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Sunday, December 17th
12/17/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill man. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome to faith in zone on sports Radio One 057 ultimate fan. I might think you're flying solo this week pastor can count there will be back next week. I'm joined in studio. He is team chaplains for the walk park she's the lead pastor at spring creek church in. Pats chip are you doing today. I'm doing great and happy to be here. That's good to see you again it's we've not met officially met but I might my daughter Katie satellite John. In my 32 wonderful transcendent Keegan Logan impacted all attend. I your church. And love spring creek and you do a great job there thank you for that well you're welcome thank you. Probably in the same classes as my grandkids so it's fun to have how many do you have a five greening kids in the outcome to shirts Woodward of their ages. Sam and fives 530. Into and it's awesome. We had pastor David Chadwick on feet in the zone and he talked about as crank case and he made a comedy set had I known how great it was to be grandfather are skipped the parenthood thing altogether say amen to that if you had to showcase events that I I agreement it's it's awesome. People who cross the street and we have chance spent a lot of time with them. Pastor chip let's not talk a little bit about your background. Were you grow up and in how you ended up here and you walk. Cher well I grew up in Monroe Michigan and south of a Detroit. And we live there through. On middle school high school and moved to Toledo Ohio just a few hours south. And went to a very large high school played a little basketball there and then. Went to see you really university in near Dayton Ohio. Which Grand Rapids sending Grand Rapids, Michigan and spent about seven years as an associate pastor in New Jersey south Jersey area. And then church here in Wisconsin was looking for a pastor and interviewed me and took a risk on pretty young guys to come in and trust the congregation to. And we just finished thirty years of ministry here in Wisconsin. While thirty years now so that officially makes shoots she's had I don't know if you know that I am you do thirty years I heard she's at I believe greening gold and it yes Summitt she says Graham that's awesome how a series your year's that's you realize I I talked to a number of people. That they have either bend to the school have gone through school at work at the school which had a couple of casts on from the school. And Ed Pastor I have to tell you have never heard anybody. Say you know what that that wasn't very good good years from what I've forgotten the great thing I'm really excited that you say that because I'm on the board of trustees for Pixar chairman. And it's some very involves a fact I just got back last week from from the school which is one division to. Couple years ago on the all of our sports we have great facilities wonderful coaches. Only god is on the move it says Cesar Ville and on our athletic programs are strong faith is a huge part of that. And we hope to have a record enrollment this fall as pseudo probably over 900 freshman coming in while this year. That's awesome guy as good it's really cool he had that that is in in the people we've had gone. Pastor from students we had a young gallon I care room were named but she was in in the Olympics. On the and and a runner runner I zone and she was. I thought boy if we can maybe she's young may will do one segment with her we did a show. With Kirk and my favorite line was I said hey two boys come up and ask for your phone number and our she said you know no. They say congratulations. And you look at me but they don't ask me for my phone number it was hysterical. She was really sharp. She was all of about seventeen or eighteen years old. And she carried the show pastor she was in phenomenal and and every time we asked your question. She brought it back to family your faith and she didn't so naturally that you knew after about ten minutes that that's who she watts. And I'm encouraged to hear that and we have lots more like them yes some some really good coaches when you when you decided. Two to move to Wisconsin any surprises for you. Was do we viewed it what what your thought of Wisconsin before you came here and there once he got here. Any any surprises no I knew it was going to be cold and it is yes and still. I think it's a surprise maybe it was the loyalty. Of the CN base here to their home teams. You know other places I was near Philadelphia Philadelphia booed did you know they're all stars if they sell they want to tie so I do it's unbelievable. The loyalty. Of the people here to their sports teams was a bit of a suppressed. You know I've thought border raced here him Milwaukee. My wife and I both the mound never DIA I'd certainly travel places I worked on Chicago open I've continued to live here. And down IMO bucks packer brew were wave yup admirals. All of whom I love mall. Follow won't. She your former reform get a little upset sometimes without but it the end of the day. You know it's that that's who I'm if I were to move I would continue to be a packer fan or a box in a route that will might. Next year buck season. Let's go to a bucks game together