You know it. I've got the popular player you know that the model has always the next guy out because at any given play. You can meet you meet her in action right but you gotta be ready. Talk we're Dorsey levens scream bay packer hall of fame running back himself what you think is bigger though. Losing both the your tackles or lose seen a lot of your depth on the defense of wine. Are amenable that they're right because you can't live with the opposite because you know what happens is good when he when you have guys. Armed that are injured the guys that are backing them up are you got that depend on who make more special teams. And how both sides. Our admiral Mike does that and somebody younger so much experience. Have to step into the backup role and optical specialty. And do the things that other god that you do do so armed. You know what got that it just that you don't you just gotta feel it is there's always there's no way out. There you can. And you find out quickly that league like in this particular wideout or days. Who can and wouldn't it. Is because you're you were a former running back in you have seen a lot of this from the Green Bay Packers Simon gummery has been one of these guys that. You know a lot of you were trying to figure out. Can Ty Montgomery bedecked three down running back can he be able to sustain it throughout the entire season and we saw some of the potential what he could do last year. But now he's in a situation where he has struggled but you could also say that he has gotten much help from the offense of why because the offensive line is injured. Well what's your take on anti Montgomery do you think he's he's the kind of guy that can fit that mold into a three down running back. Topic so you know you you can't get a clear read on the guy come amid a walk right. Epic but. You can't beat you you you can't get an artist Rihanna got off the line up. You know you just can't out front and back in at no matter who you are created because it appears to have. You only knew the result of a lot. You know it into the bigger only you could offensive line and you can make god the on the field would advocate reliance but it doesn't matter. It also Lester very centered in the office supplies to treat them all the place so I can't. You can give him or any other of the runner up here assessment until all but the line situation to situation. Do you think about it all but the line is protected Aaron Rodgers and it can pass the ball. That opens up the run. Right but the actor and report like it because that they don't have to adjust. Well I'll tell you white you know I have slowly and I tell you what I mean Aaron Rodgers yesterday it way it was tough for him just trying to you don't keep his feet up right. On but he was able to pull through on the second half and it was quite a comeback. From this Packers team and Aaron Rodgers is still able to do Aaron Rodgers types type things trying to find his receivers. And and a lot of guys step up and a lot of big ways. You're Rogers. Dorsey and I'd be curious to know what you think about this but. Aron Rodgers to me I think when it's all said and done is is going to be the best quarterback to ever play the game. It's just a question of whether or not seeking he can win multiple Super Bowls like a Tom Brady has been able to do. Do you believe what it's awesome Don Aaron Rodgers can be the best of the best. I mean you have the talent to do you know what in this in this league. At bat this predicated on the championship should. Emma Brady after five I'll be by their apartment and constantly at center Robert they'll report Super Bowl. Arm on the opposite you know you can't play 220 years. Super Bowl the hard to come by because of the speed now year to year although I respect and on the but he had the potential is no question about that in a skill set wise. You probably are worried about quarterback in the league. You know what we depend. You can't give a note that the championship belt those people wanted to do you gotta aren't and that. Oh. Well what I think is incredible though is seen some like Tom Brady play now into his forties. And I think as long as Aaron Rodgers doesn't sustain anything significant injury wise. And and he's he takes everything so seriously now with his diet like Brady is. I think Aaron Rodgers is another player that could plane was in forties how incredible is that. It's really incredible it really is because not so I'm not so lucky I got the thirty mile spot start so arm but he got the play. Into their quarry in the NFL and a young man lead a young man then the incredible. He is Dorsey levens Green Bay packer hall of Famer joining here joining us here. On the horse and plow hoddle and also joining us now the man of the hour he is the big unit dull Michaels I have logged about 200 miles all going around one city attorney got to Milwaukee Dorsey thanks for taking a couple of minutes they wanted to go back to something. Talking about Aaron Rodgers and Obama obviously he's the leader this team yesterday he gets that come from behind victory gets in overtime victory. What do you think dad dies because we talk about wins like that that dual legacies what do you think that does for him down the road if anything. Arm. On the epic its competent authority at all on a hot topic. It's even higher but we. The fact that you won in overtime and that she never have one about Bob verbal spat means that not forget liberty award