Imig: Rodgers shouldn’t hear breaking news on Twitter

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Monday, February 12th
Green & gold analyst, Paul Imig, joins Bill and Baby Tausch to discuss how much power Aaron Rodgers should have with the Packers?

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Ian Paul limiting guard green gold analyst Paul I don't them now it's up. Undone while I'm talking last week I wanted to follow because I'd this question was posed we were the weekends I wanna kind of kind of follow up on this but. Aaron Rodgers said during Super Bowl that he was disappointed he didn't know that Alex Intel was going to be gone and that he heard about it you know in in me like the rest of his kind of dead. Bomb how much do you think Aaron Rodgers shooter should not be consulted when it comes to certain decision making within the organization. Yeah I think he should be to hold. Not consult. You don't let me but yeah they're so I don't think he's yet to find out on Twitter. But I don't think that Mark Murphy Mike McCarthy Brian good and should call it they aren't here's what we're thinking of doing directional. What do you think we wanna make sure you have be OK on it after I think that that a bad precedent in a bad route to go and I think the thing that. And on about about it is that outspent Al. Who work at Mike McCarthy. Had said as much did a year ago that you know he might wanna let your contract run out you might wanna go a different direction he met wanna pursue other opportunities. So when it burst was that by Aaron Rodgers was that like mid week well thought out a little more than they go like it's spotted for the two all. First I got spotted you know error and I think this is something you wanna talk to Alex bent helped about because. You know we don't know for sure bet that help was offered. A contract in turn it down or you know how how much note that elk had made it clear like hey Mike you know. Yeah I'd I don't ought to be an extension. All of them by a different direction but it just and it seemed like more and again we don't know all the and the team but on this respect from the outside perspective knowing what we now. Seemed more like a decision that Alec that helping or insult. And the Packard making a decision up out Allah that help. So I think that that you know if rod and it's open or not I don't know that would have made it different because it's in light and I'll admit it might up. You know awhile ago that he might wanna do something out not wanna pursue other opportunities network. And don't know whether it's this or debated decision like you know I don't think that it should call Roger say. We're gonna ask Jordan out then to restructure but it beat as though we're gonna have to let him walk what do you think Erin. I don't think that's a good thing to do you it's. Slippery slope but I think ultimately. The French had a better when you let the front office be a front office when you let coach be a coach. And when he let a player to do that they play the game and not really worried about them the stuff that's happening in the report. Obama see I agree with you I think is I also think in this sense that. Aaron Rodgers is in for as much as we talked about in it's it's it's a delicate area because he's the guy you know he's one of the top players in the plan hadn't. He's your leader your team and and he certainly don't want to alienate him but I I think maybe you give him a phone callers say something to the effect of hey we decide to let this guy go we wanna give you some you know. A heads up or something of that effect. But I don't think Aaron should find out ahead of time to be the guy that tells somebody oh by the way this is that the them you know we organizations let you go also. What happens if saying to my dad has a couple of huge years or you get do you we bring in a linebacker that just just crushing it defensively and really leading your defense. The silly that I have enough respect to be he's supposed to be notified of things defensively speaking before. The team makes a mover doesn't make army I I agree would you I think it begins a slippery slope if you start to include a player in your decision making process. And I think like that to put on another level to exit when they do they're interviewed at the end of the sea and they act the players know what you think are what are you seeing. And if Aaron Rodgers comes exit interview you know that whenever there's been an and and says you know what that he's being honest and let he that hey. You know what disputed hypothetical like you know I'd love receiver access to that I love majority LO cop I love it would be very much setup project and tell about a couple occasions. On the two different I'm against John. You know I've had not been retained by the Packers including the most recent time. But the big thing about Charles with the public public I don't think we select child within go and that Ted Thompson you know lobby he went in a different direction. It opinions should matter like Aaron Rodgers is seeing on the field what is the opinion is is on Jordy Nelson of Randall Cobb. Of the Bud Adams a drama out then. This is Robert look at them brilliant football guy in addition to being a really obviously crazy talented quarterback. In the opinion should matter in terms of what he's seeing and what things. But beyond that and sort of like hey you know Eric here's how the cap app worked out that we released a lot. You know we're thinking about trying outs rate bear with Davis somebody want to run a body before we ultimately make that decision but you're not caught off guard. You know I think it could help him. He shouldn't app that they're rubbish and have to find out the news like you and I mean but to consulting and I think it will level that. You know it is probably not a good epic. We are a month in two days away from NFL free agency. We know Barack low guy paid Aaron Rodgers is going to be looking to get paid. First of all do you think they get a deal worked out there and prior to say training camp. You know