a ticketed chapel and meet some of the guys and well the good time together man I I would love that. I rig against coaching bass while this was my 35 here we can make that happen and that's it that's awesome you know I know as some. As the chaplain for the bucks. Where we and we had chaplains on before that were not gonna talk specifically about any player and Lester retired I might talk about emissary okay served desert. The you remember the first couple of of of schemes that you went and you'd end and you did prayer service gives you watch that were you nerve. This clause in there in Paris yeah I mean these guys are. Gazillion years compared to a faster rate so I mean all of my millionaires sitting there on the circle. And I went the first time in twenty years ago. It was kind of and audition I guess you'd say and the players liked it I could come back if they didn't then I've never hear from again. And so I went the first time in waited for the phone to ring and it rang in the severe can you come to you the next game and that's kind of when August started. And a pastor friend who was the 76ers. Chapel. And the Bucs. Came to his chapel and said you know most of us don't live in Milwaukee. We'd like to have on chapel program. Who could you recommend. And he. Answer was he's like a body now calling NC if he'd be available on that happened twenty years ago so you you're the first. If you were the first team chapped thumb I think they had had one years and years ago and then it had lapsed and there wasn't a chaplain. Own blood. They were looking to get one started to win when you do. When you do Bible study you're bringing guys together. I did it's that players from from bowl team yes yes we do both teams together it's open of course it's it's not mandatory it's voluntary. And so I go into the visiting locker room. Announces launch apple starts and ten minutes affinity wants to come. In and and sometimes don't remember the players from previous years. And as you know there's turnover a lot of turnover by India and so I don't always. Rookies come and I don't know if they're chapel goers are not. All the chaplains in the NBA networked together on a list of players that might come to chapel. And so I can leg Noll of certain players I tenable try to find them before the game and make sure they know weirdest. Sometimes they have responsibilities they can't come to chapel it's understandable but if I just always try to make it available to them. And we'll have some times we've had as many as ten visiting players commend. On one year and several years ago from the Portland trail based blazers and and sometimes nobody comes is never known again. Did you know Jim a pretty good feeling for the home team for the bucks what players are you know are common what players are not. It does it at times ever gets frustrating for you pastor. On the yes but I'm usher in what way you're meaning it but yeah does it doesn't add to attendance. Up to start with the men have got to follow shows him but come. Sure I suppose and there have been times where I've driven down there in the traffic and a cold night and in palm only once have I gone down in last twenty years and nobody king. So I've always had somebody to show up and then in any given night. I'm watching all way I see a Bradley Center worker or somebody and I bumped into them and we have a conversation and I can point them to some. Spiritual answer to a problem and their allies and I can go home and my current in San. You know I thought I was coming to do this particular kind of work I go home send large you used me in another kind of bored so. That's happened every night in the armed a follow question is does the frustration inside it in I'm not Sharia I would assume this has happened. But he's somebody that that has come to chapel service with you that may get in some trouble and you open the newspaper and read it thank. Boy oh boy I you know that that's that's hard for me as a as a basketball coach if some of the kids that I'm I'm coaching and leading. Go stray even if it's 234 years later boy it bothers me it bothers me. Yes and that has happened. And you read the newspaper and and you cringe inside and I suppose on one hand just think not only be if I would have said something differently or could've helped them. On the other hand you say. That's dirty scoundrel why did he do it. And then the other part of you says I wanna help him you know what he may one bad decision. That doesn't define his life we all believe in forgiveness and in movement on. And so all of those kind of feelings go through when you when you find out about that. Is it almost like being a parent some council. In some ways yes in some ways around that's probably true you know. He is Patrick pastor chip Bernhard he is. The lead pastor at spring creek church he's a team chaplain for your Milwaukee Bucks. They had a great year this year by the way that's really fun and they're great team to watch really fun halfway through wasn't sure I I my son Matthew. Is a box. For key is I called him I think right near the end of the year in cities there room on the band way. This he watches every game he will read rearrange his schedule to watch the game. He played four years Amir an epic Baptist Bible college and out of college that more than I am I pick