that co op. We're up played eleven years of that sort that'll upset over time gangs. So it it did exactly do you know more popular amateur. You know but wait you don't think you should not just the actor's pocket quarterback he's under pressure around or misty could not a pocket. Gaza movement Robinson. Arm that's remarkable but that really is remarkable and I'll always. You know people talk about championships and people who were already got a 121 rocked it. You rabbits have no matter who in the problem the crew or you can municipal. With a definite Iraq. But it is it's really really are no question about that. Real quick before I let you go and that is the wrong game time Montgomery. Obviously the offensive line has been a lowly bank that would bar TR EM Bryan Bulaga blog yesterday still oil and Wear that ankle and you haven't had consistent blocking up front Yemeni able to really generate the amount of yardage that you wanted. Where would you put the run game right now. What got them earlier this is really hard to set up its mind you but you know you really can't go to a good read. Armed like the early on on the Milwaukee people are you know the question I've been here ought days. Can Ty Montgomery cut it and Monta. You gotta give accent you know got the bankrupt long awkward alive and well look you know a lot of people don't understand either that in this day and age guys practice. As much stern has earned a year or you can appreciate what order god it's so quick carpet gate I think early on syllables or gangs. It's not because he doesn't dominate because altered. It based on time. In union reps and he lives rent. To get that timing down and offered through the applicant that the two that they don't they open at what I want you that we did back in the day they just don't. All right Dorsey I appreciated as always thanks for Philly and kind of tension though it's been a kind of agrees evening for the horse and while Horowitz thanks so much as always we'll talk again down the road okay. Our our our body touchy soon make Dorsey levens former packer running back and joining us. On the Schneider orange outline Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty pleasures and getting it and called me 244 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dotcom and there's a lot of great people right now hanging out. At the horse and plow. In Kohler in tonight to they've got a by the way a really good night out to the united way of Sheboygan county tell more stead. He's the executive director he's out there tonight their own reasons of awareness for the night for the united way of Sheboygan county in. I am I sincerely apologize for not being able to be there the craziness of what Milwaukee was today. And I can expound upon coming up after the break but man oh man what a day trying to even get out of town. Sarah talk with numerous people we've got Mike Clemens obviously radio Jews in Seoul this year retiring with the I'll leave for himself LeRoy Butler coming up here in just a little bit. But kind of distorted huddle but nevertheless. I would talk a lot of Packers football sure a lot of memories and talk about this team moving forward getting you prepared for the bears coming up this Thursday night stick around we've got more right after there's. 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I got stuck in the tail end of that not knowing what the problem was. The end if you follow me on the FaceBook fan page I sat in traffic literally just sitting there doing FaceBook lives. I'm not moving our I think in the 2530 minutes that I was. Start contrary to move maybe thirty to forty feet maybe a city block but that was about the extent of it and finally just I I knew was gonna make. Normally takes me about an hour from my house to get to the horse and while it took me an hour to get back just turnaround from downtown Milwaukee and anyway long story short is Rebecca came back to it's game day studio is. Edges to be able to get here and I and be on the air with you for a little while. I Jordy Nelson the spotlight is presented by bill and health and a Jordy Nelson with you know his TD catch yesterday and you know was he concerned that Aaron Rodgers to do get the ball passed to Dre Kirkpatrick PO of big time out corner for the Cincinnati vandals. I'm a little bit and having done and it. I was there for Dover is going in there for me to catch it. And I just had to make sure maintain and got down on the ground is my feeder Ulanova wasn't in place so. They can generate you know great strategist chemicals were but again and I mean the balls. You know on me or behind me a little bit and they supportive and it's up front we're only actually been. And that's the way Aaron Rodgers is is a quarterback a lot of the times it may not look like the most perfect of passes when in reality. It is he also talks about the final two minute drive in regulation. To tie the game at 24 apiece in what is there concern. That they had just enough time left on the clock when they took over. On knew where it is trying to score so we really care about the time at the beginning it find time plants amounts of is obviously positive. Has and he plays. And uses heat to buy more time if it is monitored. Thrown. Ceremony with another big play so. So those things that we are comfortable in this situation we were going every week. I was actually a lot easier than what we normally work on reason less time and hardly any