I think I yet. I don't know that happened or free agency. I think what kind of laughed extension I think it was. People. With mentally and all of a sudden sense of what would add that I think years ago you that's that's sometimes the unexpected extensions Condit after. Fareed in the end that we flowed and the team and the better understanding for what happened gonna look like and all the different action nation you know here's how much we have laughed your we can. The cap for this year I was in pro rate your expense in all of those things so I you know what a total debt sought to happen in mid to late April. I'm a big Clay Matthews did his extension five years ago around that they made the late April timeframe. Don't bet that happened that both in the I would expect it to be around that time period because the players are in Green Bay at that point I beat you before they leave again with that six week period. Between training camp and between you know on the option to work out in May and in the play come back in late June. Respect to get done but I think it agent is going to be telling and you know Erin is your ultimate goal and that is to make it much money as possible on an act extension. The longer you wait the better it is without Kirk content sitting side and what they are content minister app is what. A lot all night or last week. And many other quarterbacks who signed first and bike for bigger dollar values. The more that Rodgers early potential increases though. Really delicate balancing between the hackers one sure would love to get it done ASAP. And between his agent who lunch are thinking you know apparently it's out much. But no make no mistake about it they get a deal done before this upcoming season. I would assume so well you know a bagel this offseason and they conducted. More aggressively than what Anton and it which. I think it will I don't think Brian Newton is. I think you can do everything he can't not make it seem like he has had come in June. And if you don't spend money. On and I'm amalgam Butler and he'd spend money on you know. Right app pool or on an outside edge rusher or something. And then kind of that they'll take that bet that that the of them are off it and move and the note and since coming and it's an 228. And I mean let's be realistic about it these guys know that Rodgers is the priority that has never been made more clear. That it what is at even when the Packers entire scene in L apart as a result the rod is getting hurt that a whole budget coaches and GM and profits people. Are now in different job. Because of Aaron Rodgers didn't hurt so. You know we can think you know cynically at times about you know are are in the proper handling this correctly or they going about beep certain things the way that we would. We can rest comfortably I think knowing that critical and company know Iran extension is the most important thing and anything else. Followed after that because this team without him we found out very quickly just how portable all in this one might airdrops. Are you said that if I'm gonna give air Roger an extension Eminem the checkbook to underwrite the jacked and just realize whoever he takes. That's who that's money that can't be spent elsewhere and I also try to make him a promise that I'm gonna spend some money in free agency not not gonna go right up against the cap but it. Aamodt try to get within 510. Million of the best you know from a eat do you think Aaron Rogers writes the check for the Macs or do you think Aaron Rodgers says. I don't you be the highest paid just make a respectable on good and I got to save some money for the rest of the team. If it's Erin Rogers. Extension. Early tend to not be the top rated quarterback. In the NFL whether it's total guaranteed money whether it average salary per seat and whatever and that being. If it doesn't result in rod being the top paid quarterback I will be shocked. And I don't think that that should be if you know I know that this is not a fairly universal opinion. But I don't think that that should be viewed at the bad thing. By people who are Pakistan that beaten all of Packers I'd get it you want him to they could get out you want edited. Leave money on the table for quarterback next door. You know for right tackle or whatever the spot that you wanna address. But he had made it you know is that enough comments bill throughout the years. You can even go back to act might Clinton was signed last year and yet and yet that short answer about. You know that ultimately makes you re evaluate what your value is what your total work to NFL team is. And because it still in his line because they the Packers clearly don't want him to be hitting the free agent market it's 36. And the last thing they want it for initial training camp unhappy. I'm with you bill I think you'd say okay let's get this done today. Insert whatever number it is checkbook that you want but understand that the rest of the into gonna follow you know in terms of what type people we can bring on board but well I. It's the take out of that contract happens. And it makes and the sport's highest paid or to grapple add more guaranteed monitored drop below as. Hired it'll bad it is grappled and a 27 point five million Versteeg and on average if rod has checked in like 23 year is bumping lack. I it will be very surprised and again not that that's no. Negative against Rogers is like all of these players like the vast vast majorities players they're looking to get their best they're multi value out of bed and to be recognized. Metallic perspective at the back of their position or the past delete or whatever that dollar and number and the equating to sell. That's my expectation going into it will be if I'd be surprised and. Paul good stuff we'll check again on Wednesday OK I'm. Are about to Archuleta think of all let me joining us for governments and shatter or challenged or Harry drivers right now you were carnage reach fair eighty plus years of getting it done column. 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior or go to Schneider jobs downtown.