a pro basketball left fan. And I'll call it's he watches badger game you'll say no boxer and and that's his job so he really. This year especially. When they got up to one I tried he thought he Rico and Dyson tough crash forgot it was a tough. It was but they showed they showed they showed and they play with heart. And that was really really fun that first Thursday night. On game in Milwaukee I've England under twenty years I have never heard the arena louder than the ones that night in the course that played great they. Crushed them. And you kind of start to feel like this this plane's taken off we've got places to go I don't know if we've had a player. In a long time with the kind of excitement that Yond this has created in this city. And he just. Look I've never met the young man. But everything I read an everything that people that that have mad animal or spend time with them. So look he works harder than anybody he's a really nice guy he loves the city. I have met them and all of those things are true times ten. He is a very fine young man. He is the hardest working kid you'll ever meet and you think while he's really good he's just natural. When he first came into the league and play like he does now. And he has drilled and drilled and drilled by the hours every single day to get where he is I think he's grounded. I think he loves Milwaukee. On I think key loves being in the United States of America. I think he loves the NBA I think he knows he has privileged position and he doesn't wanna run. Boy that's that's great to be here that I'm really glad to hear that let's get to break. Others said the prequel continuing our conversation. If you want to know more about pastor chip. I their website it's spring creek is www. Spring creek dot com. The air 22200. Cattle drive 223 capital drive my goodness I've been their since he walked keep. And again he easily pastor at spring creek this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faces new zone is. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back defeat in the zone on sports review 1057 FM band. I might be puberty can fly solo this week pastor can count there won't be back next week we're joined by pastor chip for Bernard. Chip Bernhard. Why that people of mass set up your whole life just for him so da Silva they're clustered along the line I keep trying heck if you charge easily pastor at spring creek church. And he's team chaplain. Again for your Milwaukee Bucks. Question do you do when you watched basketball you watch it once once you're done with what she do you watch it is a fan. Yes. I love basketball I love. On tight I coached a little I played a little and I am 100% fan during the game. Own end after the game you know go back into the role cause we have a prayer together at the end but I cheer my lungs out. And that's awesome here before each game how long is this how long is. The Bible's call it a Bible study we just got chopped apple yeah I'll want the IDG is here. Sure Monty you wanna keep it tuned yeah we meet on the so to tipoff is at seven. We need a six so it's an hour before game time it's fifteen minutes. And you know sometimes in search you can go a couple of minutes overtime end. It's okay and you get away with it you can't in this they have Lou you know meetings with coaches and I certainly do you know ever wanna be responsible for. You know mass and up game plans for a game so we're really conscientious in fact of the guys stay. I push them out the door so that they're not late for their team meeting. You know I know you talked about some the of mis that the coach is in September and later in the show were gonna get to an article. I'd better read this is old it's it was when I Jeff Van Gundy was the head coach with the next. And he made a comment and criticizing. That the knicks Chapman saying look he's got too much. Mis hit too much leeway here is cut by that access was the word used to team in avatar two but that I should have missed. On the jury and segment number three should have to have the bucks the Bucs organization. Has gone through transition as far as being sold. Always been bent pretty on the hopeful TU and encouraging TU. And yes. I don't have any problems and we. We fly below the radar aren't learn not American a year and talk to you to even today about what happens inside of chapel. You know I give them spiritual content we pray they give me requests but in terms of each individual player. On now that's not for public information in your neck and asked me about that help. But yeah I have I have cooperation. And but there really there to serve the players. It is it's it's what players have asked for they want this. End. It's not just what the management wants him in you know when you're a multimillion dollar player. And you want a chaplain to come in and chat with few indoor pray with you. I think the management is gonna work with ways to do that so that it doesn't conflict with the rest of the program of what they wanted to do. We had done and Darryl Strawberry growing faster Gerald strawberry and and we talked to him about his journey and and he said. As a baseball player he said once I got into the major leagues in I was making the kind of money Ellis Macon. I this was everything that I dreamt about as a child. I wanna be who won the best