timeouts so. Makes of opportunities movies or so but to go do that score with limited time left and obviously force and overtime and defense is great job getting off the field and give us opportunity revealing it through it. And then obviously joining justices say the record of 89 degrees at Lambeau Field that many though the players but the fans were gonna withstand. It wasn't easy to play and then much less go to overtime. I felt better late than an bitterly so. There was one up there. So put. You know it was as an opportunity we needed. And we're happy to get it I was in overtime and I was you know just happy we took of defensively get not to field. I'm obviously. You know make in the big play there. They were third and ten or whatever was in the make that big thing at the field goal you know. There are breaking a duo or to American. Known in overtime so you know it. So a lot of character that we had quoted termination guys you know rely on one another and there are other guest up front. It was just combat win that the Packers desperately needed maybe just to gain a little common is because the offense hasn't necessarily been performing in firing on all cylinders she was asked about how the Packers defense stopping the Bengals. How that kind of held the offense. In overtime because his Cincinnati won the coin toss and it could've been all downhill with a defense stepped up big. A limited all game and Fisher's time and so so and they set him down or second half. In Madrid the first we game seven points and soul you know for them I think is great because. Needed a majority of the game and it would have been our breaking through and you know if there were out or whatever not to believe it or time so. You know they they play great game all. My whole game is great for him to finish in overtime gives an opportunity and for us to capitalize on those big dose of. It was huge for this team to be able to get the win go to two and one you got the bears coming to town you got an opportunity to go three and one in the first quarter of the season. And that so Mike McCarthy always discusses said the breakdown of the season also white if she were drawn while cement huge performance yesterday filling in for rent a cop. Oh early in federal money. He usually he's done I mean he's he's such a big first last year. Minerals up for a couple games. When I went out in the playoffs. And the game needed again today a lot of credit goes him salute her coach for being prepared. Victory so auditorium guys in the human obvious starter right now who eventually realize your appointment here usually it's down the road and an assembly retriever. He's a very knows his stuff that's impressed us from there once it has been here. And for guys to if you think back to began rosters or practice. On the four guys and you know three so and made big plays source. Pledges understands his own understands. And that's it's it's. It's really impressive because it isn't it the rest that we needed I mean here he is and the community groups like we have so. You know as is doing and it's paying off form and it's great to have those guys because the show the other young guys that you're going to be prepared is when you that opportunity gimmick to play in. You know build that trust and give more options. As men as I mentioned it's a short week now and you've got to the Chicago Bears on a quick turnaround Thursday night at Lambeau Field only four days away how's he going to feel. Some policy it's it's Thursday got to deal with it. Take care of bodies we evacuated I mean right when tomorrow starts recovery process but it. It's never gets on there's a game you millions you know the early Levy pavement leads you know and in dollars so. Secretary of saucer you stood in particular providing weapons the younger stories that are young and Maine in the play three games of the exception. And then jury discusses one more thing and as becoming the number two pass catcher in career touchdown surpassing sterling Sharpe Don Hutson by the way. Had 99 and Jordy gets his reaction. And it's humbling I mean these guys that are put before us of is that what the Israelis here. It's an honor to be part of someone be a part of it and every year movement of the record books it's it's it's an honor so. This is some also written in the career. Uniting as long as the labels is a million. We'll see if it happens and hopefully it does sometime soon that is Jordy Nelson and Nelson in the spotlight and George C Jordy presented by bill and health at stride bell and help title town sports medicine and orthopedics they specialize in comeback stories where we come back corner taco little bit more about this matchup between these two teams coming up because the bears they got I a nice win over Pittsburgh. On Sunday a win that was somewhat expected this is a team that went toe to toe with the Atlanta adds obviously Soldier Field. They'll lose on the road to Tampa today than they come back home in knock off. A pesky Pittsburgh team that many thought might be vying for the top spot in the AFC and now they hear here they come a calling. To Lambeau Field this coming Thursday and have a quick turnaround Packers are still ailing we'll talk more about that matchup coming up right after this. While back it's the horse and plow hot over. I'm bill Michael's run atop the Roy Butler be macro Famer Lambeau leap for himself coming up here in just a moment what are my due to let me