Jon McNamara: "Carter Bradley Could Leave Wisconsin Committed."

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, April 20th

Wisconsin Badger Insider Jon McNamara joins the BIG SHOW to talk upcoming seasons and updates in the recruiting process.


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I'm for the big showed its second of Wisconsin insider John Mack. Brian you might create a construction providing quality plaster Stucco services when unsurpassed workmanship. I've got a break and Johnny Mac is. Ronnie tells. John MacNamara. From badger we call tonight the Mac yeah you don't have been they'll subject John McEnroe thanks for coming on to. Approve it before we get to us principals hire a new assistant basketball coach and it's somebody that I've watched. And then I saw that he's 38 now. And yes I do you feel old dean Oliver the old. Yes and that is that happened within the hour where here with Scott had to replace a pair. And then they came up would be Albers like you mentioned at a great career at Iowa he has midwest ties to the recruiting stuff that was out there want it that duke. And then also on every cream party can pitch and he played. Especially for nine years going to pretty good fit for what Scott and he'll be able to coast guards that so Lamotte pairs coach we'll do that capsule spoke some regards. But certainly had a pretty big task out of them got her graduate their grass court. Abruptly came in that show law so I'll have to find replacements for them but all all pretty good hire I think a lot of people thought it might have been Rob Jeter put. Yeah for what we're been told interviewed but he was pretty happy you know leader stalemate so. I'd be dollars in new assistant coach at Wisconsin. Yet intensity pretty warm in the wintertime in Las Vegas vs Wisconsin I don't blame Jeter and all that went. I know I don't know old how old guard looks out into a Uga probably giving more an idea. But it just seems to me if I would cart IB try if I fill that spot I am looking for the best recruiter I could fine that's where I would be looking. And doesn't seem that necessarily was the case in this guy's more about developing guard play from a coaching has pregnant more than recruiting he's been at Illinois State the last few years. Yeah I you know I knew Howard tend to agree with you because. You know you marker is probably their big recurrent. He did an excellent job I though. Also help up with a lot of other kids so I think they'll be looked for it got some midwest right you gonna have. You know until credit op taking care menace to order in the North Dakota and knows kind of statesman would prospects pop up. Howard Moore takes care primarily in the state of Illinois so you're gonna look at the Albert probably look at Ohio. Immediate even a little bit more on the East Coast as well and I'm sure they came up veneer process. You know he's a young guy. They can connect with these kids like it that's euphoria. Play in the big candidate plug and play professionally that thing that you can pitch on recurring front so out of man and a great artist I recruit your expectations. Or even though he does have. Hi major basketball experience I think it'll be able Dugard. And you know you know what this tired of Chinese you know pretty good Wisconsin because the live evaluation period to get our architecture for such. Tiger when John Mack Tamara here from a badger bullets dot com. From that perspective now a goal before we change gears and we look at badger football. Master recruiter for the badgers right now that that one guy like he's their best recruiter is not close. Yeah you know I don't know you can pinpoint. Just one guy. You know they pick a lot of guys who have six there's some guys that you know that have been kind of pegged is more. You know these guys are better. You know position coaches and there are recruiters I think jobs that'll well they are all backers worried what. Army as a late you know Ted Gilmore now a lot of worked you together. It will what Scott wide receivers coach West Coast you re. You recruit a lot of taxes he's been really active as of late so I integrate and we'll guide you can make you case orbit just recently. You know Ted Gilmore and big. I'm you know just recently quintet ES's father died he was you know receiver on Wisconsin Badgers so. You'll guilt or what with him back to two Georgia and not a you're just a couple Georgia coaches and an area so high school coaches. The deal more effort to use that he would quit as he has got that whole process. On who really opened some eyes there certainly. Looks good for Wisconsin when they go to the icicle would try to recoup those kids so. I'm against Ted Gilmore is. Is the guy right now but I like amnesty well there's a handful of guys that there. They well what about the spring game that was kept coming up as far as recruits that they may be bringing an end for the spring game. Yes so it is dark the brigade that was gotten so it's the programs so you'll you'll have all the kids sign. In 27 seeing all all the commands per EC. On the Internet you know get a cheap I wanna look at the EU questions comedic. Is Carter Bradley he's coming up from Florida he got a handful of offers including one Scott and that way into the tracking right now for the badgers probably. It looks at eight that we ought to keep two quarterbacks in this class so. They have two guys who offers right now chased wolf with a on campus earlier this week Carter rampant. This borrow the spring game. I'm out of medical try to squeeze the commitment from him and like imaginative they're looking to have someone to pair with that right to write competed at. So if you look at how one guy might be Carter Bradley the guide it could. Could lead Wisconsin committed. That is John MacNamara find his work at badger blitz dot com on Twitter and MacNamara rattles and every Thursday right here. On the Wendy's big show appreciate it. Our local what are just go Bucs have a good north and John met and married joins us on the great midwest bank hot wire.