Kasper: I'd give Ted a 'B' with off-season moves

Bill Michaels
Thursday, May 18th

05/18/17: Dan Kasper, Sports Director for Sports Talk 105.1 WAYY in Eau Claire, discusses numerous topics on the Packers and Brewers. How much credit should be given to Craig Counsell and David Stearns?


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Dan Kasper sports director for sports talk 1051 W a YY are good friends and au Clair and co host morning locker room joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline hello Dan. They've built item on doing well today so I'll let serve first and foremost give me the of level of brewers fever is your opinion you know Claire. Doesn't hurt wondered first place right now I think the via interest level and the brewers are on here is spiking up pretty well and you know we're pretty close it was to sort out set their first place so everybody kind of really interest in baseball right now because two teams that we're predicted probably not to do that well this year means keep looking and interest and so are leading off partial every morning pretty much what numbers keep winning so I think capsule fire blazed. Jack that person based also issue the group and now. So what about this team and it is just the fact that they're just winning and they're not supposed to be winning I guess because there isn't any pressure on this team if they don't when they're not expected to win and if they do win it's a pleasant surprise but it's everybody behind him but. What about this team has you so intrigued. I think he has it on that is just that everybody expected in May beat them to you know win seventy games cannot help your ordinary. On average at best but there. By far exceeding expectations right now and I think a lot of that's due to you mean they're two games about the cubbies everyone was already ready and at the cubs are going to be you know maybe repeating as World Series champs and it's canonized the note we have some breaking territory now forever stamped. They were burst plates were two games as the cubs are now so it's players you know. Coming out of nowhere I mean the brewers are doing it without the likes of Ryan broadening your pain is still batting over 300 you have the two catchers. Many pinion jet Japan beats and you've got numbers I mean these are guys that nobody really expected dual lot. And there are playing like culprit now that were maybe it's getting a scandal over excited that hey maybe this rebuild. Is actually working these guys are actually playing ball because. For the most part I mean he could go all Major League will be you know I mean when that Kutcher came out opening day probably a lot of fans that know who these guys work. And some of the other playing really good baseball I think that's what's getting fans excited as is that maybe this rebuilt is actually working. At what point. Do you look at David Stern's and say. This guy he is ingenious. That's a good question I think you know but he held it this season herself first I mean I'd I'd try and nick and I kept myself and you know you know with. The hole playoff car demeanor to the brewers become buyers or sellers at the plane solo also I think we have to see how all of this your hand out I mean you got to give him credit for. Finding these guys and that they're performing very well right now it's an air exchange signing Osce got to give him credit of up I also think you got to get. Craig counsel a lot of credit to I mean this is the guy you can in the U put a tough position when he first I was put in as a manager meaning you had to replace rod Bernanke. And then a new general manager comes in the play and you a lot of times sport TC but general Mandarin want to pick his own coach or manager. David Stern stuck with Craig tell delegates can give credit for stern let too because these two guys look like. They're on the same page in a ball to an are really good job so far but. In terms of Davis served I think you have to wait and see how this year finishes Perino he's off to a great start I mean you got to get them all the credit and all along with chronic health. Put things over the Green Bay Packers were just talk about the Packers in general and win. You know CBS sports comes John says well they you know the thirteenth ranked team when it comes to their offseason moves in with Ted Thompson did not only because his summer toes bend over was eluding me extremely low. How would you rank this season as far the off season that Ted Thompson's hat. Our do you get a look at the numbers I think what he's signed the most free agencies had her ever had since Michael five or six or something like that so obviously he's been act. Active and yeah that article notes here for just kind of deal between a little bit when you read the title presidential front office power it gives you the reality ranked in the general managers out and older actually. Look like they're doing a whole lot offseason and it figures are the accountable for Green Bay. In. Lot of people still forget Green Bay did recite the Ares I mean that's still was assigning an -- you don't see got a whole lot when you're reading all these articles as the agreement only signed Martellus Bennett all they still apt. At that point the best pass rusher available in free agencies so you got to add that nick Perry resigning under a load Martellus Bennett glanced Kendrick signing itself. Troops for what Green Bay need that I thought that topic did very well I mean if we're doing like the ABC ranking that's probably give him a B I thought. Ted did some good things and Nazis and yeah out of a nice to get a little bit more if you want more better pass rusher. Especially since they only address the position one time and a draft and Alvin Spiegel. The chance of missing the start of training camps so. I thought that not to that are pretty good job so far. The the defense we were just talking about this so look the resigning of divine house who are really hopes to be able you have Dom Capers allow him to play bump and run. Are you mentioned in Spiegel it looks like placed on back to the inside more often in the many think they did try to double down in and get some additional help affront to plug the middle. How much better do you think this defense is I mean as far as being