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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, December 24th
12/21/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern:  Joined this week by Liberty University Head Football Coach Turner Gill

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor camp Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. A welcome their faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 net from the stand. I'm Mike the journal wants at this week's cohost he's neat GMAC needs to deceased her power that this intelligence review and doing. Two in really good. Hey I'm really excited about today show and I'm I'm really happy you were available to comment. Our special guest for the entire hour head football coach at the Liberty University. Former quarterback at Nebraska. He's coach Turner Gill coach Torre today. Every coach the reason I've need GMAC as mine special. Co hosts this week our pastor Ken counselors at a town. It alma seals guy here to radio stations in and in needs is Newton the insurance scheme and and I pitched him on the on an advertising. A package a number of years ago and he came into the studio. He came into its in my office and he had an oppressed of football flank and he said look I'll sign that contract that you have to put this up in your Q call. And I sat. Are you kidding me ego is now and fiber come in you have taken that down McCants law might advertiser. So an 88 may it is is I grew up in Nebraska big Nebraska football fee and and Hayward you grow up. I was like right in Lincoln. Yeah Wear and read all the time every Saturday we had a paper routes every Saturday morning in my Oppenheim. Route to get a guy I don't don't can all come before the game and or there was an afternoon had a slightly back for the youngster he'd turn when I'm when I call Nate couple days ago and I should Nate Al what do you do on Wednesday around noon. He was Hamadan Hawn on kind of busy I am not quite sure get a check my eyes seek is that I want to be my cohost and Satan zone we've got a coach Turner Gill. Oh I'm wide open I got the hype here. I am completely wide open hey coach let's start with your background Al wordage grow up in and how did you end up at Nebraska. Well I grew open two feet worth Texas. I was blessed well blob dead there mayor there'll 55 years seven years there and and all that my mom was definitely the cornerstone when he came to look. Bill local matters and spirituality of my dad was a hard worker worked so many jobs that he was always call all the time it. But he wasn't necessarily involved with the just as we grew up but later on I have to say that he did execute a crisis personal savior my dad is living today. Unfortunately mother has passed away but also fortunate that she is absolutely. With peace and quiet right now so your sister. And they're still around they're one of the in the fourth down Syrian militant Kansas City. How to do. How does it kind of take you get to Nebraska. How they let you buy that stated taxes. Part of it was this I don't think it's God's blessing I got pushed me away this saying that. And along with my parents. We don't mind you exploring things outside of the box. Financial they were opened to meet at least a couple of things rude. Pretty much most schools I would look at it where. We're out of state routed Nebraska Oklahoma where the two main schools and now election based folklorist solidly in. Insists excited about Mary Arizona State typically a baseball it too they were pretty powerful at that point in time missile. You know typical citizen the release some proper real quickly the one person who really it is very Tom Osborne got to Tom Osbourne. He came over this jemaah white cane and brought her to our home Tuesday at a he bit in forward teleport there in the happened to bring your own over two out of that meant a lot special to me that. He would have to bring it like along with a to meet my parents and so. His personality his beliefs and all the things he had restore. But we were where Rudy. It took. I wanted him to be a person is to help me become a better mania and first and then be a better quarterback. At that point in time. Nate that doesn't surprise you at all. Not in the least I mean you hear stories of but coach Osborne's legacy with that analyze that he touched and and other guys that that came in under him coach Ron brown and others that. And of course coach Gil and despite a legacy that that's Dan. And the impact that those men have lives and really being able to invest in them beyond the game on the field open become better men and a secure the thing. You know turner we on the we've had a number of of file Pittsburgh steeler former Pittsburgh Steelers on faith in the zone. And it seems like in fact Alaska that we had on I said it it just seems like. There resolved there's a lot of a former Pittsburgh Steelers. That are willing to get up on in my own topic did you come on a show like this to talk about their faith and how it's affected their lives professionally and personally. And and he should look it starts with Chuck Noll. He made it's so comfortable frost because she was such a strong Christian that we could be who we were. In that locker room and on the field and in meetings and nobody was of was ashamed or afraid. To call themselves a Christian and it sounds like Tom Osborne had the same impact on that Nebraska program. Well yeah you ideally led by as walk 40 lead did things just the biggest thing that I ministerial carry with me today is. He's shown how he'd tell you to basically want to. You know I just