sports. They should be your first call for Green Bay player appearances in their commercials they exclusively read Jordy Nelson Donald Driver James Jones in many many many more. Call 4147273600. Visit Miami sports LE MM eyes fortune dot com. It's easy to hire a packer when you're talking about Lamy sport so I give McCall. Time now for the European Abraham drive of the game and I don't think there was any bigger drive in the one that Aaron Rodgers called off. Two and this ball game it was a 72 yard pass on a defensive off sides that it Aaron Rodgers took advantage of dornin Geronimo Allison. There. In the next. Few. Like the chances. And Aaron Rodgers gets in overtime win all is right with the world Packers go to two and one and now they await. The Chicago Bears that was the UP and Abraham good drive of the game he'll be an Abraham vary mine you'd never text and drive again that is UP and Abraham. Which a drive of the game we now go live up to the horse and plow it the American club in Kohler and we are joined by. I'm none other than LeRoy volatile raw you waited out a town you were able to get there are not necessarily in time and you may not. You know it was rough getting out of Milwaukee as field operative Bob group is allegedly had a shooting you know there's so arm. I'm glad to be here now with you had some great fans but Phillips took such don't want their real quick. It's some people would I don't know they're not packer fans and it just want to keep it up but it was some people. Doubles calling on social media that decision might McCarthy's it went for touchdowns finicky and they'll go no overtime. I think the rule is this why I think I just don't know I'm all understand. I have no idea why you can you don't run the ball cough it up you can get it picked jogging and attempted the line of scrimmage I have no idea. Once you get that deep down in territory it's a chip shot formation Crosby you let him have a good ago and all game yeah. Yeah me what what does a win there being a guy that's been in that locker room what does a win like this do when your specifically when your offense has been struggling in your defense looked bad early and really held the rest of the game. Making adjustments are made you to Munich quarterback. They're cute you know have to makeshift tackles and is learning to deal without what is left guard. It didn't come back and say well. He can sacked six times. Any pills that pick six saying that the fields with you know who have the second half they've made some adjustments. Josh Jones stepped up and makes them greatly Aaron Rodgers is very cool and collected. He went back to woody knows 87. 81. And that's Mostar when in the game I noted to have a running game people complain about it. What you don't have a road game you'd out when he won the seventh seal is kind of hard to run the ball. When you look at that day applause of the alumni weekend it was 89 degrees. Really hot viewing dark jerseys. But again this is my McCartney's most athletic young team. They can handle. Now the cats in the secondary the young guys says that Ted drafted Josh Jones. And then obviously Kevin Kane both guys are really making names for themselves Josh Jones obviously exposed your guest tonight but has meeting size they get ready for. Of Chicago Bears but give me your thoughts in the secondary right now that is still trying to figure things out. Yet the second they're announced the move also more than parts. Because now you move. Barnett in that it rather than imprimatur that snapped him in Auckland. So my thing is that I'm just flicking out there just don't see what happens. I mean it's going to be something you know if you look at you know AJ green 64. Wide receiver you can cocaine there are 63. Don't let him get anything deep if you all you fairly easy people that you know. That although eight degree they're pretty good numbers. His longest pass was twenty yards. Normally. This guy is to 6070. Yarders if that's what these teams though the defense is then don't break. Amare Brooks you brought in for this reason bill you know you keep our what you get guys up hurt. Yeah please step up I think for the most part you didn't have your best lineman on defense but yeah I got slightly Martinez stepped enough. Sought to prop up the weekly gas ball especially in the heat. Especially you know we're a lot of negative things Warner rounding game you just got to stay focused and play football. At what point do you look for guys like Ahmad Brooks. Quinton dial our march previous Adams I mean obviously they haven't even seen a Beagle yet but when you see some of these guys that have had injuries are not able to participate a hole like when is that defense really begin to come together. The idea a good question Bill Clinton not allowed these gas buddy the planet proper position. But I would see this happen you play Chicago. You have ten days to heal the you get some of those guys that Randall Cobb. How's that beat it did you get somebody up guys will be pretty close to being available. Could you have some tough guys at the Chicago not to look ahead but you played Dallas that Minnesota. Don't think gay did you really wanna have your guys. But if you had your original that. From training camp that defense. I think that deepest would be that the that everybody will pick up an offensive football but it that a lot of turnovers. RAI has talked to a lot of people going into this season and turning Campanella