Kevin Payne: Fantasy Football Expert

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Our Fantasy Football Expert Kevin Payne joined the show to answer questions and share his advice.


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It's time to get expert advice fantasy football players call 7991215. Right now and have your questions answered by rural wired dot com's fantasy football insider Kevin. You boulevard in Waukesha cash dollars sports action. And enjoy their award winning. Wednesday is. Stratton college athletics studios good morning. It's time for you to see your fantasy questions answered Kevin Payne wrote all wired dot. Is on the hotline you'll join us here momentarily remember 414. 7991250. That's the number to call right now email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com between us. At auto vice seven FM the fan and has take gas Kevin and you can do all those things I just said it. Via V. The 1057 FM the fan. That and Kevin I'm gonna try to institute a new rule here today it's a fantasy. Advice pet peeve I have. I just wanna know poor you'd choosing from I don't care who got hurt. Who's not a by. Did you got a decision for a reason just you know tells the two guys joined aside from how do you know that. Chelsea's herders that someone dynamite on sand can we make that a rule. I cannot Baruch I think a lot out of all. If I remember correctly Amir a man named mr. wick used to do the same things on bowl quarterback. Hulk AKA is a little more of a hard ass and I am at times. So I gotta get back to that. All right so don't tell us who is not a buy we don't care this Telus. Who you need and then well via some good. Aaron I get you got all the mentions let's go to 4147991250. Timing Greenfield will always be our lead off hitter he calls. And here is tablets up. This morning book. Kevin. It is so flat from the past. And he he like position. Adrian Peterson. Jamaal Charles. Or Mike Evans I get one point for every rushing yards one point for every twenty receiving year. I'm gonna go out and say hello to people that's all we roll the saudis would eatery and Peters. I really like this matchup Monte game it is down on the list in another starting linebackers so. I think it appears a bit betrayed him or that occurred given that you would point out just each and every week at least fifteen so. I wanted to go to Adrian Peterson. Orders for five years old what is your week. Police between him and Jamaal Charles. On just out really well with that accurate or Mike Abbott is probably going up against Patrick Peterson and if it's a meters and art art and about corner in the league so. Adrian Peterson out of those. On Twitter at 1057 FM the fan art there non PP our needs to. Plunges Fuller Gillis sleet McKinnon. I go and then I'm probably gonna give it your Smart about getting more clutch is. And a fifty yard run. Optical and go at W consciously or not. All he look much much this year would know Greg Olsen caught a few targets on the big one it's an acute and post war. Let's go to Kevin who is in Greenfield Kevin immortal yet. All they're totally Camden new project has been. Though and don't I'd like him or hurt he saw I'd like the job so obviously he got with new. Four on 47991250. Looks like can't hear from the ski ego has a question that. I was gonna sneak get in faith with you anyways so we'll go to ten Pettitte three L Ken what do you got for Kevin. They have that point that incessantly. Legos is John wants them. Or regular map room. I that's a good one out if there's a four point lead I would probably go to Sean watts it. But coming off a biplane at an adult life is when you go to the six point spoke at touchdown lead. Did you go to Spain play and go with men like you know why we got a good on match. Four on 47991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Erin Jones or block Elena PPR question from Corey. I think Michael what are good looks like Montgomery is going to play and be out there and I'm not exactly sure. How critical and didn't care and agree magical in the Minnesota either so obviously. On call and dial untouchable sweet and kind of hard to read the alt well you'll obviously. Go on as long time Montgomery Indian it looks like you're gonna. What if he doesn't play our green and gold insider Michael Coen we just had a few minutes ago. He is his feeling is that Ty will not end up playing so what if tiger doesn't play. I could go back to Aaron Jones just because you look at it as well as we. All those scary I'm not worried about Jamal Williams. That I have no problem going by Erin Jones. And who battered and all that and so he probably got as out there on the ball a little bit better than what I'm just reading in the news. Josh emails us live at 1057 FM the fan that com another Watson