everyone involved on the football team people who were the starters. The people who were you wanna say in the scout team. He'd talk to them let them know how they rebel movement helped assure that with the players and staff. To save lives if we wanted to important. Why everybody's involved in the Nebraska football program. The people who are involved with the equipment the people that are involved wooden door all the copying machines and papers and books playbook at all act. They are just as valued as I. And again not solve an actual occupancy as a player. I got to see that as an assistant coach will completely. And I got to see him now as I continue to doubt all within every daily flights. Our party values people. And that's what we're altered to do does at least he's never won here. Is to serve just like seafood place served for us. Amen to that we had det Tony Dungy I don't want time to go one of the guys that were quip. He worked there's an equipment guy for the Indianapolis Colts sent. And he said look I don't know of coach Tony Dungy remember me but he made a point to at least once a week. Come down in the area where we worked to say thank you tell us he said I. I'd never seen anything like it. And so we had coached on Janice in hey there's a guy here and here's his name he said I remember him you tell myself alone. Tom and I said thank you for the hard work that he that he did when he when I was with the colts. And so kind of similar to what you say and I mean these are the kind of guys that like you said value everybody within the organization and I think sometimes. On that's harder to do I've been there have been a basketball coach for 36 years. And there are times that you start to forget maybe about the kid that it's taken the film and a girl that's getting a water and sometimes it's hard. To set time aside to just go over there and say thank you so much and just to remember to do that and and I think that's a great story. On certainly body we are talking to Turner Gill. He is the F former a quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at Liberty University. Hey coach when it went after your college days and the and you played professional mini plates in baseball did you know at that point. That that coaching football was something that that was due to be your your journey in your path. Well up very. You know gonna market it was time to move on to something else wanted to play in baseball. I really had to make a decision just prayed about it and my passion was more with the football. And we'll put baseball passport policy beginning in any. Aspect of the organization of football baseball and I just felt based bowl is not quite there. That same day they'll want to have a lifelong. Journey in this so. Tom Osborne talked with him he did turn out think you that you may have something here in the future as it as a coach. Portugal more than hang out with little sprinkle both actually feel like you can and can't go from there in a car took off from there that beyond what kitten and at that point on my end up book. Gordon university north Texas to finish my degree in network for a degree and then Tom Boswell gave me a call and I was. A graduate assistant at that time and kind of took off at that point in time they give me an opportunity. To start my profession is great to have an opportunity. Can only play form book called what it's like got to see all the other insight being that I did not see as a could as a player. Knew when we are talking about Turner Gill and and you talked a lot about him on the football field. You never told me that he was a second round pick to the Chicago white hot Tip O'Neill his seventies. They know how to treat you bad for a short said you could pick and throw although big coach. Morocco picketing Iranians will be the I enjoyed it that's that I just wanna open high school and probably in the elementary and all that the baseball the first global mail want to I got a taste of the college football award to be able to have that environment. College football is such an. I don't know which is a special situation to be in when you have the opportunity to play also charity. And a little that in they don't slam and Stephen professions. Coach when you look back at your days in the press in an and an innate I would ask you the same question and I've that you guys have the same answer. Who was that who was the team that you circled on. On the schedule who was the team that you read away when the schedule came out woman though when you played them. Well you got to leave it hit it. Well we knew we don't whales but rather companies given minutes Oklahoma it's called in from Texas and and all that and it really came down those two schools this forward where I'll Google potential. There's no question about it that the other real call. You may you remember those days and Oklahoma or come to Nebraska office app I mean we're on the whole family looks forward to it I mean it's it was a red letter day across the state and so the most exciting games and what we loved that we left Turner Gill man as he was a legend against Oklahoma I mean aegis. He brought the world when he played maybe we will be. Cut coach did you did you have a home you know I I feel like Canseco it's high school basketball I do now and and I see these kids. And an early age soft freshman sophomores is sometimes juniors. We're winning team gets the white scalable that brighter the crowd is bigger you know they play a little bit different a little bit tight in the beginning that he you know once did that with the team gets going. You kind of