Michael Cohen: McCarthy needs to win big

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, January 12th
Our Green and Gold Insider Michael Cohen joined the show to talk about the busy weekend the Packers had.

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Guys on the inside the Green Bay put bullies like your Michael Coe and all the fan and he's brought to. This is of Thomas Motorola. Are we are. Like Perkins restaurant and bakery that check Freeman I'm borrowing glare from the Brian Stratton. College athletics studios we'll check in with our greening Golding setter Michael Cohen you can find his work. Packers news.com the Milwaukee journal sentinel and right there on my favorite website twitter.com. Michael underscore Cohen. Thirteen good morning Michael how aria a Michael. Under werder. Sadly some of the stuff is settling in with a Green Bay Packers. Period of the third and hired there linebacker coach who coached offensive line and that your chancellor mr. Hatcher rambler. Anything you've learned in a ball I think people are really concerned about the front office situation and and what's going on the Aaron pillars and all that in the silos anything else you weren't bought the structured and what's going on there and maybe he tidbits of how this all came to be. Well I think the concern that people have about the prop the structure and that sort of the power trees that go from our Brian who come back cart you wrote all are sure to mark Mercury. And any concern that people have with that is absolutely warranted and I don't think the power structure of the excellent. And I think that is it. It opens up the possibility there'd be a lot of bickering. Behind closed doors where whether the constable car B or look on one of those guys doesn't get their way. You're just creating opportunity for them to go to Mark Murphy in this complain about. Whatever they're frustrated with that particular. And I just think that that's. A problem I think they're in sports organizations in need to be clear chain of command from person marry the person the person who. We're person the heart of the told them all. As full authority to make any decision that they want and her out as a reminder that Thompson. And I know that there was an excuse at the end of the communication and things like there are. Well all roads lead back to third on in the office went into decision making and I think they're hugely important so. I have no issue with people being frustrated with the power structure because I don't picnic blocked them myself. Michael who do you think. May be their futures more on the line and I don't know the possibility of it but it seems like if mark Murphy's doing all this scrambling to try to get this power structure or maybe course correct. For what went on the last three years. Mean he's in a position that can be removed from is the board more likely to remove and the or is Mark Murphy more likely to fire Mike McCarthy and this doesn't work. That they're really good question you know I'm not familiar enough with the war of the members of the border. To know what their thought process was in terms of you know their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. With murky but I do know that Mike McCarthy you the winner of a lot this season and I think you are talking about this but I'm so I'm not a partner in the morning. I think that there's a situation where Mike McCarthy can make the playoffs. Fired. After that he's not saying it's likely not saying certainly are side exactly the way they took place significantly better than me here. All season long start to finish in order for him to justify. Or rationalize. Or they'll change is that he made and actually saying look at thing that I did made a difference because the Cleveland into the warehouse and inserts. Or eleven and art and get a wildcard maybe win the division but the they don't go anywhere and I don't really you are much of an upgrade over what happened the last 45 years. Michael's that's something that you've heard from your sources with new connected me NFL on the team or is that your analysis that he's got to win big. I think it's pretty obvious. Minneapolis today I mean you can't you can't make wholesale changes that you made you can't make the statement that you hear about demanding more talent and then expect to have another you know you can use that back then and stick around. You know so it is situation where. You've got to win and not only that but. You've only got years left on the contract and he probably whether hackers or otherwise. Very rarely go in situations where. They have a lame duck coach so I'm sort of crappy essentially yes you're on a contract Buehrle has one year contract because. At some point during the next season. Early to decide to send them and I accept them. And they don't expect of them you know there's very few teams in the league wanna go into the 2019 decent. With a Geiger on the final years doctor because there's no job security persistent coaches. There's no job security of their head coach and you never know what's gonna happen in those situations just like the Packers didn't wanna go to a situation. Where are ponson would be on the final years contract this year in twenty he and general manager so I think it's pretty clear that. It is accurate are these are my heart in a lot of different ways and I think he's got a really really make a statement. You know if he doesn't want your prime become a reasonable. Explanation for why he should be removed as a coach. Well sold pastors going 115 and losing in the divisional playoff teams that might have been an acceptable president happy about it but this year whether it's five divisional playoff round. Now that's not good. Well not necessarily there that was acceptable in past years it