question. It's Watson or Jane as Winston. Then I would go to Q all Watson for sure. Deutsche that you wrote about matchups and watch certain periods and stopped on it like to go to work a little bit more than you missed. He just compared to the last couple weeks great home matchup against the browns. PDR Lee a dream Peterson or Aaron Jones. I got a great upon not what happened what I note I. Spot go to our jobs type place. I would stay equity Adrian Peterson exactly but it ornament in the grounds that a recent entry form and there's no reason for the not so we got news and as much as possible. Josh says you need the tight end and he was offered a Keenan Allen and Zach Kurtz. Having to give up Julio Jones is that enough. Baja. That's a good question I'm not Jones about sky in the deal well. You do outside of its fight on his is not experts now for the year. Just been so many writers strike how important that we are doing as we ought to have a problem with that if you need to play and thought he. And Israel and deputy prime targets he generally aspects even after getting hurt last year I got no problem doing this deal. 7991254147991250. Let's get Alex up in west Alice what's up Al. They would want to own. I got a you have a question here can I go Kelyn Acosta corporate general ban in the US national he. Well me if I'd. Ever break. Aura. Raw. So break digs into our cross. I. It shade goalie Dixon I mean the report came out. He's at all and we don't have a lot to go to displayed on your struggles in particular to great last week so obviously gotten go to. Good national team question though Kevin and I have already crying about that to each other in our DM so. I'm going to keep that one off the air today it's still too fresh in San. Let's hit gallons goto William he is then Al groh William what's up man. Good morning I Tyreke kill well I heard there are no standards or Michael Crabtree and need. Bring your rank well. Crabtree he's still a little. Probably gotten to see this on an annual seniors that are in the uncertainties and played good jobs. Go if you can call him. He got killed and they're somehow he's just been so good this year and of course captured it just could be the end up so that our own Anderson is this. Prior bill Crabtree. Wide receiver non PPI art Kelvin Benjamin golden Tate's. Leaders. Golden just. Aren't over under this week it should be issued out. Desperate look pretty good so far this season so I'm gonna say goal at eight over Calvin and who's a little bit and consult. And he needs to win a PP IR James white's. Seven Coleman Erin Jones. All I'm. And I would go young in this situation and that you goat seems like a top passer out of that. Let's go to. Robert and the nominee what's up Robert. He thought they go in flex citizen and you are. DeSean Jackson ordered running back for the saint Albert Moore. Multiple a year on this subject and could be hitter and it's also even want a guy that the pop momentum going into the better. Playing against those recorders for the cardinals. C'mon look there's no Adrian Peterson that means you get more touches this week so. All for Errol pointed out and they really want this to it's obviously it's indeed be our goal mark this week. Let's go to Steve four on 47991250. What's up Steve. They are our celebrity who had a reader PP ER Terrelle Pryor market with Bryant. Mike Wallace. I honestly sit won't she put them down policies and more dominant. I am thrilled that it's spurs going. Caught on a road incident not a great matchup so I would happily go higher. Try to follow up between Luke played well surprise it might slightly and always gotten go with riot. You've all moderator you might go to pre for 31 but he can also I'm not going three for 120 units courts. I'd sneak in a couple more go to Larry in new Merlin what's up Larry. The more of all on my need ethernet standard league. Either we need to show on fox and. Peter DeSean Jackson horse. Yeah. Out goes is coming off the ball. All the big target especially in the red zone. At least meet overdose on accident and just don't like that opt against going into Arizona bury it deep parts especially at all. And then we'll go to Mike in Columbus audio Mike. I don't I am currently there are burning. I don't shortly. All its decent match up against the occupants as he'll just wherever you get hurt any time be out for the game by. It's not particularly on the field he's got a lot more upside than great so go to Jordan reed. In waiting did do you Kevin they can find you auto or auto wired dot com and also they can. Send your tweet you'll get back to them. Yes I'd what are. Q six. Let's stop all have a target on us furcal off tomorrow already got to wait oracle up. I'm rural air dot com slash free side after pretending to try out or hit me up on Twitter.