get them back to where they have spent. How did you feel prior to a game at home against Oklahoma. Paula just excited vertigo let's say bring it all mail us at the mall which streams forwards Saddam gritty forward. And I've just got to encourage our teammates along the way and that we got to keep his political must do a what was cool to do. Man that's awesome guys let's get to break in the set to break Morgan asked Turner Gill for his testimony. And will last a little bit about his journey in his walk he's now the head football coach at Liberty University can follow him. Twitter at at liberty T Gil if you want to follow him on. On Twitter is get some great posts and I would highly recommend. Easter to follow me trillion trustee. And we are I joined the entire hour former quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at Liberty University he is Turner Gill this his faith in his own. I'm sports Radio One 057 path down the fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone. Is brought to you pine brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports for you wanna 57 up in the fan. I'm Mike the giver once on my coast this week his knee GMAC. Our special guest the former quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at Liberty University Turner Gill. Need before we ask coach Gil for his testimony. Hewitt talked about a time that that that tell a coach Gil came to church that you were at. Yeah you know I coach on a few days you've done so many of these appearances I'm confident that in the early nineties you believe you're the quarterback coach back in Nebraska and I went to little church Indian hills community church off 84 street there in Lincoln I was in a group called boys brigade. And you came and spoke to us and I don't have a ton of childhood memories but let me tell you that has been burned. Into my memory and what you talked about with your faith and living it out on the field and honoring god and everything that you do and it's not just a segmented. Part of elected it's it's every day and whatever platform again gives you season to magnify him. And all these years later that has stuck with me and I and I wanted to do is let you know you have impact on people and an annoying you know this but. You have impact on people that should never even met and and you realize T get to orient. When you see the impact there but I just wanted to to thank you for taking that time I know you're busy and and there were busy at the time it. On this one of us and that's then to even all these years later. They're up to god be the glory that Tim camera in the in the yield surged I don't know exactly where he talked about. And you know they think about that Nate how old revenge do you think. Oh I would have been 1413. Fourteen met coach kill think of that he you know he's got. You posted as Ochoa all right. I'm happy I'm not go America and that's certainly not going held I was Baghdad put blood type widely. As as as coaches and as as guys we. You we have been attacked and and kids in and out certain certainly not meet coach nice what the level that you have. But that he was fourteen years old he's a grown man with kids that age now. And he remembers. When we talked about this heat he can be quotes. He said look this is what he talked about. And I and I know exactly war it was when he said this and they're my buddies and I we talked about when he left can you imagine he said this and he said that. It's it's it's sometimes amazing to me be the impact that that you know we can have if we utilize a platform that the awards given out. Brave man to the whole experience has such solid play of that part of the total experience you know and won the holy spirit is alive and it would suggest we always know it's fair political acknowledgment. That we can receive things a lot better way and an even the person speaking. Concluded rightly so they can understand it. Coach you've you'll always been comfortable going out and sharing your faith. No no no no not at all natives. I was still so that number Aaliyah that introvert. It never really want to speak in front of people going up the team in college. I know you can you had to do it better. But as steely and today I wouldn't read my hand up to a certain extent to say yes I'm far from ready go do some talking put. Again. I do because god has called me to do that and so that's what comforts me to be able to do. He turned you'll love this we had done be beyond a while back we told a story in the show but I know you haven't heard it. He was rooming with frank Reich and use with the bills and and frank sit here and I'm going to speak at this youth group at a church in the ass if you come with me. And and speak is well and Don Sid gasoline I'd I'd I I don't do that I am not comfortable public speaking in and thanks for the offer but actually not. And freaks and will you think this is about you right. And he says excuse me he said this isn't about you this is about Jesus Christ. So you get your coat your come with street and how to Kenseth I've never said no sense because I thought he's right I thought it was Bob May and how uncomfortable I was. But it it really was not about me so he coach if we could ask you for your testimony. I'm just kind of where you were in an age wise and and and how. The lorries brought you to him. Well yes I. Most definitely unfortunately it was an excellent it was there at Nebraska but got to. Well versed elect to share with a couple of real quickly who'll come summarized as though open in the revelation 320. So this little reluctant to do what pocketed one here's