Michael Cohen: Jordy should play, but I don't think Ty will

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Our Green and Gold Analyst Michael Cohen talked about the injuries the Packers are facing heading into their divisional matchup against the Vikings.


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Our insider Michael Cohen. Likely getting thing you wanna sing today it seems to be a theme here on the show. No we want to hear anything that would deteriorating. All while we see all the time and our ratings serve well we're with are what the com. Michael hub he's at I just figured at a public Jordy Nelson is he. Is he Digg is gonna play this game that decked injuries seems to be a mystery but somehow all you you guys have uncovered that that's what's going on with him. Yeah I don't and and I think you know during the news yesterday lockers that beautiful park just yesterday to practice again today. And he plans to play on Sunday so I don't think you would be added that she was. If she wasn't fairly certain that you know he's going to be able to get out there and play that out effectively he going to be with some sort of a back injury and will they actors use workload. That I can't answer at this point but I think definitely Nelson will be on the field Soledad be surprised if you. What's the situation at the running backs then time Montgomery says that the reds are you would think that with the reds. Let them fully he'll forgive back out there but. He has to be after watching Erin Jones he has to be very eager to get back on the field. Yeah I think you're probably right in terms of his eagerness in his desire. You know not be left behind are not lose his place whether or not that likely I don't know which is sort of that mentality I think it's one that. You know a lot of what can relate to weather yesterday was you know jobs or sports when we were kids or whatever so I think that's definitely a viable mindset or wrong you know guys this position but. I'm still kind of just go back wouldn't that last week talked and you guys that. I really don't see the benefit of bringing him back right now knowing that. You know newsrooms can't be fully healed at this point and you know there's the potential for more injury if he's playing with. You know groups that are back to 100% or at least close and up to a 100%. Where you can feel confident that they're not going to worsen with any sort of contact so I still think that even if you practices we that all the about this weekend. And I still think that if they win this weekend and then they're playing State's team that is not very good. If there's a chance they can all the about next weekend too because then you're talking about the bye week at that point. What 45 full weeks to come back from this before it begins on the field again. I just think that makes the most sense long term for the Packers team unit Montgomery wants to be they're badly in the short term. When Eric Jones rushing for the one point five million last week and in a wrought senator bought him off it but I think he would it is going to be tempered a little bit because there was only one game. And we'll see what he's got out front court Kansas Mike Zimmer defense. Yeah I think I think it has less to do with it being one game in more whipped your home as we talked about last week leading up to regain the belt you've been terrible. And so essentially he has tremendous performance against. Probably one of the five to eight worst defense as a movie. So now we gonna go to Minnesota and if you get this significant number Jerry again which I expect that happened. We'll be going against a top five in the Clinton beleaguered defense that is unbelievably fast. It out talking to them Silverstein like L yesterday about that I think the biggest difference. With him this week will be going against linebackers safeties and elect pat downs counter intuitive but. You know we outline for the Packers is pretty good when guys are all these so you'd like to think that if you're Mike McCarthy and offensive line coach James camp in the they can neutralize. The front line of the vikings no matter how good that Frontline is when you look at the linebackers and safeties for the vikings that's where there's a big difference in age. Between the cowboys and vikings you talk about Anthony Bart you talk about Eric Kendrick I mean these guys can run run Ron Ron Ron Harrison Smith and Dave will pop you. In the running games of that I think is where Eric Jones could have more trouble dealing with the speed and talent the better players on the back end as they expect the bar. Michael Cohen we talked to him Mondays Thursdays Fridays on the fan he's brought to ready Thomas moral law. Law offices divorce child custody or any other family law needs go it experience go at Thomas moral law. Online moral allot dot net. Or call 4143275800. Just something that we were. I guess would really be guessing about earlier today is is Mike McCarthy. And his potential to one day be a hall of fame coach. The comp on him I think would be Tony Dungy similar record similar playoff record and a Super Bowl each. This does he have to coach longer or win another or would he be thinking. Give into the hall of fame if he retired at the end of the season. Split the big questions on. You know I think that when you look at what McCarthy has done in terms. The type often that you brought to the league whether it was in New Orleans or day where sort of it's nothing like revolutionaries and again offense by any means to you by any means rather. He's regarded as such a good offensive coaching such a dynamic offensive coach. But I would think that they're probably moves in a little bit more and and you know people say OK only one. Super Bowl title in the book but you know this guy made significant influence on the game keeps it often the concepts and you know you look at it coaching tree now with Beckett do all of you know getting your head coaching job although apple so well right now. In New York I think you're right there on on the fringes of it but I mean you know gun in my head I think you make it yeah. Even those playoff record is only ten and eight. Good point. It it's so hard to let you could argue in both directions you could say you know well you know use aided by you know having Rogers and and he was needed a little bit by you know just it's tremendous quarterback play the tail end of a bar but I don't know I just. I think you make it I mean I think you can win more playoff games before he retired so I would expect that record too. At least hold steady if not you know percentage wise if not improve a little bit so I think he's right there could go either way. Number one and a lot of these coaches especially. The guy in Green Bay McCarthy. If Aaron Rodgers mix of these people and allows them keep their jobs it is. Rogers covers a whole lot of flaws have been how much Aaron Rodgers is like how much credit does McCarthy did for. Developing here which is true that you never you're never going to be able to on a com what would you say that Mike. Well I mean if you if you wanna go back news you need. Or it's be compared that you made earlier. On you know how much has such loose me wrong you know oh. I think that you could look. Those situations and say that the quarterback makes the culture the colts quarterback and on the situation. I'll I just think. I think that in Roger's case knowing that counties in knowing that there was a significant. Narrative around these two guys that have been. And the organization in general issued when abortion also Rogers I think in this particular case the fact that he has Roger's probably part of a little bit. Because there is so much negative attention. In that everyone thinks that with Rodgers with the problems they should be when abortion well I don't disagree with I'm just saying that because. It has been so heavily documented and discussed and it'll that. Anybody that's casting votes that have to be at least. In the periphery if they're not you know looking at it more deeply so I think it might hurt him a little bit not regard. Michael toner green and gold insider will get more off from you tomorrow and get our predictions and we'll do all that Friday eight Tony always good to chat will tacky tomorrow. Senator get hurt your credit.