baseball players I was that I wanted to to be rich I was that. I wanted to have all the house's the cars the corals at all that he said. I thought I had everything I wanted. And I was sold depressed and that was so unhappy and I couldn't figure out why and I turned to drugs. And that may be happy for a minute and east since then that was even more depressed. Never have I felt the peace and happiness. In my wife until I made that that step of accepting Jesus Christ is my personal savior. Add that for him to say that and I end this show. And say look that's as it at you see that all around. Major League Baseball and and professional sports that these guys are at the pinnacle. He said that the one of the hard things was temptation. In every city or somebody either Santa. You wanna go while you wanna do this come look at these groups and see that was very difficult for him. I think every NBA player would tell you that that's difficult they walk into a motel there's people lined up not only to want their autographs. But to take them down of the wrong door in the wrong path and so they don't think they always have to stay on their guard and I think girls. Testimony to you. On is true of many many guys and I've had guys tell me I won the world championship. And after the game I sat in my locker. Happy we won and said to myself at the end of an off is that all there is. He won the pinnacle a Valentine's name but he won the pinnacle of the highest prize in basketball. And he says that depression went over me you just went to the highest mountain and it didn't it. In still vote the pain inside your soul and he says it was at that time I realized I need something more than what sports can provide for me. It's amazing because some we've had that conversation. On this show with the with a couple of guys. And when there was there was a team chaplain for another professional sports team here more Lockheed. And key he reached out to a 21 of their players who would never come to chapel but he just said hey how you do point. And the guy turned and said what do I need you for it ask you and the guy said excuse me chaplin's excuse me. He said look. I look at how many zeros I have at the end in my bank account magaw mores jurors now know to do with my wife is at 100 my girlfriends are tens. I have three cars I got house's what do I need you for. And the chaplain said you know what I'd love to have that conversation with your you wanna have that conversation. And the guy said no Kazaa I don't think I need you he said you've got my number. Do you need me yeah. You're in when you do you call me what will will will this is worse during point list and I've got to believe that there's a number of fin number of man. In professional sports whether it's football basketball baseball hockey prop brook probably hockey's while that think. Cool this is this is what my life is some love in this like there will come to appoint the pastor I believe this and everybody's life where they go. Is there is this other risk. It was a trap and a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. The Bible says and I think that's absolutely been the experience of of many. Many players you also knows that the NBA record. Of players that make millions and spend at all and are in poverty. Before they reach the age of fifty is a series series high. And so one of the things I talk about in chapel is preparing themselves for life outside. Of basketball. If pasture in at the time we have left in in this in this segment I wanna talk a little bit about an article that I read. On anti Johnson did a chaplain for that Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm talked about five things. Six things excuse me. That it takes it today and it to be a chaplain he was an ex player. And number one for him was feats covers the whole field. Talks about being a former players serving but that number is nearly doubled is what he talks but she's my focus has been able coal. Well I I'll but I make it inclusive no matter what the players fate. I'll talk to him and I'm not afraid to engage with players who work you know an atheist atheists we can have great talks is well. So number one for him his feet covers a whole field and I'm wondered Europe that your. Opinion on that while I absolutely think that's true. We get guys who come to chapel because there are shooting slump and they think if they come to chapel and go to a prayer time TV it'll give them a little better luck and that'll pull him out whatever the reason they're welcome. And we try to give practical nuggets that helped them in their life off off the court. On and I pray for them I praised for their specific needs I pray for the family members that they that they bring the forest. And we have a a time of prayer together at the end who doesn't want. Somebody to pray for them and whatever's going on in their lives and so yeah we've had a lot of people come from various reasons and I'm. I think I've regulars who come every every game. Who aren't necessarily religious people. But they sense something's missing in their life and they wanna fell it. That's awesome and I think he go to if you ship in the shooting slump but that's what gets him in the door if it and all of a sudden he starts think Ken. Okay have hit ten in a row here baby this is you