what it was an old policy do work. How will come into you know and have died with him and he with me. Again is available at like you know he is always not all the tools would we feel we don't listen we don't hear or sometimes we just here we'll listen. Well all from Nebraska obstacle to Osborne I heard the gospel mom Maltese and in the gospel with a church a difficult thing I heard Dole's. He'll think about what you do at the crisis but I'd nordic I didn't want to I didn't need to. The situation there when 9 AM to love. Nebraska got hurt my sophomore year I'm and certainly Israel and in the darkest Antony and docket. Players that internally to deal as the opera. One key is not good Dorsey I still got a horde he would. Again I would Latif is in not closed the door. Jesus gave me great you know let's just play football again. And the apple and continue to have them in the good way and I end up. You know going to a play professional football. I came across Somalia and Mahan played college football with me at Nebraska abolished in bark when he went about it like. And at that time demand. Have been blessed saying I have some money I don't believe all the right things. Peace. I mean peace it whatsoever I'm still trying to find something that's going to give me it is true peace and the satisfaction that I believe the actual act. So let's sit down and talk with taught broil. Received there would bit depressed and I needlessly receive this would be at Montreal. You know that Todd I've been an article Forman and I appreciate you way you do realize you get forced this. She is staying on me but right now I need skewed. She's not a little right now I that should question what is so unique about the way you have this choice but usually you know they have been but it actually need when you walk the way you talk. You have injuries you've had different things and as we turn to gossip with Lisa turner. The only eagle no peace and joy and concealment. Hear more importantly active this earth precinct. He's still gonna help somewhat doubtful material or split on this forced in heaven that's what you gonna have a PC ethics simply be Christ. If you push toward safer. Eat data on the crawl for your blood initiated at the Kennedy kids from view. And then you are to be relentless here. And peace Palestinians for use. In you have to look at all the things that you hadn't have been disgraceful to got a once you've done that he accepted the challenge of personal savior you gonna have a choice you look LP east you can help fulfillment. You could helping purposeful. Life. So that they don't I'm not that door down but step down and I know you're down no matter what happens in my life. That I'm in heaven because she is Christ's. Eight the product prices for me on my swing is so (%expletive) stomach for everyone. So that's where I've accepted Christ as restated jumped 14:6 I am the way into the line no one comes to the father except through me. And boy amen to that idea. I tell you in in pastor Ken always says it could but we we we love to hear the stories of of everybody's testimony may never get old. And they just never get old I I don't know Todd brown I know it may you were shaking your head you'd certainly know Todd Brock or of him and I think Kent. For his willingness to sit with you and open the violence in let me tell you exactly why I have this piece. We've had coach we've had so many guys on the show that have said hey look I had everything. I had a dead pastor girls Robert what I've had to I had all the money all the girls all the house is all the cars. You know I the people says on the best baseball players are required. And I wasn't happy I thought I had everything I ever wanted. And I got an all. And I was just depressed all the time and not until I realized why. And you know turned my life over that's that's the first time in my life today I felt true happiness. And in similar tee you'll. You know you didn't have that peace and here's Todd brown who's either would you do you probably pray for you a one time for you to I want him. And in good now you you walk up and open the door Foreman fact that he was willing to step through and and and work with you you remember him as a player Nate and I. I can't I can't remember specific plays yeah capsule into these part of that part of the rosters back in the day and. Art took quite yet in December 1980 satisfy I believe to play with me from 8882. It was one year older than me. So he was different sitting on 82 completely Nebraska and we played together in Montreal also. That fact editors there is a great story and a blessing on god continue to work. I coached bull with his son. He's older songs played from the experiences. This younger son Isaac just plea for me here in Libya ever. That's awesome. That we both receivers. Were. Apple doesn't fall far from the current discontent at the heads he coached for four we get to walk for a get to a break in in I really appreciate. You know you sharing your your testimony. It with a us in the fact that. That Todd brown was able to do that. I ask guys in this and as a culture I don't know if this'll this'll make sense but. For for players do you think it's easier to walk worthy in the locker room. Or outside of the locker room and an and the reason for that did the question we've had guys on this and look. When I'm in the locker room I'm kind of by myself for I've got one other guy with me. When I leave the locker room much my whole circle of friends are all guys had to get up on the mound Tappan strong Christians. End of reverse we've had guys that said look in the