in the in the rankings of one through 32 how much better do you think his defense news. Who that's a tough question. On paper I mean they look like to better their better than address the needs it to Kevin King size are drafting Davone policy is going to be an entry one knows the system so I think Davone house's automatically plugged in as one of the top two starters or top three starters depending on you know agreement put a lot of sub packages so. Based on paper I think that meets the permit to pass rush is still questionable. I would like to see you know. Another I would like to see another. Ott told an outside linebacker either drafted kind of draft or signed treated and though a lot of people are saying maybe I was doing real common over agreement. I'm not sure that's gonna happen or not so on paper I think it is a nice stuff but you know I'm not ready to throw in the towel and under the diminished Randall acquit Ron's. This is their third year. Policy what they can do this year I think it would be easier for them so on paper at least it looks like they've improved in a lot of areas would have liked to see warmer pass rusher but. Again we'll find that out on the field one. One place dark. What do you think delicious say they do signed numero what does he bring to the table. Obviously brings an experience that they probably need I mean book out behind Victor include matches are outside linebackers are Elliott. Coyotes circle. And did Spiegel and easily give Google the more scared it gives you flexibility to move Clay Matthews around that defense I mean you can line up on the inside. Are you can play them all over the field at least she would do if you are a little bit more reliability based on the experience that you have another veteran. To put on her because we don't know what it's definitely we don't know what to expect from tackle or beat also. Adding a guy like Elvis Dumervil at least would. Increase that depth and Pakistan should know about ducks. Outlast used to you know especially the secondary so it would be nice to see them maybe at another veteran outside linebacker like Tuberville to. Provide that extra depth and doable but more flexibility for Clay Matthews. Via the run game I don't mean we give our running backs but I do would they don't run it really enough for me to be overwhelmingly concerned about the run game other than protecting Aaron Rodgers put it all starts up front. Had they done enough for that offensive line do you think that they're going to be able one protect Aaron Rodgers and to actually be able to open holes around. I'd like to Jahri Evans thought Erica for the draft because leading into the draft there was a whole lot of funeral outstanding guards I mean you have to force plan squeezed look how far he fell on the perhaps over the draft with the blue voted for guards well liked. The Adams signing as kind of a stop being reminded me you know of the jet Saturday signing appears we'll put it turns out. A lot better than just Saturday signing from a couple of years ago I'm so I think given. What was available in free agency of what was in the draft illiquid the Packers did obviously at the evidence that by far. A downgrade from TJ Lang. But Evans in the pro I mean the six time pro ball he knows what it takes him to play in this pleased played for a passing first offense with the saints in Drew Brees saw. I think it's it's a nice stop gave it Blaine Taylor is going to be the big question for me because he had a good year last year. Can he do it again this year. And remember he's all into Libya for reading here as well please inept play well to earn a new contract for Green Bay but will be actually that steps behind them can Don Barkley is he going to be the six. You know offensive linemen and sprigs going for that you know. The top replacement on herself the depth will be interest something interesting to watch for the offensive lineman training camp starts increasing its. Only Dan Kasper sports director of sports are 1051 W a YYL player in the co host in the morning locker room here's the question in my McCarthy had recently been asked about. Dom Capers and said he didn't want to a knee jerk reactions you have to determine somebody's job on. Not only their ability and what they've been able to teach but also the people that they've had to teach. And the Isa that's a reason he's been paying on a dumb cause he believes he's the best to what he does in you can only do so much sometimes with what you have without stopping shorten saying Ted Thompson's scrum by. That being civil all the injuries. Do you think Mike McCarthy has been too loyal a Dom Capers by keeping them around. No I don't think so I mean when I saw that kind of core it's about Don capers too and I my first thought was it was that kind of a shot at the you know the players are the players that were brought in you know on donkey president given enough talent to work when it's up to me kind of question was he kind of taken a shot at but I don't think so I mean. Don capers has had success honestly in granny you look at his history with could be had one top defense and that was when they won the Super Bowl looking for the most part I. Dom Capers has to do what she's given in these last year. Look at the second period to play it was I mean that there is games are they were start lenders Gunner Dmitry Woodson. At corner for crying out loud to the count was even there so I don't think she's been too loyal Don capers although I do think keepers is probably writing at the line. We got to start scenes improvements with the Packers defense that again. Invests a lot of draft picks and a defense for this year's draft a lot of looks like athletic playmaker that can do different things for the defense. So maybe that lions get a little bit and for Dom Capers but I don't have I don't have any issue with Don capers still being honest Packers team and I don't think. That Mike McCarthy into loyalty. I'm Chris I was always down we'll chat again down the road for sure and I know coming embassy at their nuclear not to laugh far from the preachers Aussie as soon got. Absolutely thank all of it to regulate bigger dent casters for strict terms for stock 1051 which is a WAY one are fine affiliate there in and Cleary joins us Schneider or child I.