Imig: Ted has gotten really good remarks for his Draft this year

Packers Coverage
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig also discusses how good the Packers would be if Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury…Is Brett Hundley good enough?


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Call and they are in order inside are now joining us on the Schneider orange how line. Paulus did this one of those dog days now we have that. 3456. Weeks go by nothingness in the biggest announcement came out of Packers can't today's affected the Packers gave the dates for camp. That's about the extent of it soon now this is that time we pray to god you might McCarty nobody gets in trouble right. And you carry that out that. Many critical. Votes and north and again. That aren't we are poor or. Had trouble when you can't do it but actually to our next week and fortunately our little. All of the multiple public release books that would help. October oh yeah I mean look look at the acrylic. Akron this Brooklyn or performing. Each hole I'm up by quite a level ought to listen global. I think. Especially. I'll go to the period as we go to the situation. All they eat. All her uncle Aaron Rodgers looked well on heat stroke or how well. Only the cabby out but yeah. A month it's a stretch the here. The east over about a post. Cold trap almost any coupons creature in Portland. It's going to welcome the chance for the most part that most quite a while we speak with a particular. Here's a question Korea amid started to become I was watching Ryan Arnold was NFL live last week arms scattering Miami isn't sitting here watching you know watching you now lead. The biggest question mark about the Green Bay Packers updated on this offseason was can they fix that defense did they do enough. I know there's a lot of question marks but just looking at an overall did they do enough. They get more. And won't expect they did they block. You're at trump in the years that course Unix is. Number of eight but he brought it either by a pretty cute important. I think. But the content previously thought it was all. Mean what he also you watched. It well we expect he would you know you can if you include. Where they own them Julius Peppers Oklahoma and asked that we expect them. I'm more players are caught will we start it's a different oxygen that would. Been a lot about our political all even. Look at world. He went through all their questions but I think. We don't know really all the until you're out. Actually that some additional person. Well the quality player spot in the all of you can help our news you know and we won't go out and wait too long. Wrestler and of course but for the most part I opened that really. Mark's. On paper they catch it broke into the Internet content yeah probably not. Political and while you were going to do so we took a little bit about. We the other aspect to this season they've put an offer on Aaron Rodgers is certainly appears like. The Packers have. They they've got speed at wide receiver now now it's just a matter of making your decision right. Yet it obviously but what got that wide receivers haven't looked at and crew is part of it will be issue number one current and when you look at it was tethered to a pretty darn good group out so I look at it on the golf course. Almost two weeks he's going to be a lot in Brookline which sort of the top. I. And only hurt Luke pet goat on the football. Bald bloke nodded consecutive walk you can look. Courtney could actually not only help you could not old dog or. The sacrament the question now. Yeah this hat and some even a little. Somewhat of a wild. But it about. Any place it would become the Internet. Are we want. Our own number this week so yeah that you know you don't question the company's healthy group of guys. I didn't want to keep on with Montgomery and Eric Eric you hunt. Up for the ball to put. What will be disclosed that it won't knock on. Their own Linux or two could really get their current. Aaron Rodgers I mean we all know that this season hinges upon his arms with god forbid anything happens to him per game more to. With all this talk about the trading off calmly about Al only has to play better and Mike McCarthy wasn't have a when that to have you with that second team offense. Com how much better in your eyes do you think Conley has to be just so this team can survive. Yeah it needs to I'm Hundley for a month. Have. You liked it and look at the talent but yet or. You can at least escaped. To into. You know a little ugly it's a bit of consolation. And looks capable. Of great we just have to look cool. I'll add that talent to work at all but it might check out call and let him. Out of wheat. Gluten. You look at incentives are keepers when you look at and then of course the article goes back. Only to look at currently in what is. You know partly been absent. From that last he entered into injuries so a lot of the other corporate or competent Greg Hartley. About what you'll know it and why would ticker and took it. You know I think all of the home sweet Washington. Are there should be monitored and close. I don't think you go colts took out and muscle optical amount hardly at all you know but it does. And quarterback. East. It's sort of secret spot I doubt that there are so. Hubby would be a battle that got our our written by the local almost party. It's not a complete long. That it. Would agree that they're. Not on corporate corner like that we have there are successful or until it. Pay how much do you think can we really haven't talked a lot about this other than winning this first happened but it. Time Montgomery we've seen him come back a little bit thicker we know that they got you Malloy M Jerry Jones of Vontae maze we've got those guys in the backfield. How much though and you just mentioned in there which brings me back to Eddie lacy showed do you think. That they might be missing Eddie lacy specifically in the short yardage situations. That and an accident question you know red zone. On short dark smoke. It. We want certain people in the John coombs is why aren't we applaud the important. People who hated that. Mountain you know carries. A sport that's. Personally how do you rate. You know sparked an EU between I don't think there's a doubt about what you. Yeah and by all the well. Tomorrow morning at the chance to conduct and you know I think. Montgomery initially. We go to option on. Tackle the Broncos and the bill breaks of it or hate but it does not include. On the dark on its own. Montgomery Gina I'm at this point on which local clubs club you know it. But it still that are going. But about their partners were would be better off. But eat your situation also I think you could now that are there and they want to support quite expensive to run that close out our blog. On to get across the course somewhat this vault the that responsibility. And we'll Montgomery and a Packard corporate and some up and but the approach or another and they did not immediately. Stub is always ball we enjoy and we'll talk again no Waco kind. All right Doug killing and they go Paula meg joining us in the Schneider or trial I.