locker people with count me accountable it's 1 am outside of the locker room right struggle in my personal walk. And wondered your feeling on that. I think it's an individual basis you know I guess for me. As is is that you know wasn't believer when I was playing good coach and being around all different people and and then how they've except Chrysler. I think Mo Stovall that I have talked to have been involved then. It may be a little bit tougher inside the locker room and so they appear. Because they get. Get a big attempt to. And they still kind of wanna be with the group in some cases so. Again when you believe you can attest to even stronger and more you know you know the enemy know your weaknesses Torre gets attacked. So again tying a sit on percentile but I would say in most cases. Maybe inside the locker room because you know I mean they're watching you and and we you messed up. They take to you about it. But this is not about messing up YouTube and say god if you sit. But it's more about how you correct ad and it doesn't happen all over and over again and yet for repentance. So that's Michael. Excellent we're talking to Turner Gill we get to break other side prequel continue our conversation he coached one hearing greenback. We're gonna ask him if he misses the winners up here can you quotes you've got. On the other side of the break we get our special guest former quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at Liberty University there about a week away. From kick off. And we'll talk to about this year's team I see there one was not too keen on their roster. Alaska but that young men as well this is faith in the zone on sports pretty 1057. FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to the console not sports Radio One 57. And I might hero once had my hosts this week he is never asked the board meeting that. You can imagine cornhuskers all the way through tell you still fly that Lake Tahoe they do they do some of these school at one time. I pulled my spare I'll have left with them don't you stop. Did you guys still need to do you have a group in Nebraska fans appear together and we do go to guys meet the need downtown. They watch a re in downtown together and. You know you can become which he says it's okay. They know worried not a hunter player on the team I'm I root kid I could Pringle I will gets you badger had just you know see how that Vincent in its it let's months ago that at all our special guest today and boy he's been great. Get former quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at Liberty University he is Turner Gill. He turn you get a chance to coach I think one year up in Green Bay what was that like for. Her. Held accountable dual role over the assistant receivers coach and their nose. Director there afford. Player personnel for the director. Helping them to finish up their degrees and again and player development so I I can I loved it out like today for the first here. One Aaron Rodgers had drafted so I got to be there for one year with demand Brad fault at all but the winners were little rookie running it is I've been there done that political we will close. Bill good. He was the city of ice cream they did it reminds you. Of of Lincoln and all there. Lake it is I actually that of course about those I mean they're looking at shut down their own game day and it's just little. Great excitement. Your vote results for the one team their green bay Packers and local Mo get it everywhere. A guided and I do some research for the show I. I read an article are called Turner Gill that liberte stent steadied by faith there was out Baptist press eroded and read the article and and I wanted to talk about one of the quotes. Andre is says it says this less than three weeks later killed when at liberty. Which attracted his Entrust he said because is no question about the vision to the Christian values training champions for Christ. But when the schools want time Tate line. I think that's has at all. As I look back and all the things got this placed me and there's no doubt he placed be right here at the right time in my life. And that thought that was a great quote what a perfect spot. For a man that that is destroy his feet did you war Liberty University is. It look into it wasn't known as a big sports thing twenty years ago. Now do you look at some of the things you're doing in football and in baseball does one basketball. It's a school that that it's it's the largest Christian university in the world. And I think that you guys are utilizing athletics. To spread the word in and I'm just really excited about what you guys do with with this set with that quote that there's just no question about the vision at. At liberty you guys do not shy away. From who you war. Absolutely that's what god called to do you know he's simply do what he'll have to go out. Antique store word basically every one it has all the nations having to every one. And so you need to speak the truth. He need to share. To achieve this quite story that's what we're on the search for that steps were you always want her to do. It really picture the cost Shura the story about cease it would signal to do that is human being peninsula. Coach when you pull out and recruit. That people event that you recruit obviously know. Who you Warren what liberty university's all about and so when you sit in in somebody's kitchen or in their living room. I would assume that that's the first thing that comes up. That look this is who we are and I know that you guys don't only recruit guys that are really strong Christians are some players. That