know they look upon this is this is my lucky charm. But yet now they start to its head to understand and they start to hear and they started to seek. That's a great command and I'd be lying to you if I didn't say that during a game if I didn't offer up a prayer to the lord Cink couldn't that guy get on a hot streak lord so he'll come back to chapel absolutely are communicating Hubble real free throw once and awhile I'm afraid that it the cut it hurts that some guys in the NBA addicted used in my own view over his friend of the second the anti entity just again chaplain. For the jaguars. Talks by as part of the job is clerical. He said we hold chapel during camp in the neck for gays mes you know had a ton of players show up we also available for pastoral care. Coaches study group's. Among white fleets of white study group. And seven years we have couple study we also. One of our front of the front office and continues in the offseason and he says look we. You know. Which this is more than just for Erie small part time job. Once she kinda get into it you can to expand the job a little bit and use interest to unite as next player for him to say what. Part of this now is got to be pretty packed. And that that absolutely happens I. We have players who attend their church during the season I have retired players now who is attending our church I've had retired to. Broadcasters. Who I got to know over that time and I Angela preaching his funeral. Like he was a guy looking for love in all the wrong places even as an eighty some year old man. And he came to me and realize I had a love for basketball he had a love for basketball. And I spent hours with the guy he really made a great commitment to the lord. And he died with peace in his heart. And it was my privilege to preachers funerals so yeah we kind of become up tap water. To all kinds of people down. Yeah it's awesome really get to break we'll get through the other parts of this article our special guest to entire hour and I'm. I'm proud to say that I've I've heard him preach. And does she skipped a he's really cute in fact spring creek he's a lead pastor at spring creek church team chaplain for your. Want he bucks spring creek is located. On 220 out west capitol drive in Q walk he. Their phone over if you have questions 2626952211. Or gore might spring creek. I'd dot com spring creek dot com. He is pastor chipped up Bernhard again the lead pastor at spring creek church this is faith in his own. On sports Radio One a 57 at them. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. I. Welcome back to being in the zone on sports for a 1057 at the band. I might be governing gets flying solo this week pastor can tell the re back with us next week. We're talking a lead pastor at spring creek is also the team chaplain for your Milwaukee Bucks he's pastor chip Bernhard. Pasture chip we we're talking about this article this out chaplain for the Jacksonville Jaguars have just wanna get through did the rest this. So number two was parties is circle part three is is part is personal and he talks about being able to. You don't throughout the year she's done this. To be able to it said to meet and and become friends. And and now it's become a little bit personal went so he's got a question on how to resolve conflicts in their marriage. Or they talk about you or not it did not being able walk were they while they're on the road. He's there for them. That happens in fact in many ways Mike. What happens in chapel repairs artists for the opportunities to happen outside of chapel. So I've had guys call me and say ham Hammond struggle on my marriage. You do marriage counseling. The I do and it will can become CU and so yes. Outside of chapel those opportunities are fantastic and you have more time. You don't have the tip off breathing down your neck and you can really spend time and give practical and help people so. And yeah we kind of become pastors. To those that want to help. Later running after topples over. And you're busy yes you are HQ are busy. Never for perspective house. Where he is quotas I don't discourage players from praying for wins but I do stressed that if god does Nancy their prayer it doesn't say anything about his purpose. For this guy for the guy. Yeah we have to keep perspective. I don't believe unlocked and I don't believe that you know because you come to chapel you're gonna win and or future free throws. On June. And that's not why am there and they know very quickly that's not why and when we pray at center court after the game. On I will grant you. Some of those prayers when you get blown out by thirty are a little harder to pray then when you at the last second shot in the wind comes. There's no question the emotion is a different emotion. But we stand there and we say there are certain things more important than a game. And that is our relationship with god through Jesus Christ and so we bow our heads and we acknowledged we always need to find help in our life and and that's it we don't. Lastly talks about having game face he said look come on the sidelines I know you said. Me and in the Bradley senator and tell offer some occurs remorse here to stay out of the way. I know what it's like to focus on the field because using next player you've played some basketball. Similar I think to what