Krammer: Vikings D wants to keep Rodgers in the pocket

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Andrew Krammer of The Star Tribune discusses the Vikings heading into Sunday’s matchup. Where do they stand at QB and RB? Can this offense put up big numbers?


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From the star Tribune in Minneapolis Andrew Kramer now joining us in the Schneider orange hot line I under I don't demand. I'm doing well and have them on show. Quite a few injuries zoology give us an update as to who do you think may or may not be playing this weekend because its interest in with the quarterback and when he about a wide receivers not on the practice field right now. The other big ones obviously with Sam Bradford deal with that knee injury he just did not look good all of Monday night in Chicago. You know about her mom ball on mental for him to come back after a month off three aggravate the injury which. The vikings are only sang and where aren't shared and joint Munich re cartilage issuer credit uno but it an issue that isn't going away percent quickly and I can't imagine the terms Rahm played right away and short week. Against the Packers bouquets Keenan took all the first team reps for the liking yesterday how we'll see you later today if he does the same but stepped on date however I do expect and the lady said after practice yesterday. He's got a watchman and I'll be out there but. I get kind of an appointed for him that he should keep in week on the field is really good at what he's been banged up he missed 45 games each season so I. I try to put together sixteen teams India about the author on Sunday. In case Kim's defense he's looked pretty good I mean if you go back a couple of weeks ago obviously and almost a perfect quarterback rating through three quarters so. It is is it that dramatic drop off of chamber effort is not under center. Well it. I think it is only because Sam Bradford is the mortality quarterback commands as a big reason why he went number one overall I keep getting these chances from two because people believe that he can either franchise starter and you look like get out there on a Monday night against the saints in week one. And of course that's it if he epitome of his career that he goes I'll put that kind of performance a 140 quarterback rating. In men boost the vikings to one now and then of course an injury undercut and to that the EU that he's actually heel surgery on. In his past career so far so and so record not even thirty years old yet. He's got the stronger arm more accurate easy more comfortable on the often you are skiing he's keen on. Grow much more comfortable with what he's being asked to do and credit of like coaching staff were adapting them and they're doing. So they keep asking them if it was much more mobile guy and taking advantage of moving the pocket much more trees. And getting him away from some of the pressures and just in case kind of work without the right. He hasn't looked pretty good but the that thing and it still started division in which case against the trend line and they are fourteen to seven so that the issue still they are. Looking at the vikings obviously losing the running back early on to an ACL injury a couple of weeks ago it which which are extremely hurts you know the this team right now where where does this stand offensively what capability do they have out. Yeah pat Galvin look injury really hurt them I mean that was one where he guarded you know be injured Sam Bradford and after all the injuries you have often last year. For them to lose Delco etc. how good he looked in the second NFL entering now Sunday and rushing. Before he tore that ACL compliance. The at 66 yards to about one thing to look in the third quarter when he went down and mandolin and he was so critical not only to the success of their running game. But it with a play action they try to build off of that to reflect on their Adam he'll have to it's a great start. Well in part because belt cook was drawn so much attention teams were really focused on stopping that run team because they knew how much the vikings want to feel well. In salute him at its top and the moving forward lockyer McKinnon. Have pretty decent night in Chicago but I think you're gonna keep committee. I think you're asking more of a time share 5050 split between a military if. How much is still look one trip malicious first rounder airport picked for the vikings how much is he added to that offense. Not much he how much it means you had a good blocked on your mechanic if you eight yard touchdown run by. And on what to expect a first round wide receiver you expect in the commoner the primary target I think part of it how. Have to do with the fact that Adam you own has emerged so well the number two receiver to step on it. But picked up a lot of the target at a lot of trust and how Rudolph the tide and I'm there as well what. He's just not getting looks in some time he's open he's not in the ball sometimes which is not creating separation in the same way that the Arctic now and he'll consistently do so. I just kind of get lost in the offensive and now what Michael's lawyer at the veterans coming back he made at the U Monday night for the vikings. I'm I'd have a hard time seeing all the Kwan in the car about an ignition the ball. Palm defensively speaking out this offense of the Green Bay Packers is you look at it it you know it's they found themselves are running back Marion Jones and Jordy Nelson who practice yesterday able to come back in his they've got a full compliment a wide receivers and David Bakhtiar comes back this thinks is expected to be firing and also owners. What do you think they do to try to slow this thing down. Yeah I think the one difference. I'm from these recent Mike's number chances are there rockers at the different that your that they are using reader wrote to I think is one all I think that you wrote just got paid. He had not read the novel oral all the guys want an old but corners he'd gone up against the top receivers. Little hole about holding down excuse me guys like Antonio Brown Mike happens to pretty pedestrian gains that these and are ready so I think they're going to put him on Jordy Nelson in the year which you digger follow on those guys and that the slot. As well she has not done in the past but the big difference and I think