you know once they get our campus you guys are hoping that that that they start to kind of walk worthy and and learn more about their fate. But is that is that it could selling tool for you. Although quipped about. You know we we get repeated and talk about DO. The faith based that we but again like you mention. We're different people look except the crisis their personal lord and savior and we all feel people who lost. You know we just god does not cause he's had to call just come around we just sit around everybody else later accepted Christ we do that. But we got to go out there bring people in here and and share the gospel with them that only particularly the rest and so there is different people in arrests are not that there's probably. More than apparent. In both cases their little bit more excited about that. Sometimes there's cleared in the they do still wondering begin likely opt in their before being around. Bob was strong and and may god did not want to be totally involved in it. But to get we're that the holy spirit tiller could say pray about it. And if god inspiring you to come believe we university in the next steps what you need to do. You guys and looking that your roster VCU you recruit very wall right in your area and and and I saw some Florida guys who southern guys. On this in the midwest there's a Minnesota. Kid and there is a Wisconsin kid you guys the is in the kitchen nasseria if they have inch pressed. And if there were at that level to reel play at at liberty do you normally hear from them. Rather than then dent cheesy I don't think you have the recruiting budget that you can send guys to high school football games in Wisconsin right. Correct correct non B it is to be very very selective enforcement go out so out of the cold and hitting it to the midwest and the west coat now will go anywhere different to go recruit someone. A little Leo gold glove because it's too worked over financial situation and again with people who may lather. Well we may end up talking to someone that has a connection. Do we don't fully explore those options for the go also we got up. Michael courts come here enough from Wisconsin and receiver. Again the cable as a walk on and he's done a good job only a redshirt freshman this year and second you're this year. So we look forward to him continued development. Be it Camilla. Penalty on the football field but also its ability to walk across. Coach you guys look connects your schedule you guys open up. You guys are at Baylor correct. Her. Saturday night so this is in the air on the third and we're tape in this little bit early so when this airs were gonna know how that that went. Boy that's a tough opener right their coach. Well actually oil spill it is we all know and in god wait either in the community get a handle tells Castilla players who say. He and we we we know we can help us now. What the results or the public knowledge and Adidas notes but. We go out and our job is to go ought to do the best you can so. Again Baylor is Christian university and so great to look Christian faith based university player and he's against each other and again we describing the best candidate and see what god has planned for us. Cause those days where you were outside Europe Coughlin and a key and this had to be on the especially Kansas went had to be on something that. Was it was you had to be strong in your feet to get through that I know they can't it's been a basketball school I think it's almost difficult. To Terri should try to do as well as you can't of football what if it is like a place like Indians a basketball school Kansas is a basketball school. And it's hard I think sometimes trip to get people excited about the football program was had a tough couple years for you and and how much you realign your feet during that time. One that reality load different opinions than Larry ever ever been before continue to share the gospel continued to share the fate could shoot continue to show the word. To our student athletes to our staff and continue to do would need to do again. The thing that we don't understand it's not all about wins and losses from a godly perspective. And so we'll they would do the best like to do. Formal formal offer to make you look at what with a world looked at. But I enjoyed the experience I learned a lot I've met a lot of great people there are people who accepted Christ through those times. And so. As I say it or anywhere we go. God I appreciate certain time it would reduce the time for you too long and got to sustain your work is done here. You've done without code you to do. So that's how we look at their prospective ones god changes and has and Google somewhere else he dissing and your work is done and XYZ place. We're talking to Turner Gill former Nebraska quarterback head football coach at Liberty University Nate. You know coach Tom I love hearing you say that when it's time to move on the it's got moving on you know Paul said the same thing. When he was in prison he said Paul a prisoner of Jesus Christ. He didn't give the credit for his condition to the Romans he didn't he didn't say that Rome has me imprisoned here he's he kept the focus of what he was doing and why and and and that. They got himself allowed Paul to be in prison. We see the impact the Paul had in that prison time not to equate prison with your with those ten years there but but god will give us the specific difficult situations. Not so much that we succeed but do we succeeds eternally and spiritually to accomplish things that. We won't even realize that you were lower with him so well done. It is