Jon Greenburg: Milwaukee Admirals President

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Milwaukee Admirals President Jon Greenburg joined Chuck and Bart to talk about their season.


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Radio One 057 FM the fan. Tom borrowing through that is Jeffrey Nolan talked to Jon Greenberg here momentarily. I would be Milwaukee admirals as they are in full swing. If you know one thing I've noticed that's been interesting now that the admirals are kicking up not the blocks. But still waiting for the box and the brewers are done. It's like I am watching sports on TV every night but I'm not. It's not liver like good life or death. You know it's like the brewers every night was no such investing had to watch every pitch in the box will be like that too when they come back figure how this offense works watch John as. Right now you're still there's there's a game on a night Eagles Eagles and Panthers there's cubs and nationals. But bill level of I guess anticipation and. Intrigue. Right now Campbell operate while I mean except for the Packers and badgers are so writers that's on the weekends but during the week during a week but even of the blocks. I mean all the brewers you know in May and April and all your arm pennant race the whole time and work out. Seoul's usually irritate me about a box Lawson. In December or January. I'm not doing all that bad about it. It's us. Album the NBA is assists drawn out so refused make the playoffs and play for home field. It's some it's not as big a deal when the box lose. Based on their season as the as the brewers. That starts next week the admirals have already started team president. Jon Greenburg on agreement West Bank hotline good start to the season so far greening. You have straight weeks and didn't in the morning and moreover it would two victory scored five goals and each game so. Bertuzzi soldier started and excited for move forward. All right now you have another game at rock forward on Sunday because you don't play at home for were. Boy another week another war another eight days in on home. The also looks a little bit of bad. All like start to loosen you to be sold to older one didn't switch on Sunday and Rockford then. Ballplayer Derek told all the time on the one doesn't Beckel dormitories for students. It's old you know to declare for the guys to return it used to be even more here and while the move into you know. Dude housing for the year. Where to go there are solvent and west and nurses and took it all the a lot of apparent to and never have to install slaughtering or Tuesday so. Lot of fun things you know little dude do you people wouldn't. It's it's got to report them to do all those things in addition to our afterward put a lot of hockey. Every admirals gaming can hear on the sand Jan Greenburg team president. Is it the home game the first sum game then that's the Martin Luther Bobble head night and why is there Martin Luther bobbled and I. Her actually the second home game will be that I and that that is part of me a special ticket package. That there vice president ticket sales chart bidder came up was. You know cease fire hundredth anniversary of the reformation. All's. And we all know who so what better reason to lose a little bit dual several bottle out of taps has sold. The rest. For toy dollars in you to activity air lead but it's a Bobble head so. That is good to detect drones and other it's not a regular do wanted to Tibetan floor. We do Starwood deal Hershey bears of personal pleasure overseas Arnold. 2006. It's prepared to do real special rules on measure to do over again. Originally registered over to doctor pepper Saturday the first reserve federal stood. A scheduled to have things besides insults. Great way to get you sort of know and revels dudes are familiar. What should be a forum for sure. You're your talking about going to slow start of the season's first schedule wise getting these guys activated the town. It tells what their process is all about. Absolutely. There are guys come here from national. From nurturing care to make commitments. Very newly Dolan soon Alltel. We're grateful to supporters of kettle on to element. You know this war that he. Our first surgery to either of the seventeen. That are called to all of great practices all week than. Don't get to top last parts of it and some desert were told you that it would be too long term vision to replace our. What most don't know a lot of territory no regard to attribute their roles in Utah world looking in. Didn't about a hotel in. You know it's a world there will flow from seasonal workers room together. Considerable problems so. Centers warehouses and it looked out for the year. It has potential so it'll go up order socialists. At least larger Egypt's it's useful abnormal for a a Minor League Hockey team we need to two victory directions to their old so there it is that's overdue especially Egyptian art school so they had to do so though. There in the schools are more as well and lower orbit closer restore those words were. Where it would ban those students are just trying to figure out how to enter rob Milwaukee so it's that's an important time for them in the direction dirt car. At younger guys along him. An awful lot of horses which we can to do them culpable so tolerant. It's is important too aren't conceding that the start also doesn't work that Gordon. Feels the loss of their city's he's a guy like Lisa lives disease that was you. Those plug in Europe tell us here. You know put a new. Didn't you guys. You know there are two different than America and the player who. Do. Duke Attica with key player music. Are people had to do so little about just or are or whether they're absolutely Tuesday's new bleachers in the workforce to describe these. Seoul. It's a strong interest to the people of department of abuse almost all for quite awhile actually so. Hopefully you have these this kid to sort of the direction because neither speaker matters are results were should be our boards. I'll take that as a Nolan Nolan has a lot of stated John agree Amber's house of the tax cut but I'll take that was an. Grainy old secondly the next week you guys ever Rockford on the road on Sunday and then a couple of home games all have a lot more questions about bell is and how people can get to him next week. Always a pleasure have a good weekend we'll talk soon interest rates.