he's saying in past years there before and your thereafter. But during you you just cut the as the other way. The only thing I've done during a game that might enter into chapel ministry is. When Michael Redd blew his knee you know. You know when Jabari blues and you know. You go in in in offer. To pray with sun and to say lord in don't pay we need extra help here we need divine assistance. On either for healing or for the strength to get through it and and dad's always been able to do them. Boy that's value and we had talked to earlier in the show Pollack he knows this like at times you feel like a parent. When situations like that happen. As as a gays in a couple of players that are strong and her faith got to be really difficult. Mom to tell intent to it and be able to help them through that. On it's it's very hard and especially when somebody loses. A knee ambles and out or an Achilles heel or whatever it's going to be but you know somewhere you realize got allotted to happen. You can either grow bitter you can get better. And on to guys I've worked with I believe guys have phase ends up turning those negatives into positives and they work really hard. And they believe God's can help them through I mean we all know them and from the stories of Reggie White he get hurt. And you know either god heals a Maury Wills himself to get back out on their field and employee even better than before and the guys that I've. On mentored and helped spiritually that have gone down keep a good attitude keep trusting in the lord don't let your spirit get down. God's not finished with you yet that's the kind of message we need to hear. We're talking with pastor chip Bernhard he is the lead pastor at spring creek here by spring creek dot com for more information on. On the church refused lead pastor might daughter Katie sound launch on three grants its go to spring creek. And pastor chip and his staff to a really good job. There you have any questions or phone numbers 2626952211. Pestered a number of weeks ago on the show we had a a college football coach on. And I made a comment that's a look I I think. First lines have been coached team you know kids have changed with the with social media with a lot of different things. I ended they've really seemed to have changed over the years and he said look I would disagree with you on that he said I think we've changed. And I said really he said look when I started as a head football coach in college I was 26 years old. I was single I wasn't far removed from being a player I was one of them. I was that guy that was the cool guy I was the cool head football coach I'm now 47 years old. Mary got three kids and I I'm the one who's changed I don't think they've changed and this is really stuck with me. And so I'm wondering for for you and you've been doing this want time is it assets chains and is it you know these young adult sees these young NBA players are they similar to what they work fifteen years ago or or are we both change. I think we're both change and I think culture changes. I think there's more and more. Basketball players who are raised in dysfunctional homes than ever before. And so if you are raised with a mom or dad or both. EU bring a little baggage along in your life and so I think there's more of those perhaps today than ever before. I only means that they're gonna get disqualified I think it just means they might need a little extra help alone going through on life I think some of the players have changed. You don't understand some of these guys worked their way through. On from you know central city homes tough environments. And get good to. God's blessing. They use sighing great contracts. Become multimillionaire. Who's. And they might have the emotional maturity of a middle school and their million acres. Point they need mentors they need to pull to point them in the right direction and to be good and guidelines and friends. For them. And so. Yeah I think guys need a little help along when that's announced hosted. We had to Bobby Bowden head coach reporter stayed on our faith in the zone and he talked in that southern accent and how about. When he recruited a young man. He would go into that at that kitchen arts that living room. Had he would tell normally it was the mom or the grandmother he would say. I don't know were you are in your face but. I will assure you. That your son his point to go to church when he goes for a state. And he said the people the only people that that had said no to him over the years. Or some cricket Christian families. Sand you know what we your jacket and oh hold on he goes church here he's fine and his own. He said the harder led to the environment of the house the more they wanted that young man. To go to church and and that was a big piece of look that was a big deal for some of the kids he said I was as close to a father figure. As as a lot of these young men were were we're gonna have. And for me to tell the mom who just gotten out of jail I'm to make sure your son goes to church. Should he said they were all for that and and any you're right did you these kids need a man terror. I can at the end of the day and I think everybody knows there's somebody bigger than you and me that they've got to relate to and we need a little help getting there and on the and that's