growing mold and all of those two although a lot of good things that prosperity happens and the adversity that happens rather do something about how you handle prosperity. And on roller blade up where I yell at first but this it's about how you hell prosperous sometimes you need to know how to handle that and rightfully in that god made six. May need to have you go to some little thing that time to get too close to him. I'm in the last question her forget to brake coach week. Andre we ice hockey coach a number of coaches have been on the show and I've asked some similar question. These players that are on your roster almost become almost step sons 22 what you guys are doing as as their head coach he spent a lot of time with them. How difficult is it for you when when you won your players kind of goes off three possible that or does substance that he shouldn't be doing. I'm I know is a high school coach it he used to affect me a lot more and and now I just go right to the source we we walks through and talk through it. But it it used to affect me a lot like I used to think boy am I not too many good net job trying to mold this young man in to beat a better kid had. And I'm wondered at your level if you feel the same. Kind of you know just how hard it is when when when your players just something they shouldn't be doing. I cement my son that I so it'll bother you at all almost every day is it that you look my son. Until the parents there when they decide they don't come here and be a part of the university of coaching and is the public feel like you must look. And therefore the thing that happened in the group William continue to love him. Teaching and there are studies that may be doesn't do an appropriate way we are attacked behavioral mount an attack a person. Will continue to teach him. There comes a time where this'll be opportunistic calm you know are you going early I can steal local person I can still pray for him market still love him. Even if I had to remove someone from this program. Cool. Don't tell that I get a day and I understand at that point in time but continue to pray for you in the continue to help that person to the lower. Google Talk about get alerts personal Portugal it'll learn about the things that you've experienced it changed behavior and the way you can do that its first of all got to get a relationship with Christ. If you don't Italy to a crichton is gonna be a little tougher. To really truly understand the behavior that you need to do in order for you to peculiar true programs according to God's place and so. Soul again on the look feel that talk being neutral lower wanna call it but the crisis Calder. That we need to discipline people and in the lightweight so that they can. Do things in the proper we're going to go. Need any eligibility left history if you are scraping together all the influence yeah if you had any eligibility left. You would say look goggles slave to this I am right now. Met coach that's awesome we're gonna get to Rick we get a very short for a segment. I'm gonna ask. Who still who who even thinks about whether that the best player he ever played with that Nebraska. You got that what you're right don't say it once you to write that down the last. Turner Gill on the other child the breakaway received these guys. Have the same guy get our special guest former quarterback at Nebraska current head football coach at liberty universe you can follow him. On Twitter at liberty T Gil and I would recommend that you do that this is faith in the zone on sports 3157. FM. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came cal learned. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome to act of faith in his home on sports Radio One 057 of them fan. Might we get ready to sing the Wisconsin badger fights talking with Craig twelve post may in Mac tried. And he's a good one and I'm telling you if you got a division one high school football. Son. Or nephew of that he has listened to this end and you want Q what to make coach kill the where have your video of this player. And if he's a kid that fits in with what tide coach kill has been talking about I would highly recommend go to liberty university's web sick or their football. Landing page of their web site and there's a place that you can contact upon recruiting whose information on that website. And he he surely will take he's got one player from Wisconsin and he wants liberty to get a little tougher so he needs more of these who's got envoys to trump up. At play at at Liberty University. Hey coach I will live to break there's gonna ask you who your who you think the best player that she played with that Nebraska and and just wonder and it isn't somebody that that they've made it may get or is it somebody off agree that we don't know so much about. All I can you would get he would get it. These at a player that I played well yes yes. Well I'll I'll have to deal with Michael here. Explain that please list. We have a lot of tell the players if they can import the Remington. Brought my two I handle my list but I'll go to Michael here he talks. You play campaign player one you know one game we play the broke agree it is still rant but two yards and you have to go out gay people water on the sidelines Opteron and authentic the defense to go. They agreed to movement great speed and as an all around back he'll block he'll block him in the ultimate test of football my group here. And that's exactly who Nate wrote down rosier. In NM wonder coats in June Noelle it was he was he the same teaches you did same grade. Yeah we're the same class we came