Imig: Davante could make $15+ million on open market…Can Packers pay that?

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Wednesday, October 11th

10/11/17: Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig shares his take on giving Davante Adams a contract extension. Should Aaron Jones get the bulk of the carries over Ty Montgomery?


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Let's go to Paul image we. Miller says don't. Green and gold analyst Paul Jamaica's brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906. At sprinkler bidders 183. Dot org. Recommend now are green and gold analyst Paul AM ED is on hand why don't today. We're don't wanna the question is everybody thinking as we continue to watch Dovonte Adams and his numbers go up. Is well. What do you do because the end of the year he's going to be on restricted free agent I can't imagine them locking up 35 to forty million dollars between three wide receivers. What do you see happening before this thing all said and done. But incredibly to the good problem to have immediate outlet up wide receivers who you know at some point in their recent careers are worked at a out of money. It's candidate probably have a Dovonte Adam. You don't has become a player that we're having that conversation about that that's only a good thing for the Packers beat the top with a minute spot where. It's got every break up the conversation bill that we had last November of last December and that was it the 27 in these then the Latina Randall Cobb. In the Packers uniform and not because. He's got a fairly or not performing up his contract I think you know for ten million dollars a year per slot receiver like other. I think that's you know that's fair market value for what NFL guys are getting of his caliber. But hey you know jordin belt then it especially at the bit and didn't. He made thirty. He's proven ability how to play opposition. Randall Cobb it is more limited in where he can play. Maybe that break out of errands you know let I'd Montgomery become a lot that Randall Cobb currently in so you're looking at a just from the dollar purse. And I audit is meant to beat him. A dollar conversation the economics of having three wide receivers who should and could it will be making more than ten million dollars per year each. Neck speed in the he does kind of force it would have a bit unfortunate conversation of well you know it would appetite between the three. The guy who should lead to a hole in the 26 year old who descend and that would beat the bunt why would you. Let him sign elsewhere you do you work to study group this guy. And you have Randall Cobb alienated. Pediatric and its speed and sorted out and already stated he bodies in a couple more speed and it's been a terrible I'm glad that ought to Adams walks so. If that number becomes 1213 1415 million dollars proceed and I think you out the patriot and a bat comes at the expense of. Dropping what are your current players who are on the books and out numbered next year I think you have to make that backed by its. The pot Adam is sending Indian spending fast to being maybe in the conversation not long from now being atop and the fifteen NFL wide receiver and. Always is performance this past Sunday. You're kind of rage can and a lot of people books for that level. Yeah absolutely in which is I guess so what brings this topic to the forefront because you know again the season. You know something's gonna happen I mean I think the Packers and try to get a deal done prior to that you probably about ten games into the season and you're gonna hear some type of an announcement because you know Ted Toms is what he's gonna wanna do is try to accelerate some of that signing bonus. To this year I think you only have until what six games or seven games and get it done. Aren't agricultural do you remember when George Nelson signed his first expansion. This could happen in light week or maybe of of the twenty that and the 2011 a these then I think it was when going up and its first extension midway through almost an almost every other case since then it has to be that debate and out. The Packers who have gotten their extension. Prior you know like with one year left and are deals have done so. Prior to week want to Bakhtiar comes to mind. As the guy who did his deal during like the pre season training camp time period and not during the if you're about Adam and I really do have an agent for a reason and you pay your days in a percentage of your salary or written can be taken nervous about. And not having you have to worry about it. But it into the bunker and it's performing while worrying about it at that would be. Pretty darn impressive to come back from. Obviously be huge increase here at. And the performance at at its contract nothing over at a. And I think the questionable I doubt they'll isn't probably get I think it would be just crazy to think that set out then Russ ball in the probably be thinking. You know not not any dollar amount that it's not you know be that I want to know about it well I mean it's out and Russ ball and good like get. Get the toll at that and there's a level to the extent to which you wanna get that money out. But it get to a point where I just can't imagine the organization being in a spot where they can in between that and twenty and even without the ought to Adam. And out of what they under any circumstances under any price but just about to that point and the only thing that the Packers don't get a deal done during this these. How much does the bottom want to be attackers seem willing to give them. A light this cal because it it is how he played the rest of the even though. And the Packers dole beside him and he hit unrestricted open created the next April. I think he could get. If he's sixteen million dollars a year possibly. And I the packet out of people wanna pay that but the product to put their lives defended pretty well. A year thirteen feet. And if it can double wide. If he can play like this is healthy and he's ignited open to leaving open going to another team you can make a lot of money at the freeze. Right. And there's a feeling you don't have to look anywhere but south of the border and no they do they need wide receivers I mean you know who -- the guy that mr. rescue would love to throw too they knew our receivers in Cleveland in the wide receivers and in Arizona there I mean you know being in New York you don't know what's gonna happen there I mean there there's so many teams right now I could use a good wide receiver he's gonna get paid on the open market that's why you never let him get to that point. So that's why can't I I think there's going to be something announced I would be shocked if there's not something announced relatively soon. Yes they do have a okay well I'll I'll hearken back to the bench shield contract it would have been or opted to go. I believe where the Packers have a an exclusive negotiating window with the baht to