when you look back back in Lambeau. A Jordan opened a lot of his damage and get a hundred yard two touchdown and a lot of that. Came out of the slot work force behavioral not going into so I think you're gonna see the Packers a hard time getting majority away from them but. I do know that two Renault and not even their leading receiver right now while. Mean well we saw what Dovonte items obviously can do Randall Cobb is got quite a few coach is coming out of a slide. You know it again how much show of this dynamic arrived of this offense coming in. He I guess be with Aaron Rodgers have economy and at an almost MB PCs and people are re talking about him winning an MVP if he continues of this damage to kind of toward paste. We've seen dimmer Zimmerman it was shut him down before. Is it just as matter of of putting a lot of pressure and Aaron Rodgers and getting him off of mark because we know that he can run or is it more so keep him in the pocket. But it does coverage sacks from downfield. Yep give them in the pocket out of what they want to do because they know one errant rocket out of pocket depth on the cover art to break down that's when you get at mercy yet they could I and the back up and up their act earned so. The vikings focuses very much trying to Russian properly quote the lane entry and to escape and collapsed the pocket on tropical. Now what they've got is to probably two of the best. And the band and football whatever anger and Antonio hunter. They've got the edge pressure now won't be able to get that push up the middle the pocket and kind of struggling with them this year. I'm quite yet focused very much as trying to keep Aaron Rodgers can mean play covered it well enough of those first 452 hole we'd like your cup or get there and and that kind of been my numbers young Aaron Rodgers. The route that career. Talk away Vander Kramer the vikings be writer for the star Tribune last year as the vikings off on July I was just decimated their tackles and we're losing tackles like crazy. Packers can go through that this year. And this team in the offseason fortified that how much better is that offensive line then. It has been much better and epic season one of the pleasant surprise. And a big key at the pit lane up and 99%. Now together now at this point in our law like that too at the start at tackle but we buy. So at this point we'll import the vikings pick up continuity there they've got. Basically a new starter and a spot up for starters and they moved the disorder to a different position of five new guys playing new positions Orman is here. And actually played fairly well and team that you know with a backup and keeps them going in their. He screwed up and protection call at times is gonna be understandable pick up. With the offense and they still been able to protect him fairly well I think that point given up nine sacks this year at the moment Hewitt in the week. Initial opening hole in the run game that epic first that your McKinnon had barely touched on it yeah eight yard touchdown run for the playing well together. And I think a big part of that is that the the plate with two tackles Riley reefs and Mike remembers those two guys were much maligned I think she in Detroit and internal and where they came from. And that kind of helped reinvigorate their careers or Herman. With the offensive line playing better in the fact they've been able around the football what is have been about the offensive has caused it at times to be stagnant and I mean if you just look at the right there and not the -- PO of the of the point differential. They're only plus six with a three into record at this point what has been in the nemesis in the state. I think that the the consistent you know I'm not really understanding it times. What they've got an and what that India because you with a team such of the Detroit looked out and cook in the third quarter. At the time they were driving into the ten yard gain the doubt or at least a lot. In May be really didn't necessarily know how to move or litigious Marie working York at a time and that structure in America. In the plan that kind of went awry in the picking up kind of on the key and crucial hours. In a good at it you know Google looking games great against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was pretty good in the second half Monday night in Chicago. I'm there's a reason why he never consigned to be a starter you only got it when your contract for two million this off season. Because he's got implementation you don't have a strong arm to get spooked and panicked at times and make mistakes and so. I think in general you're seeing the offense I'm just inconsistent they've got too many penalties on the opposite side of all. I think he was in that Detroit either the average third downs like third down intent that you just can't win that way excel. I think in general you'll see first from the ball and whether that on day I went out and put them there. I will be some big plays but it just hasn't been consistent not to get into the end zone so. I'm they don't have a turnover problem and you'll see some good plays but he is still looking back and says that the that you are. They real quick before I let you go though the Packers defensively coming in they are ranked twentieth in scoring or they haven't necessarily played great you're hoping to get into the top fifteen top twelve or Robert Thomas seasons Dan. So at this point time is is the Packers defense is that the defense in which. Opponents outside looking in fear. I'm not a I don't necessarily think the vikings look at the Packers and pure that you know there are certain players that are dominate the route I know quite happy about it it's against the might you know actually. And put together a lot of games against the vikings. Elegant about the lines obviously I think the packers' front. Don't strike appeared normal little bit just because the game would put together before. I'm but I think if you banged up secondary I think it was got two pretty good receivers electric and so I think a little bit of a mixed bag much what album like involvement with. Stub is always and we certainly appreciate look for the game this weekend we'll challenge it down a road okay. I appreciate about jugular they go Andrew Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune joining us on the Schneider orange hotline.