everybody was time on tributes atoms in. When he finally surged to get his feet under him you know right now again they're they're in a lot of guys can come with a take a potential is never realizing in the considered by split. What you make of men might tribute saturns and all the hype because some people of all who went as far as to call him like the the young version of Warren Sapp I mean I did did do you see that in this get. He had something that you can't reach size. That's something you don't necessarily see. You know although a lot of hours of talk. You needs that power when you plant in NASCAR package. Where you may only beat only linemen in there or you play in the nickel package would only two linemen in there if he can play a strong three technique. We'll slide out they'll want he wrote technique. Jaskol really helped his defense if you may see. Moment to the next level UC Matthews playing in the middle looked it. You know you'll see some of these other athletes you don't feel you appear to move around hole but you're thinking about it we declare a new coordinator. And you know Cincinnati attendees are bill. The Packers knew they welcome you know just firing on all cylinders. Well McCarthy as he is he says listen got to be five that in the second half will make our Mo. Look Cobb hired they B class of that the it to get healthy can be very good. So I heard you break this down the other day and I thought it was brilliant in the sense that you know for those that say well you know early on they got shredded why did they make adjustments right away. And Hewitt said basically Dom Capers is throwing everything but the kitchen sink a lot of these different formations going all about the Atlantic game. Sometimes you say just got to look at the film to see what guys are doing so. Looking at the film and seeing what guys are doing because when people say it's the scheme allowing I think people know what this demons to be honest with you because it's so far away for a based reportedly thought. You are exactly right they play so many. Now they people of this and that's what they're going to. They wanna get as many athletes pick up 430. Once on the field. And he no deaths if you look at that they know that running in the ball is probably not be your weakness but that's not gonna hurt she. Was what is gonna do bill is not keep them long passes. If he's got one drive fifteen plays get a field goal you're good with that. What they don't want it to who plays. Just a bomb. So he's just defense we'll keep everybody upon people say how he is so far off war he give up the gossip but if you get up there at his feet. By age ignoring. While running back up these tobacco so I don't want Indy rookie who gourd up domestic coach hill or use our market that. So also looking at this thing offensively Howard do you mourn this in the next segment put. They've had obviously a revolving door at the tackle position. The running back position even though the using Tom Montgomery predominantly. Has not been something has produced a lot of yards does matter of fact it's produced a couple of sacks in that case who's got a bit a couple of misses. And they've had Randall Cobb down Jordy Nelson's gone down and game they have had a full complement to our complement of weapons. So give me your assessment right now how you think his offense is firing because they haven't fired and also wonders away we thought they would coming into the regular season. What you are because devastated to systematic imminent it was 31 against the run you've got to run well what they would number one against the past. Is that there is a very physical do you think you have to go we've got great play tackle. He's a guard. And Dan Murphy who's on the injured list now bill you plant left tackle deeply adequate OK yes in Atlanta let. Aaron Rodgers it's that stand back there running fullest like it's. What do you think about. If you think about what they had to overcome with the injuries. Then start to run the ball just are more on more screens more draws. More of this direction things. More zone blocking I think he'll be five on nagging at you have to find a way to get between ninety and a 110 yards. Average of all the guys a game I think he'll be fine. We'll talk more about them we come back here he is obviously go LeRoy Butler he's broadcasting live the horse and plow it the American club in Kohler Rondell Michael's back our game day studios. We're talking not only will LeRoy Butler a little bit more but also when we come back and take a look at the high performance player of the game and that's upcoming as well stick around. This is the horse and plow on on what remind you that if you're eighteen years or you have major older. And you're looking for an eighteen hole round of golf per person and then the streets which is whistling or the meadow valleys of black wolf Ron now over Koehler added an overnight stay all of that you can get a big package. All included and all you have to do by listening to the horse and plow model. There's just sign up horse and plow hoddle contest at Horse and plow huddle contest at He can raise should win that right now again am I going to horse. And plow Ohio contest. At also visit FaceBook fan page. For more details and contest rules Suze stay tuned for more of that also rents are more than Roy Boller the final segment the horse and while huddle coming up next. Signature limos the official limousine partner of the force and power huddled. Does that books signature dot com today. Make your next trip to green game memorable in all the best ways come until last caller. 