Adam during the opt in. So like when the NFL com by the going on in February in and we didn't march there's no other team who could like that say about him does not come to an extension between now Matt. The packet to the only eighteen during those February and march months could pocket and that's when the Packers read side. Then he'll be its four year 39 million dollar deal and made at other contract like that before where. The actors profits meet with the agent during the come by and during the offseason program period. An extract of a deal during an exclusive bargaining went sort of speak. That's totally possible to do. What you are to a point now where. If if if you're looking at that 2018 books and you can maybe put some like you'd like delicate some of that money in between seventy. That's why the Packers did that with David bots are. Partly a very small reason that part of the reason that he could release jot sit in the year ago. If you open up some money 12060. Books and you gave which some good that about our extension would help make the rest of his contract more palatable the salary cap perspective though. It's more it's it's a lot of iron and one fire going to be hammered out but. Yeah I I just at this point I don't that would would people be really that uncomfortable if you got thirteen lend out here it's probably worked at I don't think they're good people left it was a oh good luck and you saw what happened when great Jenny left you saw what happened when the other that I got these other receivers have found that the grass and green on the side. But okay sure maybe about Adams goes to the bears and I felt like. You know and that it's not only did it looks when Erin Rogers who the quarterback when Mike McCarthy the play caller that are up. But it it but if you do you make that decision if you get forty million dollar guaranteed. You know it's it's hard rip anybody but let you know a player in his mid twenties. You know to turned on the money and let it just of that oil and that represented at them of being a captain at. That's obviously a hard call that a lot of players that are eight to have to go through the Packard are not the team that's been overpay. You know they're not and and how much do you want to remain with that team vs in the open market insurer made it don't look at the end but making a lot more money to do. The didn't go back to this team itself is they get ready for the Minnesota Vikings. No we talked about this on Monday I know there's a lot of discussion about who is and isn't going to be the starting running back in time Montgomery comes back. But I gotta be honest I mean if you don't at least give Erin Jones. If he's not your starter you know least giving him the ball really carries I think this year short siding yourself or your view the loyalty to a guy that's been there done that. Let's be honest Tom Montgomery wasn't putting up that kind of numbers. So if you're not gonna go back to Erin Jones I think you're doing a disservice to the Green Bay Packers I know Mike McCarthy may beg to differ. But I any area Jones has earned that starting role in time and gummery then becomes that third down that scat back that diving catch passes on the back field. He can chip block that kind of think I think that's more my time and memories wrong now when you great. Yep for the time being and I think your position here now we're Aaron Jones playing so well. And the boarded the Packers the ability to really let Ty Montgomery injury heal. So if you let Montgomery is rigged and an eagle until past the bye week in the mid and that give Eric Jones two more games to be a it's what we saw in Dallas was just like 01 date fantastic. Deal with the light performance. Or is he can carry that through. So you're benefiting and one at Montgomery it's big deal about it but in another way to get the find out if it's all a mirage with Erin Jones or if you can continue that level performance. And then you kind of hit that post spot and that makes sense too because while all this to that Jamal Williams played tunnel apps on Sunday in Dallas. And it's clearly now fallen behind it clearly clearly on behind. Erin yelled the guy who was drafted one round later and certainly had a lot let's hype heading into training camp in terms of being a future Packers star running back everyone thought Jamal Williams battle and are probably let it out there that -- down there and count but. It was a it was a minority people who thought that it would use about Jamal Williams been and that's how they eat at the ability to one date the plant Montgomery. Yet they'll run into it I think most people would stop Sunday's game. Are on the same page that you have to give errant jump the chance to see if you can do it again and again. And and again because it happened while I'm Montgomery's easily become oppose the perfect opportunity to see what that letter that what that work itself well. Our broker before I let you go Paul Moore thing and that is Aaron Rodgers right now accuracy just like crazy up the charts. Is this the best he's played short of what we saw what he just dismantled Atlanta in the post season. Editor you're measuring a bunch of great at the bunch of against the bunch of other greatness which is always of unchallenged I think the fact that he has done it. With. Mismatched offensive line with not having his starting left tackle with Abby or guard and center for a couple of game. It without a situation like for example the game winning drive on Sunday. Evan Jordan now been very open only played seven that the Atlanta game about Adam left the Chicago game early obviously with. Being carted off the field. You have a lot of good weapon I think we've seen that app on the life. But because of the thought that that line because it's at least two come from behind victories that you led. Out of Cincinnati won the Dallas won obviously. And I about it in the context of which left the question what it would be pretty easy to sell that that would say. A bit this might be among the best performances of airline industry and I have not seen out of you have ability early return of what the current betting odds are or NFL MVP if even if that even exist yet but. The way it started in and I I would assume. It Eric Robert Byrd of Alex met a lot of people left to go. But he tablet because of the the what he's got to work with a monopoly on perspective. Illegally Ari could easily be argued that this is this is in the best he's ever had to play considerably cat outlook for theft protection product. This was always following we'll chat again now later in the week of camp Friday. About are not jugular they don't polity or green gold analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the shuttle orange Holland shatter hiring drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years the beginning you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com the Schneider jobs downtown always good perspective they're.