McGinn: Hundley has to still be your quarterback...

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, November 21st
11/21/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Bob McGinn joins the guys and CBS58's Christina Tuso asking if it is time to move on from Brett Hundley?

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Joining us now on the great mid West Bank hotline he has a legendary Packers writing enough on his work and Bob McGinn football dot counts pleasure to welcome men. Bob McGinn Bob how are this afternoon's there. Good here's how you guys got. Well it's me Gary Ellis and you know end Cristina tussaud's CBS 58. Sitting in Iranian on the show this afternoon about. Are you surprised that we still haven't seen. A game planned for four quarters that really suits spread public. Well I don't know if our game plan that suits spread and. Not really I mean they're doing what they can't predict I just I mean had a horrible game and he'd been making progress in the news just our fallen. But I you know I don't. I don't know what you can do with a game playing adoration or run the ball a little bit more but. I don't know. Including minority got a shoulder a lot of responsibility himself and a jury goes. So everybody looking for answers your minister were born here so. It isn't really a lack of talent around. Huntley and it was really all your Rogers is is that we're gonna find out is that it doesn't lay at the feet of Ted Thompson. Both teams. Came to women need under these circumstances scary. You don't know you talked about her. They do win in his skull examples over the years. Coaching staffs pulling. Tremendous effort out of what you what you and I might think are. Not that great talent on that on two on a roster. So. They listed there whether there won't enforce since his injury occurred and that's not fallen together that's this kind of fallen apart. Just to Alan I mean. Jerry you've played this late 53 guys 46 active you put it together and unified force you can do amazing things. Could answer that it's hard for me I'm not part of that environment you know owned. I don't know what the but the dynamics are inside that locker room. EO Bob we have kind of a situation. Brewing Waltz isn't professional situation in the in the Packers back field we saw. Jamal Williams surely come through this weekend. Ironically enough come up with this second most receptions behind him on tea Dovonte Adams there but you know we look at a guy like Dovonte Mays who. Who look coughed up the ball a couple of times McCarthy says I've lost complete confidence in the skies he Donner and we are we ever gonna see him in the mix again. I mean he's just one injury away from playing. I'd like maize this summer and I was thinking he'd be the best of the three. And now he's for. Horrific debut here. But he's got to play he's got to play. And he has some burst and some pizazz to him. And he stood thirties even fifteen pounds heavier and Jamal Williams. He's got to play and they've got sort so he's got to start coming through. And you can't banish above all these other injuries. Did they know of will power forced to go work with Jason's Briggs who or what what do you think how how is Jason's freaks look to you coming out of college. Compared to where he is now well I thought he was really good Indiana he is struggling mightily here and there pharaoh. You know that there were some Scott should spoke to their agreed acute here. And there are others who. I'll never forget this one guy who just went off on ramps like a lot of three minute rant when we are discussing spray tech couldn't change the conversation. About lack of toughness and he gets and I don't wanna talk about Sprague depending which is keep going back to this guy and that's kind of what you're seeing now what I see. Point two snaps. Suddenly Geary gave up five and half pressures. I mean Allred John played 32 snaps against the better front Minnesota and he gave up for pressures. It's bridge just doesn't. He doesn't shall competitiveness. To mayor toughness or her ballot. On elite looks great and economize and work out. But you know he's not very. Just not strong he doesn't have that office of alignments profile that that grip that you just are associated with the offensive linemen you know. We talk a little bit about the other side of the ball we differ is I get you know got Clay Matthews potentially out out for a little while Kenny Clarke had to I had an injury. Even looking at look at the defense idol idol what I think about guys like oblique Martinez all of the weight back that works. I mean he he's when I fear most exciting players says to watch the Packers this year we talked bubbly Martinez. Fact not a pretty good game against the ravens into Beagle is that it is bad guys like that enough to kind of fill the void there that they can be looking at on defense. We just got to find out you know along Matthews note and Clark injuries going to be prolonged that's a huge problem. You know the defense has been pretty intact for here and Eric cornerback but there are many season ending injuries on defense. And and now that this matches in this Clark saying mean those are two of their five best players on defense and that's a problem in these young guys like. Eagle and the we've got to searching in my previous Adams and he's got to come through as an interior pass structure. I agree. Block Jimmie you're. Giving your starting on. Callahan do you get any notes on telling you know what are verses hotly. Well not coming out Gary I'd never heard of the players. I'm pretty deep pockets Wesley College I. You know he's only 61. And he ran around for nine sole right off the bat you know you don't like debt because he. Short innings schools for. We saw that those exhibition games make plays make things not enough and you know. Playing Lleyton exhibition games. Against guys who are no longer in the league. So what he has he has Mike McCarthy who believed in him and I assume Alex and help those two that's where it kept him around. You know lose a good sign that the world historical look at them last year right away so. I don't know I mean I just don't I don't see it. But apparently doesn't. He's the quarterback expert and so he's he's got him on his corner and you'll get a shot sort of and also regulator but I don't play this year some. Would you have a total logo Huntley to go go land. No when he com Conley just so much mortality Callahan period. And really it. Yeah that is Bob McGinn Odessa over Robert idea because we have used to be remembered him as a great audio on our show. Is there were friends doesn't who lost her mind so you would never told employ illegal Huntley to go to kill him because. I don't see you have any chance with calendar. Like none. I'm not saying you've got a great chance of heartily so to speak easy he has feed and speed and and a good brain any dedicated and he's tough. He's got some quality now he's just not there yet obviously but he has some quality lowers Cahill and doesn't have almost doesn't have hardly any of that. That is Bob McGinn of Bob McGinn football dot com is where you find his work in every Tuesday. At about 348 right here on the Wendy's big show where lane already doesn't matter OK hey how this. It's our last day to day running higher offer us straight oceaneering is just relaxed. How to get your your quick thoughts on this. Bob. You say Ted is done besides Aaron Rodgers how do you say Ted's done evaluating quarterbacks in the draft through his tenure as general manager. I mean Brohm that Allen comes to mind right. But one OPEC now it. I didn't really sit back and look at it he hasn't done that position you really hasn't I mean yet though in most important obviously. But after that unlike Walsh who was able to. You know drab quarterbacks and trade quarterbacks for picks and get something for these guys that is not been a strong suit of this Ted Thompson Rosie. It is great to put Mets play in the year you missed on brown. Browser and a draft. Yep seven brought it to great effect and stated Flynn got out of the playoffs one year and he's a really good back up and are really good player. Force seventh rounder. And he hasn't taken many quarterbacks BJ Coleman. When no huddling. The jury's out on hunley guys you know. Mean. You're just saw them again. I know we have one terrible game but. He was darn good Chicago when he was OK before that so let's just see go to the hornet's nest Sunday night that's going to be brutal. And then there's a couple of games after that ticket wins so we'll say. Just don't lose to Cleveland bumped is don't lose to Cleveland on Chris I don't lose to Cleveland. You Soledad what you saw they did it reminds mailbox I'm just telling you don't lose the Cleveland. Well men yet that would be. There would on discussed ever at all. It's not even know let's I could talk about the volatile millionaire won't know. Again Bob begin football got jobs where you find is working every Tuesday here on the big show Bob ball's appreciate it we'll talk next week's they're art Taylor Bob hindrance on the grade mid West Bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed. To personalized common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced is a great midwest bank that come to discover the benefits. I'm simply. Local banking.