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We also have a drive through service it's shocking may simple that's easy and convenient. Don't miss our lowest prices of the year and that's genuine value proclaims varmints late. It's Tim Allen and if you've missed an interview or an entire show go to 1057 FM the fan. Click scan on demand viewers. Your best. Lot of back as a horse and plow auto I'm bill Michael's. Radio Joseph in studio like Clemens in studio get a whole cast of characters great this year everybody's here in the after the horse and plow the American club in Kohler. Pistol Amelie for himself LeRoy Butler we'll get back to the war coming up here in just a moment but take a look at the high performance way to game. Brought you by Alexis of Brookfield and Lexus of Milwaukee tremendous people tremendous place high and quality vehicles. Joseph Thomas on his staff do such an incredibly wonderful job. And it was none other than the man that was supposed to be here at the horror or some clouds tonight but because obviously he has such a high power game and they're getting ready. For the Chicago Bears unable to join us will do at a later date but man oh man Josh Jones have a big game take a listen. And seventh. It's known for the second time now has come in and got into the quarterback. Josh Jones twelve tackles two sacks three tackles for a loss. Are numerous quarterback hits in he was all over the field in the fact did not only between himself and Kevin King. They're guys that play in the secondary and also guys that like to hit like to put their nose in there. And they are fun to watch and hopefully they continue develop. And that has brought you by the as far as the high performance play the game. By Alexis go broke Fiona and Lexus of Milwaukee quality cars high end cars that are just right for you Joseph parmesan on the crew. They do such a great job as the staff there are stopping in tellem that we sit high and going back to the horse and plow it the American club in Kohler. Is LeRoy Butler in LeRoy a judge just there Josh Jones in both him and Kevin King. Talk about their play and what what would really kind of intrigues me about these guys. I'll LeRoy is the first I had a chance to watch him up close and pre season game Kevin King was drop in backing coverage you can clearly see the quarterback looking off. And they knew it was gonna throw underneath Kevin King had the instinct to not drop his guy and then come under and make the tackle on stickam fraud and a no game it wasn't like a big play. But it was a fact that he was already understanding the playbook in understanding how to play with just that. That that instinct and what you start to play with the instinct can no longer have to try to figure everything out mentally. May animation that much better I'm really impressed when these guys. Yen one let people know who the Packers having given up on random rob did you have more talent and a computer I don't feel. I was thinking is you know it let's go all the way back to Atlanta it was a good thing they came out Dylan negated. And I think Keenan was warranted bright spots and he had a chance Julio adult men and man you know on a goal I am broken out. You broke up another heads against Atlanta as a coach as they listen welcome put him out there if you would have. We've not haven't cornered this size Sikhs the re not since I've been here but I think what these days you could run it that's size. I mean really else not because I JJ. I'll put on Twitter right at least 36. Well built fields who have Michael's. I see it clear my throat. Last changed. Jones number. To 36. You know this guy is Lionel around the planet where I used to play I got excited Sinbad. The area. So we are different it was looking at the way they're both of the guys in the secondary played the Roy and I know all the people there were applauding them as well and kind of remnants yourself the position itself he's changed but it's good to see guys that come in with that kind of musicality right away. No question because you look at poll another great point deal because if you look at both his sex he had to go through people. So that's a good thing about it you kick Morgan Burnett in Edmonds his chance to play it's a cute. So again you move Morgan inside got more athletic you who want to the quarterback. Now again that's not ideal. To stop the run. But he knew Joseph makes him go get the ball they just wanna be in don't break. And sooner or later that the fans don't find their stride. And you'll give to see each week it appeared different at this week it was just don't next week you have made Bihac pocket index. But just tackling have to get better the first deal with without a problem. Doubt in Atlanta. Tackling is an issue so what they tackled better the second half you start seeing a momentum change. I wanna go over the opposite side of the football we kind of touched on the running backs a little bit Boyd. Martellus Bennett this is a guy that many people had said when they launch Jerry Cooke. That was a big deal because Martellus Bennett is a better all around tied at the end and a lot of his bought that in a lot of us preach that. We have yet to see that unfortunately he's got five drops in the last couple games. And not IE. I don't know