kind of what chaplains to. That it tester with with this spring creek. In your church you've had to you know you it's a big church you have a number of people there. And I'd like I've met at a number of guys and your staff have been marvelous weather and thank you for that have very helpful. Of Craig his play in the sports leagues there and I'll work and might does a great job over there and and I get to go over there watch them and and I just think I think the world with some of the people that work for you. How are you feel Lynn. And where we are as a community southeast Wisconsin. To date compared to maybe were where we were ten or twenty years ago you feel better are you concerned. I'm concerned if I ought to I. Really concerned. I don't feel like the cultures are moving in a better direction. I think it's some slowly moving in a bad direction you know I think racial issues are at an all time high. And that makes easier said. And in doing everything I can to. One by one sees those walls. Disappear. But it's good job security for a pastor it's because I think I think having. Spiritual needs of people will always be there and were all about trying to help people change from the inside out. Castro have people that come up to be in this. And basketball gamer in the grocery store. And if they've listened to some of the other shows that I do my high school stuff sir for the most part they'll yell from across Jimmy McGovern loved the high school stuff. And if there are a fan of faith in the zone. They will walk quietly. To get next to me and they'll say something like hey. Look around I really like that religion show you deal and now Seattle like religion I had onto religion show and the look at me like what. And I'll say enemy UN have a cup coffee and talk about it. And they really don't know what I really move like that fi thing you do and they'll quietly in the know can either and I don't know why that is pasture. I think we all feel like it's so personal we're a little afraid to be vulnerable to somebody else and realize. We all need a little help everybody Unita did I needed it I still do and I'm still on a growing process. And to get a little spiritual coaching I see myself Mikey sees him as a basketball coach gets her. I see myself as a spiritual coach whether there the players. And it and it tune. The bucks or whether their people that's for entry church I wanna help people get from eight to be spiritually in growing their feet. It it's. And I'll tell you one last story one of my fear restorers from the show. It was a division three basketball coach and Indiana. And he said look I I was really. Really comfortable in the locker room churn my faith. I might players psychic Shockey get up on the mound top insurer might speak to these guys and that walked out of the locker room. And I couldn't. I had such a harder time sure and my feet two people. In the community in the neighborhood in the grocery store at the gas station. He said I took I read books I took some classes at church and cargo vans are just could I. I struggled and then I read a book called I'm not a thing. And it's I spent the exit three dollars to get eight of rubber bracelet that Saddam not a fan. And I wore it I read a book out I love the book and in the grocery store somebody sees this he received a horde to a fan out. And he send not a fan of Jesus Christ. And that people go why it needs him not fit his fee incidents silence and follower and I tell you about it. He seemed like all those books tiger had all those classes what it took a three dollar price. And the work put that I might my wrist as soon okay now you're ready. Go and he should you can't imagine how many people bask in that and how comfortable I am now to talk about my faith. And we are seeing. On our children's ministries in student ministries at our church. Aren't we are breaking records with the numbers of young kids coming we're building a new facility on. For our children's ministries because we're out of room. And so we're encouraged that parents see the need to bring spiritual training to our children today. And ultimately we believe Jesus Christ is the answer. Yeah I agree with you an idea and getting back to I'm worried too I I am worried I leaders. There's to match. There's too many kids grown up with out somebody saying no no that direction need to go is this I talked about a young man like coach. And you lose it with his mom it's a single mom to kids. It can be done this young man it's creates student. Very strong history it. He. He wants talk a lot of ball Bible verses on the way to school that it had taken to school a lot in the mornings. And good athlete and just really so it can be done I asked him are you doing this. Why you do in this. And he said you really wanna know ICI ceremony get good grades. In high school we get into college joining it agrees to college get a good job and I don't wanna take care my mother the way she is taking care of may. It's a kid who's got it figured out an economic courage in doing everything I can't I think he's if he's the next leader in our community will be okay. But I'm not sure. We all need to. Alone significant others in our alliance. Other Jeannie and her parents parents are very important but we all need those extra people that I can bring into our