that. It didn't happen a hundred it did there was a repetition and that at another ordinance saying here's. If you go eleven and are once. Okay nobody really cares if people over and part ways again nobody really cares what you start to do a record five times and start reached. You know the first round playoff loser the second round of the blossoms are very eager yes you are looking. What you're embarrassed on two different occasions like they were in the final minutes in Seattle and absolutely obliterated by the it. When you start to have that pattern over and over again then the things that were once tolerated or no longer tolerated and it. It's not necessarily that they were okay to begin with. It's just that there wasn't enough supporting evidence around that particular okay this is becoming a pattern it is a liar to start in the when it becomes a pattern that has this year. Michael Cohen our agreement goalie insiders here check in regular. On the fan. The Mike Patton higher obviously the other day we talked about that with you he continues now to sort of build that staff Joseph where. In charge cornerbacks last season will stick around as the defensive. Passing game coordinator. He was one of the guys considered for the defensive coordinator job obviously they like him. Do we know what this new job really entails and how why you they kept him around. Essentially going to be exit and he went coordinator and so you're gonna have a role that was kind of like some of the things that you solid compliment to us here on the upper side of the ball where. Mike McCarthy was you know the head coach and for all intents and purposes he served. A lot of roles with the and coordinator to. In the unit Clemens who worked with their rockets actually gain so make sure everything. Was on par there and I think that's really what's so it is in the duke you know obviously Mike that the deeper chord here he's gonna call late you are on the scheme everything like. I think it's going to be a Majoli and figure out how to do. Pick the past beat them in ways you know they're really struggle. Over the past few seasons letters. Mental mistakes and come players like our own jobs are in. You know and things like that or whether. More about finding ways to utilize their best players more effectively serve so. You know are there to various Randall and things of that nature and so I think the reason they want to keep him is because from from everything that occurred and everything that's being. He's a very effective communicators with the players and you really does a lot of things in the unique way. You wouldn't collar background or use the recruiting coordinator Louisville is able to connect with guys. A little bit differently than coaches who only hear what the professional ranks or have been in the professional ranks are very very long time maybe. Are not in touch with the way college recruiting pick where and how you build relationships with god. Looking that they want you go around for all of those reasons and you know now an opportunity for him to really boost is presently a little bit and and you know uncertain quantity coordinator someday and maybe you can head coach so. This is an important for him and after. We're gonna wife Ellie wolf thumb and I know we've talked about him not give your general manager job by the need to fit into the the indeed readjusted treacherous scene and he just took off. How he felt about not getting this job and and what worked against him. Well I think you know there. The easiest place to look at. You would answer that question look at the end result left the Green Bay Packers for the Cleveland Browns and I think that tells you right here how he thought about the election. And I don't live it honestly you know it I got I got to know very well there are. Are here is not familiar but the part what they're up 20 let me if you just look at it from the outside into the situation though a lot of the relate to what. You know we saw commotion in various roles over the courses or create this is a guy that. Was denied by Eric Johnson you know the chance interview with different organizations three times. In the view permitted to interview with the 49ers in Indianapolis Colts and could not get those jobs and so. The Packers are around and kept them around and around here promoting him to promote him to promote here. That are here in the third you know you know we're we're gonna go to different direction. I thought there are some frustration I think there was probably. You know millions and angered to be honest and simple I think they're regarded as it has grown up. During the day and and has secured the last thing he does everything the consulate there. I think it makes sense for him to transpired when the little their go to a different place. Inexperience somewhere outside of Greenberg and so that you can replicate our success with a prince are that he's not totally familiar with the way he has so much intimate knowledge of the actors from being used for so long another reason they want to come but it is. It partially. You know age I think early age of 35 works against the Buddha concert Murray that it'll like experience. And I think all of their regular occurrence of everything that the good old American effort. Interviews unbelievably well I know that you absolutely blew away separate Cisco is in your view only to pull out of the process and so. And I believe Mark Murphy was similarly global background decode. Demeanor. Always explanation of how he wants to run the program and things like that so those are really the factors are in the Lyoto. Not enough to be able to fire McCarthy they'll bud still probably visited area Michael will secondly the next week always appreciated his vice. Right on it doesn't go to the player and as we can.