in together in the Philippines same year an idea and a tornado last week and so played together. Did you know him prior to get now on campus. No no no no peace and security and we all met together Elmer prior. Altogether there where we're listening classification error trial are you the number one pick in the draft. You make no mistake that your. Turner Gill came in third or fourth in the Heisman voting behind micros nearly one at that your. So coached me coach yells no slouch in that oh I don't know equation I mean if we are making. If we had micro zero on he'd probably say turner kill them. With that offensive line that you guys had was was incredible back fill in the holes that they would open up. For you when he's running backs in and it's time that they gave view. I always love that we quarterbacks of the I get to interview these high school kids the player of the game. And I'm always impressed when it's a quarterback or running back and either of these kids they never get a microphone stuck to their face the way I'm doing that. And I just go hey congratulations great game you know you would you like to thank in the guys take a look at want to thank my offensive line. If wasn't for those guys and on this B happen and on that offensive line you had their coach was awfully talented. Well no question about that too or on these Stein cooler that same year I trophy winner I think he was actually in the late in the top two in the envelopes to sell well. He's the third player picked in the draft he went to the east and older so we we definitely. Very very good don't lie and and we're blessed great culture and Milton Bradley Cooper and you know and then and all the guys and we depleted this year. So well again coaching staff without standing in players were pretty passionate about the game and and all we appreciate all they did force. He coach which is Katsav about two minutes left two and a half minutes. These your senior U opened up paler than Morehead State Indiana State and Lincoln on the road Jacksonville State. A home that this year's TV said you feel pretty good you guys might have a chance to via a pretty good team. Where where today is it a senior Layden team coaches and younger team. No we definitely have the T there really have been seeing you know football team well we're definitely on team and juniors and sophomores who really. Sophomores and freshmen redshirt freshman related via the favorites to lower sort of hurricane. Boy that's. That's can be exciting your prayer for you guys coach I have to tell you went last question again before we go. Your staff that you have. Is he is these guys have been with you for a long time in these guys that side that they come and going on college football stats lot of times guys spent two years here than. Had over some rolls. His staff that you have a bunch of guys have been with you for awhile and. Would you I guess on this current staff. It's really a decent. The original status here except for one guy has got a bit of sixers won. Left before and they you know they go to East Tennessee State. And Corel tour bush in Seoul he's been notified Google myself it's notable. Equivalent to low. Reid took to got a bitter little time. Got one element staff that coached with me for eleven years. And so we'll and yet we we've got a pretty good veteran staff and about. For autumn identifiable offense. Or at Nebraska. That coach at Nebraska while I was there at some point in time so world. They all that accepted Jesus Christ the first lord savior. I would I don't most of the fact but I can say if we're not the only I'd say it would definitely. Wonder this season against an irritated and everybody else just back toward the coaching staff have accepted Jesus Christ as personal and so it. All he meant that. Hey Nate you're excited to come in and Turner Gill does not disappoint. Sir he does not disappoint if so by your son gets to be that level created CN. He is anchoring the news three years okay so you know what three years from now tomorrow there I haven. You know what if he's as tough as his dad he might I don't know if you stuff enough to play and couldn't keep battery tougher than than you made. Oh it's been a big Turner Gill fan it's funny because yes and a break here that pass he and so Oklahoman that that hit off the turf and you you thought about that for years. I count and I and I re watched it last night them I just cannot. It was uncharacteristically was accidental was on characteristic and it just worked out yet through drive but it was unintentional doesn't shock me in the slightly it was intentional did it go for touchdown. Well that was the first down which it first down them. And that was on like Tom Osborne a trial was trickling in right now use kind of basic he had a little bank corporation didn't yeah that little sneaky like that from his little girl about. It's getting a couple of months man that's awesome coats take you so much your time. Good luck this season and at liberty university. And that we surely no mates can follow you like crazy this year. Now that you know is half your staff has Nebraska ties with him and I wish she certainly the best take you so much talent things coach. Well thank you don't know we all Gil guard the glory. In the end. They made in America. Amen to that brother former guys quarterback Nebraska current head football coach Liberty University Turner Gill thank you need MX you see things come and then thanks coach you bet this is feet whose own. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. No games. Our service. You know already who chairs the.