McCalvy: The math is against the Brewers

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Tuesday, September 26th

09/26/17: Adam McCalvy of looks at the team’s chances getting that final Wild Card spot.  Can you blame GM David Stearns for not going after Sonny Gray or Jose Quintana?


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Now let's get the latest on the crew from insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within their next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. He is adamant Calvin brewers dot com and And Adam have been at this for six months seven months you don't get a ton of off days but. Do you have the same sort of adrenaline that the players have knowing that it's six good days of baseball you have more good days of baseball coming. Want to let you know how it is you know the reasons you don't hang on the wins and losses here now she doesn't slam a player. You want to do stories. On this is an incredible story and agent this arm is talking about to be here. No no one to. If someone did I would look at it would be great story itself but I mean some prognosticators are taking the blues in the wildcard. That would be great port side. And what those reporting against the cubs still the incredible story. Even model that can talk like I mean what a performance. Orbit by a guy who they picked up fourteen months. And again between the broad but try to get. Because they thought it up Indians. So even that. And compelling baseball. Of the ordinance. Was. In away sort of incredible in the first three games of that series were. My arms about it thought about regular season baseball game I ever saw the Obama stick out in my mind the most. The computer bowling ball game. No whatever you wanna call it celebration being on the bone scans off whatever. That would encourage you think about backlogged and go backward or. Incredible baseball it was a triple playing our game and about the order but defensive. Arm that would have also out of my mind and that three the first sweeping in this series is everything on the line. We're. You know the clutch hit not such you know the moment sort of machines couldn't crops. The brewers not having their main guys available in the all of those might. So many different story line going on just kind of an incredible challenge. To distill it down and lay that people could. No read about it and sort of it's challenging the development of our life at the moment of it means I'm sure I didn't. But the absolute final with the Donald comes just. And the stories over the weekend were fun and I I hope that fans don't look at the cubs and say that they are thief of joy because this thing still as. A legitimate chance to happen. With the reds and then the cardinals and this is set up pretty well here for the number is it you have to go on the road this weekend but. The question for me Adam is. Six games left in the year. And that bullpen has had a throwing tire games at different points here in September because Craig Counsell hasn't had those options in the rotation. What happens in the rotation for the six game. Well I mean yeah. Exactly 89 leading off who say big series. Let it get to Anderson going. Insane little you know those other two main guys on. And it Woodruff has held on occasion a lot of credit where you are welcome all of you people out that it is an up about six times. Mommy I'm and so are the key cog in the rotation between them go out. But it's they are in the scramble mode with the pitching. And not to look back inflation Davidson and yet the prospects to an hour. She looked on the mall and involved oil. It's really easy to sit here we go to the app into the pulpit as I can opt. It looked particularly Booth right now but it's really hard on July 31 seen that com. Well this is what they would be adequate means to help predict Matt Garza completely fallen apart. Now I don't know that you can like layer of them going David Stern's. Also not know really pumping on the one of those guys. But it is an interesting thought because they are well they are rapid at least bullpen quietly and that is gained. As a staff they are both kind of keeping them together and council lautner alignments and almost matched. If you've got to basically. No names starting pitchers on the rest of those days are gonna make quick vote ought to Obama will be. I think he's always been an equipment is legal or mark tomorrow. We've got this number isn't in the you know it being September and he he used them against the cut I would applied against the cubs but it wasn't it was an up and when he went unit there. I was surprised. I was surprised to do it and go to guidance I gain by not doing that. And and that in hindsight we probably could I just never giving him any sort of oak. He does now. Haters wars act to needle trio rested when the optics construction and how they can use them about. It's been fun because those games did feel a little bit like playoff games and I think. Atmosphere or not there's a little bit of playoffs implication here just because the brewers came continue their season this week but here's my my question. It's an offshoot of that is. The brewers are getting what they want in that young guys aren't getting experience in new super meaningful baseball it's not just important gains but teams that decide things late in sees. How important is it. For the bread Phillips of the world even Domingo Santana that's good example RC young guys. You can learn from flew from veterans you can learn from other things but there is nothing to be set experience what in your mind does that experience mean to young players. Bullet hit it only can help. And whether that and happily or in tremendous discipline those types can it can only help. And and that lead in the it is sort of a different side. Because there's been a lot of criticism and rightly so what does who has often in the second act it's not been good. And it is home run about you know in a lot of home run we'll explore a lot of the runs home. Probably that's how they have scored one. And it led to a lot of people criticizing these players that led to. A lot of bottom. We need to make some changes in the autopsy. To find that. Better console. And wanted the counterpoint to that and David sent the public conversation about it a couple of weeks ago. Young players how to one player can get that long hitter and improve. With experience. Well there's some thought to effect of these players went to this year they went to those gains were they. They weren't able to put it all play with a really need to do with a runner at third. Am left with two outs. And those experiences can lead to better in the future and these numbers and they sort of goes Asia. The some of these players. Are brought in Saint Paul is moments were like wow what worries struggled to close in scoring position. Giving us can't really it was flipper even an eclectic got a couple moments yet. You doppler. Let's put the ball on plane could do. And there are some but just. The patient what it takes a lot of these players develop that battery situation. So if we can look past its final Newton and the look they're not because it's. But that's going to be one of them the bigger question city in Davidson and baseball people this winter is. Do you believe in these players to get better and those types of situations for you wanna drug. Bringing back on track record in those spots. Our I'm relieved to see how you react to that a lot of help from the sweet of them not gonna try to get any indicator. But that kind of in the I'm sure that sort of in the back with them on one right now. This sort of look at it and your question sort of hinted that this. Looking forward to let you couldn't for the future he would. Adamant Cali from brewers dot com and Adam always enjoyed talk baseball let's let's make you deal rate now. See you next Wednesday in Arizona. I don't know. I looked the man you can't let you know it was a secret and again it again yes out. That. That sounds great until you are sort of lining up what it may. It but it up so. It is possible but but they they need help and let but does help man. That one of the teams that they can put it against the cubs are now and then Bieber album. There's a little bit and so it wanted to in the liquidity. Well. Yeah I got to win got to win games and you gotta hope the Rockies lose games that's that's. It's gonna take you know a very good week of baseball to get their for sure Adam tally thanks for joining us hopefully we get to keep doing this. Our apartment at a McKelvey joining us on the Snyder orange hotline.