allies. That can encourage us join us in the right direction teaches life principles and I think the spiritual dimension of that in this is as recorded in the scriptures. Have a nice people come along in mentored kids in those directions is priceless. NS is good we're gonna get to break others had to break him get a question about this whole article that I read. Regarding the New York Knicks coach who said look our chaplain might have too much freedom. And I wanted to I ask you about this and a man I tell you that the with a chaplain said the quote he gave was incredible now tell you more on the other side of break our special guest this week. He's the lead pass straight spring creek church the team chaplain for your Milwaukee Bucks he's pastor chip burn our. From a against spring creek this is faith in his own odds for trio won a 57 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors it was constant. Here's host might mean giver and pastor can kill her. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Then. Welcome back defeats in his own odds are pretty 1057 outs in the band. I'm Mike Gilbert against flying solo this week pastor king cal there will be back next week. We're joined by pastor chipper are. He's a lead pastor at spring creek church team chaplain for your Milwaukee Bucks so pastor read this article it's Alter article. I'll wind Jeff Van Gundy was the had coached in New York Knicks and made a comment that the Chaplin has too much freedom too much access to his team. And the chaplains to quote his answer back to that was I've got to pray for Jeff more than I've been praying for him. I can't get mad at chef it's a matter of him that really understanding yet. And am praying that one day he will understand. I thought what do crate comeback from this pastor and I don't wanna get specific to teams but it but generally in the NBA. Is that it. Typical relationship coach took that team chapel well for sliding to coach says every. Right as the leader of the team to decide how much access anybody gets to his players and so. We respect the authority of on. Those are in authority over us level tells us to do that so for coach says that then on the that's the way it ought to be. But I think the assumption that jets probably had was chapel make players soft. And I would argue just the opposite happens I would too I think when you play for the glory of god and you realize I'm playing. For an audience bigger than those who are in the stands and those who are watching on television and even for the coach that's watching me in the sideline I'm trying to please my lord and savior. Who's watching from above. I think that means you play even harder and guys like David Robinson and Michael read end. I'm Ervin Johnson and others that I've had a chance to me you would be called those pansies when there comes. On the golf course they play hard they played strong. In I think their faith made them better on the court. Hey we had dumb. We can't wait lifeboat crush on you know you you're and a half ago and we he and I share the responsibilities as chaplain for the box teaser for you because it meant he isn't I enjoyed the time that that I had with his wife disease and that is and he just really I guy I would have our ability and her Albany get a hold of love Danny can. Here in the future and bring him back Kent. He was a really in trustee and he's done great work he believes it to that in his core. A with the city Milwaukee he has he will. He's gonna make a difference he has made a difference. I just was so impressive his background. And down the sun was denies global clintons so it was good nice to us yet they've brought durability of him and I we we had that conversation effect. He then what he was at a wedding in Texas I believe his son's wedding. And down. He he met a guy who who is they talked about sports and and he said look how it's essential call faith in his own he'd be perfect for that so yeah this guy call me and and we had done a really good guest. Because of of I'm the and it he it was really good pastors thinking so much for the wrap this up I appreciate your time. And out all the good work that you do it's spring creek it's it's good to talk. With my daughter and my son in law and these grand kids and again I've been your church. Quite a bit a couple of times to hear you preach a couple of times to watch my grandsons play Natalie basketball but in that football league. Again you'll tougher paint it I didn't get it got there like seven terror eight sales. They gotta go look how well let me say your waist and a good job of raising your kids I mean I'm old and not Gonzalo volleying your kid is pastor I tell my cynical left out of book I taught him article left and feed the open guy that's hit tee shots in a row and your daughter and son in law making great contribution we love him. The other they're really good people pastor keep up the good work. Buck season next Germany take yup and that go to game we will get it to them yeah I look forward to that did you go to spring creek dot com for more information. I he's pastor chip Bernhard. He lead pastor spring Kris gonna get a great guest. Team chaplain for your Milwaukee Bucks have a great week thank you god bless god bless use what was his faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans.