McNamara: Badgers o-line will be great again!

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, January 11th
The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Jon McNamara of and talks Badgers Football and Basketball with the BIG SHOW!

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I'm for the big showed a jacket with Wisconsin insider John Mack. You might create a construction providing quality plaster Stucco services what unsurpassed workmanship. And I gotta cover the badgers. It's that common us right here on the Wendy's big show joins us now on the great midwest bank ally and how are deceiving. Aurora is all right Gary it was a wanted to talk some football with you before we get to basketball gonna. Thirsty all the ideology America the office of my seems like you're intact. Is that Dieter. Yeah so Michael Michael leaders here compact. And that'll give Wisconsin all of its you know starting five coming back on the top of the line and not if you look at outlying. Like that sanity are gonna last and came on last week that it would be you're coming back you'd probably feel good about. You know eight or nine guys playing for you next year you know this is the deepest airline has then. You probably since you know broad appeal of all the news was there you know it was his first couple years they're they're just so deep there you'll get a budget to beat. It would eater he pled not apple this year Beagle K. I would imagine that he'd bombs inside probably the left guard because that was another shake spot this year John decent was was a little banged up. Like Jason Erdman their little bit ops I think he bombs inside a tight left guard in the and he opened things up maybe apple. Some young guys like cold Atlanta are Patrick aptly sucked out a little bit the boardwalk right Apple's so. I'm you know that debt can be. By far their deepest position on it into your Oscar. My next portion was admitted I missed the boat on TJ hill was by. The number times last saw him play and and maybe I'm way dies but I really thought he was the first day pick in the you know for. Yeah yeah I'll let you gear and and you know the feedback we got in the air quality. You know we want to build a bit faster so. On the I'm surprised that they used the Vienna stops like he's going back because you know he had agreed. Really productive years at Wisconsin in this series and he was all Americans so obvious to sit bit deposition or does much pars and educate. You know coming back and doing it against her the year at a high level. You know what kind of told to take on your body and you know another play the week you've watched. They're cutting it seems sort you know now he's scramble and I'm trying to get ready for the NFL draft this year so. I'm a little bit surprised he's come back just because of how lucky that's pretty straight years and he put more than enough plenty with the NFL. Maybe get a little bit quicker you know the twenty conceded but I'm not much it's gonna help but. In Wisconsin coach sure happy then go back. Yeah there was one next chopper was was Porsche or shoot she sure has he declared and come back. What's his story. Yeah he kind of decided right after that injury. That it wasn't going to apply different sort of medical six year. Even if he were looked like that it wasn't guaranteed that he would get it so. You know he's really kind of just been training in rehabbing with with the NFL what is mine and and the last thing I saw it was that you actually quite. He did ask all come bind you know gives you see she's ready for that has already CL. Early in fall camp. Arms that would you know he not quite you know full year removed from now when when the comeback comes up so Soviet seriously he can participate that. Put together you know Middle East fighting for your potential. Later on drastic error free agent and not some all too. But sire bond as basketball team that the badgers have Madison. You know look I understand you've got a couple guys from Michael B king who you know had a decent game before he got hurt a word case may be shot values can be way more effective early on from the jump considering what he didn't high school obviously dollars and went down. But. With the residency dude they. They're very good at and I I don't know if this is if this is guards' fault if this is just a bad recruiting classes this is multiple bad recruiting classes. Everybody wants appoint a figure at something different so where are you pointing your finger. Yet that that's the kind of question right now is you know he put pointer finger at you you'd say that you know the twenty cooking classes of the big. Problem right now it's too which I think it is an absolutely is our guys labs. You know Charlie Thomas in Eden Li you know approximately eight at all riding on your bench right now they're all scholarship guys in the worst most in the next wave seep its day. Well you know those are got the ball riots adopt on. And the flip side and you say that you know those are guys are great guards and develop so. I'm there's a lot single player right now and that's gonna happen when you're king goes can't see it later for nineteen straight years and on the unless something you know really crazy happens this is not going to be quite an NCAA turbot so. You know you you talked about Coby king beating her. You know he's the guy that they were counting on mr. caught the edge. That the nature traits being hurt hurt them as well also you know you look at those two guys did you know they're not big time impact guys they were Gadgetell on this year and we damn well then then you've got to play a Walt glory in a cheap case line you don't to walk ons right now big time minutes so. You know I consider just this is not a very good all right now I don't ethernet has been good but. Behind him Greg Davison TVs and giving these spurts but if he's essentially playing with one arm and and you know behind those two guys typically suit so. I age but a typical year Wisconsin procedures not used to seeing a basketball gonna lose. All right let let let's move on and so tell me how how does this. All all come back to next year worry anybody has hoped for this team what changes obviously revising give back chemical we can bang wagon like they were before the yourself. Plug it back on that bandwagon and say well he'll be a lot better now and will be the Brad Davidson fan base they'll say well he'll be better because a lot of people like him already. But Bo woody go from there. Yes he did get a good question because it. If you if you are seen as teams that take a big jump in the gonna come from corp got so you know app will be back. For his redshirt that you're you'd assume I don't need him back you know you'd expect it would be helped if he gets its older we end up. Coby king come back to me to try coming back. Active nature try to what are Demetric rice exactly I heard. That wanted to badger assistant coaches on that and I've I'm for their old coaching Horizon League. Boise assistant for garden on the old more. He Howard how are more he was Donald Dell Michael's earlier today and he's talking about losing Demetric tries in the works Harding offseason they put all that into on the meant to lose your point guard. No really hurts deny yet dad David sending a playing point in off the ball he was so good off the ball out no matter. Dmitry tries to beginning the us and major tries last year as an all that in love Demetric thrice. You know he's not in all Big Ten point guard right now it's not like you we miss him so much it is. You know he was going to be a game changing that there's always going to be an app indeed to be to try to as a starter with them and like you mentioned. If they can have him as a starting point guard. Brad Davis and complacent off guard too so that does give you more depth there you know what it really kind of revolves around not having to play key Jason Hunter or the other there's science there's two or walk on you know at the same time so. Isn't there they're just desperate for bodies in the desperate for dot. You know that's what you need to try to beat out her and that's like Kobe in being hurt. But the same time you've got like three juniors are sitting on the an inch. Exactly yeah. Yeah so you know that's that's the decision guard has made. Said you know it we're gonna lose you lose with this young core guys because it the biggest issue. In my opinion on this team this is the three guys an emergency on the bench that items you know I think you can officially say those guys are bought the three guys that we talked. Active recruiting class that's a horror recruiting class almost. Exactly anyhow that's that's the reason that Wisconsin in this position right now is that. Every year you know under Bo Ryan wouldn't when he graduated a lot guys that next week coming in. Elite Iranian navy band we'd Charlie topless was supposed to be the next wave and they just are not there and they. They are like etc. that are that last category and you can't have three guys in one year in basketball all lost at the scene. His work and badger blitz dot com follow him on Twitter at MacNamara arrivals here remember Thursday. Right here on the Wendy's big shows there was an us insider John Mack Tamara. I. John MacNamara joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced discover the benefits of simply local banking is a great mid west bank and dot com.