what to make of Martellus Bennett at this point do you. Not really I mean because he's not utilized like a traditional West Coast. That you talked about. Have five drops you know what that doesn't bold well sit real coup where Rodgers and you do coaches. But trust me hit will copy you got a guy that being in redstone indicated it precedes an accused Washington. You can split him out at the F. A great matchup you can throw to. But again got Jordy Nelson who did not play. That gives you know Atlanta and I do you know these guys. There where he got it on chemistry with Jordy Nelson. He got to get you know chemistry with no way you want. You know Lance huge army can't do it all these guys to step could not predict how far they're right chemistry. Indeed you guys got their big like big who's done a pretty good job of blocking by the way I think it only helped you to. Op and it's especially especially in red though. So yesterday a couple of costly injuries Kyle Murphy and the Arab banged up and and you lose your long snapper again they have to sign tabor pepper. In place long snapper Greg glued on the IR I I think when people hear about long staffers LeRoy they just go you know why dime a dozen no big deal. Boy that's world begins how vital is that to get this guy in here and on pace in only four days. And a deal because of you all have a right to right center and you are already have a rookie hold. So you got to get somebody and had to get back there quickly go one field goal minutes or one extra point admits it has not to right tying me. Can cause she'll ball game. So I think death to be his thing and he's a very unfortunate injuries. What you wanted to again you wanted to make sure you get most guys healthy and start to sign more opted to lob it. You know led the alleged masonic out of practice law in Arizona. So they don't get more guys to come and you know it touted beef up their practice squad to the removal hole. But again I've never seen these guys injured Floyd in the long long time now Rupp. Quick before we are cut you loose and a couple of minutes LeRoy. Bears are coming to town now we all know bears week means in the fact the bears are coming off a big win over Pittsburgh obviously. Kind of refocus is the Packers attention from a team that everybody thought was going to be bad to a team that really isn't that bad after all plus. But Jerry say it might Glen has a quarterback rating of 105 plots against NFC north teams this is not going to be easy game for the Packers whether or not they were healthy or not. Josh Towers thwarted that brought it back in the NFC probably in the NFL right now they got up power running game. A power running game the defense very optimistic view you'd have to your face that you would have some opportunities if you live out. Most read about looked so that think that I helped. Green Bay Packers. But again on defense. You gotta woke up this week because they got a little got a call one of them to win now he comes out of backfield he's been a matchup problem for people. You don't even get to a wide receivers. Because they got a power running game they wanna get the vote to call it. And you write about blending all you do it does not make mistakes. But it went down to Tampa they got shut out. But we come back and beat Pittsburgh but if you look at Google all went back to do a game they played a hot topic just give up a few big plays so. By no means to Packers look past. Chicago Bears as the oldest robbery in all of sports saw look for the Packers didn't help the short week and try to get a win. And then after that do you just go away for a couple of days everybody that's in need streaming just comes in and everybody else that it doesn't need treatment is go away and enjoy yourself for a few days and come back a little refresh is that how it's gonna work you thank. Absolutely because Mike is down like my bike all of you to do you know Mike Sherman used to do you give me one extra day. Cannot give you one exit date next week just by just note to view it or some cloud as an American club. It's getting changes that this is the work day. Tomorrow is a work date not guide it into shorts into a lot of walk through and things of that nature but when the game's over. You picks you guys get away for the weekend it just try to heal up I think that's fantastic. The -- I always a pleasure body enjoyed or simple out what's left to your evening out there I'm sure genocide on autographs and take a lot of pictures great people out there thanks again body. I would appreciate it very excited. Just how absolutely there you go that is LeRoy Butler this portion of the program's been brought you by destination Kohler bell and Howell the signature limousine QB and Abraham. Lex is a Brookfield a much is a Milwaukee in blames. Farm and fleet don't forget the Wisconsin athletic hall of fame is celebrating its 67 anniversary. And you can hear all of it all of it just like simply finding the Wisconsin athletic hall of fame in there's going to be a lot of good things happening. Very soon regarding that as well don't forget go to FaceBook dot com HP huddle that's FaceBook dot com slash html you can find a all the contest rules or regulations information right there thanks a LeRoy Butler thanks in Dorsey levens thanks to Joseph and everybody here in studio. I appreciate everybody else listening because it was going to be destroyed and I put. We got through it. Jobless ago have a don't.